Veterans For Peace Demand 9/11 Truth

Veterans For Peace on Radio with Italian Director of Expose on The Project for New American Century


The Italian filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco who made the must-see documentary The New American Century about the PNAC’s pre-9/11 plan for its so-called “global war on terror” is scheduled to appear together with the National Commander of The Patriots and the Veterans For Peace (VFP)  and VVAW friend Dr. Bob Bowman on the very popular and troop/veteran friendly morning radio show “The Power Hour with Joyce Riley” this coming Friday, May 27th beginning at 7 AM CST and finishing at 10 AM CST broadcasting on line at The Power Hour.

For those wanting more information on the Project for a New American Century, the Central Florida Chapter of Veterans For Peace has a DVD that they hand out that called “Questioning the War on Terror” which includes the following 3 documentaries:

The New American Century


YouTube - Veterans Today -

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11


YouTube - Veterans Today -

9/11: Follow the Money by Splitting the Sky


YouTube - Veterans Today -
They also have the DVD saved as an iso file so that they can burn multiple copies from the image file.  They would be happy to mail to you a copy so that you can reproduce them yourself, if you would like.
Contact them direclty at:

Veterans For Peace explains to FOX-35 TV the pre-9/11 plans for war by PNAC


YouTube - Veterans Today -
You may also want to look at a 5-minute YouTube that our Central Florida chapter of VFP put out exposing the lies behind the First Gulf War, which was put into play by many of the very same PNAC people.  The video has gotten over 15,000 views already.  Please share it with others.

The truth behind the 1991 Gulf War invasion


YouTube - Veterans Today -

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3 Comments for “Veterans For Peace Demand 9/11 Truth”

  1. Everyone pictured above with the PNAC should be in a Federal prison…and what’s with the “Stand for Israhell” ad? Do the Ku Klux Klan advertise in Ebony magazine? I’m all for helping VT but their $$ would be more appropriate at the Fox “News” or Weekly Standard site.

  2. dual citizens…loyal to…..

  3. Colonel Whirly

    Splendid work indeed!

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