BREAKING: OBL death means “nuclear hellstorm” vows KSM!

By Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop CO

MAYDAY, 5/1/11, 11:11 PM – U.S. claims of a successful military operation that killed Osama bin Laden (OBL) come on the heels of a story out of Guantanamo Bay, according to which Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) said that Al-Qaeda is prepared to launch a “nuclear hellstorm” against the United States and United Kingdom in the event that OBL was killed or captured.

Veterans Today carried my Saturday intelligence analysis of this exact scenario, A Princess Bride’s A-Bomb Peril. In light of today’s developments, the article is certain to be distributed and discussed worldwide by intelligence, police and military officers and officials.

Israeli and US/UK agents conducted a heater debate in the article’s comments section, arguing whether Sears Tower was the top terror target and which Middle East nation and religious extremists should be “profiled” by authorities and alert citizens.

More analysis to follow later today. If any of the source article links crash, search for the titles:

  1. Obama: Al-Qaida head bin Laden dead
  2. Wikileaks: Al-Qaeda plotted chemical and nuclear attack on the West
  3. A Princess Bride’s A-Bomb Peril
  4. Nuke Coded 329211 a Real Threat
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13 Comments for “BREAKING: OBL death means “nuclear hellstorm” vows KSM!”

  1. Please! Now we are to believe that the mighty al-Qaeda has just been waiting and gaining in strength to deliver a final terrible blow to America? Since 9/11/2001, the US gov’t has instilled fear in it’s people, on purpose, as policy. I say, let’s shut down the Pentagon, turn it into a museum of human evil deeds. NO MORE FEAR!

  2. you missed one of 911 big stories, you know the one they (US media) talked about for two days right after 911, you know…the one where someone made millions of dollars from the falling stock of insurance and airline co. that was involved in the 911 attack (putt options ? ), funny how we don’t hear anything about that anymore……someone (zionist bankers) made a KILLINGS ON THAT DAY…!!!!!!!

  3. do you see the link between the masonic wedding of the most ancient tribe of David… the Windsors… which are not even coming from David… the KSM fake revelations … the programmed death of the dollar, Fukushima nuclear man made disaster… the transfer of power from Washington to Jerusalem… and the next 911 … following the announcement of the ‘death’ of OBL who died 10 years ago ? … if yes then mouser is right … Italy, or Germany can be good target for Israel…

  4. “Long Live Dead Osama Bin Laden – I give us a second chance to pull another 9/11 tragedly before Netanyahu’s coming visit to Washington,” a Mossad operative.

    • I strongly suggest that everyone get out of Washington DC before the Angel of Death descends upon it the way he did upon NYC on 9/11 and upon London on 7/7. It’s never a good idea to be in the same town as Benjamin Netanyahu.

  5. If it is true that the intelligence people discussed the Sears Tower as the next possible target, that is very interesting (and coincidental) indeed as Herr Silverstein, the previous owner of the WTC 7, bought the Sears Tower around 2004. How could the intelligence people possibly predict with certainty what the next target would be? Could it be that they ‘sort of know’ what’s going to ‘happen’ next? Makes the most sense to me.

  6. Aangirfan,

    To Veterans Today;

    If I may, I would like to write causually and freely about right now, today, Monday May 2, 2011, noon central european time (Germany, Italy, Sweden etc).

    One week ago there was a report on the MSM from “al Quaida”, which all truthful people know is CIA, MI6 and Mossad, stating if Osama bin Ladan was captured or killed that “al Quaida” would set off a nuclear bomb in Europe.

    Right now, as I write, there is rejoycing in the streets of USA, covered by the MSM, over the announced death of Osama bin Ladan (who actually died in December 2001 of kidney failure in Afghanistan).

    Putting the MSM announcements together, Europe is about to have a nuclear bomb set off. Which country of the G-20 is bucking at the bit of implementation of the NWO by zionist Rothschild and his crony banking families? Which country has endured over sixty years of being the ‘bad guys’ in the fake 6 million gas chamber holohoax? Which country has been paying repatriations (literally billions) to zionists and israel for something which never happened? Which country refused to be a part of the ‘No Fly Zone’ over non-IMF Libya? Which country refuses to put boots on the ground with NATO against Libya? Which country had a double rotar head-of-state helicopter accident as a warning three days sfter saying “no more” to Nitwityahoo?

    If you have (G-) 20 lackeys doing your murdering and pillaging for you, and one of these 20 says “no”, what do you do to keep the other 19 back in line doing your zionist hegemony bidding?

    You come down as hard as you can on the abstainer as a motive for the other 19 not to question your criminal authority.

    A nuclear bomb somewhere in europe by “al Quaida”. Where would the zionist banking families explode such a device for maximum fear effect?

    They’ve lost. If this bomb explodes it will be a beginning of the zionist Samson option.

    Zionism is now a mad dog that needs to be caught and put out of its misery, put down because it is now a clear and present danger to all other people on earth.


  7. According to the first reference, Bin Laden and his entourage were buried at sea; the skeptics have no body to examine. How convenient! And also how wonderful that Obama took care of both his birth certificate and Bin Laden in the same week! If this keeps up, he’ll be walking on water by next week.

    • And I suppose it’s irrelevant that we got the news of Gaddafi’s youngest son being killed on May 1. First Gaddafi, then Bin Laden and family, all in one day.

      May 1 is the 121st (11×11) day of the year.

  8. Yes, we were hacked. Starting just moments before President Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden, our website was hit with what the hosting company described as a massive distributed denial of service attack, no doubt to prevent the public from accessing the documentation showing Bin Laden actually died in December of 2001 of natural causes.

    A Sunday Vertical Drop of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

    Important from Saturday night:

    White House Correspondents Dinner: Obama Takes On Trump, Birthers, The Media, And More (w/ VIDEO)

    • Wow, other sites debunking the Osama routine had the EXACT same attack!! Can they possibly be more obvious? If they are engaging in such an obvious effort now, they must be getting increasingly desperate!!…hmmmm…cornered and ready to strike??! I’m creative, but it’s all over my head.

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