Should Veterans With PTSD Be Exempt From the Death Penalty?

Should Veterans With PTSD Be Exempt From the Death Penalty?

On January 12, 1998, Andrew Brannan was driving his truck at 98 miles an hour on a country road near his Dublin, Georgia, home when he was pulled over by Deputy Kyle Dinkheller. Brannan, a white-haired, 66-year-old man, got out of his truck, shouted profanities, and danced around, yelling, "Here I am, here I am ... [s]hoot me.…

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Will Minsk-2 Checkmate the Warmongers?

Will Minsk-2 Checkmate the Warmongers?

Jim W. Dean... "The Republic militias estimate on munitions recovered in the Debaltsevo pocket was 500 tons, plus enough reparable armor for four new brigades." …

Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?

Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?

We knew when we saw the Wikipedia changes, it was the CIA…


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Obama’s Enduring Military Offensive = War Is Peace

Obama’s Enduring Military Offensive = War Is Peace

If you're not outraged and ready for action, you're on life support or mired in Apathy and already in Bondage. Take the Red pill before it's too late.…

NEO – America’s “Blacklist” Conspiracy of Silence

Gordon Duff..."Inside the Beltway, insiders share the spoils of worldwide crime, protected by a legal system used to protect only the worst criminals."…

‘Wild Goose Chase’ for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

The search for MH 370 in the southern Indian Ocean is a government sponsored 'wild goose chase.'…

Sheriff stands up to US Marshalls – Eddy County NM – Russia Today

Jim W. Dean..."Big corporations utilize the courts and appeal system for years to litigate a case and never do they get short-sheeted on their due process rights."…