By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

This week, most members of congress, 100% of the new “Tea Party,” swore allegiance to the State of Israel.  To those of us at Veterans Today, we have a problem with this.  We have never been all that enthusiastic about Congress in the first place.  They are a gutless bunch who feather their own nests, finance their campaigns with laundered drug money and have turned Washington into a modern day Gomorrah, a city of rent boys and call girls.

We have a few issues to pick with Israel.

There is no way any loyal member of the United States military or veteran of its services is likely to “kiss and make up” with Israel until we receive an official apology for the attack on the USS Liberty.  Even the “official” veterans organizations, generally a gutless bunch made up of the same spineless sycophants as congress, have spoken up on this one.

Our next issue is 9/11.  We know Israel was involved in a major way though there is no way Israel alone could have ordered NORAD to ground its planes.  We know members of all key committees in Congress were given a “top secret” briefing on 9/11 and told the following things:

  • The World Trade Center was destroyed, not by planes but because of a “national security issue” in order to “save lives.”
  • The attack on the Pentagon was not the hijacked aircraft claimed but a different cause that is “classified.”
  • The subsequent attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq were necessary for the US to maintain control of energy resources to prevent economic collapse.
  • Israel “assisted” the United States on 9/11 and may “appear” culpable but was not.

These things are childish lies, of course.  The perverts, cowards and gullible rubes that make up congress, one of the most corrupt institutions on earth, were beaming with self importance, having been briefed on a great conspiracy.  After all, many members of congress went to college, some to law school, and are much more deserving and certainly much more important than “normal people.”

We call this condition “malignant narcissism.”

We believe there is reasonable proof that the State of Israel was clearly involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attack on the United State as part of a conspiracy involving rogue members of our military and intelligence community working with a cabal within the executive branch that may not have included the President of the United States but, in all certainty, nearly everyone around him.

We are privately aware that top members of the Democratic Party are in total agreement with this assessment, a not-insignificant number along with a dozen or more members of the Republican Party.

None have spoken publicly though two in particular have come very close.

As for the others, we can accept some ignorance of 9/11 as direct ties to Israel have, though hard evidence is there, not been established in a court of law.  That has been blocked with considerable energy and violence.

We can only accept that many members of congress are devoid of even the most common abilities to exercise judgement.   Few Americans dispute this fact.

Hearing President Obama and Secretary Clinton speak, people we know to have great intellect but highly questionable personal courage, only reinforces the concept of “fog of delusion” that allows members of America’s government to live in denial of rational truths, particularly when personal gain is involved.

Veterans Today’s last issue with Congress is over the plight of the citizens of the region known as Israel or Palestine or Judea or “Greater Israel.”  The news has reports of “West Bank” or “East Jerusalem” housing issues and how upset the United States government “appears” to be from time to time over this issue.

Let us be clear what these issues are:

  • People are being removed from their homes because of their religion, their property illegally seized and destroyed
  • They are then relocated to areas surrounded by barbed wire, mines and armed guards.  We call these places “concentration camps.”
  • In recent years, several thousand members of these relocated families have been killed, some by “accidental shooting” by IDF forces, some by cluster bombs, some by tanks and some crushed by bulldozers.  By our estimation, there have been over 300,000 such accidents in total.

Last week, a majority of members of Congress, including the entire Republican Party, certified that these actions, technically “ethic cleansing,” actions cited by the United Nations on dozens of occasions as violations of basic human rights, were “security issues” for Israel.

Congress voted funds to pay for these criminal acts.  We have a problem with this also.

We know that every member of Congress is aware that military aid for Israel is only legal because the United States has vetoed sanctions against Israel using their power in the United Nations Security Council on dozens of occasions.

American weapons are being used to attack civilians in support of a program of ethnic cleansing more aggressive than that perpetrated by the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Those who support these policies in the American government are morally reprehensible.  There is no question of doubt about this issue, the facts are in place and the appropriate human rights agencies are more than clear.

It is our belief that the members of Congress who continue to advocate military aid to Israel, the 5th most powerful nation on earth, the 3rd largest exporter of arms, a nation with no debt and massive wealth, whose citizenry control 40% of the worlds resources, while schools in America are being closed and millions are homeless, are criminals and are doing so because they have been bribed.

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    ACTS 2, ACTS 2:37-47, ACTS 8:25-30, ACTS 9, ACTS 10, ETC…READ THEM NOW!!!!!!!




  3. Ted Olson does seem to have been Pollard’s lawyer. Crazy. It seems like with that link, either Richard Perle, Wolfowitz, or Doug Feith would have been Pollard’s Mossad contact in the Pentagon.

  4. The only thing I would like to say is that Yahwah the Jewish God is not the Creator but the commander if the space ship who guided the Jews to Egypt to build the Pyramids then guided them across the desert to the promise land!!!! The Anunnaki have controlled all Earth for 450,000 years and have been told by the Federation of planets to leave Earth by 2012–The end time BIBLE says the Gods will be fighting the Gods in Golden Chariots in the heavens!!!!—The Jews are no worse or better than other humans!!!!!! Hal

  5. Mr.g
    You are a mans man your gift to all vets is as good as it gets you are a great writer but moe than that a great leather neck kick ass American.
    Thank you so much for your service and more so to your VETERANS TODAY!
    Best wishes,

  6. The USS Liberty survivors have known for years what the congress of this nation has turned into. It can be summed up in a few words. They put our War Crimes Report in file thirteen, ignored the truths we told them and in essence turned their backs on their own people. A Repubic is only as good as the moral compass that guides it. Does that tell you something about congress?

