The Plot to Destroy the United States

Synthetic Aperture




By Gordon Duff


The 2010 election had one purpose, war with Iran, even if the risk is world conflict and the real loser, no matter what happens on the battlefield is the United States.”

Plans are in motion for a “false flag” attack on America.   Iran will be blamed, everyone knows that and Iran will be totally innocent.  This is the last thing Iran would ever want.  The most likely scenario is a nuclear attack.  

Two bombs are missing, bombs built by Israel in South Africa and lost long ago.  These were supposedly Saddam’s bombs.  Now we are told Iran has them.  Israel has had them all along and the fear, they may be inside the United States already.

The Israeli game with these weapons is one of the worst kept secrets in the world and has already cost the deaths of many.  It will take nothing short of the detonation of one of this Hiroshima sized Israeli nukes to push America into Israel’s war with Iran, much as hunting for these nukes which Israel informed President Bush were in Iraq, led “the decider” to making one of the many blunders of his career.  Our next 9/11 will be nuclear.

The purpose will be to push America into a 20 year war that will destroy Iran and Pakistan, take oil to over $300 per barrel and collapse the dollar and Euro.  Iran isn’t Iraq of 2003, toothless and starving.  This will be America’s last military adventure, and the end of America’s place in the world as we know it.  We know the details of the proposed military campaign and the military and political leaders who support it are the worst imaginable incompetents and traitors.

Invading Iran is an impossible task for America.  Other than there be no reason whatsoever to engage in such folly, something that, of recent years, seems to concern fewer and fewer Americans.   Turn on the TV, if the “rodeo clown” says “wipe ‘em out” then we do it.

Invading Iran is an impossibility for America. Going to the moon was easier.  No matter how senseless, how impossible, the decision has been made, more in Tel Aviv than Washington, for sure, but one that will be obeyed.

There are only two scenarios that can fulfill the nightmare Israel and her shiny new congress have in store with us.  One is a preemptive nuclear attack on Iran and the other full scale total war with up to 500,000 Americans being drafted into the military.


Forcing America to return to a draft and begin a major war, one America can never really win as with Iraq and Afghanistan and, let us not forget Vietnam, is something absolutely vital to hang around the neck of a Democrat,

America at its best, TEA PARTY ART


especially one of African American ancestry.  Anyone who doesn’t think the real heart of American politics has always been racism is a liar.  Family values means “white” family values.  African Americans know shame at the relief they have felt seeing Muslims targeted for persecution.  Every political position in today’s America is derived from institutionalized racism, be it immigration, health care or “constitution.”

When a return to the “constitution” is brought up, by people who wouldn’t know the document from a Croatian take-out menu, the reality is always race, fear, hate and envy, the glue that holds American society prisoner.  Decades ago, and even more recently during our last presidential election, African Americans were represented as animals, “goyim” to the Jews.  Now we play “Kill the camel jockey.”  Is this why the Christianized army we sent to Afghanistan murders innocent civilians for sport?

An America in total economic collapse will require another “decider” and more “Patriot Acts,” even more totalitarian and vicious than the last, that and an end to the even farcical elections that are now inundated with drug money and cash from US based foreign corporations.

This is the plan and a criminal gang in America, some in government and the military but more behind the scenes, “banksters” and media moguls, many with ties to Israel, are working feverishly to bring it about.  However clever the planners may think they are, their mechanations can be tracked through the media, the army of “Wolf Blitzers” that “work” the American people with the subtlety of carny shills.


Why would anyone want to destroy America, kill millions, leave the nation that has been there to save the world over and over a virtual wasteland?  If you think America’s castrated government or the military, now relegated to acting as virtual mercenaries for drug lords, oil cartels and bizarre Zionist plots, have the will or ability to stop what has already begun, you have not been paying attention for some time.  While the “circus of deception” went on, the utterly phony “war on terror,” imaginary enemies, the 9/11 disaster, orchestrated by Israel and its puppets,

Israel has decided that America is going to war with Iran.  The new congress, the one Israel openly boasts is under their total control, will make it happen, it was why they were put there.  The upcoming war will leave the United States crippled, castrated, a “third world” nuclear power like the old Soviet Union.  The plot isn’t against Iran and Pakistan, that’s just an excuse.  The real enemy is what is left of a free and democratic America.

The real goal is to end America’s leadership role in the world.

Israel has plans for Russia, China and India, especially India, to rule the world with them pulling the strings.  America had been their “milk cow” for some time, now that cow is going to slaughter.

Iranian Patrol Boat



This is how it is going to play out.  The news media has gotten their orders, Wikileaks is part of it.  From now on, key members of congress will, on cue, begin harping about the threat of Iran.  Governments in the Middle East that are under the total control of Israel and the American military will aid in every way possible.  Thus far, of all the Islamic nations in the world, only Syria and Afghanistan are not taking orders from Tel Aviv.

The next step will be to replace key military staff as was done prior to 9/11, with “Israel friendly” third stringers, “dominionists” and “Israeli firsters” who place “end times” religious mythology over the welfare, safety and sovereignty of the United States.  This group has been infiltrating the American military for years and has gained control of every service but the Marine Corps, starting with the United States Air Force.

The military pundits, with their laundered payoffs and free trips to Israel and the dozens of propaganda websites have already begun.  If you have a computer, you can check this easily.  Simply go into your email, it will be filled with warnings of Iran and nuclear terrorism.  An Israeli teenager paid dearly to bring you that message, spending a difficult night in a hotel with one of our political or military “pro-Zionists.”

Our newly elected “Tea Party’ gang will be visiting Israel soon, watch and see, there is a “Monica Lewinsky” in their future.  This is how it works, how it has worked for a long time and why we have sunk so low.

Anyone who talks about “liberal” media is part of it.  A cursory check of who owns the media, “liberal” or any other media is easy.  Israel owns our media, all of it.  The stories will start with tales of Iran controlling the Shiite government of Iraq.  Then you will hear of them controlling Karzai’s government in Afghanistan.


Then the stories will start, Iran has to be tied to terrorist attacks on American troops.  Watch for this.  Americans will start dying and Iran will be blamed.  Wikileaks started this with their fanciful stories about Iranians training Iraq in making explosives.  A few years ago, we invaded Iraq because we believed they were building nuclear weapons, or so we were misinformed, now they can’t build pipe bombs without Iranian help?  Wikileaks is a clear demonstration at how childish, how outlandish the lies are going to be.  Wikileaks is prestaging terror attacks on Americans as much as if they made the bombs themselves, no question about that.

Every media outlet that, under specific directions, carries the “party line” on Wikileaks and the rest of it, no matter how absurd, carries these fabrications without question or embarrassment, should be considered a terrorist organization and their employees enemy combatants.

It will be Israel doing the killing just as with 9/11 and the USS Liberty and, frankly, so many other times Americans have died, like the Marines killed in Beirut, an attack Israel admitted knowing of in advance.  More and more, we are finding everything was “known” in advance, “known” because those who knew planned it.

