Why Muslims Dare Not Burn the Bible in Return

Islam decrees that Muslims should respect and honor the Bible and Torah as well.

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Afghans burning an effigy of the Florida pastor.

There is always an angle worthy of discussion in this megalomania of “Burn al Quran Day”. May be that is why so many comments have been voiced and they are all against this disgraceful and stupid plan by a discredited pastor who can’t get the support of his mother church in Germany nor the sympathy of his own daughter.

I hate to contribute to the man’s psychic lust for publicity- for that’s what he is after- and join the flocks of writers who have penned many articles on the subject. 

 Pastor Terry Jones` hideous plan should have been neglected and never granted this wide media exposure which turned this sick idea into a phenomenal display of extremism.

This Jones took advantage of the interconnected world of today and made a congregation of 50 people look like the whole of the American people on a facebook page. His evil call for burning al Quran demonstrates how sick people could exploit the freedom of expression in a free society like America. Being free to do this bonfire does not mean that it is the right thing to do.

What burning the Quran has to do with commemorating 9/11. How could he stoop so low? How could we surrender- in that ugly way- to bigotry in its most primitive form?  Why do we find people in the 21st century so deluded and misled? Where does this shameful myopia come from? Where this Islam behind 9/11 myth is taking us?

Why don’t Muslims just react by burning the Bible in return? I’m sure this question must have crossed your mind. What prevents them from committing such a horrible deed? After all they are the extremists. They are the intolerant people. They are the violent and hateful people. But they did not and never will. Do you know why?

 The answer to this question might be the only good that came out of this horrid and profane issue. The answer is so simple but yet so fundamental to a better understanding of Islam. The understanding or rather the misunderstanding that goes back to the medieval crusades.

In the eleventh century the crusades began and lasted for two hundred years in trying to rid the holy land of Jerusalem of the barbaric Muslims whom they were told desecrated the Christian sanctuaries in the holy city. Ironically it took the Arabs 70 years to figure out why they were engaged in a war with the Europeans. The Muslims were only defending their homeland against an outward aggression. That much they knew. When they were finally oriented with the true reasons behind the crusades they were more perplexed simply because they never did any harm to the Christian sites anywhere, let alone the city of Jerusalem.

It took the kings of Europe and the pope in Rome 2oo years to grow up to the fact that Jerusalem was equally sacred to Muslims.

 Jesus Christ and mother Mary are considered holy and highly revered by every Muslim. This is the missing link here. Westerners should know that Islam is not some local cult like Buddhism or Hinduism which i personally respect. It is a universal faith stemming from the same origins of the Judeo-Christian faith which along with Islam are recognized as Abrahamic religions. so, burning the Quran would be like consequently throwing the Bible and Torah in the same bonfire.

This is mainly why Muslims cannot retaliate against burning al Quran by burning any copy of the Bible because Islam decrees that Muslims should respect and honor the Bible and Torah as well.

 And that explains why the Muslims protesters in Afghanistan responded to this shameful incident by burning an effigy of the pastor not by burning a copy of the Bible.

It is so simple but I wish it was that simple to that freak pastor from Florida who was supposed to know better about Islam and other faiths. And this is so regrettable; I mean if priests are that ignorant about other faiths, what that says of the common people who tend to follow in their footsteps.

This bonfire will not only endanger the American troops but it will add up to the anti American sentiments in the Muslim world.

I think that the freak pastor will go ahead with his foolishness on Saturday. And starting the same Saturday, his death sentence will have been issued by many Muslim extremists around the world. This will come as no surprise for extremism only breeds more extremism. The freak pastor managed to get the world’s attention but that comes with a heavy price.

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262 Comments for “Why Muslims Dare Not Burn the Bible in Return”

  1. local myth based religion? are you mental? what is islam but the babblings of a nationalist arab.

  2. they don’t burn bibles because in the whole muslim world ,they couldn’t find enough to make a decent fire. aren’t christian missionaries regulary harrassed,intimidated,or worse because they had a bible in their possession.

  3. But Muslims do burn Bibles!
    The Pakistan Christian Post (PCP) reports that Militants burned Bibles and vandalized a Church on September 18th, 2010. They burned Bibles, Hymn Books, Crosses and the Altar of Nasri Pentecostal Church in Shah Latif, a Town in the District East of Karachi.
    The PCP The police registered FIR number 676/10 against unidentified culprits and assured Pastor in charge of Nasri Church to arrest culprits at an earliest.

    To desecrate Holy Bibles and attack on Churches is happened many times in Pakistan but culprits are never brought to justice by administration in Muslim dominated Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

    • I was in Turkey last year, and visited cave churches with religious paintings which looked vandalized. According to the tour guide (when I asked) said this had been done by Muslims in the last century. Makes sense I guess from their point of view, but lets not pretend it doesn’t happen.

