Canadians Seek to Arrest George W. Bush Oct. 20

Canada Must Arrest George W. Bush if he Enters Canada


by Gail Davidson, Lawyers Against War (LAW)

Vancouver, B.C. — An upcoming planned speaking engagement in Canada by former President George W. Bush is again generating a wave of protest.   Bush is reportedly scheduled to speak on October 20th at a gathering in Surrey, British Columbia hosted by Surrey Mayor Diane Watts. 

But Lawyers Against the War (LAW) says the Canadian government must either bar Bush at the border because of his alleged involvement in torture and other war crimes and crimes against humanity, or order his arrest when he enters Canada both to ensure he is prosecuted here or elsewhere, and to prevent him from returning to safe haven from prosecution in the United States.

In an August 25 letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Canadian Ministers of justice, immigration, public safety and foreign affairs, the group says “there is overwhelming evidence that George W. Bush …aided and abetted and counseled the torture of non-Americans at U.S. controlled prisons outside the U.S.”

The 7-page letter cites evidence of complicity in torture (and other crimes) from numerous international reports and authorities, including Bush himself: “In his 2010 memoirs, (Bush) admitted to authorizing the use of interrogation techniques that constitute torture such as water boarding.”

The letter goes on to spell out Canada’s “legal duty to deny safe haven from prosecution to anyone suspected on reasonable grounds of torture committed anywhere against any persons.”  This is a duty owed not just to Canadians but to all humankind. Barring entry is the first way that Canada can comply with this legal duty.

However, once G.W. Bush enters the country, Canada must then act to ensure that George W. Bush is prosecuted for torture (and other crimes) by either prosecuting him in Canada or extraditing him to a country willing and able to prosecute. Canada’s duty to prevent Mr. Bush from having safe haven from prosecution for the many crimes that he stands reasonably accused of, would require Canada to prevent him from returning to the United States.

The August 25/11 letter is signed by Gail Davidson of LAW, and Professor Francis A. Boyle of the University of Illinois College of Law.

Professor Boyle has filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condoleezza Rice, and Alberto Gonzales for extraordinary renditions, which include torture and enforced disappearances, both crimes under the Rome Statute for the ICC to which Canada is a party.

Although the US is not a party to the Rome Statute, the ICC has jurisdiction to prosecute Bush administration officials for extraordinary renditions carried out in states that are party to the Rome Statute. (See at footnote 9, page 4 of LAW’s August 25th letter, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, Secret detentions and illegal transfers of detainees involving council of Europe member states).

Professor Boyle’s ICC Complaint played a decisive role in deterring Bush from going to Switzerland in February 2011 because he feared prosecution there.

About the Author: Gail Davidson is an activist for Lawyers against the War. She can be reached via telephone at +1 738 0338 or by email at

Don’t Let Bush Enter Canada: Gail Davidson on Keith Olbermann

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100 Comments for “Canadians Seek to Arrest George W. Bush Oct. 20”

  1. Give him the chair like he gave others.

  2. Better Jewish control than muslim yuck

    • more fake jew talking shit here I see. google The Thirteenth Tribe and you’ll see where your fake non jewish ass came from. it wasn’t palestine. and your anti muslim hate shit isn’t cutting it, dufus.

  3. I’m sure he can find a safe sanctuary in either Pakistan or Texas.

  4. Isn’t it well past the time that the posters were put out everywhere? You know the ones…’Wanted…Dead or alive…’ Those posters. With all the zionist scumbags faces on them. Of course there’ll be a lot of them, Bank Presidents and managers, politicians both State and Federal, C.I.A. and Fed’ heads. Education heads..Corporate Directors, Military Generals, the whole kit and kaboodle in Wall Street. well it just goes on and on, doesn’t it? They are everywhere you look. Maybe everyone could just donate towards the rewards?

  5. canada should take bush in for trial and …bush should plea guilty of waterboarding..and canada will will keep him till the end of time..if bush goes into canada …by by waterboarder…

  6. Hey, idiot. Judaism is a religion, not a race. “Jew” is what the followers of Judaism are called. The word you’re looking for is Israelite.

