“mubarak took all his family and left … he was in sharm el sheykh this morning but the private jet left… for another unknown destination..”

EGYPT: An obstinate Mubarak fans flames of uprising (below)

By Gordon Duff Senior Editor

Latest reports from Egypt in light of the deteriorating security situation after the shocking revelations from President Mubarak:

  • Coup against Mubarak and Suleiman eminent
  • US Embassy in Cairo to be targeted
  • El Baradei calls out to army for support “save Egypt
  • Crowds are moving on the Presidential Palace.  Gunfire has erupted.  Among the crowds are members of organized paramilitary units.  Something is going on, something more than a public response.
  • President Obama has expressed shock to his close advisors, in the belief that Mubaraks attempts to retain power will result in large scale violence.
  • Embassies, particularly those of Egypt’s neighbors, are evacuating.
  • The power struggle between Vice President Suleiman and Defense Minister Tantawi, with Suleiman backed by Israel, is likely to turn bloody.

more below…..

25 top senior Egyptian military command including generals confirmed that they side with the people and they ask now Mubarak and Suleiman to leave the country to avoid a bloodshed the sooner the better.

Top American diplomats said this morning they will never allow ‘an Egypt that threatened Israel’ !

2 Millions Egyptians prayed behind the Sheykh Muhammad Jibreen in the Tahrir Square. Hundreds of thousands Egyptians are blocked at the moment to reach the presidential palace and the US embassy, clashes in Cairo between thugs and protetsers.

Here we are Gordon… This info is not confirmed yet but … Muslim countries will arrange themselves to pay 2 billions a year the Egyptian army if American and Israelis are ousted from the country… and now Saudi puppet is saying he will pay alone the army… Israel is in bad shape we are clearly living historical changes … do not publish this last info until I have more details about who offered what

Reports received from senior intelligence officials in the Middle East indicate that President Mubarak of Egypt will leave the country within 48 hours though he just denied this in an announcement.  We can wait and see. Indications are that he has been packing and saying his “goodbyes.”

Diplomats from embassies throughout the region have been notified as has the United States, Israel and Russia.

It is said, that Mubarak will claim to be suffering from an illness requiring medical care.  We are told that “care” will be given in Germany.


Vice President Suleiman, chosen by Israel and the United States to take control of the interim government was attacked last night.  Two of his body guards were killed.  Sources inside the Egyptian Army claim those loyal to President Mubarak are responsible.  Read the latest:

“There was story aired by fox news 10 days ago claiming that Suleiman was targeted and some of body guard killed, 10 days ago is just not right Suleiman was just not at the place, it happen last evening and Suleiman and Shafiq are now clearly targeted. There is now an anonymous ‘High Council of The Egyptian Army’ that sent messages through Arabs diplomats and intelligence agencies claiming that they were behind the attempt to kill Suleiman.

This ‘High Council of the Egyptian Army’ is a bogus, and the information coming from Fox news was a fake 10 days ago was in fact coming from Israelis intelligence in Cairo. Was it a warning ? May be, but Suleiman was now targeted and at least 2 bodyguards definitely killed.

There is someone generating confusion and chaos and obviously, these are Israelis.   The Israelis wanted to put the blame on the general Tantawi, Defense Minister, because he is very critical of them, so there is a fight between Suleiman and Tantawi at the moment ongoing”

“American are busy in fact short cutting some real military opposed to Suleiman projects, but these are at moment divided on the strategy to adopt against Suleiman. It is not clear who is pulling the strings but Defense Minister, General Tantawi would like to sit at the place of Suleiman.  He clearly mentioned the risk of the division of the country and the Sinai according to well placed sources.

There are clearly two agendas at work.

It appears now that there is a major split between Mubarak and his American and Israelis masters backing Suleiman, who want to get rid of him asap. Mubarak is not responding anymore to the orders, so tomorrow just expect much more violence to take Mubarak out.  Mubarak just went on Egyptian TV saying he will not move,  he wants stay until September, a coup now is more likely to happen ”

EGYPT: An obstinate Mubarak fans flames of uprising

CAIRO, Feb 11 (IPS) – In a televised address late last night, embattled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak delegated executive authority to his newly-appointed vice-president, but stopped short of stepping down. The announcement enraged anti-Mubarak demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, who say they will maintain their uprising – now in its eighteenth day – until Mubarak’s unconditional resignation.