  4. The brief bio next to your article, “Why Muslims Dare Not Burn the Bible in Return” indicates that you are a medical doctor and a writer. As such, I expected your article to be reflective of an intellect commensurate to such a background. Instead, I found it condescending and vituperative. Rather than a cogent, reasoned argument for your point of view, I found it excessive in emotional invectives. Your superior and prejudiced attitude actually makes you come off sounding no better than the small-time preacher who threatened to burn the Quran.

    The message of this insignificant pastor was so hated by your brother Muslims on the other side of the world that mobs burned him in effigy and also burned the American flag, a symbol of the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Let’s see, which is worse: a handful of what we call in my country a ‘fringe element’, or mobs of thousands of Afghanis calling for the death of Americans? Your article indicates you consider the former to be worse and the latter justified. And if not you, then most of Islam because whenever someone in the West exercises freedom of speech, Muftis issue fatwas for the death of those westerners guilty of insulting Islam.

    Granted, not all Muslims interpret fatwas the same. And not all Muslims are “extreme”, yet more importantly, there is no significant movement within Islam to condemn death sentences issued for authors, political cartoonists, movie makers or Quran burners. There is a silence in the media about Muslims condemning that kind of behavior. But there is much in the media about how Muslims demand their special needs be met, whether it is the use of sharia law, not having to remove burkas for identification or security, public calls to prayer that are disruptive to non-muslims, the installation of ritual foot washing facilities in public areas, etc.

    Muslims immigrate to this country and not only expect to have freedom of religion, but they demand accommodation for every aspect of their Islamic culture. This is not at all what one can expect in your home country, Egypt. I would be arrested for wearing a cross or carrying a Bible in public. Muslims know full well that non-muslims do not have religious freedom in Islamic nations. You come to my country and take advantage of the freedoms we offer in America, only you cannot accept those same freedoms for your adversaries. Unfortunately for you, everyone in this country enjoys freedom, not just you. Our law is not like Sharia law, which gives women and non-muslims less freedom and less legal standing than Muslim males. Our laws were founded on Biblical, not Quranic values.

    The irrational fervor of Islam’s intolerance of any and all perceived insults has clearly influenced your writing. In your article, you chose words which demonstrate your own fervor goes hand in glove with the most violent elements of Islam. Describing American Quran-burners and their sympathizers you use such words as: megalomania, disgraceful, stupid, extremism, sick, low, bigotry, primitive, deluded, misled, shameful, 9/11 myth, horrible, extremists, intolerant, violent, hateful, horrid, profane, and freak. I may have missed a few. All of those words paint a picture of how bad Islam sees Terry Jones — so bad that his “death sentence” is justified in your thinking.

    That is the same kind of thinking that led another Muslim doctor to perpetrate the Fort Hood massacre. Your article is driven by and articulates that same kind of hatred and intolerance. In spite of your intelligence and education, you are not able to respect the way my culture sees things. I am totally against any book burning. I also do not approve of flag burning, effigy burning or the mob mentality. To me, freedom of speech is just that: speech. But, of course, I don’t write the laws, so those things are also protected. In my culture a person who demonstrates by burning religious symbols has never been accepted by the general public, but most often is considered a fringe element and ignored. However, it is still their right to do so.

    In your article you wrote that burning the Quran, “… demonstrates how sick people could exploit the freedom of expression in a free society like America. Being free to do this bonfire does not mean that it is the right thing to do.” I feel very much the same every time I see the American flag being burned. But it’s legal. Many Christians were deeply offended by government-supported “art” consisting of a crucifix suspended in a jar of urine and a statue of Mary covered in dung. But those were legal. I even read about an American pastor burning Bibles because they weren’t the King James Version. That upset a lot of main-line Christians. But no one rioted. There were no religious leaders calling for the death sentence in any of these cases. Freedom of expression, even when it is abused like this, is legal. To my (western) way of thinking, none of those things is as egregious as Islamic fatwas calling for the death of infidels who offend them.

    You asked, “What burning the Quran has to do with commemorating 9/11.” As an American, let me tell you. All of the terrorists who were responsible for the death and destruction to those thousands of unsuspecting and innocent civilians on 9/11 were Muslims and all of them were waging jihad according to their convictions about the Quran. If Islam is a religion that teaches killing infidels is a good thing, it must be understandable to a Muslim that non-muslims might be quite intimidated by that fact. Also, in the wake of 9/11, many Americans have made an effort to learn more about Islam. We may not be as ignorant as you think. For instance, many of us now realize that Islam is not just a religion. It is a whole system of religion, law and politics designed to control every aspect of a person’s life. There is no freedom in Islam.

