Rudolf Hess: The Führer’s Deputy

What secret did he take to the grave?


by Ingrid Zundel

Until just a few weeks ago, an old man’s bones lay buried in a family grave in an impeccably kept cemetery in a Bavarian town called Wunsiedel. His name was Rudolf Hess. Born 1894, he suffered a mysterious death in 1987 at age 93.

Twenty-four years later, in the dark of the night of 20 July 2011, some ghouls dug up his remains, as well as the bones of his wife and his parents, and holocausted them.

Now who would want to do a ghoulish thing like that? Dracula? Some spiteful force beyond our comprehension that needs to drive a silver stake into the spirit of a man long gone – whose very memory still carries the pulse beat of an era we are not ever to investigate, much less to honor and respect?

David Irving, known even to his friends as the “reluctant Revisionist”, who, brilliant writer that he is, cannot resist to take a verbal swipe or two at twelve short years that ought to awe us at the very least with their scientific marvels, wrote this in introducing “Rudolf Hess: The Missing Years 1941-45”, Grafton Books, 1989:

“Semi-blind, his memory gone, he languished for 46 years in prison, and spent over half of that time in solitary confinement. At first, he was detained in cells with blackened windows, sentinels flashing torches on his face all night at half-hour intervals, and later in conditions only marginally more humane.

“Occasionally, mankind remembered that he was there: at a time when political prisoners were being released as a token of humanity, the world knew that he was there in Spandau, and timid souls felt somehow the safer for it. In 1987 the news emerged that somebody had recently stolen the prisoner’s 1940s flying helmet, goggles, and fur-lined boots, and fevered minds imagined that these, his hallowed relics of 1941, might be used in some way to power a Nazi revival.

“The prisoner himself had long forgotten what those relics had ever meant to him. The dark-red brick of Spandau prison in West Berlin was crumbling and decaying around him, and the windows were cracked or falling out of mouldering frames. He was the only prisoner left – alone, outliving all his fellows, his brain perhaps a last uncertain repository of names and promises and places, grim secrets that the victorious Four Powers might have expected him to take to the grave long before.

“The prisoner was Rudolf Hess, the last of the “war criminals.” In May 1941 he had flown single-handedly to Scotland on a reckless parachute mission to end the bloodshed and bombing. Put on trial by the victors, he had been condemned to imprisonment in perpetuity for “Crimes against the Peace.” The Four Powers had expected him to die and thus seal off the wells of speculation about him, but this stubborn old man with the haunting eyes had by his very longevity thwarted them.

“Few questions remained about the other Nazis. Hitler’s jaw bone was preserved in a Soviet glass jar; Ley’s brain was in Massachusetts; Bormann’s skeleton was found beneath the Berlin cobblestones; Mengele’s mortal remains were dis- and reinterred; Speer had joined the Greatest Architect. Dead, too, were Hess’s judges and prosecutors.

Hess himself was the last living Nazi giant, the last enigma, unable to communicate with the outside world, forbidden to talk with his son about political events, his diary taken away from him each day to be destroyed, his letters censored and scissored to excise illicit content. The macabre Four Powers statute – ignored, in the event – ordained that upon his death his body was to be reduced to ashes in the crematorium at Dachau concentration camp. The bulldozers were already standing by to wreck Spandau jail within hours of his decease, so that no place of Nazi pilgrimage remained.

“For forty years this Berlin charade was the sole remaining joint activity of the wartime Allied powers, a wordless political ballet performed by the Western democracies and high-stepping Red Army guards. Every thirty days the guard was rotated. Each time that the British or the American or the French came to hold the key, they could in theory have turned it and set this old man free. But they did not, because the ghosts of Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt were themselves the jailers. In the name of a Four Power agreement that had long since been dishonored, these ghosts kept Hess behind bars; and so Hitler’s deputy lived on in Spandau, mocking history and making a mockery of justice itself.

“Despite everything, he became a martyr to a cause. Mankind dared not turn the key to set him free, and mankind did not know why.”

Hess Family Grave - Recently Vandalized

In this essay, I will speculate why. I claim no certainty. What I am writing is strictly conjecture, stitched together from an intriguing pattern of clues.

Conventional wisdom has it that the proposal that Hess tried to take to Britain in 1941 was Hitler’s more than generous offer to prevent the ominous bloodshed that would descend on Europe in years to come exactly as the Führer feared. 

And even now enough geopolitical and financial investments are still at risk, embedded in the Order that we know, that would embarrass the Powers entrenched in London, New York, and Tel Aviv.

I offer an alternative guess – that Hess was kept from informing the world what he knew, was contained in the UFO files in his possession. His briefcase contained something else that is still being kept securely under lock and key. That “something” is widely believed to have been the secrets of Third Reich space exploration.

After all, Hess was the one who was in charge of Hitler’s Antarctic projects that were mysteriously stopped in 1938 when a curtain descended on what, exactly, was found or done beneath the ice – mind-boggling technical advances, raced with great fervor to production once World War II broke out, astounding inventions then known as Flying Saucers, called UFOs today.

I speculate, as many do, that Hess might well have meant to offer to factions friendly to the Third Reich within the British government a roadmap to the stars.

Just who was Rudolf Hess?

Hess with Child - The Family Side

 Born to a wealthy merchant family of German background in Egypt, Hess grew up in palatial surroundings.

He enjoyed the finest classical education that money could buy in those years, part of it through private tutoring in Egypt, later on in Switzerland and Britain where he was privileged to mingle with the English-speaking upper crust, even as a youngster fascinated by astronomy.

He was described as “… a man of excellent breeding, moral rectitude and industry, upright, courageous…” – a “… moral compass for others”. Professor Haushofer, his mentor, said that his strength was not so much intelligence as heart and character.

Hess became Adolf Hitler’s closest comrade, though by temperament and background they were of a different shade. Hitler was of an iconoclastic nature that had the force of a volcano.

Hess was a man of quiet but flawless discernment. Hitler was a pragmatist politically yet utterly uncompromising at the core as to his aims and visions; Hess knew only the rule of his heart.

This is not ever acknowledged today in politically correct society, but Hitler in his early reign projected as seductive warmth of spirit through impeccable manners that were the envy of the rulers of his time, whereas Hess remained reticent and private by nature, not a man out to woo attention and favors for himself.

Hitler and Hess - The Early Days

In a staid and placid world, Hess might well have been the Führer’s superior by virtue of social position alone, but in the Twenties and the Thirties in a Europe coming apart at the seams, there was never a question in either man’s mind who was the leader called by destiny.

Hess might have been described as the finest specimen that centuries of culture and sophistication had brought forth, but Hitler was the avatar, on a trajectory like every immense persona who is guided from within, and Hess was his disciple.

After hearing Hitler speak in the spring of 1920, Hess joined the National Socialist movement as member # 16. He knew that he had met a man of a gigantic strength of will combined with a magnetic radiance.

The trust in each other these two young men enjoyed as political comrades was total. Maybe Hitler never had another friend like Hess he could trust utterly. For his part, Hess saw in Hitler the Messiah against Satan threatening his mother country in the guise of bestial Bolshevism from the East.

Likewise, Hess’s moral standing in the hearts of Germans of his time was absolute. He was commonly referred to as “the Conscience of the Party.” In the Third Reich’s hierarchy, Hess stood third in the chain of command as the leader of the NSDAP, the Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiterpartei. Only Fieldmarshall Hermann Goering enjoyed higher ranking.

Hitler and Hess - Numbers One and Three in the Party

Common experiences bound Hess and Hitler as well. Both had honorably served in battle.

Both participated in an awkward uprising that history remembers as the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, a coup d’etat against the Weimar Republic that landed them briefly in Landsberg prison where conditions were relaxed for dissidents.

There, acting as Hitler’s private secretary, Hess volunteered as stylist and copy editor for Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, for which world Jewry would never forgive him.Much nastiness has been claimed, then and since, about the Nazi leadership in general, but I have never read a single word of hate against Hess from his own inner circle. He was feared and persecuted with an inexorable hatred by Jewry.

 He was kept isolated from human interaction for more than half of his life, beset and tormented like few other men on this earth. Why? What did this man know? What did he try to convey to the world – and was prevented from sharing?Expanding his backgroundRudolf Hess’s path in life was tragedy writ large.

In 1941, On the eve of war with the Soviet Union, Hess flew solo to Scotland on a private peace mission in an attempt to ward off the horror to come. Instead, he was arrested by the British government and held incommunicado until the war was over.


Rudolf Hess - Open Cockpit Days

After the guns fell silent, Hess was handed over to the Nuremberg Tribunal, tried in a political show trial where white became black, found “not guilty of crimes against humanity” but “guilty for conspiring against peace”, and sentenced to life internment at Spandau Prison.

Although he was in captivity for almost 4 years of the war and thus he was basically absent from it, in contrast to the others who stood accused at Nuremberg.

He was 52 years old when he set foot in Spandau. He lived another 41 years. He died mysteriously in 1987 – as widely advertised, by suicide, as even more widely believed, by murder.

Allegedly, the magnanimous peace offer he had in his briefcase, were it to come out, would embarrass the Brits to his day. I belong to a handful of skeptics who suspect he was about to offer something vastly more important, which would have made short shrift of the prevailing political order based on expensive energy provided by the industries we know.

