The Floundering “Ship of State”

Time to Toss “Values” Aside and “Kick Some Ass”


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

For me, the “last straw” was John McCain’s paranoid blithering about Afghanistan.  He wants us to stay there forever.  Good, the “Hanoi  Songbird,” the real “Jane Fonda” has spoken, based on his heroic record.

For those of you who don’t know, the only thing that kept McCain out of prison after leaving North Vietnam so many years ago was a presidential pardon.  How bad?  The accusations made against McCain by Hopper and Guy, real heroes, were damning beyond, well, beyond what?

The worst of it is that during his lucid moments, McCain may be the best of the lot in the Senate anyway.   My guess is that McCain and his buddy Liebermann have some tie-in with the drug cartels.  That’s just a guess.

So, lets take a second to look at Afghanistan.

We invaded Afghanistan, supposedly because of the destruction of 9/11.

Jim Fetzer has a new article titled “Inside Job: 7 Questions About 9/11″ and  I strongly suggest reading it and passing it on.

If you are bored with 9/11 or find yourself feeling comfortable about how this crime is being overlooked, you might just be wasting oxygen better used by a lawn mower or BBQ grill somewhere.

The two incidents, one with the WTC, buildings dissolving, hundreds of tons of steel turning to vapor for no reason or the Pentagon, hit by a missile, where do we start.  The trail, endless billions in insurance scams, some groups warned in advance to “not show up” (yes, that part really happened), proof, endless proof that the US government helped by a foreign intelligence agency staged the 9/11 attacks, there is so much hard proof out there now, testimony, science, documents, it would be the easiest criminal prosecution in history.  Fetzer has a few new wrinkles in his piece and Alan Sabrosky made his case for Israel’s complicity.

Both Fetzer and Sabrosky are Marines with impressive CV’s.  Ignore them at the risk of your self esteem.

Three days after 9/11, ABC news made the case for the “Inside Job.”  You will never find the news story, it is gone permanently except you can see it here:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This is one of a hundred early clues that should have led the American people, by the million, into the streets, headed toward Washington.  The end result should have been taking our government back.  It wasn’t.

Instead, we invaded Afghanistan.  The end result?  We spent over $3 trillion dollars, killed, wounded or disabled 500,000 Americans and built a drug empire that is destroying the world.

Why did we really invade?  If you don’t know that, we will keep it short.  We had an oil pipeline dispute with the Taliban.  We had an “oil” presidency, placed into office by 5/4 vote from the Supreme Court and millions of “flipped” votes.  Those of us who follow politics know that exit polling can predict elections about a half hour after the polls open.  They are “dead on” accurate, always have been.   Exit polling had Bush losing by 7%, a landslide for Gore.  Instead, the popular vote was close and two states, Ohio and Florida were rigged totally.  In one Ohio precinct with electronic voting, 900 votes for Bush were cast by 600 registered voters.

The same thing happened across the country, key precincts were hacked, Gore votes flipped to Bush, millions of them and he still lost.

When that kind of thing is allowed, 9/11 should have been expected.  It had been planned in advance.  David Ray Griffin and Christopher Bollyn proved it all categorically years ago.  Since then their case has been proven and reproven, reinforced and solidified a hundred fold.

Still, you can turn on Jon Stewart and see ignorance and evil, real evil, from a brilliant guy, a progressive, a man who seems to care so much about everything decent but has a blind spot about 9/11.  9/11 is a “third rail” issue, if you believe Sabrosky and I do, 9/11 was an act of war against the United States, perpetrated by the Israeli government with knowing complicity in Washington at every level, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, probably the President himself, although he was and is a dimwitted sociopath.

Bachmann, Palin, McCain, Gingrich, how many others, are the same or worse?  Those of us who live near the real heart of the rumormill are being told the next game will be nuclear, more dead and pointed at Iran, Pakistan and North Korea with a “breadcrumb” trail leading to China.

America is too numbed to care about anything else.  In fact, you could prettymuch incinerate many cities and nobody would care.  The entire Gulf Coast along with the city of New Orleans were washed away and little was said.  Blackwater was sent in, survivors were put into poisoned trailers, eventually at least and “conservatives” still joke about it.

Want a real joke?  Half a million young disabled veterans are going to cost us $4 trillion dollars over the next 20 years.  Not all of them can marry mob boss daughters or “beer baronesses” like a well known senator.

For 8 years, thr0ugh two rigged elections, America went “bust,” the national debt of over 200 years was tripled overnight, two endless wars begun and rule of law disappeared behind a huge police state bureaucracy.  Illegal aliens were flooded into the country, every regulatory agency that targeted anyone but the poor was dismantled and America’s standard of living plummeted.

