EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill

REUTERS / Denis Sinyakov - Forest fires hit areas remaining radioactive since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

REUTERS / Denis Sinyakov - Forest fires hit areas remaining radioactive since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

(San Francisco) – Russia is burning down this summer. The smoke is engulfing Moscow and the European Union. Embassies are emptying.

What’s the deal?

Thousands of forest fires are burning all over Russia. More importantly, the nuclear weapons factories and reactors around Mayak and the former Soviet Union’s Uranium Project are going up in smoke. The smoke is toxic and radioactive in every possible sense of the words.

Russian forest fires are burning down old H-Bomb factory areas and the Chernobyl poisoned woodlands. This holds the virtual certainty of at least 241,000,000 Lethal Doses of radioactivity becoming air borne during a fire. Due to peculiar nuclear forces the tiny ceramicized radioactive particles stay in the air for months
or even years till they are “rained out” by some form of precipitation.

Snowflake edges are particularly good scavengers of radioactive particles.

Two US Air Force C130s just flew into Moscow. Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, or one of the seven other nuclear weapons labs in the US, are more than likely involved. Ask yourself this. What on earth could
have scared the Russian nuke forces enough to call in their old hated Cold War foe – the US Air Force – for help?

There is a simple way to let the people of the world know what is going on with airborne Chernobyl and Mayak data. We paid for all the data, anyway, whether Russian, American or European Union Data.

Free the Data. Release it to the InterNet all over the world and let people decide for themselves which country is safe enough for their families to live in.

If you are planning a trip to Europe or Russia – don’t go. If you are already there – leave immediately. If you have family or friends there – get them out if you can. This is not a drill. It is the real deal.

Another way to look at the Mayak national sacrifice zone in Russia is that the old Soviet Union manufactured 30,000 global thermonuclear weapons. There were numerous “accidents” at Mayak that weren’t supposed to happen and “officially” never did happen. The government lied, of course.

Russia burns, Mark Sircus, M.D.

Thousands of forest fires are burning in Russia around old H-Bomb factories.

The 1,000 sq km around the Mayak bomb factory is one of the most contaminated areas on Earth because the Mayak Uranium Project manufactured the most poisonous substances on Earth for the most lethal weapons on Earth.

Manufacturing thermonuclear weapons is a really nasty business. As far as Weapons of Mass Destruction goes, there are the real McCoy.

As of 8/15/2010 all personnel in Russia and the European Union are advised to evacuate immediately. I repeat. This is not a drill.  If you can’t leave, get your kids out. It may be too late already.

Next article in Russian Fire Series:UPDATE NO 1– EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill


1. Russia Burns, Mark Sircus, MD,

2. Radioactive Contamination of the Techa River and its Effects Dmitriy Burmistrov*#, Mira Kossenko *) and Richard Wilson+) Research Center for Radiation Medicine, Chelyabinsk +) Harvard University, # now at Menzie-Cura and Associates Inc, Department of Physics, Harvard University,

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181 Comments for “EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill”

  1. Just two each bob : )))

  2. This is pure fear-mongering, and a lame attempt to instill panic. Please, get a grip and do some research. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Based on reports from NASA <1% of the Chernobyl isotopes are in the trees. Even if that 1% were re-released into the atmosphere, the damage would be local – doubtfully any further west than Kiev or further East than Kazakhstan. And at that, we're talking about something only about 3x over normal background radiation.

    Moreover, prevailing winds are from the west, you fool. If you'd bothered to take a look at your satellite images, you could see that. Mayak is on the far side of the Urals. What on Earth are you thinking, calling for US personnel to evacuate from all of Europe? Does that include six timezones west in England, too?

    The entire EU doesn't need to be evacuated. That's the most idiotic thing I've read or heard all day. Please, do some research before you shoot your mouth off trying to scare people.

    • I have to disagree with you over the wind direction. Yes the wether system was westerly, but that is changing, alot of our wind now is coming from an easterly direction, in British Isles. The weather systems are changing, the thermohaline circualion is slowing down, the ice caps melting is causing the water to become less saline and more freshwater, hence it carries less heat in the gulf stream, thus cooling the atmosphere. Organised chaoso versus natural chaos, or both.

    • JS,

      You are really trying my patience. You can shoot off you mouth all you want, that is your right, I suppose. You can try to show off all you want.

      However, you are not at all entitled to your own facts.


      Now, Google, “Mayak” to start and try getting your facts straight. Get with the program.

      Bob Nichols

      • Apologies for my spelling, sometimes i type too fast and don’t check before i post. It does look bad and slightly illiterate.

      • “Get with the programm”. Sorry for my curiousity but does it’s meaning similar to “RTFM”?

        • Mary, you made me smile this morning(RTFM)lol and God knows i needed it :)

          • Imelda, good to see girl smiling :) Smile with us – we have good rains for 2 days now, so this oven is over.

            Somehow I dont’s see “reply” button under few messages, maybe here is fixed lenght of discussion. So will reply you here. Man can be enigmatic due to sooooo many reasons. Maybe he felt shy in another country. Maybe he wanted to impress and intrigue you. Maybe he indeed had access to fresh “state secrets” though in this case hard to understand how he could live outside Russia, there is restriction to leave country for 5 years if I’m not mistaken. Who knows but him…

          • They are strange guys these physicists, researching at European universities. This is going back to ’97, but ran into him again recently and when asked him about his thoughts on LHC he said,’ Ah, i know nothing about it’. tehe, very enigmatic indeed. My 19yr old son was with me, and he said ‘mum, I have always been convinced he was KGB and still his’ I suppose, who knows, only he and his government. :)

          • Also, it’s good to hear about the rains, some good news for a change; I wouldn’t like to imagine this choking smog. I’m smiling with you :)

      • I googled Mayak. It’s on the other side of the Urals from Europe, right next to Ozersk. That’s not “my” fact, it’s a fact. Also, whether or not the winds are coming from the East today or yesterday in England, the prevailing wind is still from the West. It’s always from the West in Europe, between 30º and 60º North. That’s because of the jet stream. The jet stream is not shutting down at the moment, Imelda. It is still going from West to East in the Northern hemisphere, and it always will, whether there are ice caps or not, because the rotation of the planet creates something called the Coriolis Effect.

        As has been pointed out, 5 out of 6 Chernobyl cleanup workers survived. I’m not saying that it’s not bad for you; but to tell Americans to evacuate Western Europe is just plain irresponsible. That’s not trying to “show off”, it’s just common sense.

        And by the way, this “get with the program” and “capiche” stuff. What’s that, you try to sound like Tony Soprano when someone disputes what you’re saying?

        • Js,

          This is Bob Nichols.

          “Always” is a mighty big word when you are trying to talk about the weather.

          You sure you want to stick with “Always?”

          • All,

            Yea, the wind actually blows every way there is in the EU.

            That is how DU and desert sand from Iraq ended up in high volume air filters at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldernaston, England, in only nine days from Pres George Bush’s Shock and Awe Bombing of Baghdad.

