By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

President Ahmadinejad of Iran has asked for a UN investigation of 9/11.  For this, he has been branded a “wingnut” and “evildoer” by the American press. 

However, the 9/11 Commission itself asked for a criminal investigation, saying it uncovered a conspiracy and was prevented from getting the truth.  They were quickly silenced. 

9 years later, top scientists from around the world, supported by engineers, architects, military and intelligence officials agree on one thing.  What thing is that?  We will never know. 

Reporting that “one thing” would be the last thing any member of the press would ever do.  A day later, they would become unpaid bloggers and have their name on the “no fly” list.  Do things like this happen?  How long did CNN’s Rick Sanchez last after pointing out that Jon Stewart’s fanatic pro-Israel bias is a form of “bigotry?”

Let’s take a second to look at Ahmadinejad.  Nearly daily stories hit newspapers around the world, “Iran is 15 minutes from being a nuclear power.”  Ahmadinejad threatens to “wipe Israel off the map.”  “Ahmadinejad supports a new holocaust.”

The press, of course, continually reviles Ahmadinejad as a terrorist and mass murderer.  What he isn’t, however, is a liar.  Every time it comes down to checking on who is telling the truth, Ahmadinejad or the press, it turns out Ahmadinejad is telling the truth.  How can this be possible?

Well, a couple of things come into play.  First of all, the press purposefully distorts what is said.  The press lies, lies consistently.  There is no nuclear program in Iran, not a weapons program.  There is no credible information that varies from this fact, yet the press continually takes a line here and a statement there, out of context, and tries to build a case for war.  Why is the press doing this?  The answer is simply, Israelis control the American press and want the United States to destroy Iran, not because it is a military threat.  It is technically impossible for Iran to attack Israel, every military expert in the world knows that and all have said it.

That will never be reported either.

Why is Ahmadinejad reviled with such venom?  The answer is simple.  He is being made an example.  Anyone who speaks up, disagrees with reality as defined by the media, not any government, mind you, but the media that tells those in every government what they can and can’t say or think, risks destruction.  There is a clear methodology here.  Let’s look at some issues the press doesn’t like very much, starting with our favorite, the villain of all time, Mr. Adolf Hitler.

Hitler got his start, speaking up much like Ahmadinejad.  After World War I, the Treaty of Versailles opened up Germany for abuse by financial criminals.  However, it even started before that.  Germany tried to quit the war in 1916 when it was winning.  Britain and France refused, not on their own, but because the Rothschilds cut financial deals with them and promised to bring the United States into the war.  5 million more Europeans died along with nearly 200,000 Americans.

The Rothschilds got the Balfour Declaration, giving them a base to control Middle East oil, the Suez Canal and India, the things that the wars nearly a century later are being manipulated to bring about.

Communism took over Russia.  Nearly every communist leader was Jewish and Zionist.  Even today, every Russian “oligarch” is a Jew and Zionist.  Hitler said that “communism’ was the real Jewish religion.  He believes he saved Germany from communism when he was elected chancellor.  The country he took over had been economically destroyed through currency manipulation.  A loaf of bread cost billions of Marks at one point.  The currency was devalued by the Rothschilds supported by France and Britain, by force.  Cash smuggled out of the country by the ton and reimbursed at full value, at gunpoint, stripping Germany clean, starvation, humiliation and, eventually, that nasty “right wing” government the world had so much trouble with, the Third Reich.

During the 1920s, when the French and British, really the Rothschilds, were destroying Germany, 80% of the property was foreclosed on and bought by, well, do we say it?  Jews?  Bought for pennies.  This is the “billions” in property the Nazi’s seized.  Not a simple story when you get to hear all of it.  An excuse, Auschwitz, Gaza, are there excuses for inhumanity?

This is all true.  This is history.  This will never be reported.  Not only will this be kept secret but the fact that the Zionist groups that wanted Palestine settled by Jews supported Hitler and worked closely with him, not just in 1927 but as late as 1945.  This is also historical fact, not conjecture.

So, lets go back to Ahmadinejad.  Why would he have a “Holocaust Conference” in Tehran?  Serious students of history that don’t have to live off a university paycheck, telling the same myths and lies term after term all know what Ahmadinejad knows.  They also know that there are some nasty secrets about the holocaust.  The real reason, however, is to anger Israel.  Why?  Israel pretty much hates everyone, is arrogant, obnoxious and predatory.

Since Israel controls, not only the press but the world banking system, all major banks being “children” of the original Rothschilds banks, including and especially the Federal Reserve which controls the American economy, the idea that Israel may have “fictionalized” the holocaust in collusion with Josef Stalin of Russia, a mass murderer well beyond anything Hitler ever imagined, interested Ahmadinejad.  Ahmadinejad never said there wasn’t a holocaust.  He simply asked for an honest and accurate historical assessment of the facts.

Israel went into a total panic.  Israel was hiding a terrible secret about the holocaust.  They still are.  We don’t know what it is, I won’t even hazard a guess.  We do know that millions were spent, tens of millions in bribe money to have laws passed suppressing any study of the holocaust.  In 11 western nations, questioning the Israeli version, one that changes hourly it seems, is a crime.

So, what was Ahmadinejad’s game?  He was simply telling Israel that “he knew.”  Knew “what?”  We don’t know and may never find out but it is something horribly discrediting to Israel, so threatening that they would stage a nuclear attack to keep it secret.  We all agree there were camps.  We all agree the Nazis were bad.  What could it be?  It is something that Iran uses to blackmail Israel, that and the fact that China, a major military power, a massive nuclear power, quietly stands behind Iran.  Nobody is supposed to know it.  We all know it.


Let’s broaden things a bit.  How do you tell if a Christian is a total phony or not?  There is a standard question:

“Who was Mary Magdalene?

If the answer you get uses the word “whore,” you know you are dealing with someone whose religious education came from urban legends and comic books.  If you are told she was an associate of Jesus cured of “demons” you have a student of the canon gospels.  If you get a complex story of priest schools, a possible marriage of Jesus and Magdalene, Magdalene’s own gospel, her sainthood and death in France, you may have a religious scholar on your hands.

Yet today, you can turn on your radio and hear dozens if not hundreds of radio stations, all blaring the same tune, “nuclear Armageddon…Obama the Muslim….Ground Zero Mosque…….family values….and how Magdalene was the “whore of Babylon.”

The experts are all the same.  Their name starts with Doctor.”  They have a degree in “Divinity Studies” from a college that can’t be found on a satellite survey.  What their 8 years of religious education and decades of bible study, some claim over 12 hours a day, they continue to harp on about Magdalene and her sins.  Where did they get their ideas?  From a Mel Gibson movie perhaps?  Perhaps we could refer to the King James Version of the Bible as a reference:

Mt 27:56 Among which was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joses, and the mother of Zebedee’s children.
Mt 27:61 And there was Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary, sitting over against the sepulchre.
Mt 28:1 In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.
Mr 15:40 There were also women looking on afar off: among whom was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the less and of Joses, and Salome;
Mr 15:47 And Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses beheld where he was laid.
Mr 16:1 And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint him.
Mr 16:9 Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seven devils.
Lu 8:2 And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils,
Lu 24:10 It was Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary the mother of James, and other women that were with them, which told these things unto the apostles.
Joh 19:25 Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene.
Joh 20:1 The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre.
Joh 20:18 Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord, and that he had spoken these things unto her.

This is every biblical reference to Mary Magdalene, quoting the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  What do we prove?  Do we prove that the religious education of most Americans is based on Hollywood films?  Dozens of films have depicted Mary Magdalene as a whore.  Why would the film industry do this?  Who runs the film industry?  If I answer my own question, will I lose my job?

vimeo - Veterans Today -

This week, dozens of stories of 9 year old brides in Yemen hit the papers.  In fact, stories of the sexual abuses of Islam fill the papers in Western Europe and America.  Sex sells papers and there is nothing that the same ethnic group that owns both Hollywood and America’s newspapers loves more than sex and that’s money.  Are we being unfair, perhaps even bigoted?  Yes, perhaps we might be with some exceptions.  One of these is that the other group constantly attacked is Christians.  Hardly a day goes by without the poor old German pope’s photo next to a headline describing child rape.

Do we see those same headlines in the same papers as stories about Israeli organ theft rings?  Oh, you mean you don’t know that Israel has a huge industry tied to the theft and trade of human organs?  Perhaps you might think this was an urban legend, you might think that, had you ever seen it reported.

Has anyone ever seen a news story about Jewish law and how it applies to pedophiles?  Nothing?  Curious.  One of the few to speak up is Reverend Ted Pike.  Here is some of what he has to say:

This year, top Israeli Rabbi Moti Elon was indicted by police for sex crimes against minors. “Far from being the rabbi of an obscure Hasidic sect, the charismatic Elon is a high-profile leader, educator and media personality, representing the more mainstream religious Zionists and former head of the renowned HaKotel (Western Wall) Yeshiva. He comes from a family of high achievers in law, politics and academia that has drawn comparisons with the Kennedy clan.”

In 2006, Elon was restricted by an organization of rabbis in his contact with students, after confessing to sexual relationships with male students. Yet he continued to act as the president of a Talmudic academy in Jerusalem and did not fully honor the agreement. One Ha’aretz commentary says Elon “managed to turn himself into almost a kind of saint” –a fate certainly to be envied by American religious figures turned pedophiles.

Dr. Aviad Hacohen, dean of the Sha’arei Mishpat College, in 2007 reported that “95% of sexual offenses in Jerusalem were performed by the religious and haredi.” “Several years ago, I began looking into the issue on a data-based level,” said Hacohen. “It turned out that the law enforcement authorities, both the police and the prosecutor’s office, were aware of the data but refused to expose it based on sectorial affiliation in order to avoid branding a certain group in the population…”

Since the following article was written in 2006, cases of Jewish leadership figures in Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Judaism being involved in homosexuality or pedophilia scandals continue to mount not only in Israel, but in New York, where Ultra-Orthodox are strongest. The reason is simple: some of the very greatest rabbis who wrote the Talmud were pedophiles.

So, after a busy day reading the news, 9 year old brides in Yemen, women being stoned in Iran or the unending perfidies of the Catholic Church with its list of priest rape victims at 2 million and counting, reported much as though it were a sign counting “burgers sold” at a fast food restaurant, I find nothing in the “news” about such problems in the Jewish community, even though, as we read above, the scandals are real, pervasive and very noteworthy.  I would think the arrest of Israel’s top Rabbi for sex crimes would be reported.

It wasn’t.

We are told daily, nearly hourly, the the Koran supports sex crimes and is unique among religious works for its “impurity.”  News networks in America actually encourage Koran burning, networks owned by Israeli’s we admit, but American in some ways, at least some of the personnel are American citizens, still, at least.  So, is there a problem in the Talmud that is being covered up, a problem that has driven the media to continually attack Islam while failing to look closer to home?  Let’s take a look:

R. Joseph said: Come and hear! A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. (Sanh. 55b)

A girl who is three years of age and one day may be betrothed by cohabitation. . . .(Yeb. 57b)

A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabited with her she becomes his. (Sanh. 69a, 69b, also discussed in Yeb. 60b)

It was taught: R. Simeon b. Yohai stated: A proselyte who is under the age of three years and one day is permitted to marry a priest, for it is said, But all the women children that have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves, and Phineas (who was priest, the footnote says) surely was with them. (Yeb. 60b)

[The Talmud says such three year and a day old girls are] . . . fit for cohabitation. . . But all women children, that have not known man by lying with him, it must be concluded that Scripture speaks of one who is fit for cohabitation. (Footnote to Yeb. 60b)

Where, in our news, do we read that a 9 year old girl would be considered an “old maid” in the Talmud?  Have we proven bias and bigotry?  When is the last time Jon Stewart talked about sex with three year olds?  His audience would love hearing about it and I am sure he has some good “one liners” he could use.  Can you see his smirk as he describes the physiological aspects alone?  You are saying it would be in bad taste, something he would never do.  Have you really seen his show?

Let’s imagine Jon Stewart, “How about those rabbi’s, can’t you just picture it?  A 3 year old?  Like King Kong with a yamaka putting a move on Barbie.”

How about Howard Stern?  He has hour after hour attacking the sexual ills of Islam.  Can you imagine how popular he will be when he starts pulling in callers screaming about the Talmud and sex with three year olds or the sex crimes of the rabbis, even higher by percentage than priests.

Imagine where Howard Stern would go with this.  I’d rather not.  “What did the rabbi say to the kindergartener?”

Is an Islamophobe a bigot?  Is a Jew who rants about the sins of sex and Islam not only a bigot but a hypocrite as well?  Am I going to be fired for saying this?

It isn’t just that members of the press, our congress and 95% of our military are corrupt, moderate to severe, along with being functionally delusional.  They believe everyone else is even dumber.  When 300 billion goes missing in Iraq, they don’t think we know who got it and that they all got a piece of the action?  How could this much money disappear, news stories covering it, GAO accounting docs proving it but nobody notices that there are no hearings, no grand jury, no indictments.

The new rule in Washington, “if you steal it, you keep it.”

Years ago, congress was attacked for passing the Patriot Acts, laws filled with unconstitutional provisions, some already overturned even by our Hitleresque Supreme Court.  Here we sit, a new broom in the White House, freedoms restored, or are they?  Government police from unspecified agencies whose powers and mandates are clearly outside the scope of any law, can arrest and detain anyone and do, not only disregarding color, race or ethnicity but guilt or innocence also.  Anyone can be arrested, detained, shipped anywhere in the world, tortured, raped, murdered.  It is done every day.

Ask the press.  You say they don’t care?

Remember when we learned that Stan McChrystal and Dick Cheney were running death squads under something called the JSOC?  Now, years later, we find that our death squads are still out there, some official, some simply making it up as they go along.  If you want to throw a hand grenade under a school bus, go ahead.  If you want to open fire on civilians from your helicopter, simply mouth a few military sounding phrases, hit the button and sent a few hundred pounds of depleted uranium into a residential neighborhood.

Then again, you can fly into Pakistan and kill a few of their troops at a border checkpoint like was done last week, seemingly on a whim. Who needs Pakistan anyway?  Isn’t Peru still with us, part of the remains of the old Bush/Cheney coalition of the willing, the blackmailed, the bought and paid for?

Now no more gasoline for trucking the opium crop to the heroin processing facilities south of Kandahar or to the airfields in Balochistan for shipment to Western Europe or North America.  Ask the press about this?  Oh, you are saying they know, have written stories about this but were told they won’t be “embedded” anymore unless they tone down the “self righteousness.”

Remember the torture controversy?  How about this one, did you know that 95% of the “terrorists” arrested during the Bush administration were found “innocent?” How about Pat Tillman, the former football player who joined the Army but became disenchanted with what he was seeing in Afghanistan.  The press said nothing when he died a “war hero.”  Then he suddenly became a victim of an innocent and childish accident, not at all dissimilar to the accidents the Kennedy brothers suffered back in the 1960s.

The press is still buying the “accident’ story even though the closely grouped head shots that killed Tillman were a “one in 10 billion” accident.

Before the Army is done, Tillman will have shot himself in the head 4 times and then, as usual, disposed of the weapon.  You don’t want to know how many accidents like this the Army has.  You don’t have to worry, you’ll never find out about it anyway.

The press is still falling all over themselves for eventually figuring out that Tillman wasn’t killed by the Taliban.  All they had to do was read the coroners report, you know the one, it said “murder” on it.

What is the news?  Anymore, we might as well get press releases sent directly to our I-Phones and cut out the jokers in the middle.  Can you imagine, millions of Americans have Islam explained to them by a former Mossad public relations officer named Wolf Blitzer. (Jerusalem Press/CNN)

I wouldn’t trust Blitzer doing a weather report, certainly not sports scores.

Remember a week ago, Benjamin Netanyahu, former furniture salesman now running Israel, the “American hating” extremist, demanded that we release spy Jonathan Pollard?

Remember that Congressman Barney Frank immediately ran to his side?

The press reports that Pollard was jailed for life because he “gave Israel information on PLO locations, information America failed to share.”

Not one word of this is true.  OK, one word, there is a person named Jonathan Pollard.  Thus far, this is the only thing the press reported properly.