America, once a nation of home owners and family farms became a nation of renters or worse.  Millions of Americans who were thrown out of their homes by banks that we now learn never owned them in the first place are now being thrown out of apartments and rooming houses.

Most Americans are employed at jobs that are at risk.  Few employers offer comprehensive insurance of any kind, few pension funds, when properly audited, are funded at all, even for state governments.  Financial security for 75% of Americans is a thing of the past.

Private retirement funds have all collapsed, disappeared.  Social Security faces cuts and elimination and Medicare will be eliminated.

A generation that gave up its values for greed, that socked money away, big homes, 401k retirement plans, German cars, faces a lingering death.  Some still have it all, in fact, some have “yours.”  The rest, no “golf course/spa” retirement communities, not even nursing homes.

There is no money left to pay the nursing homes, no equity left be seized, no bank accounts to be pilfered.

It all disappeared in 2007-8.

The same thing happened in Greece.  Over the past few days, their Socialist government has cut pensions and wages, pretty much a duplication of the GOP agenda for the US.  The goal always seems the same, run up debt, billions, even trillions in debt then take the money from working classes.

The real money isn’t in “nations.”  It exists electronically, much as with “cloud computing.”  Currently, 90% of the worlds fiat currency, the money governments print, often out of boredom, can never be located.  We know 24 trillion dollars left the United States over the past few decades, residing in a ghost-like netherworld.

From time to time it pops to the surface, some of it at least.  Figures hit the papers, billions on defense projects, insurance bail outs, huge bonuses for “executives” who do little but play golf, drink and whore around.  Hundreds of millions “trickle down” into Washington DC, financing campaigns, buying the government and, in the process, guaranteeing full complicity.

There is one purpose for government, one only.  Government launders money.  They say government taxes and spends.  In truth, government “stands aside,” taking its cut while all labor, all property, all intellectual wealth is seized, while anything “not nailed down” and most of what is nailed down is stolen.

I love it when people talk about taxes.  Gasoline is currently  pushing $4 a gallon again but oil prices, by traditional standards, justify a price closer to $2 dollars a gallon.

Ever hear of “supply and demand?”

There are no “gas lines.”  There are no shortages.  Nobody is running out of oil, not Libya, nor Iraq nor even the United States.  The world is drowning in oil.  Worse still, we are capable of cutting consumption over the next ten years by 50% or more using technologies well established.

Worse still, much of the consuming world is in economic downturn, soft economies some places and, less publicly known, many nearing collapse.  Big consumers like Japan, the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy face economic ruin.  They are soft markets and should be driving oil prices to record lows.

In fact, the European Union is folding up like a “house of cards.”

I just got back from a trip to Africa.  While there, I reviewed infrastructure projects, in particular power generation projects.  The picture became clear rather quickly.  A global plot, even it it is only imaginary, seems to have manifested itself.  The goal, and a very successful one at that, has been to suck out resources, oil, coal, natural gas and bury governments in endless debt.

Stealing from Africa and the Middle East has been easy, like taking candy from a baby.  What I wonder is, “Where does the money go?”  We sure as hell aren’t getting it here in the US.

When shiploads of oil were being stolen from Iraq (and Nigeria) did Americans benefit at “the pump.”  Shouldn’t gas be cheaper when it comes from stolen oil?  Shouldn’t gas be cheaper when it was bought with the blood of our children?

What are our choices?

I think we have some simple decisions to make.  I hope the “tea party” was a lesson.  Wall Street and Israel bought a pack of stooges, foisted them on an ignorant American public and made a bad situation worse.  I do so love propaganda.  Americans are being sold these ideas:

  1. Israel can’t survive until America is destroyed.
  2. Gaddafi, once the most hated man on earth before Osama bin Laden may be the second coming of Christ himself.
  3. Private health insurance sold by companies that went bankrupt in 2007, companies proven corrupt, proven insolvent, proven fraudulent, should be given full and total control over the lives of all Americans, you know, as though America were a Communist country run by, well, big insurance companies.
  4. The same Republican party that planned and executed 9/11, that put us in two losing wars and destroyed our economy and standard of living is all that can save us from unsuccessful efforts to undo what they did the last time they got into power.

Our choices?

It isn’t just buying in on the “flavor of the month” conspiracy.  Years ago, those became the tools of our undoing.

When my good friend Bruce Campbell started the militia movement those many years ago, as a hedge against runaway government intrusion into our daily lives, he would never have guessed that ignorance and greed would align most with our worst totalitarian elements.

Maybe Sara Palin was right, maybe Paul Revere and the Minutemen were with the British after all.  It’s certainly where she would have sided.

Our choices are easier than we think.  We end our unsuccessful relationship with the Federal Reserve, the pimps and loan sharks that steal money from us and loan it back at interest.

