Obama wants record $708B for military next year – Washington Post

Redeem Obama's Peace PrizePresident Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, the man I worked hard to elect to the Presidency is going to ask for $708 billion dollars for defense spending next year. I give up all delusions of change. I just plain give up.

In an article entitled Obama wants record $708B for military next year in today’s Washington Post, we learn that nothing has changed relative to our defense spending insanity in Washington. It is business as usual.

Where did I ever get the idea that good old Mister “Yes we can!” was any different from any other Republican that ever ran for President?  This guy is a phony.  He misrepresented who he is. He is no Democrat, that is for sure.

His deception will come at a very high political price.  And that price will be paid by all of us.     

Our educational system is decaying and college is now incredibly expensive for any working class or lower middle class family.  A college education is almost out of reach now. 

Our infrastructure, both social and physical, is in rapid decline. 

Our nation is politically polarized beyond belief and getting worse.

We have 17.5% real unemployment and if one considers under-employment of the work force, we are probably looking at something close to 50-60 percent of all wage earners earning less than they are worth.

The Democratic Party is looking more and more like the Republican Light Party as every week goes by.

And I am not innocent either.  I have to take my share of the blame for this idiocy that we are now watching unfold.

I got sucked into the Obama fever once Hillary Clinton was knocked out of the running in the primary.  I originally supported her.  When Obama won the primary for the Democrats, I was solidly in his corner.  Here was a man who could make a difference.  I was sure of that.

I made the phone calls, I answered the questions, I gave out the brochures, I offered my opinion about what a fine President he would make. I took the heat from anyone who thought he could not handle the job.  I exuded confidence in him. I was a true believer. 

What I was, what I really was, was a jackass.

This man is a personality, a celebrity, the same type of guy who runs for President of the Student Body at the local high school based on nonsensical and adolescent platforms that promise so much and deliver……what exactly?  He delivers smiles and handshakes and bows and fine speeches.

And exactly what does he deliver for the hopeful, the impoverished, the forgotten, the unemployed, the underemployed unfortunate millions that placed so much hope in him?  What makes him any different from any Republican president?  What has he delivered for the workers, for the disenfranchised or for the disabled veterans in America?  What has he delivered for his costituency of the hopeful that placed him into office? 

Let me answer that.  Damned little.

I don’t know what else to say.  I don’t know what happened to this guy, but the Obama of the campaign trail and the Obama in the White House are two vastly different people.  To some degree, that always happens.  It is unavoidable.  But the right turn that this guy has taken since taking the oath of office is breathtaking, probably even unprecedented. Even I am stunned and I am one jaded bastard from a family that has been involved in politics decades before I was born.

I am done making excuses for Barak Obama now.  We need a $708 billion dollar defense budget next year like we need an earthquake in Manhattan.  This is simply immoral.  That taxpayer money is urgently needed elsewhere.  And we cannot get it out of the hands of the war industry captains, the emerging market manipulators and the energy cartel and bankster gangsters. 

We are being sodomized daily by these people and we are not even getting kissed.

I am done now.  I really am.  Whatever he does from this point forward, he does without my support.  At least I can save that much integrity for my self.

CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)

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