“The president’s speech fell far short of meeting our demands, chief of which is Mubarak’s ouster,” Ahmed Maher, general coordinator of the 6 April protest movement – which has played a leading role in the uprising – told IPS from Tahrir. “We will step up our demonstrations until he either steps down or we die.”

On Thursday afternoon, the Egyptian Army had released a statement stating that Egypt’s armed forces were “committed to protecting the people, their interests and their security.” The armed forces, it added, “supported the people’s legitimate demands.” (Unlike most western countries, the army in Egypt represents all branches of the armed services.)

At the same time, state television aired images of a meeting of the Armed Forces Supreme Council, chaired by Defence Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi. Both Mubarak and Suleiman were notably absent from the meeting, fuelling speculation that Mubarak – who in his capacity as president is also armed forces commander-in-chief – had already resigned.

“After we heard the army’s statement, along with news reports suggesting that Mubarak had stepped down, we asked the army to draw up an executive council consisting of civilian representatives – elected by us – and military figures,” said Maher. “The council was to be mandated with directing national affairs for a transitional period until constitutional amendments could be made ensuring free parliamentary and presidential elections.”

But the demonstrators – whose numbers at Tahrir Square now stand at an estimated two million, according to Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera – were to be sorely disappointed.

At 11:00 PM Cairo time, state television aired a 17-minute speech by the president, in which he delegated executive power to Vice-President Omar Suleiman, “in accordance with the constitution.” But he added that he would remain nominal president until September, when his successor could be elected in “free and fair” elections.

Mubarak went on to promise that six articles of the constitution, which govern the presidential and parliamentary electoral process, would be amended in line with longstanding demands of the opposition. He also promised to eliminate one constitutional article – Article 179 – granting authorities wide powers of arrest.

He further vowed to abolish Egypt’s longstanding (and highly-unpopular) Emergency Law, “once life in the country returned to normal.”

Saying that “the blood of your martyred and injured would not be in vain,” he also promised to punish the officials responsible for the bloodshed seen over the course of the 18-day-old uprising. Since the beginning of the unrest on January 25, more than 300 protesters are thought to have been killed and thousands more injured.

In answer to calls by western capitals for his resignation, Mubarak reiterated his rejection of “foreign interference” in Egypt’s domestic affairs.

The president’s address was met with derision by protesters, who watched the speech on large television screens erected in Tahrir Square. Halfway through the address, demonstrators began waving their shoes in the air in a traditional show of contempt. “Arhil! Arhil!” (“Get lost! Get lost!”), they recommenced chanting.

“We had been sure that victory was at hand,” 34-year-old protester Ahmed Elassy, who heard the speech at the square, told IPS. “But as Mubarak spoke, the mood at the square went from a carnival atmosphere to one of rage.”

Some 15 minutes later, Suleiman, too, delivered a brief statement on state television.

“We have opened the door to dialogue and drawn up a road map for the implementation of most of the people’s demands,” he said, stressing his commitment to “the realisation of a peaceful transition of authority.” Suleiman concluded by urging demonstrators to “return to their homes and their livelihoods.”

Tahrir Square protesters met these statements, too, with scorn. “Suleiman, Suleiman, you too can get lost!” they chanted in the hundreds of thousands.

“This regime appears entirely out of touch with reality,” Abdelhalim Kandil, prominent Egyptian opposition figure and general coordinator of the pro-democracy Kefaya movement, told IPS following Suleiman’s statement. “Mubarak will set the entire country alight by his stubborn refusal to definitively step down. This will only fan the flames of the uprising.”

“Besides, demonstrators no longer only want his resignation, they want Mubarak – along with all corrupt members of the regime – to face trial for oppressing the people for 30 years,” Kandil added.

But despite these setbacks, protest leaders remain undeterred, saying they will maintain their uprising until Mubarak’s departure.

“We will continue to demonstrate in ever greater numbers in cities countrywide, deploying new means of peaceful protest, until the final departure of both Mubarak and Suleiman,” said Maher.