Getting the scene set, all the assets in place, buying or blackmailing congress, keeping the president surrounded by Israeli advisors as he is today, silencing voices of reason in the military, all this is going on right now.

Years have been spent branding Iran and Pakistan as dangerous, the press continually ignoring reports that Iran has no nuclear program or endlessly repeating outrageous rumors that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are almost in the hands approaching “Taliban” forces.  With Karzai’s government Afghanistan openly negotiating with the Taliban after American forces, 9 years of fighting, have only managed to secure 3% of the country, building a case for war tied to Iranian “interference” in that conflict is going to be unmarketable.

This leaves Pakistan.  Drone attacks in Pakistan have brought about considerable destabilization and an increase in terrorism in Pakistan.  They have, as seemingly planned, worked to harm American interests in the region while attempting to bring about the dissolution of Pakistan.  Continual reports of American contractors in Pakistan, working for the CIA and State Department, aiding terrorists, go unreported in the American media.  Even when caught with weapons and explosives inside Pakistan, such reports are suppressed.

Increasingly, evidence is showing that the Mumbai attack, the massive terror assault on India blamed on Pakistan, was orchestrated by one of these American groups.


However, considering the financial collapse engineered though Bush era deregulation frauds combined with unstable tax policies and massive increase in government spending, combined with cost of two failed wars, America’s options are limited.  There is simply no revenue to pay the current military without rollbacks or sustain moderate capabilities and readiness.  America is too broke, not just to fight a new war but to continue the two that are going or even maintain a fully peacetime force at near current levels.

In fact, our military expenditures need to be cut by 30% or more, as studies being reviewed by the Department of Defense and congress are showing.  We have the choice of cutting back now or dealing with consequences later, including, not only cuts in military and veterans health care but substantial cuts in pensions and disability compensation as well.

Another war, and there is no question that another war is planned, will push American debt to $20 trillion or more, half being military expenditures, always a combination of pork, payoffs and “misplaced” weaponry and the rest looted from the economy by the planned massive manipulation of oil prices made possible by the shutoff of world petroleum supplies.



In March, 2010, a Chinese built missile factory opened in Iran.  The plant builds a variety of missiles, primarily anti-ship, with ranges from 100 to 300 miles or more.  These are advanced weapons that can be launched from hardened facilities along Iran’s rugged coastline, from aircraft, both fixed and rotary, from patrol boats, from nearly anything.  One of these missiles can sink a frigate, perhaps even a destroyer.  Several can disable an aircraft carrier.  Approaching Iran from sea is impossible.

Iran controls Hormuz, not just with missiles but patrol boats as well, and not just from their own shore but from the islands in the gulf, some of which were seized 30 years ago and are still held.

The government of the United Arab Emirates has discussed, from time to time, a canal bypassing the strait, through to Oman and into the Persian Gulf.  However, the cost would be outrageous as a ridge of hills would have to be crossed, something difficult to manage with a lock system capable of handing the largest ships in the world, oil supertankers.

The missiles, the torpedo boats and the almost impossible network of islands and swamps along the coast would make suppressing Iran’s capabilities impossible.  The strait would close, oil would stop, Iraq, Iran certainly, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  In days, currencies would collapse, stock markets shut down, gas lines would form and gas rationing would be required around the world.  All western economies would disappear overnight.

Iranian Facilities at Hormuz


There is simply no way into Iran by land.  We can barely keep American troops in Afghanistan supplied with many routes being hundreds of miles long, narrow roads from the Port of Karachi in Pakistan.  Recently we found how easily this supply line could be cut off.  Agreements with Iran, not to mention religious affiliations between Shiites in Iraq, the majority there and the Shiite based government in Iran, make an approach through Iraq impossible.

We could also consider that our existing forces in Iraq and the entire Persian Gulf could be cut off by Iran with no resupply by sea possible for, not only Iraq but Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq.  These nations and the US forces there would be immediately isolated.  The only way in to Iran, restricted because of the topography, is through the province of Baluchistan, a remote area of Pakistan that borders Iran.



This isolated region has become the staging area for attacks against Iran, supposedly by Jundallah “rebels” but actually orchestrated by the Mossad and CIA.  There are two independence movements wanting to break Baluchistan from Pakistan.  One of the leaders I met in Islamabad while he was recovering from gunshot wounds.  The other lives in Israel, surprise-surprise.

Because of the topography of Iran, the only way to approach Tehran is over more than a thousand miles of valleys.  They can only be approached through Pakistan and there is only one port that serves that region.  The only way to resupply other than through this small Chinese built port, Gwadar, is to truck into Kandahar, hundreds of miles, then back down into Pakistan, following the 500,000 man army into Iran in something closely akin to Napoleon’s ill fated invasion of Russia, but even worse if that is possible.

Gwadar, Baluchistan, Pakistan

Tiny port, dirt roads, narrow gauge rail only

The military analogies are inescapable, Dien Bien Phu and Stalingrad are two that come to mind.  Though the government of Pakistan lacks strong civilian leadership and is largely dependent on US aid, the use of Pakistan’s territory for another aggressive war in the Middle East that will perceived by almost all the world’s population, not just Muslims, as a sign of Israel’s control of the United States and its ability to get America to commit any crime, will not be acceptable to the people of Pakistan.  It is also highly unlikely that even Karzai’s government in Afghanistan would abide such an action.

Thus, America could become beset, not just from Pakistan but by its own allies in Afghanistan and, quite possibly, the newly trained and surprisingly effective army in Iraq as well.

America would become a rogue state, even if purporting to respond to a devastating terrorist attack.  In the aftermath of 9/11, America lacks any credibility.  The second a disaster strikes inside America, the world will immediately assume the worst, Israel has deemed such an act necessary to push America to war.  No rational person could assume otherwise.


In order to stabilize the situation with our allies, those likely to become enemies, it will likely necessitate the decapitation of several regimes, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan initially.  Others will quickly fall into line though some will be directly under the control of Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in particular.  They will become indefensible except through massive airlift, resources that will be needed elsewhere.  Half the troops needed to secure America’s lines of supply left military service after multiple deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq for nearly a decade.  Many are sick, some are homeless and hundreds of thousands are simply “fed up.”

This leaves the new citizen army, the one America had to turn to because of a “9/11 – Pearl Harbor” disaster fewer and fewer believe the cover story on as days go by.  Even in America, despite what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu thinks, you can only fool people so many times.  The most glaring example of the lack of foresight some of our “War College” grads have can be seen in the Gwadar Port facilities, the only place American can use for supplies for the most difficult invasion in history, with, perhaps, the exception of Okinawa.



The 2010 election paid for a war, there is no question of that.  Many of the puppets in America’s government had to be replaced as there was fear some of them might object to something as obscene as what is in the planning.  Lies, fear mongering and childish rhetoric had never reached the levels seen in 2010.  Never had a nation, since Germany in 1932, gone over to the “darkside” as clearly as America has done, a rejection of decency and common sense.