            This documented wind from the Iraq desert exposed everybody along the way to poisonous uranium oxide. That would be hundreds of millions of people in the EU. They are mostly shooting blanks now, too. Those countries are extinct.

            They got an average of 22 million DU particles in their lungs in 5 weeks.

            Ain’t war grand on civilians?

            Bob Nichols

          • Can’t be worse than 18 months in Viet Nam. But did remind me to go pee.
            The Alpha and Omega! But King O is resting again; He will take care of all that have been dooped!

        • Well, isn’t that strange JS, because according to scientists in 2008, it had been slowing down since 2001, and their fear was that if it stopped, then within minimum 10 yrs, Britain, Ireland and Scandanavia would be frozen over. Now, they are saying different, however, with the El Nino weather system expected to move in again, well, they may have to take that back. Time will tell.

          • JS maybe we should all be sceptical, what follows is a report from the same solar physicist 4yrs apart:

            May 10, 2006: The Sun’s Great Conveyor Belt has slowed to a record-low crawl, according to research by NASA solar physicist David Hathaway. “It’s off the bottom of the charts,” he says. “This has important repercussions for future solar activity.”

            Then on March 12, 2010 he reported the exact opposite:

            March 12, 2010: In today’s issue of Science, NASA solar physicist David Hathaway reports that the top of the sun’s Great Conveyor Belt has been running at record-high speeds for the past five years.

            Yes, i know, these particular comments refer to the sun’s conveyor, not the oceans.

        • However,At present the influx of fresher water has been distributed throughout the water column. But at some point, fresh water may begin to pile up at the surface of the North Atlantic. When that occurs, the Conveyor could slow down or cease operating.

          Signs of a possible slowdown already exist. A 2001 report in Nature indicates that the flow of cold, dense water from the Norwegian and Greenland Seas into the North Atlantic has diminished by at least 20 percent since 1950.5

        • JS, also this as follows

          Is the Atlantic conveyor belt shutting down now?
          On 1 December 2005, a team of scientists from NERC collaborative centre, the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, reported in Nature that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, or Atlantic conveyor belt seems to have weakened by about 30% in the last decade or so.

          The team analysed measurements taken along a line at about 25°N from the Bahamas to Morocco in 2004, and compared these to measurements taken along approximately this line in 1957, 1981, 1992 and 1998. The results suggest that the Gulf Stream flow across 25°N has remained nearly constant in this period, but the Meridional Overturning Circulation has slowed from about 20Sv in 1957 to 14Sv in 2004.

        • Also JS,
          Global warming is slowing down the ocean current that carries warm waters from the tropics to the North Atlantic, scientists say.
          But British scientists say their new findings indicate that the threat of an ice age looks all too real for northern Europe and marine animals.
          Researchers at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, England, found that the flow of warm ocean currents toward northwest Europe has declined by 30 percent since the 1950s. The research, to be published tomorrow in the journal Nature, is based on data collected in a great swath of the Atlantic between West Africa and Florida.
          I have to say i am sceptical of scientists who are bought and paid for by governments threatening to pull their funding if they don’t publish what they want them to, and there is a worrying trend of this in the US.It pays to not take heed of the first 20 articles that come along.

        • Although on a personal note,JS, I’ll go for it slowing, because of recent times, when the sun is not visible, the temperatures can drop very low. Even at night it is much colder than it would normally be, even after a very hot day. Atmospheric cooling is most definately happening and the heat released by the gulf stream is what warms our atmosphere in Ireland, and something is changing, and nobody needs a scientist to tell them that.

        • Ah, JS, sorry but you are wrong,i misread you,the jet stream did indeed come to a standstill recently.But as you know there are a number of ‘streams’ that have a nock on effect on our climate:
          Raging wildfires in western Russia have reportedly doubled average daily death rates in Moscow. Diluvial rains over northern Pakistan are surging south – the UN reports that 6 million have been affected by the resulting floods.
          It now seems that these two apparently disconnected events have a common cause. They are linked to the heatwave that killed more than 60 in Japan, and the end of the warm spell in western Europe. The unusual weather in the US and Canada last month also has a similar cause.
          According to meteorologists monitoring the atmosphere above the northern hemisphere, unusual holding patterns in the jet stream are to blame. As a result, weather systems sat still. Temperatures rocketed and rainfall reached extremes.

          Renowned for its influence on European and Asian weather, the jet stream flows between 7 and 12 kilometres above ground. In its basic form it is a current of fast-moving air …

        • JS, it was in New Scientist you should be able to find it, this is the heading: Frozen jet stream links Pakistan floods, Russian fires

  3. Yawn. We didn’t evacuate the US for aboveground nuclear testing. Worry about the (many) other things much more likely to kill you instead.

  4. oneStarman - Walla Walla, WA

    LAST YEAR at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the Center of Washington State a large brush fire on a highly radioactively contaminated area sent radioactive smoke into the prevailing winds to be spread across most of the country. Of course, because you are in America you were not informed. This year – because gigantic tanks of liquid radioactive waste cannot be contained – they are being paved over. Out of sight – out of our minds.

  5. A 90% reduction in the earth’s population will have a salubrious effect on the continuation of the species and will almost guarantee a peaceful world. That 10% just might be able to hang onto present technology without having to resort to the hunter/gatherer mode as has been the case in the past.

    I am perfectly willing to die of a worldwide calamity such as you folks describe, especially at my age.

    Think of the children…bow to what is now inevitable…this is only the beginning.

  6. Even the David Icke site forum have debunked this. Very lame.

  7. Bob Nichols, thanks for writing this doomsday article. Thank God you have such a small following on the Internet and few people read this shit that you call “news”. You’ve recycled news on the net and just added a big dose of stupidity. You’re article has Russians begging for America to come save the day with the recommendation for all people in Russia and Europe to evacuate. Where should they evacuate to, America? Asia? What a joke.

    Like if America was burning like Russia is, America would be able to handle this situation significantly better. Look at Katrina and the gulf oil spill. By writing worthless crap like this article, you’ve managed to scare my family and others into this “evacuate now while you are still alive” nonsense.

    I love how you’ve attracted doomsday Christian’s to your site too talking about Babylon and this triggering the Lord’s return.

    You are worthless.

    • oneStarman - Walla Walla, WA

      LAST YEAR at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the Center of Washington State a large brush fire on a highly radioactively contaminated area sent radioactive smoke into the prevailing winds to be spread across most of the country. Of course, because you are in America you were not informed. This year – because gigantic tanks of liquid radioactive waste cannot be contained – they are being paved over. Out of sight – out of our mind

      • Ooops! Really! That is not good! Can you shoot us a url or Net address you think is good on the Hanford tanks, oneStarman?

        For those of you unaware of what oneStarman is talking about, Hanford is the American equivalent of part of the big Russian Mayak nuke bomb factory operation.

        Good Report, oneStarman. I have thought of Hanford as a National Sacrifice Zone for a long time. When is the radioactive sludge expected to reach the river, or has it already?