We bring all corporations “onshore.”  If you don’t make it here, you don’t sell it here.  If you don’t keep your money here, and pay taxes here, you don’t do business here.

If China and Russia want to build dozens of aircraft carriers and rule the seas, let them.  Combined, neither have the military power of World War II Japan, a nation we beat using 10% of our military might.

Are they enemies?  Ours?  Who says?  Prove it!

Same with Iran.  Our enemy?  Since when?  Prove it!

Venezuela?  Oh come now.

Wall Street?  Ah, now you’re talking.

Congress?  When a country is ruled by a legislature with an 8% approval rating is that considered “freedom?”  By whose measure?

The Bush collapse taught us a lesson we forgot too soon.  We learned that a financial “house of cards” controlled our nation, not through investment, not through creating wealth but through a series of Ponzi schemes.  If our memory still served us, which it does not, we would know we were slaves, the nation some of us fight for, the flag so many of us hold so close to heart, long ago gone.

Our history, the Revolution, the Civil War, our World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Israel/Bush conflicts, things we can no longer trust, no longer be certain of.

We can trust nothing.

For those who haven’t noticed, Scofield “paganized” Christianity.  We have become so desirous of being inoffensive and politically correct that our defense of Zionism and our categorical hatred of Islam, the Wall Street and New World Order plan for our destruction is, in itself, built on Christian heresy.

Once upon a time, Catholics and Protestants had differences.  Beliefs were important, some deemed moral and correct, others blasphemous and heretical.  Now all is lateralism.  Did Constantine invent a pagan idolatry and call it Christianity?  Is Mormonism a religion at all or a science fiction reading club?

Are Evangelicals snake handling, mumbling extremists?

We all used to think one or more of these things until so many began hating Muslims they know nothing of.

We used to fight, religion, real politics, have values, have views until others began telling us how and what to think, from the pulpit, from the TV and now in funny Youtube videos and sarcastic emails.

The new definition of truth is an unchallenged lie.


Americans can be allowed to hate.  We do it anyway.  Back in the school yard, we settled our differences with our fists.  In the process, we built a way of life, free of psychologists and “conflict resolution” or “anger management’ classes.

We learned restraint.  We learned respect.  We learned consequences.

All of this is now forgotten.

Time for that era to return. to teach restraint, to teach respect and to teach consequences.

I think we all have an idea who we want to do the learning.

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57 Comments for “The Floundering “Ship of State””

  1. Great piece!

    “The new definition of truth is an unchallenged lie.” Great line!

  2. not much point in arguing over no-planer details and such, I prefer jsut to refer to WTC7 and leave it at that, its enough for a revolution. but for the sake of interest, I have a hunch that if nanotech thermite brought down the buldings, and, given the almost ballet like precision of the falls (wouldnt planting and coordinating so many charges to trigger the explosions be a bit complicated?, then perhaps this stuff was triggered by heat or pressures, and automatically go off, like dominoes. maybe the planes were tipped with it, explaining how they sliced so seamlessly into the tank think steel columns, and perhaps why the plane kind of disappeared. this is new and not understood technology after all (its how they keep ahead . Robot controlled planes, appropriately tuned to do unusual manoevres completes the picture. we need a team of Zionists to investigate it all, heh?
    as for when will it all come out and mean real change, I cynically asked (thanks for including Hitler in the list of victims (I by no means promote him), will it take so long or never and be like the Germans asking after all these years who burnt down the Reichstag. ce la change.
    excellent article and comments.

  3. theBorgHasBeenHereHowLong?

    kill the bank,
    kill the nwo

  4. theBorgHasBeenHereHowLong?

    Let us all remember those who
    to be our friends & allies & fellow Patriots

  5. I am giving you a standing ovation! More! More! More! Gordon, there is SO MUCH PASSION in your words, it is almost overwhelming. I applaud you and your courage and your reasoning and you solutions. I can tell you wrote this one in “15 minutes” as you’ve alluded to in a prior piece, but that is a beautiful 15 minute work of art. And I wrote my response in about 15 seconds…because I couldn’t wait to tell you how wonderful this is. YOU, are a TRUE American patriot, with your heart and your head in the right place. I would love to have you in my “fox hole” when the time comes. I’ve got your back!

    Peace, through truth and strength! Let’s get it on!

  6. For the sake of country and to save America, I say again;

  7. Great article. I believe that America’s deficit may be the one thing that gets Americans thinking.

    The government is going to have to start cutting, seriously cutting, and not just the peripheral stuff and this is going to get noticed. I watch CNBC and Bloomberg news to see what they are saying about the markets and the penny seems to be dropping. These guys usually sell bullshit so that everyone will buy shares and many of their guests are very biased about the market, however occassionally they have people on who tell it like it is and they make it clear that it’s not looking good.

