Behind the Holocaust

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What was Hitler’s Unforgivable Sin?


by J. B. Campbell


Hitler resisted Judaism. When you’re a little kid in school or at the movies, resisting Judaism can be made to seem a very wicked thing. As an adult, you can be made to think that to resist Judaism is the very worst, the most dangerous thing. When you see what has happened to people who have resisted Judaism, well – you certainly don’t want that to happen to you.

Adolf Hitler was, is and will always be the most dangerous character in history due to his resistance against Judaism combined with his eloquence in explaining why Judaism must be resisted. Some of us “Jew-fighters” have a personal motto, delenda est judaica, or Judaism must be destroyed. Or, Defense Against Jewish Aggression. When we have studied the history of whatever period you care to name, or just looked at the news, true humans react with the natural urge to remove this cancer from society. The most astonishing example of the Jewish mentality was last year’s murderous assault against the humanitarians attempting to bring food, medicine and building materials to the people of Gaza. Jewish ways are repellant to the human mind and are not examined overmuch for that reason.

Judaism can be simply described as very bad behavior.

Hitler never attempted to destroy Judaism but rather to isolate it and perhaps remove its adherents from Europe. This followed attempts to train Jews to be productive human beings in places such as Dachau and Theresienstadt. As Evelyn Kaye writes in The Hole in the Sheet, orthodox Jews do not work. They are allergic to work, preferring instead to occupy themselves by reading the Talmud and arguing endlessly with other Jews about what they read. So this is a big problem with Jews, their refusal to work and produce something that is not based on ripping off and confounding their victims.

Hitler’s attempt to re-train Jews, which didn’t work, and then to remove Jews from Europe was a work in progress. Since the Khazars had infiltrated Europe from the east, his plan for relocation was to put them back in the Pale whence they came. This scheme depended upon the success of Operation Barbarossa, the great assault against the Soviet Union which was always the ultimate and stated objective of the National Socialists. Communism had to be destroyed so that Judaism could be re-confined to its traditional home in the Pale of Settlement. Hitler’s basic plan for Jews was somehow to confine and isolate them in a place in which they could be prevented from doing humanity more harm. This is a very difficult thing to do because there are so many aspects to Judaism, the most dangerous of which is banking, which is the main point of this piece.

Because now I’m seeing that the main purpose of keeping alive the Holocaust is to protect Jewish banking practices.

Before we get to that, let’s examine the Holocaust briefly. It’s a big subject but the whole subject is demolished by the videotaped visit to Auschwitz by a young American Jew named David Cole, which took place back in 1992. For example, a dozen years ago I was visited by a reporter named Dave Hendrix from the Dallas Morning News. He was interviewing me for a big story he was writing on the militia and the general resistance movement in America. He would spend four days interviewing me at my home in Carmel, California. When we were first introduced, no doubt knowing my attitude, he made a disclosure: “I must tell you before we begin, that I am a believer in the Holocaust.” I immediately responded, “Not a problem.” And nothing more was said about it for a day or so. On the second day, before he retired to his hotel, I asked if he would be willing to look at a film? He agreed. I showed him David Cole’s Visit to Auschwitz  and when it was over said, “Well, there’s another viewpoint.” Dave, however, was speechless. He finally said, “That was devastating to everything I’ve ever believed.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

By the fourth day, I had persuaded Dave to drop the militia/resistance project and instead write a big piece on Oklahoma City, since my good friend Cheri Seymour had so much primary information on the subject in her files. Reluctant at first to attack that subject, he eventually requested and got the green light from Dallas. This nearly got him killed. Dave met with Cheri and me a week or so later in Hermosa Beach and received his first load of documents from Cheri. He went back to his apartment and was felled by a severe heart attack. His wife was fortunately and unusually at home and got the EMT people there in time to save him, which he would not have been able to do for himself. When he finally recovered, the OKC story was canceled and Dave was made a story editor, never again to investigate and write as he had been doing for many years. When we met again, he said simply, “They got me. It was not a natural heart attack.”

As you will see in the Cole video, the holy gas chamber is a fake. Which makes the entire Holocaust story a fake. You can study it for a day or for a lifetime and your conclusion will be the same. There was never a plan for exterminating Jews and there was never an instrument. As Professor Robert Faurisson has asked for years, “Show me a gas chamber. Draw for me a gas chamber.” It can’t be done because there was never such a thing.

There is the matter of the Six Million. As we in the anti-Jewish movement well know, the Jews were claiming years before, during and after the First World War that six million Jews had been exterminated by the Germans. Of course, no one took this seriously. By 1943, American Jews were once again claiming that six million Jews were in danger of annihilation or had in fact been annihilated, years before the same wild claim would start up again around 1960. Now, why is this?

We now know that the insane Jewish liars are guided in this by a mystical attachment to the number six, as seen with their national symbol, the six-pointed star. Six, or six hundred, or six thousand, or six hundred thousand, or six million Jews must be removed before the messiah returns or Israel reappears or whatever. It’s not important to us, just that this is a magic number to them. And they should be wholly burnt in ovens. Hence, Holocaust (wholly burnt).  Read >>> Jewish History and the Scriptual Orgin of the 6 Million Dollar Number

The six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis depended in large part (66%) on Auschwitz, where four million of them were infamously done to death. Thanks to Ernst Zundel and the International Red Cross, Mikhail Gorbachev in 1989 released to the Red Cross the captured death records from Auschwitz. The forty-six volumes cover the period of 1941 to ’43 and record about 69,000 deaths, mainly from disease or natural causes. The IRC had investigated all the German and Polish camps during and after the war and estimated about 200,000 deaths, some of them Jewish. When the US Army liberated Dachau, for example, of the 32,000 inmates, about 1,200 were Jews. Jewish representation was so tiny during WWII as to be insignificant, except in their minds. In their minds, the 60 million actual deaths of real people were insignificant, not worthy of consideration.  Read >>> Long-Hidden Death Certificates Discredit Extermination Claims

We can read and read and the more we read the bigger the swindle is revealed. That’s why the main thing is to watch David Cole’s video and not get too wrapped up in the Holocaust, one way or the other. But we should understand the real purpose of Holocaust indoctrination, which I now believe is this: our money.

Our money is our lifeblood. Without money, of course, we die as individuals. Without a proper money system, society dies, which is pretty much what is happening to our society now. This is due to the Jewish money system imposed on us by the aliens who own the private money-making company they call the Federal Reserve System.

We are today witnessing the dangers of precious metals. The only metals that are precious to me are steel, lead and brass. Gold and silver, while intoxicating in their wonderfulness, are just as dangerous and volatile as liquid intoxicants and just as likely to make you lose your wits – and your fortune. There is nothing righteous or magical or even necessary about a nation’s currency being “backed” by gold or silver. This was proved by Adolf Hitler during the 1930s. It was proved so conclusively that the Jews want to make sure that it’s never tried again. The best way to ensure this is to associate debt-free currency with mass murder!

For some reason, the Jews of the world wanted to destroy Germany. We can probably never understand their insane drive to do this but the facts cannot be denied. They also wanted to destroy the Russian ruling class and the Russian people, as we saw happen following their takeover of Russia in 1917. And we see that they apparently wanted to destroy the American people from an early time, dating at least since 1913. The destruction of the Russians, Germans and Europeans in general depended on their takeover of the American banking system in 1913, because it was followed closely by the totalitarian devastation that began in 1914 with the assassination of the Austrian archduke by Gavrilo Princip.

World War I ended in 1918 and this began Germany’s great misery. They were blamed by the victors for starting the war and were forced to pay “reparations” that became so extreme by the early 1920s that their money became worthless. Hundreds of thousands of Germans starved to death because of the money and because of a blockade by England and America to prevent food from getting in. A food convoy was organized by Henry Ford, Herbert Hoover and Norway’s Vidkun Quisling to rescue the starving people of Germany and others in Europe. Quisling’s name has been turned into a dirty word by the Jews and is misused today by people who should know better. He was a great humanitarian and took Germany’s side against the forces of Judaism and Bolshevism for over twenty years.

Adolf Hitler, like Franklin Roosevelt, came to power democratically in January, 1933, in the depths of the world depression. Both Germany and America were starving because of the actions of the Federal Reserve System, now twenty years old. They were starving because the Fed had “deflated” the money supply, withdrew currency from circulation and refused to issue new currency. Credit to farmers and businesses and individuals was denied for no particular reason. Roosevelt outlawed gold and began its confiscation in April, with punishment of ten years in prison and ten thousand dollars in fines. Once he got all of our gold, which was then priced at about twenty dollars an ounce, he raised the price to thirty-two dollars. That made it the biggest, boldest swindle up until that time. Of course, the Federal Reserve System swindlers got the gold – and the massive increase in value.

Hitler came to power over a bankrupt and starving country with unemployment at roughly 50%! The Americans had stolen all Germany’s gold by the early ‘20s, so there was no basis for a monetary system other than to keep borrowing from the Jewish crooks on Wall Street that had given Germany the Young Plan and the Dawes Plan of perpetual indebtedness to private bankers masquerading as the “central bank.” What to do?

Hitler and Hjalmar Schacht issued debt-free currency based on Lincoln’s debt-free currency. What they did led to the swift regeneration of the German economy and the world’s greatest prosperity of the working class, while the rest of the world stayed mired in the Great Depression being run by the sadistic central bankers. This was the worst possible crime and had to be punished by the most terrible war in human history, including fire-bombings of entire cities and deliberate mass starvations of millions following the war. Our nuclear bombs would have dropped on Germans but they weren’t ready in time, so they were dropped on Germany’s allies who were trying to surrender. Please refer to Theodore Kaufman’s charming little book, Germany Must Perish!, which was the basis of the Morgenthau Plan for Germany, executed mercilessly by Dwight David Eisenhower, which resulted in the starvation deaths of millions of Germans.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Ellen Brown and Bill Still have provided us with debt-free currency plans that will deliver us from the Federal Reserve racketeers and eliminate our indebtedness to the pinstriped scum-rats in less than one year, based on the Hitler model, which they don’t want to say. John F. Kennedy declared war on the Fed racketeers by issuing four billion dollars in debt-free US Notes in April of his last year on earth. Abraham Lincoln first issued debt-free currency when the bankers whom he’d approached for war loans wanted 34% in interest. He only survived a few days longer than his war for crimes against the bankers.

So let’s understand what’s behind the Holocaust. Why don’t Brown and Still, both monetary geniuses, want to credit Hitler and Schacht with the secret to economic prosperity in the face of total meltdown? Why, because of the Holocaust! The greatest economic miracle in history occurred in Germany under Adolf Hitler, who ignored the central bankers intent on raping the world, seizing real property, through high interest and deflation. The Russians have recently confirmed suspicions that the American legend of the Depression (“As bad as it was – nobody starved.”) is a lie. Russian investigators have revealed that millions of Americans actually died of starvation and exposure during the years 1929 to 1941 but their deaths were written off to natural causes.

As Hitler remarked in his declaration of war following Pearl Harbor, he had delivered Germany from the doubly devastating conditions of the Versailles Treaty and the general world Depression by 1935 while Roosevelt kept mighty America in abject misery with his Federal Reserve starvation policies right to the present time (December, 1941). He stole all the people’s gold and then increased its value by 60%. And he refused to do what Lincoln had done before him and what Kennedy would do after him: he refused to issue debt-free currency and rescue the American people from aggravated poverty, degradation and death by starvation.

How could that be? How could Hitler state such a thing? Because it was true. It was simple and it was true. The secret to general and permanent prosperity is for the government of any country to issue debt-free currency in amounts necessary for commerce and growth. That is what the founders had in mind with Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. We should read that over from time to time. Clause 5 says that the “Congress shall have power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.” Clause 6 is even better: “Congress shall have the power To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.”

You can see where this puts the owners of the counterfeiting company called the Federal Reserve System. The proposed punishment for counterfeiting was execution by hanging.

Anyway, let us recognize the Holocaust for what it is, a device to make the idea of debt-free currency repellant to our minds, because anyone who would do it really just wants to gas the Jews.

2011 Copyright – J. Bruce Campbell – Read Biography –  Contact Information

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  1. You guys need to research one more thing that TIES EVERYTHING together……… remember in the Bible….. how Christ called those who call themselves jews, but are not really jews ‘evil’ (serpent seed,,, from Cain) etc?

    calling themselves jews, but are not really from ABRAHAM…… “jew” is a merely a title taken by inhabitants of land around jerusalem……. the title of jew today, is not referring the BLOOD LINE of abraham.

    You really NEED to know what Im talking about….. YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT

    see the link

  2. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    Viewpoint of Churchill, before succumbing to jewish money interests:

    “Hitler has succeded in restoring Germany to the most powerful position in Europe, and not only has he restored the position of his country, but has even, to a very great extent, reversed the results of the Great War…these exploits are certainly among the most remarkable in the whole history of the world.”

  3. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    Churchill in a letter to Lord Robert Boothby:

    “Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.”

  4. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    Viewpoint of Churchill, before succumbing to jewish money interests:

  5. To the one who had to blather about opinion vs. fact, nobody agrees that it is a threat, OK? Please reconsidersome different viewpoints.

  6. Jews are the source of great pain on earth. The entire middle east problem is soley because of the JEWS. The love money and land. Remember land equals money. Money equals power We must at all costs stop the JEW.
    JEWS by nature want money. They crave it. They never stop until they have it all. No one can make a contract with a Jew. They break the contract at there earliest convenience to suck out more money from the pure white man. Unfortunately, the pure white man sympathies with the JEW. They follow Jews thinking they are the chosen people. They aren’t. Having lived in the Jew community for over 30 years I can tell each of you first hand how bad Jews are. Stopping the Jew from hurting us further should be our primary goal.

  7. denis mulheron

    western countries are sending their young men and woman to fight wars in the middle east for jews , honestly what did a tin pot dictator like sadam hussain pose any threat to the west as for afghanistan who cares the goverment is incompetent ans corrupt , now the jews want us to attack iran . the usa today is in the same situation germany was in the thirties jews where controlling germany there will be no world peace till the power of the jews is destroyed and the palestinians get back their land ,keep up the good work

  8. Given that the number of Jews murdered by Germans was precisely zero, that makes YOU one of the living cheats and frauds.

    Why should Germans suffer the indignity of Jewish blood libels? More importantly why should Palestinians suffer the indignity of Jewish blood libels? There is the morality you are looking for although you sound like the kind of person who wouldn’t know morality if it slapped you in the face with a wet fish.

  9. who+dares+wings sez:

    “re Jack Bernstein. According to one opinion (Andrew Mathis, Ph.d Villanova U. ). “There was no Jack Bernstein. Len Martin of Posse Comitatus made him up.”

    Take your disinformation eslewhere. There WAS a Jack Bernstein. Even if there wasn’t, what he wrote in his book is 100% factual. Just like the Protocols. And speaking of the Protocols, anyone ever notice how it’s never called a “fabrication?” Forgery means only one this: it is a copy of an ORIGINAL!


  10. Another great article by J.B. Campbell. Thanks very much for your effort and time.

    One question: How about the RED HOLOCAUST? Sixty-six million* Russian, Ukrainian and other gentiles perished because of JEWISH COMMUNISM, numbers that dwarf any real or fictitious (six-million) losses suffered by Jews. Why is that never mentioned? I ask that rhetorically for I know the exact reason as to why it isn’t.

    Hitler was against international Jewry, its system of u$ury, Jewish subversion, Jewish Communism, etc. and that makes him and his men heroes in my book.


    *According to Russian dissident and author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

  11. who+dares+wings

    re Jack Bernstein. According to one opinion (Andrew Mathis, Ph.d Villanova U. ). “There was no Jack Bernstein. Len Martin of Posse Comitatus made him up.” According to another opinion (Michael C. Piper) “a red-haired guy with a big nose who smoked a pipe and wore camoflouge outfits and who called himself Jack Bernstein used to visit the old SPOTLIGHT office and spend a lot of time there. He was close to Len Martin and later worked with Haviv Schieber and Chuck Fischbein. And then when this guy who called himself Jack Bernstein went to the Philippines to get himself a bride, he picked up some strange illness, and later he died. And, as I recall, I helped put up some money to bury him. We ran pictures of Bernstein in the SPOTLIGHT (the same Bernstein that visited the office). But, of course, Andrew Mathis will say that I am lying! Andrew Mathis is a godamned liar. Always has been. Always will be.”

  12. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    Section 1. Is There A Jewish Race?
    Section 2. The Jewish Money System
    Section 3. Control of a Nation’s Money Should Be in the Hands of Its Government
    Section 4. The Bank “of England”
    Section 5. The Federal Reserve System
    Section 6. Depressions Deliberately Created to Plunder the People
    Section 7. What the Federal Reserve is Ultimately Driving At
    Section 8. The Only Sound “Backing” for a Money System
    Section 9. The Origin of the Hoax of the Gold Standard
    Section 10. Debt as a Means of Enslavement
    Section 11. An Outline of a Money System at Once Honest and Workable
    Section 12. Jewish Control of the Means for Shaping Public Opinion
    Section 13. Jewish Limitations: Everlastingly They are but Middlemen
    Section 14. The Doubtful Loyalty of the Jews
    Section 15. The Talmud, Full of Hate for Gentiles, the Admitted Basis of All Jewish Life
    Section 16. “The Jews Have Muzzled the Non-Jew Press”
    Section 17. The Jews—the Supreme Masters of the “Big Lie Technique”
    Section 18. The Jews’ Record—from the Mouths of Jews
    Section 19. The Jews’ Record—from the Gentile Point of View

  13. who+dares+wings

    Haven’t Antony Summers and Prof Guido Preparata etc. blown the lid off Hitler’s economic “miracle” by exposing Montague Norman’s and Hjalmar Schacht’s collaboration (the transference of the Czech gold to Germany) as well as documenting Anglo-American investments relevant to the rearming of Germany? The idea that Hitler turned Germany around simply by printing his own money, like Lincoln, doesn’t float.