Pollard never gave anyone anything, he sold it.  Nothing went TO Israel, Pollard and the State of Israel were spying FOR the Soviet Union AGAINST the United States.

The information was:  (this has been confirmed)

  • The identities of all CIA agents and the full NOC list, agents of “non official cover” (A movie was made about this, Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible)
  • Full NATO defense plans in case of Soviet Attack
  • Full information including strategic vulnerability assessments on what would be needed to defeat the United States in a nuclear war
  • Design specifics on all American nuclear weapons and delivery systems
  • America’s military and diplomatic codes

This information was sold by Pollard to controllers in Israel who then sold it to the Soviet Union.  We have learned that because of this information a couple of things happened:

  • The Soviet Union came close to a nuclear “first strike” on the United States
  • Over 100 CIA agents were executed after extensive torture
  • Over 1500 “intelligence assets” were rounded up, tortured and interrogated, then killed behind the Iron Curtain
  • America lost all ability to use intelligence to defend itself from the Soviet Union
  • America’s strategic capabilities were diminished by over 50%, with many ‘capabilities’ totally unviable
  • 15 years of weapons research was lost
  • Several weapons systems were totally compromised including our stealth aircraft and nuclear submarines

However, when Barney Frank and his furniture salesman buddy, the one who continually brags about how stupid Americans are and how he can get them to do anything he wants, publicly demanded this monster, Pollard, be set free, the press was silent.  The furniture salesman was right, about the press anyway, he can get them to do anything he wants.

Netanyahu wasn’t serious about Pollard, he simply brings it up, from time to time, when he has a need to humiliate the United States, reminding them how naive and gullible they are as a people and how corrupt their military and government are.

There are no worries about the press.  In fact, even though military and intelligence sources have leaked, for years, how serious the Pollard disaster really was for America, the press loves telling the same old Israeli yarn, the poor country of holocaust victims trying to protect themselves from uncaring America, their “bestest friend” and ally that they have to keep on a “short leash.”

Can we think of something else the press has overlooked?  Back in 2007, the American economy imploded.  Prior to that, America ran up trillions of dollars of secret debt.  We call it secret because no news ever reported it or its consequences.  Debt is the clearest indicator of economic health.  The levels of debt during the Bush years, a president who took office with a budget surplus, reached beyond epidemic proportions yet nothing was ever reported, not in such a way as to make the public aware the nation was going bankrupt.

In 2007, America hit full default, totally broke, dead, gone, bankrupt.  Savings disappeared, retirement systems collapsed, markets plummeted and “blue chip” stocks became worthless.  How did the news respond?  They claimed that a small non-profit called ACORN, a group that worked registering voters, had caused the collapse.  Proving this, we were told, a Republican party operative trained at an Israeli intelligence school, had “debunked” the entire crisis.

ACORN did it.  According to America’s right wing, fronting for the pan-Israeli banking cartel, a few dozen $30,000 dollar home loans managed to run up $3,000,000,000,000 in debt.  Maybe it was extra fees or ‘handling charges?’

Then we learned that none of this happened and that trillions of dollars were stolen by a series of “banks” tied to the Rothschilds, run by Israeli Americans and long involved in massive criminal fraud in full collusion with the Bush administration, coordinating wars, defense fraud, bilking the economy and suspending constitutional rights, in a concerted effort, Bush, Cheney, Israel, the Rothschilds and their creature, the Federal Reserve System, permanently sinking America in a “Pearl Harbor” that made 9/11 tame in comparison.

So, where are these people, the “coalition of corruption,” the “banksters” and the corrupt politicians?  How many are in jail?  Thousands?  Bernie Madoff only?

What did the American press have to say?  Anything?  A story here, one there.

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  1. OMFG says:
    October 4, 2010 at 5:46 am

    >I have seen excerpts of the Nazi reports which mention the great success at the camps for making munitions.

    Did it occur to you that enslavement is a crime against humanity?

    Oh, really? Then the Jewish Communists who ran the Soviet Union are guilty of far greater “crimes against humanity” in numbers that dwarf anything that can be blamed on the Germans with their far more numerous and brutal gulags in Siberia.

  2. And the Truth shall set you free…

    Gordon, your writing is like water running clear, and it tastes, at moments, like fine wine.

    If we could turn this one over we could change the world forever.

    We just have to know what to do, and before that we have to know what is going on.

    Godspeed, Gordon, friends,


  3. great article!

    many of us have lost family members in the bankers wars against humanity. if you had a family member who died in a gulag or POW camp, and later found out he escaped and got to live out his life, you would be overjoyed, right? of course you would. so if a revisionist historian brings down the so called holocaust death estimates, the proper human reaction is joy.

    • Yes joy…but also anger and resentment at having been deceived and manipulated in the first place.

    • Now, here is a person with the right attitude!

      THE BANKSTER WARS AGAINST HUMANITY! You got that right, brother.

      Thanks for posting, eddy!

    • Eddy, That is an excellent analogy you make. Why shouldn’t the news of a lesser casualty figure be something to verify and hopefully celebrate as true? They are so brainwashed to do the tighten up at any suggestion of further inquiry into the holocaust details, but it’s because any challenge posed to them, however non-aggressive in tone, is perceived as an action against them. It’s their indoctrination that a rejection of their group beliefs, religious or otherwise, can only be explained by bigotry.

      • Eternal victimhood is the bread & butter of modern Jewry.

      • Because the six million figure is a symbolic figure upon which the Zionist state of Israel is founded (with no factual basis in reality). They in fact, claimed this number of losses during WWI but later retracted.



    FORMER MOSSAD PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER????? Did you say he was a “FORMER” mossad public relations officer?
    Do you agree with David Duke that he is an outrageous Jewish Supremacist?


    • CNN stockholders should sue Blitzer for serving another employer (mossad) in preference to his ostensible duties of serving the CNN corporation! Wolf? do you still work for mossad?






  6. The entire dynamic w/ regards to Zionism and Jews being the problem in the financial crisis-Depression reminds me of how the Nazi´s placed blame on the Jews during the 3rd Reich. Today´s Germany is a repeat of that era, albeit a more subtle, more disguised re-play of Hitlers time. The facts are; the ECB created the Euro-currency-which has resulted in a Financial Crisis, which then brought IMF austeity to the periphery of Europe (PIGS) The German Hegemon or Empire of today, following it´s resurrection (Reunification) its´reconquering of lost territories following it´s total destruction and surrender to the British, Americans in 1945, has never given in to complete surrender. It maintains an iron-fisted grip upon the non-aryians of southern and eastern Europe. It exports horrible weapons globally, mainly to destabilize Africa, Middle East. It has tens of thousands of soldiers stationed overseas, it wages war against Afghanistan. It demands radical social cuts, Pension cuts from Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece…the list is long, for it´s Banker class. (FDP) It wages war against persons like myself of non German origin, discriminates, attacks, deports and kills non-german peoples from all over the world. It denies the Holocaust ever occured. Germans are presently fighting an internal struggle against a highly organized, very well financed Neo Fasists or Neo-Nazi political movement which encompasses the majority of the ruling German political, financial and economic classes. Germany has effectively waged a war against it´s own working class since 1990, but also against Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. It´s not a military campaign,but rather a decades long secret financial, economic war. It infiltrated with Nazi leaders (Operation Paperclip) the CIA. It manipulated and deceived the US government, as the only intelligence agency in the Soviet Union during the cold war, with false intelligence reports (SS Gehlen) from a reactivated group of Nazi war criminals. This is a totalitarian state today as it was then. Think Patriot Law, Anti-Terror Laws and total surveillance. Todaý Germans are fanatical flag-waving Aryians, (self-described) egaged in a internal war of aggression against a minority of citizens from all over the world. They ardently believe in the Master Race, are eugenicists, and virulent rassists. Gordon Duff is a Nazi Symathizer. A Jew basher, a seriously deluded old man.




    • “Pissing off assholes like you is why we exist.”
      -G Duff

    • Dear Opposite;

      “Germany Must Perish”
      by Theodore N. Kaufman
      Newark, N.J., Argyle press
      Copyright 1941
      Library of Congress Call No.: DD222.K3

      A call for genocide upon the German people. Ever hear of this book? Anyone?

    • “The entire dynamic w/ regards to Zionism and Jews being the problem in the financial crisis-Depression reminds me of how the Nazi´s placed blame on the Jews during the 3rd Reich.”

      Rightly so.

      “Gordon Duff is a Nazi Symathizer.”

      Sig heil! Sig heil! Sig heil! :-D

      • John,
        Most of us here in Ohio are Nazis. Oddly, I am an exception. I don’t do politics. Republicans are Nazis and Democrats are Socialists or Communists. All are Zionists.

  7. Any country that turn away from God is ruled by the ASHKENAZY JEWS,wake up Amerika.

  8. Who ever said Jesus might not be a real person have to think twice. I urge you to research on Ron Wyatt finding of the Ark of the Covenant. Many people died trying to come close to the Ark of the Covenant. There is a cover up story that Israeli sent six Leviticus priest to move the Ark of the Covenant. The six priest died and Israeli ask Wyatt to help move the body.

    There is a con and pro for Ron Wyatt on the internet. But I believed that God chose Ron Wyatt to find the Ark of the Covenant, Jonathan Gray did a video on Ron Wyatt and his finding.

    Ron Wyatt finding is connected to the real Jesus.

  9. Congratulations, Gordon, for another factual-high content article/analysis spanning from history to political matters and early biblical contexte related events about Jesus’n who might have been the Apostles. The dire situation, we are facing today, as I see it, is twofold: 1)FINANCIAL-MONETARY(Control of the Monetary-Financial policy in the wrong hands);2) Political(Gov.’n ALL sensitive INSTITUTIONS-AGENCIES are run by Agents-footsoldiers responding 2 a foreign power w. ties 2 the money owners/handlers

  10. Hey! Speakng of things the media will not cover:

    Pentagon declined investigate child-porn purchases by employees.

    Read it. States US cannot afford the investigation, trials ect.
    Whadda Bunch Of Bullshit!

    Who the Hell is America protecting? The pedophiles in DC, Pentagon?

    • “Who the Hell is America protecting? The pedophiles in DC, Pentagon?”

      Yes absolutely. Well it’s not America that is protecting them per se, but certain shady men in high places and their operatives. If you really want a shock about just how sick our leaders are, check into the “Franklin Cover Up”.

      The story received some newspaper coverage but there was a TV News Media blackout on the subject. For this reason, most Americans have never heard of it. I don’t know how men like George HW Bush and others can go out in public without being shamed and heckled for being the pervs they are.
      Just ask Cathy O’Brien.

      • Wolf, Yeah, the fact Bush and all of the other high profile participants were given a free pass on that is about as sick as it gets. You’d think embarrassment alone would cause them to slink off into oblivion. And what about the wives of these guys? Do they know, or do they even care?

        • Laura Bush is likely as psychotic as her husband. Having purposely killed a fellow female classmate whilst in her teens over a stolen boyfriend and having gotten away with it due to family connections, I doubt anything would come as a shock to her (save maybe a long overdue indictment and conviction for first degree murder lo these many decades later).

          As for the other first ladies, well Michelle is on the board of the CFR which is the principal architect of all our foreign policy gambits so again, she probably has plenty of corruption of her own to hide.

          Hilary, again as corrupt as the day is long with a roster of backroom shady dealing.

          Mama Bush, matriarch of the Bush dynasty and married to the former head of the CIA whom Christopher Story exposed as a key hub in the ongoing global financial meltdown and one of Obama’s many string pullers. Also not likely to flinch at revelations of criminality in her family. Would likely deny it with all the bluster she possesses.

          Nancy Reagan, just say no.

          Rosalynn Carter, sat in on Cabinet meetings with Jimmy. No clue what she knows, or what he even knows for that matter. Pass another Billy Beer please.

          Betty Ford, Something drove her to pill popping and alcohol. What she might know is the domain of folks like GD.

          Patty Nixon, hubby claimed “I am not a crook”. She probably knows more than she would ever let on.

          Lady Bird. Hubby in bed with Mossad operative, happily selling out Phil Tourney and his shipmates to slaughter. How much did she know? We’ll never know.

          Beyond that I wasn’t even born yet.

          • Penumbra, I don’t doubt that many of these marriages are more like financial mergers or otherwise mutually beneficial arrangements, but as mothers you’d think they’d draw the marital concessions line somewhere before quietly accepting child sex slave rings and kidnap and torture. And what do their now grown children think when they read of the depraved activities of their fathers or grandfathers and their family friends?

          • Yes Miller, I have wondered about that aspect myself. And have you ever noticed how many politicians are photographed flashing the “mano cornuto”? The Bush family in particular, wife and daughter flashing it at the inauguration, etc. This gesture seems to be the NWO salute, a sign of recognition between members and allegiance to…well let’s just say something sinister and unholy.

            “The Associated Press and Reuters called the Bush family hand signs, the ‘Texas Longhorn or ‘Texas UT’ symbol. People still seem to think the signal is solely the ‘hook ‘em horns’ UT symbol. We know this to be true but this doesn’t answer our primary questions:

            1) If the symbol denotes Texas football or UT, why are people like Silvio Berlusconi and Bill Clinton doing it too? They have no links with Texas.

            2) Why is the Bush family so obsessed with the signal, displaying it dozens of times during both the inauguration and the evening ball? A few times maybe we could accept, but why this many? What has Texas sports got do with a national inauguration?

            3) By Bush being an occult member of Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, it certainly shouldn’t be surprising that people would suspect him of praising Satan. Why would any Christian belong to an occult organization?”

          • Wolf, I know what you mean about the Satanic/Longhorn hand signs being flashed all over the place by NWO figures. There’s also some Freemason sign(something where you connect both thumbs and forefingers??) that Merkel and a lot of others make in public. The whole thing reminds me of George Carlin’s line, “It’s one big club and you ain’t in it.” Who knows whether the Bush twins are given the Longhorn story while the men are proudly brought into the secret fold, but you’d think by now someone in one of these iconic families would become estranged and spill the beans. I have heard a lot of the Kaye Griggs tapes by the way, and all I can say is I can’t believe that woman is still with us. It was amazing to hear her expose so many bigwigs by name.

          • “Having purposely killed a fellow female classmate whilst in her teens over a stolen boyfriend and having gotten away with it due to family connections”

            Not according to this account:

            “On the night of November 6, 1963, Laura Welch ran a stop sign, resulting in a fatal car accident that killed her friend in another car.[8][9] The driver of the other car was her close friend and classmate Michael Dutton Douglas. By some accounts, he had been Welch’s boyfriend at one time.[10] ”


          • John,
            I have heard several accounts of this story. The one you are quoting is one of them. Some are detailed…and outline how certain law enforcement officials were rewarded for covering this up. Consider what it would take to have a fatal accident by running a stop sign. In Texas, this will typically give you 10 years in prison if you are older than 14.

        • There is one wife who became a whistle blower but her husband, a Marine Colonel (and trained assassin), was a lower echelon player. None the less, she was privy to mind-blowing information going all the way to the top.

          Her name is Kay Griggs and if you google her, you can read or watch complete interviews that pretty much confirm our worst fears about those in power. We are talking sexual perversion, murder, military hit squads, brainwashing and mind control…all activities sanctioned, participated in and condoned by a group of military and political elite.

          Here’s a brief excerpt:
          “After what I heard all those years and now putting it into perspective after 9/11, I think they are trying to destroy America. Their whole game is all about war, selling weapons and creating a militaristic society. I know first hand from listening to my husband, they will do anything – I mean anything including murder – to get what they want.”

          And they are getting away with it because they own the press, the media, and the pabulum spewing forth from your TV set.

          • Reading up on the Franklin Cover-up was heartbreaking enough for one night. Yes the perversion is systemic, I have known that for a long time and from personal experience in the system but… the mind simply boggles.