    Real cutbacks are hopefully going to get Americans to ask real questions – like where did all our money go.

  8. Gordon I am certain there was not enough server space and bandwidth to even come close to all you have to say on the state of the new ” ‘soviet’ Union of United States”. But damn good job with 10,000 words or less.

  9. Good job , Gordom , you’re a great man … peace be with you , thanks for try to spread the world

  10. Excellent post.

  11. Get it back? Yes we could how did it started.?..Think back, At 85 with normal functioning brain I can remember further back and put pieces together. But for lack of space and time let start now with the Media.
    And who runs the Media , the trends the kids follow, the silly clothes with no sense of purpose, well who run that industry check it out and who are the craziest designers, they must hate women or would not make us look so ridiculous. Who took hold of that Anthony trial and made it a mini series, like a TV series every day something crazy suspense for the audience, who took all sanity from our court and made it a publicity scam. I just heard the Media made great money.
    Lets start by demanding the Fourth Estate the Constitution gave us to look over the shoulder of our officials and make sure they do their job honestly. Corruption? Why don’t we close down those lobbies?
    Are you enjoying all those penitentiaries and jails we get every night and the story of those poor prisoners?

  12. This is the best article I have seen on the subject of 9/11. It is right on!! I don’t know why people don’t wake up. I have learned a lot from the 9/11 experience. One thing is, EVERYTHING we have ever been told is a lie. The wars, Abe Lincoln, Pearl Harbor, Kennedy assassination, Martin Luther King assassination, H1N1, vaccines, Genetically Modified Food. They want to kill us, but first they want us to get sick so we can help support big Pharma, then we die.
    So what happened to all the people on these planes that never flew into anything????

  13. Huevos a los politicos

    Calling out the GOP is understandable, but at the same time lets not overlook the fact that regardless of which party is in control it means loss of freedom for Americans.

  14. Ok…am I the only one who knows what the word “Foundering” means? A senior editor who does not know the difference between flounder (which is a fish) and founder (which means to become filled with water and sink) should probably head back to grammar school for a quick tutorial! Seriously folks, are we Americans so illiterate that the definition of words elude us? No wonder we are in the mess we are in; illiteracy runs ramped; fortitude is in extremely short supply; but at least we have reality TV. We have neither the guts nor the intelligence to manage this republic anymore!

    • “illiteracy runs ramped”

      Would that be rampant?

        • No, I don’t mean rampant…that would obviously be the correct word so what is so funny? Should “ramped” have been in the title of post? No, that would make me a senior editor. Thanks for proving the point of the context though. Tina, “HAHA” is not a single word sweetheart, nor is it all capitalized… again, thanks for the proof!

        • Founder does not mean to fill with water and sink – that is to sink, when something fills with water and looses its flotability – to founder means to go aground or become stuck or lodged as a result of not having enough keelway in shallow waters – to enter a shoal bank and founder or founder on rocks…its classical English and not Ameriglish. Flounders are a seabed dwelling fish that swim rather poorly and it has been described that one can “flounder”, or he floundered around for an answer or politicians flounder around pretending to do important things but because they are so goddamned (Americanism) dumb they founder everything they set their hands too.(thats why the world is on the rocks)

          One of the main problems with journalists and the English language, is that modern times do not permit the space for good grammer and explanations and people because they are assailed by slogans, PR, shoddy films, marketing propaganda, zap words coined phrases and simple laziness etc,etc, there is no time nor interest to write good English – besides Americans like inventing things along with buzz words and comments like “a probable maybe” – dumbsprach!

          Many of the writers on VT do not write good sentences or good english, which detracts from the quality of their presentations but it does not mean that their content is poor – quite the opposite but Mr Dean was at pains to point out to me on one ocassion that as volunteers and deadlines grammer was not the issue and if I didnt like it I could go read elsewhere!

          • Translation from English to other languages must be considered as well. This can be challenging, because complexity can be incorrectly interpreted during translation. Simple language and sentences can reduce these mistakes.

    • Speaking of literacy…

      You wrote:
      “Seriously folks, are we Americans so illiterate that the definition of words elude us?”

      But, you should have written:
      …that the definition of words eludes us?
      …that the definitions of words elude us?

      It’s a common grammatical mistake, but not a good one to make for someone on his high horse about language.

  15. Gordon,
    I don’t know who is trying to sell “Gaddafi, once the most hated man on earth before Osama bin Laden may be the second coming of Christ himself.” The mainstream media has always portrayed him as the re-incarnation of the Devil .

