Boston: Time to Call them “Pigs” Again


As Predicted, the Police State Back to Its Old Ways


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Veterans Today is a publication for those who wore the uniform to defend their countries, in our case, 28 countries from Israel to Libya to Russia, Serbia, the United States, Greece, Turkey, the list goes on. 

The number used to be 28, its much higher now.  Many of us are former law enforcement, some highly decorated. 

What went on in Boston and New York has made me more than ashamed.  I saw it coming, the deterioration in law enforcement in the US, that “us v. them” that had infected so many bad police departments.

Wall Street Took the Shirt Off My Back

There is no limit to how far Wall Street will go to defend its parasitic ways.  It took 24 hours for proof of Wall Street concocting the Iran terror alert, the phony assassination plot to come to light.

As with other terror issues, the Detroit Crotch Bomber, 9/11, 7/7 and now this one, the money trail is easy to follow.  (Threats toward Iran were generated, we have confirmed, to push up flagging oil prices due to low demand and the glut of oil we are now finding almost everywhere we look.)

My “day job” involves training police and counter-terrorism forces.  Among my personal contacts are the heads or former heads of Britain’s Special Branch, SAS, Frances security services, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, the Soviet Union, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, that list goes on forever also, heading into some controversial areas. 

My co-workers are former CIA, FBI and their equivalents from half a dozen western countries.  We do what we do to pay the bills, school fees for kids, grandchildren.  One good friends, a former Long Beach cop, decades with the FBI, former diplomat, is somewhere even too nasty to name.  He is nearly 70, working 12 hours a day.  Some of us are older.


None of us condone what we have seen here in the United States.  This is the height of unprofessionalism.  What do we talk about?  We talk about the rigged justice system that lets off financial crooks, lets off spies with political connections, that blocks investigations into terrorism. 

Many of us, certainly the older crowd, were in Vietnam, some training Diem and Thieu’s police, me with a Marine Special Landing Team, or others SEALs, CIA, Special Forces, doing every imaginable job. 

My Mean and Lean Nam Team

The challenge there was to keep our eyes open. 

It didn’t take a genius to see the corruption and what was wrong with the war, even those of us who, for years, tried to justify the war as a fight against communism.

I saw Vietnam as it was, a con job that murdered off a generation of the best Americans and enriched a criminal conspiracy of freebooters and political hacks here at home.  The Vietnam War was a sickness of the soul and had to be stopped. 

I worked to do that as did so many others, tens of thousands of combat veterans, most of whom died young, agent orange, suicide, America knows the story they just don’t listen, don’t learn.

We did it all again.

The people who wear the uniform, who are prepared to give their lives to defend America are easy picking.  Those of us who know Afghanistan well, and I certainly do, the players there, the folks in Pakistan, know how utterly insane that war is. 

Billions in heroin is being shipped out, reports coming in from our veterans aren’t just about “walking through the poppies” but loading trucks, guarding heroin processing.  Other more classified accounts that I will list as unsubstantiated, involve contracting firms, not “mercenaries,” these are quality people, friends, who have seen “too much.”  Even I won’t talk about it.

No American hero is safe, not Pat Tillman, shot down by Americans in Afghanistan, not the veterans attacked by police in Boston.

In New York, off duty cops are getting $50 bucks an hour, some paid in cash, working for the banks.  They are working “private security” with pepper spray and full arrest powers which they are using.  We call it corruption, a department now falled into the same sewer it was during the Serpico years, the Knapp Commission of the 70’s and the Mollen Commission of the 90’s. 

Now NYPD is even worse, never having gotten out of the sewer of the Kerick/Giuliani days.

There is a reason I mention Afghanistan.  There were no “hijackers” there.  Solid sources went public awhile ago, Osama bin Laden was never a terrorist and has been dead for nearly 10 years. 

I heard it from his CIA handlers, I heard it from top Marine Corps officals, I heard it from those who briefed General Petraeus, Secretary Gates and Secretary of State Clinton.  I know they had been told, those who told them, told me. 