    Product Description: CONJURING HITLER

    A fascinating and controversial new perspective on Hitler’s rise to power; Provides startling evidence of Britain and America’s financial support for the Third Reich; Suggests that the western elite deliberately supported Nazism in the pre-war period to destabilise any alliance between Germany and Russia. Nazism is usually depicted as an eerie German phenomenon, the outcome of political blunders and unique economic factors: we are told that it could not be prevented, and that it will never be repeated. Guido Giacomo Preparata shows that the truth is very different: using meticulous economic analysis, he reveals that Hitler’s extraordinary rise to power was actually facilitated over the course of a decade following WWI – and eventually financed – by the British and American political classes. Tracing events in the Third Reich, Preparata offers a startling history of Anglo-American geopolitical interests in the early twentieth century. He explains that Britain, still clinging to its empire, was terrified of an alliance forming between Germany and Russia. He shows how Britain, through the Bank of England, came to exercise some control over Weimar and how Britain’s financial support for Hitler enabled the Nazis to seize power. Nazism was not regarded as an aberration: for the British establishment of the time, it was a convenient way of destabilising Europe, and driving Germany into conflict with Stalinist Russia. In this way Britain ensured that it would prevent the formation of any rival continental power block. Guido Giacomo Preparata lays bare the economic forces at play in the Third Reich, and identifies the key players in the British and American establishment who aided Hitler’s meteoric rise.

    Montagu Norman had been Governor of the Bank of England for many years. He and his right hand man Otto Niemeyer (of German origin) had persistently backed the re-arming of Germany made loans to Germany and encouraged the financiers of the City of London to do the same. Norman supported and financed Germany’s cause right up until the Declaration of War. When German troops crashed into Czechoslovakia in September 1938 Germany claimed Czech assets. They applied through the Bank for International Settlements, of which Norman was a Director, for the release of Czech gold held in the Bank of England. The financial tomfoolery that followed would leave anyone confused, but the outcome was that £6,000,000 worth of Czech gold was transferred to Hitler’s Government, released by Norman.

    Before the war, Norman attended the christening of the son of his comrade-in-arms, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Minister of Finance and President of the Reichsbank, and in July 1942 was suspected of having visited Schacht in Germany during the War. This alleged visit has always been dismissed by stating that Schacht was in fact being held in a concentration camp for disagreeing with Hitler, and obviously Norman would have been unable to visit him there. The documents of the Nuremberg Trials, however, show quite clearly that Schacht had only been sent to the concentration camp in 1944 – more than two years after the suspected visit by Norman. Whether or not he visited Schacht remains a mystery but that he did financially support Germany is a recorded fact.

  14. Anonymous Smith

    Only 2 million Jews in all of WWII Europe says top Zionist

  15. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    You’re no ghost, phantom or spirit, are you MB?
    Neither are the preponderance of living jews espousing the lies right along with right wing Jewish settlers, AIPAC, Netenyahu etc.
    Neither are the living non-jews singing the same songs right along with them.
    In other words, not ghosts, phantoms and spirits, but “living cheats and frauds” and liars as well.

    No honest person need worry.
    Refusing to account and be honest is no excuse, though, and endangers/threatens real, living, honest folks in this hour.

  16. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    Apologize for the behavior of jews and those who listen to them all you want, MB.

  17. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    Truth is called “hate” when those profiting from LIES are confronted with the possibility of being EXPOSED.


    There, I said it.

  18. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    The Lies, Slips, Bungles and Perjuries of Filip Mueller,
    Professional Witness of Auschwitz-Birkenau

    • I totality agree with MB .

      And the challenge of the Holocaust deniers has been met.
      if you have any intellectual honesty – you will read the deniars accusations and the debunking of them.

      the Jews living in Israel are abused and are meaningless to the Elites as any other people facing the NWO.

      blaming the Jews for everything is classic disinfo.
      Jews are used as a scape goat for the actions of the Vatican and it off shoots secret societies etc.

      just like the burning of Rome by Nero and accusing the Christians.

  19. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    If MB really believes what the jews tell him, and teach him to think, I say MB is welcome to go to work with them in their efforts to pin blame on anybody who confronts and exposes their lies (like he’s not already).

    Meanwhile, MB – those lies are falling apart at the seams.
    You see (and I learned this as a wee lad) – the problem with lying is, the more you lie, the more lies you need to tell to keep those lies alive, and on, and on, and on. SOONER OR LATER THIS CATCHES UP TO THE LIAR.

    The Holocaust is a LIE.

    Jews were in no way, shape or form the “real victims” of WW2, rather the BENEFACTORS.
    Their Holocaust LIE is to divert attention from communist/allied atrocities with the collusion of world-wide jewry.

  20. And the kernel of my argument is here, and I repeat :

    But you confuse entirely between the real victims — the WW2 Jews — and the scumbags who are EXPLOITING their suffering, the present day right wing Jews and Israelis.

    Leave the real victims to rest in peace.

    Criticise those right wing Jews who use them for their own benefit.

  21. You wrote : “Another problem you face is that no one gives a damn anymore about how many Jews were killed. You guys have lost your mojo.Now that you’ve lost the gas chambers, you naturally say they don’t matter.”


    I am not sure whcih ‘you’ you think you are dealing with here — you presume I am a Jew, or a “crypto Jew” probably.

    I am neither. I just think hate is not the way to go.

    I am not the ‘you’ that you clearly presume I am.

    Watch out, there may be Jews hiding under your bed too.

  22. Mr. Campbell, don’t play games, nail your colours to the mast( actually, you already have done that )You lived in Rhodesia, you know very well what white people thought of non whites, and you know very well what ( some ) white people did in the forces, and, in everyday life on a reguilar basis.

    I am not going to discuss what they did — because you know what the did/thought, and either you think it was all pretty much ok ( which you surely do because you voluntarily joined the forces) or you don’t. I am in the latter group,which is why I refused to join the forces, and left my home in Mount pleasant,The Chase, Salisbury and quit the country.

    I hate and despise what Zimbabwe is now — but there is no way Rhodesia was anything like a fair country. It was a beautiful, amazing place to live ( for a white man ) and I miss it every day. But what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Rhodesia was unfair. I lived like a king, because others lived in hell. I lived in a huge property with a huge garden and swimming pool with three servants, whilst they lived in a hovel at the end of the estate. And you know that was the norm.

    You know that is true, or, you don’t really care.

    • J. Bruce Campbell

      You’re not going to discuss what we did because you have no idea what we did.

      You hate and despise what Zimbabwe is now, but it got that way because of people such as yourself who said “Rhodesia is not a fair country.” I thought it was pretty damn fair – for the Africans. We couldn’t keep outside Africans from pouring in to the country, it was so fair for them. Whites subsidized the Africans 100%. Harare Hospital was far more advanced than Salisbury General. If whites got really sick, they’d have to go to Harare. Whites were not allowed in the huge tribal trust lands, which were superior to the white farming areas – at first. The Africans refused to farm and support themselves and the TTLs went to hell, despite endless efforts to train them. Why bother – the goddam white man will take care of us anyway.

      Everyone knew what would happen when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, except for people such as yourself, who felt that the Rhodesians weren’t fair. All you had to do was look across the river at Zambia, or the Congo or anyplace where the whites had been and then were forced out – because of people such as yourself.

      Rhodesia fed black Africa. Now Zimbabwe is starving to death.

  23. And to all of you on the thread who seem fixated with ‘did the gas chambers exist’, and ‘did 6,000, 000 really die?’ type questions….

    Wake up ! What difference does it make? Is it any ‘better’ or ‘worse’ if Jews were clubbed to death, drowned,shot in pits — or gassed? Whichever way they died, as human beings, that is a crime.

    Does it really change things if we discover that the real figure is not 6,00,000, but 4,000, 000 ?

    No it doesn’t. It is still a severe hate crime against human beings.

    I completely agree with challenging those who EXPLOIT the holocaust for their own benefit — AIPAC, west bank settlers, Netenyahu,Obama,Blair,Merkhel,Sarkozy et al et al et al — these people have to be mocked and taken to task for exploiting their own dead for Israel’s benefit — and for making fools of us too.

    But you confuse entirely between the real victims — the WW2 Jews — and the scumbags who are EXPLOITING their suffering, the present day right wing Jews and Israelis.

    Leave the real victims to rest in peace.

    Criticise those right wing Jews who use them for their own benefit.

    No one will ever really take the ‘did the gas chambers exist’ people seriously — never — because a moral, sensitive and intelligent person will instinctively, humanely understand that it makes no difference if someone was drowned, clubbed or gassed. A crime is crime; a murder of innocents is a murder.

    • J. Bruce Campbell

      The problem facing people such as yourself is that the other people are waking up, as you exhort them to do. Just not the way you want.

      Another problem you face is that no one gives a damn anymore about how many Jews were killed. You guys have lost your mojo.

      Now that you’ve lost the gas chambers, you naturally say they don’t matter. The victims could have been drowned or clubbed – what’s the difference? Well, the difference is that you swore for sixty-five years that it was gas chambers.

      What’s the difference if it’s 6 million or 4 million? Answer: 2 million. How about no million? That’s how many Jews were exterminated – no million.

      My point is, if you take the Holocaust away from the Nazis, you have a whole different deal. If we can do that, then we can emulate their monetary policy and shrug off Jewish protests.

      • They’ve overpaid their hand with the Holocaust thing. When they throw it in the face of everyone who dares to speak the truth about what really is going on, then people get tired of them crying wolf for so long.

        Why do the Jews get their own genocide name called the Holocaust?
        Ans: It’s a political propaganda machine to advance their desires and wishes…

        Where is the American Indian’s Holocaust 10,000,000 million killed prior to the 19th Century?
        Where is the Russians Holocaust 30-40,000,000 million killed in the 1930’s?
        Where is the Chinese Holocaust 40-50,000,000 million killed in the 50’s & 60’s?
        Where are the African Holocaust millions in the Congo, Rwanda, Darfur killed? (Opps… these like the American Indians are brown people and brown people do not count, like the endless wars the Ashkenazi Jewish International Bankers have directed the US into for the past century to create more and more debt.)

  24. Your article stinks, and Veterans Today show bad faith by posting it — Look, there is nothing wrong with challenging Protestant, Catholic, Armenian, Jewish,corrupt Muslim Gulf elites and any other power group. I support that as our right to curb,criticise, and check power.I support absolute open ( intelligent) debate and transparency.

    But look, Jews are just like any other people — they are good, bad, indifferent,kind, and unkind, stupid and smart, fools and geniuses. Just like ANY OTHER people.

    But your article makes the mistake of judging ALL Jews by the benchmark of their worst representatives — the likes of dishonest businessmen, corrupt leaders, Machiavellian figures, Hollywood directors etc.

    Your hostile, violence adulating inferences in your article stink, and the idea that Hitler ‘wasn’t really bad; he was just a very,very naughty boy’ that runs through your article reflect very badly on you and on Veteran’s Today.

    And no, I am NOT the kind of person who ever shouts ‘anti Semite!'” as silencing strategy — I abhor that too.

    On a another point Mr Campbell, I wouldn’t boast about being in the Rhodesian police — that may go down well with some of your hateful buddies, but I lived in Rhodesia too, at the same time you did, and I know very well what the army/police were like, and I know very well what they did. It’s nothing to recommend to anyone.

    Which is why I am not surprised you wrote the article above.

    Wake up people ! Israel is a very scary threatening, even neo fascist state — we are right to criticise it. Jewish lobbies are also scary and way too powerful.

    But don’t be fools, don’t go down the age old road of hating Jews. Enough is enough.

    • J. Bruce Campbell

      You make it sound as if we had checkpoints where we’d stop pregnant women from going to the hospital. Or had roads for whites only. Or hit the African townships with rockets and white phosphorus. Or murdered humanitarians bringing stuff for the tribesmen that we were starving to death. Or cut off their water. Or tortured political prisoners.

      You make it sound as if we shut off both ends of a highway and then strafed it and killed 80,000 helpless people. And saturated the tribal trust lands with DU. Slaughtered over a million people. That kind of thing.

      What is it that you think we did that was so bad, since you were there?

    • MB cried:

      “Your article stinks, and Veterans Today show bad faith by posting it”

      Your comment “stinks.”

      One thing you can’t say, you big dummy, is: it’s not factual or true or logical.

      “But look, Jews are just like any other people — they are good, bad, indifferent,kind, and unkind, stupid and smart, fools and geniuses. Just like ANY OTHER people.’

      You really do believe that. Boy, oh boy, oh boy, are you IGNORANT.


  25. the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Aliens, Teutonic knights, satanists, reptoids? Nope. It is, has been, but won’t be for much longer… The Jews. Your article was amazing and succinct, already knew most of it, but hearing it in the order presented was focusing. Their time is over though because, they have overstepped with Israel and the Internet… Too many people know, and who knows, maybe more Jews will reject the wicked ways of their leaders, although I’m not holding my breath..

    • Nicely said… when they stop looking at themselves as separate from everyone else & using their ridicules doctrines to justify their atrocities and agendas the world will know peace!

      Imagine a world in cooperation instead of competition!

  26. Terrific summation, JB Campbell!

    The only minor additions I’d mention:

    1. An Australian writer erred in saying “Hitler turned the German economy around in 12 years.” Wrong. Hitler did it in less than THREE years. Basic industries went into orbit and some of them suffered labor shortages that lasted till the Allies destroyed them. Hitler punished officers who mistreated prisoners for a good reason: Reich prisoners were filling a critical labor gap.

    2. There’s loads of evidence that Germany was marked for destruction long before National Socialism was even a daydream. In the 19th century German thinkers were tinkering with spirituality, trying to find a way to express religious impulses without any connection to the Levant. This re-heathenization program in the heart of Europe scared the ass off the Rothschilds. Hitler was bringing it forward despite his reassurances to German Christians, and it sealed not only his fate but nearly pastoralized Germany itself.

    The “German Problem” involved a type of spiritual self-determination that is expressly forbidden by the Talmud, which calls for the death penalty for any goy expressing religious independence. The destruction of Germany following WWII was a collective execution for who were claiming for themselves what the Talmud only allows Jews to do.

    And the German punishment WAS Talmudic! Occupiers, Russian and US, were famous for raping and killing little girls, and one American officer did them one better by brutally raping little boys. His nickname, “Auntie Anna”, even rated a mention in the nastiest history book I ever read, AFTER THE REICH, by Giles MacDonogh. MacDonogh gives 500 pages of detail on German suffering, for which he was labeled an antisemite in England.

  27. The USA could easily save over 300 BILLION a year if we would shut down the world’s largest counterfeiting operation, the Federal Reserve and return the power to print money to ‘We the People’, via our reps.

    There’s no sane reason why we should have to pay the private banking families that own the Fed over $300 BILLION a year all for the privilege of borrowing our own money.

    But you won’t find any of the 535 members of Congress that will say this, since they’ve either been bought off or don’t want to wind up like JFK or Lincoln.

  28. “For some reason, the Jews of the world wanted to destroy Germany. We can probably never understand their insane drive to do this but the facts cannot be denied.”

    …..As I understand it, the “jews” wish to steal the birthright of the true Israelites, (demonstrably, the caucasian race), and the germans happen to be the tribe of Judah, which they claim, albeit, falsely, is their origin; how better to “be” Judah, than if there were no true Judahites?

    • The Germans were secretly miffied that they weren’t recognised as the real tribe of Judah.That is the most far out(insane)comment I have ever read on the internet,ever.So the Aryan Germans claimed to be the original jews/judahites of the bible,are you f****** kidding me and everyone else in the world.


  30. Jack Bernstein

    Except JD was in the Red Army, captured by the Germans. Railroaded by liars in Tel Aviv, railroaded by liars again. You can only dodge so many lies.

  31. The jew will not be satisfied until he has defiled your currency. Stolen your property and thrown you into prison for accusing him of the crimes he has committed.
    Another excellent site:
    We can now ascertain what will happen to America should the Federal Reserve be abolished. The Rothchilds will order France,Britain ,israhell and every other country under their control to attack us.We will destroyed by the jews for the crime of printing our own money.
    Israhell is nothing short of a state filled with psychopaths, liars and thieves. The use of the so-called holocaust and the industry that has been built around it is being outed and The jews are getting agitated at this as Abe Foxman (ADL) is becoming hysterical to the point of absurdity. He pushes for more hate crime speech(bad speak) to include any criticism of israhell just as it now is in that sorry nation of Canada. This is how the jews work. Criminalize anybody who dares speak out and at the same time continue its criminal activities in front of us as if it is daring anyone to speak out.
    BTW Palestinians are real Semites.

  32. Another disaster exercise and a finacial co-incidence (May 18th 2011)…. this makes me nervous especially post the Bin Laden setting the stage propaganda hit.

    US organizations gear up for National Level Exercise 2011

    Facilitated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE 2011) has been scheduled for 16 to 20 May. The purpose of the exercise is to prepare and coordinate a multiple-jurisdictional integrated response to a national catastrophic event, with focus on response and recovery activities among federal, regional, state, tribal, local, and private sector participants.

    NLE 2011 will simulate the catastrophic nature of a major earthquake in the central United States region of the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). The year 2011 is the bicentennial anniversary of the 1811 New Madrid earthquake, for which the NMSZ is named. NLE 2011 will be the first NLE to simulate a natural hazard.

    30 years ago, Bunker Hunt, while trying to demand delivery for virtually every single silver bar in existence, and getting caught in the middle of a series of margin hikes (sound familiar), accused the Comex (as well as the CFTC and the CBOT) of changing the rules in the middle of the game (and was not too happy about it). Whether or not this allegation is valid is open to debate. We do know that “testimony would reveal that nine of the 23 Comex board members held short contracts on 38,000,000 ounces of silver. With their 1.88 billion dollar collective interest in having the price go down, it is easy to see why Bunker did not view them as objective.” One wonders how many short positions current Comex board members have on now. Yet by dint of being a monopoly, the Comex had and has free reign to do as it pleases: after all, where can futures investors go? Nowhere… at least until now. In precisely 9 days, on May 18, the Hong Kong Mercantile exchange will finally offer an alternative to the Comex and its alleged attempts at perpetual precious metals manipulation.