    As I have commented before, the leaders of all countries, whether Presidents, Prime Ministers, or others high in rank are ruthless in some way, otherwise they couldn’t survive. They all serve the banksters in order to stay in power. When they step out of line to do things for their populations, like Hitler, Quisling, Kennedy, Saddam, Chavez, and now Gaddafi, they become targets for elimination. You are correct, the Mullahs in Iran don’t want the US as an enemy. They may not want to be a friend, but not an enemy. They are a target because, like Venezuela, Libia, North Korea, and formerly Iraq, they don’t buy into the house of cards Rothschild banking system that is propping up the value of the American dollar.

    Why is that important? Because if the dollar hit its real value, unemployment doubles or triples, and the cheap off shored goods that used to be made here, will become expensive. If that happens, people will start reaching for their guns, which is why the Campbell’s Militia Movement had to be crushed.

    These countries, like Germany in the 1930s cannot be allowed to exist. If they are allowed to exist, others may follow, and their god forbid, even the US would throw off the shackles bringing down the house of cards and exposing those causing the misery. When angry people with guns can focus their anger on a person, not a corporation, nasty things usually follow.

  16. conspirosphere

    Just a couple of things:
    – If you accept the logic of not doing body counts of the very victims of US war crimes (committed by the poor veterans, disabled or not), consequences will bite even your ass soon or later;
    – You are wrong on Libya, and I wait for an admission because I trust your honesty and intelligence;
    – Obviously you were joking suggesting that cheap gasoline could have justified recent wars (?) Many “experts” and “moderate” politicians could assert s.t. like that deadly seriously.

  17. Gordon. Israel with US Govt support or US Govt with Israeli support? Which way are you swinging laddie?

  18. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    I see a storm bubbling up from the sea
    And it’s coming closer

    Building Seven
    Twin Towers

    • It’s coming. I’d bet the s*** will hit the fan within the next year. You would think at least some politicians and media figures would be smart enough to realize this and want to get on the right side of history. Look at Senator Mike Gravel has a good plan.

  19. Much easier and quicker to reduce the US population to 1850’s levels with a EMP strike than introducing crop destruction which may or may not work. Nature has a way of reparing itself, (something about God’s creation just wont let man destroy it) but a EMP would send the US from 320 milion to 50million within six months

  20. Right on Gordon, what can we do now?

  21. And the comments? Especially by “Smitty” were excellent. On the other hand, its to bad Jack Kevorkian has left us so soon, when we need him most.

    Gordon, to summarize, your view seems to be,……And a hardy F*** You to all, and to all a good night.

  22. If you felt frustration, anger and disappointment when writing this, it is probably close to the pain and confusion I felt reading it. Not because of errors, or faulty points of view, but because of the opposite.

    Is it already “game-over”, throw in the towel, hang ourselves? Your view looks MORE than disheartening. It is the opposite of the “sunshine-boys” blowing smoke-up-our-ass.

    • 911 isnt going to go away and soon it will be on the turnround – the error was to do it in NY and americans have it in their heads all the time – it aint gonna go away.

  23. Correction to my above post… Jack White presented his 911 photostudies in 2005. Sorry.

  24. Aside from being in agreement with all that Duff wrote, I also defend Fetzer’s article. Smitty, I posted the following comment under Fetzer’s article. Proper to repeat here again especially to you… Over many years I have repeatedly emailed hundreds in Congress, the media and websites asking: Why haven’t 9/11 Truthers emphasized “Jack White’s 911 Photostudies?” Since 1995 White’s VOLUMINOUS collection of photos (with his expert commentary) BEST contradict the DOD’s tale about the Pentagon! It is on White’s photostudies that the two green firetrucks are shown. The Firemen offered their photos to the DOD – but the DOD was NOT interested. The firemen photographed the Pristine lawn in front of the initial small hole in the Pentagon, the lawn is unmarked except by their tire tracks, NO debris – and NO people except the firemen! Long after the 2 fire trucks had left after successfully putting out the small fire in the hole and a vehicle, the DOD produced many (hastily, poorly photoshopped) photos of MANY “dramatic” people and pieces of debris. “New” fires “breakout,” the wall above the hole collapses. ONLY Fetzer has drawn attention to White’s (Pentagon) Photostudies!
    Open this URL:
    – and judge for yourselves! HOURS of photos to examine! White does not give his own opinion of WHAT hit the Pentagon – but does demolish the DOD’s fiction and DOD’s mass of (badly) “photoshopped” pictures!
    The SEVEN (of the alleged “19 hijackers”) found alive by mostly Brit newspapers, to me has been additional best evidence that our government (and even more so, our Zionist doiminated major media) LIED to Americans! I was one of the first who immediately alerted my 2 Arizona Senators McCainb and Kyl to the “SEVEN ALIVE” which makes the ENTIRE “19 Hijackers List” suspect! They ignored my SEVERAL, continuing emails! Jeff Rense kindly posted some of my rants since 911 and years after, about the 7 ALIVE Hijackers – as well what Duff wrote about.