Metapedia, the dissident counterpart website to Wikipedia, describes this failed peace mission as follows:

“Hess planned to meet the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon. He believed Hamilton to be an opponent of Winston Churchill, whom he held responsible for the outbreak of the war. His proposal of peace included returning all the western European countries conquered by Germany to their own national governments, but German police would remain in position. Germany would also pay back the cost of rebuilding these countries. In return, Britain would have to support the war against Soviet Russia. (…)

“Churchill turned down the proposal for peace and held Hess as a prisoner of war in the Maryhill army barracks. Later Hess was transferred to Mytchett Place near Aldershot. The house was fitted out with microphones and sound recording equipment. Frank Foley and two other MI6 officers were given the job of debriefing Hess —”Jonathan”, as he was now known. Churchill’s instructions were that Hess should be strictly isolated and that every effort should be taken to get any information out of him that might be useful.

“Controversy surrounds the case of whether Hitler knew of Hess’ plans to make peace with Britain. It is known that Hess had been getting flying lessons in a personalized Messerschmitt aircraft in the early stages of this preparation. He was accompanied by Hitler’s personal pilot, Hans Baur.

Lured into a trap?

“There is circumstantial evidence which suggests that Hess was lured to Scotland by the British secret service. Violet Roberts, whose nephew, Walter Roberts was a close relative of the Duke of Hamilton and was working in the political intelligence and propaganda branch of the Secret Intelligence Service (SO1/PWE), was friends with Hess’s mentor Karl Haushofer and wrote a letter to Haushofer, which Hess took great interest in prior to his flight.

“According to data published in a book about Wilhelm Canaris, the head of German intelligence, a number of contacts between England and Germany were kept during the war. It cannot be known, however, whether these were direct contacts on specific affairs or an intentional confusion created between secret services for the purpose of deception. (…)

“Certain documents Hess brought with him to Britain were to be sealed until 2017 but when the seal was broken in 1991-92 they were missing. Edvard Bene_, head of the Czechoslovak Government in Exile and his intelligence chief Franti_ek Moravec, who worked with SO1/PWE, speculated that British Intelligence used Haushofer’s reply to Violet Roberts as a means to trap Hess.

“The fact that the files concerning Hess will be kept closed to the public until 2016 does allow the debate to continue, since without these files the existing theories cannot be fully verified.

In his final statement to the court on August 31, 1946 after his conviction, Hess declared in words that are sheer poetry in German but can only be an approximation in English:

“I had the privilege of working for many years of my life under the greatest son my nation has brought forth in its thousand-year history. Even if I could, I would not wish to expunge this time from my life. I am happy to know that I have done my duty toward my people, my duty as a German, as a National Socialist, as a loyal follower of my Führer. I regret nothing. No matter what people may do, one day I shall stand before the judgment seat of God Eternal. I will answer to Him, and I know that He will absolve me.”

After having served in prison for 20 years with other leaders of the Reich, the last two prisoners, Baldur von Schirach and Albert Speer, were released. Hess remained. He was the sole remaining inmate of Spandau Prison for yet another 21 years.

Metapedia reports:

“Keeping one man in Spandau cost the West German government about 850,000 marks a year. In addition, each of the four Allied powers had to provide an officer and 37 soldiers during their respective shifts, as well as a director and team of wardens throughout the entire year. The permanent maintenance staff of 22 included cooks, waitresses and cleaners.

“In the final years of his life, Hess was a weak and frail old man, blind in one eye, who walked stooped forward with a cane. He lived in virtually total isolation according to a strictly regulated daily routine. Regulations stipulated that prison officials could not ever call Hess by name. He was addressed only as “Prisoner No. 7.”

During his rare meetings with his wife and son, Hess was not allowed to embrace or even touch them. Why this inhuman cruelty?

Of the four powers that had won the war against Germany, three – the U.S., Russia, and France – proposed that he be released on humanitarian grounds due to his age. The British government balked. Thatcher was Prime Minister of Britain, and Chancellor Kohl – some call him Cohn or Cohen – was heading Germany.

On 17 August 1987, Hess died while under Four Power imprisonment at Spandau Prison in West Berlin. At 93, he was one of the oldest prisoners in the world. He was found in a summer house in a garden located in a secure area of the prison with an electrical cord wrapped around his neck. His death was ruled a suicide by self-asphyxiation, accomplished by tying the cord to a window latch in the summer house.

Prison guards who knew him in his last years say that he was so crippled by arthritis that he could not lift his arms above his shoulders. No way could this old man have strangled himself.

Hess was buried in Wunsiedel, and Spandau Prison was subsequently demolished to prevent it from becoming a shrine. Instead, his grave became exactly that.

Metrapedia continues:

“Every year after Hess’s death, nationalists from Germany and the rest of Europe gathered in Wunsiedel for a memorial march. Similar demonstrations took place around the anniversary of Hess’s death. These gatherings were banned from 1991 to 2000 and nationalists tried to assemble in other cities and countries (such as the Netherlands and Denmark). Demonstrations in Wunsiedel were again legalised in 2001. Over 5,000 nationalists marched in 2003, with around 7,000 in 2004, marking some of the biggest national demonstrations in Germany since 1945. After stricter German legislation regarding demonstrations by nationalists was enacted in March 2005 the demonstrations were banned again.

Roosevelt Telegram to Churchill

It has often been said that a people defeated, besieged from all sides but not neutered, , will keep its myths alive. I have been told a few. One of them has it that the Führer is said to have insisted that there would be one “Last Battalion” that would come back after certain defeat and would finish what he himself could not do. That “Last Battalion” would be German.

Nazi UFO technology is legendary. Cold hearts insist that Nazi UFOs are wishful thinking. What I am telling you below is things that I heard, saw, and read. I also claim, for my own protection, that as a novelist, I am attuned to lyric tapestries that translate and record things that may not pass rigorous checks but make sense by conjecture and inference and leave you with a question mark. What I am recording below is what I was told by Ernst Zundel and others.

Things that go bump in the night?

Wreckage of Hess's ME-110 in Scotland

Please understand that in the sixties, seventies, and even eighties, it was still possible to speak of Hitler and his times nostalgically if not respectfully, just as it is okay today to recount the battles of, say, General Lee who fought heroically for his beloved South but lost to overwhelming power from the North. A people need models of hope, and such models live on in their hearts.

Among many myths that survived, there lives the myth that the best of the bravest escaped, among them the Führer and his scientific-minded friends.

In Ernst’s circles, people would often joke about the “Last Battalion” and claim that the Führer escaped to Antarctica where he and his comrades continued his work and were busily plotting a comeback.

Why not call that as myth and keep snoozing the sleep of the righteous? Can Germans not even honor their dead by embossing the life that they lived?

On one of our trips, Ernst shared a glimpse of his young days in Canada. He claims he once saw one of those crafts, in broad daylight, rising like a phantom out of the waters of Lake Ontario. He had his two young sons in his car; they saw it, too. He was traveling in one of the middle lanes on what is called the QE2 in honor of the Queen of England. It was glistening and blinking like a Hollywood production, and by the time he could pull over, the tantalizing UFO was gone.

Roswell UFO Museum

In the late 1990s, Ernst and I were traveling through the Southwest, and stopped at the Roswell Museum. There, under glass, were tiny replicas of what was allegedly found – a saucer with a swastika!

A few tin soldiers surrounded their craft, and those toy soldiers were likewise painstakingly adorned with swastikas.

On that long trip, Ernst told me yet another story out of his young and reckless years that might bring a smile to your face but will be frowned upon by Zundel foes, who spook easily.

Have you ever heard of Hacienda Dignidad? My Spanish is a bit rusty, but I believe the name translates loosely into “Ranch of Honor” or “Plantation of Pride.”

Hacienda Dignidad is a mysterious place, deep in the Chilean mountains. Allegedly, it is a trading post for Nazi UFOs.

In 2004, when Ernst was already in prison in Canada, courtesy of the American Patriot Act, my friend Jeff Rense asked me about the place. I said I would ask Ernst.

Please find Ernst’s full letter posted on Rense:

The Hacienda Dignidad myth is only a small piece of a puzzle that is much larger, much more mysterious, encompassing people all over the globe for at least 60, maybe even 70 or 75 years.

When I was young, I stumbled upon it because of my interest in space exploration and space journeys to the near planets – to the Moon, to Mars, Venus and, beyond, to Orion and Sirius. It did not take long for me to make all kinds of interesting contacts in Canada, America, Germany, Austria, Spain and, especially, South America – and, strange as it may seem, Japan of all places.

My first encounter with Japanese interests in space came in 1967 when I met the CEO of what was then a sizeable conglomerate of Japanese corporations worth well over US$250 million, all involved in the most diverse business fields. That man, let’s call him the Chairman, was a Japanese Naval Attaché in Germany during World War II. He was ultimately taken to Japan by German submarine in late 1943 with a secret cargo apparently involving jet planes. The Germans were far ahead of the Japanese, even the British and the US in that field, having had operational jets, several different kinds, by different manufacturers and designers since 1938. If you go and look at my UFO books, you will find the story of just such a submarine which carried nothing but mercury, which the Japanese apparently needed in war production.

Incidentally, I corresponded with some of the crew of Captain Schäfer’s sub which landed in Argentina long after Germany’s surrender in Europe – there is also the story of a German sub using an uninhabited island in the Falklands/Antarctic/South Atlantic region. That island could still not be visited in the 1970s because it seems the Germans used a mine barrier at the lagoon entrance to prevent the Allied ships from landing there.

This Chairman was the one who told me over a slow meal of many courses that Japan was at war with America. He pointed to an attaché case and said, “This time we will defeat [America] with this (meaning commerce) and not with tanks, ships, or planes.”