  33. You are confusing Judaism with Zionism.

    Holocaust survivor (10 months in Auschwitz) Dr. Haju Meyer explains :

    Zionism and the Holocaust Card – Dr Norman Finklestein :

    • Im sick of the retarded people out there who only blame ZIONISM! It goes far deeper than that. Zionism is only 100 years old. Jews have been kicked out of 84 countries 109 times long before “zionism”.

      The TALMUD is the jews book of how to live life. It is disgusting to the extreme, and it is not about a homeland for the jews called israel. Its about how to lie, cheat, steal and kill from all non-jews to get what they want.

      Blaming zionism is just yet another mental roadblock they put in front of you, like the holocaust, so you don’t see them for what you are.

      Grow up people, and get over your own self censorship.


      • Jeff ,I don’t blame only Zionism.
        It’s all smoke and mirrors.

        Zionism has been manufactured out of B’nai Brith
        B’nai Brith is a Freemason fraternity

        And the Freemasons are controlled by the Jesuits

        Naturally you know who is the head of the Jesuits yes?

        All roads lead to Rome my friend.

        • Anonymous Smith

          No…all roads do not lead to Rome. All roads lead to the City of London…the seat of the House of Rothschild and the Illuminati.

          The Catholic Church has been so completely infiltrated by the Jews (beginning in 1776, when Mayer Rothschild commissioned Adam Weishaupt to infiltrate the Jesuit order) that it has caused the head exorcist of the Catholic Church to proclaim that “The Catholic Church is full of Demons!”

          The Jews never share real power with the goyim…EVER! The Jews would never in a billion years make themselves subservient to the goyim…EVER!

          • Complete nonsense.
            You are either a disinfo shill or a very gullible hater.

            Let me introduce you to somebody who is clearly not Jewish:

            “Hello and welcome to SpirituallySmart.Com. A Web Site dedicated to sharing research. I am a born again Christian who has been saved since Feb, 1997.
            I am also a Veteran who served during the Persian Gulf War.

            Read this very well referenced research :

            “On this web page there is an overwhelming amount of documentation and references to prove that the Jews are not the problems of the world but that they have been set up time and time again by the entity that are the problem of the world.”


      • (continued from my last reply – yet to be published)

        you”ll get a good understanding of what I have explained here :

        • ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

          B’nai B’rith LORDS OVER Freemasonry, not the other way around.
          The Pope is a jew (aka “the master race”). Jews infiltrate all kinds of things, not to mention change names – to confuse and implicate what is a threat to their deceitful, hateful efforts.
          Anybody can check into this for themselves.
          Nice try.

    • ronisrael the hasbaRAT said:

      “You are confusing Judaism with Zionism.”

      Holocaust survivor (10 months in Auschwitz) Dr. Haju Meyer explains

      How can one survive a holocaust? I mean, a real, live honest to goodness, hot as hell, holocaust like that which befell the innocent German civilians in Dresden? How absolutely absurd and FALSE this Jewish title is and I am sick and tired of hearing this symbolic Jewspeak.

      The truth is: the good Doctor above was nothing more than an INMATE at the camp–NOTHING MORE!

  34. The jews are scared shitless that people will learn about Germany from sources other than them.

    America is just like Germany, only jews learned from their mistakes with Germany and flooded America with immigrants, preventing any unity based on RACE with the idea that when things fall apart, they can start race wars. Whats funny is the media eariler this week mentioned that AL CIA DUH was planning to recruit minorities like blacks and hispanics to start “race wars”. I laughed and fell out of my chair.

    The jews are NOBODIES FRIEND, they hate all non-jews and must dominate them. If not, they must kill them. Thats the jew for you.

    The world needs another Hitler to unite ALL RACES against their common enemy-the jew.

    • Jack Bernstein

      Adolf Hitler, Jesse Owens and the Olympics Myth of 1936
      By Rick Shenkman
      Mr. Shenkman is the editor of HNN.

      Everyone knows that at the 1936 Olympics Hitler snubbed Jesse Owens. As the story goes, after Owens won one gold medal, Hitler, incensed, stormed out of Olympic Stadium so he wouldn’t have to congratulate Owens on his victory.
      Such a performance would have been perfectly in character, but it didn’t happen. William J. Baker, Owens’s biographer, says the newspapers made up the whole story. Owens himself originally insisted it wasn’t true, but eventually he began saying it was, apparently out of sheer boredom with the issue.

      The facts are simple. Hitler did not congratulate Owens, but that day he didn’t congratulate anybody else either, not even the German winners. As a matter of fact, Hitler didn’t congratulate anyone after the first day of the competition. That first day he had shaken hands with all the German victors, but that had gotten him in trouble with the members of the Olympic Committee. They told him that to maintain Olympic neutrality, he would have to congratulate everyone or no one. Hitler chose to honor no one.

      Hitler did snub a black American athlete, but it was Cornelius Johnson, not Jesse Owens. It happened the first day of the meet. Just before Johnson was to be decorated, Hitler left the stadium. A Nazi spokesman explained that Hitler’s exit had been pre-scheduled, but no one believes that.

      Several other misconceptions about the 1936 Olympics are prevalent. Not only was Owens not rebuffed by Hitler, Owens wasn’t shunned by the German audience at the Berlin stadium either. Baker reports that Owens so captured the imagination of the crowd it gave him several ear-shattering ovations. Owens had been prepared for a hostile reception; a coach had warned him in advance not to be upset by anything that might happen in the stands.”Ignore the insults,” Owens was told,”and you’ll be all right.” Later Owens recalled that he had gotten the greatest ovations of his career at Berlin.

      Another popular belief is that the games marked a humiliating moment for the Nazis because a few blacks walked away with a fistful of medals while Hitler had predicted the Teutonic lads would be the big winners, proof of the superman abilities of the white race. In reality, the competition was anything but a German humiliation. It is forgotten that Germany managed to pick up more medals than all the other countries combined. Hitler was pleased with the outcome.
      This article was excerpted from Rick Shenkman’s Legends, Lies and Cherished Myths of American History.© Rick Shenkman

      • Jack Bernstein

        Later Owens recalled that he had gotten the greatest ovations of his career at Berlin.

        • J. Bruce Campbell

          When I was a kid I was taken into Chicago one day to meet Jesse Owens, who was working as a DJ at a radio station owned by a friend of my parents. He was polite and gentle as he shook hands with me. He asked what kind of music I liked and gave me a stack of 45s. I said, the Everly Brothers. That’s how I discovered Eddie Cochran, when I got back home and played what he gave me.

          He was asked after the Olympics if he’d met any nasty Nazis in Berlin? He said no, only nice Germans. And he didn’t have to ride in the back of the bus, either.

    • ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

      Jeff, the jews are scared shitless that people will learn about anything that matters from sources other than them, no?

      • That, and the fact that when enough people figure it out, they will be hanging from lamp posts all around the world. They can try to get everyone fighting each other, the race wars, and it may have worked in the past, but not now. The time has passed. Too many people have friends from other races, mixed families etc. In the heat of any confusion or upheaval , there are enough good people out there that will go straight for the source. Nothing they can do will stop it.

        Its funny, because what they want….war, social unrest etc….will be their very undoing. That’s why they have not done it already, yet they MUST do something soon because as each day passes more and more people figure out what they are up to!

        Check mate.

  35. Anonymous Smith

    Another great article, JB! Perfectly true…every last word of it.

    Your articles are a beacon to those who seek the truth…but for every man of integrity, like you, JB, there are a thousand disinformation agents trying to mislead people and obfuscate the truth. The problem is is that most people aren’t smart enough to see through the disinformation…they’ll follow ANYONE who says they hate the Fed, or the NWO.

    Anyway, thanks for telling the whole truth, JB.

    • …and what stops them Anon Smith from seeing the truth? The mindlocks that Kaminski spoke of, and JB, the Holocaust.
      The new tactic I see is jews like Mike Rivero at Whatreallyhappened comparing ISRAELIS TO NAZIS!…..what a mind job that creates! Most people can’t stand Israel, so they compare them to NAZIS and people won’t look and see they are polar opposites, and will by default hate NAZIS too.

      The Psychological warfare operations of the jews are varied and in your face on a daily basis. Their lies, racism, scamming, everything that makes the jew a jew is done in your face.

      They are about to get put in their place by the good people of the world.

      • Anonymous Smith

        You wrote “…and what stops them Anon Smith from seeing the truth?” I already answered that…the common man is too f#ckin stupid to see through the disinformation/propaganda.

        “They are about to get put in their place by the good people of the world.”

        I wish I had a nickle for everytime I heard someone mention “The Great Awakening” as a fist-f#ck on the Jews…I’d use the money to buy a few more cases of ‘Strawberries-N-Cream Ensure’ to sip on during the Apocalypse. :P

        Here’s the deal, Jeff…Y’all can’t even take down a single disinformation network (Alex Jones & his Jew-Crew), how the hell do you think you’re gonna be able to take down the entire NWO?!

        • It’s already happening….I think of only 5 years ago when extemely few people even said the word jew, compared to today. How will it be in another 5 years as more people catch on? I see the jews standing on a beach with a massive tsunami of truth about to end their deceit and murder. Never before in human history are their lies being totally shredded in minutes of being put out there, and so many people at the same time all over the world figuring out what they are doing, and how they operate. It has happened before on smaller scales like Germany/Europe, and maybe the odd country here and there, but the jews have always used dumb people to go fight for them, and have had somewhere safe to run to.Those days are very numbered.

          The entire system of jewish control is starting to unravel simply because people want the truth. I can tell you, all roads lead to the jews. Even people that are researching anything these days end up focusing on the jew because they have a hand in everything. People researching about food or medicine, corporations, religion, middle east, wars, the jewdicial system,anything that means something, they will stumble upon articles like this one. They might not understand it yet, but they will.

          Remember that movie V for Vendetta ?(yeah I know, jews all over it)… the end where the Chancellor is yelling at the camera that anyone showing up will be punished etc…..yet at that same moment he was begging for his life on a shitty wet cold floor with a gun pointed at his head? That how I see it going down. The jews must project an image of strength at all times, but really they are a bunch of wimps that can only shoot unarmed children throwing rocks.
          Reality is far more different to what they think. They live in half fantasy land, read their holocaust stories! They have even admitted they can’t tell fantasy from reality.

          When the shit goes down, the media must go down first, otherwise they will just use it to demoralize their opposition(the American public), only showing their glorious battle wins, and never reporting any loses.

          The reality will be far different, and thousands of jews will know whats coming and head for the airports and ferries to get out of the states, tucking their rat tails between their legs like they have 109 times before. This time is different. They will get NO SYMPATHY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. In fact they are likely to be greeted with fierce hostility.

          Alex jewish wife jones and jason bermas have been exposed already, who the hell listens to them anymore? They have just told everyone who they work for.

          All the jewish agents and cryptos are easy to spot.

          They always screw up somehwere in their rantings.

      • ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

        Jeff’s astute observation:
        “The new tactic I see is jews like Mike Rivero at Whatreallyhappened comparing ISRAELIS TO NAZIS!…..what a mind job that creates! Most people can’t stand Israel, so they compare them to NAZIS and people won’t look and see they are polar opposites, and will by default hate NAZIS too.

        The Psychological warfare operations of the jews are varied and in your face on a daily basis.”

  36. A German court just found John Demjanjuk guilty! That means another Nazi scum will die behind bars!

    • J. Bruce Campbell

      Except JD was in the Red Army, captured by the Germans. Railroaded by liars in Tel Aviv, railroaded by liars again. You can only dodge so many lies.

      • Ahh, the lies. Check out the “Myth of the Six Million”, pdf, here: Anyone know of Ilya Ehrenburg?These liars were touting a figure of six million before Hitler had diapers.

        Speaking of lies, let’s have a look at the inception of the Soviet Union and events just preceding it, courtesy of Juri Lina, entitled “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”, here:

        How about a simple historical look (“Pawns in the Game”) at western history by a Christian former British Naval officer, William Guy Carr, who had become dismayed that the world seemed so bent on anarchy and war,…/Communism/pawnsinthegame.pdf

        Ignorant of the history of the ruse behind the ruse ( it is really much worse than that ) establishing the (Un)Federal Reserve? Look at Eustace Mullins’ “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” here:

        And for those of you still curious about the motivations behind the 0911 false flag, please read Collateral_Damage_911 here: There are two volumes. The second delves into the immediately subsequent subprime mortgage fiasco. Unconnected?The word “unconnected” would refer. of course, to us goyim, and not the jewelite who comprise the upper echelons of the banking cartel, and quite obviously profited most handsomely from the debacle.

        As for Jews as an ethnic entity, get it from the horse’s mouth – Shlomo Sands – “The Invention of the Jewish People.” Or listen to Benjamin Freedman on the subject ( check Youtube ). Or check out Dr. Comparet here:

        As to a viable financial system, look at the writings of a now unknown American named Henry George, here: Curious that practically nothing is heard today about a man who was at his time as popular a figure as Mark Twain.

        Research the efforts to kill Andrew Jackson. Better yet just read this pdf on the assassination of American presidents:

        Say I’ve got an idea. Let’s start a republic, and have some foreign Jews form a central bank for us!

        On second thought, I have an even better idea….

    • Derek yelped:

      “A German court just found John Demjanjuk guilty! That means another Nazi scum will die behind bars!”

      You celebrate an innocent man being found ‘guilty?’ It’s clear who the scum is (YOU!). You and the legions of Jewish Communists and NKVD sadists and gross murderers who never paid for their REAL crimes as opposed to someone who was or wasn’t (as in John’s case) a lowly guard at a camp.

    • No Derek, Demjanjuk will not die behind bars because the judge set him free. The judge was obliged to convict under repressive German laws but like just about everyone else in the world he also knows that the ‘Holocaust'(TM) is a fraud.

  37. Jack Bernstein

    Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein

    • Jack Bernstein

      ABC’s Middle East correspondent Anne Barker

      • Jack Bernstein

        ABC’s Middle East correspondent Anne Barker
        .Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:40pm AEDT ………..
        But I never expected their anger would be directed at me.
        I was mindful I would need to dress conservatively and keep out of harm’s way. But I made my mistake when I parked the car and started walking towards the protest, not fully sure which street was which. By the time I realised I’d come up the wrong street it was too late.
        I suddenly found myself in the thick of the protest – in the midst of hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews in their long coats and sable-fur hats.

        They might be supremely religious, but their behaviour – to me – was far from charitable or benevolent.

        As the protest became noisier and the crowd began yelling, I took my recorder and microphone out of my bag to record the sound.

        Suddenly the crowd turned on me, screaming in my face. Dozens of angry men began spitting on me.

        Spit like rain

        I found myself herded against a brick wall as they kept on spitting – on my face, my hair, my clothes, my arms.

        It was like rain, coming at me from all directions – hitting my recorder, my bag, my shoes, even my glasses.

        Big gobs of spit landed on me like heavy raindrops. I could even smell it as it fell on my face.

        Somewhere behind me – I didn’t see him – a man on a stairway either kicked me in the head or knocked something heavy against me.

        I wasn’t even sure why the mob was angry with me. Was it because I was a journalist? Or a woman? Because I wasn’t Jewish in an Orthodox area? Was I not dressed conservatively enough?

        In fact, I was later told, it was because using a tape-recorder is itself a desecration of the Shabbat even though I’m not Jewish and don’t observe the Sabbath.

        It was lucky that I don’t speak Yiddish. At least I was spared the knowledge of whatever filth they were screaming at me.

        As I tried to get away I found myself up against the line of riot police blocking the crowd from going any further.


        Israeli police in their flak jackets and helmets, with rifles and shields, were yelling just as loudly back at the protesting crowd.

        I found them something of a reassurance against the angry, spitting mob.

        I was allowed through, away from the main protest, although there were still Orthodox Jews on the other side, some of whom also yelled at me, in English, to take my recorder away.

        Normally I should have stayed on the sidelines to watch the protest develop.

        But when you’ve suffered the humiliation and degradation of being spat on so many times – and you’re covered in other people’s spit – it’s not easy to put it to the back of your mind and get on with the job.

        I left down a side street and walked the long way back to the car, struggling to hold back the tears.
        Of course, in Canada, under the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s hate laws, if a Christian uttered the phrase “good Jewish b*tch” in public, he could face a minimum fine of $5000 and more than $150,000 in legal fees. In America he could easily be fined and perhaps jailed by local governing bodies influenced by ADL.
        Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein
        Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein
        Jack Bernstein an AMERICAN!
        Jack Bernstein an AMERICAN FOREVER!
        (This honest and courageous Jew was assassinated some years ago, by MOSSAD)

        Israeli laws suppress all religion — For instance, it is against the law to try and convert a Jew to another religion even if the Jew is an atheist or humanist.

        A Christian is permitted to preach the gospel in a church building, but for the clergy or anyone to even tell one about teachings in the Bible outside the church building will bring a 5 years prison sentence.

        Of course, in Canada, under the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s hate laws, if a Christian uttered the phrase “good Jewish b*tch” in public, he could face a minimum fine of $5000 and more than $150,000 in legal fees. In America he could easily be fined and perhaps jailed by local governing bodies influenced by ADL.
        For a Christian to give a Bible or religious article to a Jew will also bring a 5 years sentence. Even an act of kindness by a Christian toward a Jew, such as giving a gift of food, can be interpreted as trying to convert the Jew to Christianity and can bring a 5 year prison sentence.
        This same law of religious suppression applies to those of the Islamic faith who in an act of kindness give a gift of any kind to a Jew. A 5 year prison sentence can result.
        We American Jews were merely being tolerated. Because Israel, to survive, must depend on gifts of American Jews and the sale of worthless Israeli Bonds in America, there is jealousy among the elite Israeli Ashkenazi Jews toward American Jews, even if the American Jews are also Ashkenazi. Many times I was told, “Go Home!” and, “We want your money, but not you.”
        It’s nothing hateful or intolerant to read and beware of this and everything else and and at the same time you don’t automatically inculcate or assume it rigidly in regards on a personal level/one on one/individual to individual in regards to or about the very next or every jew/hebrew/secular and otherwise you meet or come across,most gentiles assume that and render courtesy/respect the same,
        ……it real…is and has been significant to say the least,
        how else could/would just some gentile kind of feel about it?