We went to Afghanistan to create a war, not to free people.  The Taliban ruled Afghanistan because America wanted the Taliban to rule Afghanistan.  This is the history, the real history. 

When it was profitable to run up hundreds of billions in a useless war, we attacked on no premise whatsoever, starting a war that would last even longer than Vietnam.

It is a war where a billion dollars a month in “nation building” funds is stolen, according to the General Accounting Office, and a billion dollars a week of heroin is shipped out of the country, according to the Russian government.

Vietnam was started by Wall Street.  The “Global War on Terror” was orchestrated there, the real planners of 9/11 work there, part of the endless “revolving door,” Wall Street to Washington and back.

When an American fights for America he has to fight Wall Street, he has to fight Boston too.  The Koch Brothers, the dark center of the worldwide conspiracy against America live there, Rupert Murdoch, homes in dozens of countries, he is “Boston” too. 

What have we learned?

Bernie Showboating in Iraq - Catch the AK-47's !!

We know that the Department of Homeland Security gives guns to the cartels.  It does more, much more and law enforcement officials are now facing investigation. 

Funny thing, for those who don’t remember it, the original nominee for Director of Homeland Security was Bernie Kerick, a New York Police Commissioner, nominated by President George W. Bush on the recommendation of former New York mayor, former prosecuting attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Instead, Kerick went to prison. We didn’t just create the Department of Homeland Security, a two edged sword, equally capable of creating acts of terror, of phony terror warnings, of the “Chertoff effect.” 

Editors Note: When Bernie went to Iraq as a police consultant the troops learned real quickly that he was just polishing up his resume to charge high fees for his services when he got home. He sucked up a lot of security personnel for his big photo op tour and left our people disgusted… Jim W. Dean

You don’t know what that means?  Imagine a doctor who passes out diseased and poisoned candy to patients who go to a hospital he owns. 

I am actually describing the real nursing home business, doctors who put patients on Haldol, a major cause of dementia, then put them in nursing homes because of the dementia brought on by Haldol.  On more than one occasion, we find the doctors own the nursing homes. 

I have taken elderly patients, family members, one my own mother, out of such facilities, had them taken off these drugs.  They recovered from their “treatment,” no “dementia,” only greed.

Whose Homeland Are They Really Protecting?

When the Department of Homeland Security was created, when the Patriot Acts were passed, the mechanisms for seizing America’s guns was created, oddly by the party of the National Rifle Association, who oversaw every aspect of it. 

The organizations that talk the most about the constitution, about saving American freedoms, about the right to bear arms, are fronts for Wall Street, dictated to by them. 

Time to clean these groups out as well. 

We are told that everything decent we create will be bought, controlled, used against us.  We’ve seen it.  We can stop it. 

The Tea Party movement, originally created to investigate 9/11 was hijacked and rerouted to save us from “socialism.”  There was no “socialism,” only Wall Street pumping in their cash, aided by AIPAC, the Israeli lobby. 

Now we watch Republican candidates fall all over each other, they can’t say enough about protecting the banks or giving money to finance Israel’s wars or about “winning” our own, wars we lost before they even began.

No war is ever won, not by anyone but Wall Street. 

The demonstrators who are in the streets across America, the “99%” that really represent the people of the United States, what the Tea Party should have been, are there for us.  Against them is the “1%” with their congress, with their unconstitutional laws, with their crooked courts, with their rigged elections and with their police departments whose only real purpose anymore is looking the other way.

I said “police departments,” not “police.”  Many real police are veterans, blackmailed into lives of crime to feed their families. They too are one paycheck from homelessness, like nearly every other American that make up the 99%.

The JFK Days - To be Replaced by Johnson's

During the 60s and 70s, America still had a free press.  That is gone.  We still had a constitution, that went away in 2001. 

The 8 years of “Bush the Lesser,” a coup de etat against America, the installation of the police state, detention without trial, blanket wire tapping without court orders (overturned eventually), illegal wars, torture made “legal,” and, of course, Wall Street behind it all.

Wall Street is more than simply theft.  Wall Street is torture, murder, oppression and the onset of a new “dark age.”