  25. Seems to me that Gordon Duff has realised that the banner-waving large crowds of idealists who might have a very small impact on their local member of Congress, is insufficient to solve the woes of America.

    Of course he is right.

    This article expresses an anger which I really have not noticed before. It sems like a frustration, after all, 9/11 was a long time ago, the people who did it from Israel have probably gone from strength to strength, perhaps even migrated to America and joined the public service with all their other associates, weaving their webs of deceit and sending all the information they can glean to Netanyahu via AIPAC as is their bidden duty. Hey, no one cares any more

    So this article may seem like an angry outburst but it is not before time. The time for finding a solution through peaceful means has now passed and as each day passes the manipulators consolidate their position to the detriment of the US. You can see it everywhere.

    As perhaps the greatest authot on identifying US failings and ghastly errors, still being made to this day, that is Chalmers Johnson, now sadly no longer with us, stated that the US is in ‘The last days of the American Republic’ and anyone who questions it should buy his last book, ‘Nemesis’ and just read 11 pages. Just 11 if you’re short of time and want to watch some sporting event. But if you are interested in your country, what the future is for your kids, you will read the rest and get scared, really scared, because this is one man who analysed and noted everything, quoted the facts, referred to history, detailed the acts of madmen in governments and summarised the direction in which we are all heading and which we cannot avoid. He states…” I remain hopeful that Americans can still rouse themselves to save our democracy. But the time in which to head off financial and moral bankruptcy is growing short”

    Talking won’t fix it, you have a Congress to do that and they are owned outside the USA.

    Nemesis, in Greek mythology is the goddess of retribution who punishes human transgression of the natural right order of things and the arrogance that causes it.

    When the American people allowed Bush and Cheney, the neocons and militarists into power and compounded the felony by allowing the Congress to be owned by local Jews, loyal to a foreign country, you signed your own death warrant.

    You allowed it to happen

    • theBorgHasBeenHereHowLong?

      This article expresses an anger which I really have not noticed before. It sems like a frustration, after all, 9/11 was a long time ago, the people who did it from Israel have probably gone from strength to strength,

      perhaps even migrated to America and joined the public service with all their other associates,

      ( yes ,ongoing process)

      weaving their webs of deceit and sending all the information they can glean to Netanyahu via AIPAC as is their bidden duty

      Israelis in boby armor with heavy weapons laying siege to Amish dairies & farmers, atf selling weapons to mexican cartels directly,the monsanto fda,tsa,dhs ranks cluttered with Israeli idf, duh,
      it’s a process, like making sausage, decades in the making, watch tv , have a beer , start college for that degree in Public Administration or finance or retail science,blame those mooselumz or those democrats or those conspiracy theorists who are destroying this place, blame those illegals which the illegal federal agencies can do nothing except control freakout the American citizens, Tsa is Israeli/Crown transport Services, they have been trashing the English people for a long time , more wars for Tom & Billy to go fight over there while the IDF flys in and fills up dhs/tsa,
      get it?

    • theBorgHasBeenHereHowLong?

      19th Century Christians would not recognize or understand the Scofieldian dead heads

  26. The citizens need a wake up call. On the surface, it appears we are better off then most countries. Maybe we are maybe we aren’t. Our government has definitely been hijacked by wealthy foreign interests. The MSM keeps saying the recession is over and unemployment is dropping. But the real estate market continues to plummet and Americans are taking lesser paying jobs (with a lower value dollar). The elite were all bailed out by the middle class and it is the middle class who make up the nation and are suffering. College graduates have to take low-paying jobs if they can even find them.

    But that isn’t a wake up call. People need to go hungry. Or something essential, like gas, needs to be expensive like $10 a gallon. We need to trade places with Greece and really be on the verge of going broke to wake everybody up. Our nation might be full of ‘sheeple’ at the moment, but our citizens will be among the most powerful collective protesting forces ever seen once everybody finally wakes up. They won’t want our mob anywhere near DC cause they’d walk right into the capital building and teach our Congress a lesson.

    Also, Scofield did more than paganize Christianity. Scofield was a Zionist Jew who used nutjob Darby’s ‘translation’ of the bible in order to brainwash generations of morons into supporting Israel for the Jews. The rapture myth was created by Darby in the 19th century, it is a modern creation.

