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WMD Scientist, Dr. David Kelly, Suicide Coverup

Attorney general rules against Dr David Kelly inquest



The attorney general has rejected calls for an inquest into the death in 2003 of government scientist Dr David Kelly.

Dominic Grieve said the evidence Dr Kelly killed himself was “overwhelming” and rejected claims of a “cover-up”.

Dr Kelly was found dead after he was exposed as the source of a BBC story which led to a row with the then Labour government over Iraq intelligence.

But a group of doctors say the subsequent Hutton inquiry ruling that he committed suicide was “unsafe”.

Campaigners’ questions

  • Why no fingerprints were found on the knife apparently used to slit Dr Kelly’s wrist
  • How he obtained a packet of coproxamol painkillers
  • Why his blood and stomach contained only a non-toxic dose of the drug
  • Why he was not spotted by a police helicopter with thermal imaging cameras which flew over the wood where his body was later found
  • Whether he intended to kill himself

Dr Kelly’s body was found in woods near his home in Oxfordshire, after he was exposed as the source of a controversial BBC report casting doubt on the government’s claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction capable of being fired within 45 minutes.

An inquest was opened but was then suspended – when the Hutton Inquiry was set up to look into the circumstances of his death.

A group of doctors have mounted a long-running campaign for the inquest to be re-opened, claiming the evidence did not point to suicide

But Mr Grieve said his department had thoroughly investigated their complaints and could not find any legal basis for referring the case to the High Court, which has the legal authority to order an inquest.

Mr Grieve told MPs: “Having given all the material that’s been sent to me the most careful consideration, I’ve concluded that the evidence that Dr Kelly took his own life is overwhelmingly strong.

“Further, there is nothing I’ve seen that supports any allegation that Dr Kelly was murdered or that his death was the subject of any kind of conspiracy or cover up.”


There had to be some “evidential basis” to refer a case to the High Court, he told MPs, but in this case there was none and it would have been “dismissed” by judges “with what I would assume would be a certain amount of irritation”.

He said the Hutton inquiry, which ruled the scientist had committed suicide, was “tantamount to an inquest” and there was not sufficient evidence to warrant a further hearing.

His department has published full medical and pathology reports on Dr Kelly’s death, as well as Mr Grieve’s statement on why he has decided not to refer the matter to the High Court.

Lord Hutton’s report in 2004 concluded that Dr Kelly had killed himself by cutting an artery in his wrist but a group of doctors has since argued there was insufficient evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt he killed himself.

But Mr Grieve said while they were “undoubtedly expert in their own areas of practice” they were not qualified as forensic pathologists.

He said “much had been made” of the position in which Dr Kelly’s body was found – as while most witnesses had said he was found lying down on his back, two had told the Hutton inquiry the body was propped up against a tree.

Mr Grieve said witnesses could sometimes recall the same scene differently – and in fact one of the two had earlier told the police Dr Kelly had been found on his back. From that “minor contradiction” questions began to be asked about why the body had been moved, he said.

“This issue has proven a fertile ground for imaginative speculation to take over. In fact, all the evidence provided by the very careful forensic examination of the scene at the time … supports the view that Dr Kelly died where he was found and from the causes determined.”

Asked if his statement would put a stop to conspiracy theories, which one MP claimed were being fuelled by former members of the security services, Mr Grieve said: “The evidence overwhelmingly shows Dr Kelly committed suicide. He wasn’t killed by anybody.”

‘Concerted cover-up’

Mr Grieve offered his “sincere sympathy” to Dr Kelly’s family adding: “While I realise that it will always be impossible to satisfy everyone, I would hope for their sakes that a line can now be drawn under this matter.”

But the doctors campaigning for an inquest said they were “perplexed and outraged” with the decision.

They have argued that the official cause of death, a haemorrhage, was “extremely unlikely” – arguing that the wound found to Dr Kelly’s wrist was unlikely to be life-threatening and questioning the lack of fingerprints recovered from the knife and a pack of pills Dr Kelly apparently took.

A statement issued by their leader, Dr Stephen Frost, accused the government of being “complicit in a determined and concerted cover-up”.

He said Mr Grieve should resign adding: “The continuing cover-up of the truth of what happened is a national disgrace and should be of concern to all British citizens.”