The police, thus far, are there to help them.

With no free press, Americans won’t be hearing the truth.  You can read it here. 

Why do Americans have guns? The answer is simple.  Our guns are to protect us.  The problem, of course, is that the guns are useless when those who own them are being led around by the nose.

Wake up! The political system is owned and operated, Wall Street, the Israeli Lobby, the crooked press, our “out of control” police.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

There is no saving it or there is no saving us. Nobody disagrees with this, no sane person anyway.

Banksters Have Been Busy - Offense and Defense

The enemy is simple, the American financial system.  The heart of it is what is called “the Federal Reserve.” 

The “Fed” is a criminal group of banks that runs up debt and prints counterfeit money.  The “Fed” is illegal.  The “Fed” is criminal. 

The “Fed” is how gangs took over America, a global cabal of organized crime and bled America dry. 

The “Fed” is the heart of Wall Street, the heart of worldwide crime, the engine of poverty and despair, the mother of wars and suffering. 

It is a criminal conspiracy.  Criminals belong in prison.  It is our job to bring America to a stop until that happens.  The criminals? 

Much of our government, 5 Supreme Court justices, many of those who run our military and security agencies, those who run our banks, the insurance industry, “pharma” and oil, the list is huge. 

The crooks are the planners, the manipulators and the weak that follow them, those who looked away on 9/11, those who looked away when America began kidnapping, torturing, wiretapping, when America began stifling free speech.

The America generations fought for has withered.  The proof?  One hour of watching Fox News alone is proof but it isn’t just them, its every paper, its movies, its books, its in your email, its everywhere, America has only one product it produces anymore.  We are the lie factory for the world.  Time for real courts and arrests, for real police, real investigations, time to end it here and now.  Time for a list.

You Too Can Become an Influence Peddler!

The list has to be huge, the problem is huge and the threat?  They are turning us into slaves, they are destroying the lives of our children and grandchildren.  “They” are unAmerican, purely unAmerican in every way.  There is no room for them here, not outside prison.

Thus far, much of our own government is the enemy too, bought and paid for.  Elections are bought with money. 

Anyone who has taken one cent of corporate cash, one free vacation, one free golf outing, a job for a wife, a huge cash bonus for a book no one will read, every one of the “Gingrich’s,” the “Doles” and so many more need to be recognized, need to be named and must be shunned by the American people.

It took a “New Pearl Harbour” to push Americans into looking away while gangsters took everything.  Every time you hear about 9/11 hijackers and Al Qaeda, its the same story, the criminal acts of Wall Street blamed on terrorists who never existed. 

Invade a country, see them fight back, suddenly they are terrorists.  There have always been a few nut cases, anarchists, extremists but there never has been a worldwide terror conspiracy. 

That’s a “bedtime story” written by the Neocons and Wall Street, sold on 9/11 by government (s) that turned on their own people, criminal gangs who believed that “breaking a few eggs” would make the “omelet” they wanted.

Now the police, the courts, our entire government has turned against the people.  They live on money we pay them, they work for us. Time to fire the lot of them.




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70 Comments for “Boston: Time to Call them “Pigs” Again”

  1. 80 million gun owners with a total of ~250 million guns ……..and some nice “guns” to…..WTF ……

    “Gentlemen Start Your Engines”

  2. When comes to the 99% against the 1% the 1% will panic and try to destroy the 99% because of the odds.

  3. G- you keep alluding to this: “We know that the Department of Homeland Security gives guns to the cartels. It does more, much more and law enforcement officials are now facing investigation” I want to know more of what you know on this subject, you seem to be the only one speaking of these connections

  4. To do that Ken the battle must actual be taken further afield than the US-based “Fed”. It must be taken all the way to the City of London, to the Crown Court at Temple Bar where the cabal hold their shadow convocation. The UK Rothschild head must be severed from all dealings of a financial nature, stripped of his titles and assets, the latter inevitably redistributed back to all nations and peoples from whence it was extorted.

