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“Fox News is a propaganda outfit but they call themselves news….an open and active political player, sort of one-part character assassin and one-part propagandist…thrives on fabrications and falsehoods…all a well-orchestrated liar….permeates the entire Fox News culture…we’re taking the Bush line on things…different than the GOP…. a Stalin-esque mouthpiece….totally dangerous…..siege mentality that network boss Roger Ailes encourages… controversy faded, goddamn it they would find another one……real or imagined….or fabricated…misleading….partisan….instructed to slant and falsify stories on climate change and health care reform…an organization that’s built and functions by intimidation and bullying.”…Media Matters

Perhaps they were inspired by events in the Middle East but America’s conservatives are no longer in “lock step” with “neocons,” not any more.  With Ron Paul’s supporters making up a clear majority, espousing values totally at odds with the disastrous Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld era of big government, big debt and economic corruption, things got hot for former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former Vice President Dick Cheney, both of potentially face criminal tribunals for torture policies enacted at their urging.

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Fox News, long partnered with the “neocon” political theorists whose “trickle down” economic program is responsible for 94% of America’s current debt, was recently caught falsifying coverage of the CPAC meeting.  A year ago, “neocons” controlled CPAC and “booed” Congressman Ron Paul, now leading Republican contender for President.  This year he was wildly cheered.  Fox News chose to run last years coverage, mislabeled.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This behavior from “Fair and Balanced” Fox News, owned by Israeli-American-Australian Rupert Murdoch, the “Darth Vader” of the media, is more than incidental, it’s typical.  Recent revelations from former Fox insiders:

Asked what most viewers and observers of Fox News would besurprised to learn about the controversial cable channel, a former insider fromthe world of Rupert Murdoch was quick with a response: “I don’t think peoplewould believe it’s as concocted as it is; that stuff is just made up.”

Indeed, a former Fox News employee who recently agreed to talk with Media Matters confirmed what critics have been saying for years about Murdoch’s cable channel. Namely, thatFox News is run as a purely partisan operation, virtually every news story is actively spun by the staff, its primary goal is to prop up Republicans and knock down Democrats, and that staffers at Fox News routinely operate without the slightest regard for fairness or fact checking.

Fox News is a propaganda outfit but theycall themselves news….an open and active political player, sort of one-part character assassin and one-part propagandist…thrives onfabrications and falsehoods…all a well-orchestrated liar….that permeates the entire Fox News culture…we’re taking the Bush line on things, which was different than the GOP…. a Stalin-esque mouthpiece….totally dangerous…..siege mentality that network boss Roger Ailes encourages… controversy faded, goddamn it they would find another one……real or imagined….or fabricated…misleading….partisan….instructed to slant and falsify stories on climate change and health care reform…an organization that’s built and functions by intimidation and bullying.

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  1. I love Mike Rivero, his was the first site I learned of when I started searching for alternative news. It was a caller on the Ed Schultz show who mentioned ‘What Really Happened’, so I checked it out and have been visiting for years.

  2. Spot on Mike.

    • Michael
      In the absense of news, we can’t continue to simply print op-ed material stating the same things over and over…like so many others.
      then we become an addiction like fox news

  3. If Ron Paul runs and IF he gets invited to those ‘dog and pony’ show pseudo-debates, he’ll be allowed to attend one, maybe two, before being tossed aside so we can ‘vote’ into the White House another hand-picked Zionist lackey, chosen by the war mongering CFR and the greedy pigs of the Bilderbergs.

  4. Ron Paul 2012, it doesn’t look to me like Ray McGovern owns anybody right now!

  5. Ron Paul 2012 has the earth’s axis been affected by the “Jupiter Effect”, all the planets alligned and on one side of the sun?

  6. Could it be we are seen the world coming to an end. Nostradamus code. WORLD WAR III. The Year 2012. if all the bastards that started these two wars are not punished for war crimes against Humanity then God will punish them on Judgement Day.they all deserve HELL. the devil is waiting for all these scum bastards.

  7. Everyone read and bookmark this great Alternative ( aka: truthful) news website:

  8. “Ray McGovern 0wns Donald Rumsfeld ”

  9. Matt Ford, M.P.A.

    In my opinion, Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney are all war criminals.

    The courts in this world may not be able to try them, but there is always the higher court of God that can.

    Let them laugh now. When they stand before God they won’t be laughing then.

    • Whatever be my own fate on that day, I do hope I have a front row seat to watch the proceedings when their numbers are called. The sputtering alone will be priceless.

  10. Ingrid, Hillary is a “Femi-Nazi”, a tough suburbanite from a priveledged background, a real “tough guy”. One of those “rebels without a cause” from the late 60’s!

  11. Dub, thank you for that post, it was fascinating, something is definately going on with the earth’s equallibrium. Could it be from all the oil we have extracted from the core of the earth?

    • “Dub, thank you for that post, it was fascinating, something is definately going on with the earth’s equallibrium. Could it be from all the oil we have extracted from the core of the earth?”