  7. Canadians are such pussies. Do you really think Secret Service would let any of your bacon eating podunk cops anywhere near Bush to arrest him?? Just a heads up, Barack Obama could have closed Guantanamo and had the Patriot Act repealed when he took office. He didn’t. Plus Obama had Osama Bin Laden killed without a trial and guilty verdict, so I guess he’s a murderer as well. Besides as a President. Bush had diplomatic immunity which means he can NEVER be prosecuted by a foreign government. Although he may not be covered by immunity now, but he can’t be prosecuted because of the fact, when he committed these ‘horrendous’ acts, he fell under the guidelines. For the record, only three people were waterboarded which lead to the information on the location of Bin Laden. You Canadians can stop reading this and go back to watching Bob and Doug McKenzie

    • First off, George W. Bush would not be prosecuted by a foreign government, the trial would be held by the WORLD COURT which no government official has immunity from, which leads to my second point the candian police would be acting on the world courts behalf and the secret service couldn’t stop them, and if they did they could be arrested and charged with ubsturction of justice. It doesn’t matter if he had three or three million people waterboarded it’s a violation of the Geneva Convention which if my memory serves America has been a party of since after WW 2.

  8. As an American, I am proud of the Canadians for standing up to this war criminal. Cannot understand why we can try any other criminal but it’s ok for us to commit crimes.

  9. way too many morons on this forum for any kind of intelligent discussion of the issue.

  10. Way past Twilight's Last Gleaming and thru the looking glass

    GO TEAM CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
    GO TEAM CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
    Canadians Seek to Arrest George W. Bush Oct. 20
    GO TEAM CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
    GO TEAM CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)


    • You say Canada is only remembered for another countries short comings. Well if it wasn’t for the French during your war of independence America would of lost. On the other hand Canada didn’t need to fight to get our independence, We also hold more victories in combat situatuations then any other country. So when you say we’re wimps, In actuality we just know when to fight and when to walk away, which America has never learned.

  12. As much as I would like to see this occur, I believe it will not. True,Boosh is a coke head, dry drunk with religious delusions and a coward as well, oh yeah….obviously dysfunctional from a dysfunctional family, but the fact remains even if he does make it into Canada, the PTB will make sure he gets his little speaking engagement and makes another handful of fiat dollars.
    The zionists have Canada by the balls as they do here in the lower 48. There’s no denying it. Harper is just another stooge for the zionists. He’ll kiss boosh’s little butt hole for him and send him on his way.
    “W” is like his old man…another closet homosexual: Who was that phony member of the White House press corps? Johnny Gosch, who ran a gay escort service(prostitution) in D.C., and why was he in the White House so much that he was given a job ie; infiltrated into the press corps?
    W was also involved with another governor while at a conference in Nawleans. One night stand ya know. George Sr. was described by Webster Tarpley, in his unauthorized biography, as an addicted homosexual pedophile. Stating a number of liaisons with young latino boys in a seedy hotel in downtown Dallas.
    Jeb is a cosigner to the Project For the New American Century (PNAC), so you don’t have to go too far with that one to know where he stands.
    The entire Boosh family is a crime syndicate. Corrupt, sleazy, self indulgent, immoral, shrewd and calculating, but as nasty a bunch as you would ever want to cross paths with.
    Too bad. A trial in the Hague just might send a signal to those who believe they can get away with anything, including mass murder, torture and crimes against humanity.

  13. Have you seen this, Gordon?

    Note the link to the revised 9/11 Commission Report described as:
    “THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT REVISED DECEMBER 2008 [SUMMARY FINDINGS] confirms SIX GROUPS WERE INVOLVED including the Bush Family and Russian Mafiya to cover the attack on the WTC’s on 9/11 involved in the UNAUTHORIZED USE of V.K. Durham and Russell Herman’s instruments used by the Bush Family and Russian Mafiya which were used for the 1991 Bank Failures and Brady Bonds without Authorization of V.K. Durham and Russell Herman [p-10].

    and this:
    (mostly dual-citizen Israelis) provided by one of RMNews Readers, posted

    The link to the photos might be bobby-trapped with a virus so be careful.

  14. Good!

    Arrest him and pass him to the Justice Building of Iran.

    Give him an Islamic trial.

    But keep a few bullets handy… the Persians just might have mercy.

    The rest of us better not.

    • Yes, lets send him to a country where they execute homosexuals for being homosexuals. And the rest of us better not have mercy? We have mercy on too many people! I say it is fine to Execute Bush as long as you execute every murderer, rapist, child molester, every violent animal abuser (after all they usually end up harming people later on), and anyone that has executed someone for being a different race, gender, or sexual orientation, which would mean we have some people over there in Iran to take care of too. This needs to be global. Ahhhh if this could happen justice could be served all over the world.