Shortly after the vice-president’s statement, thousands of demonstrators began marching from Tahrir Square to the presidential palace in Cairo’s Misr Gedida district. While Mubarak is believed to have already departed Cairo, the palace — located some 20 kilometres from the square — is nevertheless considered an important symbol of governance.

As of midday on Friday, some 5000 protesters were reportedly camped out around the walls of the presidential residence, with more said to be on their way. “After Friday prayers, another quarter of a million set out from the square to join protesters at the palace,” said Elassy.

While the army continues to hold positions around the palace, it is said to be interacting peacefully with the protesters.

Demonstrators have also reportedly converged in the tens of thousands on Cairo’s state television building, the presidential residence in Alexandria, Manshiya Square in Alexandria’s Sidi Gabr district, and several other prominent public spaces throughout the country.

Shortly before noon today, the army issued a second statement, in which it vowed to guarantee the political and constitutional reforms promised by the president and his new deputy. It also vowed to ensure protesters’ safety.

To the disappointment of protesters, however, the army has thus far failed to answer their requests for Mubarak’s forceful removal.

“Up until this point, the army’s position remains extremely ambiguous,” Mamdouh Salaama, 36-year-old protester in Tahrir Square, told IPS. “It’s pretending to be with the people, but its becoming increasingly apparent that its heart is with the regime.”

Notably, it was reported on Friday morning that 16 mid-ranking army officers had handed their weapons over to colleagues before joining the ranks of protesters in Tahrir Square.


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  1. Again about this and other things: for top intel on the rat-cat black psy-ops by the mossad “master-race”talmudic mythomaniac kleptocrats in Tel-Aviv and their CIA”lube-boys”go to . For deep new knowledge on the historico-geographic farce-and-fraud by the transgenerational jewish crime syndicate-a mafia disguised as a religion- go to click top red line for satellite and ancient maps,go back to bottom of page for elaborate proofs and comments section and go to (false map at top and our maps’research bottom) and download QueenofShebaandIsrael pdf book by Dr.Bernard-Leeman and go to to October archive for english…

  2. I truly hope the Egyptian people receive their right to “self determination “. Democracy today is nothing but a “zionist sham” for the people of America and Europe that they control. However, I guess an American/Israeli Sham Democracy might be an improvement from what they had.

  3. Gordon, how can America side with the protesters and be commited to the “security” of Israel at the same time? Israeli “security” is in the control and the oppression of the Egyptian people. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out who’s side we are really on.

  4. It’s not good enough that he can just leave, he must pay retribution and be tried for treason and corruption. His assets should be seized and he should be in prison!!

  5. What I think has been going on is an information vacuum, and into an information vacuum, people tend to project their ideological “theory of things”.

    At best, if there isn’t an “information vacuum”, there are conflicting & contractory facts & evidence. Again, with contraditory facts & evidence, people tend to project their ideological “theory of things”.

    If you want to get to the reality, truth on the ground, one must be cautious, and self-aware of the ideological lens one looks through when analyzing & interpreting the disparate evidence.

    Ideological world-views are almost unavoidable, they help people make sense of confusing situations, but ideological world-views can also be traps that prevent a correct understanding of the situation.


  7. Flash: Mubarak has resigned the presidency of Egypt!

    The 64 million dollar question: What happens next.

  8. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    flashpoints: the Sinai and the Canal

  9. “Cairo – Al Arabiya television reported on Friday that President Hosni Mubarak and his family had left Cairo to an unknown destination from a military airbase in the suburbs. It did not give a source.

    Al Arabiya had initially reported “news” that Mubarak and his family had left Egypt.”

    He seems to have gone.

  10. We are all Khaled Said Murder at 2:22

    Watch at precisely 2:22 in this video as this Egyptian man is murdered in Alexandria.
    While the name of this human being shot dead by police state thugs is unknown, You have just witnessed the systematic brutality the Egyptian Revolution is fighting against.

    Justice for Khaled Said, End torture in Egypt

    We are all Khaled Said! A glimpse of how the Egyptian police deal with peaceful protesters. This is why Mubarak has to be tried in court. Those who want protesters to go home, have to watch this.

