Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Still Has A Subpoena Out For The Names Of VA Whistleblowers »


A month ago, the Veteran’s Administration issued a subpoena for names of anonymous whistleblowers a veterans’ group collected to expose problems in the VA health system.…

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Michaud: VA Culture Change Means Protecting Whistleblowers from Intimidation, Retaliation »


The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee held a hearing last night examining the VA’s shortcomings in appropriately responding to information provided by whistleblowers, and into claims that whistleblowers within the VA face negative repercussions…

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  9. Austin’s School Of Spa Technology Tattoo Artistry Program Offers VA Benefits
  10. Walz, Miller, Duckworth Introduce Comprehensive Legislation to Tackle Vet Suicide
  1. Tiu: Israel wouldn't have existed as an independent nation for more than a couple of hundred years, if it ever did. King David is reputed to be circa 1000 BCE, the ...
  2. Jim Fetzer: Why do you want to restrict sexual relations between parties? It has long since struck me that the pro-life movement is not simply opposed to abortion but is actually anti-sex. ...
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Target China by F. William Engdahl »

Cara St. Louis | “Step-by-step, just as with the boiling of frogs, Washington has been turning the heat up on China since about 2005. Today it is dangerously close to a boil. …

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What is Fiat Currency? What is Money? »

Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall | It’s important for you to know these things because as long as you don’t know them, you can be manipulated by those who do not have your interest – or that of America – at heart.…

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The People vs. Former Trotskysts, Neo-Bolsheviks and Intellectual Whores »

Jonas E. Alexis | “I believe that the chief enemy of American conservatism has not been the Marxists, nor even the socialist liberals in the Democratic Party, but the Neo-Conservatives, who have sabotaged the movement from within and exploited it for their own selfish purposes.”…

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Veterans housing facility in Warren awarded $160K for upgrades »

Veterans Today | A newly opened two-story housing facility for veterans will undergo much needed improvements after receiving $160,000 in grants.…

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Housing vets

Dead Bankers Society »

Moti Nissani | So, if your backgammon opponent regularly casts a double six when she needs one, she is probably cheating…

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Veterans Today Radio News Reports with Stew Webb July-7-8-9 2014 »

Gene Chip Tatum has taken a leave from our original Radio Programs and formed Veterans against the V.A.…

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NEO – Russia, Iran and Syria are coming to aid of Iraq »


- "We see the emergence of others following the US especially in using "private" military contractors who have more flexibility of deployment...and…

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Zio-Nazis run wild in Occupied Palestine »


Both Nazis and Zionists believe themselves a “master race” or “chosen people.” …

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New Caliphate: West sees no terrorism, hears no terrorism »


“US, under the guise of combating terrorism, had unleashed a chain of military insanity in Iraq that ultimately led to the establishment…

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Jewish Mother of Slain Son Reveals a Reason For Religious Violence »

rachel fraenkel

Ms. Fraenkel said that the shedding of innocent blood is against the Torah and Judaism. She is wrong.…

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israeli soldier-child

On Israeli Defeat And The Future of Jewish Politics »

- In the case of Israel what we see instead is the reverse of Clausewitz’ idea: Israeli politics is the continuation of the Jewish need for a conflict.…

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Who is Major General Qassem Suleimani ? »

- "He has the links to all sides regime (Iran). He is someone than I call politically a genius" ...Meir Dagan, the former Mossad Director.…

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