  11. That was a brilliant article , I like reading your stuff , it gives me hope.

  12. Gordon-You are keepin’ it too real

    You are on a roll something tremendous

  13. Hmmm…why did he publish your email address?!

    I see you’re using Gmail. Watch this video…

  14. @ Dan: above, you wrote…”evil triumphs in this day and age because the men of our country sit in front of their giant flat-screen TVs, or comment on the Internet, imagining they are doing something meaningful as their country and their children’s futures are transformed into a totalitarian nightmare. Men who do nothing as their children’s futures are mortgaged to the banksters and foreigners are anything but good. In fact, they’re lazy, feckless cowards. And even those who aren’t afraid to go toe to toe with paramilitary goon squads would rather slurp down beer and engage in vicarious manhood watching apes in absurd costumes run around with the pigskin than take to the field themselves as men in the battle to save their country and children’s futures. Why, many of them and their friends even dress up in sports costumes like children right in their own homes and act like naughty boys as the wives prepare the chili and serve the beers to their husbands, perpetual adolescents waiting for men from somewhere to save them.”

    You are exactly right. This is what happens when there is no competent leadership! WE have no competent leadership in this movement. Those uncaring lunkheads are being marched toward the cliffs as we speak…AND NO ONE IS MAKING ANY EFFORT TO STOP THEM!

    There is no competent leadership in this movement…and the scary thing is that the vast majority of people posting here, and elsewhere, don’t seem to care. I find that alarming.

    • Citizens pay for the police, and police work for the leaders. Citizens also pay for the leaders. That’s good leadership.

      Best way to cover the future of children is not have them.

      • Yeah, well, the bad guys pay much better than we do…!

        Common people should not be allowed to have children…they are totally incompetent and corrupt. We should have standards that prospective parents would be required to meet in order to raise children…those that are unable to meet the minimum standards should be barred from raising children, or even being around them. This would vastly reduce the human population burden on the planet while simultaneously improve the quality of our societies and the lives of the individuals themselves.

        The reason why we don’t have even the most basic of standards for parents is because the Banksters reap enormous profits from the actions of incompetent, corrupt offspring of incompetent, corrupt parents!! If only highly trained/qualified parents were allowed to raise children the prison system, amongst many other industries, would no longer be necessary, and the Banksters, and all their crooked fellows, would lose trillions upon trillions in undeserved profits.

        • Actually if we followed only the Common Law mandated by the Constitution rather than the long insinuated Roman Civil Law and Admiralty Law (which should only have rightful jurisdiction over matters on the high seas), we would not have so many railroaded into the prison system in the first place.

          • Yeah, well, who allowed us to veer off course and move away from the Constitution in the first place? Was it incompetent, corrupt people? Yes, it was.

            Democracy + incompetent parenting = Bankster paradise!

            The End.

          • Actually much of the “veering” was more a matter of “steering” (intentionally and with collaborative malice aforethought) by powerful monied interests such that which Norman Dodd in his videos (search You Tube) lays out quite clearly.

            Beyond the “charitable foundations” (nice cover) are the corporate leveraged buyouts which have concentrated media and banking and energy and agriculture and indeed governance under monopolistic dynastic control like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

            All of it, to the astute, seen in its incrementalist mode, never biting off too much in a generation, but steadily – dynastic father to dynastic son – down through the decades, so as to avoid raising alarm.

            Since those who control the money and the means of production ultimately set the economic atmosphere of a nation, it is no great matter to institute the turmoils that drive the attention of the populace away from the big picture to concern for their immediate well being and that of their families.

            With control of the media, the big picture is removed from public consciousness altogether with sensationalist drivel (Mrs Marple in ND fell out a 5th story window… etc) which has no bearing on anyone’s life or condition other than those immediately involved in the petty events.

            Yet this is the steady diet fed to the public, along with lengthier devotion to weather and sports until people forget that NEWS was and is supposed to be only those issues which impact us ALL, not entertaining/voyeuristic snippets.

            Is it the fault of the public? To some extent yes, I agree it is.

            However, with successive generations lulled into shallow and venal narcissistic observer status (what’s in it for me?, wish I was that lucky lottery winner, oh my how terrible for that poor woman/man/child glad it isn’t me in that car wreck, We Americans are so much more civilized than those Arabs…) the vast majority really have no basis for rational comparison in most of their everyday lives.

            That is until one of the awakened engages them and tries to pull the blinders off. Then the fear of realizing one has been a foolish dupe most/all of their lives kicks in and leads to often angry or violent reaction.

            We seek to overturn in the moment what our enemies have undertaken over generations. An uphill battle of monumental proportions.

          • Penumbra:
            I don’t believe I have ever seen things explained as concisely and eloquently as you have just done. Brilliant. And so true.

  15. Pride is gone. Fame, big check, come first. News readers lie and don’t lose a wink.

    WWII was over in 1943, after the 6th army was finished in Stalingrad. 40 percent of Worms (beautiful old historical city, city of all the old tales of the knights) was 40 percent destroyed (going after a train station and chemical plant, we are told,only one example) in March of 1945!, by the British. Why? Answers would be similar to Mr. Duffs revelations.

    History is written by the winners (who write the checks.)

    You can hang out as many videos as you will, with them caught with the hand in the cookie jar. The moron citizen will easily reason it away.

    Iran can be turned into a moonscape, without the doers even getting out of their chair in Omaha. So is Iran a threat knowing this? Any nation can likely be zapped from space; how could we ever know?

  16. From one gordon to another,,,thank you so much for the great article, it will be shared and spread. I am curious as to your thoughts/feelings regarding the attack on the USS Liberty in 67′ and the medias silence/accompli cover-up of that. Thanks Gordon

  17. Gordon ???? Am I reading this correctly? BiBi NuttyYuHu “hates Americans”????? Does that include Black Americans? No No No Couldn’t be!!!!!!!!????????


    No Larry Dick.stein, I’m not from the KKK. I actually know and interact with Black Americans every day and actually have important meaningful relationships with them. As far as your “antisemite” charge against me goes, I have jewish and black ancestors so why would I hate either group??, as your DEFAMATION against me (and others) alleges?




  19. “well, do we say it? Jews?”

    Well Gordon, I was wrong about you! You said the magic (forbidden word)! How can you tell this story without saying it?
    And Larry Dick.erstein approves?


    • And Gordon’s mama is Jewish, too, Mike.

      • Nothing wrong with being a Jew! The problem is being a jewish traitor, terrorist, thief, liar, racist and murderer.


      • In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act!!!!! (Eric Blair/George Orwell).Does this make Gordon an antisemite??? What say Larry Dick.erstein?


  20. Great article Gordon takes guts to tell the the truth. Now just because is there when it comes to 09/11 cover up Pres. Johnson and the Liberty comes to mind, mostly these words by LBJ and I had inside info at the time. An aide told Johnson “we have to do something about the Liberty issue before it hits the Press, they are on it all the time telling us to hurry do something it was a mistake… Johnson after a few unprintable words “what the….am I suppose to do, they tell me it was a mistake But if it gets out it will unleash a fury of anti Semitism…now I know that will happen those X.Y.Z…..shouting down an American ship and strafing our guys!!!
    We have to bury it or all hell will break loose” Note he never said it did not happen that way….he knew the consequences and he did not want to face them at the time…
    Now…2001, Bush and Neocon all over running this nation showing their muscle at our people, a growing anger among the population, here I direct you to the book by Gordon Thomas “Seeds of Fire” China and the story behind the attach on America.
    Forget China, all they wanted was for the Taliban to stay off recruiting and fomenting trouble in their border states. I contacted Thomas and asked him why he was dragging in China a plotter when their reason was obvious. He did not disagree, given the many books he has written about the Mossad I wonder if he was just trying to get that info out about Israel weapon deal. See Israel Role in providing El Qaeda with high tech US weapons still wrapped as secret…..and a small notice in the L.A. Time by the State Department complaining angrily that Israel was again in breach of agreement… After 9/11 when it started becoming unraveled, Israeli caught cheering on that bridge with box cutters in their pockets..I can still see a very nervous Netanyahu on TV stating “we tried to warn you. we told you..” He certantly dumped it on Bush, followed by Germany and others…..but those others Intelligence warning were not the same as Israeli having friendly exchange of info and weapon on the Tarmac in Afghanistan.
    Note how fast how much like LBJ was the cover up of every FBI effort of rounding up Israeli “art students” with Israeli Intelligence papers,

    Perhaps we should face that Congressional Panel and ask them “who are you covering up for ? That would be the first step. then of course comes the Alliance with Chaney’s’ group and etc. When all door are locked I like coming in from the unexpected side.

  21. I’m a reporter and it is true that if you question 9/11 in the news room you will be rediculed at best. I have warned my students who work with groups on finding the truth on 9/11 not to make it public because it will destroy their career. Much like telling the truth about the Vietnam War destroyed any chance of an Army career for me.

    Most reporters don’t twist the truth on purpose. They really believe what they write. And they have a way of over simplifying which guts the truth. I don’t know what really happened on 9/11. All I can do as a reporter and report what I do know and what I see.

    In France and Germany you would go to jail for writing what Gordon put in this paper. I don’t want to get into the Jewish -zionist debate here but I am for open debate and historical truths. Hitler did not come from nowhere. He rose from the ashes of imposed punishment, impovrishment and humiliation which came out of the deal the allies stuffed down German throats at Versailles. But don’t expect reporters to do this in the mainstream media. It would be bad for their careers.

    • With all due respect, you just described your own paradox and the problem
      described in this article.

      If you do not report the facts then how do you claim the title of reporter?

    • “In France and Germany you would go to jail for writing what Gordon put in this paper.”

      How many more years are the French, Germans and other freedom-loving European people going to tolerate these anti-Western laws?

      And need I ask who is responsible for lobbying these draconian Dark Age restrictions into law? Dare I say “the usual suspects”? This is precisely the type of overbearing behavior that causes resentment and deep hatred of Jews!

      That’s okay, these “Jew laws,” like a friend of mine is fond of calling them, will not stop the truth from coming to the surface.

      I truly hope one day those Jews and shabbos goyim responsible for these repressive, communist-style laws will be punished for their “crimes against humanity.”

  22. One comment on a misconception above.

    In 1916 there was very little oil which had been discovered in the Middle East. Baku, Pennsylvania, Indonesia and Texas were the known oil centers. The Rothchilds were probably ardent Zionists which alone in and of itself explains their focus on ‘Israel’. No need to embellish their motivation with faulty history.

    • Atheo,
      May 26, 1908, the first discovery of significant oil reserves in the middle east. By 1916, it was clear that the reserves we now know of MAY have been in the region. World navy’s had just got oil from coal…everything changed.
      Start studying with persia….anglo persian pipeline..

  23. this is the sickest web site i have ever seen
    you people are sick and need psychiatric medications

    glorifying that little idiot midget from iran …

    why dont you build “a communal center” for hitler
    it will make you feel so good

    you can continue with your little antisemitic site
    checking the volume you are tiny

    you are frustrated as you always lose

    you are losers you have zero achievments

    • Hey, Yevgen
      Your email says austria but your IP address says you are living in Israel, Jerusalem, on land stolen from Palestinians. Pissing off assholes like you is why we exist. Thanks for your support.

      • Gordon, awesome.

        • Myles, being myself what people like you, have been conditionned to call SEMITE, seemingly ignoring that RAMA PITHECUS’n ‘LUCY’ are more REAL than canning humans in “TRIBES” ‘n “religious believes”, I share the same approach to the issue of the Zion Talmudic Mafia as Mike, A. Smith, Penumbra, Vickie, Nicole,’n of course Gordon Duff, regarding the hijacking-bankrupting of USA-EU by Agents-Sayanim of a foreign Rogue State: Israel. No matter how U tried to pack it, the mbrs of said MAFIA ‘re MOSTLY Jewish…

      • “Pissing off assholes like you is why we exist.”

        I think you should emblazon this motto on a special edition Veterans Today T-shirt.
        I just can’t decide who’s picture should go on it…maybe Abe Foxman..

        The expression has a certain ring to it…similar to the NY Times’
        “All the News That’s Fit to Print”

        • “Pissing off assholes like you is why we exist.”

          I think you should emblazon this motto on a special edition Veterans Today T-shirt.
          I just can’t decide who’s picture should go on it…maybe Abe Foxman…


          I second that Wolf.

    • You will absolutely LOVE my website and Blog, yevgen. It’s everything you ever dreamed of – in your worst nightmare. Mazel Tov!

    • yevgen zorti ,

      Do you even know what an antisemite is? An antisemite is someone the jews hate (because they cannot control them), not someone who hates jews). You need to improve your education!

      When don’t understand the true meaning of common words it is impossible to communicate with intelligent educated people.

      I think your problem is you have only attended shill shuls. Try a university that has a broader range of curriculum.


    • yevgen zorti , perhaps you are taking too many of the psychiatric medicines you are recommending others take?????????????????

      You might try wearing a tin foil hat. Tin foil hats have fewer side effects and are a lot cheaper.


    • yevgen zorti ,

      If you are not careful, our Larry Dick.erstein will be paying you a visit! He does not like “name callers”. Midjet? What’s wrong with being a short person. That is the way God made some people.

      On the other hand if name calling is your calling in life apply for a job with the DEFAMATION LEAGUE. You could go far with that organization! The boss’s name there is (dishonest) Abe Fuxman. Tell him I sent you. He knows who am.
      He wants to make a big lamp shade out of me.


      • He need help making a lamp shade out of me because he is afraid to try to do it himself.


        • PS, Abe will give you one Snickers Bar everytime you call someone like me an antisemite!


  24. All along Christian history–well that is especially under the Nicean creed–Jews have been a convenient scapegoat for much evil. As much as there is ample evidence of official Israeli responsibility in the execution of the 9/11 false flag, it ought to be remembered that the primary responsibility for its completion resides with the U.S. agencies charged with preventing it, as they did their best to let the attacks take place under the benevolent supervision of the Bush administration.

    Much more serious than the 9/11 false flag is the ensuing cover-up by various U.S. agencies and the Bush administration. Much more serious still is the global censorship of 9/11 and its cover-up. With due respect to Gordon Duff, 9/11 censors are far from being Jewish/Israeli/Zionist. In fact, Ahmadinejad and most Islamic rulers have censored 9/11 as they have refused to recognize even the self-evident controlled demolitions of the twin towers with shock, awe, cameras rolling, and people inside.

    Contrary to what this article suggests, Ahmadinejad is no friend of 9/11 Truth. A google search shows no grassroots 9/11 Truth activity in Iran. A google search of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s list of 1300+ petition signers returns nobody in Iran. This is outrageous, since the Iranian public is well informed on 9/11 and since spilling the beans on the true nature of 9/11 would generate a huge political crisis in Washington which would quickly dampen the prospects for U.S. military action in Iran.

    Who performed 9/11, who covered it up, who censored it in the USA, and how to deal with these individuals, is important. But it is not essential. What is essential is for “us the people of the world” to realize that “we” receive censored information and that leaders who appear to be at each other’s throat work in unison behind that censorship. For more information, kindly consult


    • “The Jews are the Grandmasters of lying!” – Arthur Schopenhauer

      Some Jews will lie through their teeth even when the truth is plainly seen standing next to them!

      The Jewish Banksters behind all of this are planning another pogrom against the little Jews here in the west…their objective is to have the American public wake up to the fact that Zionist Jews were indeed behind the 9/11 attack (as well as almost all other terrorist attacks), hoping that the backlash will force the little Jews to flee to Israel for safety. This, of course, would be a devastating development for the beleaguered Palestinian people. There is also the staged “Second coming” scenario…which is already underway. A pogrom against the little Jews here in the US would coincide with the storyline of that Christian fairytale.

      In the ensuing chaos [pogrom] the Bankster Jews will slither quietly out the back…popping up sometime later in China (or so they hope!)

      We must limit the pogrom against the Jews to the Sayanim Network…we must reassure the innocent Jews that they are safe from harm and that we consider them to be valuable citizens. Meanwhile, we must utterly obliterate the Sayanim Network in the US, as quickly as possible, and by whatever means necessary. As for the Hostile Jewish Elite…no punishment would be too severe for that human sewage! But we should always keep in mind that these parasites have our gold (and probably a wide range of stolen/suppressed technological innovations that they’ve killed Gentile inventors to get possession of) stashed somewhere…we’ll need to employ the most effective/expedient methods of ascertaining that information.

      Here’s a couple of informative videos…Jews, in their own words.

