President Obama Signs Korean War Veterans Recognition Act

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, on the 56th anniversary of National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, President Barack Obama signed H.R. 2632, the Korean War Veterans Recognition Act.  The bill, sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), adds National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day to the list of days on which the display of the flag of the United States is especially encouraged.

President Obama said, “The freedom, security and prosperity that we enjoy as a nation exists only because of the heroic and selfless sacrifices of America’s servicemen and women. Today, we owe special remembrance to the veterans of the Korean War, and especially the United States and allied combatants who made the ultimate sacrifice in Korea.  For their courageous actions in pursuit of freedom and democracy for the Korean peninsula, these dedicated men and women deserve our unending respect and gratitude.”


obama_400_01On Friday, July 24, President Obama proclaimed July 27, 2009, as National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day.

H.R. 2632 passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 421-0 and the Senate by unanimous consent.

President Barack Obama signs H.R. 2632, the Korean War Veterans Recognition Act, in the Oval Office Monday, July 27, 2009.  Monday was the 56th anniversary of National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day.  Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.


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