  7. Quote:
    I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    • Thanks for burying my post with your spam, Dave, and I see you still haven’t attributed the quote about all that reading.

  8. Interesting arithmetic – the incredible numbers

    Let’s have a look at a typical account by one of the seemingly endless number of survivors: Olga Lengyel’s Five Chimneys: a woman survivor’s true story of Auschwitz (Granada/ Ziff-Davis, 1947, 1972).

    According to Lengyel, ‘After June, 1943, the gas chamber was reserved exclusively for Jews and Gypsies.. Three hundred and sixty corpses every half-hour, which was all the time it took to reduce human flesh to ashes, made 720 per hour, or 17,280 corpses per twenty-four hour shift. And the ovens, with murderous efficiency, functioned day and night. However, one must also reckon the death pits, which could destroy another 8,000 cadavers a day. In round numbers, about 24,000 corpses were handled each day. An admirable production record, one that speaks well for German industry.’ (Paperback edition, pp80-81). [No trace of any remains of or in ‘death pits’ has been found.]

    This implies almost 100,000 corpses per four working days, or a million in 40 days, or six million in 240 days (eight months). Notice the bald precision of the figures without any explanation, the utter confidence in the reader’s credulity.

    The blurb on the cover of the book quotes the New York Herald-Tribune: “Passionate, tormenting”. Albert Einstein, the promoter of the US construction of the bombs used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is quoted as offering “You have done a real service by letting the ones who are now silent and most forgotten speak.”

    Could this claim be a misprint?

    Kitty Hart, in spite of her name a Jewish survivor born in Poland, fully confirms these figures:

    ‘Working around the clock, the four units together could dispose of about 18,000 bodies every twenty-four hours, while the open pits coped with a further 8,000 in the same period.’ (p 118; Return to Auschwitz – paperback edition by Granada (1981, 1983).

    According to the cover blurb, ‘The subject of the award-winning Yorkshire television documentary of the same name.’ ‘Both engaging and harrowing…an important addition to the growing holocaust literature, very little of which conveys so courageously both the daily torment and the will to survive’ – Martin Gilbert, The Times.

    ‘Sir’ Martin Gilbert, indefatigable Jewish campaigner on behalf of the ‘Holocaust’ and biographer of Winston Churchill, adds to the rich flavour and makes his own numerical claims, certainly not without chutzpah:

    In his book Auschwitz and the Allies (1981) he states

    ‘The deliberate attempt to destroy systematically all of Europe’s Jews was unsuspected in the spring and early summer of 1942: the very period during which it was at its most intense, and during which hundreds of thousands of Jews were being gassed every day at Belzec, Chelmo, Sobibor and Treblinka.’ (p.26).

    If we assume a minimum figure of 200,000 per day, this amounts to say a million a five-day working week, or 6 million in six weeks, and this does not include the truly awe-inspiring claims for Auschwitz put forward by Hart and Lengyel with Gilbert’s blessing.

  9. It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

    Elie Wiesel vs Encyclopaedia Britannica

    Wiesel has been one of the most prominent spokesmen for the very sizable group of people known as Holocaust survivors. Wiesel has chaired the US Holocaust Memorial Council and has been the recipient of a Congressional Gold Medal and Nobel Peace Prize..

    Time Magazine, March 18 1985:

    ‘How had he survived two of the most notorious killing fields [Auschwitz and Buchenwald] of the century? “I will never know” Wiesel says. “I was always weak. I never ate. The slightest wind would turn me over. In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 to their deaths every day. I was always in the last hundred near the gate. They stopped. Why?”

    Compare this with Encyclopaedia Britannica (1993), under ‘Buchenwald’:

    “In World War II it held about 20,000 prisoners.. Although there were no gas chambers, hundreds perished monthly through disease, malnutrition, exhaustion, beatings and executions.”

  10. Outstanding article, Gordon!

    Any indication of when this top-secret briefing for congressional leaders took place?

    Whatever the case, I’d call it a limited hang-out. The briefing gives these congressmen a plausible denial against “conspiracy theories” being raised by their constituents, while providing cover for Israel, the Pentagon (DOD), the executive branch, the intelligence agencies, and others.

    I recall a top CIA official speaking anonymously in the immediate aftermath of 9/11: “When the dust has settled, this will be seen not as a CIA failure, but a CIA triumph.”

    If Bush is even somewhat innocent in all this, then he’s got some explaining to do. According to a live ABC broadcast by ABC’s John Cochran from the Colony Resort, President Bush was already aware of the first WTC impact before he left his Florida motel that morning.