      • Anti-semitism is such an ugly and horrific thing, those videos were intentionally dishonest and those opinions must not be tolerated on a website dedicated to truth. It is true that Jews have a history of banking… because of the laws in the Christian and Muslim nations that designated them as the only ones with the right to charge interest!!!!!!! It is also true that egalitarianism and thus the parts (or intentions, at least) of communism that are righteous and good are inherently compatible with Judaism. None of this means that the Jewish people are in any way less moral or upstanding than the rest of world’s peoples. On the contrary, Judaism was the first religion that was explicit about caring for the poor as a responsibility of all citizens. You CANNOT condemn a race or a religion because of it’s bad apples! Or if you do then you must condemn all races and religions. Even the Buddhists have committed atrocities! Also, even though it is true that the historical influences have worked out so that the banking elite has a significant portion with Jewish ancestry, THAT IS NO REASON TO GET ALL CRAZY AND RACIST. It’s very similar to how “Guns, Germs, and Steel” points out that white people weren’t any stronger or smarter than the rest of the world, they just had historical and geographical advantages. Same thing with the Jews and banking and secret organizations. If you want to go after the BANKSTERS, it is absolutely critical that your reasons for going after them have nothing to do with anti-semitism. If they were Italian banksters, or Irish, or German, would that make them any less evil and less worthy of our struggle against them???? Of course it wouldn’t!!!! So if we are to win this battle of words and information, and overcome those who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks and the economic catastrophe and the wars and the ever increasing division between rich and poor, IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL NOT TO DRIVE AWAY SANE PEOPLE WHO CANNOT STOMACH ANTI-SEMITISM. Gordon I believe you should take it as your personal responsibility to spread knowledge about what is truth-spreading and what is just the spreading of hateful bigotry. It must be taken as your personal responsibility to correct the mistaken thoughts of anyone so ignorant as to quote or cite the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” or any other anti-semitic document which is unambiguously known to be a fake document created specifically to dehumanize and demonize the race or religion of the Jewish people.

        • Gordon, Can you be “mensch” when you are lying all the time and killing innocent children?


        • UBERMENSCH??????????

          You say “Even the Buddhists have committed atrocities!”

          Should you add some more exclamation marks to that revolutionary statement?? Thanks for educating us on “deep” history. I’m not sure you know we are not all sheeple here and the goyim/Americans are not dumb as you have been taught.

          Did the Buddhists do 911, the Liberty Attack, and do the own the USA mass media? Do we give them billions and do Americans fight and pay for their wars?

          I don’t think the Buddhists have endless enemies like the Israels do. That is a poor example. Go make to school and get a mentor who is known for telling the truth.


        • You’re charges of Antisemitism don’t fly anymore…95% of world Jewry DON’T have a drop of Semitic blood in their veins!

          What Christian/Muslim nations had/have laws designating the Jews as the only ones with the right to charge interest? Usury is THE primary cause of the Jews being expelled from 89+ countries!

          What atrocities have Buddhists committed?!

          As Schopenhauer rightly observed: the Jews are the Grandmasters of lying!

          • I believe the correct Schopenhauer quote is from this passage:

            He(Schopenhauer) called the Jew “The Great Master of Lies”. Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.

            How true…

        • Myles
          You keep the “anti-semitism” rattling going on….which is, in itself, irresponsible. Read the article…as written. I am not responsible for comments. Currently, Israel has all the power, even over the US, and is using it to destroy…ethnically cleanse….just like…well….you know who, don’t you.
          Deal with that honestly.
          We have current problems and being an apologist for a history that you are giving a fictional version of isn’t helping.
          If you want to help…fix the world….know the world first.

          • Volz, are you American? Are you thus a liar and killer of innocent children? Or perhaps it is unfair for someone to condemn an entire people because of the actions of their powerful elite?

            People who believe that the Jewish religion is worse than all other religions are as ignorant as people who believe that the Muslim religion is worse than all others. Maybe it is my personal experience with violent, merciless Christians that allows me to see clearly that no religion is without it’s bad apples.

            Volz you say, “Thanks for educating us on “deep” history. I’m not sure you know we are not all sheeple here and the goyim/Americans are not dumb as you have been taught.”

            Of course I am not surprised that you are making assumptions about me that are based on your skewed view of the world and not on any reliable references. I am an American, a blonde haired, blue eyed American with German ancestors, working on my PhD in chemical engineering. Not that it matters to me, but for you anti-semites, perhaps my ethnicity this will help you realize I have no alternative agenda other then what I explicitly claim to have. I’m sure Gordon can find my personal information that I have not offered on my own and share it with you, but I’ll save him the time: My name is Myles Ikenberry, I’m a graduate student at Kansas State University. Please don’t make ignorant assumptions about me or attack me personally while avoiding the academic claims that I make regarding your worldviews.

            “What atrocities have Buddhists committed?!”

            This is not “deep history.” It is readily available to anyone who is paying attention and does not view the world through some skewed blame-the-Jews-for-everything worldview. I will just provide a link and quote the first article I found in Google:


            “1) The Sinhalese-Tamil (Buddhist-Hindu) civil war in Sri Lanka is of course taken toll of thousands of lives, and as of last week was on the cover story of all major news organizations. The Sri Lankan government and the Tamils are both accused of terror tactics and committing atrocities.

            2) The Cambodian killing fields were red in blood, not because the Khemers were docile Buddhists.

            3) The violent perpetuated in Buddhist Vietnam between rivals (US as well as Vietnamese) was more violent than any we have seen in recent times.

            4) Where was Mahayana Buddhism during the Sun Yet Sun and Maoist civil war?

            5) Where was Buddhist “ahimsa” (non-violence) during the Cultural Revolution?

            6) Why was Buddhist-Taoist philosophy unable to “to fill the poor with greater optimism about their lot” during the Japanese invasion of Korea?

            7) Why was Buddhist philosophy in hiding during the rape of Nanking by Buddhist (Japanese) soldiers?

            8) Why was the “enlightenment” absent during the abduction of 300,000 Korean women by Buddhist (Japanese) soldiers in Korea?

            9) Why doesn’t Mahayana Buddhist-Taoist philosophy stop the genocide of Ughurs?

            10) The human rights records of Laos, and Burma are not written in gold in the history books of tolerance and enlightenment.

            11) ) The Thai massacres of Muslims in Thailand should not be a reason to criticize all Buddhists!

            All Buddhist countries have seen unprecedented violence in the past 70 years. To pretend otherwise is disingenuous! Ankya knows well, that neither Islam, nor Hinduism, nor Sikhism, nor Judaism, nor Buddhist nor Christianity has a monopoly on terror or violence or genocide.

            It is not the religion, but politics, injustice, colonialism, and occupation that create violence.


            Non-violent Buddhist monks rioting in the streets and looting banks


            Volz, you say, “Go make to school and get a mentor who is known for telling the truth.”

            Perhaps you could grant me the decency to use correct grammar when you insult my education and intelligence. I do not have some crazy mentor that I follow mindlessly, I listen to as many voices as possible and make decisions based on my own ability to decipher truth from falsity. Your view that Jews are inferior, more dangerous, or somehow responsible for all the evils of the world is counterproductive lunacy of the most dangerous kind. Lunatics are the ones who kill innocent people, because they can justify it to themselves based on their twisted worldviews.

            Anonymous Smith, you say, “What Christian/Muslim nations had/have laws designating the Jews as the only ones with the right to charge interest? Usury is THE primary cause of the Jews being expelled from 89+ countries!”

            If you take yourself seriously at all, and respect yourself enough that you wish to rid yourself of mistaken views, take the time to read this book: Capitalism and the Jews. In advance, I accept your apology.

            Here’s a short review of the book:


            Gordon, I think I failed to make my point in my first post, and I apologize for that. You clearly visit the comment section often, and energetically dispute the claims of people who disagree with you. I respect your zealousness and think it’s important for your effectiveness in this struggle. But when you are so vehement in your condemnation of those who oppose your views, and yet fail to dispute the absurd comments of frothing-at-the-mouth anti-semitics, you are implicitly endorsing their anti-semitic views (I don’t care who has what blood, when people make ridiculous statements like, “the Jews are the Grandmasters of lying,” that is anti-semitism).

            That implicit endorsement is EXTREMELY helpful to exactly the people you are trying to remove from power – the banksters and corrupt politicians who run false flag operations and control the media. You are shooting everyone on our team in the foot (including the victims of Israeli abuse of power) when you fail to clearly distinguish between appropriate disapproval of the abuse of power and inappropriate racist bigotry.

            Obviously I have no intention to “keep the ‘anti-semitism’ rattling going on.” I read your article and thought it was great, then I started reading the comments and realized that hardcore anti-semites are spreading hatred using your (honest, insightful, and very appreciable) work to bolster their demonization of Jews. By allowing such a thing to happen, you allow the effectiveness of your hard work to be stripped away. Be honest with yourself, the whole point of the 9/11 truth movement, etc. is to bring more Americans and other world citizens on board and spread information to those who don’t have it so that they can make real changes in the way that power is distributed. It is irresponsible of you to allow anti-semites to use your article to spread and justify ethnic hatred and fear.

            When I try to talk to people about international banksters committing crimes, controlling money supplies, and coordinating false-flag attacks, I don’t want people to have an easy out that they can use to fool themselves with. I want to link my skeptical colleagues to your article without them immediately associating you with the anti-semitic racists who so adamantly support you. I don’t want regular members of society to immediately disbelieve everything I say because lunatics are making the same points for very different reasons. It is hard enough without such needless complication. You should trace the IP’s of the anti-semites and see if any of THOSE comments are coming from Israel, perhaps from high-level military personnel who understand what I am talking about.

            I don’t dispute the 9/11 attacks official story or the appropriateness of the powers of the FED because I think Jews are responsible for the evils of the world. I love Jews as I love Buddhists and Christians and Muslims and everyone else. THAT is why there is no reason to distrust what I am saying. I have no reasons to lie. I have no paranoid fears of world domination by a certain racial group. I do however fear that the ultra-rich and powerful use the media extremely effectively to accomplish their goals, and that this has extremely negative consequences for the poor and helpless, including Palestinians. There are plenty of Jewish humanitarian groups who protest the actions of their military. There would be more of those protesters if the Israeli military was unable to use anti-semitism to spread fear and justify its right-wing policies.

            I will admit I am particularly sensitive to racism, maybe it is because my Grandpa is an unapologetic believer in white supremacy. Regardless of why I am sensitive, you will serve the movement (our movement, if you will) far more effectively if you will stand up to anti-semites and condemn them. Don’t do it for the Jews, they don’t need your help at this moment in history. Do it for the Palestinians.

            The situation is akin to how irresponsible American presidents strengthen the positions of violent dictators and vice versa. It is very easy to consolidate power when your people are terrified that a violent group wants to dominate or murder them. Likewise, it is only possible to justify the gigantic military of Israel and their atrocious behavior when there are rabid lunatics frothing at the mouth calling out for the world to recognize that all Jews are dangerous and different from other races.

            We must be as intolerant of anti-semitism as we are of Israel’s abuse of Palestinians. They are mutually reinforcing. I am not justifying Israel’s behavior, and I hope you realize that you cannot justify anti-semitism. You must condemn it, loudly, for the sake of the Palestinians.

            And Gordon, you say, “We have current problems and being an apologist for a history that you are giving a fictional version of isn’t helping.
            If you want to help…fix the world….know the world first.”

            Please be more specific. Do you dispute that all religions and ethnic groups have committed atrocities? Do you agree that it is the powerful elite (of various nations, religions, and ethnic groups) who are responsible for banksterism and false flag attacks and not any single ethnic group or nation? Do you understand that historically atheists like Stalin have committed as much or more genocide and violence than religious leaders? Do you dispute that Christian and Muslim economies required Jews to act as bankers since the Christian and Muslim laws prevented their citizens from fulfilling that economic role? Do you deny that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was written in Russia by anti-semites and has been unequivocally proved to be an anti-semitic work of fiction? Do you believe that Jews are inherently more greedy or dangerous than other ethnic groups? Are you an anti-semite? What part of the history that I speak of is fictional?

            Thanks again for the great article, I hope you will become convinced the points I have made, but regardless, thanks for your time and contribution to the movement.

          • Myles, I said:

            “Did the Buddhists do 911, the Liberty Attack, and do the own the USA mass media? Do we give them billions and do Americans fight and pay for their wars?” ??????????????????????????????????????????????? (I did not ask if Ethiopians commonly fart crooked -sorry Larry).

            Interesting, how you not so neatly side steped my point.

            This site is about American Veterans issues and the only reason “jews” or israel comes up as a relevant topic is because they, as a group, have hijacked the USA government and Armed forces to further their selfish interests. Buddhists have no relevance in this discussion except through some twisted rationale by which anything is relevant and everything is irrelevant. Reread Gordon’s article if you don’t get it.

            I believe the style of your argument follows a pattern followed by many Israel shills and jewish supremacists, who are anonymously trolling this site. Thanks for letting me know you are blue eyed, with blond hair (totally extraneous info even if true). You can can argue ad nauseum, a million subjects as you have, but most of us remain focused of relevant topics.

            Your assumption that people here talk about the jews because they have some kind of irrational hate for them and want to exterminate them is ridiculous. Norm Finkestein clearly explained that the Holocaust industry and the antisemitism charge are merely tricks to deflect legitimate criticism of Israel. Also by the way, Finkelstein says the “animus towards the jews is not irrational”. Do you know what he means by that?

            Myles, Wake Up! Many Americans are! Perhaps you need to study subjects in addition to engineering and science.


            PS, Suggesting eye and hair color have anything to do with being jewish (or criminality & complicity) is ridiculous too. Your thinking is either ignorant and primitive; or dishonest and motivated by a hidden agenda you are not sharing with us.


          • Dear Myles, This is your statement referring directly to me:

            “Your view that Jews are inferior, more dangerous, or somehow responsible for all the evils of the world is counterproductive lunacy of the most dangerous kind”


            I have made no such statement and have had no such thoughts in my entire life. By the way, Mr. Mind Reader, I have jewish ancestors and jewish relatives by marriage and have no reason to hate jews, the same as Norman Finkelstein, Alan Sabrosky, Israel Shamir, Gordon Duff and countless others who have dared to criticize the tribe.

            I’m not sure you read Gordon’s article too carefully because he has said many things herein which Abe Fuxman (sorry if spelling and grammar are not correct) and the DEFAMATION LEAGUE would consider “antisemitic” on the face, yet you congratulate Gordon for a fine article?

            I will repeat my suggestion that you find a reliable, wise, honest and knowledgeable mentor. Your grandpa perhaps? Is it possible your grandpa knows something you do not?

            Nor have I ever said “one religion is better than another” but I will say religions are not the same as each other, as Gordon has said in this article. There are no comparable passages in the New Testament of the Christians to the ones Gordon quoted from the “holy” talmud. All religions are not same.

            Finally, I’d like to mention a concept most twelve year olds understand which you do not seem to comprehend. The fact that Jack punched Jill does not in any way lessen the culpability or exonerate John for punching Mary. You need to learn some kindergarten level ethics and legal principles. The Buddhists are not interfering with American society and government at this time and are not relevant in any way to the discussions on this site at the present time——that is obvious and probably why Gordon didn’t spend (waste?) any more time responding to you.



            Misquoting other people to use your words: “counterproductive lunacy of the most dangerous kind”.


        • Ubermensch says:

          “Anti-semitism is such an ugly and horrific thing”

          No it’s NOT. It’s a beautiful thing. Most charges of anti-semitism are BOGUS. Charges of so-called anti-semitism in reality are truths that Jews don’t want made public, like the recent Rick Sanchez CNN uproar.

          Just like a vampire shreiks in horror when the rays of daylight shine upon him so does the Jew when the spotlight of TRUTH is shone upon him!

          What IS an “ugly and horrific thing” is Jews’ innate talent and endless ability to lie, fabricate, embellish, obfuscate and prevaricate.

          Isn’t that right, my slippery, cunning, sanctimonious, anti-gentile ‘friend’?