When the bill becomes due, and it most certainly will, that “smaller government” so many thought they would get will most certainly come true.  What won’t happen is a return to constitutional rule, that will be gone forever.  Habeas Corpus won’t be missed so much in a country where those without the cash to buy their way out of military service, yes, that great American tradition, will be one step ahead of the press gangs working to keep the military training camps filled to capacity.  America may, quite likely, have bitten off a bit too much, a world war, and this time, no allies, none, not a chance.


  • SOCIAL SECURITY: Plans for less government have always been around, we have seen attempts to put these plans in place many times, starting with attempts to have Social Security declared unconstitutional back in the 1930s.  This will be first to go, Social Security.  Getting rid of Social Security has long been a dream of the GOP, either through outlawing it as “Socialism,” or “borrowing” the trust fund to cover war expenses or, more recently “privatization.”  Now, none of those will be needed.  The money will simply disappear overnight, not to pay war expenses, not hardly.  It will be split up and stashed in Swiss bank accounts the same place the “bail out” money went, the same place every 401k in America went, the same place the assets of our largest banks went.
  • MEDICARE/MEDIAID: They will be the next to go.  States will be asked to pay fund this themselves.  There won’t be any more questions about illegal aliens using our medical care, there won’t be any, not for them, not for the poor or not for the senior citizens who paid into medicare all their lives.  Just because it was paid for doesn’t mean the government can’t simply break its promise, there are loyalties more powerful and more important that our government has than to the people.  9/11 proved that to any rational person.
  • TAX INCREASES: The time for borrowing, counterfeit money, the “Federal Reserve System” and selling T -Bills will be over.  China and Iran are close.  China will be finished with us, India too and no more Arab money.  The dollar, the instrument we use to buy oil, fertilizer, metals and so many other things, will be worthless.  We are going to have to invent a new form of monopoly money or go on the barter system.  The dollar, as a world currency, will disappear.
  • SCHOOLS SHUT DOWN: One good thing, schools will shut down.  Thus, America’s inferior education system will no longer do the damage it once did.  Along with that, mothers will be home to take care of children, a “blast from the past.”  The downside, of course, the mothers will have lost their jobs, the homes will be unheated, some with no electricity, more with no water, all eventually repossessed and, unless the government starts giving out food as it had in the past, we will see starvation.  The money that financed Food Stamps will be long gone.
  • MILITARY AND VETERANS PENSIONS HALVED: Long seen as “freeloaders,” veterans and military retirees will be cut off.  Pensions once seen as a “promise” have long been referred to as “entitlements.”  Any entitlement can be “unentitled” and these will.
  • MILITARY PAY CUT: Troops in Vietnam were paid $30 dollars a week.  We are going to see that again.


The draft, worthless money, gas lines, martial law, metal detectors in supermarkets, cameras everywhere, everything filmed, recorded, everyone every day, biometrics, face recognition, these things will be part of our lives from now on.  These are the plans and putting this machinery in place, much of it “designed” in Israel, is what Americans voted for, this and the invasion of Iran, part of a war where only Americans will fight and die.

No one cares about Iran.  No knowledgeable person ever thought they had nuclear weapons or wanted them.  It was never about them.  They were never a target, they were never a threat.  The threat, the target, was always the United States.  We were the danger, a free people.

Free people can’t be trusted, can’t be managed.

The plans are in place to bring that to an end.  How many Americans will continue to be a part of it?

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379 Comments for “The Plot to Destroy the United States”

  1. Tricked By The Gods

    And to those here who like to spout Soro’s as dangerous, because Glen Beck or some other right wing propagandist says he is, perhaps you should include the Koch brothers in with Soro’s. The Koch brothers are behind many political and ruling class fronts. Their father was one of the founders of the John Birch society.

    And the author of this article, who may be way off base about some of what he wrote was right on about the “dominionists” or end timers, who seem to think by pushing for WWIII they will quicken Christs return. We also are seeing a rise in the Christian Identity Movement, a movement full of racists, bigots, militia, white supremacists, Birchers, tenthers, these people will most likely be the ones whose actions will bring on martial law in this country.

  2. Tricked By The Gods


  3. Tricked By The Gods

    You are all wrong. It’s the banksters, the crooksters on Wall Street, the multinational corporations, the anti US Chamber Of Commerce and our bought and paid for corporate whores in DC who will bring this nation down.

    The enemy is within. The Citizens United decision was the final nail in our coffin. In the future all of our politicians, not just some or many but ALL of our politicians will be corporate puppets.

    Thanks to the Citizens United decision which gives a corporation the same rights as a person, any politician who dares oppose any corporate agenda or legislation which favors the corporations will be out spent in his or her next election cycle and be replaced by a corporate friendly stooge.

    All of this fear mongering and sabre rattling about Iran, Terrorists, Israel, China, Venezuela, North Korea, it’s all a distraction to keep our attention and focus off of the enemy within our own walls.

    We give tax subsidies to American businesses who CREATE jobs overseas. We allow corporations like Exxon-Mobile, Bank Of America, GE and Google, just to name a few, to not pay NOTHING in US taxes, yet the brainwashed lemmings complain about social safety net programs and welfare for the neediest.

    We bail out the banks yet allow them and MERS to illegally foreclose on homes in which they don’t even hold the original note. We have economic and financial terrorists working on Wall Street who nearly collapsed our economy and have destroyed hundred of thousands peoples lives yet not one of these economic or financial terrorists are in prison.

    America is the new Babylon spoken of in the bible. Mammon is the God we worship and capitalism is our new religion. Our future will be what we deserve.


  5. Wake-up throw the first stone see where that will take you! Is the harlot USA heading for war HELL YES! Many people in this wonderful USA can barely keep their off the TV and mistresses skirts to see that USA is heading for some type of shake-up. Do the people in other countries want to go to war HELL NO!

    We folks are heading into war war III; rock and roll, TV, sports, shopping, eating, sex, alcohol, or drugs can’t stop the panic that people are feeling. Something is happening and it won’t be shown on local government run news!

    Wake-up, Wake-up, Wake-up the hour is soon upon this nation. With unemployment high people losing everything, families breaking up, college graduates unable to find work, YES our beautiful harlot USA is coming down, down, down on her knees!

  6. Murdoch is jewish, and more rabidly zionists than Perle or Wolfowitz, if that’s possible. Peter

  7. Posted at Snippits and Snappits along with The Ugly Truth Podcast, Nov 19, 2010.

    Thank you, once again, Mr. Duff, for pulling together so many pieces. I was unable to even introduce it as I often do, mere words are not enough, are they?

  8. Schlomo Ben Schlomo

    Hoffman, Wait…You are a Christian? Just for the record Hoffman with one “n” is a Jewish surename. Care to explain why you masquerade as a Christian? If you really are a Christian, have you denounced your Jewish heritage?

  9. Well done Gordon Duff! You have actually got SOME people thinking, which can only be a good thing, even if you are wrong, which I personally doubt.
    BTW I am the only person who knows how to use a comma so far. What does that say??

  10. George,
    BTW, I was on Radio Tehran today in a discussion about veterans medical service in the US. Shensiki will be under his desk for awhile on that one.