  15. You bunch of ignorant idiots, you can go to where the sun don’t shine. He did the right thing. Why don’t you arrest the Muslims that cut of Daniel Perle’s head with a machete, using a dull blade and sawing it off to make the pain last longer? You call water boarding torture? Give me one of those SOB’s and I’ll show you what torture is, even if it is to save any one’s lives on this side of the country, even if it is to save your sorry as**s. Bunch of ignorant pigs. Stay out of our country you scum. Stay out of Florida and CA.

    • Linda
      Israeli’s cut Daniel Pearl’s head off. I thoughT everyone knew that.
      They did it as part of a false flag intelligence operation….in fact most of those videos are done in Israel, you know the ones, done by the same group that did the phony bin Laden videos that the Swiss proved were falsified.

      I only learned this accidentally years ago when in a discussion over Lebanon with some of our counter-intelligence folks at DOD.

      • Gordo, ie: Linda : when you mix ignorance with PMS things do get a little dicey upstairs. Ya know, logic and reason are tossed out the upper story window to free fall to the concrete. Obviously another brainwashed useful idiot for zionism.

  16. Uh, regardless if the Canadian government allows this to happen. The Secret Service wouldn’t.

    • If you note, Bush doesn’t travel.
      He can’t.
      As for the Canadian govenrment, you might be surprised. Governments no longer see Bush as worth defending. The Secret Service never did, thought he was a total asshole, used to tell reporters about his “boys” and his coke habit, which his israeli friends kept out of the papers.

      • They are required to protect the former President though. And I wouldn’t say that he was never worth defending. After all they nearly arrested my former U.S. Government teacher when she was eight months pregnant because she moved three steps to the right to get under the shade of a tree. Which personally I find to be a load of garbage but in todays times everyone has to be paranoid I guess….

        • ya so a 10 man team versus a 100 man suad of Canadian soldiers, hmmm… plus under some treties, and Canadian law the government has to arrest him and the secret service has to stand down.

  17. F*ckin’ tremendous issues here. I’m very glad to look your post. Thank you so much and i’m looking ahead to contact you. Will you please drop me a mail?

  18. bEST THING THAT COULD BE DONE , IS HANG THE S.O.B. Bush deserves no better.

  19. This is a letter signed by an activist from Lawyers Against the War group (LAW) and an University Law Professor addressed to PM of Canada calling for some legal actions to be taken. It sounds like an op ed piece which provides no basis for legally detaining any one.

  20. If the Army Rangers could not tell the epitome of an American hero, Pat Tillman, from an Afghan tribesman when they were standing a hundred yards away from him, and killed him by mistake…what makes us think we can tell the friendly Afghan and Pakistan tribesmen from the unfriendlies–with satellites and missiles operated by people sitting in Utah and Colorado?

    • Tillman was shot 4 times at close range, middle of the day, while in uniform, all head shots.
      They knew exactly who he was.

  21. Joe in San Francisco

    Now this would be interesting! Maybe we would send in the Seals to get Bush out of Canada, then start bombing their cities while they try to fight back. And Americans, you’re either with us … or you’re with the Canadian terrorists. Irony of ironies.

    • Guess where most of your oil comes from… CANADA, so how if you attack you’ll lose all that nice oil for your Seals to use, plus America would just be attakced back by our other allies, THE REST OF THE WORLD.

  22. He’s said he’d do waterboarding again while on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. I’m still wondering about his brother, Marvin P. Bush, who was on the board of directors of Securacom from 1993-2000, which maintained security for the World Trade Center Towers up until September 11, 2001. And his

    Marvin Bush served on the board of Securacom (since renamed Stratesec). The chairman of the board of Stratesec is Wirt D. Walker III, a cousin of Marvin and George W. Bush. Securacom had contracts to provide security for Dulles International Airport (the airport from which American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon, originated) and the World Trade Center in New York.

    Securacom’s backers include a number of Kuwaitis through a company called KuwAm Corp (Kuwaiti-American Corp.). Stratesec also has Saudi investors.

    Walker also serves as a managing director of KuwAm, which maintains offices within the Watergate complex along with Riggs Bank, on whose board Bush’s uncle, Jonathan Bush, sits. Saudi Princess Haifa al Faisal, the wife of Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Bandar, used a Riggs account to funnel money to Omar al Bayoumi and Osama Basnan, two Saudi students in California associated with two of the 911 hijackers.”