    I read the Fetzer article and commented on it. My comment was deleted but there was nothing wrong with it. I wasn’t attacking the author, I was disagreeing with the questions since the article is mostly no-plane nonsense which has no place at VT. Half the questions are about the Pentagon. The truth seekers still repeating the Pentagon missile hoax are making legitimate truth seekers look bad. There is no doubt that Zionists created that hoax to hijack the truth movement. He also questions an airplane traveling hundreds of miles per hour disappearing into a partially hollow structure of glass and drywall. Everybody is entitled to their opinion including Mr. Fetzer who I mean no disrespect but I disagreed with him and was censored for it. I did remark that the 9/11 investigators were mostly Jewish (the 9/11 commission was originally under Kissinger even) which is a conflict of interest because Jewish people do not like Arab people. This wasn’t antisemitic, it was a fact. If the suspects were psychiatrists and the investigators were scientologists, wouldn’t that be a problem?

    There are very important questions about 9/11 people should be asking instead of focusing on a straw man. Why did building 7 collapse? Why did a bunch of Israelis get arrested with traces of explosives and box cutters and maps while ‘documenting the event’ and celebrating only to be deported later? Why did Atta leave a book about learning to fly in a rental car? Was he learning on the way to the airport? Why did his luggage not make it on the plane? What a coincidence that it had the names of the 19 hijackers. He also left a Quran in a bar after partying it up which is a little odd for a Muslim extremist. Also odd was his will mentioning that his body should be washed. Did he think his body wouldn’t burn to a crisp? When Atta says “We have some planes, nobody move please” how come he didn’t say “Blanes” or “Blease”? A native Arabic speaker wouldn’t be able to pronounce ‘P’ like that. He sounds like a native Hebrew speaker. Why did the dancing Israelis blame Palestinians? Why did the MSM show celebrating Palestinians (retracted once they found it was fake)? Why did the BBC report WT7 collapse before it happened? Why did the media immediately know who the hijackers were and also blame Bin Laden? No investigation had even taken place. Why was all the evidence destroyed? Shouldn’t they have examined the steel rather than resort to inane simulations? Plane crashes are always thoroughly investigated. Why not on 9/11? Why are people dying now if they said the air was safe to breath for first responders? Why was there molten metal? Does anybody care that Larry Silverstein is good friends with Netanyahu? Why did my comment get deleted for pointing this out on VT of all places? That no plane stuff has no place anywhere, it makes us all look crazy. There are plenty of real good questions to ask about 9/11

  27. Cloak And Dagger

    Amazing! You hit this one right out of the ball park, Gordon.

    I like Alan Sabrosky’s blueprint for taking America back from the zionists. Perhaps you can lead the charge to recruit vets with organizational skills to put his strategy into practice? We can rant forever on blogs and preach to the choir and not take a single step towards freedom. We need to initiate the actions that will restore us. You are uniquely positioned with a megaphone to coax out the leaders among us to step forward in an organized manner,

    • I agree because thats the fundamental difference between Susan Lindauer and Gordon – she is by far the better strategist but Gordon is good at the tactics…that he learned being a marine I surmise. Gordon wrote this one well…he needs to know his limitations though – teamwork and support is so important since “they” are devisive – divide and conquer.

      VT assets are assets – musketeer stuff “all for one and one for all” Stay with it – at the moment I am far removed from the storm but I see whats happening and the healthy spiel and discourse on this site is essential and spellbinding with the information that evolves from it. Some great commentators as well as writers. Top Guns!

    • Alan has been working his ass off. Jeff Gates is back too.
      We have some excellent folks around….and are learning to team.
      What is vital is that we stick to facts, reject krazy krap (If recognized) and offer solutions.
      We all have to grow up….

  28. I didn’t vote for Bush and didn’t vote for Kerry. So far, it seems that O’Bummer is just another “Bush” and since, I recall correctly, Kerry “introduced” O’Bummer to the country at the Demo convention, I have to wonder if it would have made any difference if Kerry were elected PUPPET instead of Bush.

    Yes, I figure a nuclear incident is on its way because the New World Order folks (as is stated on the Georgia Stones) want only 500 million inhabitant on earth, so it can be more “green” (easier to control). I just wonder where,when, and how large.

    • The plan to exterminate vast swaths of humanity is unfolding, but I doubt it’ll be accomplished by using nuclear weapons. They, meaning many of the elite think tanks, non-profits, ad nauseam, intend to starve countless millions of people to death, and in this country as well. Gates has apparently openly advocated doping everyday vaccines with female sterilizing agents. A video on VT recently purported to show a scientist briefing the CIA about vaccines that can render populations incapable of initiative or moral judgment, which he said might be tested in Afghanistan. The US’s animal protein supply chain is only a few days deep. A false flag attack by the former PNAC cabal destroying our beef cattle herds or infecting our major crops like wheat, corn, or soybeans with incurable rusts is far more likely than a nuclear attack in my view. The idea is to drastically restrict middle America’s consumption of any protein, producing effects similar to that vaccine that induces docility. Introducing human diseases in targeted populations is also a scenario worth exploring. Experiments in epigenetic manipulation of human fetuses is not science fiction, and one of the better-documented articles on VT explored this scenario and the well-funded research going on. It is also worth looking at the plans for urbanization of those people who are not exterminated by the elites, which had their genesis in the plans of Le Corbusier to bulldoze all of Paris north of the Seine and erect towers composed of living spaces that would drive animals mad. VT recently had a YouTube cartoon of some transnationalist group’s plans for future living which are essentially identical to the totalitarian plans of Le Corbusier. All of this is gaining momentum in the background under the guise of “sustainability,” which means sustainability of the planet for exploitation by an elite without troublesome ‘useless eaters,” in whatever country they’re found, and most assuredly this includes the US. The global warming hoax. It goes on. Too bad Gordon finds a man who’s virtually a missionary for this evil to be “a brilliant guy, a progressive, a man who seems to care so much about everything decent.”

