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Veterans Of Oakley – Dedicated To Service »


The heart and soul of this story is Seniors and Veterans working together to make the Oakley community stronger and in the process serving as a model for other communities to emulate their…

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Veterans’ Care Card program is off to a promising start »


Veterans groups are optimistic that the first Choice Cards entitling vets to care from private doctors are going out smoothly, marking a small victory for the embattled VA.…

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  1. Murderers attend Maidan killings ceremony…Oh the gall!
  2. US aid worker beheading video a set-up?
  3. At-risk veterans need help on suicide, senators say
  4. VetLikeMe Weekly 11/20/2014
  5. NEO – US-Armed Syrian Opposition “Surrenders” to Al Qaeda?
  6. All Wars are Bankers’ Wars
  7. Part 1. The Battle of the Bulge and the Malmedy Massacre
  8. GOP Immigration Con: “Sweatshop America”
  9. Murder in Jerusalem
  10. Dr. Ismail Salami – UN resolution on Iran mockery of justice
  1. DaveE: Hollywood really hasn't changed much but people are starting to wake up. I worked there long before 9/11 and it was just as twisted then and The Agenda was ...
  2. rico poor: u simpleton. are you not aware of the pages kept from the "official" 9/11 report? these missing pages have been read by 2 congressmen, a democrat and a republican , ...
  3. Eddie Devere: You'll never get fully through the truth of what has been going on if you continue to believe the crap we've been fed about Hitler. I recommend as a ...
  4. Jozsef V.: There's this Turkish TV series whose trailer shows the very same style of beheading - see youtube video at 0.30-0.35 secs https // The beheading scene aired on Turkish TV ...
  5. DGSE: I think I am stating the obvious here, when saying, the Uber-Reich never does anything, especially something as "Grand" as this, for a single reason, ie 'war'. The 'results/goals' will ...


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Portrait of a Modern Revolutionary »

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall | - Russell Brand introduces his new book Revolution as an answer to a question. Brand maintains that voting was a waste of time - that there needed to be a revolution.…

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VetLikeMe Weekly 10/16/2014 »

Hardy Stone | For the last two years we have been working on launching the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC), a new Veteran Business Certification program to help our Veteran Business Owners to be able to share in the Supplier Diversity spend of Corporate America.…

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U.S. Veteran Musicians and Filmmaker Honor Veterans with SMALL MIRACLES episode »

Veterans Today | SMALL MIRACLES, a book series, a best-selling series of 8 books with nearly 400 inspiring true stories. …

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Veterans housing facility in Warren awarded $160K for upgrades »

Veterans Today | A newly opened two-story housing facility for veterans will undergo much needed improvements after receiving $160,000 in grants.…

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Housing vets

Idols of Perversity: Hollywood Punks, Pimps, Whores, and Your Children »

Jonas E. Alexis | "Subliminal technology sells records by the tens of millions each year in North America. No one apparently knows or understands as yet, however, the consequences of this sensory bombardment upon human value systems."…

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john adams

All Wars are Bankers’ Wars »

The purpose of war, according to radio host Michael Rivero, is to force central banks on countries that try to issue their own money. …

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Pilger and Assange, Theatre of the Absurd (redux) »


- "I woke up today faced with a John Pilger piece defending Julian Assange. I had heard Pilger speak in Australia, at…

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What passes for Justice in New York today: The case of Sean Dix »


- Sean Dix was poisoned by his dentist, who has refused his repeated efforts to learn the poisoning substance in order…

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Anti-Zionism Continues to Rise » NEO – USS Liberty Film Only a First Step » Hamas and Fatah: Unfit to lead let alone liberate! » EU mulls imposing sanctions against Israel » Portrait of a Modern Revolutionary »


Murder in Jerusalem »


When it comes to the killing and murder of innocent people there is no room for hypocrisy. Hypocrisy was plenty by main…

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Dr. Ismail Salami – UN resolution on Iran mockery of justice »

A delegate looks the ceiling painted by

- Jim W. Dean...'Intel analysts’ first question on the UN making a fool of itself once again on its Iran human rights…

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Kiev Plans Full-Scale War »


Ukraine is the most serious post-WW II geopolitical crisis. At risk is escalated East/West confrontation. Possible global war.…

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MKO, Driving Force Behind Anti-Iran UN Resolution »


The not-very-independent UN body has made a mockery of justice by soldering a resolution on the so-called human rights violations in Iran.…

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NEO – US-backed Regime Change in Georgia » RT: Sub Off Sweden May be Dutch » NEO – Stewart, Colbert and the upcoming N... » Mishap Over Russia » Anti-Zionism Continues to Rise » NEO – ISIL attacked Saudi Arabia » Uri Avnery — Wine, blood and gasoline » Russia wants new state terrorism investigation ... » Kangaroo Court Justice for Hassan Diab » West is ‘pre-staging new Ukraine war’ »
Poroshenko stands before the cross...when he should be on it

Murderers attend Maidan killings ceremony…Oh the gall! »

- Jim W. Dean..."The nationalist thugs are still parading around doing all kinds of political thuggery, beating up selected office holders and prospective candidates."…

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NEO – US-Armed Syrian Opposition “Surrenders” to Al Qaeda? »

- 'NEO's Ulson Gunnar gives us a review of “terror org musical chairs”, a game hard to follow as the order of battle changes weekly, if not more often.'…

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Defeating AEGIS, the US Naval Boondoggle »

Jammer Pod, as seen on Ebay

- Its simple; phased array antennas such as use on the spy-1 S-band radar system are easily jamable when confronted with a two point jamming signal that is out of phase and widely…

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Harry Hun’s Ebola Program Runs Into Difficulties »

Actor playing Dr Mengele

- One of the more interesting scientists working in WWII for Dr. Josef Mengele on the German Ebola program was a Portuguese doctor, Jose Ferreira, whose daughter, Teresa, is married to Senator John…

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Understanding Health from Individual Psychology » Hierophanies and…autoclaves and genera... » Healthcare: A Fundamental Human Right » 28 Proofs: West Coast absolutely fried with ... »