Second Wave of Protests Unleashed: Targets the Federal Reserve

End the Fed, End the Wars & End the Corruption!!


Occupy Wall Street Protests

OccupyWallStreet protester with a spot-on & passionate speech re Ending the Federal Reserve, Ending the Fractional Reserve Banking System, Ending the Monetary Fiasco that is the government-controlled FIAT money system & Ending the Wars that were engineered to make the richest 1% even richer. We also need to have an independent audit and inventory of all the gold reserves in the USA. We need to hold the Bankers and Elite responsible for their crimes against humanity… End the Fed, End the Wars & End the Corruption!!


OCCUPY WALL STREET -MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan- (repost)


Occupy Wall Street Protester End the Fed – Best Rant!


Protester arrested by cops

Distribute Far and Wide… Props to the young man in the video & small story visuals (user/Small1124)… if you know this protester’s name and he would like credit, please message me. Otherwise He is You… He is Me… He is US… We are Fed Up (no pun intended) with TPTB…

edit – i found videographer’s (Philip Small) blog & post on his capturing of this amazing protester:

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

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17 Comments for “Second Wave of Protests Unleashed: Targets the Federal Reserve”

  1. Wow! I rarely watch videos, no time, but I did watch the 2 in this article. Both are very good, and well worth the time. Dylan Ratigan talks about a proposed Constitutional amendment to separate money from politics, and the unknown protester talks about the meaning of monetary inflation. Both of them are knowledgeable and PO’d.

  2. We have to realise why new money is created.New money is created from nothing by private banks to equal increases in productivity by all individuals,increases in inflation and population.Either we let Govt own our productivity etc or private banks who loan it to our Govt as debt which we all end up paying thrice.

    In the Western system the more growth we have the more debt we incur.This system which constantly milks the tax payer via the debt money creation,must have inflation to keep enough money in the economy to function.We are constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul.Govt can be fiscally repsonsible with a proper constitution.If Govt creates the new money to equal your increases in productivity,then you will pay far less tax.

    Corporatacracy has made Govt impotent on purpose so they can exploit the worker.The elites are trying to confuse us to maintain their control over this money creation scam.They own your productivity by virtue of this reality.You are their debt slave.

  3. ll must read the recent first and only FED audit with a 16 trillion dollar bailout to banks and corporations. Click on link:

  4. Charlotte NC Bill

    Anyone know what that lieing douchebag Rush has been saying about the 99% Movement?

  5. yup, good advice. AJ is very suspect in my eyes. At the very best he’s a conspiracy huckster with Zionist sponsors and a whole load of zio Jew connections to Hollywood. Maybe he’s just a bussinessman. It’s possible.

    The very worst scenario is that he is an actual agent for “them”. That Gun rights rally stunt he pulled in Austin was pretty outrageous.

    He was supposed to be the Kosher Conspiracy guru leader by now. He failed. Probem was/is that everyone figured out thier brave and fearless leader was scared to talk about the joos. Be has been discredited pretty universally and known as a shill. Newbies, Jews, and dimwitted fanboys are the remaining base of his audience.

  6. It would be interesting to get the opinion of Mike Stathis about the message of these two videos. Hopefully, he will write an article for V.T. about this whole OWS an OCF phenomena, soon.

  7. The Fed wont end until Jewish control of the United States ends.

    Ron Paul 2012

    • Agreed. This has to be a Revolution against Zionist jews which is the real issue. We’re in pre-war Germany now. There’s no turning back. No half measures. Until the International jew is destroyed, there can be no victory claimed.

      • yup, It has to be.

        It may well be a Soros backed color revolution but it could blow up in their faces. I sense nervousness coming from the alternative media gatekeepers. I think they know if this movement is not demonized by “patriots” and tea partiers, it could lead to an actual awakening and these kids will ditch their Jewish Marxist professor’s commie mantra and really take target at the cartel.

        Just like the truth movement got away from “them”, this could too.

        Someone tell Micheal Moore and all of the Hollywood nitwits to stay away.Micheal Moore needs to make a film about Jewish control of Hollywood/media/Israel lobby or shut his fat yapper. He’s useless. Part of the problem. If “they” didn’t like his message, they wouldn’t be promoting and funding his useless and poisonous documentaries.

        • Michael Moore works for the Jews, he will bitch about everyone and everything apart from them. I don’t see much difference between him and the likes of Alex Jones, another Zionist puppet, Moore is just a bit futher removed from the paymasters.

          • During the the last Gaza Flotilla attempt, Michael Moore dedicated his website for the cause throughout the ordeal and opened a discussion on his Facebook page, where I had the opportunity to place non-Zionist videos together with anti-Zionism commentaries, which he did not delete. Several Zionist Jews that were Michael Facebook followers left Michael’s page for his support for the Palestinian cause.
            Michael’s site has anti-Zionist bloggers/contributors such as Ray McGovern, Medea Benjamin, etc.
            Any attempt to publish an anti-Zionist documentary in the US is futile. Distributors will not pick up and Michael will be forever shunned. Look what happened to Occupation 101 documentary, with so many awards. It is not available anywhere, and only found buried at Amazon website.
            If you ask me, Michael is pretty much borderline to be ejected from main stream media.

  8. The youth understand the information revolution. The computer adds up the truth and they don’t like what they see. They don’t need talking heads to tell them what to think . They ask a question and hear the answer, then run the data ,and find out the truth. Wall street, DC. FAKE NEWS SHOWS and the pentagon just don’t add up to the data.

  9. The corporate media are now frightened. Even “left-wing” talk shows are belittling the Occupy Wall Street movement. Just last night they were talking about giving a clearer message and not be a mob. Well, I get the message and so do my neighbors. Guess if you aren’t one of us, you won’t get it or you will try to belittle the movement.

  10. Profit vs. Peace

    We could be disease free if there wasn’t profit in managing health
    We could be pollution free if there wasn’t profit in keeping polluting energy
    We could be living in peace if there wasn’t profit for industries and banks in keeping conflict
    We could live in abundance if there wasn’t profit in keeping commodities scarce
    We could work 2 days a week instead of 5 if we eliminated central banking & learned to share
    We could love more if we realized that religions keep us in the dark about our true connectedness
    We could reach the stars if we allowed if the Department of Energy allowed for free energy to exist
    But free energy means real freedom for everyone
    And everyone cannot be free
    That’s why there will always be conflict and we will never reach the stars

  11. Now they are right on Target……

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