        Bob Nichols

        • Hi Bob,
          found this when i googled hanford nuclear Reservation radioactive sludge 2010:

          Our Organic Northwest
          Posted on May 04, 2010 at 11:36 AM in Home Gardening and Cooking … for how the Hanford Nuclear Reservation deals with its high-level radioactive sludge. …

      • oneStarman, in regard to your post, i just found this on net, seems it’s not the first time they have paved over waste, this is in berlin and only recently:

    • Daniel, I don’t agree with this particular article but there is no need to be so offensive to the writer or other readers!

  8. Is this the way America tries to divert attention from the biggest disaster ever? (Mexican Gulf)
    It is true that radioactive material can get airborne trough those fires, but remind this that right after the Chernobyl disaster humans were used to close the gap of the exploded reactor and get rid of the most radioactive waste. Those humans, called the liquidators, often soldiers from engineering battalions were exposed to the most lethal radiation levels. From those 600.000 soldiers still 500.000 approximately are living this day. I made a study and presentation about the current habitat of the Chernobyl environment and guess what: Even with the high contamination level of all kinds of radioactivity the region established to repopulate animals that were gone for generations (Lynx, bears,…) Conclusion: Men is even a bigger enemy for nature than heavy radiation.
    Nobody will die from ARS (Acute Radiation syndrome) in Europe or Asia this week, this is just another fable from the global propaganda machine.

  9. I have scowered the net for verification of this article and what it is reporting and cannot find any. As sceptical as I am about MSM News I would have to logically surmise this article is just scare-mongering and hype.

    • I’m really wondering where author got his information from. There is NO information about forest fires or evacuation orders near Mayak. High emergency in region is on, but it’s on for half Russia and means “be careful and don’t make barbecues in forests”.

      And that “old hated foe” argument is even more ridiculous. Holy shit, we were trustful (or stupid) enough to cooperate with US regarding our army issues, who cares about couple of firefighters? What harm can they do? lol.

      • ABritMum, Mary and Others,

        Hmm, are you folks using a computer? I don’t think so. Nope, looking out the living room window does Not constitute “scowering”.

        Try this: go here:

        Get with the program.

        Bob Nichols

        • Would be interesting to hear from someone in Russia, perestroika may have ended but the old soviet mindset is still there. I’d say for a guess they keep most of it under wraps. Look what happened when the submarine went down some years back.

          • Ask :)

            And in turn I’d like to know what you mean by “old soviet mindset”. We were always interested in what people think about us. I’d say that “what will say in Europas” was common motto of Russian tzars for couple of centuries.

            Btw, there is rather widespread belief that silence with submarine was coverup to not let leak information about collision with foreign submarine which watched our fleet exercises. It has some sense… Russians in mass are rather disappointed with fact that in spite of agreement NATO keeps spreading (you may say that it’s again “old hated foe” thought, but would YOU be happy to see Russian military bases in Canada and Mexico?). So if there was INDEED collision with NATO submarine (and surely it asked no permission for supervision to our General Army Staff) it could be taken as very hostile move by public. So there is probability that president decided to loose face before russian public (he had so much credibility that could (and did) survive some mockery) than totally destroy current foreign policy.

        • No, surely, we don’t use computer. We send comments here by pure force of mind. Have not you heard about this russian abitity? Oh no, how could I forgot! It is under wraps, I will be arrested in an hour for this leak :D

          As I already told – state of emergency is declared for half of Russia territory. And I already explained what it means.

          • lol Mary :) I wouldn’t be surprised if you’s could sent posts by pure force of mind, russians have always been a bit of an enigma. I suppose i was baseing my opinion on a Russian atomic Physicist i dated many years ago. There was always that sense from him that Russia was quite a sectretive place, like double bottomed :) Maybe scientists have a more suspicious mindset and maybe doesn’t help when they’re in another country and they reckon they’ve met KGB, keeping an eye on them.So, need to go into the shelter yet then :)

        • Ah, I think I understand now… Big country – lots of plants. Town SAROV was in extremely difficult situation and there was evacuation of materials. But it’s not Mayak center, that’s why when I searched for Mayak information I got zero. OZERSK (where Mayak with it’s radioactive woods is) is in completely another region. In that region fires were not far from SNEJINSK town, but they were finished fast and far from plant. And as far as I compare ScanEx map with East-Ural radioactive zone, there are no reported fires within this zone (checked all august). Don’t hide and duck :)

        • Hi Bob

          Thanks for that link, and yes, I saw that the date it was released but it does not advise evacuation either and even states the Russians were prepared and any sites under threat had their weapons etc moved to safety??

  10. Nice Shooting TEX! (HAARP)

  11. so Have you been to russia lately?? where do you get your information???? where do you get information about incidents at Mayak ? what are those *covered up* incidents?? have you been there measuring radiation levels? please site first hand sources..
    and btw americans went in there to help kill the fires as it was their political obligation just like any other foreign aid.

  12. Very well put! I’ve never been to this site before and am convinced I will never return. What a freak show!

  13. This is one more dramatic sign that we have entered The Day of the LORD, the prophetic end time events. See my site for more…

  14. Strontium 90 is right next to calcium and Fluoride on the periodic table of elements.

    After the disaster at Chernobyl strontium began to fall out on grass lands.
    When this happened the cows at the grass.
    now keep in mind Strontium has a 100 times ‘mo betta’ chance of being absorbed by the body and replacing calcium with strontium… it’s just a fact.

    When this ‘happened’ people drank the milk, and their bones began to take on this Strontium….. and many people got bone cancer and died…

    • Shaddup. You’re gonna give somebody an idea and soon we’ll have Strontium in our water, along with fluoride, lithium and God knows what else.

      • You forgot, pee in the water too..

        • You forgot pee, which is concentrated crap of all of the things you mentioned…

          • Right you are Diane. Don’t forget the once through cooling systems on big nukers use Two BILLION gallons of water A DAY.

            Yes, a Day and Billion with a “B”.

            Have another beer, Phoenix.

  15. Google “9/11 Nukes – Radiation-induced cancers”

  16. Anyone else see the comments by that radical, war criminal, psychopath John Bolton about Israel having 8 days left to attack Iran’s nuclear power plants? This thing in Russia sure did happen at a ‘convenient’ time, don’t you think? A major distraction for Russia which could keep them too busy and too focused on their internal problems to give Iran any help if Israel decides to attack them, perhaps? By Deception, Thou Shall Make War, right? People need to buy a copy of the book by Jeff Gates, Guilt By Association and get educated FAST on this Israeli ‘Game Theory Warfare’ concept whereby these connivers will stage provocations (false flag events) that they can mathematically anticipate the most probable reactions to, and then leverage those reactions to benefit the advancement of various sinister Israeli agendas. This whole thing in Russia has that kind of odor, if you ask me.