  11. 58,000+ views. Congratulations Mr. Duff, I believe this entry has officially gone viral.

  12. There is some merit in Gordon Duff’s article.
    America has for many years now NOT been backing its currency with gold. To maintain its currency value it got the Saudis and other OPEC nations to agree that oil sales should be in US dollars. All America then had to do for paying for its oil was to print more currency.
    Saddam when faced difficulty in selling his Iraqi oil started to sell Iraqi oil in whatever currency he could get and that is why he had to go – there were no weapons of mass destruction. Baby Bush and indeed the whole world knew that!
    [Baby Bush lied to the American people on something that was so fundamental to their lives but was not impeached, while poor Bill Clinton, who lied on something the average man would have lied on and on something only his family should have been bothered, was hauled up and before the House of Representatives, making America the laughing stock of the world.]
    Hugo Chavez is now America’s major irritant because he has said he will sell Venezuelan oil for any currency other than the US dollar. That is why there have been quite a few attempts on his life. For the same reason Iran is now enemy No 1 for the US – it is not Iran’s ability to build nuclear weapons but it’s control in many ways of world petroleum supply that worries America. What is the use of having nuclear bombs? The only country that has ever used a nuclear bomb is America and the whole world knows the consequences of using a nuclear bomb and that America has no compunctions about using it.
    I don’t know how much involvement there is of Israel in all of America’s shenanigans around the world, but one thing is certain, it is American support for Israel that is responsible for most of America’s international problems.
    As for 9/11 watch the movie Loose Change

  13. Bush was controlled by the tribe, too.

    Richard Perle (Jewish)

    Paul Wolfowitz (Jewish)

    Douglas Feith (Jewish)

    Edward Luttwak (Jewish)

    Henry Kissinger (Jewish)

    Dov Zakheim (Jewish)

    Kenneth Adelman (Jewish)

    I. Lewis Libby (Jewish)

    Robert Satloff (Jewish)

    Elliott Abrams (Jewish)

    Marc Grossman (Jewish)

    Richard Haass (Jewish)

    Robert Zoellick (Jewish)

    Ari Fleischer (Jewish)

    James Schlesinger (Jewish)

    David Frum (Jewish)

    Joshua Bolten (Jewish)

    John Bolton (Jewish)

    David Wurmser (Jewish)

    Eliot Cohen (Jewish)

    Mel Sembler (Jewish)

    Michael Chertoff (Jewish)

    Steve Goldsmith (Jewish)

    Adam Goldman (Jewish)

    Joseph Gildenhorn (Jewish)

    Christopher Gersten (Jewish)

    Mark Weinberger (Jewish)

    Samuel Bodman (Jewish)

    Bonnie Cohn (Jewish)

    Ruth Davis (Jewish)

    Daniel Kurtzer (Jewish)

    Cliff Sobel (Jewish)

    Stuart Bernstein (Jewish)

    Nancy Brinker (Jewish)

    Frank Lavin (Jewish)

    Ron Weiser (Jewish)

    Mel Sembler (Jewish)

    Martin Silverstein (Jewish)

    Lincoln Bloomfield (Jewish)

    Jay Lefkowitz (Jewish)

    Ken Melman (Jewish)

    Brad Blakeman (Jewish)

    Bush was controlled by the tribe, too.

    Richard Perle

    Paul Wolfowitz

    Douglas Feith

    Edward Luttwak

    Henry Kissinger

    Dov Zakheim

    Kenneth Adelman

    I. Lewis Libby

    Robert Satloff

    Elliott Abrams

    Marc Grossman

    Richard Haass

    Robert Zoellick

    Ari Fleischer

    James Schlesinger

    David Frum

    Joshua Bolten

    John Bolton

    David Wurmser

    Eliot Cohen

    Mel Sembler

    Michael Chertoff

    Steve Goldsmith

    Adam Goldman

    Joseph Gildenhorn

    Christopher Gersten
    More of Bush's Jews.

    Mark Weinberger

    Samuel Bodman

    Bonnie Cohn

    Ruth Davis

    Daniel Kurtzer

    Cliff Sobel

    Stuart Bernstein

    Nancy Brinker

    Frank Lavin

    Ron Weiser

    Mel Sembler

    Martin Silverstein

    Lincoln Bloomfield

    Jay Lefkowitz

    Ken Melman

    Brad Blakeman

    This is why Bush “threw” the war in Afghanistan and went into Iraq. Saddam was Israel’s number one enemy at the time. Bush’s Jews told him to forget Afghanistan and instead fight for the Jews……which he did.

    Guess what, Iran is now Israel’s number one enemy. Yeah….get the connection yet ???

    • Richard Haass, the jewish president of the CFR is the puppeteer for Hillary, just like he was the puppeteer for Condaleeza Rice. He sits just under the table, as undersecretary of State, where he implements the plan he laid out in the book he wrote in 2005 called “The Opportunity”. Administrations change, but the CFR tools stay in place. Is there any Democrat who can explain why Clinton hired Condaleeza Rice’s undersecretary.

      Why would Obama put one of the GOP’s main operatives within his administration? Because we don’t have two independent major parties, we have to parties run by jews to carry out the jewish agenda. The left/right stuff on abortion and gay rights is a distraction to keep America from recognizing the threat.

      Since when has Judaism not been at war with Christianity. You would think that after 60 million Christians were slaughtered in the most vile gruesome ways possible, in Russia by the Bolsheviks who came from Brooklyn, Christians would have a clue about their fate if they don’t wake up. This is war. They are winning because they know its a war. Christians have been fooled into becoming Christian-zionist, because they follow a jew written scam bible, instead of the real one. It’s the Christian zionist in law enforcement and the military who are going to do the jew’s dirty work against Christianity, when the jews spring their trap (like they did in Russia). The first people to be hauled away will be people like me. We will be labeled ‘domestic terrorist’. The Christian-zionist will be proud and anxious to do their job for Israel, when the trap is sprung.

    • Are these the failed X Factor contestants?

    • This list reminds me of similar list that the Nazis had running in their film “Der Ewige Jude” where they showed the pictures and names of the most important, famous and influential Jews of their time. It must be noted that despite all the Nazi bluster, they were not even able to touch them but instead went after and killed the poor working average Jews who paid the price for others. Prejudice exists when all are blamed for the bad actions of a few. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the elite, rich and famous, everyone under them is expendable and should take the fall for them since they are too big and important to fail or fall.

  14. Jewish Bigotry

    If one says “I’m Jewish” when asked about oneself, it is akin to saying “I’m white” or “I’m black”. It’s a racist reply. Now, exceptions being the number one rule in life, if one says “I’m Jewish”……and is currently awaiting the arrival of the “Jewish Messiah”, then that person isn’t giving a racist reply….but those people aren’t the majority of Jews as we know them…..

    ……..(those aren’t the Jews thieving on Wall Street, our Congress, our White House, Cabinet, etc., nor are those the Jews of Israel constantly attacking and/or threatening their neighbors while refusing to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty).