      • Dan
        Nigeria was a bit of a lesson. I wish I were free to talk more about things there. I got to look at EVERYTHING.
        I also had the privilege of working with people with the guts to implement change.
        I saw rage..where rage was needed.

    • Downtownwalker

      I’m sure one Skull & Bones brother is just like the next. I mean really, what are the odds of both major candidates being members of the same cabalistic secret society? The fix was in before a single vote was cast.

  29. For me, the “last straw” was John McCain’s paranoid blithering about Afghanistan

    McCain has Alzheimer’s or his ‘handlers’ keep him so doped up that he doesn’t know what from what. All that guilt from what he did with the N. Vietnamese has drove McCain over the edge.

    The two incidents, one with the WTC, buildings dissolving, hundreds of tons of steel turning to vapor for no reason or the Pentagon, hit by a missile, where do we start

    The ‘miracle’ that happened in Shanksville, PA, where the ground ‘liquefied’ and swallowed 100 tons of a Boeing airliner has to be the greatest stunt of all time.

    Flight 93 disappeared into the crater without leaving a trace. Leverknight, an active member of the Air National Guard, was assigned by the editor to handle my questions. His answers were quite incredible. About the disappearance of the plane, Leverknight said, “It [the ground] liquefied.” One of the plane’s massive engines, he said, “bounced” off the ground and was found at a very considerable distance — in the woods.

    • Would an airplane explosion create a crater like that? I once read that the Lockerbie bombing created a crater when the wings impact the ground but everything I see on the Internet says that the wings became fireballs that destroyed homes and killed people on the ground, but no crater. What kind of weapon would cause it to liquefy? Did anything on TWA 800 liquefy (which was obviously shot down too)?

      I’m 100% convinced that Flight 93 was shot down, but might be in the minority in thinking that it isn’t a big deal. If a commercial airlines was hijacked today and the military shot it down, they would lie about that too.

      Also not a big fan at all of the Pentagon missile hoax. This hoax was created by a French website by Zionists and popularized by “In Plane Site” which was made by Zionist David von Kleist of the Zionist Genesis Misinformation Network. People get mad when you tell them it’s a hoax, but it is a hoax. The truth is people gotta open their mind and look for more photos and not the ones taken out of context. The ones that show more airliner debris, the ones that show the pre-collapse Pentagon with the hole in it without being obscured by fireman spray. I’ve got URLs if anybody cares. The ‘punch out’ hole was an access hole created by rescue workers. The lack of bodies on the lawn are because the fuselage disintegrated inside the Pentagon. There is plenty of 757 wreckage. The missile thing is a joke. During the Garrison JKF trial a witness started talking about aliens and UFOs which discredited him. This is the same thing, planted misinformation intended to derail truth seekers.

      You have to suspend rational thought, dismiss eyewitness testimony and air craft controller testimony, fly a plane close to the incident that everybody saw, fire a missile that nobody saw, then somehow remove the plane and the passengers in the background. There is a much easier solution. Like crashing a plane into the Pentagon. None of that other risky stuff required. The missile thing is a hoax. I know truth seekers hate the official story but the Pentagon really did get struck by a 757. There are more important unanswered questions and anomalies about 9/11 that get neglected when people dwell on the missile nonsense (which is exactly what it was intended for)

      • I think if a plane hit the pentagon they would release one of the 80 videos that would surely exist. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what hit the pentagon. It’s been proven that the three WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. That’s where the focus should be.

        • I think if you believe a 757 hit the pentagon with that little hole and believe it was a firemans access hole then you need brain surgery – you cant see the wood for the trees.Anyway 911 is coming to a cine near you and it will not go away because the big mistake was to do it in NY and its imprinted on the minds of all americans because it happend and it continues to happen – it aint going away!

    • I, from time to time, check on the travel of certain elected officals as does Jeff Gates.
      McCain and Lieberman tend to stick to a circuit….drug centers, israel and covert banking

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