  23. WTH is up with the Surrey Mayor harboring him by hosting him to speak. I hope the mayor received the same letter(s). Allow him to come in to Canada and then arrest him as soon as he lands. Put him on a plane to the Hague or better yet, convene a trial right there in Canada so that Americans can come and attend. It would be easier for witnesses against him to attend in Canada.

  24. Firstly Bush, Blair, Howard the true axis of evil should all be arrested for the commission and conducting of an illegal war and the subsequent torture of civilians and non combatants. Secondly their senior advisors such as Rumsfeldt, Cheney, Costello etc should also be shipped off to the Hague to answer for crimes against humanity. Lovely rhetoric of course, sadly justice will never be done in these cases as the powers that be insulate themselves pretty damn well from the long arm of international law. That is the real shame.

  25. YES! ARREST him. MY goodness! Send him to the HAGUE!!!! WE WANT ACCOUNTABILTY for war criminals!!!

  26. By all means, if you can lay hands upon that war criminal, do so. It seems our own government here in the US has chosen to turn a blind eye to violations of our own laws as well as of international law by Bush, Cheney, et al, so it remains for our neighbors to see justice done. Bush may have been President for eight years, but we used to be able to say with a straight face that no one was above the law. Perhaps it will be true again some day.

    • As long as Eric Holder is AG, you will never see trials for our war criminals. Gradual loss of constitutional freedoms has occurred and since Americans are totally distracted, they haven’t noticed this important fact. Total freedom from prosecution is now a given when you are of the chosen party, the chosen people, the chosen ideology. Martial law is just around the corner. When Obama chides the American people, it’s just his way of giving all of us the middle finger. He hates Americans, he hates Whitey, he hates the freedoms we used to have. Yet, many continue to support this troll in our midst. We’ve sealed our doom. Our senators are reps are nothing more than kapos in our midst.

  27. I hope they DO it! Both Bush and Cheney should be tried for their war crimes!

  28. Us Americans would bomb the hell out of you moose raping pansies if you arrested our president.

    • Um…you know who the president IS, right Patrick?

    • Cowboy Patrick….whoa boy! Bomb?
      You mean screw justice? It’s your way or the highway? Or you maybe you mean justice only for your tribe and screw the rest of us?

      Hey Lil’ Hitler! We Americans prosecuted torture at Nuremberg!
      Gimme your name and serial number and I will submit it to the court. Then, after the world puts the Bush junta on trial we can send you down the river with them!

      Opps! Wait!
      Hey Neck do you have a huge gun in your truck rear window?
      Ya do! Golly Gee Gomer! Well then, scratch the above remarks cause I’s running from dis psychopath! Dem criminals are friggin’ crazy!

    • America wouldn’t ever even think of attacking Canada because as soon as the declaration of war went to the UN pretty much every country in the world would be up in arms against the USA. Before you even make any stupid remark that noone would do it, let me remind you Canada has NEVER let me repeat that NEVER started a war. We are a nation that helps all others no matter who they are. If it wasn’t for a Canadian (Lester B. Pearson) the UN Peacekeepers wouldn’t exist. so if you think that an American attack on a peacful nation like Canada would not go unpunished think about how many enemy states America has and how few if any Canada has. I can list a few countries that would react almost right away, China, Russia, Japan, Korea both North and South, and the vast majority of the Eupoean Union. So remember that the next time you want to make a stupid comment about America attacking Canada.

  29. Canada used to be known for standing up against egregious hegemony – No longer!

    Canada has been and paid for with phony Federal Reserve Notes

    • Hey Tbone.
      It seems American presidents dont like Canadian Prime minsiters when they dont tow the American like, President Kennedy called Prime minister John Diefenbaker a old sone of a bitch in 1961 after they met first time, in 1969 President Nixon met Canadas Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau when Trudeau left Nixon called him a freakin asshole and a son of a bitch, after that Canada allowed deserters draft dodgers folks going AWOL into Canada and allowed them to stay
      In 2003 when President Bush asked Prime Minister Chretien to join the attack on Iraq the PM said if its sanctioned by the UN we are on board but if its the US making the decision to invade a soverign country, than we will pass, after that President Bush goes on TV and states those who sign up with us are our friends those who dont arent our friends, and from 2003 to 2009 the temperature between Canada and the US politically was fridgid to say the least, until Obama cam,e to office and first trip he rook was Feb 2009 he came to Canada to aplogise for Bushes actions .