          • I need to explain myself. I loved Gordon’s article, it was great. I read through all the comments one by one, most were insightful and enjoyable, and I particularly enjoyed reading about how the intentional genocide of Jews by the Nazis is within the realm of scientific dispute and far from a historical fact. I had never heard that argument discussed by serious academics within a context of legitimate research, and I am overjoyed to hear that perhaps the Germans are not as prone to bloodthirsty genocide as I had been led to believe. As I read through the comments I noticed a trend: Gordon and Volz are very active in the comment section. That’s awesome. I like it, it’s good work, you should be active, it is absolutely appropriate and good for you to dispute the bogus claims of people who are mistaken about facts and/or lying. But then I noticed another trend that upset me: there are a lot of comments by lunatic anti-semites, and their comments receive no condemnation whatsoever by Volz or Gordon. I have an open mind, I don’t close people out, I listen even if I think they are probably wrong about what they are saying. I went through all the anti-semitic links, and I watched all the videos. They were terrible, and the people posting them were clearly spreading lies, deception, and untruths. Using the word “pogrom” to describe the removal of corrupt politicians and businessmen from power is deeply offensive to me.

            The pattern of disputing bogus claims by idiots was not applied to anti-semitic comments. That makes me upset, but of course I realize I am particularly sensitive based on my particular life experiences. Regardless of how I feel, the lack of condemnation of anti-semitism hurts the integrity of the website, and because I want people like Gordon who are intelligent and who write good articles to be successful in their struggles to spread truth and knowledge, I have to point this out or apparently no one else will.

            This response would have made me very happy: “Myles, you are right to get upset about those terrible links and comments by anti-semites. They upset me as well and of course I do not share their prejudice against all Jews. Anti-semitism is frequently used to discredit the anti-Zionist movement and I understand that it is a major factor preventing us from overcoming the violent right-wing militants who control Israel. However, I don’t have time to waste disputing obviously bogus arguments. That is why I never reply to those dreadful anti-semitic comments.”

            But of course the replies were much different than that. I’m pretty sure I was called an apologist historical revisionist and a closet-Zionist, but tell me if I’m wrong. Thus the dialogue must continue for at least a bit longer…

            Volz, maybe I owe you an apology, or maybe you don’t realize what you said, or maybe you don’t understand my points. If I’m wrong, and you didn’t mean to make categorical statements condemning ALL people of Jewish ancestry, religion, or nationality as criminals, then I am sorry I misinterpreted your words. I read through all the comments you have under this article, and I was surprised to see that perhaps I indeed was wrong. But perhaps not. You said, “Gordon, Can you be “mensch” when you are lying all the time and killing innocent children?” and you also said, “Gordon????????? Do you mean jews make a living and get paid by the American Government to help destroy America?”

            Perhaps you meant “militaristic right-wing Zionists” and accidentally typed “jews”. Or perhaps you don’t realize that you have transferred your legitimate anger toward oppressive militaristic leaders into illegitimate condemnation of an entire nation, people, religion, whatever. You nitpick the meaning of the word anti-semitism but regardless of what you mean when you say “jews”, your grandiose generalizations condemning them all are invalid and offensive.

            Volz, I brought up my ethnicity only because you said ridiculous things like, “I’m not sure you know we are not all sheeple here and the goyim/Americans are not dumb as you have been taught.”

            You know what you meant by that, don’t pretend I brought up my nationality and ethnicity out of nowhere. You implied that I was an Israeli Jew to attack my character and discredit me, and I tried to point out that your attack was invalid. But now I realize I was misunderstanding you. Your prejudice is against the Jewish religion, not the ethnicity. My bad. I thought you were implying that my comments revealed my ethnicity and/or my nationality (if I understand “goyim” correctly, maybe I don’t), and that no American without secret ties to Zionists would get offended like I did by the pattern I saw in the comment section. OK, maybe this is better: I was raised Protestant Christian, I do not practice Judaism, and sympathize with that religion the same way I sympathize with all the others. I have no affiliation with Zionists, I share the desire to prevent them from further abusing their people and the Palestinians. The only reason I am unsure about supporting the right to return is that I don’t want to gamble with the lives of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of Israeli Jews. I believe the United States should immediately demand an end to illegal Israeli settlements and provide for the rebuilding of Palestine and the creation of an independent state for them to live in, free from violence at the hands of right-wing militants. And yes I understand what is meant by, “animus towards the jews is not irrational.”

            Volz, you said, “I don’t think the Buddhists have endless enemies like the Israels do. That is a poor example.”

            Of course this is precisely why I brought up Buddhists. You can go out in the world and find plenty of people who dislike the Jewish religion and think they commit a lot of evil. You can find plenty of people who feel the same way about Islam, or Christianity. Generally there are less people who are as strongly anti-Buddhist as they are anti-Islam, anti-Judaism, anti-Christianity, anti-Hindu, etc. And there is good reason, in that the Buddhist religion is much more difficult to use to brainwash people into committing violence. BUT, even Buddhists have committed atrocities. No religion is excepted from the occasional lapse into atrocity, even Buddhism, which rejects violence more thoroughly than the other religions. Animus toward ANY religion can be justified. Or against any ethnicity. The Jews have received more violence and destruction at the hands of my people (in terms of my ethnicity and religion) than any other, so it makes me crazy when people like you (and perhaps Finkelstein, I haven’t read him) imply that the jews are more deserving of animus than other religions or ethnic groups. Volz, did I mistakenly read that implication into your comment? If I imagined it, I’m truly sorry, but I don’t think I did.

            Volz, you call me a liar, and yet you claim to have no prejudice against Jews while simultaneously saying, “I will repeat my suggestion that you find a reliable, wise, honest and knowledgeable mentor. Your grandpa perhaps? Is it possible your grandpa knows something you do not?”

            You are claiming not to be prejudiced while simultaneously referring to a devoutly prejudiced man as “reliable, wise, honest, and knowledgeable”. Are you lying to yourself or just to me? My grandpa has been a great mentor, and taught me very much, but like all humans he has made very serious mistakes, and the worst of them is his bigotry and racism. I love and forgive him, but I’m not going to follow his path in this regard, and it is wrong of you to suggest that I should.

            Volz, you say, “Your assumption that people here talk about the jews because they have some kind of irrational hate for them and want to exterminate them is ridiculous.”

            Explain these comments for me then, please, because I must be very confused:

            “the Jews are the Grandmasters of lying!”

            “The story (PLAN) of the emergence of America’s Zionist-controlled MSM can be found in “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. You will never read about it in the MSM.”

            “Ask yourself: Is this PLAN DIABOLICAL??? Would it require the superior intelligence, patience and reptilian nature of an ALIEN RACE to conjure up? – a RACE spawned the Devil, himself?

            YOU BETCHA!”

            “Just like a vampire shreiks in horror when the rays of daylight shine upon him so does the Jew when the spotlight of TRUTH is shone upon him!”

            “What IS an “ugly and horrific thing” is Jews’ innate talent and endless ability to lie, fabricate, embellish, obfuscate and prevaricate. ”

            As I said before, I am interested in pursuing this discussion EXACTLY because, as you and Gordon clearly realize, Zionists hide behind anti-semitism, as if every criticism of their actions is merely a product of bigotry. Such deflection of valid criticism is exactly why it is so important for you who understand the Zionist control of media and military power to be very careful. Prejudice against Jews (or the appearance thereof) strengthens the position of the Zionists. When you allow yourself to be associated with anti-semitism (even by simply failing to criticize their comments), you are reinforcing the political circumstances which are critical for the successful abuse of power by Zionists.

            You will better serve the cause by watching your language more carefully and distancing yourself from real anti-semitism (which exists independently of anti-Zionism). Be careful not to accidentally say (or not say) things that make Zionists able to easily deflect your criticism. That is all I mean to point out. I certainly would never twist anyone’s words on purpose or intentionally say things that aren’t true or intentionally give a fictional account of history. If I am wrong about something, prove it to me, and I will be grateful. I am an eager student with an open mind. Forgive me for my sensitivity to bigotry and my passion for attacking it, and spare me the personal attacks on my character and the false accusations as to my reasons for saying the things I say.

          • Dear Volz,
            I have a degree in philosophy and also have read the religious texts of almost all of the world’s major religions, many atheists texts, and many contrasting books about history. I especially pay attention to books, authors, and intellectuals making claims that dispute what I believe in. I am an outspoken critic of government abuses of power and strive to be a light for those in the darkness. I am certainly not guilty of only having studied science and engineering, although that is what I do for money.

    • “All along Christian history–well that is especially under the Nicean creed–Jews have been a convenient scapegoat for much evil.”

      If Jewish ‘behavior’ of the last century and a half is any indicator of their behavior throughout history, then the claim that Jews have been a “convenient scapegoat for much evil” is patently false.

    • “Much more serious than the 9/11 false flag is the ensuing cover-up by various U.S. agencies and the Bush administration.”

      Our “various U.S. agencies” are PACKED with Jews–especially those of the Zionist variety! That is a FACT.

  25. Lawrence A Dickerson

    @ smith:

    Poppycock!!The Wahhabi Islam movement predates T.E.Lawrence’s exploits by almost two centuries.If people are going to use history as a point of knowledge,make damn sure that you are accurate.I did provide a link that gives a quick history to prove your errors.That is the main problem with commenters spouting a fiery rhetoric based on untruths,mistruths and flat out lies.If you take the time to do a bit of research on Wahhabi doctrine you will find many fractured beliefs as in any religion.It is this form of Islam that rules the Saudi Arabian Muslim world;however,the differences in the factions are like night and day.

    Gordon,another fine editorial with great references throughout.I may not always agree with you but you never fail to cause me to think and research to verify,disprove and to learn.That is the purpose of using the written word as a form of communication as you well know.I must say that links are not always necessary as long as there is a reference point to differentiate the opinion from another source.Your articles have become much easier to research and for that I thank you wholeheartedly.

    I read yesterday where you were being compared to myself and that isn’t totally a bad thing.I think I am becoming more like you is more proper but that is for another day.That there is always more than meets the mind’s eye cannot be refuted but I sure wish that more would start searching for truth rather than stand adamantly on their laurels that what they have learned is set in concrete.

    What is true today may not have been true yesterday and it may not be true tomorrow.Change is inevitable and every individual has the responsibility to constantly seek those truths.

    • Wahabism was created by the British empire. Infact British empire had created more than wahabism, they had created Bahaism and Qadianis too. T.E. Lawrence only put the wahabis in power what had already been created by Britain two centuries earlier. The British forces were already in the region and militarily administering some areas which they had captured from Iran and Ottoman empire along with Portuguese. So again it is you who is wrong. I am not accusing you of lying, unlike you did, since that would be rude. Britain was furthering its interests in the region and Wahabism was not made overnight. The group was nurtured for a long time against Ottoman empire in order to serve British interests. Check the facts, before accusing people of lying. All this was being done when Britain was running India and also waging opium wars in China. So it is not a surprise.

  26. Duff,

    I know some of these people (didn’t want to)

    To be blunt after researching it for years I think it really works like this.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors
    It’s all a grand illusion
    It’s a damn dog and pony show
    It’s all a damn lie

    I think the situation is made very confusing on purpose.

    The problem is here, it’s there it’s everywhere.

    Israel is a big damn problem and that Talmud is sick and twisted.
    The Pope is far from innocent, trust me he considers me a major heretic. I know this is monitored – say hey for me to all the Popes OK. The truth is stranger than fiction. I’m not nuts. The Popes are not big fans of mine.
    The feeling is mutual
    (grit my teeth and say I can’t hate them – love your enemies & it is not easy).

    There really is a criminal cabal that in a sense sort of works in tandem that really seems to run much behind the scenes.
    Whoever you vote for you vote for them. – Stalin

    People often refer to them a “The Shadow Government”. They’re right.

    The same names (the one’s I can easily identify) are recycled amongst the known groups involved in this. They have been writing they want to take over the world for years. That is what that “One World Government” is really all about. You cannot slander someone with their own words. These are the most powerful people in the world and they are implementing it. Like Hitler wrote Mein Kamphf and went to do it. They are criminal, evil, ruthless, maniacal they are I think void of a conscious. They’ve been writing about it for over a hundred years and the Rothschilds are involved. They have a well documented de population agenda – Soft Kill – Hard Kill for their phony “population bomb”. They create the problems they ostensibly claim they want to solve.
    The urge to save humanity is often a false front for the urge to rule.

    The Grand Chessboard
    The Techtronic Age
    amongst others

    Check out your pre planned dystopian future.
    Big brother on steroids
    Seems to be a cross between 1984 and Brave New World.
    They wrote it and are busy doing it and it explains much.
    You can call me crazy, you cannot, cannot slander someone with their own words.

    People refer to them as The NWO, The Masters Of The Universe, The Financial Elite, The Criminal Conspiracy, I call them The Occult Illuminati.

    Behind the scenes – Many are literal Satanists and I have much to back it up.
    Besides – WE have made a let us just call it “personal acquittance”. I know I am right. There seems to be literal Satanic Worship going on up in that damn Vatican. NO – It’s that bad up there. Notice how some Catholics are now saying the Jews don’t need Jesus to be saved? Yes they do – long theological dissertation they know better. The current Nazi Youth Pope even wrote he is not sure Jesus is god; they “Jews may have been right”???? That man went on to pursue the head of the largest Christian Denomination on earth.
    (Christian means “Christ One’s”.)

    The Usual Suspects are circulated among – The Tri Lateral Commission, The World Council Of Churches, The Zionist Murder Machine is a technical of the snake, The Gansta Banksters, The Bilderbergers, The Rand Corporation, The Council Of Foreign Traitors, Soros, Gates Foundation, The Multi Internationals, Rothschild, Rockefeller and yes the Vatican. There are others I am sure.

    I think the real head of the snake is The Vatican and the collusion of silence around many of their crimes is beyond comprehension. NO – I think the baby rape scandal grew so large it was just impossible to contain anymore. It is much, much worse in that house of demons than that even. Tell the Popes HI.

    If you really follow the money; including the hidden trusts

    BP is Rothschild
    Rothschild is really the partial holder of the Vatican Trust –
    It’s true that is where they got much of that money.
    Rothschild is The Vatican

    The roads of corruption

    I think

    All roads lead to Rome

  27. Duff,

    No please, please stick to military and geo political – your decent.

    Theology – Let us just leave it at – You might have a decent heart; you really don’t get it.

    No – Mary Magdalene was a faithful disciple of Jesus cured of demons. – Period end of discussion. Jesus admitted that he and other people and some had become “eunuchs” for the kingdom of God. Jesus was The Great I Am wrapped up in a human body. That divine DNA of the creator of the Universe was still there. He would simply say “my little girl is so cute”. God is not interested in getting down woman’s panties. The difference between him and us is that of us to an bacteria probably more. The creator loves the creation – not sexually.
    Jesus is the creator of the Universe and spirit. He is not a “glorified version of us’, or some senile ol grandfather in the clouds hoping a good time is had by all on any terms. He is a commanding presence, had purpose and does specific actions and his love is a consuming fire.

    The problem with Mary M. and that whole situation if you are really honest, know your real history and some theology; you don’t even have to be a “scholar” – note the sarcasm. The problem came with the Gnostics. It was a Pagan religion and you would have to understand Gnosticism to understand how it is a perversion and anathema to the True God. It rejects physical matter (Jesus didn’t – he embraced it – made it and called it good), it has some “higher knowledge and conciseness to be obtained”) No god is not, is not an elitist – I will make foolish the wisdom of the wise – I think it was people just like the Gnostics he was referencing. With the cross.

    They wrote things like the Gospel Of Thomas and other really Gnostic writings that were trying to combine Christianity with Gnosticism. You may find this hard to believe – not everything the Christians did was wrong. No – The Canonization of the Bible – If you really check and are honest; they did a damn good job on that and the books that were rejected they rightfully rejected for sound reasons. They really were forced to Canonize the Christian writings because of the appearance of the Gnostic Writings that perverted Christ and Christianity. They rightfully rejected them. At that point in history they were actually being faithful and honest. Tragically much of the church has become so corrupt that it looks like they were trying to hide something – No.

    Gnosticism is in reality anathema and much “spirituality” and what is masked for religion is actually recycled old Pagan religions of the past wrapped up in a nice new package. That’s all.