  17. Is this the nostradamus “fire will burn at 45 degrees the NEW City will be destroyed ? profetic writing … ?

  18. The Jet Stream froze stopped in it’s tracks, this is the link between the floods in Pakistan and the fires in Russia. I don’t think it’s the Rothschilds who are responsible, they are all probably running scared, they know they’re day is coming to an end. After those Mass ejections from the sun, there was also an increase in earthquake size and frequency. The sun is wakening from it’s slumber and somehow i don’t think the rothschilds can be blamed for that, but who knows, maybe they really are satanic demi-gods. lol

  19. It’s hard to know what to believe in the press these days. It seems one must read everything and then try to make an informed decision. However its hard not to see we are in very bad times.
    As for conspiracy theories, well it’s becoming clear that last years conspiracy theories are yesterdays real news.
    I’m very interested to know if anyone else has seen the Zeitgeist movies or read about Jacque Frescoe and the Venues Project and what they think about this as the only viable way forward?

  20. I was in Russia in 1990, the last year of Communism, and 1994 after the fall of Communism. At those times I met no Russians that considered us the “old hated foe.” In fact most of them looked to the USA as their hoped for future friend. I informed them that America would only be happy when Russia was totally conquered and subjugated, no matter what type of society they had evolved into. None of the Russians would believe me – we were their hope.

    Well, our leaders do not want peace and don’t want any friendship with Russia or any other country that is not a puppet state.

  21. @Denise Daredevil

    We might as well move to Mars.
    Chernobyl, Sellafield (formerly known as Windscale), Yucca Mountain, etc
    For the moment we’ll have to live on this (once) lovely planet Earth.

  22. I have been talking to a number of people about the “peculiarity” of the floods in Pakistan happening at the same time as those in China and the Russian fires. It is quite incredible how many people just regard them as “coincidences”. I am pleased to see so many others, however, wide awake to what is really happening. Problem is, what do we do? There is a growing number of us, but we are still not organised. The next couple of years are going to be horrendous unless we stand up somehow and fight. It is all very well to shout in the blogs but it will need far more than that to defeat our enemy.

    • There is just too much conspiratorial crap going on here. I’m a meteorologist if you want to believe this or not – your choice “little children”

      This is about Global freaking Warming that is out of control. The abnormal heat in Russia is under a very weird blocking high pressure system since late June. That heating inland in interior Asia causes the “Southwest Monsoon” — Pakistan/India low to go bonkers!

      Very warm climate has increased water vapor by 12% in last decade. Precipitation from the increased water vapor quaudripples and you get Monsoons on steroids and giant Heat ridge drought in western Russia all consistent and not coincidental but very very related to climate change. So yes we have really screwed things up, but it’s not governments weather wars but government inaction to get off the pot and god damn do something. That’s really what is so tragic here when it’s right under your nose but some people refuse to see it.

      • thanks for rhe propaganda bud…but it doesn’t pass the shit/smell test.

        Global warming is a farce. I have done extensive research on the subject. And I suggest you go beyond watching al gores worthless video.

        Read the link I provided above. Begin the journey. Red pill or blue?

  23. things happining all over thw world??????? what does this tell all of you???????? perhaps the end is near. WORLD DESTRUCTION ????????????????? NEXT WILL BE THE POLAR CAPS MELTING ???????????? WERE WILL THIS WATER GO ???????????????????

  24. What is this weird coincidental/synchronoidal???
    And what anomally time stamp jingo how?

    Sir Ralph Cholmondley-Hughes-Smythe-Warner-Tyburn III says:
    August 16, 2010 at 5:25 pm

  25. This is the work of the Crimson King…the House of Rothschild, the “Crown”, City of London…the agenda of Zion.

    By the way, this “tinhat” smear is so old and tired. Isn’t there at least a particle of originality and imagination in those TVZombie heads out there?

  26. Shermer Acolyte says….
    Dr. Michael Shermer and Dr. James Randi…Ha ha ha

    Right, just like a bunch of ‘ragheads’ with boxcutters magically took down the Twin Towers on 9/11. I’ve seen their “skeptic” tootiefruity bullshit enough to know what mainstream shills these hot shot geniuses are. Conformist bean counters.


  27. this is awful. Why is it not being talked about on TV?

    • Mass hysteria might not help the situation, dumb the population, those in the know can then save themselves!! think about the big picture.

    • TV? ahaahaha lol don’t make me laugh! Like that fvkin tube has anything worthy? Toss that piece of Chinese plastic in the garbage and set yourself free.


    lol…I have no proof for what I say, but I can tell you that this is all by design. In Russia case, it is not known whether government complicity is certain. What is certain is that radiation, food destruction, soil erosion and many other detriments to the eco systems and our earth are taking place at the hand of the powers that be (PTB). Amazing that this along with the floods in Pakistan and the oil release in the Gulf are occurring at this point in time. Just as we wish to install more troops in Pakistan, it is a certainty now that our troops will be feign as humanitarian efforts. But the goal is to secure strategic locations throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other key locations for intimidating not only Iran, but China and Russia.

    The time has come. The PTB have begun unleashing their powerful hand that result in serious injury and death to millions over the next year. Look for more strategically placed disasters just like the perplexing air stream modifications above Pakistan. Read up on HAARP and other weather controls that have been in experimental phases since the late 1950s.

    Its time to choose the red or blue pill. In any case, you will soon feel the brunt of the PTB and the misery that will be unleashed.

    Never forget those who are responsible. All government entities in all countries. All of them are complicit and treasonous to their people. And the corporate elitists. And most of all, the very very rich and powerful. Know who they are because they are the enemy.

  29. God says we should embrace this change as a sign that He is coming back to mend our ways and straighten our fence posts. He is enlightened when we are in the dark. Let His light shine brightly so that even the radioactive dust will not look like anything more than mere glitter.

  30. lol…I have no proof for what I say, but I can tell you that this is all by design. In Russia case, it is not known whether government complicity is certain. What is certain is that radiation, food destruction, soil erosion and many other detriments to the eco systems and our earth are taking place at the hand of the powers that be (PTB). Amazing that this along with the floods in Pakistan and the oil release in the Gulf are occurring at this point in time. Just as we wish to install more troops in Pakistan, it is a certainty now that our troops will be feign as humanitarian efforts. But the goal is to secure strategic locations throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other key locations for intimidating not only Iran, but China and Russia.

    The time has come. The PTB have begun unleashing their powerful hand that result in serious injury and death to millions over the next year. Look for more strategically placed disasters just like the perplexing air stream modifications above Pakistan. Read up on HAARP and other weather controls that have been in experimental phases since the late 1950s.

    Its time to choose the red or blue pill. In any case, you will soon feel the brunt of the PTB and the misery that will be unleashed.

    Never forget those who are responsible. All government entities in all countries. All of them are complicit and treasonous to their people. And the corporate elitists. And most of all, the very very rich and powerful. Know who they are because they are the enemy.

    • Operative words being that you have no proof of what you say! Why should we pay attention to such massive and ridiculous speculation? Is this your gut talking?