  30. Yawn. Yeah, this is going to happen. What are they smoking in Canada? LOL..


    • Hang him? Oh you can’t do that do that! That is an inhumane way to make someone die! That’s why we aren’t allowed to hang anyone in the United States anymore! I’m sorry but two wrongs do not make a right. In fact, most liberals think sentencing someone to death is inhumane! But if liberals are saying it is okay to kill Bush then why can’t we just put Charles Manson to death also, after all he told his followers to go kill Shannon Tate, who had a child in her womb, along with the guests at her house. But if you want to hang Bush I will allow it, but you have to execute every single murderer, child molester, and rapist in the whole entire world along with him. Since they deserve death just as much as he does. So do you think we can have a deal? Oh and before you say something like, “well those people didn’t change the whole world”. That isn’t really and argument since when you murder someone you are robbing a family of someone they love, and possibly even robbing the future decedents since they may not be created. And when people molest children it can completely change their lives and even turn them in to a child molester. Oh and along with the murderers, rapists, and child molesters you need to also execute those that have done a violent crime against an animal. Since people like that turn out to harm people later on, and I’m not talking about deer hunters I’m referring to people like Jeffrey Dahmer. Oh and we need to execute a lot of people in Iran since they kill homosexuals for just being homosexuals. So I consider that to be a hate crime. So once again do we have a deal?

      • Angela OK we won’t execute him but give him a life sentence like many of murderer / you think he would survive I doubt very much since he was born with a golden spoon up his ass & one in his mouth every time he spoke when he was President my stomach would turn watching him any way I hope Canada refuses him entry we don’t want a International scandal & Canada is our friend

      • My God! Sharron must have had a huge womb!

  32. @Jonathan: Waterboarding, and other methods of torture, do not save lives.

  33. Hooray, Professor Boyle!

  34. You guys are interesting to say the least…

    I’d rather a detainee be waterboarded and save lives… then you allow that same person kill more.

    You’d have to remember that some of these people are in the thinking that they would kill every innocent person (man, woman and child) to gain their goal. Since that is the case and they would perform acts of 9/11 in every country to kill as many as possible… or worse… bring in nuclear, chemical and biological agents. Yeah waterboard them to stop them and their fellow radicals from killing millions.

    Here’s a good question… would you allow one of Hitler’s staff to be waterboarded if it meant to stop the Holocaust and murder of millions?

    I’d think you would hindsight of what went on during WWII.

    And for those who are veterans… would you allow a radical to be waterboarded to save your fellow soldiers in war?

    I hope you all have a wonderful evening,

    • jonathan
      I think the rest of us need to be safe too. The only way I can think of that is that for people like you to be removed from society.
      Sorry about that.

      • .. and what Gordon said :)

        • and “Johnathan” try thinking with the head on your shoulders ……..

          • So let me ask… is it the removal/disregard of an individual’s rights that bothers you… or the torture in general?

            If it is the rights issue… then why even prosecute criminals… as it is removing their rights as individuals. In that case… by all means let them kill freely on the streets.

            If it is the fact of torture… how is it that one’s discomfort for a short time and allowed to live… how is that not OK to save the lives of thousands?

            So you think that torture is more important, and more inhumane, than the lives they would take away using things like bomb, melee weapons and the like?

            Oh, please, answer that question!

            I’d just about garantee, that if a mob was to rape and kill your families… that you wouldn’t do everything in your power, including torture, to save them. Where does that elave you to allow them to be killed by not taking every measure to save them?

            If you say no… you either do not care for your family enough to save them from an unjust death… or see that that single person is more important than your family by having regard to their comfort.

            In this world… there are those that want nothing but to kill others… that is something we all have to deal with now. It isn’t just enough to allow the world to deal with it… we are apart of it. And neglegency on your part doesn’t mean I have to let my family die because you are too weak to deal with it.

            What do you think the answer would be if the 9/11 families affected were given the choice to waterboard a single individual to save almost 3000 people? I’d bet most if not all would do it in order to save them.

            Does human rights trumpt the lives of the innocent in your book? To make a conclusion that since I think differently than you and the result would be that I should be “removed from society” only brings me to the conclusion that you are intolerant of those who do not think as you do. Good going.


