Vietnam Veteran Marine, Bobby Muller Speaks Against Proselytizing and Christian Supremacy

Bobby Muller, Founder and President for Nine Years of Vietnam Veterans of America,

That an extralegal chain of command exists within our militaryextending to our military academiesis becoming more obvious as each new report reveals a clear and present threat to the good order and discipline of our armed forces as the political-religious dominionism grows and pursues its own agenda

As a former Marine lieutenant who, like Lt. Clebe McClary, was severely wounded while leading a mission in Vietnam, I am appalled by my fellow Marine’s statement that a “complete” Marine is one who likes to think that U.S.M.C. stands for “U.S. Marine for Christ.” I am even more appalled that the United States Air Force Academy has invited someone with such a religiously divisive and sectarian message to speak at its upcoming National Prayer Luncheon, an event that should be inclusive of Airmen of all faiths.

Lt. McClary lost an eye and an arm; I lost the ability to walk. Countless other Marines, of all religions and no religion, have also suffered life-changing and permanent injuries in the service of our country. Lt. McClary dishonorably, not to mention illegally, appears in the uniform of a Marine before both military and civilian audiences, not with the message of “Once a Marine, Always a Marine,” but a message of “Once a Marine, now ‘a member of the Lord’s Army.'”

Proselytizing and Christian supremacy have no place in the United States military, and I urge the Air Force Academy to reconsider its choice of Lt. McClary as the speaker for its Prayer Luncheon, and to replace him with a speaker who can deliver a message that is inclusive of members of all faiths.

Bobby Muller

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15 Comments for “Vietnam Veteran Marine, Bobby Muller Speaks Against Proselytizing and Christian Supremacy”

  1. tax exempt status of religion – please please help us start a web site to identify the billions they have, in reserves, their CEOs are hoarding
    The War Widows

  2. Astute observations Pete. Of all the judges I have either been in front of, or have appealed to, only one could be called “Honorable”! And the courtroom is where the tire meets the road…corrupt courts create anarchy! It’s my opinion that that’s pretty much where we find our country today. No one’s being arrested, much less jailed, for all the crimes being committed against us! Any wonder why a so-called “judge” would continue trampling on our state and federal Constitutions? They don’t have anything to worry about…YET!

    This pendulum is starting to swing the other way. We can, and I believe we will, take our country back. It’s going to be a slog, but we can do this. Take a look at a couple of sites, and you’ll begin to see the power that is at our disposal, if we’ll fight. If we leave it up to the next guy, we’re going to miss out on a chance to be a hero in your grandkids eyes. :) (the “precinct strategy” to take back control of local and state political partys. It’s at this level where a lot of lousy judges emerge) (Jurys are one of the most important weapons the people have to protect ourselves from corrupt judges and lawyers / aka the government. We need to stop convicting each other based on the machinations of corrupt judges and lawyers. I’m not saying that all judges and lawyers are corrupt…but this will keep them on the straight and narrow.)

    One last site…this fellow is fighting mad and he’s doing one heck of a job. Let’s get behind these guys and help push!

    jerry bolduc

  3. Muller is a deranged person full of hate that hates everything that the United States stands for. If the mainstream population is for something, Muller and his cronies are against it. I never saw anyone forced to attend religious services after boot camp and even then, personnel could attend a service of their choice. I don’t know who is behind the anti Christ, but there are several people on his band wagon.

  4. Personal experiencne with Catholic Chaplins folks. Good, brave men who went to the field with. We had one – everybody called him “Father” gave anyone that wanted it Holy Communion before we boarded the choppers for an operation. He was a great guy and a brave man. Never did learn his name. More than 22 years military service and was not once forced to attend a religious service. Service Academies, I don’t know. I was an OCS Mustang. Everyone knows former enlisted men are not really part of the real elite.

    Take care.

    Dale R. Suiter

  5. It gets ugly when those religious rallies become mandatory.

  6. Great to hear from you again Bobby. Was wondering where all my fellow activist veterans were. Military and Religious endoctrination seem to be quite similar. I was raised and endoctrinated through fear and intimidation in the Catholic church and then boot camp, and then half way through my tour in combat with the First Cav. after the Ashau Vally I got it about these endoctrinations. Using religious brainwashing with military brainwashing and the Political/Pentagon/Corporate world will justify all kinds of military interventions. They will then try and co-opt the University Psychology depts. and VA to come up with sophisticated perversions of behavioral therapies like Positive Thinking, Emotional Resilience, Battle Mind, and Stoicism to numb out the soldiers so they can send them to
    multiple deployments into anywhere they want for any reason they want and the media will play along. Wow they really pulled one off on us with these wars. This Military/Religious Pact is and always has been dangerous. Double Brain Washing. What will these ignorant, arrogant folks come up with next? Meanwhile soldiers and Veterans commit suicide, divorce, homelessness, PTSD, confusion, prescription drug abuse. We been down this road before and just doing the “Thank You For Your Service” dog and pony show is not going to change the suffering of the soldier and their families who have been used and abused again.

    • Garry Owen, Tim. I never experienced religious brainwashing in the service. The only time in the Service I ever saw a religious person of any ilk was when I was hospitalized (one of 3 times). Our religious elite of every brand were too afraid to go where the action might be dangerous to their frocks.

      T.V. First Cav Vet, German Catholic raised, Jesuit trained.

  7. Intresting folks. Congress and the establishment clause. O.K. Is the prayer breakfast illegal? I’d defer to a lawyer on that question. The military must provide access to religious services. I do know that the Army has went to great lengths to accomadate religious issues for the troops. Mandating attendance at a religious event or promoting one religious idea over another – not a good way to go and counter to America’s concept of religious freedom.

    Well done Sir and thank you for your service.


    Dale R. Suiter

  8. It is Jewish supremacy that is the evil that the entire world is suffering from. What is this man’s problem with Christianity? It is time that Christians realize Jewish hate for Christ and their effort to destroy Christians. America is a Christian nation.

    • America was founded so people could worship as they wanted. The Pilgrims came here and the Catholics came here so they could worship as they pleased without someone else pushing their religious dogma on them. My brother and I were talking last night about the religious fever in the military. He was telling me about one of his commanders putting his religious views on the military on post. I knew from the things he told me exactly what religion the commander was. I guessed Mormon and I was right. I saw that when I was stationed at Fort Greeley. And Jews don’t hate Christ. They believe he was a teacher and not the Messiah. And try to remember Christ was Jewish. It’s time to stop pushing a fundamentalist religious dogma on other people. If that doesn’t happen, this is going to be just like a fundamentalist Muslim nation. And I don’t want to live under either’s domination.

  9. Aren’t most soldiers and veterans Christians? What is this man’s problem?

    • probably Northwoods doc mindset and John Hagee waddling into the Pentagon before he commissions some big hypnotic pikchurs to be painted a la pre Afghanistan & the book of Revelations

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