He said in parting that Japan would never forgive the Americans for dropping the atomic bomb and for making Japan lose face before other Asians, especially the Koreans and Chinese. That was a big deal with him, as were the humiliations and executions by hanging of Japanese leaders via the Tokyo war crimes trials and tribunals. He was far less forgiving than the Germans! (…)

My UFO booklets were in those days only used by me to generate interest for more serious interviews on the post World War II lies of the “death camps” like Auschwitz, a concentration camp that was, in fact, a war production center. I was beginning to concentrate on far more serious topics involving Holocaust revisionism.

I would imagine that it must have been in ’78 or ’79 when a reporter finally made arrangements to come over from Japan to interview me at length.

Money seemed no object with this Japanese reporter, who arrived with a photographer/sound man with state of the art tape recorders in tow. They parked their stretch limousine, chauffeur and all, in a “no parking, no stopping” zone outside my house. The bored white driver would sit there for hours, pulling away once in a while because Toronto police told him to move on. Meanwhile, we talked and looked through my UFO/Nazi Secret Weapon/Antarctica file, only interrupted by lunch, tape changes, and coffee breaks. Later on, we went out to the CN Tower where I was treated to one of the most expensive dinners in my life.

The two came back the next day, and this time they seemed quite interested in talking to one of my male secretaries, Sepp. He and I used to horse around a lot, talking of olden times, and I used to call him my “Adjutant”, for Sepp had an illustrious past. He had served as an aide-de-camp and interpreter for Field Marshall Kesselring in Italy during the latter part of the war. We were young and brazen then. We thought we would supply some visual aids for our Japanese guests, so for the occasion we dressed Sepp up in a spiffy Nazi uniform of an officer of the communications section – visor’s officer’s cap, the works! The photographer just loved that man and his uniform! I could see why – it would lend authenticity to the story being told for a magazine or television special.

Then my Japanese guests left, loaded with UFO- as well as anti-Holocaust literature, which was of course discussed at great length, once the UFO stuff was out of the way, which did not interest me all that much any more.

In the months that followed, I helped them gain entry to some circles and installations, such as the former German submarine base and bunkers in Bergen, Norway, which operated undamaged until after surrender in May 11th, 1945 – not May 8th! The Norwegians used those facilities, along with the most modern German subs, into the 1970s.

My guests also visited the Hydrographic Institute in Hamburg and looked into the thousands of air photos taken over Antarctica and its German bases, established by the Ritscher Expedition under the protection of Hermann Goering, with Rudolf Hess as the liaison for the project. They went to Camp Dora in the Harz Mountains and to the bunker complexes in the Alpine Redoubt, which figured large in the Allied propaganda in ’44 and ’45. They sent me many postcards from those places. Unfortunately, the 1995 arson claimed all of those files.

In the wake of those visits, UFO orders for books, spotter charts and investigator passes began to pour in from Japan. We even sold frisbees resembling UFOs. The first articles appeared, and true to his word, the writer/reporter had included the 206 Carlton Street address, and we did a brisk business for a while with Japan in that period. Many of my subsequent Holocaust trials were partially paid for by UFO trinkets and donations by fervent supporters who believed in those Nazi UFO stories. In fact, some believe them deeply to this day.

Then one day, I received a call from our Japanese writer. He was in the US, in Los Angeles. Could he drop by? He wanted to make me a proposal about a research trip.

Sure, said I. Come on up.

He arrived within a week and suggested that I accompany him to Latin America, together with another Japanese tape recorder man and photographer, using my trusty German aide – minus Nazi uniform, I insisted! – on the trail of the Nazi UFOs. The expedition was to last from 4 to 7 weeks.

I was still a hands-on graphic artist at that time. I ran a lucrative graphic arts studio, along with my publishing house, and I had important contracts with some of Canada’s largest corporations. There was no way I could stay away that long without losing my business. So we made a compromise. I would not go, but I would lend him my German “Attaché”.

The trip to Chile

My contact there was a man by the name of Mattern, a German who had emigrated to Chile in the 1920s as a professional photographer. In time, he became the official photographer for all the presidents and most of the military big wigs in Chile in the early 1930s and thereafter. He was in and out of the Presidential Palace, the military academies, the Parliament – he simply knew everybody! Chile’s military was thoroughly Prussian, having adopted Prussian drills, ethos, code of honor, WWII German uniforms, helmets – even the goose steps! – which, by the way, they have kept to this day. Just recently, a young Revisionist sent Ingrid a video of such a parade.

The Chilean army under Pinochet was like an extension of the World War II German Army in looks, behavior and feel as well as in outward appearance. Exclusively German marching bands and German marches were, and are, still played to this day by that time warp Chilean army!

Only a few times, Mattern told his guests, did he think that he saw strange aerial activity going on [in Hacienda Dignidad] by even stranger craft. He was never told what was it was, and it was clear to him that the host was unwilling or perhaps under orders not to expand on those strange noises and those odd goings-on.

My man on the scene spoke five languages. As a German military officer on Field Marshall Kesselring’s staff, Sepp had served as a liaison to Benito Mussolini’s government, and as such he had participated in all the high level meetings, including the ones concerning Mussolini’s liberation by German commando leader Otto Skorzeny at the Gran Sasso. But that’s a different story for a different time.

Sepp had memorized the map at the mayor’s office. A decision was made to head out into the general direction of those colored/shaded areas. Sepp was certain it had to be the Hacienda’s location, going by the description of the landscape Mattern had given them in his briefings. Sepp was confident that he could find the Hacienda by asking local people in the foothills.

By now it had begun to rain, and as they were climbing steadily, it was getting colder and darker. Quickly, they left civilization behind. Telegraph poles and electric wires ended. Farmers’ fields gave way to bushland, poor soil, and the odd Indio shack made of corrugated metal roofs, old leftover wooden pallets, crates etc. with run-down or broken down cars strewn in the fields. The road got progressively worse, and the asphalted surface had long given way to potholes and gravel, which made for a bouncy ride as they wound their way ever higher into the foothills.

It was a miserable afternoon drive. The Japanese wanted to turn back. Sepp wanted to press on, and since he was the driver and navigator, German stubbornness won out. With his cold and grumbling passengers getting more weary by the minute, things were heading for a crisis, when suddenly the rain stopped just as they came to an area of clearly man-planted, 25-year-old conifer trees on either side of the road. They could see a light flicker in some hut on a hillside in the distance.

They hit upon a paved road, and soon they found themselves on a driveway with a cut lawn on each side. They could see a white stucco gate, Latin American style, with a high wrought iron fence on either side, and then a long, heavy wire security fence, metal links with barbed wire continuing on into a distant, man-planted forest. They were, in fact, in a turn-around, circular driveway area, and there was even an electric bell.

By the street lamp they could see some metallic reflections in some high birch trees inside the fence behind the large gate, which had a smaller gate for pedestrians on the side of it. This road carried on behind the gate into a well-kept landscaped area, dotted by majestic 25-35 year old coniferous, German-type blue spruce, or Norwegian pine trees familiar to people in Central Europe, the Black Forest and the Alpine regions. There was a winding path up to the blinking light shack a few hundred meters up a steep bank.

It began to drizzle again. The Japanese were lightly clad, shivering and uncomfortable, sitting huddled in the car. Sepp had a waterproof ski jacket and offered to investigate the light, while the others waited. He decided to take a shortcut and climb straight up the hill. It was slippery and rough going – when, suddenly, a car horn sounded, and as he turned around and looked down, he saw several men in non-descript rain coats surrounding the Volkswagen Beetle.

Hastily, he slid down the hillside to get there faster, getting himself wet and muddy by the rain-covered high vegetation. The men had started questioning the Japanese who did not speak Spanish and were clearly at a loss as to what to do next. One of the strange men, to Sepp’s surprise, wore a forage cap used by German mountain troops in World War II, the famous Gebirgsjäger of Oberst Dietl in Narvik, Murmansh and later the Caucasus when they climbed the highest mountain, Mount Elberus, and planted the Swastika flag on the peak, creating a worldwide sensation at the time.

The German spread-eagle insignia and the Edelweiß had been neatly removed from the cap, but one could still see the outline in the sun-bleached material. This man was muscular, bronzed, blue-eyed, and blond. More yet, he spoke a heavily accented Spanish with a clear Bavarian twang, familiar to my south Tyrolian born Sepple! Sepp knew he was in the right place. He knew that was no local Indio or Chilean.

Sepp addressed him in German; however, the man refused steadfastly to answer in German. In Spanish, he asked the team what they wanted, (…) and requested that they hand him their passports, airline tickets, cameras and tape recorders. He then motioned them inside the gate which opened electrically, although no wires or high poles were visible anywhere. He motioned them to drive down the driveway, while the rest of the “reception committee” followed them in their own, four-wheel drive military type vehicle.

After 300-400 meters, they came to a series of typically German type buildings – sturdy masonry with baked-tile roofs, stone and stucco Alpine style architecture. They were told to park their car. Politely, they were assisted with their luggage. They entered a large office/reception type room, tastefully decorated, again Alpine type, and were asked to make themselves comfortable. It was a building with all modern amenities, electric lights, flush toilets, wash basins, typewriters, office desks, office lamps, clothes racks etc. It had the feel of a military officers’ quarters.

By now, it was pitch dark outside.

They were given sandwiches, hot herbal tea, some dessert, and then the interrogations began – at first, separately in different rooms by different people, some of whom spoke English with the Japanese. With Sepp they insisted on speaking Spanish, an odd situation. They could not be persuaded to speak German – even though they were clearly Germans.