  38. Geithner Eliminates Hi-Tech
    Transfer Restrictions To China
    China Banks Can Buy Up American
    Property At Super-Low Deflation Prices
    From Dick Eastman

  39. JB Campbell is right on the money about the banksters stealing the American people blind, and how Schacht and Hitler trumped them by issuing money that was used to purchase real production, like roads, bridges, housing, and of course armaments rather than letting the banksters control the economy by making the country borrow from them at ridiculous interest rates. Note especially the comment about the absurdity of money being backed by “gold” or silver.” Why not the steel in a bridge, or the concrete and other materials used to build housing for people, schools, research, etc. It’s the same thing. Lincoln proved it when he used greenbacks to finance the war. There are comment by European bankers that this must not be allowed to go on or people from all the other countries would clamor their government do the same, and where would that leave the bankers.

    Everyone get clear that this country is not facing a debt crisis that is just as manufactured as the war on terror. Has anyone ever considered where Bernanke got the trillions he used recently to buy up government debt instruments? The secret is that the fed simply created the money out of thin air. Now, if he bought those debt instruments by creating money out of thin air, why didn’t the US currency he created to buy the debt at the same time also retire the debt? In other words, if he bought the debt using our money, why do we still owe the fed interest payments on our own money?

    Once you catch on to this swindle, it’s easy to see how to get our of the debt crisis by simply cutting out the Fed and let the US Treasury handle the Constitutionally vested power of the Congress to coin money and regulate its value.

    The founding fathers knew the secret. It’s time the American People caught up with them.


    • J. Bruce Campbell

      Your questions in paragraph two go to the marrow of the swindle and should be engraved in stone.

      • Perhaps it might then be worthwhile to submit them to the elected in Washington and demand clear and complete answers and make clear to them that unles tey do, they will be thrown out of office for aiding and abetting the scandals.


        • If you don’t understand how the Fed and US Treasury work, then how can you know there are scandals?

          The Chairman of the Fed is appointed by the President and approved by Congress. Its authority comes from Congress and it is overseen by Congress
          Though the independence of the Fed is highly valued, some in Congress have called upon it to be audited, with no success.

          • J. Bruce Campbell

            “Independence of the Fed is highly valued…” You’re the master of understatement!

            The president gets to chose from a list of candidates provided to him by the Federal Reserve.

          • Hardly, but you’re the master of hyperbole. The president appoints each of the 7 members of the Board of Governors of the Fed. Res. System. Each of these members must be approved by the Senate. The Chairman of the Board (the Fed) is appointed from these governors that the president himself appointed and must also be approved by the Senate.

          • You are living in la la land Mark. They are all actors, and the entire system is a scam designed to profit from you. The usa government is a corporation, as are all countries with jewish owned reserve banks.
            The legal system is based on Admiralty law, not common law. It does not care about “justice”, only money.

            You have a lot of reading to do if you still think the President appoints people.

            The jewish bankers OWN the government, and they own you because you agree to be owned by them.

            Gees if people really knew the depths these creatures go to to mask what they are doing, including creating their own opposition (to control the opposition and root out their enemy), there would be no jew left in America by sunup.

          • Where do you get that? From the protocols? From JB? The USA, the greatest nation on the face of this earth, is so because of the civil and economic freedoms and opportunities we, its citizens, enjoy.

            Criticizing the system and then ignorantly blaming the Jews for all of its problems, really misses the big picture and, unfortunately, does nothing to improve things.

          • Mark, you ARE stubborn, but you are not making anyone believe anything you post here. Does losing the argument means you will lose your monthly stipend from tel aviv? Dont’ worry, chum, just get a real job, stay away from intelligent and informative threads, and stop wasting time, space, and badwidth with your worthless, stubborn spew. Yes, you jews are pests, except those who decide to become human and respect the law of the land and their fellow citizens. And dump israHell out of their system for ever.

      • Do you really believe what you are selling?

        Debt is servitude… the whole money scheme was created to give people the perception of freedom, but when everything is controlled through currency, you control everything.

        This is not a secret, many Rothschild’s have made this known that when they control the money supply they control the nations.

        Why else would there be secrecy around the Feds and all Central Banks?

    • Anonymous Smith

      Great post, Prien! I totally agree with everything you said.


      • If it was explained to the American people what is being done to them, it would be pitchforks and torces for Wall Street.


        • Anonymous Smith

          Well, I just don’t know what else can be done to accomplish that…heck, they’ve even made some snazzy cartoons to help people to understand.

          Still no movement.

          • A lot of people living in the USA should not even be considered to be “Americans.” We have a better chance of some foreign military invading our country and getting rid of all of the scum for us before Americans do anything. Americans are too incompetent to even know that they have a problem, or if they do suspect something, they will most likely point the finger in the wrong direction — anywhere but the Jews, or themselves for allowing this nightmare and robbery to continue.

            The same sh*t can be said about other countries.

            Americans need an education and a reason to fight back. They get a lot more disinformation than they do truth, even on the Internet. If they need cartoons to understand anything, I have no hope for the future. The attention span of many people only lasts for so long — not even long enough to read most articles — so maybe cartoons will entertain their feeble minds long enough to get some truth through to them.

          • Anonymous Smith

            You’re right, Anon…but we must always remember (hard as it is) that they [the common American] have been subjected to very powerful brainwashing techniques, and chemical poisoning, for all of their now worthless lives. You already know this, I’m just saying that it’s best to keep it in mind when dealing with the common blockhead.

            We need some pretty girls/good lookin dudes making videos saying the kinds of things JB Campbell says. In other words: we need to find pretty girls/good lookin dudes who are JB Campbell fans and have them out there making YouTube videos.

            Sex sells, and it’d be a shame not to use that to our benefit.

    • “In other words, if he bought the debt using our money, why do we still owe the fed interest payments on our own money?”

      This is the simplistic, and I believe erroneous, viewpoint, which is probably promoted by the disinfo artists deliberately to undermine our credibility. The U.S. Gov doesn’t pay interest to the Fed. It’s the other way around. The Fed remits profit over 6% to the U.S. Treasury. Please show me if that’s not correct. The whole “we pay interest” thing is completely bogus. The mechanism of control is much more subtle.

      • J. Bruce Campbell

        Here’s what the most knowledgeable guy in Congress says about who pays what:

        You mean, the Fed gives 6% of its profit to the T-Department, don’t you? And keeps 94%? If the government got paid for borrowing from the Fed, there would be no national debt.

        • Exactly. And we have Congressman Wright Patman to thank for coercing the Fed to cough up that little bit of what they steal in interest from the public.

          I twice tried to respond to Mark’s claims, but the responses were not posted. So let me try a third time.

          He first sought to belittle the commentary about why we owe the Fed interest on debts they purchase with money they create out of thin air by declaring the Fed was buying those instruments from individuals or institutions that owned them He thus obviously missed the point the issue is not from whom the Fed was buying the instruments, but whose money they were using to do so, and that if they are in fact using money of the American people they have created out of thin air, that is the money of the American people they have printed to buy their government’s securities. That Bing so, why is a debt instrument that was purchased with money created by the purchasers still be treated as a deb? It’s ridiculous. His banal response is simply the drivel the banksters and their economists use to fool the American people.

          Finally, if he really wants to address his issue, perhaps he can explain what the banksters and the economists shield mean when they lament that federal debt is being “monetized.”

          Let’s see if this works.


        • I don’t see anything by Ron Paul in that link. Anyway, as I understand it, the member banks who own the shares of the Federal Reserve are paid a 6% dividend annually, and the rest of the profit above and beyond the Fed’s operating expenses goes back to the Treasury. I’m trying to get a handle on this stuff myself, but that is officially what’s supposed to be happening according to the laws that enacted the Fed. The Fed is supposed to be a non-profit corporation.

          The post in the link suggests taking legal action against holders of securities issued by various branches of the government. That makes precious little sense to me. “Who ownes these things? Let’s go get them!” Ok.

          Does the Fed actually hold most of the government paper outstanding, and they’re getting all the interest? Or do the member banks hold them? Or do the Chinese? — You tell me, because I don’t know. The banks all have to have reserves in their portfolio against which to issue loans. I don’t quite get yet how the interaction between the Fed and the Treasury operates as far as what paper backs the Federal Reserve notes.

          • What I really want to figure out is whether the Federal Reserve is actually the culprit in all this.

            And let me preface this by saying that I’m not at all convinced that Ron Paul is perfectly correct in his understanding. Nor am I prepared to debate with the guy. But I do think that it’s contradictory to be him up as our savior, when he admittedly swears by the Austrian Mises school of metal fetishers, and then in the same essay talk about National Socialist Germany, which followed Clifford Hugh Douglas kind of Social Credit theory. — Or more probably something along the lines of Frederick Soddy, who is probably the actual guy to be looking closely at if you want saving.

            So is the Fed the big bad guy? Or is it maybe the United States government itself?

            Soddy wrote a book called “Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt,” which I can make available as a download to anyone who wants to check it out. In that book he’s at pains to illustrate that a country can only increase its productive capacity by refraining from present consumption, and that any other device is a ruse that will eventually and inevitably lead to a forced restrain in the form of a depression. If you issue a loan against something you don’t actually have to loan out, somebody’s going to pay for it in the long run. And the way the banking cartel works is it socializes the losses but privatizes the profit. It gets its interest now, but makes the people pay in the long run.

            That’s what “money” is. It’s not a tangible asset. It’s a legal claim against the assets of the community, or a legal claim against some future stream of revenue. You can take your money and buy a building with it, or a bridge, or land, and so you trade it for something tangible. Or you can loan the money to somebody who has an idea that they believe can generate a profit down the line, and so guarantee yourself a portion of that profit in the form of interest. – Of course in that case you assume a risk which you try to balance by only issuing loans to people who are truly credit-worthy, or alternatively have some kind of tangible assets you can go after in case they default on their loan.

            So the U.S. Gov, in all its branches, is issuing a whole lot of promises to pay in the form of bonds. The people who buy those bonds expect to realize a profit on their investment – their loan of “money.” Problem is, the U.S. Gov doesn’t actually have the collateral to make good on those loans should they ever default. And truth be told, they defaulted a long long time ago. But they came up with a nice trick – not a new one by any means. They just kept issuing more promises to pay in order to service the debt.

            Now, how long can a system like that continue to operate? Ron Paul does make one point quite clearly, and that is, the longer it does, the worse the payback is going to be for the people who allowed their government to act so irresponsibly.

  40. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    A bit more from the labryntine treasure trove:

    “Also, for what it may be worth, we have the testimony of General Robert E. Wood before a U.S. Senate Committee, that in November 1936 Winston Churchill said to him: “Germany is getting too strong and we must smash her,” and the testimony of General George Marshall that in 1938 Bernard Baruch said to him: “We are going to lick that fellow Hitler. He isn’t going to get away with it.” 329 Baruch revealed the real end for which international finance was preparing to use the U.S., when he said in an interview with Roosevelt that the aim would be to destroy “Germany’s barter system.” 330 What seems manifest is that the international bankers were not long in realizing that the success of Hitler’s system would be the ruin of theirs. And theirs was what they were chiefly dependent upon for achieving world dominion.

    Yet the plotters were put to it for an honest reason for attacking Hitler that they dared put before the world. For Hitler “had offered to the powers the most comprehensive scheme for peace in Europe that had ever been devised.” 331 And in a speech before the Reichstag on May 17th, only a few months after he came into power, he said:

    “. . .Germany will be perfectly ready to disband her entire military establishment and destroy the small amount of arms remaining to her, if the neighbouring countries will do the same thing with equal thoroughness.

    “. . .Germany is entirely ready to renounce aggressive weapons of every sort if the armed nations, on their part, will destroy their aggressive weapons within a specified period, and if their use is forbidden by an international convention.

    “. . .Germany is prepared to agree to any solemn pact of non-aggression because it does not think of attacking anybody but only of acquiring security.” 332 ”

    (From Chapter 19, Part C, here:

  41. ObserveWeighMeasureAvail

    Thank you, JB.

    “To accomplish his objectives Hitler had to create his party. He began with six or seven members. As they grew, Communists undertook to break up their meetings by force. Since the radio and press were closed to them, they eventually had to take to the streets to win a hearing. Here also murderous gangs of Communists attacked them. “There were districts in the capital and the industrial areas where it was suicide for a supporter of Hitler to show his face without the protection of his fellows. Three hundred of their numbers were killed and 25,000 wounded.”317 But after thirteen years of struggle, Hitler had won the support of the overwhelming majority of the German people, and on January 30, 1933 was invited by President Hindenburg to form a Government.”

    A treasure trove:

  42. patrick sullivan

    Here is an excerpt from a customer review of an economics book concerning JFK’s policies.

    By A Customer
    This review is from: Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency (Hardcover)
    “Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency” is great reading for people who want to move beyond books about the mechanics of the Kennedy assassination. The book helps explain why the “Eastern establishment” and a lot of other influential people, might want to get rid of President Kennedy. Another book, “History Will Not Absolve Us : Orwellian Control, Public Denial, & the Murder of President Kennedy” provides additional pieces of the puzzle by explaining how the American establishment, including leading” ..

    Having read this book “Battling Wall street” by Donald Gibson, it is of significance. Brings into light JFK’s approach to labor and how he planned to enable it using advanced technology to enhance the aggregate production value of labor, hoping to resolve issues between labor and management by producing a bigger overall pie..

    Continue reading here:

  43. Hans Frank said,

    “We will get these Jews marching and cause them – as they have already covered the distance from Jerusalem to Poland – to move eastward a few thousand kilometers. But these Jews are not that parasite gang alone, from our point of view, but strangely enough – we only realized it over there [in Poland] – there is another category of Jews, something one would never have thought possible.

    There are laboring Jews over there who work in transport, in building, in factories, and others are skilled workers such as tailors, shoemakers, etc. We have put together Jewish workshops with the help of these skilled Jewish workers, in which goods will be made which will greatly ease the position of German production, in exchange for the supply of foodstuffs and whatever else the Jews need urgently for their existence.

    These Jews may well be left to work in this way; in the way in which we are now using them it is something of an achievement for the work-Jews themselves; but for the other Jews we must provide suitable arrangements. It is always dangerous, after all, to leave one’s native land. Since the Jews moved away from Jerusalem there has been nothing for them except an existence as parasites: that has now come to an end.

    If one looks at the Warsaw ghetto today in which 480,000 Jews – well, let us say – live, then one must realize that only the determination of the National-Socialist revolution was capable of successfully confronting even this problem. In 1919, at our first meetings in Munich, we proclaimed the motto: An end must be put to the rule of the Jews in Europe….”

  44. REMEMBER..J.F.K...FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    National Prayer Network

    By Rev. Ted Pike
    10 May 11

    Jewish Robert Iger’s ABC has announced a new TV series next fall, Good Christian B*tches, which will feature Southern girls who “are taught to love Jesus, but just because we’re Christians doesn’t mean we are perfect.” So says author of the book by that title, Kim Gatlin. On its cover the “h” in “b*tches” has Satan’s forked tail hanging from it, contrasting to a halo around the “d” in “good.” The message couldn’t be clearer: Christians are hypocrites; Christian girls are very possibly b*tches.

    Gatlin’s book, about malicious southern Christian gossip and hypocrisy, provides plenty of abuse of Christianity. Leave it to heavyweight Jewish media moguls Iger and homosexual/Jewish producer Darren Star to pick up her story and vent their animus against Christians on prime-time TV. Recent Disney pro-homosexuality, even at their theme parks, is legendary. Star is a veteran of trashing Christian sexual morality, having created “Melrose Place” and “Sex in the City.”

    Of course, in Canada, under the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s hate laws, if a Christian uttered the phrase “good Jewish b*tch” in public, he could face a minimum fine of $5000 and more than $150,000 in legal fees. In America he could easily be fined and perhaps jailed by local governing bodies influenced by ADL.

    But when superpowerful Jews create a television series kicking Christianity and Christian women in their moral solar plexus, no alarm is raised by the American Jewish community, especially ADL. ADL seems conveniently distracted at this time, loudly preaching “tolerance,” “respect for diversity” and “civility” elsewhere.

    Jewish Media: Sordid Record of Christian Bashing

    In 1988, the Jews of MCA in Hollywood did their best to destroy the reputation of Jesus in their film The Last Temptation of Christ. Christians feebly protested through ineffectual petitions to MCA and boycotts.

    • REMEMBER..J.F.K...FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

      Of course, in Canada, under the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s hate laws, if a Christian uttered the phrase “good Jewish b*tch” in public, he could face a minimum fine of $5000 and more than $150,000 in legal fees. In America he could easily be fined and perhaps jailed by local governing bodies influenced by ADL.

      • Lol. The untouchables.

      • REMEMBER..J.F.K...FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

        Jack Bernstein

        (This honest and courageous Jew was assassinated some years ago, by MOSSAD

        • Do you have more info on that?

          • Jack Bernstein

            Jack Bernstein an American………… Jack Bernstein an American…………

            Jack Bernstein an American…………
            Jack Bernstein an American…………
            Jack Bernstein an American…………
            Jack Bernstein an American…………
            Jack Bernstein an American…………
            Jack Bernstein an American…………
            Jack Bernstein an American…………
            Recognition and acknowledgement and respect for Jack Bernstein

            The Life of an American Jew
            in Racist Marxist Israel
            Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein

            A CHALLENGE

            I am well aware of the tactics of you, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone who attempts to expose any of your subversive acts.

            If the person is a Gentile, you cry, “You’re anti-semitic” which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide your actions.

            But, if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics.

            First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution.
            If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the persons giving the information.
            If that doesn’t work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn’t been involved in sufficient scandal you are adept at fabricating scandal against the person or persons.
            If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks.
            But, NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong.

            So, before you start your efforts to quiet me, I OFFER THIS CHALLENGE:

            You Zionists assemble a number of Zionist Jews and witnesses to support your position; and I will assemble a like number of anti-Zionist, pro-American Jews and witnesses.

            Then, the Zionists and the Anti-Zionists will state their position and debate the material in this book as well as related material — the debate TO BE HELD ON PUBLIC TELEVISION.

            Let’s explore the information and let the American people decide for themselves if the information is true or false.


            Certainly, you will willingly accept the challenge if what I have written is false.