    Jesus wanted everyone to be saved. There are mo secret or hidden teachings, bible codes nothing in the Bible and it was meant to understood by all who were willing to be on his side.
    It may feed their ego’s to think they have obtained some “hidden wisdom” that is unavailable to the rest of us slobs. It’s just not God’s way. He invented the Universe. He is not impressed with our puny IQ and doesn’t need it.

    Jesus is after you heart – Period end of discussion.

    You can believe the moon is made of green cheese. Doesn’t make it true.
    If you think “a higher conciseness” will save you, or “special arrogant knowledge” – it won’t. True Christianity and this recycled Gnosticism and the Pagan Gnosticism of old are in reality contradictory and not compatible.

    What did Jesus really do?
    Jesus himself kept talking about the real problem – SIN

    It’s really in the bible – I’m not making it up.

    Everyone has went his own way – Left the True God

    There is only one correct answer to a sum; despite the “relativistic” drivel.

    Jesus is God – That’s it and he is the same yesterday, tomorrow as he was from the begging. I the lord changeth not. He is not “different” things to different people. He is who he is.

    Mary Madelene – This is just my guess. I think they slandered her to counteract the rumors from The Gnostic. They rightfully considered it blasphemy to think of Jesus sleeping with a mere mortal. When they slandered her I think was the problem. They should have just told the truth.

    What would Jesus do? – The right thing

    Love thy neighbor as thy self – Jesus
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – Jesus
    Thou shall not murder
    Thou shall not covet they neighbors goods
    Thou shall not bear false witness
    Love your enemies(have concern for them) pray for those who persecute you -Jesus

    Tragically – Satan still does some of his best work in the church.

    As Satan spreads his wings and laughs

    God will make a way for his own and his agenda in this great cosmic clash of good and evil.
    Jesus VS Satan

    He who is not for me is against me – Jesus
    He who does not sew with me scatters – Jesus


    I cared enough to tell the truth; I know some can’t stand me for it.

    You don’t have to be a theologian to “get it”.

    Simple – God’s law is love and the gospel is our plea.
    Love is patient, love is not arrogant, love is kind, love is not proud, love is not rude, love is not self seeking.
    In the end Paul is right there is only faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love.

    Come to me all – Jesus

    Your life your choice
    Jesus will honor that choice and it matters for eternity.
    It’s just a long time to let you be wrong without a fight.

    Love is patient – over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over – isn’t this getting old?

    Jesus will make a way – He always does.

    Never seems to turn out like the Dark Lord would like.

    • Vickie
      Are we clear that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…and Paul..were never disciples….but magdalene and thomas were
      where is the rest of the gospel of magdalene?
      MMLK and in particular, the blitherings of Paul…have NOTHING to do with christianity.

      • Gordon,

        I’m curious to know upon what basis you make that claim?

        • That is to say, upon what basis do you deny the discipleship of Matthew and John, particularly? Mark and Luke were of course not disciples, but the former likely being a convert of Simon Peter (Apostle Peter) and Luke being a physician who traveled with Paul.

          As for Paul, the charge you lay is common and certainly not orthdox. His calling post-resurrection was to replace the betrayer Judas. Acts is likely the work of Luke as well and sets forth quite clearly the authority and soundness of Paul’s appointment and teaching.

          Of course, I wouldn’t suggest consulting the Vatican as a reliable source of theological tutelage. Word to the wise.

          • Paul was never a disciple but rather a “loose associate”of Barnabus who was “cast out” for denying the teachings of Christ. Paul was particularly attractive to the Roman Empire…and his teachings most coincided with the Greco-Roman paganism and were, thusly, promoted. Matthew and John were “derivitives” and not disciples, no history ties their texts in any way to anything other than expressions of oral traditions.
            If anything, the least “derivitive”texts are magdalene and thomas from Nag Hamadi.
            Both Matthew and John are late first century, unknown origin and have suffered considerably in translation. They could have been written by anyone and we are only certain that John and Matthew had nothing to do with their creation.

          • Thanks for the synopsis, but I was asking from what source do you make these claims?

            This sounds like Roman Catholic revisionist theology to me. From my own years of degree level biblical studies I have seen nothing that would suggest the claim that Paul’s teachings on faith and the divinity of Christ as according at all with Gnostic paganism, save for the most absurd stretch of theological syncretism, of which Roman Catholic “theology” is infamous.

            But again, this isn’t the place for such debates. Just wondering what your source happens to be.

          • You are using the term “revisionist” in place of “mainstream”
            I am more than qualified to teach this class…
            I have visited these sites…on the ground…and am familiar with the archological records, translation oddities….many….and the historical context.
            This is where most get lost.
            Unless you have a background in history…1st to 4th century…you will be easy to fool.
            Few are aware of the early history of christianity or have visited churches in Irak, Syria, Jordan, Egypt..etc.
            If you want to get a feel for Christianity, cross over at Istanbul and turn south.

          • So what you are saying is that you personally have linguistic skills in ancient and semitic languages and have translated prime sources?


          • Have spent time with scholars who have…and lived where aramaic is a daily language. We have only one staff writer who does hebrew, aramaic, greek, arabic and a few of the others, Mark.
            We, in the west, live as though all traditions began in 1955. Jews are much the same….faking it all. Others….look on Islam as a recent development..suspect because of its modernity.

          • Since you ask…

            My understanding, as prone to error as that of anyone, is that the error is in filtering the Christ through what from our earthly perspective are “earlier” (and thus taken as more authoritative) pagan traditions.

            If God was a priori to any human concept of divinity and had created man with the knowledge of his Creator, which was subsequently denigrated, increasingly over time, by man’s fall and the pervasive influence of sin in the world, then we have an operative truth as explained by Paul in Romans 1 of “common grace” or “common knowledge” of God, albeit increasingly corrupted by willfully false, self gratifying, conceptualizations (paganism). Or again, as in 1 Corinthians where Paul acknowledges that we currently “See through a glass, darkly…” and that “We know in part…”.

            Insofar as prior cultures had so taken this knowledge of God and debased it by exchanging worship of the true for worship/veneration/mythification/personification of elements/aspects of the creation for that of the creator, in no way diminishes the nature of the Christ. Rather it provides the very context in which the inevitable incarnation of the creator, the Logos (creative Word) made flesh finds its most fertile sociological condition (in the “fullness of time”).

            To restate plainly, the Logos (as John announces at the start of the so named Gospel) having been God all along through which all things were made, is the truth from whence all corrupted notions deviated through time according to man’s increasing sinful self delusion. That includes the Mithra cult, the Gilgamesh epics, the myth of Horus, etc. All those derive from the truth of the Christ, though they sprang up prior to the actual incarnation Gospel.

            There is also the consideration that even despite this redemptive act by the creator, man clearly remains rooted, for the most part, to sinful pursuits of self aggrandizement, lies, destruction, mayhem, etc (as many articles here point out in secular terms).

            Thus we are left with the injunction of FAITH as the means of returning to God, not observance of rituals (as with pagan practices) or of laws (as was misunderstood in the old covenant), but in recognizing the redemptive sacrifice of Christ, the Logos made like us to stand as the federal head in redemption as Adam stood as the federal head in the fall.

            But the existence of prior earthly traditions also provides the stumbling block, or test of faith, whereby the sheep and goats might one day be divided when the show is brought to a close.

            At any rate, I didn’t wake up today expecting to launch into such discussions. Whether anything I’ve said made any sense or impact, it was a refreshing exercise. Thanks for the opportunity.

        • Well i cannot speak to your personal experience. I can state for my part that I hold no such presumptions. Biblical exegetical history hearkens back to late first century disputes over traditions and practices. Having also studied Hebrew and at one time been fairly proficient in biblical translation (long since fallen into disuse) I can appreciate those for whom it is a daily pursuit.

          Nevertheless, I would caution against taking at face value the claims of any one particular tradition or strain of the “faith” (or at least of “theological pronouncement”) as Gospel (no pun intended). Much of the acrimony of the early Church up to the present, especially in the Eastern lands of which you speak pertains to interpretations of the meaning of Christ over the relevance of “The Law” and his “fulfillment” of it in his person and ministry.

          In keeping with that I personally find no disjuncture, such as is claimed by the opponents of Pauline teaching, between Paul’s presentation of salvation by grace and faith alone and the teachings of Christ himself as “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” and by contrasting The Law written on tablets of stone (by which keeping one was not saved as if by one’s own effort) and the Law of Christ written on our hearts, which is the greater covenant.

          There is nothing Gnostic or esoteric, nor pagan about such teaching.

          We may simply have to agree to disagree here. ;)

          • Isn’t the divinity of Christ Pagan? The ‘church certainly is and the resurrection is certainly on the mythric tradition as the virgin birth is greek in origin. Most of christianity is a combination of zoroastrianism and taoism.
            There were dozens such religions at the time, one was taken over by the romans much as the Khazars took on Judaism.

          • If you want to look at a mixture of traditions, archeological evidence and contemporary tracts from the early first century, these things are proven:
            1. there are no references to christ ever having lived
            2. mary was divorced, according to jewish records, prior to marrying joseph….yes..they love getting their digs in
            3. magdalene’s sister was herod’s wife
            4. jesus was either not crucified or survived
            …this is an interesting start.

          • So here we (finally) have the testimony of a self-professed anti-Christ: Gordon. I intimated as much in an earlier comment – different thread.

            Is Gordon’s situation hopeless? Certainly not! Gordon is “much ado about nothing” in God’s Universe. Many who were once blind, received sight – like Saul and John Newton of “Amazing Grace” renown. All it takes is a mere “touch” by God – and EVERYTHING you thought you knew, turns into INSTANT GARBAGE!

          • See my reply to the first of your responses above.

            As for archeological evidence. Whilst i appreciate it, do not forget that the Talmud itself records a tradition of defamation of the personhood of both Jesus and Mary. Therefore, the lack of “evidence” for the canonical person of Jesus does not prove anything other than the prevalence of defamatory claims from that period as one would expect from a rabbinical tradition denounced by Jesus in the Gospels.

            Has it occurred to you that perhaps much positive testimony aside from scriptural references were subject to that period’s “book burning” fanatics against a nascent faith movement?

            I cannot prove or disprove it, simply putting it out there for you to consider.

          • The talud was written…gamera…hundreds of years later…
            and…again on the other issues…
            from an archeological perspective, we find little or no evidence of there having been jews….hebrews…no solomon, david, moses, joshua…
            none existed
            then..were one to extrapolate all monotheism with sun worship and the polytheism of the trinity with greco-roman traditions…
            you see where this is going
            idolatry…polytheism…virgin birth..resurrection…

          • Gordon, nothing I have said lays such a charge against you. I merely posit that there is more than meets the eye in this old cosmos of ours. Take it for what its worth.

            I value your contributions more than you know.

          • I spend a fair amount of time putting this time period together….and much of the dogma we accept as ‘history’ and conventional biblical lore…is just that

          • Yes the Talmud was WRITTEN later, but it was compiled from the oral teachings of BOTH the Mishna (already prevalent teaching in the days of Jesus and that which he condemned) and the Gemara, the later oral teachings.

            Not being an archeologist I cannot offer rebuttal to your claims other than that which I have sought to present as a cogent argument in favor of biblical teaching. All else would be supposition on my part.

  28. For a colorful collection of connected BLOODY BLOBS, click on my name (GodSend).

  29. Eeny, meanie, miney, moe – catch a Zionist Slimeball by the toe – if he hollers, MELT him! (Ezekiel 22:20).


  30. The story (PLAN) of the emergence of America’s Zionist-controlled MSM can be found in “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. You will never read about it in the MSM.

    A similar statement can be made about the Zionist-controlled American Economy.

    A similar statement can be made about the Zionist-controlled American Academia (think Ivy League – especially Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Columbia).

    When you think about the Zionist infestation of America, think TERMINAL CANCER!

    Removal of the CANCER by surgical methods would KILL the patient (America)!

    How many neutron nukes would it take to IRRADIATE the CANCER? Would the patient (America) survive?

    Ask yourself: Is this PLAN DIABOLICAL??? Would it require the superior intelligence, patience and reptilian nature of an ALIEN RACE to conjure up? – a RACE spawned the Devil, himself?


  31. Answers:

    * No body said any one is smarter than the other. Killing and stealing are not the measure of smartness. Not atleast for us.
    *Most early Christians were Jews, who had converted. Those who did not believe or did not come to know about Jesus remained Jews. Magdalene was not amongst them. God has sent many prophets to earth. Moses was not the only one.
    *Personal attacks might do the trick on Fox, CNN and BBC but they are useless here. People on such forums are grown ups. Only rational criticism is taken seriously here, and personal attacks only expose the one who is using them.
    *Soviet Union collapsed not because of strategic or tactical weapon superiority or inferiority, it collapsed because the elites of the system had lost their faith of the system.

    Unfortunately I can not give commendation on your logic. Since your objections were childish.

    • Exactly. The whole thing was a media exercise with nefarious aims. An obscure guy who was classfellow of a powerful political man suddenly appears on the scene and the media spins it into a rights movement for freedom of speech. Just compare that with the right to freedom of speech for 9/11 investigation movement. Do they get as much press coverage? I thought not. Which is more pressing and vital issue. Investigation of 9/11 or increasing the enemies of US by outraging them with homophobic insults? Thats called rationality. Counter insurgency. Yeah, damn sure. But the real counter insurgency is not being run in Afghanistan and Iraq where Taliban and Alqaeda have been both US friends for a long time, the real COIN is being run in United States against American people who want answers. Of course no body expects the “elites” to be amongst them, but majority of the people are not elites, anyway.

    • Moe,
      You are still the same Israeli shill in the same “ticky tacky” house in Kefar Yona in HaMerkaz. You are right…you are a jew and you are stupid as hell. Learn about the internet. Run your IP address…your ISP has a photo of your home.
      It was done by them for Google Maps.
      Is reading this your assignment? The worst thing….America paid for your computer….your third rate education and the ratshit settlement you live in, built on a former Palestiinian farm.

  32. Back when Her Royal Majesty Hillary was working for the Rose Law firm in Arkansas, do you know who was an associate at Rose?

    Jonathan Pollard.

    Gordon, didn’t you get that press release from Abe Foxman that stated the original 10 Commandments had been dropped and replaced by these commandments:

    1. Thou Shalt Not Question the Holocaust

    2. Thou Shalt Not Question 9/11

    3. Thou Shalt Not Kill Jews, but Christians, Muslims, Arabs and Persians are good for target practice and killing, since they are the filthy Goyim

    • May I add this one too:

      4. Thou Shalt not steal from the cartel but stealing from the rest of the world is good for the cartel.

  33. LOL! What a bunch of BS!

    Recently I read a few good articles on this site so I’ve started coming back for more, but after reading few articles similar to this, I’m done with It’s a pity as there’s plenty of nice content on this site, but lunatics seems to run the asylum here.

    It’s funny how a handful of people control a country of 300 million where free elections happen almost every year. It must be done through some body implants or remote brain control!

    Instead of your version of the truth why don’t you write how stupid (that’s what I’d conclude if what you write were to be true) are the 300 million who vote for this secret group of yours – over and over again.

    If the system is really manipulated by 0.1% of its population and everyone has the right to vote, I would be more upset at the remaining 99.9% who are apparently absolute morons who who after 18 years (or more) of living in this country can’t or won’t think with their head (which makes you wonder whether their position in this rigged system isn’t rightly deserved) and still haven’t gotten a clue about what is (supposedly) going on here.

    If what you say is really true, a smart reader should side with the elite as the stupidity of the “masses” would have to be truly staggering!

    Good bye!

    • Well, you have done little criticism based on fact and figures. All your argument is based on purity of election. Well for your information, elections are just a tool. Nothing more. When public does not remain knowledgeable enough then this tool fails too.
      1. Election can produce only the result which is allowed by their designers. I am sure you are aware of the fact that not every one can stand up in a US election. The election industry in United States is one of the most sophisticated which runs by different interests and money. There are lots of clearing agencies which filter candidates both legally and illegally. On top of that you have a media which has become a god, something like the old school Oracles.
      2. Even if elections were to be transparent and perfect, still it does not mean the choice is right. Hitler was democratically elected. The national mentality can be wrong which leads to a bad choice. That mentality goes wrong due to lack of ethics and values or their corrosion. Look around yourself. Do you see good values corroding?
      3. United States has used election fraud both as part of a legal system and illegally. The election system has alot of flaws. One of them is the electoral college. Then you have unreliable counting which is usually not seriously reported but evidence exists for it. Then you have un-elected institutions which project as much power if not more than US president.
      4. Then you have few families running the political show. They can manipulate and gain their aims. Bush was not an elected president. He was an appointee. Albeit a pseudo-legal one.