            Obviously you didn’t think before replying… it is obvious that it was an example of where torture would be needed to save lives. It is obvious that Bush has nothing to do with the Holocaust or WW2.


            I don’t drink the Obama kool-aid.

            @Not An American,

            Who said anything about the law not applying to me?

            I am not siding with anything other than it is acceptable to use extreme measures to save lives. Because lives are more improtant than the discomfort of one. Especially since that one person… would be more than willing to kill everyone they come in contact with including each of you.

            I don’t condone the torture of innocent people. If you’re going to you need to be well sure that they will have information that you need… not just take the innocent because you have no one else to use.

            So for the innocent ones that were tortures… sure try Bush and everyone who has done it because they did it without full knowledge knowing they had information… otherwise they would not have been innocent.

            Torture, if done correctly and with full knowledge that they have information you need, can save lives. Done incorrectly… that obviously needs to have those who did the torture brought to justice.

            Y’all seem to have the conclusion that I support everything Bush did… please re-read what I’ve posted.

            Have a wonderful day,

          • Johnathan,

            Your whole argument is based on the idea that torture works in the first place, which has been shown countless times that it in fact does NOT work and ends up more with false leads and inaccurate data, aka Lies told by the individual to end the torture all together.

            More factual data comes from simple interviews and subtle coercion methods than anything else, save for information obtained from willing participants. Really I have to ask what has been asked of you already… Do you think for yourself at all? Do you just parrot the supporting beliefs without researching the facts?

          • Volizden – Understand that the water-boarded Iraqi detainee in Guantanimo Bay gave information that led to the successful capture and murder of Osama Bin Laden – a man who deserved nothing short of death.

    • You Obviously haven’t done Any research on those who Were tortured (water boarded) >> As well as you are apparently oblivious to the Geneva Convention.

      Give it a read sometime.

      Also > Take note that Most of thsoe who Bush is responsible for aiding in their torture were later released as they were both INNOCENT and/or had NO INFORMATION That was why they were tortured > for intel. that they didnt’ have..

      kinda makes ya think of those Weapons of Mass Destruction that Never existed.

      You shouldn’t be listening to the voices in Bush’s head.. hell he shouldn’t be listening to them either.

      and WTH does Bush have to do with the Holocaust or WW2?? SEriously dude.. get a grip and do some research .. you’re babblin.

      • The Weapons of Mass Destruction did SO exist, only they weren’t Saddam’s! They were demonstrated before the whole world by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld’s tripod of evil in Act One of the “War on Terror” in New York City on September 11, 2001.

        I hope he decides to make it a guys family trip to Canada. It wish he’d take his dad, brothers, and a few of his cousins too.

    • Wow! Are you for real? What flavor of kool-aid do you prefer, cherry or grape?

    • And when we see a you-tube video of some dumb American getting his fingers sniped off with a pair of poultry shears, and we are told this is being done to stop American terrorism.
      This is why we have laws against torture, to bring these sick fu*ks to justice.

    • Right … so … when Nazi’s were sentenced and hung for ‘waterboarding’ by the Nuremburg Trials you set a precedent (in legal terms). You are now saying the ‘law’ that was set by the US (and others) does not apply to you?

      Does it not seem at all strange that >you< are siding with those you claim caused the holocaust in how to treat prisoners???

      It seems that the US should spend a bit more money teaching logic.

      Have a nice day Johnny, and stay safe out there.

    • I think it would be hilarious if one of your neighbors turned you in as an enemy combatant…think of all the terrific experiences you’d have, learning how to avoid inhaling water…and hey, who gives rat’s ass if you’re innocent, you’re still satisfying some right-wing retard’s twisted need for blind vengeance at any cost, right? Never mind that torture produces no usable information of any kind (that fact will come racing back into your mind as you confess to a multitude of terrorist conspiracies with which you had absolutely NOTHING to do in order to avoid dying with nobody knowing where you are, or what happened to you), the concept just appeals greatly to you, and therefore should be of no concern to anyone, even you, should it be used on you.
      That would be TOO funny…

    • Johnathan
      If you knew your history wouldnt have helped if they had caught a subordinate of Hitlers , because the Allies were informed in 1941 of the concentration camps and death camps and didnt believe what they were being told hell even when the Polish underground showed Pictures they still didnt believe it was happening, wasnt until early 1945 when Allies started to believe the reports on these death camps and concentration camps, so waterboarding Hitlers aide wouldnt have changed a thing!