  11. Between DHS SS-Obergruppenführer ‘Nappy’ threatening America with another FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB if Congress doesn’t renew parts of the liberty smashing Patriot Act and the brave Egyptians not backing down and refusing to exchange one Israeli arse-kissing Zionist stooge for another, don’t be surprised if an ‘Egyptian’ patsy is framed for the next False Flag on American soil.

    Israel and her colony, ATM machine and arms depot, the USA, are getting nervous that REAL democracy might actually break out in Egypt, then how would they keep Gazans on the edge of starvation?

  12. The CBC TV tonight- The National- are calling Egypt “Israeli’s most trusted regional ally” and seem to play down the “murderous dictator over last 30 years thing.”
    As an aside they say Mubarak family could be worth $70 billion dollars.
    They must insure with Gecko.
    (I wish I was making this stuff up. Could google it I suppose)

  13. This is what you get when you vote in a Muslim president

  14. Audio interview with Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones today regarding the situation in Egypt. ( 10 minutes )

  15. “Egyptian headquarters attacked in Rafah”

    A headquarters of central security forces in the Egyptian Rafah border crossing has come under rocket attack, reports say.

    Full Story:

  16. Other sources are saying Mubarek has already left Egypt.

    I guess time will tell

  17. Latest reports indicate Egyptian tanks have moved AWAY from Mubaraks presidential palace.


    • It was mostly USA USA ! It sounded like the outcry was one guy.
      The ignorance in the US is frightening to anyone outside the US and Israel.

      • That’s only one video clip.
        Cheney, Rumsfeld and Donald Trump all got booed.

        • But there was no vid ?

          • Compared to what is going in Egypt – I`m finding this CPAC outburst a bit lame.
            Then again – maybe it`s just me.

          • I only posted it for some good news today..

          • If Tantawi who the article says is very critical of Israel manages to unseat the power of Suleiman, that will be an improvement, maybe even a breakthrough. El Baradei has been on the right side of things most of the time as I recall, but he’s calling for the Army to step in. If you have the equivalent of Yeltsin vs. Yanayev, with Boris standing on the tank and talking the soldiers to his side, that was certainly the lesser of two evils.

            Gorbachev continuing would have been better yet, but none of these could have prevented the oligarchs’ feeding frenzy. But a continuation of Brezhnevian repression under Gennady Yanayev would not have led to Putin, which is better for Russia. The oligarchs seem to have belatedly met their match.

  18. Wrong again.

    • This could have been done on purpose to agitate the protesters. That would give the army a reason to crack down on them.

  19. Strongman Mubarak is asking for this. He wants a confrontation so he can clampdown in the name of security! War is upon us! Will Obama take a stand?

    • He’ll stand where he’s instructed to stand by his Rothschild/Rockefeller & Co. taskmasters, and nowhere else, as has (and will) every POTUS (until we demolish this fraudulent anti-Constitutional debt serving system entirely and bring ALL those complicit in it, Jewish and Gentile alike, to justice).

      Until then, expect more rhetoric followed by displays of US military/security interventionist brutality and subversion.

  20. Old man won’t leave and now it’s time to take him out by his legs!
    Time for Jihad against the senile old man

  21. all I can say is too bad the “attempt” was not successful.

  22. Interesting John Pilger article:

    “The Egyptian Revolt is Coming Home”

    • “The courage, determination, eloquence and grace of those in Liberation Square …

      Try kettling a million people in the centre of London, bent on civil disobedience, and try imagining it could not happen.”

      The great John Pilger

  23. Obviously the locals aren’t happy having Sulieman as their new leader. Israel,and thus us, must be quaking in their boots

    • AlJazeera within the last hour interviewed an Egyptian `expert` who not only said Suleiman was the CIA`s point man in Egypt – ” he spent half his time in Israel”
      Probably not the “voice of the people.” Here`s to the domino effect.

      • Just heard on Press TV that Suleiman, who is, apparently, The man in Egypt, of both the CIA and MOSSAD, ordered the demonstrators to “go home to their parents.”

      • Suleiman is a Carbon Copy of Sen John McCaine, when it comes to betrayal of his own people. Only difference is that McCaine does not need to spend half his time in Israel, Sen Joseph Lieberman, Rahm Israel Emmanuel and the AIPAC crowd live right here in the USA.

