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Independent 2013 Survey Shows Veterans Highly Satisfied with VA Care »


The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), an independent customer service survey, ranks the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) customer satisfaction among Veteran patients among the best in the nation and equal to or…

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All veterans eligible for VA dental coverage »

dental care

For the first time in history, the U.S. government has authorized a national dental insurance program for veterans enrolled in Veterans Affairs health care and individuals enrolled in VA’s CHAMPVA program.…

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  1. Soap Stories, Gas Chambers, and the Magic Number (Part VII)
  2. NEO – Saudi Arabia: Preparations for Regime Change
  3. Prophet or Profit? Nikola Tesla’s Vision vs J.P. Morgan’s Greed
  4. Veterans Today was Right – Ukraine Jewish Registration Flyer was Fake
  5. Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – April 22, 2014
  6. The Iran/Iraq War: Mutual Assured Destruction
  7. Body-Mind Restoration: ‘Too Good To Be True’ for Addiction and Disease?
  8. Kevin Ryan: 9/11, Mind Control and the Holocaust
  9. US Squandering Prestige for Denying Visa to Aboutalebi
  10. Lee Wanta, American Hero
  1. Edmund Dalpe: Jim, Always enjoy your work. "...after the completion of the American president’s mission, is now keeping silent." I thought the timing of the emperor's visit to Saudi Arabia was anything but coincidental in ...
  2. Jonas E. Alexis: Did you look at source 42? The quotation can be found in all the sources cited.
  3. stephanaugust: “Kill the German—this is your old mother’s prayer. Kill the German—this is what your children beseech you to do. Kill the German—this is the cry of your Russian earth. Do ...
  4. stephanaugust: What I ask myself with every Tesla story, is, why are there no garden scale models demonstrating his idea?
  5. stephanaugust: Thank you for this info.


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The 12 Truths of Roland’s Unified Field – Now on Kindle »

Allen L Roland | Think of the ego as a protective cocoon that is eventually meant to be shed. The Unified Field can be visualized as a grid of great luminosity joining all living beings within its energy field of love.…

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12 Truths -4

Prophet or Profit? Nikola Tesla’s Vision vs J.P. Morgan’s Greed »

Anthony Hall | Prophet or Profit? Nikola Tesla’s Vision vs J.P. Morgan’s Greed New original art by Abel, published on Earth Day, 2014   Around 1900 the basic framework was being put in place for the industrial architecture that still shapes many aspects of our global civilization. A Serbian immigrant who settled in New York City, Nikola Tesla…

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Soap Stories, Gas Chambers, and the Magic Number (Part VII) »

Jonas E. Alexis | Ilya Ehrenburg: “Germans are not human beings. Henceforth the word German means to us the most terrible curse. From now on the word German will trigger your rifle…If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day.”…

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Mortgage Rates Flat Today at US Bank, SunTrust and Citi Mortgage »

Veterans Today | No huge changes to report this morning by way of mortgage interest rates at Citi, SunTrust and US Bank – here’s an overview of what’s being advertised for April 8:…

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Sexploitation, Capitalism and Usury (Part II) »

Jonas E. Alexis | "A capitalist may wish to sell drinking water, but Mammon wants to poison all water in order to force everybody to buy drinking water."…

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Here is the scam letter, with the old mayor's stamp at the bottom

Veterans Today was Right – Ukraine Jewish Registration Flyer was Fake »

- Gordon Duff's Press TV Viewpoints column quickly put together by a VT emergency team was their top read story on Sunday …

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The Iran/Iraq War: Mutual Assured Destruction »

Nicaragua Copyright Dean Henderson Left Hook

by Dean Henderson   (Excerpted from Chapter 10: The Iran/Iraq War: Big Oil & Their Bankers…) In 1979, as Iranian revolutionaries were…

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Johnny Racist and A White Jew With A Fat Arse »

Johnny Racist

Instead of supporting tolerance and brotherhood, PC has matured into a totalitarian force despised by all people rich and poor,…

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Koch Brothers-Style Free Society » America advertising its impotence » EU calls on Israel to reverse expansionist plans » Genocide? » Iran’s Focus on Defensive Weapons has Pai... »


NEO – Second Wind for China’s String of Pearls Strategy – Part 2 »

China's Song class subs

- The new niche for the Navy is "protecting America's economy" if China should want to wander off the dollar reserve plantation.…

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Government Clampdown on NET Freedom Hits Mexico »


The Mexican government is secretly pushing a new law through to clampdown on net freedom in an effort to control the message,…

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Pandemic »


It starts as a rare case of some unknown illness, usually in an obscure area of the world so as not to…

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NEO – Gazprom Grows with Acquisition of KyrgyzGaz »

Oil rig_night_crop_feature

- Our VT energy intelligence analysis is showing us the elites look upon control over both energy supply and pricing as a…

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NEO – Does the CIA plan a Syrian style te... » An Oslo Criminal » NEO – Denial of Turkish Involvement in Sa... » America: Are We a Nation of Crooks? » Putin Speaks » Black Sun Rising — Part 5 » Second Exodus: Israelites vs. Muslim Brotherhood » NEO – Putin puts Ukraine gas payments on ... » The Kosher Trinity and Jewish Quantum Mechanics » Lavrov – Kiev’s Illegal Use of Force Dama... »

NEO – Saudi Arabia: Preparations for Regime Change »

-Viktor Mikhin takes us on a magical mystery tour of internal Saudi family politics, beginning with the deathly silent press reports on Obama's recent visit.…

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US Squandering Prestige for Denying Visa to Aboutalebi »

- Americans with any sense of diplomacy are looking at all of this with utter astonishment to see the US squandering its prestige on minor issues.…

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Fort Hood Shooting – More Fallout From Psychiatric Drugs »


Here's an example of some of the disturbing side effects of AMBIEN ~ the number #1 prescription sleep aid ~ according to the FDA, the Ambien user may experience: Hallucinations, Aggressiveness, Depression, Suicidal…

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Coming Back With Wes Moore » A Call To Arms » Veterans charity donations – One of Am... » The Big Bass Drums of War are Booming »