What 25 tons of explosives will do to an Afghan village

These aerial photos show the Afghan village of Tarok Kalache before and after American troops dropped nearly 25 tons worth of bombs and rockets on the area.

Leveling villages might not be the best strategy for American troops to make friends with locals. Didn’t work in Vietnam though destroying villages did halt the scenario where “Ho Chi Minh is gonna get into a canoe and come over and, you know, rape your grandmother or something like that … (Chomsky),” but those mean Muslims in Afghanistan would require some help.

By Adam Clark Estes in Salon

Last October, an American fighting unit in Afghanistan reduced an entire village to dust in minutes. Nestled in the fertile Arghandab Valley, Tarok Kolache had become a Taliban stronghold and was proving a difficult fortress to penetrate. The affair must have really irked the American commander, Lt. Col. David Flynn, because after two failed attempts to take the village, he just to wiped it off the map.

Don’t worry. Nobody got hurt. Well, nobody who wasn’t a member of the Taliban, according to Paula Broadwell, a blogger-friend of the U.S. Army.

According to Broadwell’s dispatch in Foreign Policy, Flynn’s unit had been “licking their wounds” after failed attempts at taking the village. Homemade bombs, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and gunfire rained onto American troops any time they got close, and so Flynn decided to open a gateway into the village with bigger bombs dropped from airplanes.

The plan was for one team to clear a 600-meter path with MICLICs from one of his combat outposts to Tarok Kalache. “It was the only way I could give the men confidence to go back out.” On October 6, Flynn’s unit approved use of HIMARS, B-1, and A-10s to drop 49,200 lbs. of ordnance on the Taliban tactical base of Tarok Kalache, resulting in NO CIVCAS.

Let’s unpack those acronyms. HIMAR stands for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. Those are basically rocket launchers on wheels. B-1 refers to the Rockwell B-1 Lancer, an agile bomber. A-10 refers to the A-10 Thunderbolt II, also known as the “warthogs from hell.” And when Broadwell says “NO CIVCAS” she means no civilian casualties.

I’m hardly a military expert, but this seems like a stretch. Nearly 50,000 pounds of ammunition, delivered by some of the military’s most aggressive bombers, just sounds like a lot. That sheer magnitude of force didn’t just “clear a 600-meter path” for the troops to sweep the village. It cleared the entire village.

After her original blog post stirred some concern online, Broadwell — who is also a West Point graduate — defended the commanders actions. As Wired points out:

As she clarified in a debate on her Facebook wall, “In the commander’s assessment, the deserted village was not worth clearing. If you lost several KIA and you might feel the same.” But without entering Tarok Kolache to clear it, how could U.S. or Afghan forces know it was completely devoid of civilians? As Broadwell tells it, the villagers understood that the United States needed to destroy their homes — except when they don’t. One villager “in a fit of theatrics had accused Flynn of ruining his life after the demolition.”

 And about those Afghans who lost their homes — err, entire village: Sure they are pissed about the loss of their mud huts.” But the mission was a success, overall, Broadwell said.

Team Patreaus responded to the hullabaloo today. “We had to reduce the city because it was rigged,” said spokesperson Col. Erik Gunhus told Wired. He insisted that they were “forced into it” and reiterated that no civilians were harmed.

Still no word on how “clear a 600-meter path” actually means “destroy an entire village,” though.

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15 Comments for “What 25 tons of explosives will do to an Afghan village”

  1. I think someone might have ben had. I don’t think they photos are of the same villiage. There are trees where they should not be and ruins of buildings where there are supposed to be trees.

    the photos are not matching up with landmarks. Sorry guys.

    • When I first saw the pics my impression was a Gaza village, but I was wrong, it was the same kind of horror in Afghanistan, it also reminded me of Waco. Different parts of the world, same strategy, by the same hexed psychopaths who work at the Pentagram.

      The photos are of the same hamlet, here’s a non US based link with more detail:

      The two photos are taken from different elevations and sun angles and orientation. If you carefully examine the bushes in the drainage ditch (top center, just east of town) that form a Y the same Y shaped drainage ditch is visible in the center top but skewed left of the aftermath photo, individual trees can be identified in both pics.

      But does it matter? No. The point of the article is that we are wiping out whole towns with excessive use of force. In fact no Muslim was involved in 911, no person in Afghanistan had anything to do with 9112001, that was and “inside job” by a state, the deranged state of Israel. Why aren’t we wiping out the real enemy, Jews who are waging total war on the world including us? Why indeed, and why are you, Rachel, so eager to shoot down the authenticity of the story?

  2. This is more than mass murder, it is systematic destruction of infrastructure and genocide of peoples living near the Israeli state because Jews own the FED and thus control the United States which is heavily in debt to the FED and thus, through infiltration, control its military. The US military is under foreign control, it is acting against the peoples of the United States and its own long term interest.

    911 was a provable Mossad/Israeli/Neocon job, a false flag so that Jewish controlled USA could be used to wipe out Jewish enemies in the Middle East under the guise of terrorism. America is now fully under control of this foreign state, which is worldwide Jewry, headquartered in London, New York, and Israel.

    What Americans don’t understand is that the Jews are also wiping out the US military and putting the USA into Homeland Security lockdown so that America becomes the new Palestine, where Americans are wiped out under the guise of terrorism. America is being used by Jews as a stepping stone to build up Israel and represents a threat to her openly stated and long term goal of worldwide dominance. The Jews are wiping out Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, AND America. This is obvious to any rational observer, but it is not obvious to the vast majority watching the Zionist jewtube.