    • Goodbye, OMFG!

    • OMFG is an example of a profound fool, someone who does not do a minimum amount of homework, clearly does not understand networks nor has he ever worked around on, or perhaps he is one of the lackeys paid to infiltrate blogs.

      Here for OMFG’s pleasure, and those who think like him, are some facts, from Cyber Security Expert Stephen Spoonamore. (Spoonamore is who Amex and the banks call when they are hacked.)

      His affidavit in an election fraud and tampering case (the whistleblower was killed a year ago):

      And the ten-part series published on YouTube (interview Sept. 2008). Since Sophomore is highly intelligent with a strong sense of irony, he is a delight to listen to. If you want a lesson in voter machine fraud, this is the guy.
      Part 1 starts here:

    • You get paid to read this site probably by the USA government directly or indirectly. You will be back with a different name.

      Adios , till then.

      Your shill routine is tired and overworked. You folks have shot your wad. Anything you say stands out like a sore thumb. It is only accepted a the Weakly Standard and the NY Times any many others——-So you still have a job—-for now.


  34. zionists continue to shoot themselves in the foot, their agenda is not sustainable….. just like the drug addict who leaches on his friends and family, lies cheats and steals to obtain his fix is eventually kicked to the curb, so will the zionists…. no one is hurting them more than themselves.

    People are waking up and noticing the ridiculous behavior of zionist brands like CNN….. they give shows to scumbags like elliot spitzer while firing ‘dirty’ sanchez for speakin his mind (and he is one of their most popular hosts)….. nice one! I wonder what fareed Z. is gonna do? quit his job or denounce sanchez? or probably their is no good reason to polarize this like he did w/the gc mosques?

  35. Mr.g
    You are never on a limb you walk on steady ground your in my mind I just wish I could put it into words as you do the way it is!!
    Thank you,

  36. I choose to step forward sir, and cross the line in the sand with you. How can I
    live in the shadows of deception and lies when men like you stand bravely in the

    The truth is the truth .

    Evil triumphs when good men stand and do nothing.

    If I live my life in comfort and submission and doom my children to agony shall I
    call myself a man ?

    It is time for Israel to own all that is Israels. Let Israels children bleed for
    Israel, that is just.

    My children will claim what is theirs. I will defend them to the death.

    I will teach them to believe in truth and honor , sacrifice for the greater good.

    I teach by example here forth.

    Your article forced me out of my crevice.

    Mr Gordon Duff I humbly Salute You..

    As a wise man once said when swords are turned into plowshares the ones
    with the swords control the ones with the plowshares.

    You may contact me at the address provided as required.

    Keep your Sword
    Sincerely With Shame and Hope…

    • B2B, evil triumphs in this day and age because the men of our country sit in front of their giant flat-screen TVs, or comment on the Internet, imagining they are doing something meaningful as their country and their children’s futures are transformed into a totalitarian nightmare. Men who do nothing as their children’s futures are mortgaged to the banksters and foreigners are anything but good. In fact, they’re lazy, feckless cowards. And even those who aren’t afraid to go toe to toe with paramilitary goon squads would rather slurp down beer and engage in vicarious manhood watching apes in absurd costumes run around with the pigskin than take to the field themselves as men in the battle to save their country and children’s futures. Why, many of them and their friends even dress up in sports costumes like children right in their own homes and act like naughty boys as the wives prepare the chili and serve the beers to their husbands, perpetual adolescents waiting for men from somewhere to save them.

  37. Great article. Thoroughly researched.

    Funny, the American government and media were blaming the “poor” for the financial melt down. “Low income groups” could not pay for their mortgage and the entire system went down, was the line the press used to rant. But we all know the truth. The winners in all this were Chinese. They now almost co-own United States and now are focusing more on EU and its economy. A partnership between them and Zionists has become inevitable. Ever wonder why a totalitarian regime with lead roots in communism is outperforming Adam Smith’s “perfect economy” of wealth creation? That is because Adam Smith had not taken into account Zionism and though in China Zionists control zilch a higher level “partnership” allows for alot of progress. Sometimes almost one in ten million times, the American media reports facts by mistake and wrap it in a joke. See this one, just keep in mind that the data is from 2007 survey well before the crisis which has doubled US debt:
    The history is deeper than it ever seems. Col Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) along with “certain interests group” had exceeded their mandate and went on to establish a dozen countries based on a made up faith namely “wahabism” which they had synthesized. When this project was implemented and the Ottoman empire was finally disposed off, these same artificial countries became the most beneficial for those said interest groups. In fact a quick look at history shows that everything these countries have done from Israeli wars to 9/11 have always benefited those shady groups. The media all the time spreads the propaganda and tries to equate wahabism with Islam without ever telling you who created wahabism and brought them to power and is still running them. And all this is on top of the petrodollars and greatest mineral treasure on the planet earth. History is not a random events and happenings it is for most part calculations of elite. Ahmadinejad surely knows alot, so do many Iranians. And there is a reason for that. Iran was not made yesterday. When all this history was happening, they were around and watching so naturally they “remember”. After all they are an old nation who have seen lots of states of empire to rise and fall. But all this does not mean that Iran does not have its own share of fools and bigots. They do, but they seem to be in minority. As for Iran as a whole, they are paying a heavy price for their ambitions and sovereignty, from subversions to cyber attacks and the longest sanctions in modern human history, they are being punched. That is why propaganda is needed to neutralize them. Since a military attack on them is not currently viable:

    The hollywood is the new circus. It is used to fool the city people. A recent program on Persian service of IRIB had exposed them as part of that interest group which has been controlling the major part of the world since world war II. They are just one tool of “social programming”.

  38. Benjamin Freedman

    This is my first comment on one of your articles.

    Thank you Gordon.
    Your courage and bravery has brought tears to my eyes and hope to my soul.
    Truth and justice will prevail thanks to heroic efforts like yours!

    • Would you be the son or grandson of the infamous Ben Freedman who spilled a lot of the WWI beans as to how the US was brought into the war after Germany had offered to stop to the whole thing? Jim

  39. Very impressive article, and thanks. It takes great courage to tell the truth these days when the government is moving toward the criminalization of opinion. Elena Kagan has said the First Amendment right to free speech does not extend to what she terms “dangerous speech,” which as a practical matter means anything the government says it is. Eight hundred years of political freedoms wiped out in a decade–by Congress! The rage to destroy America and Christendom motivating the media and Hollywood has gone so far that I’m sure even they could not have imagined assembling a more despicable group of fools, traitors, and jackasses than the puppets who make up the Congress of the United States of America. As for the media “news” puppets, that video of Brian Williams’s heel-clicking, servile bow to Obama’s back captures their “independence” perfectly.

    • I knew this Khazar bitch was going to be trouble. The nerve of this social Marxist swine! I consider her statement very “dangerous speech”!!!

  40. Something I read a few years ago comes to mind.


    “…Journalism as an institution is Stalin. Everyone who obeys Stalin gets to stay in, gets to work there, gets to make all their money and write all their garbage and use monosyllabic tongue and keep everything in the normal, in the status quo, so nothing gets ruffled, so Stalin can keep the government going.

    “All the people who want to go against the grain and push at their words to make a point, or to get some feeling into their writing, are all ostracized or purged, just like Stalin would do.”

    “Corporate-owned media are operated through an intricate system of gatekeepers who are aligned in a hierarchical order and who keep a close watch on the keys to the gates. And at the highest levels of this gate-keeping system, the line between doing good journalism and making lots of money is so thin that it is easily crossed over by those who put greed before honor.

    This gate-keeping system also has another drawback. Gates are of no use without fences, and fences are built to keep people out. The best way for the media barons to shore up their fences is to get some hired guns to keep guard on the property. It’s even better if you can get the sheriff (FCC, etc.) to help out—never mind that a free press belongs to all, as do the airwaves.

    That’s why the people have come to “hate” the media. They hate its empire of fences.

    But where there are no fences, there’s no need for gatekeepers; more to the point, when the existing fences begin to fall, so, too, does the media barons’ empire.

    Make no mistake about it. The current mainstream media structure is not likely to go away anytime soon; it’s too profitable. But businessmen aren’t journalists, and they shouldn’t be treated as such, nor should information vital to a functioning democracy be treated like a commodity, like so much beef to be bought and sold in a marketplace of fences.

    In my mind, authentic journalism may be the last best hope to create a media landscape that is not based solely on fences, barons and gatekeepers.”

    It is apparent to me that within the realm of war, money, media, and politics VT serves the role of authentic journalism far better than any skyscraper-dwelling entity with a three letter acronym.

    (first post got lost somehow between here and there, this is a repost)

  41. Something I read a few years ago comes to mind.


    “…Journalism as an institution is Stalin. Everyone who obeys Stalin gets to stay in, gets to work there, gets to make all their money and write all their garbage and use monosyllabic tongue and keep everything in the normal, in the status quo, so nothing gets ruffled, so Stalin can keep the government going.

    “All the people who want to go against the grain and push at their words to make a point, or to get some feeling into their writing, are all ostracized or purged, just like Stalin would do.”

    “Corporate-owned media are operated through an intricate system of gatekeepers who are aligned in a hierarchical order and who keep a close watch on the keys to the gates. And at the highest levels of this gate-keeping system, the line between doing good journalism and making lots of money is so thin that it is easily crossed over by those who put greed before honor.

    This gate-keeping system also has another drawback. Gates are of no use without fences, and fences are built to keep people out. The best way for the media barons to shore up their fences is to get some hired guns to keep guard on the property. It’s even better if you can get the sheriff (FCC, etc.) to help out—never mind that a free press belongs to all, as do the airwaves.

    That’s why the people have come to “hate” the media. They hate its empire of fences.

    But where there are no fences, there’s no need for gatekeepers; more to the point, when the existing fences begin to fall, so, too, does the media barons’ empire.

    Make no mistake about it. The current mainstream media structure is not likely to go away anytime soon; it’s too profitable. But businessmen aren’t journalists, and they shouldn’t be treated as such, nor should information vital to a functioning democracy be treated like a commodity, like so much beef to be bought and sold in a marketplace of fences.

    In my mind, authentic journalism may be the last best hope to create a media landscape that is not based solely on fences, barons and gatekeepers.”

    It is apparent to me that within the realm of war, money, media, and politics VT serves the role of authentic journalism far better than any skyscraper-dwelling entity with a three letter acronym.

  42. Another well done article.

    Gordon stated this: Israel went into a total panic. Israel was hiding a terrible secret about the holocaust.

    Brian: Perhaps the Israelis realize there was no plan to exterminate the Jews and no gas chambers to kill people. The Holocaust is a major weapon of Israelis and other Zionists and they have to keep the propaganda alive.

    Here is an excellent article on the subject:

    A portion of the article:

    Robert Faurisson investigated the configuration of the alleged Auschwitz ” gas chambers, ” then Zundel [51] got to hear of this. At a historic 1985 trial in Toronto, witnesses were grilled for the first time ever over the existence of the alleged ” gas chambers, ” and it was found that no such testimony would stand up. On the fourth day of this trial, a marvellous climax was reached when Zundel ” s lawyer Doug Christie put these questions to a top ” Holocaust ” expert Dr Raul Hillberg, author of the multi-volume, multi-edition work, The Destruction of the European Jews:

    Christie: Can you give me one scientific report that shows the existence of gas chambers anywhere in Nazi-occupied territory?

    Hilberg: I’m at a loss.

    Christie: You are (at a loss) because you can’t. I want one report, before, during or after the war that shows that someone was killed by the use of those gases.

    Hilberg: You want an autopsy (report) and I know of no autopsy. [52] – he could not cite one scientific report! That surely remains the case today; as likewise he could provide no evidence for a single death as diagnosed due to cyanide poisoning, even though the symptoms of this are quite distinctive.

    Faurisson was an advisor to Zundel in this trial, and a subsequent one, and this duo just kept on winning the arguments. The prosecution could come up with no credible witnesses for a gas-chamber ” s existence:
    ” in 1988, during the second trial against Ernst Zundel, the public prosecutor deemed it prudent to abandon any recourse to witnesses. Canadian justice had apparently understood the lesson of the first trial: there were no credible witnesses to the existence and operation of the ‘ Nazi gas chambers’ . Little by little, every other country in the world has learned this same lesson. At the trial of Klaus Barbie in France, in 1987, there was talk about the gas chambers of Auschwitz but no one produced any witnesses who could properly speak about them. All the while in France, during several revisionist trials, Jewish witnesses sometimes came to evoke the gas chambers but none of them testified before the court as to having seen one or having participated in a homicidal gassing by hauling bodies out of the ‘ gas chambers’ .

  43. Gordon, if there was a Medal of Journalistic Honor I would author your nomination. I suggest everyone link to this article, paste it into an email of all your contacts, and click SEND. Oh, and save a copy on CD-ROM. If (when?) the hands of government reach the internet switch this site will be one of the first to go dark. IMHO

  44. “How long did CNN’s Rick Sanchez last after pointing out that Jon Stewart’s fanatic pro-Israel bias is a form of “bigotry?”

    I my opinion, to say Jon Stewart has a fanatic pro Israeli bias is going a bit too far. He had to battle the “powers that be” when he invited Anna Balzar on his show.

  45. the point of jsoc having a loose code of conduct is so that they can kin or capture hvt’s without having to contact and ask permission of 300 people. it is not so that they can kill anyone they feel like killing. that kind of stuff gets you kicked out of those units. maybe blackwater did that ONCE, but , however loose their standards, jsoc is still a military unit. they still get told not to do things. the percentage of sick people and murderers in the military is lower than you seem to think. Tillman was never disenchanted with afghanistan. he was disenchanted with iraq. but he was always a soldier, afraid of dying but also afraid of going home without his under fire medals. im not criticizing him here. why does everyone feel like saying that the US is bad superpower? we could be better. we could also be a whole lot worse. you want to make a change? go help hand out food in somalia or burma. go do some protesting in places that need change to SURVIVE not in the third world’s land of milk and honey. i agree with a lot of what your saying, just not all of it.

  46. Great article, Gordon! I’m going to have to reread this one.

    One thing, though…Israel does not control the international Banking system, the Rothschilds do. If anything, the Rothschilds control Israel! That’s why I harp on this thing misinformed people using the term Zionist to describe the “Evil” Jews…Zionism isn’t about the Jews doing anything they have to to return to their ancestral homeland (95% of the Jews (the Ashkenazim) on earth today don’t have a drop of Semitic blood between them, because they’re NOT the descendants of the biblical Hebrews. They are the descendants of the nomadic Kahzars from the Northern Caucasus region. The Khazars were converted, en masse, to Judaism by their nobles in the 9th century.), Zionism is all about the Jewish Banksters’ (Rothschilds) lust for total World Domination! Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Who owns the corporate media companies in the US?

      General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt is a Jew.
      Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes is Jewish.
      The Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger is a Jew.
      Viacom Sumner Redstone (aka Murray Rothstein) Chairman; Philippe Dauman, CEO. Both are Jewish.
      News Corp. President and COO. Peter Chernin is a Jew.
      Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey is Jewish.
      Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton is Jewish.
      Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer is a Jew.
      CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves is Jewish.
      MGM Chairman Harry Sloan is a Jew.
      NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker is a Jew.

      ALL media companies in the US are controlled by Jews.

      • Regarding the list of major media corporations….I’ve got 2 updates for the list…
        Chase Carey is the President/COO of News Corp as of 2009, but cannot find any verification he’s a jew.
        MGM Chairman is Mary Parent again, no info if she’s a jew. thanks for the research on the rest of those on the list

        • Thanks for the updates, Steve.