    To say “I’m Jewish” is no reflection of one’s ethnic or national background, either, something that I suspect 90% of the Earth’s inhabitants relate to as an identity. Instead, “I’m Jewish” refers to a midset of bigotry and superiority…..akin to what is often protrayed as quite evil on Jewish TV, except there it’s “white supremacy” that’s seen as evil. “I’m Jewish” is a reference to racist mindset of “Jewish Supremacy” (bigotry), just as “I’m White” or “I’m Black” would refer to a racist mindset, but in case of the Jews it’s more of a “Tribal Supremacy” (tribal racism) not based on race, but more along the line of a radical cult.

    There is no avoiding the idea of an inherent “Supremacist” mindset with Jew, and in this case, using ol’ fashioned terminology, it’s another, yet greater, case of prejudiced/racial bigotry, albeit with the cult/tribal twist, as their bigotry is world wide and defies regional borders and/or ethnicities.

    To say “I’m Jewish” is to say “I’m superior”. ….thus admitting to being what would otherwise be seen as a racist bigot. To even think of relating the reply to a country as an identity (as most all other people normally do) would require the reply to be “I’m Israeli”….thus revealing the traitorous nature involved in being Jewish and not living in Israel.

    If one truthfully replied to a nationality or region as the rest of the world does for an identity, one would either be American or Israeli. If one replied American, there would be no Jewish issue. But if one replied in truth, “Israeli”, then we would have to see them as being more loyal to a foreign country, even to the detriment of our own. We would have Traitors in our midst.

    Therein lies the motivation why so many American Jews have spied for Israel against America. Therein lies the motivation for the Jews in our government to reward their thieving kin on Wall Street and why those thieving kin on Wall Street reward their thieving kin in our government. They consistently empty our Treasury for reasons that never benefit America. They are loyal to Jews and Israel first. Their loyalty there is from that very “supremacist” mindset….outright bigotry. That means Jews see the rest of us as being inferior. Jews are prejudiced bigots.


  15. Ever wonder why our government supports the apartheid state of Nazi Israel and their attempts to annihilate what’s left of their half-brother’s family and steal even more of their land ??? Israel has nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and attacks more of it’s neighbors than any other mideast nation. And Americans donate more tax dollars to those blood thirsty Jews than any other nation.

    Here is why.

    Ever wonder why our government donated over a trillion dollars to those “failed” Jewish banks on Wall Street that created worthless derivates…

    ……and sold them to America’s retirement and pension funds knowing they were worthless all along ???

    Here’s the reason.

    Obama’s White House (Obama’s owners)

    (Radical) Rahm Emanuel(Jewish) –Chief of Staff

    Mona Sutphen(Jewish) – Deputy Chief of Staff

    David Axelrod (Jewish) – Senior Advisor to the President

    Lee Feinstein (Jewish) – Foreign Policy Adivsor

    Benjamin Bernanke(Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Reserve System

    Timothy Geithner(Jewish) – Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department

    Lawrence Summers(Jewish) – Chairman, National Economic Council

    Paul Volcker(Jewish) – Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board

    Jared Bernstein(Jewish) – Chief Economist and Economic Adviser, Vice President

    Peter Orszag(Jewish) – Director, Office of Management and Budget(OMB)

    Gary Gensler(Jewish) – Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission(CFTC)

    Mary Schapiro(Jewish) – Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)

    Sheila Bair(Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)

    Karen Mills(Jewish) – Administrator, Small Business Administration (SBA)

    Christina Romer(Jewish husband) – Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers

    Elena Kagan (Jewish)– Solicitor General

    Dennis Ross(Jewish) – Special Advisor for the Gulf and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of State


    Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)

    Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)

    Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.)

    Carl Levin (D-Mich.)

    Al Franken (D-Minn.)

    Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.)

    Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.)

    Ron Wyden (D-Ore.)

    Arlen Specter (R-Pa.)

    Russell Feingold (D-Wisc.)

    Herb Kohl (D-Wisc.)

    Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD)

    Bernard Sanders (I-VT)

    Jews in the House of Representatives

    Howard Berman (D-Calif.)

    Susan Davis (D-Calif.)

    Bob Filner (D-Calif.)

    Jane Harman (D-Calif.)

    Jackie Speier (D-Calif.)

    Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)

    Brad Sherman (D-Calif.)

    Howard Waxman (D-Calif.)

    Peter Deutsch (D-Fla.)

    Robert Wexler (D-Fla.)

    Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.)
    (Son of a Jewish terrorist now in Oval Office controlling Obama)

    Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.)

    Ben Cardin (D-Md.)

    Barney Frank (D-Mass.)

    Sander Levin (D-Mich.)

    Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.)

    Steve Rothman (D-N.J.)

    Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.)

    Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.)

    Steve Israel (D-N.Y.)

    Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.)

    Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.)

    Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)

    Martin Frost (D-Texas)

    Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

    Bernard (Barney) Sanders (Ind-Vt.)

    Stephen Cohen (D-NH)

    Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ)

    Paul Hodes (D-NH)

    Steve Kagen (D-WI)

    Ronald Klein (D-FL),

    John Yarmuth (D-KY).

  16. Wow. Almost all of you guys would fit right in with Nazi Germany. Is VT a nazi website?

    • Matt

      Forget about Nazi Germany and all other cheap rhetoric. Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine was conspired before Hitler’s one.

      Colonialism – When Theodor Hartzl, the ideological founder of the Zionist movements in the 1890s, was asked what he proposed to do with the indigenous Palestinian population when his “state of the Jews” become a reality, he replied, “We will quietly spirit them across the boarder”.
      Source: Free America Now

      Joseph Weitz, the head of the Jewish Agency’s colonization department, confirmed this in his 1940 diary. “It must be clear”, he wrote, “that there is no room for both people’s together in this country … not one (Arab) village, not one tribe should be left”. Source: Free America Now

      In 1923 Vladimir Jabotinsky, leading intellectual of the Zionist movement and father of the right wing of that movement,…wrote: “Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population – behind an The Iron Wall , which the native population cannot breach.” First published in Russian under the title O Zheleznoi Stene in Rassvyet, 4 November 1923. Source: The Iron Wall

  17. You guys are insane.

    • Please, don’t respond with an explanation of how – until recently – 5 out of 6, of Obama’s top economic advisers were jews, and how that could come about with someone conspiring; just call people names, and refer to them as ‘conspiracy theorist. Then your job will be done for the day, and you can tell your Mossad supervisor where to send your check.

    • Show us your sanity by presenting the Israeli Peace Plan today!?! Please present us the Map of Ehud Barak’s ‘best offer’ at Camp David (2000).

      Ths two points I mentioned will expose Israeli conspiracy.

      Remember, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians was conspired back in 1890s!

      No side tracking please. I mean please present your facts to demonstrate your sanity.

  18. The sign of a crazy author who desperately wants people to assure him he’s not crazy?

    “No rational person could assume otherwise.”