        When he meets with some dude high in hierarchy of the Zion Talmudic Mafia, John McCaine travels to Switzerland and is attended in grand style…

        As I wrote very early in one of my posts the only person with the necessary clout and stature, who have some credibility and could be a rallying point for the Egyptian People is Dr. Mohamed El Baradei.

        Or… Some Revolutionary from the Army, we have never heard about, but who has been working silently and would stage a coup d’état. Then to be credible, he has to have a well thought of working plan and having demonstrated by the sheer boldness of the Coup d’état that he and his men have come prepared and they mean Sovereignty and Radical Changes to the benefit of the People.

        Well, a new GAMAL ABDEL NASSER, might emerge, but I doubt it, because of the Terror regime of Suleiman-Mubarak and the Mossad sticking their beaked noses in every Egyptian political movement… same as here in the USA…

  24. MSNBC and MSN announces “concerns” about Egypt developing WMD and the possibility of weapons of mass destruction being in the hands of an unstable government.

    Same script being followed–the globalists seem not to know any other deceptions to promote to contain a movement by the populace toward self-governance.

    Pave your way with words is how we were lied into Iraq.

    Search “Egypt and WMD” for details on this new propaganda campaign.

    • Ed
      American source say that WE are storing WMDs in Egypt.
      Not kidding…and WE are concerned.

      • wmd stockpiled where, can you guess… in the sinai… I think it won’t take long before egypt will be splitted.

        • The move into the Siani ‘for security reasons’ I believe will be a cover.
          I always put my money nose on first when I go sniffing for motivation.

          Control over the petrochemical off shore fields, all within range of the Israeli Navy and Air Force is something folks they sure as hell won’t want poor Egyptians to enjoy.

          The problem with them, either pipelines or liquified gas, is that they are made in heaven ‘terrorist’ attack targets. And with mini nuke capability these things can be turned off in a jiffy. So control of the surrounding area in no longer a luxury. It is an absolute necessity.

          • Good to hear your point of view Jim, which is as usual pertinent. My gut feeling is:

            1) Israel is pulling ropes and manipulating switches at the moment to device a FORMULA that apparently will satisfy the Egyptian anti-Mubarak protesters, giving in on the very same points/matters that Mubarak said will amend.

            2) Behind the scenes and in secret talks involving US Envoys, Diplomats from Saudi Arabia and Egyptians Muftis (Clerics) to find a team Israel can “TRUST”, i.e. control, and which will not revoke the peace agreement or rock the status quo.

            3) If Israels efforts in that sense fail, I BET that the Zion Talmudic Rogue State will anew OCCUPY the SINAI alleging that “The new regime in Egypt posed an EXISTENTIAL MENACE for its National Security and the SAFETY of the ‘Jewish People’… and Sinai will never be given back. Next stop will be the Nile and Euphrates…

        • Just as we store nukes in Belgium, G.

          • Penumbra, right in Belgium, GERMANY (still an OCCUPIED country since WW II…), England (Trident Missiles), Israel, Diego Garcia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines.

        • Bohemian Rove, I agree fully with you. The writing has been on the wall and to understand what is happening and the nature of the Israeli Agenda and modus operandi the PNAC productions are a MUST.

          The hard core of the Zion Talmudic Mafia, living in the USA and producing the white papers to be fed the poorly witted and little intelligent US politicians were all gathered in the PNAC. We had the “needed Pearl harbor”, i.e. 9/11, we had the invasion and destruction of Iraq, we were conned by unscrupulous MAFIOSI with University Degrees, pushed forward to high offices by the AIPAC and what is happening now is the SECOND PHASE of the Agenda, after the plan of HIJACKING the US Govt and the Pentagon became a FACT.

          What the Zios are doing now is breaking the spine of US Muslim Allies, one after one to achieve TOTAL hegemony in the Middle East: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Egypt (Algeria was not easy to fool with), Morocco is 100% under Zio Control via France and USA, Libya is unimportant and can anytime be easily defeated by the military.

          The Zion Talmudic Agenda has, since day ONE, i.e. the creation of the Myth of the Jewish people, been long term achievements, using deceit, technology, bribing, blackmail, whatever necessary to move forward…with the agenda of World Domination: One World Jewish National Bank, One World Jewish controlled Govt…

  25. Fox News is trying desperately to make a Bogey-man out of the Muslim Brotherhood, which a U.S. Intelligence expert has testified before Congress today is a non-violent, largely secular organization whose work is humanitarian.