No one answered any questions as to where they were, what the place was called. No one admitted that this was indeed Hacienda Dignidad.

The interrogations lasted several hours, and about 10 p.m. they were all brought together again. They were told that they had penetrated a restricted military area without authorization, and that this was a serious offense – that a military police escort was on its way from Parral to pick them up, and that it would be up to the military to decide what to do with them once they got there. Their passports, cameras, tape recorders, films, and luggage would be turned over to the military. It was suggested that they could get some rest in a room that had some bunk beds and blankets, and they were warned not to try anything foolish. They could use the rest room but not leave the building for any reason.

The Japanese seemed pretty upset by all this and wondered what they had gotten into. Their ardor had considerably cooled by then, and they felt it was wiser not to press their luck und instead beat it back to Parral, get their passports back and get out of the jam they were in! They were satisfied that out in nowhere, cut off from civilization, there obviously were people living with all the accountrements of civilization, European no less, who had video surveillance cameras, electricity, flush toilets, heating systems, paved roads, tall metal wire fences, automatic electric door openers as well as a facility where there were multilingual people working in shifts, people connected somehow with the military or at least the federales, the police, who had the power to take people’s passports.

Everybody was tired, and soon all were asleep, only to be wakened in the early morning hours by truck motors howling, doors being slammed, loud voices in Spanish. They were introduced to the head of their military escort – a whole convoy of trucks and jeeps! After a short breakfast, they headed out into more rain and fog, making visibility difficult. Even so, they could make out numerous European type buildings in the distance which looked like part of a community with neatly cut lawns, garden flowers, and all asphalt roads everywhere they looked!

The trip back to Parral was slow and rocky. The team was taken to an army or federal police compound where they were herded into a large room and, once again, separately interrogated. They were told what they already knew – that they had entered a restricted military area without authorization, for which they could be jailed for a substantial period, but seeing that they were foreigners, and that their press credentials and stories checked out, they were only going to lose their undeveloped film, same with the tape recordings. They were told to take their rental car, drive it all the way to Santiago, check at the federales’ posts along the way, have their expulsion orders stamped at each place – and be out of the country in 72 hours! Pronto!

A decade later, I was invited to Princeton University for a lengthy series of Nazi UFO-related interviews, which were aired on prime time Japanese TV in a remarkable if sensationalized UFO special with superb computer animations of realistic Nazi UFOs. (…)

From other sources, such as El Mercurio, a left-leaning mass circulation Chilean newspaper, as well as from the German weekly, Der Stern, and the German news magazine, Der Spiegel, the following story emerges:

Hacienda Dignidad is a colony totally self-sufficient in everything, technologically equipped with the very latest amenities. The community has its own schools, teachers, hospital, medical staff, technical people. It is claimed that mysterious testing of some sort is being carried on at the Hacienda for the Chilean military. Even Chilean senators and parliamentarians find all their efforts blocked, usually by courts, the police, and the military. The German Embassy reports that numerous Germans receive their World War II army, air force, and other pension checks, which are sent to a collective address in the town of Parral, where they are deposited into a joint account.

The El Mercurio newspaper reported already in the late ’40s and ’50s that one of their reporters, in fact, did penetrate the Hacienda terrain via back roads through the mountains, using pack horses, and that he did observe strange flying craft taking off and landing in some remote area of a valley away from the actual community – which is what Mattern reported seeing during his one and only visit in the 1950s or 1960s – I don’t remember now exactly just when his visit took place.

The latest report about Hacienda Dignidad I read in the late 1990s in Der Spiegel. There was talk that the community was run by an autocratic leader. It was described almost like a semi-religious cult, but that there were married couples with children there. After his visit to what he certainly believed had been Hacienda Dignidad or a similar enterprise in the remote foothills of the Chilean mountains, Mattern was of the view that this place was a supply base for fresh fruit and vegetables picked up by “flying saucers”. He also felt that the colony served as a rest/recuperation and medical facility for German-staffed UFO bases further to the South like Tierra del Fuego and even Antarctica proper.

The story of the El Mercurio reporter, except for Mattern the only other human being claimed to have visited Hacienda Dignidad, is in one of my booklets in excerpted form. It was a bestseller in its time and is still widely quoted, as is the hastily organized Admiral Byrd Expedition to the mysterious continent of Antarctica in 1947.

The most extensive photographic documentary is to be found in an exhaustive article in one of the National Geographic Magazines, replete with maps and flight paths of the Byrd overflights, leaving out the far more sensational revelations supposedly contained in Byrd’s private diary, which was forbidden to be published by U.S. authorities – or so it is alleged. Its content was leaked by Admiral Byrd’s son, who himself came to a rather bizarre and mysterious end.
[End excerpt]

Can you blame me for feeling intrigued? And shouldn’t you be, too?

I know someone who functions as a European diplomat at the UN – who is a firm believer in the existence of German UFOs. He told me to keep a close watch on what happens on earth, in the skies, and deep in the oceans.

Some years ago, I saw a write-up about two US Submarines having been “lost” and I third limping home with its schnozzle all crushed up and bandaged.

Here’s what your mainstream media reports:

“The US nuclear submarine USS San Fransisco en route to Brisbane Australia, for a port visit, came up all standing on Saturday, the 8th. of January 2005, when it ran into an underwater mountain about 350 miles south of Guam. One sailor died and 24 were injured.”

Then there was that strange “earthquake”, remember, in Indonesia, causing a gargantuan tsunami that mysteriously spared Diego Garcia? I read somewhere that there is no marine life at the epicenter of that “quake”. It’s probably just wicked conspiracy talk – don’t you think?.

And now we have Japan. Was that really an “earthquake”? Inquiring minds want to know.

I claim no certainty. I just put two and two together. I tell myself: If those darn, wicked Nazis could technically achieve what they achieved in 12 short years – six of which were blood and gore and human suffering beyond description – imagine what they could achieve while working undeterred and undisturbed off-earth?

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78 Comments for “Rudolf Hess: The Führer’s Deputy”

  1. The War Around Us
    About war much has been written.
    More must yet be said by those who saw them die,
    So that the dead may rest, and sight be gained,
    To see war for for what it was, and is:

    War is not fighting, though fighting’s what we see,
    nor is it death, for death is but its end.
    It is the rancor of disunited hearts, the death of love, the end of hope.

    The war around us echoes in our hearts,
    and grants it life.
    Once, mortals dared to tame this ancient beast,
    and yet it thrives.
    Each age must fight this force again, or pay its price!

  2. A fascinating take, if laced with anti-Semitic undertones.
    I would advise the author, as a ranking member of the RCAF, that the QE2 in Toronto is named after CANADA’S Queen, Elizabeth II. Thanks.

    • Antisemitic?
      Someone hates the Somalians?
      I think, if you check, they are Semites.
      Nice folks, a little piracy but nobody is perfect.

  3. Could secret number one be, that the person who died in Spandau was NOT Rudolf Hess ?
    Walter H. Thomas, “Hess: a tale of two murders”

  4. So the Nazis team up with ET, and still manage to lose the war?

    It does not compute.

    • Ingrid Rimland, Ed.D.

      I did not say the Nazis “teamed up” with ETs. I said that some people “in the know” speculate that the Nazis ARE the ETs. :)

      As to why the Germans lost the war – they were fighting against 53 countries that had declared war on them. Pretty bad odds, don’t you think? What country would have managed to hold on to six long, bloody years?! The odds were against them from the beginning. It’s no shame to lose against overwhelming odds.

      • No shame was implied or intended. Far from it.

        I attribute the technology of the 3rd Reich to the ingenuity of the German people; no LGM required.

        It was that ingenuity after all, which caused such fear and consternation in London, Paris, and Moscow as the 19th century ended.

  5. I have read the article and all the comments twice. I will probably read it all again. Really interesting and eye opening .I Thank each and all of you.

  6. I grew up in North Alabama in the 1960’s and 1970’s and was (along with numerous citizens around Huntsville, Alabama) a great fan of German rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun. It inspired in me a great interest in all things European, early 20th Century, and especially the science of Germany (regardless of the “politics”). It eventually prompted me to go on to engineering school and military service. As a young man, I had often wondered WHY did not the “powers that were” allow detailed interviews of Rudolph Hess while he was alive and the single remaining inmate of that massive Spandau prison. I remember thinking what a treasure trove of secrets, insights, and stories he could tell us about the German Reich. While Albert Speer’s “Inside the Third Reich” was partially written and smuggled out of Spandau prison, the book was a bit dry and probably “slanted” for Speer’s own personal redemption. If only Hess had been able to write and smuggle out a similar set of book notes! At least to explain WHY he actually flew out of Germany, what he had hoped to accomplish, and why he thought he had been muzzled for all those years after the war.

    As for all the German “technology” aspects and theoretical speculations, they are all feasible within the realm of physical & engineering possibilities (in my professional scientific opinion) – even as far back as the early 20th Century (as Tesla had proven). It is a FACT that our entire U.S.A. military has been built and/or improved using Nazi research and applied science – from small arms to jet technologies to rockets/ICBM’s/space boosters (just to name a FEW). With our compartmentalized system of research and development, as well as “black programs”, there’s no telling what else our secret scientists are doing.

    As to the “extra terrestrial connection”, prominent scientists (including Von Braun and his mentor Dr. Hermann Oberth) admitted that they “had been helped” by “peoples of other worlds”. Donald Rumsfeld is one amongst the prominent living connections to these legendary scientists but he’s not talking.