    The Jews infiltrate and destroy nations, their holy books command them to do so, they are god’s chosen warmongers, superior to all. God commands the Jews to destroy those nations they occupy, this is precisely why Jews have been kicked out of over 100 nations. An honest person does not automatically buy the eternal victim status of the Jews, maybe there is a reason why the world reacts to Jews. Maybe the Arab populations understood the Jewish way of being and had a rational reason to be opposed the creation of Israel in their backyard. History proves their fears were spot on, Israel is an aggressive war making state.

    Unfortunately for Americans, we could not recognize the threat because the Jewish media frames our perspective. Even as America is being systematically looted by Jewish banksters, over a million home foreclosures last year, her military bleeding, millions of Americans think highly of Jews and the Zionist state. How can this be?

    Most Americans are under a spell of Christianity, unable to grasp the reality that their failed Republic was caused by the very people the Bible says are gods chosen. Talk show hosts rail at the symptoms, naming nebulous phantoms like “offshore banks”, “shapeshifting reptiles”, “Illuminati Masons” or “The Rothschilds”, but they dare not mention the plain as day obvious cause: ordinary Jews following the letter and intent of Rabbinic warmaking code spelled out in the Torah. They can not say it, the spell is to great, the New World Order is obviously a Jewish World Order but no one will not say it. Thus if you can not name the enemy, you are already defeated.

    As we lose these wars, torturing innocents, wiping out whole villages who had absolutely nothing to do with 911, TV stupidfied Americans and Evangelical Christians cheer on. In the open, Jewish politicians sponsor laws that are removing the last vestiges of freedom by the likes of Jewish traitors like Senator Joe Lieberman. But no one dares say it’s a Jewish conspiracy, that would be “antisemetic”. What we should be doing is recognizing that we have been emotionally conditioned not to criticize the Jews. If we are free men then we must name the real enemy, the domestic Jewish one, committing high crimes of treason.

    We have to rise to this threat, become the greatest generation, recognize the Jewish enemy within or we as a people shall be wiped out. Make a choice, are we a free people who believe in our way of life or are we soulless idiots being lead to slaughter?

  3. This is the kind of war is called “chirurgical war”, very good indeed and more over this demonstrate how american commander know and plan its strategy: the same strategy was applied on Dresda with thousand of civilians dead just only to destroy a city for what? Nothing! Just to empty all military stores. That make it a great honor to your commander which have, their as sole desire, to down themselves a bottle of alcohol.

    Regarding at some answers in this article I find that there is a very deep and incredible ignorance and this also demonstrate the absence of culture.

    Time by time you’ll pay all you have done, be sure, may be not now, but sure in your future and in the future of your sons.

  4. Job well done troops. Perhaps we should employ this tactic throughout Afghanistan and take out every Taliban watering hole that exists. This would cut the politics and bullshit the military industrial complex is feeding us and then pack our asses up and bring the burned out troops home. If these people want to remain illiterate and live a 7th century lifestyle, so be it. There is enough mud available to keep them busy building for many years to come. Just like Nam, we have lost far too many troops fighting what has become a full fledged “political” war.

    • “If these people want to remain illiterate and live a 7th century lifestyle, so be it. There is enough mud available to keep them busy building for many years to come.”

      Why do you feel so compelled to change the world?
      What makes your existence so righteous, and tag theirs in such a demeaning way?
      What gives you the authority that you seem to display so well here?

      Remember this, your mouth runs until it finds its equal, for there is not one to oppress nor humiliate anymore, but a mirror where you see your reflection.


      • if u look at a timeline for the last 30 years in a broad sense (in regards to US/afghan relations) it make for a good example of how the US has gone from admired world superpower to deranged lunatic (the people running the show).

        with just a couple billion in weapons/jihad training and the afghans courage to fight on even after millions died, the US (and the ‘free world’) quite possibly got the best gift of all time from these illiterate mud dwellers (decades of wars…. at least they can read firearms)….. the fall of communist Russia, end of cold war etc etc…

        when someone gives u a gift of that proportion and then u treat em like this in return…. Blowing em up in the same manner as the communists they helped u destroy….. you have gone mad and quite possibly are being ruled by deranged forces/people in my opinion. Maybe all the ex communists came here to rule I dunno?

        Not saying Afghans are not a little at fault for allowing themselves to be so easily manipulated by outside forces and even amongst each other they have tribal issues….. But can u really blame em? 3 decades of superpowers (witha brief civil war with lots of left over weapons left purposely by the russians upon their exit)whatever the case the US will never be what it once was by the kind of behavior the government of the last decade or so has demonstrated…. Bummer!

  5. This IS the cause of Terrorism…
    Lt. Col. David Flynn is brewing Terrorists…
    Is that simple.

  6. Americans (yes,but a few here, yes all as they keep voting the same bastards to power and their lack of revolt is hypocrisy and complicity) and their Mossad handlers are gross,arrogant,stupid: they are mass murderers and deserve to hang by their tails. May God quickly hastened their judgment day. Poor afghans.

  7. Speaking of… who has and who uses weapons of mass destruction?

  8. ” We destroyed the village in order to save it from falling into enemy hands.” circa VN War

    • WE are the enemy in Afghanistan. Illegally invading, arrogant, destructive, war crimes perpetrating enemies.

Comments are closed


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