    And speaking of ignorance, I always am surprised when Islamic apologists refer back to the Crusades in order to justify themselves. The Crusades are over. The Crusades are history. Most people are ignorant of history, or convinced that they know the proper version of it. Yet as important as I consider history, American attitudes toward Islam have nothing to do with the Crusades. The history of the Crusades is just about as meaningful to the average American as an Indiana Jones movie. What has awakened American interest in Islam is what we’ve been seeing in the news for the past few generations: bombings of school buses, and other public atrocities, mobs screaming in the streets, bodies dragged behind trucks and hung on bridges, filmed beheadings, so-called “holy men” calling for the death of America. Americans don’t really understand all that. But you surely must see how terror in the name of Islam may actually make some Americans quite angry.

    Some of our ignorant leaders think that if we show ourselves to be respectful to Islam and treat Muslims well, that we can live in peace. They have been fooled, because the “peace” that Islam seeks is the “peace” of having global control under a Caliphate. Americans want to live and let live. Islam wants to make sure everyone lives according to the dictates of the Quran. You surely can see why some Americans may want to go so far as to actually burn the document that authorizes our very demise as a free society.

    In your article, you made some amazingly ignorant statements for someone who boasts of being a doctor and a writer. You wrote: “Jesus Christ and mother Mary are considered holy and highly revered by every Muslim. This is the missing link here. Westerners should know that Islam is not some local cult like Buddhism or Hinduism which i personally respect. It is a universal faith stemming from the same origins of the Judeo-Christian faith which along with Islam are recognized as Abrahamic religions.” Here are the facts: 1) The Jesus and Mary that Islam reveres are not the same as are recorded in the New Testament. The Bible teaches that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, while Islam teaches that he was only a prophet. And Islam does not consider the Bible to be accurate, reliable or the word of God, so they do not actually believe the words of Jesus; 2) In the entire discussion of Islam, who thinks of Islam as a ‘local cult’? Equally, how can you refer to Buddhism or Hinduism as local cults? Everyone in the west considers each of those three to be a major world religion; 3) You seem to be outside the normal marketplace of ideas because if you “respect” Buddhism and Hinduism as perceived local cults, then how is it a bad thing for westerners to perceive Islam as a local cult? I think you are saying you want westerners to respect Islam, but you are self-absorbed in how you say it; 4) There is no such thing as “the Judeo-Christian faith”. The Jewish and Christian faiths are quite different. But obviously you, as an Islamic apologist, disrespect Biblical religions by lumping us all together as infidels.

    5) Finally, let me disabuse anyone of the notion that there can be any meaningful ecumenism between the Biblical religions of Judaism and Christianity, and the Quranic religion of Islam because of their “Abrahamic” origins. Both Jews and Christians believe what is written in the Bible about Abraham and his offspring. In the Book of Genesis the son of Abraham who received God’s special promised blessing was Isaac, not Ishmael. Ishmael and his offspring became enemies of Isaac and his offspring. After that, Isaac’s son Jacob inherited that same promised blessing, not his brother Esau. Esau and his offspring became enemies of Jacob and his offspring. In fact Esau even married a daughter of Ishmael, cementing the enmity between him and Jacob, who’s name God changed to Israel. Israel’s twelve sons then became the twelve tribes of Israel — God’s chosen people. Many places in the Bible illustrate this. One of my favorites, taken from 1 Kings 18:36, is a statement of the prophet Elijah. It says, “Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel,” [This is Adonai, not Allah.] “let it be known today that you are God in Israel …”

    The fact that Allah of the Quran is not the God of the Bible is clear to anyone who takes the time to examine those two, very different documents. They describe two, very different concepts of God. The claims of Islam may look back to Abraham for their origins, but they are born of the envy of brothers who got the short end of the stick when it came to the promises of God. God chose Isaac over Ishmael and Jacob over Esau. Islam refuses to accept those facts, and by so doing are opposed to God and his plan. Both Christians and Jews believe that the Messiah will bring salvation to the entire world. They just don’t agree on who that Messiah is. There has been much ugliness, hurt, antisemitism, hate and intolerance between us throughout history. But today, in the here and now, we don’t wish to kill one another over our disagreements. We want to have the freedom to express ourselves. That even includes the symbolism of burning icons of those who threaten us. On the other hand, Islam perpetuates its own Crusades in the form of Jihad, such as the senseless acts of 9/11. The civilized world is asking Islam to stop the madness.