    Great article and “food for thought” – thanks to author and all the poster’s.

    • Hi James-

      great thanks for posting your thoughts-

      all I can say is: read the works of Joseph Farrell, especially “Nazi International”-

      yes, I wouldn’t deny an ET influence on this planet (can anyone with the ability to put two brain cells together believe we humans are the only sentient beings in this vast universe?)-

      but many “sightings” can be attributed to an advanced terrestrial technology- read Farrell-

      as for Gary McKinnon’s testimonies: we won’t go there today…

  7. Great work! Just as a junkie can’t reform until he hits rock bottom, the current crop of Americans cannot ever hope to achieve anything positive whatsoever until they individually and collectively come to terms with the truth about Germany, Hitler’s party, and the second big war — and the fact that the so-called and self-styled land of the free bears the lion’s share of responsibility for the victory of Demonic Talmudic Marxism over the entire planet. Long live Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess and the NSDAP!
    Other than that, while you are on the topic of nazi UFOs, what do you know about Viktor Shauberger and his Vortex machines? Don’t they seem a lot more likely then aliens from outer space?

  8. Dr Zundel — thank you for posting your fascinating article. I only wish you hadn’t quoted that first section from Metrapedia — the last two paragraphs of that section are absurdly self-contradictory. If the information has already been removed from the file, how could it be removed in 2016 or 2017 (Metrapedia gives both dates)? Wikipedia is full of similar absurdities, so I’m not being unfair to Metrapedia.

  9. Wolfy, that investigator of the alleged gas chambers was Fred Leuchter who filed “The Leuchter Report. The covering lies about him and his work can be Googled. Wikipedia is heinously snide. Fred visited the camp sites to obtain evidence for use in defending Ernst and Dr, Faurisson who were on trial for challenging the bullshit. I will need to e-mail you Ingrid. sheesch, forgot my point.

  10. Thank God for the Zundels, and V.T for getting the REAL STORY OUT !

  11. 2 things I’d like to bring uphere;

    1) There a guy from Massachsetts who went to (Germany/Poland) area’s and said he perfected a way to test for ZyclonB Gas and never found any traces in the Wood, bricks or soil of any camp he went to. (I lost the site I found this info but will search for it again).

    2) When I was stationed in Germany I was able to go to the Mountains of (sp) Oberamague and see the remains of (what we were told) enterance’s to underground caves/bunkers. And that it was a crime to try to dig into the dirt as there were different kinds of boobytraps. Some which would release poison gas.
    I now wounder what’s really up (down) with those old bunkers and caves. Could they have been revised by some group? Still/back in service?

    Also, I guess after reading (and checking some of this info) I can pretty much throw out my old school HISTORY BOOKs.

    (side note/question: anyone have any extra asprin to share)? please

  12. The biggest secret Hess and other nazis took to thier graves…they were all jews! including chief rabbi adolf hitler.
    Look at the second picture of Hess, beside his gravestone, Hess looks like Corey Feldman, he was even born in egypt, the birth place of the “jews”

  13. Why would German UFOs target Indonesia and Japan? Japan is historically friendly to Nazi Germany, and Indonesia friendly to Japan? Or is this HAARP at work?

    Nice one about Japan defeating the United States economically in return for shaming them before the other Asian states. Too bad South Korea and China have now overtaken Japan economically and militarily. I am not trolling, simply making an observation.

    If NSDAP UFOs wanted to help Japan and Germany, why are they taking their own sweet time?

  14. Sehr geehrte Frau Dr. Zündel,

    just about everything you and your husband wrote and published in this posting has been impeccably researched, impeccably documented and completely corroborated by other sources:

    Hacienda Dignidad: Peter Levenda’s riveting “Unholy Alliance”-

    advanced Nazi technologies (and “Adolf”‘s most probable escape to Argentina via Spain): Joseph Farrell’s jaw-dropping “Nazi International” and “Roswell and the Reich”-

    but I still can’t help feeling there is an even much more sinister force behind all of this Nazi/Adolf/Hess, etc. scenario-

    not to mention Jürgen Mölleman’s parachute demise- and Hannelore Kohl’s “suicide”

    warmest regards from Cardillac in Germany

  15. Why is my post not shown?

    • Fourth attempt to post

      Churchill, Winston (1874-1965), British Prime Minister: “Germany is becoming too strong. We must crush her.” To American General Robert E. Wood, in November 1936. Quoted in: Peter H. Nicoll, Englands Krieg gegen Deutschland, p. 83.

      Churchill, Winston: “Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.” Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby, as quoted in: Sidney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War (Foreword to the second edition 2001), originally published in 1938.

      Churchill, Winston: “I do not want suggestions as to how we can disable the economy and the machinery of war; what I want are suggestions as to how we can roast the German refugees on their escape from Breslau.” Quoted in: Juan Maler, Die Unvollendete, p. 27.

  16. Churchill, Winston (1874-1965), British Prime Minister: “Germany is becoming too strong. We must crush her.” To American General Robert E. Wood, in November 1936. Quoted in: Peter H. Nicoll, Englands Krieg gegen Deutschland, p. 83.

    Churchill, Winston: “Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.” Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby, as quoted in: Sidney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War (Foreword to the second edition 2001), originally published in 1938.

    Churchill, Winston: “I do not want suggestions as to how we can disable the economy and the machinery of war; what I want are suggestions as to how we can roast the German refugees on their escape from Breslau.” Quoted in: Juan Maler, Die Unvollendete, p. 27.

  17. Like many other’s I have always been interested in UFO’s and thier origins. I find this and Dr. Zundel’s work extremely interesting. I truly believe that we WILL know the truth of this subject one day
    Other the that being said, All I can howl about this subject is; Mr. Spock, please bring the Vulcan’s here to save us from our selves”.

    All I need now is a BBQ’d rack-o-ribs

  18. My email is required for monitoring purposes and quite frankly, I dont give a crap any longer – These people are the same group of poeple with the same ideals that are responsible for all genocides, all wars, all hatred and all pain anyone has ever suffered, ever. They believe they are above everyone. Can you tell me who believes this? What group of poeple believe this? From the tower of Babel to the modern day internet stories, we are all conditioned and controled beyond all of our imaginations by a group of poeple with the same ideals. We are infultrated by parasitic beings sucking us all dry with thier ideas and beliefs. No living man is above any other living man. Your state of life is only a concept in your own mind and if you look at it closely you will see your own beliefs of what you are are from another person wishing to parasite from you. All the angels and demons crap is all there for control. You are the center of your universe and knowing that, you are responsible for your own existence and your own self. Find your own inner selves and your own spirit. You don’t need anyone else to look after you or to control you. If all of us lived by the rules of the universe then all life would balance. I don’t know you, but I love you, unconditionally for all eternity. Darren

  19. Great article and thanks to Ernst for enabling some of us to try to make sense of it all.

  20. My apologies for lack of knowledge: I met Ernst long ago at a gathering of the IHR before all the sabotage and bickering began, and anothertime at one of the Liberty Lobby confabs; I’m sorry to say I did not take the time to talk with him. Hence, I know nothing of his interest in “UFO” technology, which holds a key to all the clean energy potential for the planet. The Mattoids in power must be gnashing teeth and pulling hair to get a handle on it. I would ask Ernst if he knew the late Dr, Hans Nieper, who, even moreso than medicine, held a powerful interest in the use of gravity as a motive force. I think Haushofer was a name he mentioned. I wish I had more interest at the time. Memory not great any more, but snaps back with a reminder in right direction. Did Ernst have interest in the “Ancient astronaut Society? (1977 meeting in Zurich?)

  21. For much of what follows I owe a debt of gratitude to the Bletchley Park code breaker John Burrows whose remit was the Hess coded signals, and Churchill secretaries Joan Bright-Astley and Patrick Kinna.

    Patrick claimed that the Focus group that backed Churchill were vampire-like Jewish bankers who twisted everything backwards and were jocularly known not as the Focus group but the Sucof group. These bankers wanted revenge on Germany for banning them and their usurious banking practises. These same bankers under Juan March had also bribed Franco to keep Spain out of the war; so Churchill was afraid that their apparent anti communism might make them side with Hitler.

    Even at that late juncture the war could have been stopped had Winston Churchill and his financial backers not been committed to it.

    However, as I’ve claimed at lectures, Hess’s seizure was an MI6 ‘sting’ operation to bring him into British hands. This despite the fact that most British intelligence personnel were against the war, which is why Churchill started the Special Operations Executive recruiting them from left leaning, pro communist linguists.

    The TV producer John Leighs statement fits what we know; when he said Hess’s arrival was expected and his father who was in MI6 was told, and I quote: “get into your motorbike and sidecar and go and pick up a senior German official and bring him back here, use utmost haste before the others get to him”.

    The “others” I take to mean Churchill’s men.

    Remember that Neville Chamberlain previously commissioned a secret 4-year investigation into Hitler and the Third Reich, which concluded that Germany was not a threat to Britain but to Russia; which is why when Britain was the world’s biggest sea power, Germany did not build up hers believing that Britain could join them against Russia.

    Incidentally Chamberlain, like intelligence chief Vernon Kell, the king’s brother the Duke of Kent and Polish leader General Sikorski were all murdered because they disagreed with Churchill’s plans for war. While the head of the British naval intelligence Admiral Barry Domville was incarcerated without trial throughout the war for insisting that the Soviets, not Germany, was the real threat.