      No, it’s based on long term solar cycles.
      Look at the long term history of the Earth, there has never been any equilibrium.

      • I would have linked it but sometimes have trouble with links here. The original is out of They are willing to discuss more meatier venues than Fox News these days. It wasn’t too long ago I would laughed at anything in Pravda myself.

        • I’m aware of the polar tilt, it’s real.
          It’s also happened before, it readjusts itself.
          The climate extremes you are witnessing are based on a 40 year solar cycle.
          It’s not a coincidence we are witnessing the same amounts of snowfall that we had back in the 1970’s.

          BTW: Back in the 1970s the MSM like the New York times were crying wolf about Global cooling and a new Ice Age. Are you aware of this?

  12. I’m surprised the Veterans Today has not picked up on the 71-year-old Veteran Ray McGovern beating that took place the other day at a Hilary Clinton speech on the public’s right for peaceful protesting (George Washington University).

    Blind-sided by security officers who pounced upon him, Mr. McGovern remarked, as he was hauled out the door, “So this is America?” Mr. McGovern is covered with bruises, lacerations and contusions inflicted in the assault.

    • Just saw something about this on Press TV news. They didn`t name the “heckler” but said he tried to raise a banner and was dragged off. Clinton was cold as ice and carried on without skipping a beat, one cold, calculating, nasty “woman?”

    • They did, the title of the article is somewhat ambiguous.
      ( VT should change it )

      “Hillary’s Hypocrisy”

    • That was pathetic to watch.
      ‘You can’t make this stuff up’ type of thing.
      Cheers to Ray.
      Don’t give up people.
      Party still hasn’t really started.

  13. It is not Algore’s carbon theory but to try and think there is nothing going on with the climate is to be like the boy in the plastic bubble.

    Frightening new evidence begins to surface about the Earth’s wobble, its effect on the climate and the beginning of a new Ice Age, heralded by a series of monster storms such as those unleashed on the UK in late 2010, the USA before Christmas and now again at the beginning of February and Eastern Australia, first with its worst flooding ever and then with a Category 5 hurricane.

    The latest storm to hit the USA has affected 150 million people and stretches across 2,000 miles of territory, according to the research presented in the article “Magnetic polar shifts causing massive global superstorms”*. In Australia, unprecedented rains saw sharks swimming along the streets of towns and so much water fell, that “Shocked authorities now numbly concede that some of the water may never dissipate and have wearily resigned themselves to the possibility that region will now contain a small inland sea”.

    Then struck Yasi with its winds of almost 200 mph – 22 per cent faster that a Category 5 hurricane. “Yet Yasi may only be a foretaste of future super-storms. Some climate researchers, monitoring the rapidly shifting magnetic field, are predicting super-storms in the future with winds as high as 300 to 400mph,” states researcher Terrence Aym.

    What is happening? According to the research, a change in the Sun’s electromagnetic field is reacting with the Earth’s, having an effect not only on the Earth’s magnetosphere, but also its wobble, the dynamics of its core, the Ocean currents and the weather. The result is that the Earth’s magnetic core has been shifting 40 miles to the East annually over the last decade, as opposed to the 5-mile average. Worse, it is accelerating.

  14. Excellent post again Brian, and thanks for the link. Jesus Christ himself confronted the “high priests” of Judaism of that time, knowing that to change them, you have to change their hearts. This is the only solution to the Talmudic Zionist Entity. A lot of Americans in “high places” believe they can be their “friend in destruction” without it destroying them. This philosophy will surely be America’s demise. It’s gotten so “twisted” that even a lot of “Christian Evangelists” who should know better than most have this same attitude of “appeasement” to the enemies of Jesus Christ. The Spirt of love, joy, and peace is disappearing fast in the Zionist run parts of the world, they legislate against it. Only divine intervention can change this now. And trust me, it’s coming sooner than we would all like to believe.

  15. Phoneys give left and right limits to the range of discourse the corpo-rats media wants to program the sucker public to salivate over. In a less vicious reality conservative and Liberal would respect each other and share sentiments in seeking common ends and peaceful means to obtain cooperation that doesn’t breakdown in partisan bickering which Corpo-rat “NEWS” channels adore. The goal of Television aka the boob tube is to confuse and divide the audience so that in a worst case scenario the factions can be sicced on one another while the dragoons make their escape. Even if the General Public tunes out the media, reporters on contra media [the internet] will still report the “stories”. The real story is if nobody knows what the lies are because everyone stops listening. Hearing what you want to hear is not constructive. The tv networks give honest debate a bad name. All of them including NPR.

    • Agree with everything you said. What if they held an election and nobody came?

      • Voting “none of the above” (or not voting at all) would expose the farce of our fraudulent electoral system as no other act could hope to do.