  5. Buddha walked this earth FIVE HUNDRED YEARS before UNMARRIED Mary popped out her illegit kid that can’t answer a simple prayer.

    Who’s the cult?

    And yes I am atheist as well as Buddhist.

    • And I suppose you don’t believe in the resurrection, or the miracles, or the fulfilled prophesies, etc. And for rational reasons, not because you’ve met Christians who are airheads, or disagreeable in some other way.

      The word “cult” has a non-pejorative meaning (set of religious practices):

  6. Buddhists are a cult?

    You’re one of a hundred reasons why I’m no longer Christian!! YOU’RE THE CULT!!!

  7. Both the OT and NT were written and revised by the rabbis and the priests during the last 2000 years. Both have passages showing that some of biblical prophets were sexmanics and racists – which against the very definition of Prophethood in Holy Qur’an. Muslims are commanded to respect these earlier religious book but accept only those verses which are compatible with the message revealed in the Final Testament (Holy Qur’an).

    The other problem Muslims have – is that they’re commanded by Holy Qur’an to honor and respect all the biblical prophets mention in OT and NT. That’s why Muslims have never been blamed for drawing or publishing insulting cartoons of Moses, David, Solomon or Jesus. It’s only the Jews and Christians have the honor to do such dirty tricks against the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

    NT depicts Jesus as part of Trinity – but don’t honor him by even dedicating a single book of the 27 books. Holy Qur’an only the other hand not only honors Jesus just as much as Moses – but has a full Chapter (Surah Mariam) dedicated to Holy Mary. No Chapter in Holy qur’an is dedicated to the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) mother of any of his wives.

    The Holy Vengeance

    • >No Chapter in Holy qur’an is dedicated to the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) > mother of any of his wives.

      There is an interesting Sura justifying Mohamded’s marriage to his daughter-in-law (Sura Al-Ahzab 33:37). According to Hadith this sura was revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) after he saw his daughter-in-law “wihout veil” and presented her with such flattering remarks that his son, when he learned about it, offered immediately to divorce her. Of course, the Prophet (PBUH) originally rejected it because people started talking and she was to become his fifth wife (the Koran allows 4), but they went silent when the Sura was revealed. Isn’t it an interesting coincidence? Well, after that he happily married many more women including a 5-year old Aisha.

    • Whatever.

      Acts 17:31 “For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to all men by raising him from the dead.”

      Acts 10:39ff
      39″We are witnesses of everything he did in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem. They killed him by hanging him on a tree, 40but God raised him from the dead on the third day and caused him to be seen. 41He was not seen by all the people, but by witnesses whom God had already chosen—by us who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead. 42He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that he is the one whom God appointed as judge of the living and the dead. 43All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.”

  8. BTW is that advertising on this page for Single Muslim woman a joke?

  9. Iver seen and read the Quron it looks as if its been written for juvenile delinquents or adolecents..

    It says you get sex with 52 Virgins and a Red Ferrari if you do what Allah says.

    and the illustrations are like cartoons or a childs coring book.

    Personally I was not impressed and chose not to make it my religion.

    I like the Story of Jesus better an it appeals to me so …I’m a Christian.

    • you are a complete idiot


  10. Top 5 books Id like to burn just to make a point.

    The Bible.
    The Koran
    The Quran
    The Apple pie cookbook
    Any thing written by Bill Maher.

    • Jeff,
      Bill Maher essentially does “torah speak.” Right on that one. Have you noticed that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Torah seem to be done by the same folks?
      Burn both of them too.
      Book of Mormon on the fire first. I hate to think of poor jesus, scalped by redskins…or with saddle sores.

  11. Sharia law is unconstitutional in the US… That is a correct statement.

  12. Babay killing?

    Hindus never said absurd things like Adam and Eve where the first humans orEarth is the centre of universe. We Hindus tsught the illiterate, ignorant and barbaric Arabs -HOW TO COUNT!. About numerals, science, art of minig diamonds. When your Abrahamic Ancestors wre roaming in loin clothes hunting animals. We hindus had universiies like Nalanda and Taxila harboring more than 10,000 stundetsn- Which even now some Arba countries cannot boast about. We hindus aren’t a cult -But a way of life. WE hindus refrained from making apurious and dubious assumption of God. WE embraced god as we see it… in the form of rivers, mountains, animals and Earth. We address earth as Prithivi Devi (Earth mother). Ofcourse we knew that earth was oval shaped spherical structure unlike the abbhirrent Christians.

  13. We may have found the enemies Achilles heal.. If buring the Quran drives them into such a frenzied state imagine them having to witness the act everyday… At the most their Zealot heads would explode and at the least would act hastily and without caution and reveal themselves and self desturct likley.