    So closely did Neville Chamberlain’s government work with Germany against the Communist threat prior to WWII that Joachim Von Ribbentrop, the German diplomat asked permission from both governments if he could retire to Cornwall. The author Andrew Lanyon spent 3 years researching this and claimed that Ribbentrop loved the region, particularly St Ives. While Hitler himself wanted Britain to be a holiday retreat for all Anglo-Saxon peoples.

    Because the Russian royal family were murdered in 1917 in the Rothschild sponsored revolution, Britain’s own Royal family who were close to their Russian cousins, were terrified of a communist take over and secretly supported Hitler. Even while the Queen Mother was being particularly vocal about how awful Hitler was, she was secretly sending money to the Nazis.

    This despite her well-known miserliness reveals how afraid the Royal Family was of communism. While the real reason for the abdication of the immensely popular King Edward VIII had nothing to do with Wallace Simpson, but his continual peacemaking efforts with Nazi Germany.

    The British Home Secretary Herbert Morrison, a senior member of the Jewish underground supporting Russia, is on record as saying that he “wished to see Bolshevisation all across Europe.”

    The records for Manton Court where Rudolph Hess was held are still in the restricted archives. Although Hess was continually drugged and beaten, never once did he tell who the supporters for peace were either in the Royal family or outside it. And although he was locked up throughout the war he was still found guilty at Nuremberg and remained imprisoned for the rest of his life.

    There have been many questions about whether the man held at Spandau was indeed Hess and if he did in fact commit suicide in 1987.

    The war department propaganda operative Sefton Delmer said in a rare radio interview that Hess was incarcerated and subsequently murdered to stop him from telling what really happened. Now I don’t have any political leanings either way but I do feel that after 70 years we should know the truth of why we declared war on Germany when WWII could have been stopped with Hess’s visit.

    As far as I’m concerned this exposes Winston Churchill for the traitor he really was.

    T Stokes, London

    With thanks to many people including arresting officers, Spandau guards and intelligence personnel over many years.

    Also see: ‘The life and death of Rudolph Hess’ by Wolf Rudiger Hess, his son.

    Read more here on my site: A Real-Life Man in the Iron Mask Story

    • The Rothschilds marked the entire Romanov dynasty for extermination since they always recognized the dangerof Roth banks and refused their establishment in Russia, and were the only force in Europe able to beat the daylights out of Rothschild proxy wars against Russia.

      But the last straw was when Pres. Lincoln asked Tsar Alexander for assistance during our Civil War, because the parasitic Roths saw the conflict as a golden opportunity to establish their disgusting Central Bank for the third time, having been kicked out of America twice before.

      The Tsar sent his Black Sea and Pacific Fleets to guard our Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and warned any potential intruders that he would consider any blockade intruder that it would be considered an act of war against Russia and would be dealt with accordingly.

      It was successful and the Rothschild street rats were blocked again, so when their Bolshevik street rats took power the Romanovs were confined and moved to a place where they could be systematically and sadistically degraded and executed by Rothschild approved street rats.

      As for the British Royals, I think they know how dangerous the Rothschild street rats are, and indeed the War of 1812 between Britain and America happened only because Congress ( which actually followed the Constitution in those days) refused to renew the Roth Rat Bank established 20 years earlier thanks to the efforts of their Cabinet agent, Alexander Hamilton.

      Back in London, that swollen porker Nathan Rothschild was furious that he was refused, and said, “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status.”

      Since he controlled the Bank of England he was in a position to tell the King what to do and he did. After who knows how many British, American, Indian, and civilian deaths, Congress relented and the Roths got their Rat Bank and a charter for another 20 years and then it was Andrew Jackson’s turn to fight with them and he did.

      So when the Tsar blocked them it was more than they could manage, and of all the monarchies they targeted and destroyed they took particular pleasure in the destruction of the Romanovs. There is something particularly strange in street rats destroying royals and then trying to act like blue-bloods. They are just cockroaches with butterfly wings glued on and thinking no one will notice.

      Central bankers are cockroaches, street rats, perverts, and should always be considered as such. They should be rounded up and left on an island to leech off each other. While they have any control over our money there will always be artificial wars and bloodshed.

      • Hi Ann,

        tremendous insights- I agree (do to my own research) with every word you wrote-

        but for more info on whether the Romanovs were really massacred or not, do read “The File on the Tsar” (1987 edition- not the newer one where the authors rather strangely refute their earlier impeccable research) by Anthony Summers/Tom Mangold, if you haven’t done so already-

        warmest regards

        • Much as I would like to think even one Romanov survived the savage execution, I cannot since the Rothschild funded Bolsheviks even hunted down extended members of the Imperial Family and killed them in cold blood.

          Empress Alexandra’s sister Princess Elizabeth often travelled from Germany to visit and eventually met and married a Russian Grand Duke. They were very kindly and generous and when he was killed during one of the Bolsheviks’ early murder and terror sprees, his widow entered the Russian Orthodox sisterhood and used their huge fortune to build orphanages and clinics. In old footage she can sometimes be seen in clerical garb walking behind the Empress.

          She was much loved by the Russian people, please don’t buy into central banker approved versions of things. She had established about 50 tuberculosis and womens’ clinics by the time the street rats came to power, no small thanks to the Federal Reserve.

          I still don’t understand why the Russians don’t demand reparations for loss of life, and the return of all stolen gold, royal regalia, etc. There is abundant evidence that the Fed is at the root of the carnage inflicted on Russia.

          Sr. Elizabeth was rounded up with some others, and along with several Russian officers they were all thrown down a mineshaft and explosives thrown in after. When the bodies were recovered later by loyal Russians they could see that even with painful and fatal injuries she tended to the others by using her own garb to bandage their injuries. She was royal to the bone and to the very end.

          The Romanov Imperial Family was the supreme trophy so there was no way one of them would be allowed to survive and counter the street rat Roths. Even Yurovsky, the killers’ lead thug that night, wrote about his role in the shooting, how he reserved the Tsar’s murder for himself, the details of the other murders, how the girls were finished off with bayonets, and how he personally finished off the young Prince who was still alive after it all. He was two weeks shot of his fourteenth birthday. They even cut Anastasia’s pet dog to bits.

          All the bodies were stripped and dismembered and soaked in acid, then buried I think once before being dug up and dumped down a mineshaft. One of the personal items later found at this place was a lovely little ruby ring that Alexandra rarely took off, for it was given to her by Nicholas when they met in London as teenagers, as a keepsake until they were old enough to marry.

          Isn’t is amazing that the DC decendants of the street rats who murdered the Tsar now just love to refer to themselves as Czar of this or that? Imagine that, street rats trying to act like royals. Common thieves trying to be cultured. What a hoot. They don’t even have good manners, and no class at all. And academic dunces to top it off.

          Cockroaches with butterfly wings glued on.. Silk purse, pig’s ear. On and on.

          As Charles Dickens wrote, ” No amount of varnish can ever hide the grain of the wood, for the more varnish you put on, the more the wood will express itself.”

          I will look into the book you mentioned, thanks. Online there is an account by Alexandra’s valet, called “The Memories of Alexei Volkov” which gives an inside account of the IF before and during their arrest. Very sad.

          • Hi Ann,

            thanks so very much for your extremely detailed response- greatly appreciated-

            the book I mentioned goes into quite some detail about Yurovsky-

            and as far as the “massacre” at the Ipatiev house in Yekaterinburg is concerned, good ol’ Heinz Kissinger once stated “that story is bullshit”- I’ll think we’ll both agree that HK is most definitely a well-informed insider, but can we trust everything he’s ever said?- sorry, rhetorical question…

            but as Anna Anderson stated: “there was no massacre there”-

            all I can say is, if you have the time and interest, do try to get a copy of the ’87 edition of the Summers/Mangold book- it’s unfortunately out of print so you might have to read a used copy (as I did)-

            supposedly the later edition (2002?) refutes the earlier impeccably documented evidence due to DNA evidence- huh?!- whose DNA?- AA was cremated just hrs. after her death- is it possible to retrieve DNA evidence from cremated ashes, what, with those high temperatures?- and if all the Romanovs were iced and subsequently soaked in acid, how could evidence be extracted from AA’s ashes and compared with acid-soaked bodily remains of the rest of the family?-

            anyway, we both know that DNA testing is not infallible- it’s whatever certain folks want it to be- nothing is infallible- absolutely nothing-

            if you have the time, do delve into the book and then make up your own mind-

            again, thanks for your great response-

            many warmest regards from Cardillac in Germany

      • It’s heartwarming to read so many intelligent, well-informed comments all in one place following an equally intelligent article. Thanks.

        • Hi Babette,

          I agree with you totally-

          it’s probably because this website and it’s contributors/writers are intelligent and well-informed

  22. The Germans back-engineered Tesla’s ‘teleforce’ technology and ‘free energy’ technology, and were ahead of America and England during WWII. Long before WWII, Tesla became a non-person in America after the betrayal by Tesla’s financial backers of the Wardenclyffe tower. It makes sense that Tesla lost confidence in the American (high) society , and negotiated with German patent office directors and the German government for patenting his devices. The now 84 year old son of a German patent office director (Klaus Jebens) showed a European audience during a ‘Tesla’ conference I participated the evidence of the plans handed by Tesla to his father about patenting a free energy device in 1930 (the one that energized his Pierce Arrow car). I ASSUME Hess wanted to share this information with the Anglosaxon world in order to establish world wide peace, but his offer was turned down. After Hess’ confessions about the back-engineered Tesla tech, the Anglosaxon leaders realised they had to conquer Germany as quickly as possible, before the Germans were able to develop Tesla’s technology any further. Their evil monopolies were in grave danger.