    From thence it must be carried to Paris and Naples and Frankfurt and Luxembourg rounding up all disparate branches of that filthy family, dismantling their syndicate and holdings and clapping all of them and their associates (like the Morgans, Rockefellers, et al) in chains for the rest of their natural lives at hard labor preferably.

    Might as well let “We the People” get some worthwhile use out of all the FEMA detention camps they intend for us, according to the statutes they themselves have penned to criminalize far too many innocents to date.

    Then there would be no further threat lurking for yet another opportune moment to return (as it did after its last expulsion from these shores at the hands of Andy Jackson. Our last true America-first President despite his many other faults and sins.

    • I agree Penumbra and, I will add, to the Rothschild controlled Bank of England, the BIS of Zurich (Bank of International Settlements), which the Rothschild Mafia controls too.

      Let us call my suggestion a “Partial Objective” to be achieved in America. If the FED falls, I mean go back the American People’s hands, it will inspire the Brits to do their part.

      Yes, president Andrew Jackson made America DEBT FREE, he fought the Banks hegemony over the People. A true patriot he was.

      Regime change in America should indeed be called: “The Andrew Jackson Rallying Movement”, to revive those principles, he so dearly defended.

  5. Many times simple thinking helps solve complex problems… as long as you seek and start looking at the CAUSES of the problems and NOT dwell on the EFFECTS, mistaking them for the roots of the problems.

    Let us then look at America’s dire predicament this way:

    1) America is governed by “elected politicians”: Congressmen/women-Senators, including the president, right?

    2) Those politicians happen to serve and receive orders. not from the People, but from the Mafia Bosses, who financed their campaign and brought them to office, Right?

    3) The interests, those politicians defend are not the interests of the people, but solely the interests of whoever got them to a position of power: the Money Changers.

    4) We, the People, should not waste one second of our time looking for small game (police-congressmen-senators and even the president), we should seek after the puppeteers and go for the jugular: Those who “CREATE” money out of thin air to BUY the politicians, the crooked military, the police, i.e. the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    The battle for FREEDOM in the USA should be aimed at the FEDERAL RESERVE, that’s where the nerve center of the Zion Talmudic Power House is. Only by neutralizing that institution can America free itself from slavery. Napoleon used to say “L’argent est le nerf de la guerre” (Money is the nerve -‘backbone’- of war).

    Take the faculty of creating money from the enemy and give it back to the people and the game is over: No more fractional banking, no more toxic assets, no more derivatives, no more stealing from the people, no more inventing reasons for cruel and unjust wars, for profit. The financial sector-the banks should be restructured to work for the people’s needs and welfare (productive jobs, free education, free health care, a better redistribution of wealth and improved living condition for the American people and the rest of the world … Any politician who say let’s go to war, ask him to go first, send his sons-daughters or his wife or husband if the politician is too old or physically impaired to go him or herself… Mentally impaired, we know that they are…

    What America needs is a REVOLUTION and reconstruction from the ground: The people has to get back what it is rightly its property: A Central Bank Owned By the American People.

  6. So what are these demonstrations about? On an NYC newspaper site one commenter said that it is merely a bunch of people just angry because they took out mortgages and student loans and now don’t want to pay them back. Nice try, shill.

    I think the book cover shown on the slider pic for this article pretty much nails it, “power and corruption”. It’s that simple, in business and in our government.

  7. I’m going to be odd man out here. I object to ad hominem attacks.

    I believe that calling cops “pigs” undermines our credibility. It creates hostility toward us. It makes it easy for the media to deprecate us.

    I suggest that, instead, we focus on their behavior. It is their kettling, their pepper spraying, their beating of the protesters that is the real issue.

    • With all due respect, sir, may I remind you of a statement by the late, great, John Bryant:

      “If you are afraid to speak against tyranny, then you are already a slave.”

      • @ Glenn

        Yes, speak out against the tyranny. Speak out against the abominable behavior of the cops. Document that the cops are a bought-and-paid-for private security force for the banksters and the corporations.

        Calling the cops “pigs” doesn’t accomplish that.

