the world according to ken o’keefe… amazing video

By Gordon Duff Senior Editor

My good friend and fellow Veterans Today staff writer, Ken O’Keefe, gives his views on America’s role in the world and how media manipulation is destroying, not only the American democracy, but endangering the world. 

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  1. A bit off the topic,but this is a an excellent movie and a must see It explains the history of money creation in the USA which has now brought us all to our knees and gives us the solution.Gordon do a review of it.It is really worth premoting.

  2. Great interview!

  3. Man, I like that guy! Him & Charles Dyer (aka – July4Patriot – on YouTube) are heroes!!!

  4. Cynthia Mckinney, a real hero for “black” Americans!


  5. I admire this guy, the truth,

    The question becomes, “When are US People going to realize taxation fuels the corruption machine?” A Federal Income Tax was never necessary, only clever way of extracting vast monies (property) for wealth amongst few. Given the ability to extract this wealth unchallenged, with the illusion of “The enbetterment for all”. It’s absolutely ridiculous. More people make better decisions then few, because few people are easiest to corrupt. Give me all your money, than I’ll decide what’s best for you, “Give me a break?”

    As machine grows larger, people become less significant. The need for fuel (the machine) becomes an endless pursuit of destruction with more advanced methods of control. And when you finally look close into the machine, there sits the “Wizard of Oz”. And then you’re stunted, and wish observation was made sooner. The wizard only created an illusion of power to extract your property and wealth. Yes, it was nothing more then a SCAM.

    Now take away this fuel (Federal Tax) and machine grows smaller, because the masses are once again in control. And it’s about “Control”, and ways to create the illusion to rob you.

    Whenever vast monies are unattended, there’s corruption.

    • We talk so much about the outcome, but never focus on source. Remove the fuel and the machine disappears.

    • OS you are right about removing the fuel but it is not just tax.We need to take from the banksters the ability to counterfeit our currencies.Each year the US economy increases by 3.5 % with inflation of 3%.The money supply increases by $1 trillion or $7000 for every working person.If you think you own your productivity then think again.The US Federal Reserve owns your increase in productivity and owns the money created by their inflation.It is a debt spiral from which we cannot escape.The bailouts and stimulus amounted to $81,000 per working person.It was the biggest financial scam in the history of mankind.

      In effect they are stealing $7000 from every working person pa plus interest.Then add in the taxes for the military machine,drug companies etc Many of the working poor are lucky to earn $20,000 pa.

      Yes,get angry,but be measured and clever in the way you respond.We can beat these pathetic,insecure,psychpaths with truth and integrity.

      So support Ron Paul in the ending of the US Federal Reserve.

  6. I doubt Ken would accept such a position. He has left these shores and burned the bridge behind him. I can’t say I blame him one iota.

  7. Couldn’t agree with his statements more…the only thing that would add is that, since inception, the US has always been at war. When we went into the first Gulf War, I decided to look into our war history. We have always been killing Indians, the British, ourselves, or people around the world. We are a bloody nation, but according to the proponents of war, we are justified because we are led by the Prince of Peace.

  8. A sudden realization just dawned on me. Boy are we a bunch of saps. Those are some smart SOB’s that are running the official disinfo campaign. I have come to the realization that building 7 of the wtc has been set up as the ultimate “straw man”. The 9/11 Truth movement has been working so hard to uncover the lies surrounding the 9/11 attacks, and a good portion of their evidence surrounds the collapse of Building 7. I’m starting to think that if the Truth movement becomes too strong, too vocal, too demanding, the government will simply admit that building 7 was indeed professionally demolished. Being that it was a key hub for national security, the building was pre-wired for quick demolition in the event of an invasion. And on 9/11, it was decided that there was too much damage, and too much risk for sensitive information leaking out, that they went ahead and “pulled it”. Think about it – the building was empty; no one died. They could claim that they decided to coverup this fact because they didn’t want government workers in other important buildings to unnecesarily panic. A confession to this one aspect of the treasonous crimes perpetrated on 9/11 would have minimal fallout. And I’m afraid this would be the death of the 9/11 Truth movement.

    • There is so much more than Bldg. 7 that they have to explain. That is not the only smoking gun. Not by a long shot!