  23. Dear Mrs Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel. All one can say is – Thank you. You are a light in our very dark Talmudic world. I would only want to dream that one day, our Volk’s Army will come down from the sky!! :O)

  24. Thank you Ingrid, for reupping this .
    As I did remember Ernsts text and searched for it a few times and could not find it.
    Now I have filed it safely.

    Also as a silly old woman my musings are suspect BUT I think maybe Hess was
    enticed to Britain so he could be got out of the company of our Leader clearing the
    way for removal of AH and substitution of a doppleganger to fool the people
    and puppet for the enemy states.
    It would be of a benefit if voice recognition could be used on the AH before and
    after Barbarossa. Hess could not be fooled and might have been ready to share what
    AH and certain others knew who then found it expeditious to quietly leave Germany
    after the capture of Hess and subsail to SA and NEU SCHWABENLAND.
    jus’ musin’ here. ;)

    • Hmmm,perhaps you may be onto something here.I’ve often wondered why AH made so many military blunders, especially when he had the Soviets on the ropes.The real Hitler seemed to be a man of reason and caution.It doesn’t seem plausible to me that he would all of a sudden, go against the counsel of the men(his Generals) that had brought him victory up to that point.Either he was a Zionist double agent,or perhaps his double had somehow taken over to deliberately sabotage the German war effort.Perhaps that is also why his greatest General,(Rommel) was in on the plot to kill him.Like you,just speculating here.I wonder if we will ever uncover the real truth.
      By the way,this is a great website.It is one of my favorites.

  25. Also another part to the puzzle, Von Braun the father of rocketry got NASA to the moon, there is archived footage from nazi germany of von braun with other nazis working on the v2 rockets. THE same man who worked for NASA. Through project paperclip (many might have heard of this) Nazi scientists were recuited to america to build the space program. Here is where things get weird. Take a serious look at the USSR space programme, literally each stage is the same as the american space program, the russians just had more gadgets, for instance the Buran was UNMANNED, only ceased because of the collapse of the USSR by design. SOMEBODY was feeding the USSR and the americans the same space technology, or at least the plans were strikingly similar.

    So much queerness of history raises more questions. I believe it is more than possible there was a third space program, not public, running along side the 2 ‘competing’ space programs. The space program was there to make the public accept this is the best that can be done, which is rubbish because even the US military bought up the canadian company that made the Avro Arrow, who made the Avro Car a flying saucer that flew, it was not stable but it did fly and hover.

    Scientists in germany worked on quantum physics something todays public is getting back into.

    Research the militarys project Venture Star which was scrapped. The spaceship in avatar is also called Venture Star. The Symbol of Starfleet Command from Star Trek (fiction?) is eerily similar to the US Air Force symbol. Just like how the symbol of the USSR is the same as the UN and United Federation of Planets (star trek fiction?)

    If the secret compartments of the military industrial complex don’t have advanced technology they are incredibly stupid. They steal Teslas technology, steal John Hutchisons work, The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 makes sure if a patent is going to harm “national security” the patent is secret. Anything that is good to solve the worlds problems is considered to be national security because it would end the corrupt hypocrisy.

    Curious many people who were on the inside like Von Braun spoke out against this corrupt system when he was dying of cancer! Many other whisteblowers speak out when they are dying of cancer. Search RUN FROM THE CURE the government has known how to cure cancer for 36 years! Who keeps that secret? Maybe those who stand to lose billions in profits selling poison. There is a lot of misinfo about curing cancer, for example vitamin b17 I heard is a cancer cure, eating properly is a cancer cure, which are disinfo because vitamin b17 is ANTI CANCER it does not remove it. Eating properly (organic) will prevent cancers because cancer needs an acidic body to thrive, but eating right won’t cure the cancer. You need the High THC hemp oil like Rick Simpsons Cancer Cure, even terminal cancer patients that have less than 24 hours left to live they are still living after eating the cancer cure high THC hemp oil.

    Why are there so many trolls on the internet, paid shills and agents? Why is Alex Jones spreading disinfo? See for evidence

    The reason there is so much disinfo, and so many shills is because they are trying to disempower people from researching and finding the truth. If some shill talks some truth, then spreads disinfo some might think the little truth is disinfo. Example: people think antimatter is science fiction. Some people refuse to accept the truth that I do not eat meat/fish or dairy products, yet I am healthy. Some people refuse to accept that.

  26. During the 90th I lived 4 years in Santiago de Chile and I remember that the so called La Colonia Dignidad was constantly in the Chilean news. The news was actually about the constantly failing attempts to capture the so called pedophile and ex nazi Paul Schäfer, the leader of the Hacienda Dignidad. To me those news bulletins sounded like coverups, but I did not know in those days what they were covering up. My question to you Ingrid is, is this Paul Schäfer actually the same person as the sub Captain Schäfer mentioned in the letter of Ernst on Rense?

  27. As I remember it, in most years, it was the Soviet Union that vetoed the release of Hess at an annual four-power meeting. Then, one year in the 1970s, the Soviets approved his release, and it was the British who blocked it. I remember reading that in a short article in Newsweek, and expected that there would be much followup about this, but there was none, and I never saw the issue mentioned again in the mainstream media.

    BTW, that highway in Ontario is called the “Queen Elizabeth Way” or QEW, and it is named, not for the current monarch Elizabeth II, but for her mother, Queen (Consort) Elizabeth, the wife of George VI, known in later years as the Queen Mother.

    • I remember learning it that way, too. It must have been the approved central banker version spoon-fed to all of us. Our version went like this: the four powers took turns guarding Hess three months at a time; then they got to the point where AmFrBr voted annually to release Hess but Rus said no, so it was no.

      Then Gorby came to power and looked at the books, finances, etc., and decided to agree with the other three the next time the issue came up. Historians were practically lined up outside for interviews upon his release.

      That must have sent our slave masters into another wild panic and they probably had to think of something really fast. At that point the story is blurred, because I learned that shortly after Hess heard that he would be released he hanged himself, which might be the most amateurish state lie of all time.

      As I was told, or rather lied to, he was under constant guard and allowed a supervised 1/2 hour daily walk in the yard. During one of these walks, the American guard was called away and in that space of time this elderly prisoner just happened to find rope, an interior space with the beams for hanging, and a chair to climb up and soundlessly measure and constrct his own gallows, and hang himself rather than walk out, in about 30 minutes. All this in a high security prison, he being the only prisoner.

      Yeah, right.

      What I would like to know is why they kept him alive for that long, because murder is just a passtime for them. Did he have the key to something they needed and think that he would eventually break and tell them? Or was that very key the thing that he knew would keep him alive as long as he did not share it with them?

      As for raiding the graves for bones, that kind of depravity is routine at the top. I can’t even speculate what kind of power our ruling kooks hope to gain from them but it can’t be anything healthy.

  28. I hope every word of it is true, and that the last battalion is out there, tha nazis wanted to secure the freedom of people from the world bankers and their ilk.
    Their peace offer was rejected because it would have crippled those people directly affected by its intent.
    Those people still rule the world today, with a bunch of indentured slaves piling money into their pockets.
    I hope the NAZI military machine was everything it was reputed to be, This also explains why great pains have been taken to destroy the character and meaning of the NAZI ideology, its intent is to ensure freedom of those who have been made slaves by a ruling class.
    By ensuring that everyone believes they were the embodiment of evil, when they return, people will join up to fight for them not realising they should just not participate, and to let natural justice take its course.
    One way or another it will.
    Excellent thought exercise.

    • Churchill, Winston (1874-1965), British Prime Minister:

      “Germany is becoming too strong. We must crush her.”

      To American General Robert E. Wood, in November 1936.
      Quoted in: Peter H. Nicoll, Englands Krieg gegen Deutschland, p. 83.

      Churchill, Winston: “Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war
      was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system
      and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance
      its opportunity to profit.”

      Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby, as quoted in: Sidney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War (Foreword to the second edition 2001), originally published in 1938.

      Churchill, Winston: “I do not want suggestions as to how we can disable the economy
      and the machinery of war; what I want are suggestions as to how we can roast
      the German refugees on their escape from Breslau.”

      Quoted in: Juan Maler, Die Unvollendete, p. 27.


  29. i was brought up in the north of scotland by grandparents.there was a small community of german blokes in the area owing to a re education centre at watten near wick for german prisoners 9000 were given new identities and jobs . one taught me history ..i had many interesting conversations with some of those people who were close to death and told me all. a couple of interesting books to read are THE NAMELESS WAR by capt archibald .m.ramsey . THE TUTANKAMUN DECEPTION by gerrald o farrel .they paint you a picture of why 2 wars started .was that man hess injuries hess had were not present in that man as with hitlers alleged remains for a total head f*** get a read of THE NATIONAL EPIC OF UCUTIA the oral traditions & legends of the pesants of siberia . you will wonder about aliens then

  30. An incredible article Dr. Zundel! I am a great fan of “revisionist” history, and the people who made that history. You asked and perhaps as well answered some of the questions I have had over the years. I seem to have an insatiable curiosity if you will about things. So many things at first glance do not add up. The story of Rudolf Hess is one of them, and I thank you for a both enlightening and well-written article.