        Got it? It’s what the cops are doing and on whose behalf that they are doing it that are the issues.

  8. I couple of weeks before the OWS protests, I tried to bring the efforts of the guys over at CopBlock to the fore. I knew something would bubble to the surface before years end, and sure enough it did. But in the end all I got a nice pat on the head, then urged to toddle off on my merry way. Kinda nice being the first guy on the bandwagon though.

  9. I never stopped calling them pigs.

  10. During the first Revolutionary War, militias were made up on the spot . No previous meetings, drilling per Se, just an agreement that when the time comes, all those who could, would form up, ready willing and able. This prevented the opposition from being able to infiltrate and sabotage the rebellion.
    hence the term “Minutemen”

  11. Maybe I missed something on that first video, but I didn’t see anyone attacking anyone. Not like I’ve seen in some Wall Street videos.

  12. Greg…Ron Paul is their owned and financed and promoted “opposition”.
    They oppose themselves so others can’t.
    Ron Paul is Obama/Bush in a very thin disguise.
    Don’t worry, he’ll do exactly as he’s told. He always has.


    • If that’s true, why hasn’t he been voting FOR Illegals, FOR bailouts, FOR budget increases, FOR wars for the past 30 years?

      If that’s true, why is the mainstream media trying SO HARD to ignore him, skew the polls?

      Please provide some basis for your claims.

      • Marc, at least make a fleeting attempt to try to reason out the answers to such questions for yourslf before simply barking out in an all too common reactionary outburst.

        Let me help you along…

        Ingsoc stated: “Ron Paul is their owned and financed and promoted “opposition””

        You respond: “…why hasn’t he been voting FOR illegals, …bailouts, ….budget increases, …etc…”

        Note the final term applied above, “opposition”. In order to convince those like yourself that there is yet another “saviour” waiting in the wings for you (like so many who refuse to “get it” about the fundamentally unredeemable nature of the system itself) he would have to play the role by OPPOSING whatever the majority of Talmudist-controlled Congressbots in both branches of the War/Empire Party are proposing, would he not?

        Wouldn’t be an effective pied piper for the disenfranchised and discontent masses if he didn’t establish the required creds for public consumption now would he?

        That is how “Controlled-OPPOSITION” works, how it behaves, how it garners support and how it leads those who follow it to squander their energies down a dead end road pre-paved for that purpose by the PTB to crush their collective spirit when it finally dawns on them how they were duped YET AGAIN.

        You ask: “…why is the mainstream media trying SO HARD to ignore, skew the polls….”

        The answer is simple and hearkens again back to the my suggestion to your first query. How convincing an “OPPOSITION” would he be if he were afforded warm recognition by a media establishment known full well to be owned and operated by and for the interests of a handful of major conglomerates (most with direct interests in maintaining the criminal political/economic/military status quo)?

        That he is is shunted to the realms of alternative media for promotion places him directly where his paymasters/handlers expect him to garner the greatest following from those who fancy themselves awakened (and recognized as awakened enough to pose a potential threat to the criminal establishment).

        Have you not seen how effectively they did this with so many just a few short years ago with “brand Obama” right up front and brazenly open? Simply another tier of the game at work, and it worked, and people were (and in many cases yet remain) duped and unwilling to see the game plan at work.

        Stop pinning your hopes on “personages”, “political heroes”, icons or the cult of celebrity. This nation has been drowned in that sort of mentality for far too long.

        Voting for ANYONE, VOTING itself, will not save you, your neighbors, or the country. It simply cannot do as the very electoral process itself has been designed to maintain the fraudulent system.

        Your “vote” is NOT “participatory democracy”, it is ENDORSEMENT of the fraud they have long perfected and promoted with slick Madison Avenue marketing myths…. another facet of the long-running psyop that has given the PTB its cover since Lincoln reseated Congress unlawfully and helped to begin the replacement of the organic Constitutional Republic with Corp USA under which we live to this day.

        Do NOT endorse the fraud, under the name of ANY candidate, do NOT vote.

        I hope that helped you.