    I seriously doubt it would recruit more Zealots as they have sufficent numbers already.

    Could burning the Quran and than mixing the ashes with Dog poo be our Mother of all weapons?

    • Jeff,
      If you want to find THE enemy’s achille’s heel, tell people from that certain country that they can only prove about 80,000 died in the holocaust.
      Watch them squirm.

  14. I could take a US Military uniform and burn it in front of the Pentagon and no liberal would take a stand as to its protected right, I could Burn the US flag the Bible and yet I have seen these same liberals suggest that it should be a “hate crime” to burn the Quran.

    Liberals need to stfu before they “compell” some person to prove to them that burning a Quran is a protected right as are the other acts.

    To say it is an act that promotes violence is absurd…

    The person who is offended has to surpres their anger and act accordingly to the laws of the land.


  15. In this Country we have a thing called the first amendment it gives us all the right to speak freely and commit acts that are offencive to most in order to make a point or to express disfavor. As long as these act’s do not promote or cause an infringement on anothers rights the action is protected.

    You can burn a flag which is offencive to most Americans, you can burn a book no matter what the book is promoting. If it is Bible you can burn it, if it is the Koran you cna burn it if it is the Quran you can burn it.

    To suggest that by comiting these acts you are inciting or promoting vio9lence is absurd as the act does not compel another to violate anothers rights.

    One could set up a website called Burn the Quron and than everyday submit a video of an abuse of the book, he could take the pages and wipe his butt with them, he could fee the book to Pigs and Dogs, he could do the same to the Bible.

    In this country we have seen Christ in urine as art and it compelled people to protest with words not acts of violence which is wrong.

    The courts would have no problem telling anyone they have the right to take the Quran and dip it in Dog feces and than burn it and than take the ashes and scatter than over a Pig pen.

    Freedom of speech is as absolute as freedom of worship and like building the Muslim learning center near ground Zero is offencive to some it is a right as is the right to burn a book any book no matter how “sacred” it is to some group or individual.


    • you are correct. This freedom is given to us by God, if God wanted to
      protect the Quran or Bible from burning then he would have. But in this
      universe and with it’s laws of physics you can match a light to any book
      and it will burn and God will not change it because it’s a freedom that he
      has given to us.

      Question is, should we be so barberic and so low to show our anger by
      burning a book? be it Bible or the Quran? Does this show our civilization
      and our values or are we bringing ourselves as low as those taliban low lives
      in afganestan?

  16. The Islamic republic in Iran burned shipments of Jewish-Christian Bibles back in May-June of 2010, reported in Farsi language government linked web sites back then. . Read the news in the link further below.

    Unfortunately these extremists know what kind of pain they inflict and that is exactly why they do it. They are in the business of humiliating and destroying people who have different beliefs.

    Destroying the 1500 Buddha Statues in Afghanistan, burning Flags of other countries and etc…. are done for the same reason.

  17. Superior Firepower

    Burning the Quran is not the right thing to do. Today, in commemoration of the unforgivable tragedies of 9/11/2001, I have sacrificed my personal copy of the Quran in a probably unique, and very satisfying manner: I have torn out pages of the Quran and distributed them to (so far) dozens of people, with the instructions to read their page in privacy, and then wipe their butt with it. So far, not one of my acquaintance has declined the invitation. Just getting the Word out!

    • Wow! Creative unique and blatantly blasphemeous! I love it! Allah ak baloney! That would definitely make my day!

  18. Quran 2:136

    Say ye: “We believe in God, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Isma’il, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) Prophets from their Lord: We make no difference between one and another of them: And we bow to God (in Islam).”

    If someone says they are a muslim but do or say in contrary to the above verse, then
    they are not a muslim! very simple.

  19. cmon people, there are worse things to worry about. u want to burn something – burn it. u want to pray to something – pray. u want to kill or blow up something – do it….. What the heck do we care. between all the things going on in the world, is this really the subject we need to be worried about????? What can you do – nothing. How can you impact it – you can’t!!!!! It will play out the way it is intended to play out…. The way God, Allah, Budha and whatever religous entity that I may have missed wants it to play out. All the people in charge of the situations can easily solve everything by simply saying – STOP…. Stop the killing, stop the blowing up, stop condoning hatred – but we all know when that day will come. Don’t We… So until that day – enjoy the news, the hatred, the killing – maiming – destroying – funerals – loss of loved ones, just to be the one to say – I’m right and your wrong. I wish all of you well – live long and proper – heck yeah – i quoted spock – seems like the right thing to do……….