    • You can see NeoCon/ZioCon commentators all over the web doing the same thing.
      Especially at yahoo news.

    • Information regarding attack on Suleyman is 100% right the info aired by fox was days ago was coming from the israelis and suleiman was simply not at the place the israelis said he was… Suleyman was targeted and he escaped this time… that’s the reason he want mubarak out… because as a puppet he believes mubarak is behind the attempt…

    • Gordon I lost my email … can’t send anything… bloody hell…

      With regards to your interview with Millosevic and the next israeli 911 in Europe using micro-nukes or radiological bombs…

      look at this

      Algerians and Moroccans in El Qaida training camps in Israel
      Font size: Decrease font Enlarge font
      ennahar 16 April, 2009 12:45:00

      According to sources well informed on the case and the activities of El Qaeda, Israel would have created about a year, training camps on its territory for elements from Arab countries.

      The military training and intelligence are provided in preparation for possible terrorist operations against the interests of foreign countries in the Arab countries who are regarded by Israel as a threat to its security and its strategic interests, including the Maghreb Arab.

      According to our sources, the camps include Arabs from Algeria, Morocco and Yemen who came in, with false passports, from Europe and carrying Jewish names. These were recruited by the Mossad in the European capitals to activate within the ‘El Qaeda’ organization after being selected by the intelligence services in Europe. These people are generally wanted for belonging to terrorist groups.

      The secret training camps have relations with the sleeping cells of El Qaida in Europe, where their elements are recruited for possible terrorist operations in Arab countries in coordination with the branches of the organization including the armed terrorist groups of the Sahara. This proves what Ennahar had previously published on the military attaché at the Israeli embassy in Mauritania, who had prepared a secret report on security activities of armed men in the Sahara regions. The latter maintained secret relations with the rebel movements in Mali and Niger.

      The Mossad had relations with the branches of El Qaeda and the operations committed against foreign interests, mainly American, and in connection with the events in Iraq and the Middle East.

      According to these sources, the Mossad might even try to use Algerian Harraga in Italy and recruit them in these training camps across the logistics network of seafarers on the axis Sardinia Naples in search of elements to send secretly in Israel, for the purpose of committing operations against foreign interests during the summer; operations to be awarded to El Qaeda.

      This new stage in the activities of the El Qaeda organization is the subject of the discourse of El Dhawahiri in an attempt to revive the various branches after the stranglehold exercised on the organization by the European intelligence and painful strikes made by the security services and the army in particular in the Arab Maghreb and in Algeria.

      Ennahar / Mohamed Ben Kemoukh

      • AS, this is absolutely nonsense and who ever Mohamed Ben Kenmoukh is or might be needs to have his neurones checked.

        Sure that Israel and MOSSAD indulge in what I call INDUCED TERRORISM, i.e. infiltrating bands of young-unemployed-dissatisfied Muslims-Arabs and coaching them toward militant activism, supplying money and logistic support, under the guise of being part of a higher MUSLIM organization, most of the time claimed to be Al Qaeda.

        Meanwhile, we all know that Al Qaeda is a mythological creation. Osama Bin Laden, until his death of kidney failure in December 2001, was on the CIA payroll, in charge of organizing the Afghan Mujahidine against the Russians and the Afghan communist govt in Kabul. After the Russians retreat he did business in the Taliban run Afghanistan.

        The news-allegations about Al Qaeda sleeping Cells in Europe is rubbish. In Algeria 2 armed organizations were active: FIS (Front Islamique du Salut = Islamic Salvation Front) which emerged as a political party in September 1989, being Algeria until then a ONE party only state ruled by the FLN (Front National de Libération = National Liberation Front). FIS won the elections of June 1990, but the FLN-ALGERIAN ARMY refused to recognize its victory. Reason for the start of the armed conflict in Algeria and the FIS was declared illegal by the ruling FLN-GOVT in 1992. A decade of bloody action/reaction followed until president Bouteflika came to power and started normalizing the situation.