  13. The police in every city in the US has been militarized. It began in the 1960’s with the creation of the first SWAT team and has been ramping up ever since. The police is not supposed to be a military force, yet it behaves exactly that way today, even if it’s a simple traffic stop. The cities do not want, don’t know how, or are afraid to de-militarize their police departments. Apparently, The People themselves will have to do it for them.

    • Oh yeah. They really got into wearing military gear…the elite unit stuff. There is a seduction that goes with it. And then all the bullet head cops started appearing, right out of the WWII Nazi movies. It made me wonder where the PR people were.

      When you look at the beefy police they sent in at Boston. They looked like professional wrestlers…and for non violent protesters?? That said, the protesters need to switch from unlawful assembly to lawful. You just get different groups to book the spot day after day, and have your own clean up crews.

      Have you noticed how the gangs have stayed away from these? The heavy police presence and all the video cameras are a great deterrent. And no hoodies?? And they need to stay off the streets at night was that is when they are most vulnerable for infiltrators and mayhem.

    • @ Dee

      “The police in every city in the US has been militarized….”

      That’s right — it’s the way that the federal government sneaks past the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. If it’s unlawful to have soldiers engaging in police functions, then turn the police into soldiers. SWAT teams are soldiers.

      Jefferson warned against having a standing army, because then there is the temptation to use the standing army, by starting wars. Likewise, what good is having are SWAT teams, if you don’t use them? As a consequence, we see SWAT teams delivering warrants for non-violent crimes.

      The Pentagon even has arms fairs for police departments. Police departments, flush with cash from Homeland Security funding, buy up armored personnel carriers and weaponry just barely short of atomic bombs. (OK, there’s some hyperbole there.)

      After all, as I posted above, it is the War on Crime. It is the war mindset at work.

      • The FEDS have “required” (because the STATES haven’t stood up to them, but they’re beginning to) the sheriffs to provide them with maps of all the local bridges, the airports, the utilities, and a whole bunch of OTHER “local” information, which at first “startled” the locals. Then the FEDS brought the locals in for “training”, completing the “bully” process. The Feds told them back in 2007 (or before) that they’d be “required” to “round up” and IINNOCULATE (at that time H1N1 (a chip?) everyone in their county within 48 hrs. There would be road blocks set up to insure that each person had received the (chip?). We’re thankfully PAST the H1N1 fiasco because of NURSES who fought back against Rockefeller. BUT, the training and militarization and DIRECTIONS have not gone away.

        Sheriff John Mack, who won a court case against the Clintons, has trained many county sheriffs in the Oathkeepers to take back countrol of their counties. The SHERIFF has more power and authority in his county than does the Federal Government. Recently 9 western sheriffs called for the ouster of Eric Holder. Another group of Sheriffs led by AZ is working on Obama’s documentation as a US citizen.
        Another group of sheriffs in WY threatened to arrest IRS and other federal agents who DO NOT FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION in their counties. These sheriffs and the Oathkeepers, who have vowed to follow only legal orders under the constitution, are the ONLY decent authority left. Americans cannot depend on the military – their leaders at the Pentagon work for our opposition, and it appears that many Police departments do too.

  14. WHITE HATS REPORT #30 – October 11, 2011

    “From the beginning of George H.W. Bush’s failed Presidency, U.S. politics have taken a serious turn for the worse and has plummeted into a crime in office. As we have been reporting Bush Senior’s personal greed, corruption and mutual self interest are supported by crooked bankers and Wall Street Cronies. They steal and siphon the wealth from you, the trusting, but betrayed American taxpayers and patriotic allies. From his start Senior has made sure that each individual appointed to a key Government or Agency Office is bought and compromised to maintain control in blocking all inquiries into HIS world of criminal activities. Senior is still the architect of the United States ethical demise and is the Godfather of Political corruption. From his partnership with the Clinton’s through his current control of President Obama, a bought and leashed man. The White Hats have been unraveling the truth in this sordid shameful criminal cabal, exposing them, and helping to restore America’s future.”