The group will now seek to take the decision to judicial review. Dr Frost added: “A proper inquest into the suspicious death of any British citizen is required by the laws of this country.

“It is highly regrettable that Dominic Grieve has sought, as did the coroner Nicholas Gardiner before him, to rubber-stamp the clear subversion of due process of the law that the derailing of the inquest by Lord Falconer on August 13, 2003 constituted.”


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18 Responses to "WMD Scientist, Dr. David Kelly, Suicide Coverup"

  1. JS  June 12, 2011 at 4:51 am

    Cpt. May,
    The UK, along with the US, is clearly a lawless nation right now, where treason and misprision of treason are everyday offenses by the so-called elite. But God’s justice is coming, and it will be sooner than they know. As GHW Bush famously said in a speech on August 5, 1990, on the eve of Gulf War I, after Saddam Hussein had been successfully suckered into invading Kuwait, “This will NOT stand.” Indeed, the cover-up of Dr. Kelly’s death will not stand for long.

    Text of GHW Bush’s Aug. 5, 1990 speech available here:

  2. Earlaiman  June 12, 2011 at 12:14 am

    The “Investigation” now enters the phase of “The cover-up of the cover-up of a murder.”

    Look for a common denominator.

    Who might have wanted him dead?
    Who had the power and the resources to kill him?
    Who had the power and the resources to cover it all up?
    Who has the power and the resources to deny a full and open investigation?
    And who controls whoever has all of this power and resources?


    • sam  June 13, 2011 at 6:49 am

      The same soul less Khazars that control the money, media, and the military from Washington, London, and Tel Aviv.

  3. Nelson_2008  June 11, 2011 at 7:11 am

    It reminds me of the Bruce Ivins case. The most peculiar thing about the Ivins case, to me, is the family’s silence.

    Why is the family not suing the FBI? A good team of lawyers could make mincemeat of the government’s outrageous frameup which drove Ivins to suicide (or to be suicided).

    The families of the US and UK governments’ domestic victims must be being paid off handsomely…that’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

    • Ann  June 11, 2011 at 10:38 am

      Honest people are very hard to control. A payoff is the easiest all around but not everyone would take. And it’s not a guarantee either, it just buys the psychotics some time. Threats of one kind or another, or outright murder is what they do to support their depraved goals and lifestyles.

      It’s not like they have to worry about consequences, even if the whole thing is done in public, in front of witnesses, and on tape, copies sold on streetcorners. They own all the networks, staffed and managed by their pervert friends, and laws don’t apply to them.

      Who could the victims go to? The police would pass the report upward where the psychos could decide the matter, destroy the records and murder the complainer.

    • foo  June 11, 2011 at 12:31 pm

      Do you believe that the Kennedy clan didn’t know that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t assassinate JFK?

      So why did they keep quiet? Given the size of the Kennedy fortune, it’s unlikely that they were paid off.

      They knew that any group of people who could assassinate the President and cover it up could do the same with anyone else, too. The silence of the Kennedys was to protect themselves and their children.

      Johnson’s cynicism really took the cake. He provided Secret Service “protection” to Jackie, Caroline and John, Jr. Jackie didn’t dare step out of line.

    • Nelson_2008  June 11, 2011 at 1:49 pm

      The situation in the 60s, although bad, wasn’t nearly as bad as it is today. I think they (the Kennedys)could’ve done something back then, before the Jews owned absolutely everything, as they do today.

    • Erica Stuart  June 11, 2011 at 3:37 pm

      Will get back to you I had a reply but at one crucial point the spook froze my computer and reply disappeared. Happen often when I nention certain names and issues.

  4. Freeborn  June 11, 2011 at 5:49 am

    It’s easy to run a cover-up of the Kelly assassination when even the family are willing to go along with the patently false official account of his death.

    Either they were got at or they just want a quiet life.

    Who are we to blame them in either case.

    Murder Incorporated are still a pretty fearsome outfit!

  5. ,  June 11, 2011 at 1:50 am

    How can he cut an artery in his wrist with a blunt knife?

    • neodsa  June 11, 2011 at 4:32 am

      Easy , get a couple of goons to help you .

    • Bob Loblaw Jr  June 11, 2011 at 10:07 am

      Yes. Especially since the hand doing the cutting was disabled and unable to wield a knife or anything else.

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