        Then in 1995 emerged the GIA (Groupe Islamique Armé = Armed Islamic Group) conducting serial bloody terrorist actions in Algeria and the FLN responding in an escalation of violence never seen before in the country.

        These 2 groups (FIS & GIA) did exist and were natives of Algeria, the insurgency was politically motivated and generated into armed conflict.

        But Al Qaeda or AKMI (Al Kaeda du Maghreb Islamic = The Islamic Maghreb Al Qaeda) is a phony as the Federal Reserve being the Central Bank of the USA. It IS NOT NATIVE of North Africa and thus must be a FALSE FLAG OPS, an expression of MOSSAD/CIA INDUCED TERRORISM in order to gain access to and infiltrate the Algerian Leadership.

        Israel set such false flag operations up with the help of CIA, team work : MOSSAD-CIA and through official diplomatic channels the USA signals that a joint collaboration is needed to defeat (The INDUCED) Terrorism, which leads to contacts between Algerian-Tunisian or Moroccan officials to find out who is who, who can be bribed and who is wary of the deception and the game, all coached from a distance by Tel Aviv-MOSSAD, telling the US party what to do next by writing the script.

        Specific demands will follow about what the trapped leaders should do or should not do, all under false pretenses (democracy-collaboration in education-military training-cultural exchange, etc.) while the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons will be undermining the governance and working toward REGIME CHANGE to put puppet –moldable-controllable-docile-corrupt leaders in place, who will do exactly as told to do, in accordance with the Zio Agenda, enforced through the State Apparatus of the USA, but benefiting only to the Zion Talmudic Mafia and Israel.

        The “HARAGA” (“ID papers burners”, i.e. to avoid being deported to their country of origin, when they are caught as illegal immigrants in Europe) that Ben Kemoukh mentions, are mostly young men, unemployed who want to enjoy life western style. They are not politically motivated. In these conditions, it’s a hell of a job to get them to be EXTREMISTS and accept to travel to ISRAEL in order to GO BACK as TERRORISTS to DIE in the country they have left to immigrate clandestinely to Europe to have a good time, to live, risking their lives in unseaworthy open boats…

        No, it does not make sense.

        • Ken these are not the same we speak about… I’ve seen it with my eyes in France… 80 % of the youngs are SEFARADS form yemen to algeria to morocco to mauritiania and for those managed by the MOD pakistanis, bengladeshi, sri lankis, etcc…., they can’t even read or understand arabic properly for those born in EU, home grown terrorists the latest fashion zionist fashion… easy targets for manipulations… I’ ve checked it and I can tell you, recruitment was done through Morocco training camps at the beginning and algeria at the end of the 80s and supervised by french DST, or CIA in Ex-Yougo… and youngsters were then sent Bosnia in the Middle East to infiltrate… real resistance units.

          These are not harraga…

          • Ken will give more in private… insha Allah

          • AS, just send the proof of what you are saying right here to Veterans Today, so every participant in the debate can see it…

            By the way, I am sorry to tell you that, although I respect ALL religions, as long as the religiosity is kept PRIVATE, I do not believe in any deity or holy book at all.

Comments are closed


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  16. Dr. Ismail Salami – UN resolution on Iran mockery of justice
  17. Kiev Plans Full-Scale War
  18. Minor Anomaly Threatens
  19. MKO, Driving Force Behind Anti-Iran UN Resolution
  20. Pilger and Assange, Theatre of the Absurd (redux)
  1. SHORT2POINT: Chosen THIEVES of Palestinian Land & Perpetually Innocent NONSTOP LIARS .... Deport These Luciferans To izraHELL and Then NUKE it into Oblivion & MANKIND will be Way Way Better Off ...
  2. Chandler: thank you. I will follow up.
  3. cynthiamaccioli: Herr Tomer, I suggest you just google Thought Crimes and see how many VERY famous cases have been tried for questioning the Holocaust. Even the lawyers go to jail ...
  4. Simpleton: Seeing is unbelieving ! Any tower collapse should result in a 12% residual pile at the base, but 110 stories of the twin towers only left a 4 story pile ...
  5. Alois: continued.... "As historian Donald Fried has put it "Precisely the people in the intelligence community commissioned to develop some kind of rescue for the hostages were those elements of covert action ...

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