    Suggest that anyone who believes differently is an idiot. Maybe I’ll write up an article on how to tell when someone is completely full of it, using this article as a case study. There are so many logical fallacies in this article, it … well, it actually makes for quite a funny read, to be honest. Or, at least, it would be funny if there weren’t people who actually believed this stuff.

    • So are you saying it was funny or you didn’t find it funny? Can’t you supremacist write a coherent sentence?

      Go ahead and write your article. It will be akin to a tree falling in the middle of a dense forest (no pun intended). You can only bs people for so long before you lose credibility. All jews have NO credibility, because you’re all supremacist. Your collective ability to open up your brains and let some truth in, has been eclipsed by your jewish ego.

      Any conspiracy theory is beyond any jew’s comprehension. That’s been proven time and time again by the way ALL jews belittle anyone who can add 2 plus two and come up with four. If Understanding that conspiracies have always existed – as long as man has roamed this earth – and how they operate is toooooooo complicated for jews, then maybe you should stfu and let people with a clue do the talking (and writing).

    • I trust Gordon and not an elitist like you.

      Anyway please show us the Israeli Peace Plan today!?! Please present us the Map of Ehud Barak’s ‘best offer’ at Camp David (2000).

      Ths two points I mentioned will expose Israeli conspiracy.

      Remember, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians was conspired back in 1890s!

  19. Is that all? I feel like North Korea could’ve been worked in there somewhere… I know, Kim Jong Il is actually the secret leader of the Tea-Party, and he’s secretly Jewish too. Add that to the article please. Thanks.

  20. You are Funking NUTS!!!!!!

  21. I feel as if I stumbled into an insane asylum. Not only is the writer of this article a star patient, but some of the comments show me what nuts are out there. God help us all.

    • Stumble? People like you are institutionalized against their will. You won’t have to do any stumbling when your time comes. We’ll round up you assholes all at once and stumble you into an oven where all supporters of the Ashkenazi crime network belong.

      • You sound certifiable–I hope you get some help somewhere before you do something dangerous. You give the Irish (which I am) a bad name.

        • I must be certifiable, because Jon Stewart (Jon Lebowitz) says that all who oppose the jewish agenda are insane. We can only ‘restore sanity’ when we toe the jewish line, and ignore the commission of capital crimes by gang members. Good luck with that theme. You mossad worms can only turn reality on its head for so long. The laughter will stop abruptly one day, when Jon Stewart’s flock of young gentile idiots realized they’ve been duped.

          I don’t need help. I deal in logic and reason, while you and all the other supporters of Israel respond with pointless name calling, pure bullshit, and mockery. I need traitors who support Israel to be held accountable for the capital crimes they are committing. I need all who aid and abet those crimes (like you for instance) to be prosecuted too.

          I doubt you’re Irish. Irish people are fighters. You’ve already rolled over to have your belly tickled by the zionist. We all know that most of the people who claim to be ‘Irish’ or whatever, to support their attack on an Irish man (or whoever is being defamed), are working for Mossad and they are jews. That’s not a conspiracy theory. You jews have already admitted that that’s what’s going on. You think anglos only read sports illustrated. I’ve read ‘The Opportunity’ by Richard Haass, so I have no doubt what you traitors have been planning for years. You’ve written it all out for us. We don’t have to theorize. Dig deep enough, and you find jews bragging about their worldwide scam. So-called ‘free trade’ and unbridled immigration are the tools of your trade. Gee what group of people could be behind that treachery?? You own Rush, Hannity, and all the rest. That’s why they all support the treason that is free trade and unbridled immigration.

          • Joe Ryan—Unfortunitely She probably is Irish and the church disease has her. I’ve seen what it does to family members (I’m Irish, I’m speaking of my sisters). There is a God, but the horror show of Christianity paralizes the brain and the conscience. I don’t think women should be allowed an opinion about anything; they don’t have the mental capacity.

        • Anne, you are either a certified jewish supremacist or a certified brain dead sheeple/shill!


        • Hay Anne,

          Wow Wake-up the Irish do have a name because of people just like you! So what the heck are you doing reading some article that your mind finds totally insane – then writing in to let others know – oh yea how simple minded and sheerly sheeple you are as well!

          Give your self a gift and don’t write in with your comments regarding how certified someone is when you my dear are partaking in it as well:>)

          Yes, our harlot USA is quickly approaching total collapse some will think it’s God’s sign on just how corrupt this nation really is, while others might say what the heck took so long!

          Mark these words – USA can not continue as it currently is people are suffering, people will get upset and if another country doesn’t come into war with us then for some reason there will be internal unrest since there are no jobs, no unemployment, no money=no shelter, no food, no water, no toilet paper = lots of angry people and children. DHS can’t save us, social workers can’t save us, police can only do so much = martial law!

    • Thank you for playing, Anne, NEXT!

    • So what are you partaking in the topic anyway, goes to show others your a sheeple since you had to put in your three sentences and comment’s!

      Anne, you aren’t so different then others even if your think you are! You still drink H2O, eat, ware clothes, sleep, and, don’t you princess!

      Yes the harlot USA is going to war, Wake-Up, Wake-Up, Wake-up, even if your making over 100 thousand a year, what’s taking place will affect you too! When this countries people have no jobs, no money, families are broken-up, a guy can get some a.s for a drink or lunch at Jack’s. don’t you think this will somehow affect your life as well? Even if you live in a secure fenced in housing complex I am sure you aware of people getting their diamonds and rare goods stolen!

      Of course what’s taking place in the USA and up coming war will affect you too sheeple princess. I hope your serious about God helping us because he is the only one that can help us!

  22. Gordon or whatever fictitious name it is deserves a medal. This is almost a great article for a fiction-book. We need to praise the hatemonger for the ability to be almost convincing, if it wasn’t for the far fetch exaggeration and the excessive hate against the Jews.
    The author also made another little mistake; he forgot that the present Iranian behavior is actually the result of Jim Carter being unfit for president of the US.
    If the US would have bombed an Iranian military installation for every American hostage every day in captivity that they got from the US embassy in 1984, today the Muslim-Iranians would appear civilized.
    Once in Connecticut, my coworker, a former German citizen showed me the scars of stab wounds on his legs from bayonet stabbings performed by a Nazi solder when my co-worker had bee a young boy. As if the stabbings had not been sufficient, the soldiers poured alcohol on the wounds and say “Dance Jew dance.”
    If the Iranians would not strive to re-establish the Grand Persian Empire—from Egypt to Greece to India, and Southern Russia, Israel would be without threats.
    If Gordon has not yet accept secular superior thinking of Israel even though sinful in some areas, than Gordon’s masters need to read the bible and see what is coming to Israel’s enemies.

  23. I was about to write something very similar Steve. Thanks for beating me to it. This article would be hilarious if not for the racist intent behind it. Well I gotta admit, I still laughed. Its to ludicrous not to.

  24. What a pathetic bunch of “veterans” and miscreants. Your paranoid, deranged anti-semitism brings you discredit and disdain. Your rambling comments about Jews are shameful and full of hatred and libel. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Take your medication and go away.