    • Johnatan, you simply watch too much TV. Real life is not like an episode of 24 where a terrorist is strapped in a chair with a bomb timer in the corner of the screen.

      Besides, didn’t your country attack Iraq partly based on the claim that Saddam was torturing people? How hypocritical of you to say it’s okay for your country to do it but not for other countries!

      When you take away the rights of a terrorist, you effectively take that right away from yourself.

    • Johnathon, you are so obviously an idiot you fool no one… By the way I will not give one dollar, one dime or one breath to anyone for anything until all of our Sons and Daughters ET al come home and criminals like this tool are arrested and punished for egotistical sociopathic behavior… that includes all politicians nonprofits and others EXCEPT Veterans. I say this to any phone requests, any begging on the streets. No one except those who have fought in these ridiculous “wars” deserve my attention. Unless we do THIS we will not recover. Until we recognize the BS war age, we will all be less than nothing. People like this fool only deserve to know they are nothing and all they do is use their energy making themselves look stupid.

  35. Great idea, maybe someone can perform a citizens arrest.

  36. Interesting times ahead. Good to see there are good people everywhere.

    • Citizen arrests is catching on and is a good idea!

      It must be remembered though, George Bush is not a culprit of the crime, he is a consequence of a much bigger criminal system. Yes, he should be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced for what he has done, but he was an accomplice, a rather petty one of many, at that.

      But the real issue is bigger than him, as is 9-11 bigger than just a few buildings and a few thousand deaths.

      There is something endemic here of which these, George Bush, those buildings and all of those hundred thousand dead people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, are simply symptoms.

      And, the root cause must be rooted out, identified and excised or cured.

      Treating symptoms does not cure the disease.

      There are culpable people in Canada, so I don’t think they are going to form any official posse and go after him.

      I suspect that they will work out some ironclad assurances, otherwise Mr. Bush will have to sprain his knee on the tennis court or suffer a bad head cold.

      We’ll see won’t we.

  37. The citizens of Canada or of the U.S. are the only ones who could arrest these war criminals and terrorists. I dont think that they are ready to act, yet.

  38. Canadians should arrest the Bronfmans.

    They should also get rid of their “hate Speech Laws”.

    • Arresting Bush would be a good start ….

    • Arresting Bubya’s buddy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for his racist and anti-semitic remarks under Canada’s new hate laws would also be a good start.

    • @ reamonnk …what grade of schooling did you complete……..
      plus mind your own biz ….may be of help to you …..
      Canadians at the least have the “BALLS” that you don’t ….
      If you had them you would already have the perps in court……

      • Wrong Jon Jon. Canada is under heavy Talmudic control.

        They actually have laws which makes it impossible to criticize Jewish control.

        They aren’t really going to arrest Bush you halfwit. Grow up.

        Canadians are for the most part just echoing the kosher controlled opposition line of “arrest Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld”….Like you do Jon Jon… It’s called “chasing your tail”.

        You have a very primitive and childlike understanding of the world.

        • Seems like you have no understanding of “The World” just your insults huh????

        • @reamonnk try addressing this smart ass…..Canadians at the least have the “BALLS” that you don’t ….
          If you had them you would already have the perps in court……fix your own sh*t reamonnk …WHY CANT YOU DO THAT????? reamonnk address that instead of insulting everyone eles ……..

          • Actually Jon Jon reamonk is correct. Canada is Jewish controlled. Bush will never be arrested if he goes there. Same with Australia and New Zealand.

        • Canada has laws preventing people from descriminating against all religions and cultures, plus Canada is more Catholic than Jewish.

      • You are all a bunch of far left loons. This is why Canada doesnt allow handguns you would all die of fear,

  39. Waterboard the cowardly little piece of horse shit.

    • Excellent idea. Clearly the weak link. Cheney, of course, would crap out at the first drip.. or probably the first time the officers put hands on the swine. Cheney says waterboarding ain’t torture.. besides which the supreme court okay’d it anyhow. Better idea maybe would be hook up a furnace ignition transformer to his shrivelled nuts. That way when his heart crapped out it could be automatically jump started. Just kiddin’ of course. I don’t believe in cruelty to animals.

    • @ Godo Duff: This is demeaning to horses

Comments are closed


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