  20. “Jews, Christians and Muslims: All In Heaven, Paradise

    “Our Prophet said he saw in a vision the followers of Moses, the followers of Christ Jesus, and his followers (peace be upon them) in heaven, in Paradise. With that I give you this reading from the Book of all the Muslims which numbers about one billion now, today.”

    “Surely, those who have faith and those who are Jews and the Christians and the Sabians. Whoever believe in God and the Last Day and does good work, for them is a reward with their Lord. There shall be no fear on them nor grief. ” (Qur’an, 2:62)

    Our Prophet Muhammed said, ‘There is no superiority of a black over a white, or a white over a black or a nationalist over another nationalist or an Arab over any other nation. ‘He said the only criteria is con sciousness, regardfulness.”

    “Oh people: Surely We have created you from a male and female and have made you nations and tribes that you may regard each other and recognize each other. Surely with God the most honored one is the most con scious one of his duty to God.” (Qur’an 49:13)”

  21. This is the same issue as the ground zero mosque, just from a different point of view. This pastor has the right to do this, however it is insensitive and provocative. If you support the ground zero mosque then you must support this pastor or you are a hypocrite.

    I personally feel that neither should take place. Love and kindness should take priority over selfish motives. Please appreciate the rights you have as an American and use them to the benefit of the people around you, not for malicious means.

    • Now that is the reasoned approach and sentiment. Both are rights but must be seen in there proper context and those who commit acts that are offencive are subject to scrutiny but not violence or a deprivement of their rights.

  22. Muslims dare not burn bibles???

    Lmao…uh..dude..are you saving your really good lies for your next post?

    Muslims burn bibles all the time. The “Religion of Peace” followers also routinely murder and rape. Those are facts and anyone capable of using Google can find countless examples of atrocities committed by Muslims.

  23. What a bunch of tommyrot. Try visiting an arab country with a Bible under you arm. Try living in an Arab country as a Christian. They are the most intolerate of people who demand we respect their sensitivities. Tough. We have a few jerks and they have free speech too. That’s the way we roll.

  24. In Islam, you could burn Bible and that is jihad according to Muhammad.
    In Christianity, you could burn Qur’an and that is wrong according to Jesus.
    And I witness it as an Indonesian

    • for pd..if u r indoneisian..pastinya lo tau..ngarang banget lo ngomong nya…mudah2 ah kena celaka loe….

  25. The title “Why Muslims Dare Not Burn the Bible in Return” is disingenuous.

    A quick internet search on “Muslims burn Bible” will produce a wealth of hits linking to reports that Muslims have done just that over many years and (in the case of Saudi Arabia) that it is a regular event.
    Further, there are several reports that Muslims WILL “burn the Bible in return”.
    Let me be clear here: I DON’T agree with burning the Koran (or Bible for that matter)and, frankly, I don’t particularly blame those intending a “tit-for-tat” Bible burning either, but to claim that “Muslims Dare Not Burn the Bible” either in return or otherwise is to utter an untruth.

    Also mark this: the “Burn the Koran” event has already garnered world-wide condemnation, Ii has also “provoked” protest, violence, bloodshed and death within the Islamic world.
    When did burning the Bible (which even the US army has done) garner or “provoke” the same in ANY part of the World?

  26. The logic of terror is to kill or threaten one and scare millions to submissiom. This is a psychological weapon used very effectively by islam. There can always be an argument “there are not that many moslem terrorists”. Perhaps, but the number of scared and ready to give up any response goes into millions.

    How can I read the following verse from koran “”Strike terror into God’s enemies, and your enemies” (Koran 8.60).” and still believe that terrorists are just criminals who do not know islam? “Not in the name of islam” etc. Please, help me out!!!!

    • I can do that too! You know take things out of context. Check this; the verse right after it:
      [8:61] “If they resort to peace, so shall you, and put your trust in GOD. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.”
      O ya SCARY
      My turn:
      “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

      By the way it’s from
      Yes the Bible that REAL Muslims can’t hurt because it also was once the word of God.

      Come on guys please relax and learn about Islam, not terrorism.

      • Metaphorical. Example of Christ or disciples using the sword? Oh yeah, Peter. And Jesus rebuked him, and healed the victim.

  27. no he is not, Buddhism or Hinduism is actuallya local cult. It may not seem so since it ranges over such a wide region (comprising india and china and others) but both are born of indian myth and spread from india basically.

    • *Actually a
      sorry 4 the typo

      • Get an Imam to say these 2 things and I will say he is fit to preach here in the USA.

        1. The ground zero Holy center could be moved but we choose not to as it a right we have to worship where we choose.

        2. I am deeply offended by someons choice to burn our Holy book the Quran but I do not wish them ill will and will pray for thier souls

        The act is not worth of violent retribution by any Muslim.

