Rep. Bachmann Drops Veterans Budget Cut Proposal Amid DAV Pressure

After the Disabled American Veterans and other groups sharply criticized a scheme to cut $4.5 billion from veterans health care and disability compensation, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has removed the controversial proposal from her Web site. In recent days, Bachmann has received thousands of phone calls, emails, and Facebook posts calling on her to back away from the proposals to severely cut essential veterans programs.  Read Bachmann’s press release

Rep. Michelle Bachmann

“We are pleased that Rep. Bachmann has come to realize that such drastic cuts to veterans health care and disability compensation would have severe negative consequences for veterans who rely on these programs, particularly disabled veterans,” DAV Washington Headquarters Executive Director David W. Gorman said. “We hope to work with her and others to ensure that any efforts to balance the federal budget must first ensure that we fulfill our obligations to care for the men and women who have been injured and disabled while defending this nation,” he said.
In a Jan. 28 news release, the DAV had called the ill-advised, unconscionable proposal “nothing short of heartless” and vowed that America’s sick and disabled veterans would not sit idly by while their earned health care and disability benefits are threatened.
“Any proposal to freeze VA health care funding would not only freeze out sick and disabled veterans seeking care, it would also end up costing the federal government even more money,” Gorman said.
Independent studies have shown the VA system provides safe, high quality health care at an average cost that is less than Medicare, Medicaid or the private sector.
“With the number of veterans seeking health care rising, the effect of a freeze would be to either block enrollment of veterans, many of them just returning from battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, or to ration care to currently enrolled veterans, including disabled veterans who have relied on VA dating back to World War II,” Gorman said.

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23 Comments for “Rep. Bachmann Drops Veterans Budget Cut Proposal Amid DAV Pressure”

  1. This serpent sinister creature, Bitch Bachmann has never danced with the devil..I’d like to have had her point on a search and destroy somewhere near Khe Sanh in 1968..
    ..this wicked snake would run away like the coward she is..she has never served her country in the military and defended it like many of us have..she is a miserable
    slimy spineless creature to even think of removing our benefits from those who have served our country nobley. She needs to be kicked out of the country. She is a terrorist and anti american.

  2. I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls — I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism, & every thing dear to the American character.

    Freedom is priceless . . . as its costs are the lives given valiantly to have it!



  4. she needs to be impeached!

  5. Throw all the NEO-CON NAZIS OUT. they are not american citizens. they pledge allegiance to their ZIONIST STATE OF IS–RA–HELL. In fact deport all the neo-con nazi scum back to israhell.

  6. This woman and Palin are crazy then bat$&* anyone could trust the republican party is beyond me.They are showing their true colors and they just took over the house just think what is going to happen if they ever take over the senate and God forbid they take the White House they want these wars they just don’t want to take care of the ones that fight them.They make me sick I wish people would start paying attention to what is going on in this country if they don’t we are going to lose a lot of benefits not only VA care.

  7. So was this her exstortion ploy to grab headlines and perhaps tell veterans }you better vote for me or else I cut you”? She deservs no thanks. Veterans in her state need to remember next election and vote her out. Her disrespect spoke loud and clear. For once, DAV appears to have spoken louder. Only time will tell.

  8. I hate her and her kind, all mouth.


  10. james c contarino sr

    how could you trust such a person.once an act is committed its for once things turned out good for the veterans. if she wants anyone to believe she really cares why don’t she tackle the veterans affairs and their propagander and red tape crap in stalling to give the veterans what we have earned

  11. I do not trust her as far as I could throw her. She just better be watched as well as the other party members. I just think she is saying this because there has been so much said over it. All I can say is all of the veterans (and my husband is one of them) better keep a check on this!

  12. Bachman should join Rand Paul to stop all foreign political-military aid including Israel. Something must be unconstitutional in that Memorandum of Agreement between the US and Israel demanded by Israel and signed before the Peace Treaty.
    See the memorandum, done under Carter to reach that breakthrough. It binds this nation to that memorandum no matter what, it gave this country security to Israel as well as our Constitutional rights. Even a marriage has a divorce we need to invalidate that agreement ASAP, it was not just a Treaty.

  13. she need to be somewhere else with her BS.

  14. She would not have done this, except she knew that RYAN already had it in his
    budget reductions. Don’t believe for one minute she has taken this out of her

  15. ROBERT VN Vet 11th Armored Cav

    Like I wrote yesterday, all this crazy Bitch is doing is trying to snow balling us.. Don’t think for a minute this Anti American Bitch has changed her mind in anyway… Just like Palin, they both will F—K the veteran and the Country every time they can, if it looks like someone is listing to their bullshit… They both are headline freaks, and will do and say anything that gets them any kind of attention… If it backfires on them they will change directions in a heart beat… We can’t trust these two woman, they are liers and loosers… Sorry texas vet, but you know the truth about these two… Palin is as dumb as a bag of rocks, and Bachman is going to cut her own throat real soon too… You can’t get away with shit like this for long without negative reactions and outcome…
    Stop the F–King WAR and stop getting our kids killed for youe profits assholes.. That alone will more than balance the budgets, and pay back Social Security all the money that has been borrowed to balance budgets as far back as Regan too!!!!!!!!!1
    God Bless America

  16. So this was a republican trial balloon with the intent to gauge the response of veterans?


    All this shows us is that the republican party does indeed have veterans rights in its sights for a future attack.

    All tea party members should be deeply embarrassed by this stunt, and take action to clean up their “grass roots” *cough cough* movement.

    • See is NOT a Tea Partier she is a Neocon.

      If she called herself a democrat tomorrow would you be dumb enough to believe it?
      *rolls eyes*

  17. I’m glad to see some common sense used here. I am disable and need help for my problems. I help other Vets that need help too. Everyday I see and talk to more Vets that just don’t know what to do. I’m healthy enough to help others and that is why I do it. I feel it is my duty to help the other Vets that I know and the ones I don’t: just call!. I run a website dedicated to the Camp Lejeune Toxic Water and am 30% disable due to toxic water at Camp Lejeune. The Vets coming home now need alot of help for a list of problems they have received from the service to our country! I know that we need more help for these wonderful soldiers and Vets. We need to add more money to the VA system so it can take the time needed to make or try to make these guys and gals whole again! Some of you peoples in charge should talk to me so you can hear the truth! I don’t hold back my feelings for myself, my brothers and sisters and for my Country! These people need us now more than never!! I’m here to HELP how about you? I see things that need to be change at the VA. I have some good ideas for the VA. The VA hospital in Milwaukee, WI put in an great brand new parking lot? The last item that we could use. The monies can be used for a new clinic for the women soldiers coming home or other things??? Like making sure that all the equipment is clean so the Government don’t shut the hospital down; so they can clean it!! I like the part that they tried to hide it again. They should let us know so if we needed to go to the ER what do we do!!! That’s just the start! Thank You John

  18. And do you take a politicans word ????????????? they lie 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.corrupt, swindling bastards.

  19. Good news yes.

    Dale R. Suiter

  20. Good news, for once.

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