      • Well my Cherie…do you need someone to show you the truth? Do you find what I say to be speculative. That is good. Maybe, just maybe, you will spend time doing your own research. For myself, I have done my homework for the past 9 years. Literally, the past nine years of my life have involved constant and rigorous searching for the truth…on all maters. That’s a lot of time. And you might ask why would someone dedicate 9 years of the life to such a cause.

        Well, Cherie, when you are blindsighted by those in power, and your life has been ruined and torn to shred, you may wonder why it is happening to you. So you seek answers. And the answers always lead to another question.

        So my answer to your question, without reservation, is yes. It is my gut talking. My life is now dependent upon me, my mental faculties and my intuition. And if you begin with the link I provided later in the comment section, you can begin your journey. I’m not here to explain things to you, but offer you my opinion and my beliefs. You must do the rest dear Cherie.

        • ……….applause……………!!!!!!!!!

        • I too have searched the “truth” for many decades and thank GOD for the net as it is the single best tool ever. Scalar wars seem to be where we are at the present, making nuclear devices obsolete. The most unfortunate situation is that the scalar attack is hard to prove, and many nations have the technology. Now the question is, will other nations fire up theirs to counter attack? To those naysayers I only have to say “do the research.” The most obvious scalar attack was in China in May 2008. Look at exactly WHAT it destroyed and remember, coincidence doesn’t exist in reality. Hey Dog! good to see you.

          • Hey Mr. Morphed….China in 2008 is a good example. Threats prevail. Buy our treasuries or we will turn your country into havoc!! Let our soldiers on your soil (pakistan) or we will turn your country into havoc.

            Mr. M….where I have seen you before…your name is familiar.

  31. Any confirmation available on this?

  32. This sounds like the NWOs agenda for depopulation. There will be cancer and a lot of it from the Gulf Oil spill which has released methane, benzene, h-sulfide and other poisons. There will be an increase in cancer because of the fires releasing the radioactive toxins from these sites.

    Then of course, we have had flooding, earthquakes, heat waves. Then of course the economic crises essentially will put people on the street and at more risk for disease, crime, suicide, etc. I really think 2010 is the year where the NWO folks have stopped talking and decided to implement their plan to get rid of useless eaters and so they can have greater control over who is left.

    I don’t think in my lifetime that there is going to be a new “normal” ever again. It will be survival of the fittest. There will be no more middle class. There will be either the super rich or the super poor which already exists in several countries like Brazil, Phillipines, etc.

    It’s sad….very very sad.

    • I doubt this istheir depopulation plan — polluting the world with radiation and toxic substances kills indiscriminately, and they’ve never been known to harm their own.

      As long as banksters and politicians breathe the same air as “real” people, this is not the way they’d act.

      • Wrong! BushSucks,

        You are assuming they recognize consequences for their own actions to themselves. That dog won’t hunt.

        The could care less.

        Remember “He who dies with the most toys,” makes no allowances for relatives.

        Get with the program, BushSucks.

        Bob Nichols

        • @Bob Nichols: Your responses are filled with simple typos that are forgivable. You perpetuation of the NWO is the canary in the coal mine for me. I will read your posts with extreme skepticism and will not be suckered into NWO talk. What’s next… 9/11 was an inside job?

          Feel free to respond via email.

    • If I were you, I wouldn’t even bother to get out of bed tomorrow! Everything is has gone to hell in a handbag and there is nothing good left in this world. We’re powerless, incompetent boobs who are at the whims of “they”. Poor us!! Poor, poor us!!

    • Samantha, you are right. This is because we have no entered the prophetic “day of the LORD.” Check out my site for more info:

  33. As you may recall Chernobyl was outed to the world when radiation detector alarms at a nuclear plant in another country, I believe Finland, were triggered by radioactive dust carried by winds. Similarly when “shock and awe” was unleashed on Iraq in a surprise barrage of cruise missiles and bombs, tipped with “depleted” (1/2 the usual radiation of uranium for the same weight) uranium payloads, winds again carried the radioactive dust to Europe including England and the United States where radiation measurement equipment showed spikes of radioactivity.
    What needs to be done is the real time measurement of these radiation levels by government independent facilities, such as universities at, various locations throughout the world including those in close proximity to the locations involved. Post this information real time on the internet, with analysis, so people can make informed decisions for themselves.
    Computer modeling is fine but has to be refined and honed over the years with lots of real world inputs and lots of money to be anywhere near accurate. There are too many variables and too much simplification and too many assumptions must be made as well. There is also too much unknown. Validation is required. Witness the weather prediction today by computers, with lots of real world inputs and measurements. Look how long and how much money and effort it took to get as right as they have it today. To rely on the work of a sole graduate student is at best an educated estimation ,and at worst a wild eyed guess, with no way to know which it is. Measurement is necessary.

    • Denise Daredevil

      What kind of informed decisions do you expect people to make about this? Like, should we all decide to move to Mars, or something?

      • It’s no wonder nobody has a functioning thyroid these days. Of course, just in time they make Lugol’s solution and other iodine supplements nearly impossible to acquire.

        • Good comment, JojoBean,

          Aye, In Italy about a third of all families have an occurrence of thyroid cancer, goiters or other thyroid problems, the legacy of the Chernobyl reactor explosion.

          In France the largest selling drug is for thyroid issues, Hell, it is 2nd only to the French version of Acetaminophen, an aspirin like retail medication.

          Poland was the Only EU country that got their ass in gear after Chernobyl and distributed Iodine pill to the entire population. As a result, Poland does not have the onslaught of thyroid problems the other countries in the EU have now.

          There is no concern about thyroid issues in the current radioactive releases since Iodine 131, the reactor created culprit isotope is totally gone in 162 days. Unless there are fresh spills we do not know about yet.

          For those of you complaining about not enough reference material, read the Notes! There are only about 42 references!

          Sometimes I think if we gave some of you NN books, you would just chew the covers off.

          For those of you who said “Thanks,” I appreciate your good words.

          It is going to get a lot worse. Count on it as the smoke spreads all over the EU.


          Bob Nichols

    • Appropriate informed comment. Here in Hawaii, people have begun to wake up to the reality of DU fallout by whistleblowers testing downwind air with handheld meters, at times when weapons testing is known to be going on at Pohakuloa Army testing grounds up on Mauna Kea. Some of the best farmland in the state has apparently been contaminated when the winds have carried the fallout down the mountain. Again, this is from whistleblower testing, not “official sources”, which have tried to deny everything, and have been caught lying. I say “apparently”, because the Army, and the state have just tried to stonewall the whole issue (no surprise) of DU in weapons testing. Why would they want the reality of the situation to be made known, thus exposing their liability? We have bumperstickers saying “Test Pohakuloa” and they have $$$$$. Our $$$$$! By the way, for those who deny that evil exists, part of the Bhagavad-Gita description of asuras (Sanskrit: a=against; sura=Godly) or ungodly ones is that they are “lost unto themselves, performing horrible, unbeneficial acts meant to destroy the world”.