  31. Hi Ingrid,

    What I miss is the location where Rudolf Hess was kept prisoner. That was in the Netherlands in Breda and the prison, where he was the only prisoner, was right opposite the High School I went to. Only at the end of his life he was transferred to Spandau. Further surely your article makes much sense…

  32. Dear Ingrid,
    Very fascinating article, I truly enjoyed reading.
    Many atrocities went un-punished and and many were persecuted and executed unjustly.
    Churchill hasn’t been given credit for being one of the worst war criminals and a drunk idiot at the best of times.
    Written history is often lopsided but (some) truth has a way of surfacing eventually.
    The day will come when we can see more clearly what really happened in those troubled times and descentants of certain families/ethnicities going to feel very uneasy.

  33. Today whole Europe is result of declaration to war to Germany-24 March 1933 – World Judea declared war to Germany.Can we ask for compensation from Tel Aviv ?

  34. This type of satanic inhumanity – digging up old men’s graves decades after they were laid to rest – is an example of the root cause of anti-Semitism. Normal folk would have gotten over their hatred and moved on. Talmudists aren’t “normal.”

    I don’t see any campaign to dig up Joseph Stalin.

    • Talmudists also aren’t “semites”, so kindly drop the indoctrinated “anti-semitism” reference (unless ascribing it to the ONLY true anti-Semites, the Talmudists and their cohorts themselves).

      • hear,hear Penumbra….

        • “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3). They must really hate the TRUTH!!! :LO)

          “Ashke-nazi-m, the Ashkenazim are one of the two major divisions of the Jews, the other being the Shephardim.” Makes you REALLY wonder!!

    • Honestly; I can’t imagine the Talmud-toters lifting a shovel to dig for anything, much less a six foot grave…

  35. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Zundel and her husband. I admire them greatly. The following is not meant to diminish them and their work.

    I am having a very difficult time with the above article. For example, according to it, Mr. Zundel apparently compared the behavior of the Chilean army of Pinochet to that of the German army of The Second World War. I am sorry, but German soldiers did not terrorize innocent people on a massive scale, using the most hideous and sadistic forms of torture one could possibly think of. Did Mr. Zundel actually say and write that? If he did so, did he retract it in the face of the mountain of evidence that, most unlike the German soldiers and their leaders, the Chiliean military and Pinochet were corrupt and sadistic thugs backed to the hilt by the JewSA? Have I misunderstood what is written here?

    Bizarre findings in the Antartic?


    Hitler escaped the bunker?

    The ever handy and magical South American/’Nazi’ connection?

    I was so excited to see a new article written by the truly wonderful and courageous Dr. Zundel– about the great, noble and tragic figure of Rudolf Hess, no less. Her other articles here are excellent. However, now, I am feeling confused and a little bewildered.

    What is going on, here? Please, let me know if I have grossly misunderstood something.

  36. The technological leads the Germans had over the Allies are not consistent with a UFO type technology leap. Advances in jet technology over the allies were literally a matter of months. If the US had funded Goddard’s rocket work, The US would have been a decade ahead of Germany. Von Braun’s work was based on Goddard’s research. As student of WWII I wish to thank you for your honest research of the ‘holocaust’. I’m encouraged by the amount of honest research being done that shatters the pre-conceived notions of the war. The series of books by David Glantz about the Eastern Front calls into question the accuracy of what was once fact. His sources and references are exhaustive and completely documented. He’s evenly criticized by Germans and Russians. He must be doing something right! As a student of history my goal is to find the truth. If that reflects poorly on my nation, then so be it. The blatant untruths and lies we are fed about the events as recent as the 20th century amaze me. How do we really know about world history? We know what we are told.

  37. I knew Rudolf Hess’ grandson, who looked remarkably like him. Like Ann stated above, there are many uncovered truths about this War, Germany, and the 20th Century. Voltaire stated it best, “History is the lie commonly agreed upon”. We know that the victors of war are the ones that get to write its history. Nevertheless, there are always going to be differing views, even in the opposing revisionist circle. Who really was Hitler? Not one historian, including the best, without a doubt, is able to answer this. David Irving, the “reluctant revisionist”, appears to be the leading historian regarding Germany’s World War II. However, even his rigorous research doesn’t answer all the questions about this man named Adolf Hitler. Nevertheless, the “official” story of Hitler and Nazi Germany has become greatly distorted. And, if not for the rational voice of revisionists, there would, in a hundred years or so, great grandchildren of ours dressed in Herr Hitler costumes, alongside Count Dracula, scaring others on Holoween night. Enough said, even the story of Vlad Dracula has bee greatle distorted. My point is that revisionists will have differing views. No one is, however, an eye witness to the events that unfolded. So, there needs to be professional respect to the research, views, conclusions, and conjectures of revisionists. I know the tragedy that befell Ernst Zundel. Indeed, he is a great man of this movement. Michael Hoffman was a witness to the great trials of Zundel in Canada. As a reporter, he has written a book of this. However, Hoffman, Ernst, and Rimland were never acclaimed as being leading revisionist historians of WWII. So, let’s make it clear and remove any biases as a result of the man (Zundel), who has been silenced and removed as a leader of revisionism, to work in unity. Revisionism needs to remain as a counterweight to the growing mythology of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

  38. Eiuropa Will Rise

    Thankyou for this beautiful website!Along with David Irving,s daily’ACTION REPORT I intend to make it a favorite.All,who are interested in the magnificents of German technology,andb particularly air technology during the, beauty that was The Third Reich must see LUFT 46′.com.In the the thrilling plans on that site, one can see why a corrupt Judiac world assualted and destroyed that hope,so that we could come to the ugly dark world we reside in today.

  39. The article opines that Bormann’s skeleton was found.
    There is not one jot of evidence proving any such thing; the book “The Quest” details in no uncertain terms what happened to Bormann, it can be found quite easilym it is by Frank Brandenburg and Ib Melchior.
    Bormann made it out of Germany and got to Spain and entered into a business there.
    The research and names named in the book are such that any claims about Bormann to the contrary are suspect at best.

  40. Hess knew where judge crather was buried.

  41. Could/would somebody please explain why there is a big old swimming pool on the grounds of Auschwitz???

    It is still there to this day.

    • Perhaps It was an acid bath so that they could get rid of bodies…by enjoying the prospect of a gentle swim…..

      • Some people slurp up the anti-gentile tripe more than others. Media manipulation of history is fracturing.

    • To Swim in also watch games of Polo

      Swimming Pool at Auschwitz

      * Let us hope the schoolchildren visitors are properly taught about the elegant swimming-pool at Auschwitz, built by the inmates who watched the water-polo matches (6); and were shown paintings from its art class, which still exist; and told about the camp library which had some forty-five thousand volumes for inmates to choose from, plus a range of periodicals; and the six camp orchestras at Auschwitz/Birkenau, its the theatrical performances, including a children’ s opera, the weekly camp cinema, and even the special brothel established there. Let’s hope they are shown postcards written from Auschwitz, some of which still exist, where the postman would collect the mail twice-weekly. Thus the past may not always be quite, as we were told.

      * Here is a map of the base-camp at Auschwitz, showing key features worth a visit: its library, hospital, kitchen, swimming-pool and theatre – as well as the touristic, postwar-constructed ‘gas chamber’

    • And what about the bowling alleys, beautiful forested walking paths, theatre, and many other entertainment facilities?

  42. Dr. Rimland Zundel,

    There is much to be yet uncovered about the convulsive 20th century, thanks for finding and sharing more of the clues. You probably already know, but if not have a look at Antony Sutton’s “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler,” in print and online. The two world wars were surprises only to those who were not in on the planning years before each, the management during, and the restructuring afterwards.

  43. Whoa Vox, it is med time.

    • Sorry, no matter how many times my words are removed from sites for political incorrectness and for not being a submissive goyim, I will continue to post them at places where the bloggers are not mentally damaged by joodyizm. For almost all of you the “jewish question” is rhetorical. For me, I have lived the horror of having come in to contact with these cancerous parasites and lived to tell about it. Once you have you know that you have seen the face of Satan.

  44. Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel

    Sorry about the lack of indentations, graphics etc. I am still learning.

    • You have nothing for which to apologize. It is those who have fabricated the tapestry of lies and false history who should be on their knees begging your forgiveness. Keep shining your light.

    • Interesting article Ingrid.
      However, sophisticated UFO technology would require a very complex technical support system
      and a diverse manufacturing base.
      Would it be possible to keep all this from public view?

      • Um, underground like everyone does it today? Helge, do you know what every warehouse and building has inside it? No, you don’t. they could make pieces everywhere it is called compartmentalization. the left hand does NOT know what the right hand is doing, that is how it has been done for centuries!

        • OK, Rex, the implication of what you are saying is that there is a vast underground network producing parts for UFOs which are then transferred to some central assembly area where the
          final product is created.
          How about some evidence?
          Ernst Zundel went to great lengths to show that there is no evidence of gassing of Jew, or anybody else, during WWII because there were simply no facilities anywhere where such deeds
          could, technically speaking, be carried out. His conclusions were based on factual evidence.
          Shouldn’t we apply the same principles to claims about UFOs?
          Holocaust – UFOs, where is the evidence?

          • Well said.

            What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

            No double standards allowed.

          • Helge, thank you for your good sense. I have to ask Ingrid how many late-night telephone conversations she’s having with Gordy. This sounds very much like where he’s trying to take things. Is she so anxious to fit in at VT that she will smudge the legacy of Hitler by adding to the irresponsible “Fourth Reich” theories of his “escape from the bunker.” Nonsense, and shame! Spare us the “novelist’s approach” … is VT accepting fiction now too?

            And Ingrid, you should take note of the kind of comments you are inspiring … real nutso stuff.

            I’m forced to say that the Zundels don’t ‘own’ Hitler and no one should think that they do.

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