            But, if you resort to crying, “Lies, all lies,” and refuse to debate the material you will, in effect, be telling the American people that what I have written are the true facts.

            Jack Bernstein

            (This honest and courageous Jew was assassinated some years ago, by MOSSAD).

            My Farewell to Israel, Thorn of the Middle East

            By Jack Bernstein
            Before Israel became a state in 1948, Jews worldwide were filled with Zionist propaganda that Israel would be a homeland for all Jews, a refuge for persecuted Jews, a democratic country and the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

            I am an Ashkenazi Jew who spent the first 25 years of my life in the United States, the country that has given ALL Jews freedom and the opportunity to prosper — and prosper we Jews did, to the point that one portion of the Jews (the Zionists) have gained a position of political and economic dominance in the U.S.

            To fully understand the story I am about to tell, it is important that you understand what Zionism really is. Zionist propaganda has led the American people to believe that Zionism and Judaism are one and the same and that they are religious in nature. This is a blatant lie.

            Judaism is a religion; but Zionism is a political movement started mainly by East European (Ashkenazi) Jews who for centuries have been the main force behind communism/socialism. The ultimate goal of the Zionists is one ONE-WORLD GOVERMENT UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE ZIONISTS AND THE ZIONIST-ORIENTED JEWISH INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.

            Communism/socialism are merely tools to help them accomplish their goal.

            I was a Victim of Zionist Propaganda
            After the 1967 War, we Jews were filled with pride that ‘our homeland’ had become so powerful and successful. Then too, we had been filled with the false propaganda that Jews in America were being persecuted. So, between 1967 and 1970 approximately 50.000 American Jews fell for this Zionist propaganda and migrated to Israel. I was one of those suckers.

            After being filled with all this false Zionist propaganda, I felt that I would have a better chance to succeed in the new Jewish state. There was an added enticement, the spirit and challenge of pioneering and of helping my fellow Jews.

            Dual Citizenship
            I had no emotional conflict with leaving the U.S. because I was still able to keep my U.S. citizenship and could return to the U.S. at any time. You see, Jews are allowed to be citizens of both Israel and some countries — U.S. is one of those countries. The U.S. government allows a Jew to be a citizen of both U.S. and Israel.

            German Americans cannot be citizens of both the U.S. and Germany. Italian Americans cannot be citizen of both U.S. and Italy. Egyptian-Americans cannot be citizens of both the U.S. and Egypt . . . BUT, a Jewish American can be a citizen of both Israel and the U.S. THIS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF THE POWER THE ZIONIST JEWS HAVE OVER THE U.S. GOVERMENT.

            I Arrive in the “Jewish Paradise”
            Before leaving for Israel, a Jewish friend of mine had made arrangements for me to stay a few days with her sister, Fawzia Daboul and her spinster aunt. After arriving at Lod Airport just outside of Tel Aviv, I took a bus to the home of Miss Daboul and her aunt. When I saw Fawzia, it was love at first sight. I started calling her ‘Ziva,’ her Hebrew name. Ziva is a Sephardic Jewess from Iraq who, like myself, had fallen for the Zionist propaganda and had migrated to Israel. She was employed as a hairdresser.

            The Kibbutz
            After visiting with Ziva and her aunt for two days, I left to spend 6 months at Kibbutz ‘Ein Hashofet’ one of the well over 150 such communes then operating in Israel. Since then, many more have been started — especially in the territory taken from the Palestinian Arabs. A kibbutz is a farming and sometimes industrial venture. It is important to explain that Israel’s Kibbutz system is a Marxist idea brought to Israel by the Ashkenazi Jews who migrated to Israel mainly from Poland and Russia. These Jews are part of that bunch of Jews know as the BOLSHEVIKS. Before 1917, they were the force that laid the foundation for the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia and the start of Communism.

            Again, I want to point out, even emphasize, that it is some of that same bunch of Ashkenazi, Communist/Socialist Jews who migrated to Israel, gained control of the Zionist Movement and have dominated the government of Israel since its beginning in 1948.
            Now, back to the kibbutz —
            Prior to 1967, most of the work on the Kibbutz was done by Jews. But, since the 1967 War, the work has been done by Arabs who are paid a very low wage, and by volunteers from overseas. Members of the Kibbutz (all Jews) share all things equally. They receive clothing, food and a small allowance. All profits from the venture go into the Kibbutz account for future use. EACH OF THESE KIBBUTZ ARE AFFILIATED WITH ONE OF ISRAEL’S MARXIST PARTIES ranging from SOCIALIST TO HARD-CORE COMMUNIST.

            The Kibbutz I was in was not hardcore communist. Yet, I was happy to leave after 4 months — two months earlier than originally planned. During the time I was working in the Kibbutz, I carried on courtship with Ziva. She was one of the reasons I left the Kibbutz after only 4 months — we were to be married.

            Our Marriage Created Problems
            The marriage ceremony was held in the Sephardic Synagogue. The ceremony was simple but beautiful. Ziva and I were happy, but our marriage created serious problems. You see, Ziva is a Sephardic Jewess and I am an Ashkenazi Jew. For an Ashkenazi Jew to marry a Sephardic Jew is frowned upon in Israel by the ruling Ashkenazis. To understand why this is the case, you must realize the difference between the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews.

            The powerful Zionist propaganda machine has led the American people to believe that a Jew is a Jew — one race of people and that they are “God’s Chosen People”. I will deal with the “God’s Chosen People” LIE later. First, it is important for you to understand that Jews are NOT one race of people.

            There are two distinct groups of Jews in the world and they come from two different areas of the world — the Sephardic Jews from the Middle East and North Africa and the Ashkenazi Jews come from Eastern Europe. The Sephardic is the oldest group and it is they, if any, who are the Jews described in the Bible because they lived in the area described in the Bible. They are blood relatives to the Arabs — the only difference between them is the religion.

            The Ashkenazi Jews, who now compromise 90% of the Jews in the world, had a rather strange beginning. According to historians, many of them Jewish, the Ashkenazi Jews came into existence about 1,200 years ago. It happened this way:

            At the eastern edge of Europe, there lived a tribe of people know as the Khazars. About the year 740 A.D., the Khazar king and his court decided they should adopt a religion for their people. So, representatives of the three major religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, were invited to present their religious doctrines. The Khazars chose Judaism, but it wasn’t for religious reasons. If the Khazars had chosen Islam, they would have angered the strong Christian world. If they had chosen Christianity, they would have angered the strong Islamic world. So, they played it safe — they chose Judaism. It wasn’t for religious reasons the Khazars chose Judaism; it was for political reasons.

            Sometime during the 13th century, the Khazars were driven from their land and they migrated westward with most of them settling in Poland and Russia. These Khazars are now known as Ashkenazi Jews. Because these Khazar Ashkenazi Jews merely chose Judaism, they are not really Jews — at least not blood Jews.

            Throughout their history, these Polish and Russian Ashkenazi Jews practiced communism/socialism and worked to have their ideas implemented in these countries.

            By the late 1800s significant numbers of these communist/socialist Jews were found in Germany, the Balkans and eventually all over Europe. Because of their interference in the social and governmental affairs of Russia, they became the target of persecution by the Czars. Because of this, migration of these communist/socialist oriented Jews began. Some went to Palestine; some to Central and South America; and a large number of them came to the U.S.

            Political Zionism is Born
            In 1897, the First Zionist Congress was held in Basle, Switzerland. At this Congress, it was decided to work toward the establishment of a Jewish state and a search for land on which to build this Jewish state began. Great Britain offered the Zionists land in Africa. This the Zionists rejected: they wanted Palestine!

            At the time, Palestine was inhabited by a half a million Palestinian Arabs and a few Palestinian Jews who are blood related and who had lived together in peace for centuries. With Palestine as their choice for a homeland, European Ashkenazi Jews began migrating to Palestine. As I explained earlier, most were communist/socialist oriented with some of them being radical Bolshevik communists whose aim is world domination.

            So when you think of Jews, especially as related to Israel, keep in mind that there is a great difference between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews. They are not one united people. They are divided socially, politically and especially racially. Now, back to Ziva, a Sephardic Jewess and I an Ashkenazi Jew, and our lives in the so-called democratic country of Israel.

            Sephardic Jews — Second Class Citizens
            For the first three years of our marriage, it was necessary for us to live with Ziva’s aunt. This was because of the critical housing shortage in Israel and because of racism. Housing is allotted as follows:
            Ashkenazi Jews who have lived in Israel for many years are given first choice.
            Second in line are Ashkenazi Jews from Europe — especially if they are married or marry an Israel-born Ashkenazi Jew.
            The next favored are Ashkenazi Jews from the U.S. — especially if they marry an Israeli born Ashkenazi.
            Sephardic Jews have the next choice of whatever housing is left.
            At the bottom of the list are Moslems, Druze and Christians.
            Opportunities for employment follow the same pattern: Ashkenazi Jews get the choicest jobs, Sephardic Jews next, and Moslem, Druze and Christians fill the menial jobs with a great many left unemployed. Even through I was an Ashkenazi Jew from the U.S., I was placed lower on the list for housing because I married a Sephardic Jewess.

            Being denied housing was my second experience of the intense racism that exists in Israel. From the very beginning of my arrival in Israel, many slurs were yelled at me. We American Jews were merely being tolerated. Because Israel, to survive, must depend on gifts of American Jews and the sale of worthless Israeli Bonds in America, there is jealousy among the elite Israeli Ashkenazi Jews toward American Jews, even if the American Jews are also Ashkenazi. Many times I was told, “Go Home!” and, “We want your money, but not you.”

            However, there was a portion of the American Jews who were welcome and given favored treatment. They were the card-carrying communist Jews.

            Of the 50.000 American Jews who, like myself, had migrated to Israel between 1967 and 1970 about 20% (10.000) of them were Marxist oriented with a great number of them actual card-carrying communists. They were welcomed by the Israeli authorities and local Ashkenazi and were given favored treatment — housing, jobs and social life. It must be noted besides coming from the U.S., a great number of communist Jews were migrating to Israel from Chile, Argentina and South Africa.

            Of the 50.000 who had migrated to Israel during that time, 80% of us eventually returned to the U.S. The 20% who remained were those who were card-carrying communist or sympathetic to Marxism.

            Three Faces of Israel
            From what I have told you so far, you must have the idea that Israel is a Marxist (socialist/communist) country. This would be correct. But, Israel has three faces: Communism, Fascism and democracy. The Ashkenazi Jews who migrated to Israel from Russia brought with them the ideology of socialism/communism and have put into practice much of that ideology. The Ashkenazi Jews who migrated to Israel from Germany, while sympathetic to communism and support it, tend to favor the practices of Nazi-style fascism. During World War II, in Germany these elite Zionist Ashkenazi Jews worked closely with Hitler’s Gestapo in persecuting the lower class German Jews and delivering them to concentration camps.

            Now living in Israel, these elite Zionist Jews, who were well trained in Nazi-style fascism and favor it, have imposed many facets of fascism on Israel. To give the impression that Israel is a democracy, members of the Knesset (Israel Congress) are elected — an odd type of election. This is where Israel’s so-called democracy stops. It doesn’t make any difference which party wins an election, the LIKUD or LABOR, the elite Zionist Jews rule in a dictatorial manner — giving favors to the elite clique and brutally suppressing any dissent.

            In the Zionist/communist scheme of world domination, it is Israel’s role to continually stir up trouble in the Middle East. Since wars are a big part of this scheme of aggression, it is only natural that from early childhood on, Israeli youth are trained mentally and physically for war. For instance: Israel has its equivalent of Hitler’s youth group. It is the Gadna; and all high school and junior high students are required to participate — boys and girls. Like Hitler’s youth group, the youth in Israel’s Gadna are dressed in khaki uniforms. They take training and engage in paramilitary exercises.

            Even at play, guns and thoughts of war are present. When on a picnic, instead of taking along baseball or soccer equipment, they take sub-machine guns and assault rifles and practice shooting and playing military games.

            Once graduated from high school, all young boys are required to serve 3 years in the army (2 years for girls) or 4 years in the navy or air force (3 for girls). Ultraorthodox religious Jews are exempt from military service.

            Once out of the service, a number of the ex-service people join the Shin Bet, the equivalent of Hitler’s Gestapo. Like the Gestapo, they engage in repressing anyone who acts or speaks out against the Marxist/Fascist government of Zionist dominated Israel.

            Like in Nazi Germany, all people in Israel are required to carry identity booklets called “Teudat Zehut” in Hebrew.

            One day I changed jackets and forgot to take out my ID booklet when I went down town in Tel Aviv. A police officer approached me and asked for my “Teudat Zehut”. I told him I had left it in my other jacket. Because I didn’t have my ID booklet with me, I was taken to the police station. At the police station, the desk sergeant informed me that for not having my ID booklet with me, I could be jailed for up to 16 days without even being taken before a judge. All that was necessary is for the Police Lieutenant to sign a “Remand Order”.

            I asked permission to make a telephone call to my wife and tell her to bring my ID booklet to the station.

            The sergeant allowed me two hours to have my “Teudat Zehut” produced. I called my wife and she brought my “Teudat Zehut” — arriving just minutes before the 2 hour deadline expired. If she had been late in arriving, I would have been jailed for 16 days for not having my ID booklet with me. This is just one indication that Israel is a ‘Police State’ and not a democracy.

            Concerning Nazism/Fascism, please let me clear a point. Germans are an admirable people — I dare say even great. But in Germany, the general population were victims of the Nazis who through cunning and brutality gained power. In Germany, the average Jews were victims of the Zionist elite who worked hand in hand with the Nazis. Many of those same Zionist Jews who, in Germany, had worked with the Nazis, came to Israel and joined hands with the Zionist/Communist Jews from Poland and Russia. It is the two faces of communism and Nazi-style fascism that rule Israel. Democracy is merely an illusion.

            Regarding the tie between the elite Ashkenazi Jew and the Nazis, take a look at the word ‘Ashkenazi’ — look again ‘Ashke-NAZI’.

            Interesting isn’t it?

            There is a great confusion regarding the relationship of fascism to communism. Fascism is national socialism. Communism is international socialism.

            Israel’s Economy
            Economically, Israel is bankrupt. Of course, this could have been predicted because Israel’s economic structure is based on socialism.

            Whenever a government of a state and its citizens spend more money than the value of the goods produced, economic bankruptcy will result. If it were not for aid from America, Israel’s economy would have collapsed long ago. Israel is a ‘welfare state’ in every sense of the word — it is America’s most favored welfare recipient.

            While America’s farmers, small businessmen and laborers are struggling to survive, the U.S. Government, dominated by Zionist Jews, are draining the pockets and purses of American taxpayers to support Israel’s socialist economy and war machine.

            Since the Israeli government knows, and the favored Zionists know, that the Zionist pressure in America will ensure that America will keep sending them massive amounts of money, Israel’s government and its favored citizens spend money like drunken sailors. This practice leads to inflation and eventually to an economic collapse.

            Comparing Israel to drunken sailors is unfair to sailors. Sailors spend their OWN money — Israel spends money it gets from America. Because Israel is a welfare state depending mainly on American aid for survival, it is on a down-hill slide. In 1982, Israel’s inflation rate was 130%.

            In 1983, it was 200%, and this year (1984) it is expected to exceed 400%. That means a hamburger that cost $1.00 last January will have risen to $5.00 by the end of December. History shows that no nation mired in economic problems as Israel has become, has ever avoided an economic collapse. Only with a massive increase in American financial aid can an economic collapse be averted — even then, this solution would only be temporary.

            Regarding the destructive tendencies of socialism, there are circumstances that allow a country to successfully provide social programs to help its people. It is possible in a country that has sufficient financial resource and where its citizens are deeply religious and considerate toward their fellowmen.

            NONE of this exists in Israel. Even in countries where conditions are ideal there lingers a danger. Since the government of the country provides for the needs of its citizens, most of these citizens have a tendency to lose incentive to work hard; and a country with a complacent citizenry is easily conquered.

            Visitors to Israel
            Tourism is one of Israel’s main sources of income. The largest group of visitors are American Jews. But, there are also many American Christians who want to visit the holy shrines and to see the land of ‘God’s Chosen People’.

            These Christians come away very impressed and filled with religious fervor.

            While in Israel, Jews and Gentiles alike are carefully watched so that they do not stray and happen to see the sordid side of Israel — the true Israel.

            Like in Soviet Russia and other communist countries, visitors to Israel are taken on carefully planned guided tours. They are shown the religious sites, the universities, the lush orchards, the technical accomplishments, the arts, and to stir sympathy, they are taken to visit the Holocaust Museum. But, kept from the eyes of the tourists are the ghettos, the prisons where political prisoners, mostly Arabs and Sephardic Jews, are subjected to the most inhumane forms of torture. The tourists do not see the widespread crime activities and the corruption and cooperation between organized crime bosses and government and police officials.

            The tourists do not learn of the true inner workings of Israel’s Marxist/Fascist government; nor do they see Israel’s Racism.

            I met one American Tourist who couldn’t help telling me about the wonderful religious feeling she had from being in Israel — the Holy Land. I remarked to her, “Just try giving a Bible to a local Jew and you will see how much religion and religious freedom there is in Israel. If seen by the police, you will be arrested.

            Regarding the Holocaust Museum, I cannot help but comment:

            If the Zionist leadership in Germany had not cooperated with the Nazis.
            If the Zionists, world-wide, had not persuaded various countries to refuse to accept Jews from Germany. The Zionists in America persuaded President Roosevelt to shut the door and not allow Jewish refugees into America before the war when there was still a chance for Jews to leave Germany.
            * It must be added that many people, including Jews, question whether the Holocaust happened as portrayed by the Zionist propagandists — at least not to the extent the Zionist claim.

            The land on which the present state of Israel has been built, formerly Palestine, was once walked upon by Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

            Since Palestine was the site of many religious events and has many religious sites, it is rightfully referred to as the HOLY LAND. So, one would think that Palestine, now Israel, would tend to have an air of holiness about it.