        Get an Imam to say the latter and I will eat a Quran!

        • Uh, start eating. Glad to know that you are the sole judge of fitness of anyone. It is not AT ground zero, it is 2 blocks away. How far away do YOU think is required to NOT be ground zero? 1 – He has pretty much said just that, having the right and need to worship and promote intercultural awareness and cooperation. 2 – Not sure if he has specifically said he will pray for the idiot, why should he? But he has certainly NOT called for any violence. Given how many other idiots want to see a church in Saudi Arabia before allowing a mosque in that site, that hardly qualifies as a citizen of the US let alone “fit” for anything.

    • And Abrahamic religion is not “local”?

      Abrahamic religion is the original intolerant religion. Every religion before respected each others god(s). All Abrahamic religion actively deny and burn/destroy other religions whenever they encounter them.

      • Oh please, so you’re a ancient scholar of religion that happens to have checked with every prior religion to make sure they weren’t fighting. You sir are an idiot. Don’t make statements that have absolutely zero basis.

      • Please don’t tell me you are preferring the baby-killing pagan religions of the ancient world (and still in some parts of our world today!) to the “Abrahamic” religions we are so familiar with?!

      • Just in case you are ever threatened with kidnapping by an Islamic terrorist be certain to have a pocket Quran at the ready so u can say.. back off or the book gets it…Have a Zippo with a big flame ready as well.

    • I dont know if this makes me a racist or a religous bigot but…its the black Muslims i dont trust.

      And the Woman wearing those wraps…it makes tham look seedy and devious.

    • As a self professed Christian and probably not the best one at that I belive strongly that my religion is the correct one and that Jesua is the savior and only through him we receive salvation.

      In fact I am too believe and do that he is the only way that one must belive in him and his death and resurection to be saved, the Quran may recognize Jesus but as the Jews it is not as the Son of God.

      The Jews have another covenant with God so they need not believe in Christ if they can live a life free of sin, as I see it.

      I wish them the best that is a daunting task.

      Even with my convictions I would not for a second consider bringing violence to someone who feels different and even disrespects my religous beliefs.

      The Muslim belief seems to feel different and is arrogant and intolerant by doing so.

      I can consider Islam a false religion in the aspect it does not lead to salvation and eternal life.

      Yet I would not be so bold and arrogant to bring an act of vengence or violence upon them.

      I have little or no reverence for the Muslim religion, that is my right as others can and do feel the same about Christians, we survive and go on we do not decree death sentences nor do we sanction execution for homosexuality or other sins of man even tho we do not condone it or promote it.

      Islam may have its shared views with Christianity but they are not compatible.

      • BONJOUR


        • Acts 17:31: “For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to all men by raising him from the dead.”

          That’s Jesus, whose death and resurrection Islam denies.

          John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

          That’s why I believe Islam is false, because it preaches another way, another truth, and does not ask Jesus for life.

    • So what? Judaism, Islam and Christianity all were born in the much tinier region of Palestine, so they’re ‘local cults’ as well!! The only reason any of them spread over a relatively large area is they were part of the Roman Empire so they had the freedom and ability to move around in the area… Buddhism had no such help, (the Amrecias don’t count, they’re christianised, have muslims etc… only because of their invasion of America by European powers.

  28. Talk about perpetuating stereotypes. Your description of Buddhism and Hinduism illustrates your ignorance. Moreover, you neglected to mention that an American flag(also considered a sacred symbol to many Americans) was also burned in effigy. If you are going to voice a journalistic opinion and criticize others’ narrow-mindedness, perhaps you should examine your own words and thoughts first.

  29. Westerners should know that Islam is not some local cult like Buddhism or Hinduism which i personally respect.

    Would the learned author like to comment, what makes him think of Buddhism or Hinduism as local cults !!

  30. Dr Ezzat I am strongly against the burning of the Qu’ran, but I think you need to check your facts about the Muslim world respecting Christian Holy property. Recently a Palestinian Arab Christian was shot and killed, because he runs a Christian bookshop in Gaza, the shop was destroyed burning hundreds of Bibles and other Christian Liturature. Christians are being intimidated,tortured imprisoned, raped and murdered in Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt, Palestine, Iran,Iraq Afghanistan Uzbekistan Chechnya,Dagestan,et al. Churches are being closed, or destroyed, permission to build churches are being denied; if a Muslim dares to convert to Christianity, he or she risk all the above.