  34. “Doors Will Be Closed…
    Brandy Will Be Poured…
    Cigars Will Be Lit…
    And The People Will Suffer.”

  35. Bull bull bull….

    This is bullshit , forget about radiation…smog , dust , fire, smoke , whatever…
    but not radiation , that is a pack of lies

  36. …scam. There is a fire but there IS NO nuclear accident!

    This is hoax!

    Moscow should have never being build in this area! The peat ground is always good for underground fires and a record summer on the huge Russian land mass caused this catastrophy.

    • Ugh…are you even reading the same article? No where does this say that there was a nuclear accident currently…however, the radioactivity Is Still Active AND Will Be For Many Years To Come in the areas of Chernobyl and Mayak. Do you know anything about radioactive fallout? This is what the article is discussing.

      Being discussed is what happens to radioactive particles lying on the earth’s surface, and the potential situations when they are stirred up by fire. 1986 is about a second from today in terms of radioactive particles still be active.

      I suggest that everyone who can’t read very well maybe take a course in reading comprehension before commenting and looking like a complete fool.

      • Yes you are right … so sad to know that there are people that made comments without know anything of what is on the table.

        Best Regards !!!!

  37. Sir Ralph Cholmondley-Hughes-Smythe-Warner-Tyburn III

    You’re welcome! Although technically, my estate is located in the Crown Dependency of the Bailwick of Guernsey, and is thereby under the direct ownership of her highness Queen Elizabeth the Second, making it a separate entity from the United Kingdom. But I suppose that’s near enough, eh my good man?

    Toodle pip!

  38. Dr. Michael Shermer and Dr. James Randi say that all of you are tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists and you do not even want to know what Penn and Teller say about you anti-vaccine types. They say you are full of bulls–t!! Crazed, wild-eyed conspiracy theorists are dangerous for our American society!!!!

    • Denise Daredevil

      um….”Penn & Teller?”

    • sheeple!!

      • Shermer, i think you’ve ingested too much flouride. Since when did a vaccine for H5N1 act as a safeguard against H1N1 virus. The first being the avian flu virus(the v. dangerous one) and the latter being the swine flu virus(not so dangerous)? I’m not in America, thank God, think it may be you who is a danger to American society. Black is white and white is black comes to mind.

  39. This video helps illustrate the level of contamination in the area affected by the fires.

    • I watched your link, it reminds me of a verse from the original Book of revelations, which goes as follows:
      And I saw the Angel of the Sun,
      And between her lips flowed the light of life,
      And she knelt over the earth
      And gave to man the Fires of Power.
      And the strength of the Sun entered the heart of man,
      And he took the power,and made with it a false sun,
      And he spred the fires of destruction,
      Burning the forests’
      Laying waste the green valleys,
      leaving only the charred bones of his brothers,
      And I turned away in shame.

      • And the Angel spoke:’Man has created these powers of destruction.
        He has made them from his own mind.
        He has turned his face away
        From the angels of the Heavenly Father and his Earthly Mother,
        And he has fashioned his own destruction.

      • Hey Imelda. I’ve read the book of Revelation and have never seen what you wrote. What do u have there?, a lesbian bible?

        • It’s the Essene book of Revelation, much older than the copy you read from, and the copy i read from till i found it after years of theological research. Lesbian? No.

          • Hi imelda,

            That would be before the 4th century?

          • Hi Bob,
            yes it would be, before the church fathers put the Bible together the way they wanted it, before the council of laodicea, at which point they removed other Apocrypha books. I’ve just finished the Book of Enoch and i’d recommend it to anyone interested in sacred texts,its’ about the fallen angels and among other thing it details the end for the wicked.

        • cheeky beggar :)) lesbian bible indeed, if you’d bothered to type in the verse to google, you might have found it. : ))

          • I’ve noticed it completely omits the verses where it mentions the living and reigning with Christ for a thousand years bit, and what i find interesting is this, from an old physics book, says as a grotesque example of expanding the life of a proton, that if you placed a man in a particle accelerator you could expand his lifespan by up to a thousand years. Well, this book was written in ’76, and just think it’s strange how now they have a Particle accelerator. And also strange that Hitler envisaged a 1000 yr reich where he saw himself as the Christ, the saviour of mankind. nazis, rome, Tesla, LHC. Just makes me wonder about a few things. Know it’s off the subject of this thread…

          • Yea, agreed, some of the guys do have a tad bit of a sexist situation there.

            Do you, or others scholars you know of, think “the wicked” includes our typical grade A Psychopaths?

            Indians living in America before the invasion of Europeans used to routinely kill Psychos or what shrinks think of as “Axis II Personalities.”

            An effective solution.

            Bob Nichols

          • Hi Bob,
            yes, i do think they just may be at the top of the list :)

          • Bob, i take it you mean the unjust? The people who would keep humanity in subjection? The people who want to play God with the lives of the multitude;be it on a microcosm or the macrocosm. The dictators etc

          • Exactly. But, there are more than that.

            I’ve interviewed scores on shrinkers and various mental health workers. They despise working with these sub-human monsters. Figure they have no “conscience,” are impulsive and cannot think of any consequences to themselves from their own actions. That will do for a start. Everybody knows or has known some asshole like this. They are about 4 to 10% of the American population and growing. In fact, America, settled by a bunch of criminal from English prisons probably has more than any country in the world.

          • Bob,
            I was reading that earlier post you put up, about pee and phoenix :)
            Ever heard what happens next in that situation?

            The 50 ton intensely radioactive reactor core turns to 50 tons of very hot molten radioactive lava and starts DOWN, drawn by simple gravity [physics, y'know] to the center of the earth.

            Except, there is the permanent Water table a few feet, yards, or Meters, all the same thing, a few meters below the last sub-sub-sub basement. The ensuing steam explosions powered by an almost unlimited underground water table will make Chernobyl, Mayak and Three Mile Island a walk in the park.

            Is this a possibility? What’s the probability?

          • Next. Ever try to stop a 50 ton blob of intensely radioactive lava? No way, It goes where it wants, which is down. It was about a meter or 3 – 4 ft from the bottom floor at Chernobyl, Tchernobyl is the Russian spelling.

            How did they stop it? They cut off its air!

            Incredibly brave and courageous helicopter pilots flew as long as they could and to a certain death to drop sand on the monster blob. The sand melted, turned to glass and killed the molten blob. It was just in time, too. The next event horizon was the meet with the unlimited water table.

            The hastily built “Sarcophagus” enclosing the reactor and sealing off the air had a 20 year estimated life span. ity has expired. When air reaches the old reactor core turned lava, it will be on the move yet again. Just imagine the unending steam explosions as the reactor core blows itself up and completes its life ending mission.

            Knowledgeable people figure that about three million have died world wide as a result of the Chernobyl explosion. That is just the down payment in blood for the next one. Yup. the sop-called “news” stations will cover it.

            That is, for as long as they can.