    • Scott, I think the 911 planners were out of sync with their time. It’s like transporting the planners of the JFK assassination into the future where they still use FAX machines and teletypes in their way of thinking and cannot grasp how a single cellphone camera can ruin everything. Take the people who set policy at Abu Ghraib; obviously they did not grasp how modern cell phones could beam torture pictures to the whole world. They were unable to factor it into their planning because though they were senior and had experience, they had not kept up with what was new.

      • I hope you’re right. I thought wtc7 was simply a screw up too. I mean it is so obvious. But, it is either a screw up or a well planned insurance policy. Time will tell. And I agree there is so much more to the conspiracy besides bldg 7. However, if they were to shoot down this one straw man, no one else will listen to any other arguments.

  9. One of the saddest days for me came yesterday. I was with my family on the way home from a waterpark and something came on the radio about our leaving Iraq. Then a conversation ensued. My 14 year old son’s comment when I mentioned Muslims was, “they are terrorists, they have bombs and want to kill us.” So, I explained to him the real deal but it is the way our media and the schools are portraying all of the Muslim people. There propaganda campaign IS working but I will be damned if I will let them win, especially when it comes to my house.

  10. Robert Baer ex CIA is currently visiting Sydney espousing the need the attack Iran and the fact he thinks they are a terrorist state.In 2007 Baer said that Iran was in no way a threat.There is also video of him saying that there is evidence of Govt involvement in 911 which needed to be investigated.

    The main thrust of Baer’s argument was that now Iran was a threat.His argument was that the USA is broke and thus would retreat from the Middle East thus Israel would almost certainly attack Iran sending precipitating a depression in the West.He was trying to justify an attack on Iran.

    Why has Baer done a total about face in his assessment of Iran being a threat?

    • Why, indeed! That is really puzzling. Ken O’Keefe and the contributors here are true heroes in every sense of the word and have expanded my knowledge immensely! Thank you!!!

  11. Great to hear you again, Ken.

  12. Very well written response, D Costa.

  13. The USA was right to join WW2.

    O’Keefe’s comments about 9/11 and the wars in the Middle East were 100% right.

    • No, the U.S. was not “right to join WW2″.

      FDR did everything he could to provoke the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor, very similar to the way in which our current crop of traitorous politicians are trying to provoke Iran. (The Japanese didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to attack the U.S.).

      FDR did this knowing full well that the people of the U.S. didn’t want any more war.

      WW2 happened not “to stop Hitler”, per se, but because the Jews wanted Germany destroyed. Hitler was the first “Saddam Hussein”, Germany the first Iraq.

      WW2 was just as immoral as all the other wars based on lies and deceptions.

    • Louise, ONE WEEK BEFORE Pearl Harbor, the Honolulu Advertiser announced at the top of the front page that a Japanese Attack Might Occur. See it here (

      The bankers financed both Hitler and the Communists in Russia. There is a wealth of info on that available.

      Here are a couple of quotes from Rep. Louis T. McFadden who understood the bankers’ machinations as he had been a banker himself. He was shot at and poisoned for his patriotic efforts:

      “he Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks are private corporations, but they did not surrender any gold coin, gold certificates, or gold bullion. On the contrary, the gold which was commandeered from the people was given to them as a free gift… Is not this gift of over $1,000,000,000 in gold a great treasure to bestow upon the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks–the corrupt and sinister organization which has bankrupted the country?” (

      McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks in Congress, 1934 (

      “”The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.” Lord Acton

      If you listen to Benjamin Freedman’s speech, you’ll hear how the same people orchestrated our entrance to WWI and WWII. (

  14. Inspired piece of commentary on a very significant elucidation.

  15. Fantastic ! the truth at last !

  16. Lead the way Ken.

  17. I would love to see this interview without the comments across the top and the banner at the bottom. It would be easier to pass along to people who are not quite awakened.

    • I agree. There’s too much junk on the screen. All that kitsch makes it difficult because of the constant interruptions. Although the person thinks this helps to emphasize what it being said, it distracts from the seriousness of what O’Keefe was saying. You can get more attention with a whisper than a show.
      All in all, it was great to hear someone laying it on the line. Has anyone noticed that whenever the U.S. wants to go to war, there are a lot more war movies and toys?

  18. Yeah, you could see how nervous they were getting when they each tried to drown out his comments. O’Keefe just kept on telling the truth. Really uplifting to watch, I wonder if the whole interview is available.

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