        • Unfortunately I did not vote in the last election and my state got Scott Walker! I wonder how many thought the same thing as me and stayed home only to let a tryant into office. I still went to the protest. I hear the ‘tea party’ is being rounded up and sent in this weekend to support Walker. Of course it’s not the REAL tea partiers. There better not be any trouble. A lot of kids are at these rallies.

    • NPR is run by a die-hard Zionist Jewess Vivian Schiller, former NYT executive. The apples don’t fall far from their trees of origin in the world of controlled media.

  16. The paid “flashbulb pressers”for Dick Cheney’s enterance made it truly look like a “cheap fashion show”.

  17. Speaking of Ron Paul, how in the heck did he become Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy. He advocates gradual elimination of the Federal Reserve System. I agree with him.

    I’m surprised the Wall Street crowd, which has a strong influence on congress, allowed this to happen. Perhaps the subcommittee doesn’t have much power.

    BTW, ABC, CBS and NBC are also propaganda fronts, especially for Israel regarding the Middle East. For decades, they have played a major role in effectively brainwashing Americans against Muslims. They pushed the propaganda we had to invade Iraq. Oh BTW, all the networks are run by Jewish Zionists.

    • Oh the poor Muslims:

      James Petras in 2007 called this the “Zionist Power Configuration.” It is much more than a lobby.

      “The Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) has over two thousand full-time functionaries, more than 250,000 activists, over a thousand billionaire and multi-millionaire political donors who contribute funds to both political parties. The ZPC secures 20% of the US foreign military aid budget for Israel, over 95% congressional support for Israel’s boycott and armed incursions in Gaza, invasion of Lebanon, and preemptive military option against Iran.”

      “No single individual who dares criticize Israeli policy can escape the long hand of the pro-Israel authoritarians….Booksellers are picketed, editors are intimidated, university presses and distributors are threatened, university presidents are blackmailed, local and national candidates are browbeaten and smeared (from the smallest American hamlet to our metropolitan centers and national capital), meetings are cancelled and venues are pressured, faculty are fired or denied promotion, corporations are blacklisted, union pension funds are raided, and theater performances and concerts are cancelled. And the list of repressive actions taken by these authoritarian Zionist organizations at the national and local levels runs on….”

      He might have added America is forced to war against other nations, and act against its own national interest diplomatically and militarily. Legislation is proposed to limit Americans’ freedom of speech labeling legitimate criticism of Israel and zionism as anti-Semite and a hate crime.

      The Mossad, the zionist spy network similar to our CIA, has a global network of media contacts which their Department of Psychological Warfare uses. Mossad’s motto is ” By way of deception, thou shalt do War.” The Department of Psychological Warfare’s task is to feed their media contacts “background” – read disinformation and lies, that will help discredit and destroy the Palestinians and Arab nations that support them, and elicit sympathy for Israel’s elimination of Palestinians. A second task of that department is to prepare information for the press attaches at Israeli embassies. Their purpose there is the same. Below are two examples of Mossad’s many attempts at media disinformation in the United States.

      Similarly, “occupied” Palestinian land was softened in many American media reports into “disputed” Palestinian land just after then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, in 2001, instructed U.S. embassies in the Middle East to refer to the West Bank as “disputed” rather than “occupied” territory.

      • 50% of all political campaign donations in America are made by Jewish contributors.

        What kind of impact does that have on American politics & policies?

        • this money form arab countries… saudi arabia, uae, and kuweit… arab money used by zio fool to exterminate muslims, christian etc in Palestine… we need to put an end to this !

      • Looks like they have dug their roots too deep. Give them an inch springs to mind. Wake up America!

      • BTW,

        I should have taken out this part which is in the second to the last paragraph: Below are two examples of Mossad’s many attempts at media disinformation in the United States.

        The comment about occupied and disputed Palestinian land and about Colin Powell and the West Bank are not Mossad disinformation. A copying and pasting mistake made by me. Oh well.

  18. Yes, Rumsfield & Cheney are criminals, plain & simple.

    Ron Paul supporters, many of whom would call themselves Tea Party supporters, are against the neocon agenda of a militaristic foreign policy that is backed up by over 700 military bases in over 170 countries.

    Ron Paul: “Obama is a warmonger”.

    Just to back it up:

    (Politico – 2/16/11)

    Barack Obama plays hardball with veto threat

    “[President Obama] drew a sharp line at the immediate spending cuts proposed by the House, even suggesting that Republicans were jeopardizing the Pentagon’s ability to ‘meet vital military requirements.’”

    “[Republicans] would reduce funding for the Department of Defense to a level that would leave the department without the resources and flexibility needed to meet vital military requirements,” — Obama Administration.

    Now, is not the time to divide the anti-war movement, whether from the right or from the left.

  19. Why?
    Just because it’s anti-Neocon?
    Just because you hate coca cola doesn’t mean you like sprite.
    Just because the post is against Neocons/Cheney doesn’t mean you like Obama.

    You guys need to start thinking outside the box a little bit…
    Seriously, this is a BIG problem.

Comments are closed


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