        • This person is quoting the Essene revelations “discovered” by crackpot, Edmund Bordeaux Szekely, who claimed, erroneously, to have found original Aramaic texts in the Vatican, which he was never permitted access to. He released these texts in his own books in the 1970s, claiming every time there was more to come. The guy was a new age crackpot who claimed Jesus was a vegetarian who promoted enemas as a key to healthy living.

          • Those texts and others were found in caves in qumran,also the dead sea scrolls, and you know for a fact that Jesus wasn’t a vegetarian and didn’t use enemas? I know many people who go for enemas, and so what if they do or he did? I suppose the book of Enoch is some crackpot’s fiction also and all the other books, like the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Peace, The Book of the Wars, the Gospel of the Holy infant, the Book of Jasher? etc etc go, on, say they are.i suppose the very concise history of the Irish race is also fiction?

  40. Mayak is the most radioactive contaminated place in the world.

    “(Lake Katachay) accumulated some 4.44 exabecquerels (EBq) of radioactivity, including 3.6 EBq of Caesium-137 and 0.74 EBq of Strontium-90. For comparison, the Chernobyl disaster released from 5 to 12 EBq of radioactivity, but this radiation is not concentrated in one location.”

  41. Won’t the clouds make their way to the U.S. West Coast, especially Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest? How come this fire is so much more dangerous then the nuclear tests? Will more radiation be released than the tests in the 20th century released? What are the equivalent doses of the test bombs compared to what is now being released? We are just destroying this planet, or the planet is trying to shake us off. We are running clueless into a world-wide dark age 2.

    • Exactly… “…the tiny ceramicized radioactive particles stay in the air for months
      or even years…” Yup, they’ll be floating around the northern hemisphere until they “fallout.”

      Actually, these fires have been happening annually, for years, even in the actual “exclusion zone” of the Chernobyl accident. Ground air samples here in Vilnius always show elevated cesium and plutonium from the fires, but have decreased in concentration since 2000. As mentioned, yeah, the numerous nuclear tests in the US, and the fallout across the breadbasket of the US are really of much more concern, even though some of this stuff will eventually make to places like Idaho, where it can get in potatoes, and malt.

      Why are embassies evacuating Moscow proper? If you’ve even smelled a peat fire, you’d know exactly why, and with the big city smog, pollution, and extreme heat and humidity, it is VERY unpleasant.

  42. Chernobyl translates into wormwood. As in, the waters were made bitter.

    • yip… I remember when that verse was quoted during an early documentary – and so have always expected something like this. Even so, I don’t think this is ‘it’ yet – but one day I do fully expect Wormwood to live up to the verse 100%. That sarcophagus isn’t gonna hold forever.

    • And yet, if you actually go to Chernobyl, you’ll find a more healthy and dynamic environment than in most areas of Russia. Animals not seen anywhere else in Russia thrive in the abandoned area, free of man’s predations. It is not at all a region of death as portrayed. Look up the pictures from the girl who rides her motorcycle through there online.

  43. There have been a 1000 plus nuclear tests since 1945; many in the atmosphere.
    Nobody ever thinks about the massive spread of contamination throughout the world. How many cancers and birth defects have been caused due to these tests?!


      You never heard of Mayak either? It’s as usual much worse than people know. Whether you want it or not, and wherever you are on this globe: you and yours are killed. Slowly but surely. Like the boars now again, it’s a globally happening suicide.*

      Henk Ruyssenaars

      August 20, 2010 – Quote: “Russian drought and forest fires now pose dangers to Chernobyl area and the Mayak Chemical Combine. As of 15 August 2010 all personnel in Russia and the European Union are advised to evacuate immediately. I repeat. This is not a drill. If you can’t leave, get your kids out. It may be too late already.”*

      And another one: “Russian forestry officials on Wednesday finally admitted wildfires are scorching hundreds of hectares of land and forest contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster around Bryansk, near the Russian-Ukrainian border.”*

      Read all about it at Url.:

      And of course food will be used as a weapon too:


      August 13th 2010 – The first question to ask is of course: Who profits from the rise in wheat prices all over the globe, except in the criminal US/UK cartel? – Url.:


  44. How did these fires allegedly start anyway? Natural cause or ?? Does anyone know the true story behind these fires?

    • Fires, result of record heat in russia.
      Thare are currently so many fores they cannot even respond to them all.

      • Slight correction from Russia

        How did these fires allegedly start anyway? Natural cause or ?

        1. Record heat and lack of rain

        2. Putin’s reform of forest regulatins in 2007 caused nearly ten-times reduction of forest wardens. Result: practically no early fire detection and notification.

        3. Mass bribetaking and larceny in governmental purchase system caused shortage and low quality of fire-fighting equipment (and abundance of luxiry cars for high-ranked “civil servants”)

        Any two of these three reasons is more than enough for mass forest fires.
        All three together make catastrophe inevitable.

        • Alexey, bravo! You’ve got it. But one main point is missing that I would give a number 1. In 1999 Putin has publicly declared a war to God and Russian people seemed to like his declaration. Today they are tasting the consequences. God’s willing, more to come. Stay tuned.

          • In 1999 Putin has publicly declared a war to God

            Really?! And you have any prooflink?
            As far as I remember he have not.
            At least I can’t remember such episode – and I live in Russia.

            Moreover, during Putin’s reign the Church raised its influence in practically any part of political, economical, even judical life.
            It agressively seize real estate (even from schools, museums, hospitals etc.) referring to “returning of property confiscated in 1917″ and having all possible judical support from regime.

            Public anti-clerical speaking in today’s Russia can be considered as propaganda of terrorism(!)

            Not bad for secular state with (according to Constitution) no established religion.

  45. sounndus to me like a worldwide attack on all people and the environment.

    Gulf “spill” here with the water bringing death. Weahter wars in Russia and Pakistan and China. Has WW3 started with their “silent weapons?”

    Of course innocent people suffer while bankers and monarchs and politicians and fat cats laugh their way to more power and riches.

    Problem is, they can’t escape their own deeds now. But unfortunately neither can we.
    I believe it’s the BRITISH COMMONWEALTH(with puppet masons in every country and of course the false Jews and duped real ones – ushering in the era of the antimessiah aka the beast) trying to weaken their competitors for worldwide slavery conquest (the ones still alive anyway). Will anyone fight back? Well hardly anyone knows. I don’t believe all these things are just accidents and natural disasters. Nope not one bit.

    • I believe you are likely right on….very strange coincidental catastrophes in countries that are engaged…Pakistan, Russia, China, etc….

      Countries likely to respond to an attack on Iran?


      I dunno….but this bit from an old James Bond flick comes to mind when thinking about all these unprecedented coinciding major disasters (in my lifetime anyway)

      As Q told Bond….once is happenstance, twice coincidence….but three times….is enemy action.

      • Oh oh oh, very interesting. Never picked up such an obvious “attack”, China, Russia, Pakistan.

        Good eye Zonie.

        A nuclear winter cometh folks and it will not be denied. They do not even need to burst a bomb. All they need to do is stoke a fire. DU DU everywhere too. Afghanistan, Iraq…..