    “Bush Senior continues to use Obama, the Clintons, Geithner and other cohorts like pawns, to continue to interfere and derail any solutions to this financial crisis. Their goal is to collapse the world financially, rush in and take whatever is left to fulfill their own greed and narcissism. The Bush family in the last few weeks has started to pack up and transport their stolen riches and personal belongings to their 100,000 acre hide away haven in Paraguay, South America, with other well known worldly criminals. Their narcissism blinds them to the reality that the world will locate them and seek redress in any way possible.”

    “The truth to remember is that Bush Senior is pulling the strings and that Obama is his Pinocchio. Bush Senior has told and encouraged Obama to steal and fill his own coffers as long as he follows orders. Bush Senior wants Obama’s actions to divert all of the attention off of himself. Do not take your eyes off either of these miscreants. Remember, the greatest trick of evil is to convince the world that evil does not exist. Bush Senior has been tricking us of this for a great many years; tricking us to never look for the evil behind the curtain.” (CONTINUED)

  15. Good summation of what’s going on Gordon.

  16. This is another one of your outstanding articles. BUT, I’m saddened that so many GOOD soldiers just sank into the cover-up and that there was no concerted effort for all these years, when so many KNEW — during Vietnam, during the Gulf War, and even now, to get a MASS MESSAGE out to the American people about the corruption. Unbeknownst to all of us, we kept electing the Bushes and Clintons.

    Most people are on a treadmill just trying to make a living and not paying attention to congress. We “assumed” congress was acting FOR us and that the military was activing FOR us. IT WAS ALL A LIE. My allegiance today is to my friends and neighbors.

    I have no allegiance to this country which has sold us out. In fact, I’m more than a little angry, as we all should be. I believe the entire federal government and the Federal Reserve should be abolished. All 3 branches are so corrupt they cannot continue. They certainly don’t “serve” the people.
    Elections are also a FRAUD.

    I think the most blatant disappointment is that these friends of yours are STILL serving the bad guys and keeping their mouths shut. If women had been leading, all this would have been exposed YEARS ago.

    Thomas Jefferson said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Well, 50 years of silence and compliance, even letting your SONS and DAUGHTERS go to war for them, is more than I can comprehend. You DO have a “choice” who to work for.

    • All the wars need to be stopped, bring the soldiers back to the STATE national guards, get rid of the “Gods on High at the Pentagon and all their military-industrial hangers-on, and TO HELL with Israel If this country has come to the point that U.S. citizens will inevitably have to fight our OWN military (whose every weapon was paid for by us), then it’s PAST time for the citizens to abolish them..

    • @ J.R.

      “I have no allegiance to this country which has sold us out….”

      It is the government, not the country, which has sold us out.

      Patriotism is loyalty to the country, not to the government.

      One can be a traitor to the government and, at the same time, be a patriot to the country.

      • Let’s face it there simply could not be so much corruption – so much evil, in government, if the masses were not corrupt themselves.

        Given the apathy and the ignorance and the breathtaking moral incompetence, what other result should we have expected?

        Look at the way the masses reacted when the “government” announced it had murdered someone it claimed was Osama bin Laden. Why, there were flag waving blowhards everywhere.

        How can anyone be “patriotic” to a country full of ignorant moral degenerates that finally have exactly the government that they need, want and deserve?


    Agreed, they need to go down, so how to get this thing off the streets and into the courts?
    Try PLAN B @ the link below;

  18. Sometimes I miss getting current news, interviews and editorial on my Pacifica radio station. Although most is available online I sometimes have a listen at NPR. Recent events in particular but even the whole lens for perspective rollout since 2007 reflects the confusion of credibility and paymaster loyalty inherent in the news/editorial dept within public radio. It is sad.
    Pacifica Radio is 100% listener sponsored. Have a listen. Compare and contrast. It’s like discovering the staff at Veterans Today.
    Stay calm everybody.