    • Take your medication

      Wow, how original. Couldn’t you have at least called us Conspiracy theorists. “Paranoid”. Oh that hurts so bad I think I’ll quit talking about the ashkenazi crime network. But not until I remind everyone to google, Kosovo organ stealing ring gets busted and see what you find. Here’s some of the story.

      Western law enforcement officials said they suspected the ring might be part of a larger criminal network whose nexus was in Israel. In September, five doctors from South Africa were charged with participating in an international kidney-trading syndicate in which dozens of poor Brazilians and Romanians were paid for kidneys for wealthy Israelis. Analysts said the organ-trafficking case was part of a disturbing global trend in which unscrupulous traffickers take advantage of the growing waiting lists of desperate patients and the vulnerability of poor people further buffeted by the international financial crisis.

    • Joseph you are the biggest anti-Semite! Don’t you know the fact that the ARABS (Christian and Muslims) are Semites!!

      By the way, please allow me to expose the turth i.e. you are a racist and fascist by asking the questions below:
      Under waht law, moral and authority the Semites are superior to all?
      Why ‘Antisemitism” is the cardianl sin of the century?
      why Antiamericanism is not a crime?

  25. Why do people always think Murdoch is not jewish? Just because his family “supposedly” converted to Anglicanism. Please, his mother’s maiden name was greencastle. Murdoch is jewish, and so is his zionist empire, period.

    • Steve you are completely right. This article is the most stupidest, lameist, slanderous thing I have ever read. This writer wants Iran to have nukes so they can bomb Israel and us. He is probably a Muslim or Nazi. As far as I am concerned we should nuke Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, every muslim nation who has one terrorist living there should be wiped out. if there is a terrorist living next door to you, you should know it and report him but the muslims dont report them so they are just as guilty.

      • ROFL! u serious? you sound just as slanderous. Sure lets nuke every place that has ever had one terrorist there. Sorry my friend, but America would be one of the first to go. And just about every other country on the globe. And if Iran or any other place wanted to, and had a gameplan to, nuke us or Israel. They would have done it by now. It is ill-informed people like yourself that make the rest of the world hate us. They think we are morons because we believe everything we are fed in the meida. Stop watching so much television, wake the F up and look at the world around you. If you did a bit more research you would see that things just arent right. BTW- it is very unpatriotic of you, and anyone else like you, to just lay down and take it while our constitutional rights are being stripped away. It is not only our right, but OUR DUTY to protect our rights.

      • I take it that English is not your first language

    • Equalizer, damn right! Damned sayans are those ‘good’ wans who won’t raise a finger or intone a word of criticism for israHell, won’t join a rally to expose israHell or the criminal jew leaders butchering Palestinians. Nothing, zero. While happily spend their $2400 monthly INDIVIDUAL check for being victims of the hollohoax, or their survivors… at the expense of the STUPID goyim who stupidly puts up with EVERY SCAM these parasites from hell dump on the idiot cow on two legs.

      One thing is wrong, and that’s where we couldn’t figure them out… their HIVE mentality, not tribal. A tribe is human, though primitive it may be. A HIVE is a clonned, inbred pack of one-track attack insects, with replicated brain (yes, they have) messages, instructions, aims, goals.

      And that’s to fool (more) the stupid goy, and then KILL IT and steal everything on earth. But they are exposed, and will finally pay their millenary debt to humanity.

  26. The jews here in america and the zionist government of IS—RA–HELL will not rest until they destroy america completely. they want to control the world. this will never happen. once a jew always a jew. i know i worked for one for 15 years. this government contractor stole the government blind. he also stole from his workers in hours worked and health care. ALL JEWS ARE SHIT HEAD;S. this country better wake up. time is near for total collapase. ( AT THIS TIME I WONDER WERE ARE ALL THE PEOPULACE TAHT SAY THEY LOVE AMERICA???????????????? LOVE WHAT TO SEE ITS DESTRUCTION??????????????????? IF ALL OF YOU LOVE AMERICA THEN PICK UP YOUR ASS AND GET TOGEATHER AND FIGHT TO OVER THROW THE IMBECILES IN WASHINGTON. also round up all the jews , american and dual citizens and sehd them back to IS—RA—HELL. O’YES ON THE WAY BACK SINK THE SHIPS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA.

    • What was done to me by a jewish prosecutor, and how the whole affair has been kept secret is PROOF the jews are ALL Traitors. There are NO non-zionist amongst the jewish population. They are ALL scum who support judaism over America. They are the voices on the left opposing Israel, they provide the voices on the right and in the middle. Thieves, ripoff artist, propagandist. Don’t dare run for office while opposing Israel’s interests or they will put you on trial with an inapplicable statute too. And the entire press, from coast to coast, will keep it a secret. I’m proof that jews control ALL media directly or by proxy. How does a jewish prosecutor put a congressional candidate on trial for seven months without the story ever being covered by the press? Jew Power!

      See for details in pdf

      Watch how fast jews point to other jews who oppose Gaza abuse, as proof they they aren’t all zionist. What a scam. Mossad owns the clowns. Controlled opposition scum who put Israel first. Robert Scheer, Norm Chomsky, and all the rest are controlled opposition Mossad scum; just like the worms at the ACLU.

      I see the usual suspects have shown up to spew their “conspiracy theory” libel against anyone who speaks the truth. I got news for you Mossad dicks, we’re not falling for it anymore. Everyone in America KNOWS we are victims of a conspiracy, and we know that every jew supports said conspiracy, because it’s all about ending 2000 years of supposed persecution (it’s actually being held accountable), by making Israel the only superpower in this world. Jews will stab all in the back forever, until they gain complete control over everybody and everything.

    • Hay Vin,
      Wake-up, Wake-up, Wake-up it was your chose to work for a person who is Jewish for 15 years, you could have picked a different position of power, unless you were imprisoned! When the harlot USA goes down, down, down, your won’t be any better off. Are all so called Jew’s heads “Of course Not!” Are all white people trailer trash no! Take your head out from your a.s and Wake-up – prepare for whats in front of you, and if it’s all one particular group of individuals agenda, what’s going to complain about it do for you anyway!

  27. We are going to the moon I hear.

  28. Duff has it partly right, but he left out George Soros, who helped the secretly Jewish Saudi royal family create al-Qaida to bait extremists Muslims to work for the Jews, and now that the Iranians are secretly guarding secret Jew Osama bin Laden, he will assassinate the Iranian grand ayatollah after requesting a meeting, then announce himself as the new caliph, causing a revolution that will end up inviting the U.S. to restore order. Hence they won’t need Baluchistan, they will land in Tehran and have the red carpet rolled out for them. Meanwhile the U.S. will nuke Mecca, causing Islam to disintegrate, and the Muslim world will rejoin the human race, throwing Duff out of a job :)

  29. Frankly, it’s idiotic; but, the USA as is systemically destroyed by Progressives, and Soros’s puppet Obama is heavily pushing it.

