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VetLikeMe August 15 »


Failed leadership is one reason some veterans hospitals are falling short as others excel, Deputy Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson said.…

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Veterans Affairs Funds Local Agencies To Help Fight Homelessness »


Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert A. McDonald announced Monday the award of $2.1 million in homeless prevention grants to the counties of Honolulu, Central Oahu, Leeward Coast, North Shore, Windward Coast, Kapolei, Maui,…

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  7. US, West pressure ICC not to probe Israel crimes: Report
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  10. VT Gun Days: SigTac 5.56 10.5″ (HD Video)
  1. Allesandro: If you want to really get INSPIRED that the good guys are going to WIN the 9/11crime case(s) view these 3 very credible people regarding 9/11 crimes of 3 different ...
  2. OrdinarySerf: My final comment on your previous article was that I was looking forward to the next one, but I may have spoken too soon. Following on from your thoroughly distasteful ...
  3. Jim Fetzer: Martin, You are right they had the wrong date/time stamps. You are completely correct. Let me see if I have copies of those five frames when they were released. ...
  4. Calvin: Super article. Dead on target. Thank you Professor et al.
  5. marko: isis just killed foley. since isis is mossad then the us should bomb israel. thats vt´s logic


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Target China by F. William Engdahl »

Cara St. Louis | “Step-by-step, just as with the boiling of frogs, Washington has been turning the heat up on China since about 2005. Today it is dangerously close to a boil. …

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Why Capitalism is Failing »

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall |   The Zero Marginal Cost Society   … by  Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall   As the global economy continues to tank, it becomes increasingly apparent that capitalism is incapable of meeting the survival needs of the great majority of the planet. In the video below, economist Jeremy Rifkin explains the concept of zero marginal cost, a…

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US and Israel Quietly Break Up Iraq »

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall | US Court Orders Kurdish Oil Seized   by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall   While the world is distracted with Israeli atrocities in Gaza, the US and Israel are quietly breaking up Iraq. According to Reuters UK, a federal court in Texas has ordered US Marshals to seize a $100 million cargo of Kurdish oil on a…

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oil tanker

Veterans housing facility in Warren awarded $160K for upgrades »

Veterans Today | A newly opened two-story housing facility for veterans will undergo much needed improvements after receiving $160,000 in grants.…

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Housing vets

Dead Bankers Society »

Moti Nissani | So, if your backgammon opponent regularly casts a double six when she needs one, she is probably cheating…

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Did Bush Move America’s Presidency Offshore? »

Rather than allow President Obama to assume a “real” presidential office, sources now tell that “handlers” who, with the help of Vice President Cheney, kept George W. Bush medicated and…

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US, West pressure ICC not to probe Israel crimes: Report »

ICC justice is a spin of the roulette wheel

- Jim W. Dean..."There may not be any international laws for obstruction of justice, but there sure as hell should be a…

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Afghanistan: Puppet Selection, Not Election »


The photo shows, U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Cunningham, meeting with its new puppet leader, Ghani, before the final results of…

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Russia: Waging Peace in Ukraine »

Ukraine rebels

Throughout months of conflict in Southeastern Ukraine, Russia has gone all-out to resolve things diplomatically.…

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NEO – What America is really threatening in Ukraine »

Modern Sniper technology

- "Henry Kamens gives us one hell of an overview of the present Ukraine mess, which I have compared to the Tar…

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NATO – A Security Threat to All »

NATO Reset button

- "These are difficult times to be a geopolitical writer. Frankly, in moments of writers block now I find myself in an…

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We Need to Get Back to Iraq »

British troops in Iraq

- We need to get boots back onto the ground in Iraq, and fast.…

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Humanitarian worker

NEO- Ebola and the Absent “Humanitarians” »

- Ulson Gunnar reviews the age old debate of why nations intercede in foreign events, especially Africa. It is a complicated area because so many factors are involved.…

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Hundreds of people killed and injured in Libya over weekend »

- Jim W. Dean..."Late in the day one of the commanders for rebel General Khalifa Haftar reported that his air force was responsible for the surprise air strikes. "…

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Vet News


Retiring Cold War Hardware »


The SR-71 is obsolete with new solid state spy satellites orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes and transmitting the data in real time. The SR-71 has to land. You have to process the…

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AEGIS Onshore Near Ukraine, Too Near » The VATVA Formula: Florida Sues the Veterans... » Ceremonies for D Day in Normandy June 6, 2014 » The Sacrilege of War »

Gulf War Illness – GWI »

gulf war

Gulf War Illness came from the US bombing of Iraq in 1991. It was quite simple actually. We sent bombers over Iraq to destroy strategic, operational and tactical targets in Iraq.…

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