            When Palestinian Moslems and Palestinian Jews occupied Palestine, there was a religious aura. But, Since the Zionists took over the area and set up the state of Israel, it is one of the most sinful nations in the world where only 5% of the Jews are religious. It is interesting to note that those who are strongly religious are Arab Moslems and Arab Christians who make up a small minority in Israel.

            Israeli laws suppress all religion — For instance, it is against the law to try and convert a Jew to another religion even if the Jew is an atheist or humanist.

            A Christian is permitted to preach the gospel in a church building, but for the clergy or anyone to even tell one about teachings in the Bible outside the church building will bring a 5 years prison sentence.

            For a Christian to give a Bible or religious article to a Jew will also bring a 5 years sentence. Even an act of kindness by a Christian toward a Jew, such as giving a gift of food, can be interpreted as trying to convert the Jew to Christianity and can bring a 5 year prison sentence.

            This same law of religious suppression applies to those of the Islamic faith who in an act of kindness give a gift of any kind to a Jew. A 5 year prison sentence can result.

            The treatment of religious Jews is touchy for the ruling Zionists. World-wide, Jews and non-Jews view Israel as a land where Jews may practice their religion without persecution. Therefore, the Zionists do not dare risk suppressing Judaism for fear of arousing world opinion against them. So, the ruling Zionists merely tolerate the religious practices of the small minority of religious Jews in Israel.

            God’s Chosen People
            The American people have been led to believe that Jews are “God’s Chosen People”. This myth was started by a small group of Jews. A few Jewish leaders took excerpts from the Bible and interpreted them as “Chosen People”. But, isn’t it odd that it is not the religious Jews who claim to be “God’s Chosen People.” It is the atheistic non-believing Jews who claim that honor.

            Leading the cry, “We are God’s Chosen People” are the Zionist/Marxist (Ashkenazi) Jews who for political purposes chose Judaism and who don’t have a drop of biblical Jewish blood in them.

            One Israeli religious Jew said it well, “At one time we Jews were chosen by God to be his messengers. But, long ago we forfeited that right”.

            Anyone who has read the Bible with an open mind knows that God gave Jews of that time special favors. But, it was in the form of covenants. In these covenants were conditions — the conditions were that God demanded the Jews obey His Word. Time after time the Jews broke the covenants. They rejected God and turned to adoring mammon. It doesn’t take a biblical scholar to realize that long ago even the real Jews lost the right of being God’s chosen people.

            In comparing the degree to which the followers of the 3 major religions practice their beliefs, I make this observation:

            Judaism — Few Jews, Sephardic or Ashkenazi, are religious. This is true in America, in Israel and world-wide.

            Christianity — The Christians’ religion has felt the influence of Jewish meddling and infiltration (especially in America) resulting in confusion and bickering between the various Christian denominations. This has led to a ‘lukewarm’ attitude among most Christians toward their religion. There is evidence to prove that Jews, or one of their many fronts, have started many of the Christian denominations and thus dominate doctrine.

            Islam — Moslems, who follow the teachings of Islam, are by far the most fervent of the 3 major religions in following their religious beliefs.

            The Judeo-Christian ethic we hear so much about in America is a big joke — the result of an intense Zionist propaganda campaign.

            I’ll toss in one last thought about the “God’s Chosen People” myth: God said, ‘Beware of those who call themselves Jews and are not, for they lie’. Could it be the Ashkenazi Jews are the people to whom God was referring?

            Israel Stirs Perpetual War
            In the Holy land, it would seem that there would be peace. Instead, war and preparation for war is ever present. The Israeli military machine is recognized as the fourth most powerful in the world. From the standpoint of the amount of planes, tanks and other fighting equipment, plus the fact that it is of the latest design, does make the military machine of Israel very powerful. But, in the army, serious weaknesses have developed.

            Before exploring the weaknesses of Israel’s army, let’s briefly review each of the wars in which Israel has been involved — an average of one every 8 years since it became a state in 1948.

            1948 War — Just after Israel had declared itself a state, Palestinians and other Arabs attacked the Israeli Army which had been formed out of the terrorist groups, the Irgun and Stem Gang. The reason for the attack by Palestinians was to try and regain their homes which, through murder and terrorism, the Zionists had confiscated. The Palestinians had been a peaceful people and were not trained in the art of warfare, while the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews who had migrated from Soviet Russia, Poland and Germany had more knowledge of tactical warfare.

            In addition, Zionists had built up a large amount of arms which they had purchased from the U.S. and communist countries and had illegally smuggled into the area. The Arabs were defeated and in the process, Israel conquered more Palestinian territory.

            1956 — Egypt owned the land through which the Suez Canal flows. Egypt’s President Nasser declared his intention of taking over operation of the canal from England. This would have hurt England’s colonial empire. So, England along with France and Israel conspired to attack Egypt.

            With Egypt nearly subdued, America’s President Eisenhower stepped in and ordered England, France and Israel to withdraw. At the time, the United States was still militarily strong enough to back Eisenhower’s order, so England, France and Israel did withdraw. This was the only time during U.S.-Israeli relations that a U.S. president put the interests of America ahead of Israel’s interest.

            1967 War — Tension was mounting between Egypt and Israel over territory located between the two countries — the Sinai and Gaza Strip.

            1967 War — Tension was mounting between Egypt and Israel over territory located between the two countries — the Sinai and Gaza Strip.

            To help Israel get an unfair advantage, the Soviet Union resorted to trickery: Soviet diplomats in Egypt told President Nasser to threaten war but not attack. Then Soviet diplomats told Israel’s leaders to threaten war and then go ahead and attack. This act of treachery enabled Israel to attack while Egypt was ‘off-guard’ and destroy Egypt’s military capacity in 6 days.
            Map of “Greater Israel”

            It has been the goal of Israel’s leaders to take over all the land between the Nile and Euphrates Rivers. Besides the Sinai and Gaza Strip which Israel intended to take from Egypt during the war, they desired the West Bank which was part of Jordan, and the Golan Heights which was part of Syria. So during the 1967 War, Israel resorted to trickery

            Israel had the technical equipment to intercept radio messages and change these messages (boil them) and then send them on to their destination. During the war, Israel intercepted messages from Egypt to Jordan and Syria and changed the messages, tricking Jordan and Syria into entering the war. The Arab countries were defeated and Israel took a big step toward it’s goal of conquest by occupying the Golan Heights and the West Bank as well as the Sinai and Gaza Strip.

            Even though Israel’s attack on Egypt is called the 1967 War and often referred to as the Six-day War, it can hardly be called a war. Egypt, the most powerful Arab nation at that time, didn’t have a chance to fight. Trickery on the part of the Soviet Union and Israel as I have explained, rendered the so-called 1967 War nothing more than a treacherous act of terrorism for which the Soviets and Israel are famous.

            Israel’s Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty
            During the 1967 War, one of the most daring acts of treachery was committed. It was the attack on an American ship, the USS Liberty, by America’s so-called friend, Israel.

            During Israel’s treacherous attack on Egypt, the USS Liberty, an American surveillance ship, was cruising off the coast of Israel monitoring the progress of the attack.

            Realizing the USS Liberty was learning and recording Israel’s acts of treachery, Israeli leaders decided to ‘get rid’ of the evidence. Israeli planes and torpedo boats attacked Liberty with the obvious intent of sinking it. If the ship was sunk, thus destroying the evidence, Israel then could blame Egypt for the attack — and the Zionist controlled news-media in America would have given the lie as fact with the intent of turning the American people against Egypt. But, fortunately — bravery on the part of the Liberty crew kept the ship afloat. Israel failed in its act of treachery against America, its ally, but during the attack, Israel killed 34 crew members of the Liberty and wounded 171.

            Israel claimed the attack on the Liberty was a case of mistaken identity. But, reports by the surviving crew and other evidence prove the attack by Israel was intentional.

            Facts about the attack on the USS Liberty were conveniently omitted by the Zionist controlled American news-media. All that the Zionists told the American people was that Israel had sunk an American ship, but that it was a case of mistaken identity.

            An investigation by the U.S. Government was subdued and the matter quickly forgotten. This is a good example of the tremendous influence the Zionists have over the U.S. Government.

            The coverup of the whole scandalous affair by the U.S. Government could not have succeeded if the news-media had done its duty and reported the facts surrounding the attack. It is a good example of the power the Zionist controlled news-media in America to distort or withhold important news from the American people.

            1973 War — The treachery on the part of Israel and the Soviets that led to the 1967 War embittered the Arab people and immediately they began arming with the intent of retaliating for this Israeli treachery and to try and take back the land that Israel had taken from them. By 1973 they were prepared.

            Even though several Arab countries were preparing militarily, they were trying to peacefully work out a solution with Israel. But, Israel was assured that their Zionist brethren in America would use their power over the U.S. Government to make sure that the U.S. would support Israel. So, Israel’s leaders continued to maintain a belligerent attitude.

            Realizing the hopelessness of further negotiating with Israel’s leaders, Egypt along with Jordan, Syria and Iraq attacked Israel — and they were winning.

            With Israel facing defeat, the powerful Zionists in America pulled the strings of their power over the U.S. Government and the U.S. Government officials obeyed their Zionist masters. Massive amounts of U.S. military equipment and arms were airlifted at taxpayer’s expense to Israel to bolster the retreating Israeli forces.

            This U.S. aid enabled Israel to turn the tide and emerge victorious. Yes, Israel was saved, but so much U.S. military equipment was airlifted to Israel at that time that the U.S. armed forces were left in short supply and in a weakened position.

            U.S. Government officials are so much under the influence of the Zionists that they had alerted the 82nd Airborne Division stationed at Ft. Bragg, N.C. and U.S. troops stationed in Germany for the purpose of being sent to aid Israel, if necessary.

            It is pretty sad that to please the Zionist power in America, U.S. Government officials are willing to sacrifice the lives of American boys to save Zionist/Marxist Israel.

            Young men already in the U.S. armed forces and their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters should especially be concerned about Israeli precipitated wars and attempts to involve the U.S. in these wars, because if necessary, to save Israel in one of their acts of aggression, the U.S. Government will bow to the American Zionists and send American boys into combat — the boys will have no choice but fight on the side of Zionist/Marxist Israel.


            New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle
            At this point, you may be confused, Israel and the Soviets are ideological allies — both follow the ideas of Karl Marx, so both are communist/socialist. Yet, the Soviets supplied military equipment to the Arabs — Israel’s enemies; and at the same time, the Soviet Union’s enemy, the United States, was arming Israel.

            To understand the treachery which Zionist/Bolshevik Jews are capable and to understand the treachery which took place before and during the 1973 War, I must explain the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle. To do so, it is necessary to go back a few years in history.

            A heavy migration of Jews from Russia to America started in 1831. Most of these were communist Jews. So many of these communist/Bolshevik Jews settled in New York City that New York has been referred to as ‘Moscow on the Hudson’.

            It has been pointed out, and with good reason, that decisions regarding communist policies come not from Moscow, but from New York City. Whether this is a fact or not is immaterial. What is important is the fact that there is a close tie between the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in New York City and the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in Moscow, and extending to include the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews who dominate Israel’s government.

            The Zionist power over the U.S. Government in Washington, D.C. stems from the Zionist/Bolsheviks centered in New York City. It is from New York that orders go out to the vast Zionist network all over the U.S. — a network that influences the economic and political affairs of not only our federal government, but nearly all, if not all, state governments, and to a great extent the governments of the larger and even medium sized cities. This power of the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews over the U.S. makes the New York leg of the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle a tremendous influence over communist policies.

            In viewing the 1973 War, most people, and it seems most Arabs, are of the impression that since Soviet Russia sold equipment to Egypt and other Arab countries, the Soviets were in support of the Arabs in the 1973 War. This is a false impression. To understand that this is the result of more deceit on the part of Israel and the Soviet Union, you must be aware of the Golda Meir-Stalin/Kaganovich Pact.

            Golda Meir had been born in Russia, grew up in Milwaukmee, Wisconsin and in 1921 migrated to Israel. In 1949, Golda Meir became Israel’s first ambassador to the Soviet Union.

            Representing Israel, Ambassador Golda Meir, a Bolshevik Jewess, met with two representatives of the Soviet Union: Kaganovich, a Bolshevik Jew and Stalin who had married a Bolshevik Jewess. They made a secret agreement — a pact.


            Israel would not allow any Western country, especially the U.S. to build military bases on Israeli territory.
            Israel would allow an official communist party to function freely in Israel.
            Israel would not make any agreement to solve the Palestinian problem.
            Israel would influence world Jewry, especially in the U.S. to have Western Powers adopt a policy of favoring Israel over the Arabs.
            Israel was to continue its Marxist economic policies and prevent any free-enterprise tendencies.

            The Soviets would institute a pro-Arab policy solely as a camouflage for its true intention, which was to furnish aid to the Arabs, but never enough to enable the Arabs to destroy Israel.
            The Soviets would open the gates of Soviet satellite countries to Jewish immigration to Israel. Should this be insufficient, Soviet Russia then would open its own gates to immigration.
            The Soviets would absolutely guarantee the security of Israel.
            ** Both the Soviet Union and Israel would exchange intelligence reports.

            From the terms of this pact, you can see it was, and still is, the aim of the Soviet Union and Zionist/Marxist Israel to prevent peace between the Arab countries and Israel until all the Arab countries are forced to adopt socialism under Soviet leadership.

            In the conduct of the 1973 War you can see part of this deceitful agreement being utilized — in particular the part about the Soviet Union helping the Arabs — but not helping enough to defeat Israel.

            In planning the 1967 War, Israel was aware that the Arab countries bordering Israel were buying equipment from the Soviets, an Israeli ally. But, because of the Golda Meir-Stalin/Kaganovich Pact, Israeli leaders knew the Soviets would not help the Arabs enough to defeat Israel — that the aid the Soviets were giving the Arabs was only ‘bait’ to draw the Arab countries into the Soviet trap. Also, Israeli leaders knew that their American Zionist brethren were making sure the U.S. Government was supplying enough arms to stop the Arabs; and would send more equipment, even troops if necessary.

            When the 1973 War started, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq surprised Israel with their improved fighting capability.

            The Egyptian Army faced what would seem an impossible task in its attempt to penetrate Israeli territory.

            First, there was the water barrier, the Suez Canal, to cross. Then, they would face a high wall of sand and fine dust which was erected by Israel. Behind that wall was a third barrier — a line of Israeli fortifications. These fortifications were stronger than the Maginot Line erected by France before World War II to stop any German invasion of France.

            Yet, by ingenuity, the Egyptian Army crossed the Suez Canal, went over the sand and dust barrier and broke through the heavy fortifications in a matter of a few hours.

            Israel was in trouble; the Arabs were winning the war.

            But, as pre-planned — If necessary, the U.S. airlifted huge amounts of military equipment and supplies to Israel and, as I mentioned before, the U.S. Airborne Divison at Ft. Bragg, N.C. and U.S. troops stationed in Germany were placed on alert and would have been sent to help the Israeli forces if it became necessary to help Israel win the war. Fortunately for America, American troops weren’t needed to help Israel survive. The additional arms were enough. However, the Arab forces were strong enough to stop Israel from taking over more Arab land. In fact, Egypt was able to take back part of the Sinai.

            Egypt’s President Sadat realized that the Soviets had no intention of helping the Arabs win the war; that the Soviets in selling them some equipment were only trying to trap Egypt in the Soviet net. So, Sadat kicked Soviet military advisors and civilian technicians out of Egypt.

            1982 Invasion of Lebanon
            In Israel, most Jews have become tired of Israel’s involvement in war and aggressive acts and want peace. It is only the communist faction that wants war. Sadly, it is these communists who are in power in Israel.

            The 1982 attack into Lebanon by Israel further divided the Jewish population of Israel — even within the more militant Zionist Jews there is a split.

            The reason given by Israeli leaders for the attack into Lebanon was ‘to root out the Palestine Liberation Army (PLO) and stop their terrorist attacks into Israel. Many Israeli’s have dared speak out and condemn this reason as false. They have pointed out that in an effort to achieve peace with Israel, the P.L.O. had for 11 months refrained from making any attacks on Israel.

            The real reasons for Israel’s attack Lebanon were: (And still are, according to the latest headlines).

            It is the intention of Israel’s Zionist/Marxist leaders to carry on perpetual war. The attack into Lebanon was merely another phase of Israel’s ‘wars of aggression’ policy.
            Water is scarce in the Mideast, especially in Israel. Ever since Israel became a state, it has wanted the waters of the Litani River for use in Israel, and the only way they could get it was to go in and take it militarily.
            Israeli leaders and the general population figured the war would last only a few days. But, the Palestinians and other Arabs fought heroically against the Israeli invaders who had far superior equipment. As the months passed without victory, and as more Israeli soldiers were brought home and buried, dissent within Israel spread. In the Israeli military forces, many members resigned or refused to carry out orders because it would have meant killing innocent civilians.

            The death of the 250 Marines serving in Lebanon has been blamed on the Arabs. This is as it had been reported by the Zionist controlled news-media in America. But, this has not been proven! In fact, reliable reports coming out of Lebanon indicate the terrorist attack on the American marine base was planned by Israeli military personnel or the Mossad, Israel’s secret service. In that case, who actually carried out the attack is immaterial — Israeli personnel planned and instigated the attack. It is common practice for the Zionist/Marxists to plan a covert act and then get someone else to do the dirty work.

            By instigating the attack on the Marine base, the Israeli ‘War Hawks’ had hoped the attack would turn the American people against the Arabs and that America could be drawn into the war and further help Israel in its aggression against the Arabs. Fortunately, the American people didn’t fall for the trap.

            A good example of how the Zionists will commit an act of terrorism with the thought of someone else being blamed is the Lavon Affair. In 1954 a group of Israeli’s set off a series of bombings of American institutions in Egypt including the American Embassy. They expected that Egypt would be blamed for the bombings and cause a break in U.S.-Egyptian relations.

            Fortunately, Egyptian authorities caught the Israeli agents in the act of setting one of the bombs and the whole Israeli plot was exposed.

            Most Americans are not aware of the treacherous Lavon Affair because the Zionist controlled U.S. news-media failed to report it; just as they failed to report the facts surrounding the Israeli shelling of the USS LIBERTY.

