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Bob Herbert on explores US infrastructure and jobs in a NYT oped. Has anyone noticed how the GOP leadership is toadying up to the Wall Street banksters? Jim Hightower has and comments. Speaking of the least productive people in the world, Scott Baker does a fine job telling their story at OpEd News. Bill Maher says the Tea Party is a cult, not a movement and he can prove it in a video at Crooks and Liars. Arizonans find speed trap cameras revolting so they are …revolting. Those stories and plenty more in today’s picks.

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  1. LC: then The guy tells the Bell-man;;; "We've heard that NASA lost all original moon mission films & negatives. It must be because that photographer has had them all the while-right???"
  2. LC: Xxellent Report Mr. Duff;;; I always knew Coyote & the other named characters were Nobel worthy inventors. But who could've figured out all this physics engineering marvel but they. Now;;; Since talking ...
  3. franktalk: Excellent Dr Barrett. I think this Hamas and Abass PLO is an issue Americans need explaination of. I find little truth about it on the ground. ...
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  5. Preston James, Ph.D: That's a great goal for all of us to envision and work for. It may come sooner than you think.

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