          I don’t know if either of those people are Jewish…with News Corp. it really doesn’t matter much because Rupert Murdoch is a rabid Zionist and, according to Christopher Bollyn, has Jewish ancestry.

          Mary Parent is an unknown…I’ll keep checking.

    • This is true ; a french writer, Elisabeth Antébi, grand-daughter of Albert Antébi, who helped Edmond de Rotschild to establish in Palestine has a lot of docs on the subject. For people interested on the subject and speaking french :

      • Hi Nicole!

        Thanks for the info.

        The Israelis call Sir Edmond de Rothschild ‘The Benefactor’ or ‘Father of the settlement’. The Rothschild’s have given billions upon billions to Israel over these past decades…not to mention all the non-monetary gifts that they have given Israel, like killing JFK, for example. Israel does whatever the Illuminati tells her to do!

        • Hi Anonymous Smith,

          Here in English on Albert Antébi’s genealogy :

          and concerning the criminal Rothschilds, I do think , but my English is not good enough for me to read quickly, the John Reeves is a good reference. In french, the Demachy is really excellent, too short, based on the Reeves, but Albert Demachy had such a sense of humour you laugh at things which are terrific, and then remember them. If you don’t know the Reeves :

          Concerning the wonderful Rothschild family, a glance to Amschel Rothschild’s “suicide” in Paris in 1996…so I agree with you, but JFK has been one among others. They do impose loyalty and are all but not reliable…

          Now, I shall translate Gordon…excellent as usual, and always making me face my limits. We have to learn foreign languages and don’t do it enough.

        • I thought the USA was the mother and father of Israel. We
          give them billions and billions and billions and billions.

          Then we buy off their endless enemies with billions and billions and billions.

          And we destroy their enemies with trillions and trillions.


      • No, Anonymous Smith———–

        The trillions come from the toil of the American people. The Rothschilds don’t do any of that so they can’t really give anything to Israel.


        • The Rothschild’s OWN the financial system that the American sheople toil under…the American sheople were sold out by their leaders, Christian and non-Christian alike, long ago. It is the Rothschild crime family who dictate to our politicians who they will give our money to.

          It’s not right, and you don’t have to like it…but it is the truth.

          • I understand Smith. You are not teaching me anything. I have known about the Rothschilds for forty years—– nothing new. They do not have title to the USA. That is why they have to sneak around to pull off their tricks including the Federal Reserve. They do not own the USA.


  47. They died of disease and starvation. Typhus killed a lot of people in the camps and Gentiles all over Europe during World War II.

    It may be hard to believe but the Nazis used Zyklon B as a pesticide for delousing clothing and other articles to prevent the spread of typhus. Even the knowledgeable extermination theory historians agree to this.

    The Nazis actually wanted to keep the Jews and other in the intern camps alive because they were building munitions for the Nazis. I have seen excerpts of the Nazi reports which mention the great success at the camps for making munitions.

    The Nazis actually allowed the Red Cross to supply food and other necessities to the camps. The Red Cross has a large number of documents verifying this. The documents state they had to stop helping the prisoners at the camps because it became too dangerous due to the allied bombings.

  48. Tj,
    The Red Cross cites 375,000 it can verify. That is around the real number of Palestinian’s killed. I don’ t know how many died. I know more Russians than anything else. I know two million German civilians and ethnic Germans were killed by the Russians and a million starved to death by Eisenhower.
    There is something we don’t know.
    There is some huge secret.
    If I knew what it was, I would say.
    I don’t know..I only know that Israel will do ANYTHING to keep it hidden.
    Half a million died in Dresden in a night.
    One American was executed, a 19 year old, by Israel this summer.
    If he were a Jew, we would have been at war.

  49. This I know for fact — lots of the skinny dead bodies were Dresden victims, Germans. The pictures were appropriated by the Soviets and used as “holocaust” victim shots for years before the mismatch was discovered. I actually have an old (ca. 1960) paperback about Adolf Eichmann where known Dresden photos are used as death camp proof. This paperback also shows the famous “skin lampshade” photo now known to have been a fraud since the beginning.

    My uncle was special forces in WWII, fluent native-German speaker. His take was that Germans by the end of the war were so enfeebled by the 24-hour-a-day carpet bombing they were agreeing to anything just to get it over with. They were confessing to fantasies on the Eastern Front.

    No one says the official story is a total fraud; the holes are there for anyone who checks. My uncle came to believe that what was done to the Germans was the greatest crime in history, but of course he WAS a German in a very strange position. I would have hated to be him.

  50. The Army did autopsies of the filmed body piles and determined the basically all died of thypus, which can waste you away to a skeleton in two weeks if you are skinny when you got it.

    All during the war there is a stream of German medical reports and directives to control typhus in the camps as it was a threat to the war production workers. Auschwitz was a feeder and staging camp to others. Rail transportation was a major source of typhus transmission so the stripping and showering the the fumigation of new arrival’s clothes was standard operation procedure. When Fred Lechture took the samples from the so called gas chambers for the Ernst Zundle trial and had them analyzed independently, the concentrations of Zyclon B came back showed they were clothes fumigation buildings.

    David Irving reported for British archives when the 50 year secrecy period was over that British Intel had been intercepting the daily head count reports from Auschwitz to Berlin, who kept close track of the head count. new arrivals, transfers, died and hospitalized (yes hospitalized). Auschwitz was a big medical facility, even an SS hospital next to the main tourisn fake gas chamber, which was a morgue and then a bomb shelter at the end of the war. I have video footage of it, top to bottom, inside and out. The industrial size chimney, added after the war just for the photo op after the war…is set back from the back of the building, about five feet, not connected to the building. An idiot could see instantly it was a fake…eveyone but the Poles it seems (and I am half Polish, BTW).

    The Allied air campaign of shooting anything that moved or rolled doomed most of these people. All shipments of food, medicine, coal/coke to burn the typhus dead were cut basically to zero toward the end of the war. The Institute for Historical Review has an article on this quoting the American doctor that did the autopsies.

  51. @ Tj Bronco: The skinny dead bodies were the poor soles who died of the starvation and disease that was brought about as a result of the allied bombing raids on German supply routes…the same routes used to supply the concentration camps.

  52. Gordon,

    Don’t you mean “Jews” killed (not Palestinians)?

    As for the huge secret, if I might hazard a guess, I would say that it comprises the aspects of the equation already cited in comments above, but beyond the lack of actual murderous intent (the camps actually being work and not “death” camps) is the crucial element of WHOSE plan it was to incorporate the integrated German Jews into the lists of those to be thus interned.

    What Israel cannot afford is widespread open discussion and subsequent understanding that the plan was given to Hitler (not originating with him or his Party) by the Nazi’s Zionist Party collaborators. The intent was clear, to establish conditions so repressive for those many long integrated European Jews -who had always rejected the philosophical dogma of the Zionists as but the rantings of a noisome extreme minority- that they would be willingly subscribe to the agenda for respite from their plight. This is what the Zionists ultimately meant when they came to Hitler with talk of how to solve “the Jewish question”.

    This is precisely why Israel as a state has maintained the tactic of being the “mad dog” and the “subversive” throughout the world, so as to prime the respective gentile publics for inevitable mindless backlash against ALL Jews in their midst, without differentiating Zionist adherents from non-adherents, when each society reaches its end crisis/collapse through their behind the scenes machinations.

    For this truth to gain broad-based public exposure would be to unmask Zionism (and by extension the Zionist state) for what it is, even to the most unperceptive dullard. That would leave the actual Talmudic mafia provocateurs without their tribal shield and likely result in immediate cessation of support from all quarters (financially and morally).

    It would also leave exposed the ultimate kingpins of the whole charade, the Rothschild money masters. For the world to understand without any doubt how history and their perceptions of it had for so many generations (nay, centuries) been manipulated by design by such a small cabal, would indeed lead to the roundup and lynching of every last member of that family and their associated dynastic families (and their agents).

    Very powerful cause for burying the secret or at the very least marginalizing any who try to make it public with documented evidence.

    Another excellent article, btw.

  53. Gordon, some of your statistics are speculative. The one million figure for Eisenenhower is correct I believe (and that was just soldiers) but the Russians did not kill two million Germans. My understanding is that the Russians actually have an exact figure for this of about 375K.

    It was the allies who starved Germans to death after the war as part of the Montagu Plan. No one knows for sure how many died but it was certainly in the millions. After a census Adenauer said “four million Germans have disappeared”.

    The 500k for Dresden is pure speculation. Nobody will ever know what the true figure is as hundreds of thousands of refugees from Breslau crowded the city and most people were buried in mass graves because of an increasing concern of disease without any counting being done.

    A few years ago German “researchers” spent four years looking at this and came up with an official figure of 25K, which clearly is ridiculously low.

  54. WOW!!! the horror, the horror…

  55. >I have seen excerpts of the Nazi reports which mention the great success at the camps for making munitions.

    And I have seen excerpts that Free Masons worship Lucifer!

    Why is it that posters “in the know” like this Brian dude never include links to supposed documents that prove their point? Or is he a Nazi sworn to secrecy?

    Let’s get started.
    Here’s my link to the Masonry/Lucifer information:

    And while I’m at it, GD’s ramblings are like that as well – a bunch of “scandalous” truths without a single piece of evidence (oh, right – because it’s all secret!)

    >I have seen excerpts of the Nazi reports which mention the great success at the camps for making munitions.

    Did it occur to you that enslavement is a crime against humanity?

    Would you mind to provide the URLs (or post links to whatever resource may seem relevant)?

    >I have seen excerpts of the Nazi reports which mention the great success at the camps for making munitions.

    I’m sure it was – even by today’s made-in-Asia standards – an extremely profitable enterprise! Just think of all the savings because of no minimum wages and retirement benefits!

    >It may be hard to believe but the Nazis used Zyklon B as a pesticide for delousing clothing and other articles to prevent the spread of typhus.

    Well, it’s quite easy to believe considering Hitler’s policies – a “treatment” that’s guaranteed to kill.
    (Also makes one wonder why not all the camps used the same “medicine”.)

    >The Nazis actually allowed the Red Cross to supply food and other necessities to the camps.,,id,284224.htm – out of 5,000 people in the ghetto 4,300 were killed so that the disease doesn’t spread elsewhere – is that your idea of mission accomplished!
    A scan of the original document in German is shown on this page.

  56. You’re a truth teller, Brian…spread it far and wide, as fast as you can! We don’t have alot of time left.

  57. Tj, the mere fact that you support Obama, a mere figurehead who takes orders from the Zionist shadow government, is tragic. Asserting that Obama is the lesser of two evils, as if that justifies the administration’s imposition of a totalitarian police state, is a childish evasion. Obama, the man, whom I didn’t bother to mention, is an irrelevant distraction.

    To gauge this regime’s intent to criminalize free speech, I mentioned the appointment of Elena Kagan and her critically important intent to censor opposition to the leftist ideology as “dangerous”. The appointment of Cass Sunstein as regulatory czar speaks volumes as well. Sunstein has stated (it’s available on video) that Americans are basically Homer Simpsons, and furthermore, has written a recent essay seeking to infiltrate groups who challenge the official 911 narrative and criminalize their activities. Obama the narcissist is nothing if not a thoroughgoing cultural, political, and economic Marxist who seeks to remake America in his own image and likeness. That you think he’s the lesser of two evils is fine. The man and shadow government he fronts for are evil nonetheless. And since you’re so enamored of Marxist strongmen, maybe you should consider moving to Guyana or some despotic African “country” where the police and soldiers rob the citizens with impunity and shoot them for sport.

  58. Alan,
    I went over the 2m figure with a history professor in Germany, born in the Ukraine, the survivor of one of the massacres. There were several mass killings, the one of Ukranian Germans is the least publicized. The 2m figure was “well considered.”
    It is illegal to teach this in Germany.
    I also interviewed Dresden survivors including one American POW who later became a writer.
    The 500k Dresden figure reflects the refugee population in the city, one left out of earlier reports. It is being used now…finally. This reflects 200,000 refugees inside the only city remaining in the region…a story verified in the Klemperer diaries. You should read them if you haven’t already. He was quite a character.
    I actually do my homework…

  59. I don’t have time to find all the articles but here is some information from one of them. By the way I strongly suggest you read the whole article.

    In a June 1944 speech to military commanders, Himmler reported with some satisfaction on the productivity of his enormous camp work force:[24]
    “In this year of the war, 40 million working hours of labor are now devoted to war production every month in the concentration camps. Most, or up to nine-tenths, of the concentration camp inmates are non-Germans and criminals [sic]. They produce one-third of the German fighter planes. One-third of the German rifle barrels are now produced there with just one German foreman for every 90 prisoners. Countless other things are manufactured, from the finest optical instruments to munitions and enormous quantities of mortars and 3.7 flak guns. In addition, these camp workers are building great underground factories.”

    In a secret order of October 26, 1943, to the commandants of the major camps, including Buchenwald, Auschwitz and Lublin (Majdanek), Pohl laid down specific measures to ensure the health and productivity of the internees.[31] Each commandant, he wrote, was to personally see to it that this directive was brought to the attention of his camp administrator and head camp physician, who had to confirm receipt with their signatures. A copy of the order was sent to Himmler.
    Pohl’s directive began by stressing the importance of the camps in the war effort:

    “Because of our work during the past two years, the concentration camps now represent a factor of decisive military importance in armaments production. From nothing we have built an armaments works without parallel.

    In earlier years, because of the educational-rehabilitation purpose that prevailed at the time, it was not important whether the prisoners performed productive work. Now, however, the labor productivity of the prisoners is important, and all measures by commandants, administrators and physicians must be directed above all at maintaining the health and the productivity of the prisoners.
    [...] In this regard, the following are necessary:
    1. Nutrition that is proper and appropriate for the work.
    2. Proper and appropriate clothing.
    3. Use of every natural means of maintaining good health.
    4. Avoidance of all unnecessary exertions unless directly required to maintain productivity.”

  60. Hey Shlomo…how’s the weather in HaMerkaz?

  61. How many did you kill on 911 and the Liberty attack? What about the Cole and Kohbar towers? How many Palestinian kids did you kill today? How many did you kill at the King David hotel?

    Which USA government agency pays you?


  62. Thank you Mr Gordon Duff, for your brilliant expose

    Right Here!


  63. This is a MUST SEE video that backs up Gordons claims from someone who was actually there:

    “Benjamin Freedman Speech”

  64. Robert Hoogenboom

    Unbelievable! What an eye opener! And the present-day Germans young and old, which includes all my friends in Germany and all the Germans I meet on my travels, continue to suffer, with all the war reparations, the phony “Holocaust survivor” pensions, the constant taunts about the war and portrayal of them as evil people, and all he rest of it, because of what these Khazar converts did and are doing right now. Not to mention the Palestinians, of course, and the genocide and ethnic cleansing, that is, the holocaust, that goes on in Palestine today.

  65. Actually I agree with the general sentiment, ulysees.

    About 60 million of us Americans are all or part of German heritage. If it develops there was serious fraud leading up to WWI or WWII that had us killing our kin, the result might be a laugh riot.

    “The horror, the horror” of Dresden is… movable.

  66. I don’t disagree, Tj.

    I point out only my agreement with Gordon Duff’s article, and that the bankers who arranged this war committed a crime that has yet to be widely appreciated much less punished.

    A fellow named Baque wrote a book called OTHER LOSSES that recounts the million or so Germans starved by Eisenhower’s postwar policies. Lots of skinny dead bodies buried then… but Truman’s regime did that. FDR’s regime demanded “unconditional surrender” which pumped up the death toll and prolonged the war.

    Lots of dead and lots of blame to go around. I keep in mind that the Rothschilds really did arrange WWII. In a pinch, the First Cause leads to the First Suspect, as we say in the police biz!

  67. TjBronco,

    You’re a jerk-off. I resent your mocking of others who are serious and trying to set the story straight regarding this most terrible time in human history. If you’re that closeminded and want to believe the official narrative regarding the event called the “Holocaust” with all its fabrications, distortions, contradictions, and outright lies, go right ahead.

  68. “Then whattya wanna do, Dan, Put Palin, Whitman and all these other losers that will destroy a weak,”

    You’re hallucinating, you leftwing windbag.

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