    During the time Bush sat in the classroom listening to the children recite, Ari Fleischer was reported to have maneuvered to where he could not be easily observed by the press, and held-up a hand-scrawled sign on the back of a legal pad, which read:

    Don’t say anything yet

    I suggest Bush be given partial immunity in exchange for his testimony.


  11. Two Zionist trial runs of the clever
    ‘6 Million’ story, many years before WWII

    Max Nordau (1849-1923) was the co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl.
    Have a look at this Max Nordau quote from Ben Hecht’s book ‘Perfidy’ – which is available for free in PDF format at (on page 232 of 261):

    In the Zionist Congress of 1911, 22 years before Hitler came to power, and three years before World War I, Nordau said, “How dare the smooth talkers, the clever official blabbers, open their mouths and boast of progress. . . . Here they hold jubilant peace conferences in which they talk against war. . . . But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly, industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six million people, and there is nobody, except the doomed themselves, to raise his voice in protest although this is a worse crime than any war . . .” unquote.

    And take a look at the article from The American Hebrew, October 31 1919, repeatedly prophesying a ‘holocaust’ of ‘six million':


    The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!
    By Martin H. Glynn
    (Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)
    From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread.
    These children, these men and women are our fellow-members of the human family, with the same claim on life as we, the same susceptibility to the winter’s cold, the same propensity to death before the fangs of hunger. Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. We may not be their keepers but we ought to be their helpers.
    In the face of death, in the throes of starvation there is no place for mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differentiations of race. In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand.
    Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life, etc etc etc

  12. The Israelis are bellyaching about suddenly not getting the main ingredients for their sushi! While millions of the good Japanese people are without electricity and water, many having lost their homes, etc. The self-centered “Chosen” just gotta have their sushi! Oy vey! Vhat’s the vorld coming to without sushi?

    Might these Chosenite cancers-on-the-world divert just a billion of the 10+ billion dollars they get from AIPAC-controlled American pols to helping the Japanese get back on their feet? Never happen!

  13. Excellent! Keep up the good work.

  14. I am a veteran of the British Army,please visit my website,it would be an honour if you would sign my petition

    Thank you kindly

    Jim Blacl

  15. Hey America??? Hows it going these days?? Whats happening in our wonderful world these days besides what these bumbling idiots in Washington DC doing besides pocketing our tax dollars?? Amazing heh? But you know what?? We Americans can be smarter then the average bozo whose an average US politician taking bribes and cutbacks from the world pharacudical companies, like I.G.Farben, Dupont and other companies in the world! We can pull our minds together as common folk in this world, we can refuse and protest quietly around the whole world, not to work for this society for “worthless paper money” and help people in general as a commune without any more help from the governments around the world! Just look what national government is sponsered at the UN and the difference between them and us, ordinary citizens of the world, and work together without the thought of these “worthless paper money”? I know!! My father used to work for J.P.Morgan. As for me, when it comes to their own personal greed and power, I just sit back and laugh at their stupidy they are trying to put on people these days! Some say, “They are rich and powerful”, and with what?? Mostly done by “worthless paper currency”, they have made! Dont make me laugh! America?? Trust me on this! It’s worthless paper money they are printing and so is the US Treasury bonds! Worthless! The more people will quit working for this “worthless paper currency”, the more people will find out that life is better without it, even when someone was born from it. Tell you more secret about it, well, one of my personal friends is from the Rockefeller family! Boy, does he have a story to tell like he told me! And another thing, never trust a DuPont or some of these crackpots, J.P.Morgan, Bank of America, ChaseManhatten bank, Halliburton, buy any gas from Shell oil ((The Rothchilds own it)), General Dynamics, McDonald Douglas, I.G.Farbon, Wall Street bankers, George Soros, Donald Trump, General Electric, Ford Motors company ((Financed by Jesse James)). And why?? For all intence purposes?? “Worthless paper money”!!
    Comments I said here are expressly admitted mine, I take ressponsability and admit it. And maybe a comment to the German investor who recently baught Wall Street!! That was real stupid dumb investment! Why buy an investment like this that counts on their holdings in this “worthless paper money” and the “Worthless Federal Reserve”.
    Care to make a comment on my personal email? Go ahead! As Mr. Spock would say,”Im all ears”! ;-)
    David Maxie
    Son of former J.P.Morgan worker, and World War 2 army veteran.

    • Y’all are seriously a bunch of lunatics. It’s pretty funny reading all this bullshit actually.

      • Hey Joe!!
        Got any spare human organs?
        Wants some?
        I hear Israel wants to be paid in kidneys.

      • Hey Joe where’d you get that way of talking? Are you an apologist? Paid by any chance? What is the going rate nowdays?

    • if you really think that JP Morgan’s [et al] billions are in fiat alone you are sorely mistaken Cap’n…the reason we no longer have any real wealth is because JP and his ilk have drained us of every drop, and put it in their coffers in real wealth, metals, commodities like food, real estate, etc…that “money” you refer to is converted to real property and valuables other than fiat almost as soon as they get their hands on it, and the fiat they keep around for suckers like us, would not even qualify as the dregs of their fortunes. I only wish it was all in fiat…then you’d be so right and when the dollar finishes its long fall to worthless, they’d be worthless too, but that won’t be the case at all.

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