            When will Israel stir up another war — 1985? — 1986? It is difficult to predict, but it is certain that Israel will cause another war unless the American people learn the truth about Zionist/Marxist Israel and act to stop the politicians in Washington from bowing to the American Zionists and stop using American taxpayer’s money to finance Israel’s war machine.

            Weakness in Israel’s Military
            There is no doubt that Israel has a powerful military force. The base of Israel’s military power is the massive amounts of the latest equipment supplied by the U.S. and paid for by the American taxpayers.

            But serious weaknesses have developed in Israel’s military. It is in the makeup of the personnel that weaknesses emerge. This is due to two main reasons:

            Because Israel has continuously been involved in war or preparing for war, the cream of Israel’s youth are leaving Israel or they find some excuse to not serve in the armed forces. The Israeli Army is so short of manpower that it is openly recruiting homosexuals of which Israel has an abundant supply. In 1976 an Israeli army officer testifying before the Knesset (Israel’s Congress) said in effect, if we do not recruit homosexuals, we will not have enough manpower to fill the ranks.

            Also, it has been learned that Israel has had to resort to hiring foreign mercenaries. (Paid fighters).

            Another weak point is the growing ill-feeling between Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews in the Israeli Army. This has developed because nearly all the officers are Ashkenazi Jews and most of the lower ranks who must do the fighting are Sephardic Jews. Due to the shabby treatment of Sephardic Jews by the Ashkenazi Jews in the Army, a mutiny by Sephardic Jews is a strong possibility.

            A Warning to Mr, Mrs and Miss America
            The Marxist Zionists who rule Israel and the Marxist Zionists in America have been trying to trick the U.S. into a Mideast war, on the side of Israel, of course. They almost succeeded when U.S. Marines were sent to Lebanon in 1982. The blood of the 250 American Marines who died in Lebanon is dripping from the hands of the Israeli and American Zionists.

            If more Americans are not made aware of the truth about Zionist/Marxist Israel, you can be sure that, sooner or later, these atheists who claim to be God’s Chosen People will trick the U.S. into a Mideast war against the Arabs who in the past have always been America’s best friends. Then, —

            More American boys will die because of these clever murderous Zionists, WHO, incidentally, have been responsible for pushing America into WORLD WAR I, WORLD WAR II, the KOREAN WAR and the VIETNAM WAR.

            While Zionist International Bankers and other Zionist Jews were busy counting their profits from those wars, American mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters were mourning the loss of their sons and brothers.

            WILL YOU SOMEDAY BE MOURNING THE LOSS OF YOUR SON OR BROTHER — because of Zionist treachery?

            Crime in Israel
            Since Israel (formerly Palestine) is the land where Jesus and Mohammed once walked, it would seem the inhabitants of this land would have respect for this holy land and for the religious sites that exist.

            Nearly all Arab Moslems and Arab Christians do have respect, even reverence, toward the holiness of the land; but only a small minority of the Jews have this same respect. 95% of the Jewish population are atheists or secular humanists and are not held back by the 10 Commandments or other restraints on sinful human behavior.

            When the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews won control of the ‘Holy Land’, every form of sin began seeping into this land. Within a few short decades, this holy land became a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. Drug trade, drug abuse, illegal weapons sales, prostitution, gambling, labor racketeering, murder, extortion, blackmail, insurance fraud, loan sharking and corruption of government officials and police.

            Israel has a highly organized crime syndicate headquartered in Bat-Yam near Tel Aviv. Many members of the crime syndicate are ex-convicts and ex-commandos from the Israeli Army and they are highly skilled in the use of weapons and explosives.

            The crime syndicate in Israel operates openly because of corruption in government and police circles. Some of the police and government officials are actively associated with the crime operation. The average American doesn’t hear of this, the real side of Israel, because the Zionist controlled press, radio and TV in America keeps silent about it. But, in Israel some newspapers report the facts. For instance: Right in the middle of page one of the Hebrew language newspapers a couple of years ago was an article that said in effect, what the Italian mafia couldn’t accomplish in 40 years, the Israeli mafia accomplished in 5 years. It has developed the largest illegal drug exporting ring in the Mideast, selling drugs mainly to Germany and the U.S. They have even set up a distribution network within Germany and the U.S.

            Except for a few religious Jews who have emotional religious ties to the holy sites in Israel, and lower class Jews who can’t afford to leave, all other decent Jews have left or are planning to leave. One big reason is the sin permeating virtually every phase of Israeli society is too much for decent Jews to endure.

            Israel’s Arms Industry
            Since terrorism, violence and war are a way of life in Israel, it is only natural that manufacturing of military equipment and arms has become Israel’s main industry and export. During the first few years of its existence, Israel acquired its military needs from the U.S. and from communist countries. But, gradually with U.S. assistance, Israel developed its own arms industry.


            Instead of manufacturing certain military materials in the U.S. and thus provide jobs for American workers, factories were set up in Israel with U.S. financing and technical assistance to manufacture these products.

            The U.S. has also helped Israel set up factories to produce electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, home appliances, etc., all products that could have been produced in the U.S.

            While Israel profits from these ‘Help Israel’ ventures, American workers are left standing in unemployment lines.

            Manufacturing of certain war materials has become so great that it has become IsraeI’s main export. This war-creating country which has been portrayed as ‘the only barrier to communism in the Mideast’ sell its war products to anyone who has the money — including repressive dictatorships — FASCIST or COMMUNIST.

            Israel not only sells weapons made in Israel, but also sells weapons supplied to Israel by the U.S.

            It has been discovered that some weapons used by Soviet forces in Afghanistan were MADE IN AMERICA and originally shipped to Israel.

            Also, it has been learned that some weapons used by Cuban forces in Angola were MADE IN AMERICA and originally shipped to Israel.

            It is ironic that the United States is in a life and death struggle against the spread of Communism. Yet, our Zionist-dominated U.S. Government allows military equipment to be shipped to communist forces VIA ISRAEL.

            Israel’s Racist Policies
            You will recall that I mentioned my troubles in Israel began when I, an Ashkenazi Jew, married a Sephardic Jewess. Anti-Sephardic treatment by Ashkenazi Jews is even official government policy. This racism runs very deep in Israel and sharply divides the Jewish population.

            One day, I entered a cafe in Tel Aviv. The place was crowded and I sat down on the only seat available. Also sitting at this table were 5 Sephardic Jews from Morocco. They learned that I was studying the Hebrew language, so they were helping me with my studies when a blue-eyed, Nazi-type Israeli police officer walked into the cafe.

            He ordered me to “Get away from those Kooshim. ‘Kooshim’ in Hebrew means ‘Niggers.’

            I replied, “After I finish eating”.

            The officer drew his service revolver and said, “You move now!”

            “You had better listen to him,” the cafe owner advised. So, I got up.

            Standing close to me, the officer pointed his gun right at my face and ordered, “Throw your coffee and pastry on the floor”.

            With a gun pointed at me, I didn’t argue, I threw the coffee and pastry on the floor.

            Then he said, “Get out of here and don’t come back.” Later, I learned that I was lucky. He could have arrested me if he had wished; and he could have even shot me under vague Israeli laws.

            In the U.S., if anyone complains of police brutality or misconduct, there is an investigation, but not in Israel. The person registering a complaint can expect police reprisal in the form of a beating. Besides being denied decent housing and decent employment because I was married to a Sephardic Jewess, I was the target of racial slurs. Several times I was even attacked by Ashkenazi Jews because I had married a Sephardic Jewess. Other American Ashkenazi who had gone to Israel and married Sephardic Jewesses received the same treatment as I. Because Sephardic Jews are victims of the racist practices against them, I had often heard, in Israel, a Sephardic Jew tell a European Ashkenazi Jew, “Hitler didn’t kill enough of you bastards”.

            Please read the next paragraph carefully.

            I was born in the United States, attended public schools, worked in various parts of the U.S. and served 2 years in the U.S. Army. Not even once was I persecuted or had racist remarks made to me because I was a Jew. It is ironic that once in Israel, the so-called “Paradise for all Jews,” I, a Jew suffered because of racism.

            The Zionist controlled news-media in America has kept from the American people the news that Israel is intensely racist. Most Ashkenazi Jews in America are not aware of the racism in Israel. Even those Jews who have visited Israel are not aware because they are carefully kept from witnessing racist incidents.

            However, Sephardic Jews in America have spread the truth about the practice of racism against the Sephardic Jews in Israel. Knowing of this, Sephardic Jews have not been among those Jews who migrated to Israel from America.

            From what I have written so far, you should now realize that few Jews practice Judaism. Most Jews are atheists or they follow humanism which is anti-God religion. So the portrayal that Jews are a religious people who look to Israel as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy is a myth. Also, the portrayal that Jews are one race of people is a myth. The Sephardic Jew – Ashkenazi Jew division is adequate proof.


            Communism in Israel
            The Zionist controlled news-media in the U.S. has led the American people to believe that Israel is the only barrier holding back communism in the Mideast. This would be humorous if it did not have such serious implications for the United States.

            From what I have said so far, you should now realize that Israel is basically a Marxist country mixed with some Nazi-type fascism. A large book could be written about it, but for now I only wish to add:

            Israel is the only country in the Mideast that allows communist parties to operate — there are three. Ironically, it is the Arab countries which forbid communist parties to operate. (The exception is North Yemen which, through treachery, was taken over by the communists). Some of the Arab countries buy military equipment from communist countries because they can’t get enough from the U.S. to offset the huge amounts the U.S. provides Israel. But, that’s as far as any Arab/Soviet ties go.
            The Soviet Union allows a good number of Jews to leave if they promise to go to Israel and Israel welcomes these communist oriented Jews. It must be noted that once out of the Soviet Union, many, if not most, Soviet Jews come to the U.S. instead of going to Israel. It must also be noted that hundreds of thousands of Jews have left Israel since its founding; some sources put the number at one million. Some of these Jews have requested to go back to the Soviet Union rather than live in Israel. Life for these Jews is better in Soviet Russia.
            The latest scientific developments that the U.S. provides Israel are channeled on to the Soviet Union. The main center through which this scientific information passes is Israel’s Weizman Institute in the town of Rehoovot about 40 kilometers south of Tel Aviv.
            About one-third (1/3) of the knesset belong to one of Israel’s communist, socialist or other Marxist oriented parties.
            That should put to rest the lie about Israel being the only barrier against Communism in the Mideast.
            In fact, it is the Arab countries that form the barrier that has stopped the spread of communism in the Mideast. Israel is one leg of the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle which is behind the communist movement.

            Terrorism and Violence
            At the First Zionist Congress which was held in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland, one of the goals set was to create a Jewish state in the land of Palestine. At that time, only a few Jews were living in Palestine and they were nearly all native Sephardic Jews who are blood-related to the Arabs. These Palestinian (Sephardic) Jews and the Palestinian Arabs were living in peace as they had for centuries.

            After the Zionist Congress in 1897, European Ashkenazi Jews began migrating to Palestine and buying land wherever they could. Yet, by 1920 Jews owed only 2% of Palestine.

            By 1948 when Israel declared itself a state, these invading Jews had increased their land ownership; but, it was still less than 6%.

            To accommodate the increasing European Jewish migration, the Jews needed more lands but the Palestinian Arabs refused to sell. So, to get more land from the Palestinians, these communist oriented European (Ashkenazi) Jews resorted to the one thing at which they are adept — TERRORISM.

            Their first major act of terrorism against the Palestinians was at the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. During the night of April 9, 1948, two Zionist terrorist gangs, the Irgun and the Stem Gang attacked and massacred over 250 men, women and children.

            Menachem Begin, leader of the attack on Deir Yassin and later Prime Minister of Israel, has this to say, “The massacre was not only justified, but there would not have been a state of Israel without the ‘victory’ at Deir Yassin’.

            The massacre at Deir Yassin caused other Palestinians to flee their homes in fear. Zionist terrorists drove trucks with loudspeakers through the streets and over the roads of Palestine warning Palestinians that what happened at Dear Yassin would happen to them if they didn’t leave.

            These Zionist terrorists weren’t bluffing: For Example:

            They killed 60 Palestinians at Balad Esh Sheikh.
            They blew up 20 homes in Sa’sa, killing 60 women and children.
            They killed a number of women who were working in Saint Simon monastery in Jerusalem.
            They massacred 250 at Lydda.
            They killed 200, mostly old people, in the village mosque in Ed-Dawayimeh.
            They killed 51 workers as they returned from their fields at Kafr Qasem.
            Christian inhabitants of Kaba Bir’im were expelled from the village and the village destroyed. The village cemetery was desecrated, including the smashing of 73 crosses.
            During the few months when these and other acts of terrorism were taking place, 300.000 Palestinian Christians and Moslems were forced to leave their homes or be killed by the terrorist groups which were made up of European, communist oriented Jews. It was these same Marxist oriented Jews who were soon to became the ruling elite of the State of Israel. From the beginning, and to the present, these terrorist Marxist oriented Zionists have ruled Israel.

            After Israel declared itself a state on May 14, 1948, Israeli terrorism continued in an effort to push more Palestinians from their homes.

            Since 1948, 350 Christian churches and Moslem mosques have been destroyed by these Zionist terrorists.

            At this point, I wish to give this warning to all God-believing people in the United States, Christians, Moslems and Jews.

            The destruction of religion by the Zionist Jews is well underway in the U.S. In Israel, it has nearly been accomplished.

            Zionist’s ‘Eliminate’ Opposition

            To accomplish their goals, the Zionists will let no one stand in their way. During World War II, the Zionist leadership cooperated with the Nazis by delivering lower class Jews to the concentration camps. So, it is not surprising that they sank the ship ‘Patria’ carrying 252 Jewish immigrants who the Zionists feared may oppose Zionism. In another incident, 760 Jewish lives were lost when the Zionists sank the ship ‘Struma’ for the same reason.

            Even well-known world figures are not immune to Zionist terrorism and violence. In 1948, in an effort to bring about a peaceful settlement in the Israeli/Palestina area, United Nations sent Count Folke Bemadotte of Sweden to mediate. Count Bemadotte favored a partition of the area, a portion of the land for Jews, and a portion for Palestinians. This angered the Zionists who wanted all the land. In a brazen show of disregard for diplomacy, justice and common decency, the Zionists ‘eliminated’ Count Bemadotte. He and his driver were assassinated while riding down the streets of Jerusalem. Tens of millions of people have been killed since the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews, backed by the Zionist Oriented Jewish International Bankers took over Russia. In the Mideast, these same Zionist/Bolshevik Jews are using the very same tactic: To route the Arabs from their land they have killed untold thousands of Arabs and rendered hundreds of thousands homeless.

            The question arises: How many Arabs will they kill when the Zionist/Bolsheviks gain control over the Mideast and when they gain physical control over America? They already have control of nearly every phase of American life. If the Zionists ever succeed in imposing gun control on the American people, there will be nothing to stop them from complete take over America.

            Disaster Ahead
            Ephraim Sevilla, a Russian Jew, migrated to Israel in 1971. After five years of frustration in Israel, he left as have nearly all other decent Jews. In his book, ‘Farewell Israel’ Sevilla predicted that Israel would only last another 10 years. This he wrote in 1975.

            Israel’s existence could drag on past 1985, but I agree with Sevilla that Israel is doomed. Israel’s Marxist/Fascist policies, wars of aggression plus racism has led Israel to the brin

        • Jack Bernstein

          Jack Bernstein an AMERICAN!
          Jack Bernstein an AMERICAN FOREVER!
          Jack Bernstein

          (This honest and courageous Jew was assassinated some years ago, by MOSSAD

  45. Very interesting opening for your article as I have heard this same argument made that one of the main objectives of Hitler was to make the Jews actually do physical labor where historically they had almost always never done any. In fact, they as a culture cannot farm land and outside of Monsanto, who is sinister in itself, they are almost non-existent in the agricultural industry with the exception of ownership of corporations. In other words, they are the world’s middle men, brokers, financiers not the labor class.

    It has been argued successfully by Norman Finkelstein that the Holocaust is simply an industry or propaganda tool used to progress agendas or self interests. According to Finkelstein, most Zionists are just opportunists that are only interested in lining their pockets. People like Alan Dershowitz and Paul Wolfowitz has nothing to say about Zionism over 20 years ago till the Holocaust industry opened the doors for opportunity.

    “Holocaust is to protect Jewish banking practices” well this is the chief slogan that is thrown out in the public’s or individuals face when someone notices their dirty business to divert attention away from the obvious. Isn’t it also particular that all major western nations implemented State Secrecy laws that were implemented prior to WWI that allowed for governments to declare documents, meetings, anything they felt controversial as State Secrets? What were they all hiding? What was so secret? Who was really running the show, like the banks? Who was funding the wars, like the international banks…

    Their obsession with 6 has everything to do with magic and nothing to do with the number. What geometric number can be associated with the hexagon that transcends all language? Look at their actions and see if it fits.

    The rest of the article is very accurate, but you left out what happened to the German Economy between 1933 through 1940, it flourished as Germany went from nearly last of the industrialized nations to the top of the industrialized nations based on debt free Labor Treasury Certificates. When Hitler took over the Reichsbank to issue debt free money, Judea Declared War on Germany and eventually WWII had to happen or the International Bankers would have lost their grip on the Western World’s governments.

    • J. Bruce Campbell

      The Jews stole Palestinian farms. Famous Israeli Jaffa oranges were Palestinian Jaffa oranges.

      What is the basis of Finkelstein being a parasite with no morals? Compared with say, Olmert? Katsav? Sharon? Begin? Shamir?

      I was on a radio show with Dershowitz called “Anti-Semitism.” I asked him, “Do you have one drop of Semitic blood in your body?” He stammered and said he actually was not comfortable with the term. I said, “What term?” “Anti-Semitism.” “Then why do you use it?” He said, “I just think there should be a better word.” I said, “You mean a word that would silence your critics but not be a lie?” For once, the loquacious Alan Dershowitz was silent.

      • Good for you….Ah WW II..where we allied with the Soviets and the double-dealing imperialistic lovely..When Patton started telling people about the official abuse of the German people after the war and the Jewish leadership role in Central/Eastern European Communism they killed him…Just like Pat Tillman..God save us!