        Meanwhile, the collective unconscious slumbers on……


    • Weather war or how about environmental poisoning.
      Louisiana has another oil well blow out in Ascension Parish on land that has spewed methane into the air 300 feet or more since Aug. 11th and they claim that can not burn it and it will take 2 to 3 weeks to dig another well to stop it. Noticed how its been quietly contained in the news?

    • Oh come on. This is pure malarky.
      Weather weapons? Seriously?
      Natural disasters happen. They always have. We had heatwaves and droughts in the late 1980s that killed livestock and people. Pakistan has always had problems with earthquakes, flooding, and whatever else. So have we. In the 1840s we had an earthquake so bad it made sunken trees on the bottom of the Mississippi River stand up out of the muck. Were we as developed then as today, it would have been a disaster of epic proportions.
      Natural disasters and calamities are the norm for our planet. Asteroids blast us, the sun roasts us, the hot liquid magma under the crust blasts out here and there, spraying liquid rock and poisonous gases, tension on contintental plates causes earthquakes causes tidal waves. It would happen without us, too. Read Worlds in Collision. Evidence of Earth’s uncertain and violent past is all around us. For 5,000-10,000 years we’ve enjoyed an unusually peaceful time here, but that could change any moment.

  46. Sounds like Florida
    This is funny may be one will ignite the other and all f—- die
    Thanks alot you f—- a—-holes
    Al Bushomma & Satan 2012

  47. joanne sunshower

    the gulf oil, the nuclear clouds. Everything disperses. All of us and our children are and will be affected. Some chemicals already found in breastmilk: Chlordane,DDT,Dieldrin, Aldrin,Endrin,Hexachlorobenzene,Hexachlorocyclohexane,
    Heptachlor,Mirex,Nitro Musks,Toxaphene,Dioxins,Furans,PBDEs,PCBs,Solvents,Lead, Mercury, Cadmium,Other Metals. Demand government regulation by the precautionary principle! another reason why nuclear energy IS NOT a safe renewable energy!

  48. That the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is being burned is a disaster.

    There is a piece going around on NPR that one grad student, Aaron Hohl, ran a computer model minimizing the risks. But this is nuts,

    How can he know what is in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone?

    Your EVACUATE NOW warning is right-on.

    • mal,

      Trying to minimize it, eh?

      What do you think he is trying to do by minimizing hundreds of millions of Lethal Doses, mal?

      • He’s wrong, I believe; how can know model data that does not exist.

        But here’s the NPR report text:

        “Three million people live in Kiev, just 60 miles away. But one of Chad Oliver’s graduate students, Aaron Hohl, recently created a computer model of such a fire and its smoke. Hohl is now teaching at Humboldt State University in California. His preliminary results, which other scientists now are reviewing, are surprisingly reassuring. Even in the worst possible fire, people downwind would only be exposed to a very small amount of additional radiation.”

        • Maybe. Maybe not. Models are fine when there is enough data to create one. However, Chernobyl was considered the worst nuclear disaster ever, and the amounts of radioactive particles traveled far and wide. Some things just haven’t actually happened yet. We are a guinea pigs in the end, and some die so that the future models can be refined.

          p.s. I personally have seen computer models with LOTS of hisory and information in the film industry completely FAIL for proper forecasting. Just saying….

      • Somewhere in between minimizing and maximizing, usually lies the reality. However, in the case of radioactive nuclear partcles…I think taking the side of extreme caution would be of great importance. Have you seen the pictures of Chernobyl years after? I suggest you take a nice long look. Most of the affected children were the next generation. Not even women who were pregnant at the time of the disaster. radioactivity in insidious, and has amny varying results.

        Sadly, most of the people in these outlying areas do not have the means to evacuate. Some even stayed in the Chernobyl area after.

        • For the evacuation of Phoenix,AZ, due to a nuclear accident at its adjacent nuclear reactor power plants,go to the nonfiction,”Goodbye Phoenix Hello Tucson”. At 110 Farenheidt, the RED Cross advises stay in your shelter when the electricity is off-have you ever seen human jerky. Half the evacuating vehicles will run out of gasoline before reaching a satisfactory evacution destination. Nearby electric utility depends on metro Phoenix for its cooling water. An evacuated phoenix leaves the utility without enough pee.

          • Ha! Chuckling, … well stated Clyde H Stagner,

            I guess, being up Shit Creek without a paddle ‘cos there ain’t enough Pee kinda sums up the situation.

            Ever heard what happens next in that situation?

            The 50 ton intensely radioactive reactor core turns to 50 tons of very hot molten radioactive lava and starts DOWN, drawn by simple gravity [physics, y'know] to the center of the earth.

            Except, there is the permanent Water table a few feet, yards, or Meters, all the same thing, a few meters below the last sub-sub-sub basement. The ensuing steam explosions powered by an almost unlimited underground water table will make Chernobyl, Mayak and Three Mile Island a walk in the park.

            Yea, try not to run out of Pee, Phoenix.

    • As far as I know, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is in Ukraine but in Ukraine there are no forest fires now; however, huge forest areas in Russia and Belorussia were also contaminated during Chornobyl disaster. Russia’s radioactive forests are really burning now!

  49. Could you please keep us updated ?
    I don’t have an adequate remark

    • fixthefuture911,

      Sure thing, you can count on it.

      I know what you mean, ftf911, I’m a working writer and it is hard for me to find words to describe the conditions. It truly is like another planet; but, then ya wake up and it is right here on earth. Mayak Lake, for example is dangerous to even walk near ‘cos it has so much Gamma radiation from radioactive discharges from the H-Bomb factories.

  50. How much bigger than Chernobyl was the Mayak Nuclear “accident?”

    • Mayak was a “closed city” back in the days of the old Soviet Union, the USSR. There were many nuclear accidents and spills as there are at the worlds few giant nuke weapons factories, no matter the country. Human error and all that, y’know?

      That being said the nuclear “accident” in 1957 was really bad. In terms of today’s radioactivity Mayak is at least fifteen times bigger and more dangerous than the current radiation from the Chernobyl explosion.

  51. The Dreaded Hindenburg did not play out until today. Now official so shall see what it brings! Truly is the Age of Turmoil!

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  19. Uri Avnery — Wine, blood and gasoline
  20. Russia wants new state terrorism investigation body
  1. Jack Heart: No doubt Mike that the incredibly “wealthy,” who are in actuality incredibly stupid, Jewish billionaires like the Koch's who have worked so hard to instigate this are all going to ...
  2. Klaatu Aquinus: A 10 year old with a glock is impressive. My predilection would be for a "sweet 16" year old with a MAC-10/11 / M-10 (cue; "Night of the Comet") "Daddy would ...
  3. Gennady & Lidiya Sevastyanov: Putin lied five times to German journalists in one interview. http //
  4. Klaatu Aquinus: He's a "simpleton."
  5. kelli: He isn't doing anything with his major. He wanted to teach but didn't go for it. He would have been good at promoting the government propaganda. He ...

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