    If anyone dares to ‘defame’ the prophet or insult Islam, Muslims throughout the world are literally ‘up in arms; with riots causing damage to Christian property and Christians being violated. pastor Jones is a misguided fanatic and needs to re-read his Bible. But if all the Islamic reaction to other religions being practised in there country was to burn Bibles, then the world would be a lot less antagonistic towards Islam!

    Muslims come to the democratic West, for work and the comparatively tolerant freedoms we espouse.Yet I know of no Islamic State that give equal freedoms to any non Muslim. In fact even Suni majorities kill their Shia brothers and visa versa!
    The double standards of Muslim cries of intolerance and prejudice is dishonest and dishonouring to your own scriptures.

    The west has lost much of its Christian heritage, erroded by atheism and humanism, its moral backbone is breaking under the strain of self centred greed and pleasure.
    Radical Islamists take advantage of our weaknesses, And exploit our fear of terrorism and the withholding of its oil.

    If you don’t accept my comments, have a look on the internet, there are thousands of sites that will show you the terrible persecution Christians and other non Muslims are suffering in the Islamic world.

    Islam is a warrior religion, that’s the way it started and it has never ceased being at war with the infidel. Sharia law demands total obedience to the Koran and Islamic principles. But I expect you know this already!

    • I am a muslim. Yes, and i have nothing against christians neither do most of other muslims. There has been losses on both side (christians and muslims) and i frankly think its time we try to understand each other and recognise ourselves as distant cousins if not brothers.
      No Islam is not a warrior religion, i am no warrior and islam is not intended to be for warriors. It just was that the in the time of its revelation arabs were violent pagans and it would have been rather useless talking to them seeing they tried their hardest to end the life of the Prophet (pbuh).
      “Sharia law demands total obedience to the Koran and Islamic principles” you say but what is islam. Islam is an arabic word which translates to “Surrender to the will of allah” and as such the shariah laws ask the citizens(muslims) to follow the Koran as it is believed to be the word of Allah.

      My hand grows weary to write all this and all i want to say is that ” an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

      • “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”… am I reading this correctly? I suggest you refer to this link (or better yet just Google “Muslims burn the Bible”)

        Additionally, there were death threats for someone who drew a cartoon of Muhammad, not to mention the 9/11 attacks (which cannot be denied were carried out by Muslims). Your comment is nothing short of a disgusting display of hypocrisy. I am sure you will blame this on the “extremists”… but you seem to act as if this Reverend represents the whole of Christianity. Have you heard the old phrase – “if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black”.

        If you wouldn’t mind, please explain how sharia law is not an outdated, bigotry induced practice (and for the sake of all, please don’t skirt the question as you did previously). As an example, an Iranian woman received 99 lashes for someone portraying her (wasn’t actually her) without being veiled. Additionally, she is to be stoned to death because she (supposedly) committed adultery. I say supposedly because her husband was dead. Once again, I don’t care what Islam means… I would like for you to answer the simple question presented about sharia law. But I suppose you’re right, sharia law and all of Islam should be respected, yet Muslims can burn the Bible, break crosses, and stone women to death because they aren’t equal to you. Kettle meet pot, pot meet kettle.

        And just so no one thinks I’m the one calling the kettle black, I am a true believer that the USA was founded on the basis of freedom of religion. You have every right to believe in God or not to believe in God. You can practice Protestantism, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other example of religion (even no religion). However, Sharia Law is a complete contradiction of the Constitution. I suggest you get around to reading that document at some point.

        • you are a complete idiot

          ARE YOU RETARDED, CAN YOU EXPLAIN HOW MUSLIMS DID THE 9/11 attacks, where is the proof?






      • As a Muslim in the US what would you do to me if I burned the Quran and fed the ashes to a stray dog…Mixed with some good pet food of course..

        No Animals were harmed in this figment of ones imagination.

      • >Islam is an arabic word which translates to “Surrender to the will of allah”

        Unfortunately when I look at plight of Nigerian or Sudani Christians, this “surrender” is forced upon them with terror!

      • Another good quote is “We are birds of the same nest. Wearing different skins, speaking different languages, believing in different religions, and belonging to different cultures – yet we share the same home, our earth. Born on the same planet, covered by the same skies, gazing at the same stars, breathing the same air, we must learn to progress happily together or miserably perish together. For humans can live individually but can survive only collectively.”_ from Atharva Veda I wish we could all just accept that.

    • “intimidated,tortured imprisoned, raped and murdered in Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia ….”
      Indonesia..did something on that you said? no you’re really wrong…even I wish so :p

  31. Westerners should know that Islam is not some local cult like Buddhism or Hinduism which i personally respect

    Would the learned author like to clarify how he arrives at the conclusion that Buddhism and Hinduism are local cults ?

    In the same sentence He says, which I personally respect ?

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