        • AR.. maybe you should read the Jewish Encyclopedia (Pre 1910 versions) where a lot of this history came from. Also, you might consider “The 13th Tribe” by Jewish author, Arthur Koestler. The Khazars are not a fable, they are fact that was written out of western history and replaced by our modern day Rockefeller Mythology.

          So who did the debunking? Alan Dershowitz

        • This research debunks “The 13th Tribe”. Did you even bother to read it or at least part of it?

 (the link I provided came from here). To quote from this source: “This theory belongs with others held by folks who wear tinfoil hats but was given a big boost by the pseudo-historical work of Arthur Koestler in his book The Thirteenth Tribe.”

          I could care less about what Jewish Encyclopedia (Pre 1910 versions) has to say. The authors of this Encyclopedia didn’t conduct genetic research back then so this research debunks what ever is written in it as well.

        • By the way I couldn’t find any mention regarding the term “Khazar” in the Jewish Encyclopedia.

          As it says This website contains the complete contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between 1901-1906.

          The hebrew website has no mention of that term either.

        • J. Bruce Campbell

          Okay, I read the Abraham’s Children Genome piece. Most of its authors are Jews and virtually all of its sources are Jewish. That makes it useful only to Jews who want to justify the seizure of Palestine from the ancient inhabitants.

          Are you sure that Alan Dershowitz has a drop of Semitic blood? Dershowitz isn’t exactly a fine old Middle Eastern name. But when I asked him, he did not respond. What do law professors call that, technically, when you fail to respond?

        • Of course like you & the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe (80% of the worlds’ Jewry) want us all to believe that when we look around at the native people in the region that Semites do not have dark skin, yet we are to believe that God mysteriously gave Ashkenazi Jews this land. I’m sure if a purely scientific study was done of the regions 2000-4000 year old corpses, you would find that the Hebrews of the Bible to look more like the Palestinians of today than the White Ashkenazi Jews of Europe. But we know that will never happen as every time any old artifact is dug up in the region, Israel or some Ashkenazi Rabbi or Scholar quarantines it for 10-20 years so that they can analysis it, create spin around it and tell the world how it fits into their world mythology.

          This pure observation, based on no text or words… What is the myth on how Sephardic Jews became Ashkenazi Jews roaming north throughout Europe and Russia?

        • I didn’t check their names but after doing so I admit that some if not most of the authors are jews who are well respected geneticists in the academic world.

          So let me get one thing straight, the Jews who conducted the research are not to be trusted because they (as you say) want to justify the seizure of Palestine from the ancient inhabitants, But Jews like David cole and Norman Finkeltein are “kosher” as long as they promote your agenda of holocaust denial and the demonization of Jews worldwide and the state of Israel. You are one hell of a hypocrite.

          As for Alan Dershowitz – What does a last name of a person have to do with him being a semite or not? That is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard in my life.

        • There were more than a few scientific studies made in the region. Perhaps you’ve heard of an Ashkenazi Jew scholar called Ze’ev Herzog. You will appreciate his research obviously.

          It’s a known fact that the Hebrews Who were Jews off course had dark skin, You think that Jews today deny this claim. The genetic research proves that todays Jews share similar DNA With the ancient Hebrews and that is also a known fact.

          Ashkenazi Rabbi quarantines old artifact for 10-20 years? Where did you get this? This could be a good idea for a script for the next Indiana Jones movie. I heard Spielberg is planning a 5th one.

        • “Ashkenazi Rabbi quarantines old artifact for 10-20 years?” might be an over statement, but in the Archeological community, as many times stated by Michael Cremo” it is totally controlled as with all information. When something is dug up, especially religious, it always ends up in the hands of Religious Authorities who always have an agenda to keep the old story intact. Only after years, are new spins on the truth actually allowed into the mainstream knowledge stream, but only after it has been watered down spun or if it is too far out, they are called forgeries.

          This all goes back to who controls all information that is allowed to be mainstream Science, Religious, Political and Pop Culture thought. It has been going on for more than a few hundred years as initiated by the industrialist in the 18th century and by the Roman Catholic Church before them.

          If you think this is a fable and made up, then I guess the world’s Megaliths don’t exist either along with the Pyramids of Egypt that scientist still are arguing on how they were built to the precision that rivals today technology. Most people do not even know that there are pyramids on every continent in the world, including the US, Russia & China. How can that be and what is the myth that we are supposed believe on that one? BTW… the largest is not even in Egypt.

        • I don’t know which Archeological community Michael Cremo Referred to but it sure wasn’t the Israeli one. If it was up to the orthodox Jews, there wouldn’t have been an Archeological community in Israel.

        • AR said:

          “But Jews like David cole and Norman Finkeltein are “kosher” as long as they promote your agenda of holocaust denial”

          Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and Flat Earth denial, too. Holocaust myth denial is more correct.

          A cursory investigation into this subject via reading censored material as well as a few of the outrageous and impossible ‘survivor’ accounts raises very serious doubts as to genuineness and truth of this series of events dubbed the holocaust, which has morphed into a new religion.

          As far as Jews like Cole and Finklestein are concerned, we agree with them because they are speaking the truth–something that can be verified by facts, logic, reason and evidence.

          “and the demonization of Jews worldwide and the state of Israel.”

          Jews bring that upon themselves through their behavior–something YOU refuse to see because of your ignorance and/or blinded by your (false) belief in the “chosen people” myth.

          “You are one hell of a hypocrite.”

          You are one hell of a Jew-ass-kisser and uber-ignorant, useful idiot.

        • There is as much evidence to support the ‘Khazar Hypothesis’ as there is to support the officially mandated ‘Holocaust Narrative’ – ABSOLUTELY NONE. I don’t know why everybody clings to Koestler’s fairytale of Khazaria. It’s just one more fake Jewish myth.

          Jews are matrilineal Babylonian gangsters with a tribal marking ceremony involving an obscene child sex crime. Socrates wrote about them. “Mossad” has been with them all along.

        • “This study was supported, in part, by the Lewis and Rachel Rudin Foundation, the Iranian-American Jewish Federation of New York, the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation, the US National Institutes of Health (5 U54 CA121852), and Ruth and Sidney Lapidus.”

          All we need to know.

      • Your Dershowitz story is grossly irrelevant. You want to discuss etymology with him? As a caller into a radio show?

        • J. Bruce Campbell

          Well, you said it would be a blast to watch one of us debate Dershowitz and fail so beautifully. I didn’t even have to debate him to shut him up. I just asked a simple question. Susan Estrich had to rescue him.

          What is grossly irrelevant about asking a Harvard law professor who goes on and on about “anti-Semitism,” which is the basis for the recognition of the state of Israel, if he is in fact a Semite? On a radio show entitled, “Anti-Semitism.” I think it is extremely relevant that he lamely renounced the term, “anti-Semitism,” saying he is all of a sudden uncomfortable with the term. He wasn’t uncomfortable enough to mention it until I asked him the question.

    • Sorry Mark if the truth hurts, but when you really listen to Finkelstein (the message) it is infectious as one knows he speaks the truth. Isn’t sad that the mainstream normal is rhetoric of frauds like Alan Dershowitz and his piers who spew mostly propaganda…

      Before Finkelstein…
      I suppose Benjamin Freedman of the 50’s and 60’s & Jack Bernstein of the 80’s were also frauds. Wake up, there are other perspectives other that the Zionist view of the world.

      1961 Benjamin Freedman Speech

      The Life of an American Jew in Israel

      Lucky we now have those in the positions to know the truth that are now brave enough to speak the truth like the VT Staff and the dozens of Alternative News sites who are tired of being lied to.

    • J. Bruce Campbell

      I’m saying that Jews in general cannot be trusted because of something called the Kol Nidre prayer, uttered three times throughout the day of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

      Cole distinguished himself by demolishing the myth that gives Judaism its mystical power over all humanity. Finkelstein doesn’t do that but just criticizes Holocaust profiteering. Where’s the hypocrisy?

      Maybe Alan Dershowitz is a Sephardic Jew, but it’s doubtful. If he were, he’d have probably said so when I asked. Names such as Dershowitz, Berkowitz, Wolfowitz, etc sound pretty Ashkenazic. Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s a pretty safe bet because about 95% of Jews are Ashkenazim, who have no connection to Palestine except in their strange ideas.

      • You must be purposefully ignorant:

        The only mystical power Judaism has, apparently, is over you and people like you

        Your claim about Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews is complete BS, on par with the “protocol” forgery.

        • J. Bruce Campbell

          Complete BS? That must mean that non-Semitic Jews actually have a special right to enter Palestine where they and their ancestors never lived, take it over by terror, re-name it and make it World Jewish Headquarters?

          Please explain how that works for you.

        • Well being a Jew… you should know a lot about forgery and fraud. Let’s talk about the root of all these issues… your Babylonian Talmud. I guess that’s a fraud as well, right?

          So what were the Jews called before the letter “J” was invented in the 14th Century? Hum that must be a fraud… like their fraudulent banking scheme… Please tell what we should think, feel and act like… Please… The Goys are anxiously awaiting your utter words…

        • Mark, AR, Rabbid Silverstone: Dumbest rock-headed jews I have come across in my multiple exchanges with these turds from tel aviv! Are these trolls programmed with drugs to deny the very facts of life? In their twisted brains they want to convince Gentiles that war is peace and garbage is food. Or that Ashkenazi-Khazar-Turk-Mongol inbred parasites have any right to anything, anywhere, much less to Palestine.

          But truly, their Talmud was invented by Catholic priests to discredit their child molesting rabbinos, and the Proto-locos were written by Czar Nick to discredit the jew rapinous banksters, treacherous politicos, quack doctors, poison medicine, and patented kosher latrine deodorant.

          Ah-yes, and their Wickedpedia is secretly edited by the Mooselimb Brotherhood, NOT by terrorist Mossad; right, trolls?

      • I understand, so not all Jews (probably the self hating ones) but Jews in general are not to be trusted. Still, I’d rather trust the honest ones instead of the Nazi apologists promoting hate toward their own kind.

        95% of Jews are not Ashkenazim. Where did you get this figure?

        Again, you produce a ferocious accusation that Jews in general are not to be trusted because of a prayer most of them never even uttered. This is a joke.

        Care to tell me how many “Palestinians” have connections to Palestine? Some say that they are the descendants of the ancient Hebrews and some say that they are the descendants of the ancient Canaanites. So what are they? Do you know or even care? Do you know how many of these “Palestinians” migrated to the region in the 19th century but claim to have lived there for thousands of years?

        When I read about a so called mystical power or a world Jewish headquarters, I have no choice but to admit that this is no longer BS, this is paranoid schizophrenia. You must be living in a bomb shelter somewhere. How is it that 13.4 million Jews can cause so much trouble? If Jews wouldn’t have existed, someone would have had to invent them.

        Since you will believe anything evil that is being said about the Jews, you will have to believe the conspiracy theories claiming that Hitler had Jewish roots.

        • Palestinians know which village another family comes from in Palestine just by the family name. Can “Israelis” do that? Do the Palestinians have that ability by being transients? or newcomers? Palestinians have long family history in Palestine….do “Israelis?” 63 years, my parents are older than “Israel.”

          • “Palestinians have long family history in Palestine….”

            How long? And how many “palestinians” are called after a village or a town? all of them?

            Do you know how many “palestinian” families originate outside of “Palestine”?

          • FYI there never was a “Palestine” home of the “Palestinian people”.

            What was the region called during the Ottoman occupation? Not “Palestine” I’ll tell you that.

            When the British occupied the region they renamed it “Palestine” Where Jews, Muslims and Christians lived, but none of these groups individually or combined referred to itself as “Palestinians”. 0 years, my newborn niece is older than something that never existed.

          • Genie, what this troll that is tagging you doesn’t know, if anything, is that the Palestinians are the ancient Philistines, and according to jew approved maps in the jew sponsored Jehova Witnesses Babble, the Philistines (now Palestinians) are assigned the Gaza strip and more, 1100 years BEFORE CHRIST! The problem with the so-called or self-called ‘jews’ since the 16 Century AD to attach themselves to the Middle East (Palestine) through the KJ Bible, is that they are such liars, they can’t recall which lie to exploit in which occassion, natural ignorance aside.

    • Hans Frank said,

      “We will get these Jews marching and cause them – as they have already covered the distance from Jerusalem to Poland – to move eastward a few thousand kilometers. But these Jews are not that parasite gang alone, from our point of view, but strangely enough – we only realized it over there [in Poland] – there is another category of Jews, something one would never have thought possible.
      There are laboring Jews over there who work in transport, in building, in factories, and others are skilled workers such as tailors, shoemakers, etc. We have put together Jewish workshops with the help of these skilled Jewish workers, in which goods will be made which will greatly ease the position of German production, in exchange for the supply of foodstuffs and whatever else the Jews need urgently for their existence.
      These Jews may well be left to work in this way; in the way in which we are now using them it is something of an achievement for the work-Jews themselves; but for the other Jews we must provide suitable arrangements. It is always dangerous, after all, to leave one’s native land. Since the Jews moved away from Jerusalem there has been nothing for them except an existence as parasites: that has now come to an end.
      If one looks at the Warsaw ghetto today in which 480,000 Jews – well, let us say – live, then one must realize that only the determination of the National-Socialist revolution was capable of successfully confronting even this problem. In 1919, at our first meetings in Munich, we proclaimed the motto: An end must be put to the rule of the Jews in Europe….”

      Being useful workers did not save the above because the stereotype was too good (bad) to be true.
      The truth went against preset prejudicial beliefs that were sacred no matter how incorrect and could not be broken or else it would destroy some justification of collectively blaming the many poor (good) for the sins of the few rich (evil) ones.

    • Alon Tal writes in is book Pollution the the Promised Land:
      “The disastrous stupidity of the JNF’s forestry policies: (The JNF planted over 200 million trees in Israel making it the only country in the world with a net positive tree balance over the last century; the only problem was that the fir trees that were mostly planted while perfect for Northern Europe, were inappropriate to the local environment and have caused great damage to local ecosystems.)
      Tal recounts the haphazardness of Israel’s urban growth, the lack of coherent transport policies and the adoption of car-based suburban development models which, today, people see are wrong for the United States, and all the more wrong for Israel, a country the size of New Jersey. Tal brings out how the early Zionist pioneers were in love with the romance of the Land of Israel, but largely clueless as to its physical reality.” end quote. There is much more damage than mentioned here, like the shrinking Dead Sea and water pollution.
      Of course the stupid jews were complete foreigners to the Holy Land. They were on the moon. They still are. A hoe was as foreign to them as an ironing board to the Queen of England. “what the hell is that?” What they have thus far they stole from the Palestinians. Now the Jews want to take credit for what they made out of the place. The truth is like what Like Oliver Rose from “War of the Roses” tells his wife when she wants to take credit for buying all the stuff and making the house beautiful: it’s alot easier to spend money than it is to make it, sweetheart!”

  46. Thanks. I have nothing against Jews per se weo of they think the world owes them a favor all the time & they can never be criticized. A really great article & a good read.

    • @Derek….you must learn more about them! Everyone must study the jews, and the TALMUD. It is filthy, and shocking, to put your feet in their shoes and see how they see the world, but you must do it in order to know what you must do. They have no soul. Check out for over 100 original articles about jews.
      I highly recommend you read the Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion, and also watch a movie called Jude Sub.

      Also watch “Der ewige Jude”, a German educational movie.

      You will notice America has the same problems as many countries before, and the same perps. Jews have been kicked out of 84 countries 109 times.

      You may not “have nothing against them”, but they have something against you.

      • Funny you would promote Adam Austin because he is Jewish and was one of the greatest students in Hebrew school in Jacksonville, FL. If you can trust dissenting Jews then I would far more recommend because at least bro-nat doesn’t have a drug/alcohol problem and beg for money from people to support his nasty habits…

        To Adam; Please come back to Synagogue next Saturday Adam and if you can get off your drugs, we will help pay for your housing but please stop pretending to be an anti-semite. G-d needs you on our side, not with the goyim.

        • Don’t talk trash behind my back jew. You say I’m a jew, then tell people to go see a jew about the jew problem? You are about as retarded as they come.

          First, never went to school in Jacksonville.

          Second. No drug problem and can’t stand alcohol.

          What a failure. At least if you want to talk trash, get some real info, don’t make it up.

          There is no such thing as trusting a jew, as you have proven by making stuff up. If this is the best you can do, you jews are in serious trouble.

      • I like how they show so many prominent and famous Jews in this film, but these are never touched by anyone even if they are portrayed as troublemakers but only the poor ones paid the price on behalf of the rich ones.
        Also, in one of the clips showing religious Jews with their beards shaved, one of the young ones looks very Aryan. It also says that the Jews don’t appreciate the beauty of the Gentiles, but in Genesis it talks about the beauty of Japeth.
        The Jews look evil in this film, but this film was also made by other evil acting people too.
        Whenever one says that so and so is hateful, one should also examine who is saying it too.

        • jews destroyed Germany you idiot. You think they are evil for fighting back? Go live with the jew then, see how much they appreciate you…….if you are even a non-jew…….I laugh at the obvious jews responding here. You think we can’t see you? lol!

      • Thanx Jeff, there are so many who are apathetic (pathetic wimps) like Derek, who are basically ignorant,(see “educated”) and wholly brainwashed by the Jew-owned media. How do you wake these sheeple up, b/c they get in the way of true patriots who want to oust these parasites from our midst. If the sheeple cannot understand that just questioning the Hollowcost will wind one up in jail, then they are missing a ton of common sense. Jews create money out of NOTHING and loan it at usury. This is how they have stolen the wealth of the world from the dumbed down Goyim!

      • Many dislike the Talmud because of what it says about non-Jews and many dislike the New Testament because of what it says about the Jews (even though it was written by other Jews). Who attacked who first? Which is the older attack and which is the response to the earlier attack? I don’t believe in the Talmud and I don’t believe in the New Testament. Both are 2000 year old Judean religious innovations by Rabbis and ex Rabbis that were fighting against and hating each other over Biblical interpretation and understanding that resulted in different religious splits over who had God’s favor while their nation was being destroyed by internal sectarianism and futile revolts against Rome.

Comments are closed


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