  30. It may be true that America has enemies that are out to destroy us, but don’t forget what makes America great…WE THE PEOPLE. Do you really think that 300,000,000 Americans can’t defend this land? While Gordon Duff sees himself as some kind of Paul Revere I see him as an alarmist who has put a hodge podge of facts and myths together to make up an incredible story that makes for good reading but will never come to fruition. Gordon, are you saying that you have no faith in in the American people?

    • He may not say it, but I will. Americans are weak, cowardly pieces of shit for letting the jews take over their country, their minds, and the minds of their children, without ANY fight. Just keep flying those ‘don’t tread on me flags’ and you done your part. The day the weak bastards surround the jews IRS offices and shut the mothers down, I’ll have a tiny bit of respect for the American people again.

      I give it my all, under my REAL name, and I have too suffer dissportionately due to all the fake patriots, who are never targeted by the jews – like I am – because they never do anything that scares the Ashkenazi crime gang (that is systematically looting America and sending the money to Israel). I’m tired of talk from so-called patriots. They are defeating themselves and they are helping defeat the real fighters, by being weak right now. Thank God there’s a few people like Gordon Duff. But 10 or 20 people with a clue can’t win a war for 300 million dupes who listen to Rush, Hannity, traitorous preachers, and other rock hard supporters of all things Israel.

      I’ve been through six malicious prosecutions since I entered into the political arena two years ago, and made it clear I opposed jew control over America!!!! All ended in dismissals, because they were all garbage cases started without probable cause. Pure jew-based harassment designed to stop me from running for office again. Every jew at the ACLU and in the press pretends it never happened. And while I am persecuted, where are all the worms with their stupid flags? In hiding.

      • I think you underestimate the power that lies in America’s foothills, hidden away in her deserts, swamps, mountains and plains. There are millions of red white and blue Americans out there that are lying in wait for anything that smells funny, when the time is right they will come out of the woodwork like Ants, when that day comes you will hide your head in shame for not having faith in us. While external and internal threats do exist, they are no match for the millions of Americans who will rise to defend this country. I am saddened by your hopelessness.

        • Oohrah! Jim, just gave me goosebumps. :)

        • Don’t ants hibernate and snuggle down cosy and warm until the bad stuff passes over?

          • Have you ever stepped on a fire ant bed? My point is that most Americans are educated from day one on the risk undertaken when our forefathers declared independence from Britain and we are emboldened by our ancestors victory in WWII,to fight and win is in our genetic makeup. I believe that America is the greatest nation on earth and her people are a cut above most others, when the time comes for us to defend this piece of real estate I am sure we will all rise to the challenge.

          • paddy, those are ‘figures of speech’. Americans are not a hive, like the jew parasites are. They were fooled big time because the born-liar scum jew using stolen money or worthless printed money stole everything from most everybody. Until the internet, they got away with 4 thousand years of scam and lies, rapine and genocide, and false flags and terrorism… always cowardly and cleverly blamed on their contrived enemies.

            No more, jew troll, the time is up and the prophecy will be fulfilled, by US. Beast to Abyss for a thousand years (tenfold). So Be It! Coming, to a sewer hole in Tel Aviv… and elsewhere. 100 Million armed Americans, fed up with jew crap all around, will end the insane dreams of the excreta of humanity.

          • paddy, those are ‘figures of speech’. Americans are not a hive, like the jew parasites are. They were fooled big time because the born-liar scum jew using stolen money or worthless printed money stole everything from most everybody. Until the internet, they got away with 4 thousand years of scam and lies, rapine and genocide, and false flags and terrorism… always cowardly and cleverly blamed on their contrived enemies.

            No more, the time is up and the prophecy will be fulfilled, by US. Beast to Abyss for a thousand years (tenfold). So Be It! Coming, to a sewer hole in Tel Aviv… and elsewhere. 100 Million armed Americans, fed up with jew crap all around, will end the insane dreams of the excreta of humanity.

        • So where are these organized folks? I am out here in the prairie with lots of hunters and Indians, yet not even the churches around these parts are organized, unless their organized to watch TV, shop, sleep with each other, or get high!

          I bet there will be thousands upon thousands of people who wont know what to do when the hits the fan! People think that silver and gold will save yea HELL NO! Food water ammo and shelter will be the killing factor. Possible a lot of homeless children, animals, and elderly. Who will run the country then well who ran it when Russia fell or Germany or other Countries.

          Also heard that the military well some in the military will be hunting down civilians to take them into endearment camps or shoot them down and burn them!

          So I sure your right there will be many who are armed and ready for just about anything other folks my prayers are with them hopefully they won’t do as Jim Jones and his cohorts did. Then again when a person is living in HELL and things become uncertain and in sever crisis and the night mare just wont end – well what the hell else can people do?

      • Here here well said sir! It’s no longer a question of ignorance anymore, there are enough of us out here who’ve heard the message and the truth. Now it is simply a question of will…can the American people muster the will, the balls, the HEART-now that the enemy has been properly identified to attack the problem in a systematic and scientific manner, consciously aware of what we’re dealing with and using the minds god gave us to remove this millstone about our necks.

        The biggest problem I see is will…however once one understands the true essence of life and accepts that the soul is eternal and while the physical body can be destroyed the soul, and with it freedom of choice, is eternal and cannot be destroyed. In actuality there’s nothing to fear from dying-once one accepts and understands the powers that be are the real cowards and are counting on being able to incite fear within the masses.

        In the last scene of the Matrix Agent Smith keep asking Neo why do you insist to keep fighting, to keep struggling…and Neo replied (understanding we live in a freewill universe) “because I choose to”.

    • Jim Perkins – You are totally under-estimating other countries. If the US go into Iran based on the same lies as they did with Iraq and now Paki and Afghan – you are going DOWN! Countries are getting very tired of the US Gvt lies and ulterior motives and so are American’s themselves.

      The people will also not be defending this land, people will in fact be defending Israel from this land. Plus the WHOLE world knows that if US were to have gone into a country for WMD’s, then N. Korea should have been first on the US’s list but I’ll give you three very good reason why the US didn’t invade NK:
      1 – NK have no oil
      2 – NK don’t care about Israel
      3 – They’d put the US’s ass right back where it belongs and the Gvt knows going into NK will make Iraq look like a picnic in the park.

      Few countries will back the US under the lies and deceit this country has undertaken in the ME over the last 10 years.

      Besides who put the US in charge of this planet? Who are the US to tell what countries have and do not have WMD’s? If being rid of WMD’s is what the US wants, then the US, along with the UK and Israel should show good stead and get rid of their WMD’s first.

  31. Looks like someone is cranky because the Dems lost? And someone has been smokin’ alot of Krack?

  32. We Christians are frothing at the mouth looking forward to world wide nuclear hell unleashed. The kikes worship Satan and we pray to our invisible Jesus that promised to spare us from the “second” death.

    Bring it!

  33. Entertaining reading but that is about it. Great imagination.

  34. My comment didn’t post, what happened? Do they have to be approved first?

  35. The Israel megaphone must have shouted out for some back up in here.

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