  19. I learn a lot here

  20. Yes..a great article Gordon.One that needs to be read by a lot more people.Those that are asleep at the wheel so it might steer them onto the reality that faces all of us.I’m at the point where I don’t know if trying to bring down the Pyramid by legal means will work any more.Seems if you get a few stones out and behind bars those at the top replace them faster than we can pull them out.And usually it just a few stones at the bottom and that doesn’t crumble the structure.If we can get the top from feeding the bottom then watch out for the rock slide.

  21. And when did we stop using the term? um….

  22. Some good stuff in your article but references to enemies and guns in terms of the peoples protests of corruption is of little help. Many of us get lost in the anger and helplessness of it all and focusing on guns being taken away, or there being an enemy, may insite those who tend to act without critical thinking and compassion. To be a wrathful warrior one needs the sharp healing edge of the sword more then the killing edge of the same sword. As a combat veteran I remember the average mindlessness of my fellow grunts and the “get promoted by body count” mentality of many of our officers. This combination kept that immoral and illegal war going on for 11 years. One thing is that if more of us had the discipline to lay off of all that Chinese shit that we are brainwashed to buy and have alot of non-violent protests at the same time the situation may shift and the police unions and more trainers like yourselves can be helpful instead of just poor and pissed. I remember giving up 2 jobs after Vietnam in the 70s because the companies were dealing in weapons of war that we did not need. It left me poor so I played music in the honky tonks until I figured out what to do next. If one is not afraid of being poor, the street, authorities, God and Country then there is a chance. Will the real warriors please stand up and get off your ass, but not too angrily. This is not the time to be lazy or complacent.

  23. “Now we watch Republican candidates fall all over each other, they can’t say enough about protecting the banks or giving money to finance Israel’s wars or about “winning” our own, wars we lost before they even began.”

    Do you purposely or inadvertently include Ron Paul in this statement? Or are you just ignoring him like the MSM does?

  24. It appears that anything and everything that is not to your liking is either “fake” or a “conspiracy.”

    In the case of Iran, keep thinking that until one day they are right in front of your nose. On that day, I WILL say, “I told you so.”

  25. Dear Gordon:

    My old friend from the Radio Free America Strikeforce days, Mr. Tom Valentine, his articles and
    yours are basically 100% correct, though you and I would differ on religion as Tom and I are full
    Preterist Chirstians. The Bible has already had all the prophesies fullfilled, as Tom and I have said for years.
    Anybody who would like to contact me about Tom’s recordings, 1992-2006 ( I was the official recorder of Tom’s Radio Programs the last six years he was on the air, can reach me at:

    Rev. Rich Salzer
    Conservative Preterist Church / Historical Review Library
    Post Office Box 16575
    Chesapeake, Virginia 23328, USA

    p.s. I will give your very good publication a plug in my twice a week e-Newsletters as well! Count On It!

  26. So America is become an oligarchy? Possibly a kleptocracy? I think I prefer the former. At least using strict dictionary definitions. The OWS movement grows and suddenly, Iranian/American Texas used car salesman is plotting devious terrorist destruction under the immediate supervision of the FBI. Okay then, now we don’t have to spend any time on Eric Holder and the ‘Guns to the Cartels’ collusion.
    Seems pretty obvious that regular Americans are sold out and there is NO hope of anything but the status quo. Obama will be “out” and Romney will be “in” and same shit different day.
    One thing is for certain, our ‘rulers’ had better stay out of my neighborhood. I’m stockpiling rocks. You know, just in case.

  27. Sorry, Nothing personal, but I never stopped calling them pigs. It’s the Job description, not the person. You can’t do an evil, rotten job well. You can only be rotten. A cop’s job never has been to “Protect and serve”, or whatever. Just as this country never has been a good country, and the people never have been moral or just, or good. I remember, back in the 60’s, this country was bombing innocent people. They did it in the 40’s, the 90’s, and every other time. If anyone ever tried to stand up and say no, the cops would crack their heads. That has always been their job.

  28. Some of these VT articles are too good to disappear into internet limbo so fast. VT needs to have an ARCHIVES or PAST ARTICLES shortcut on its main page.

    • Texas Johnny: I sent Ed Mattson a statement about the ” Archives” of ( Credible Evidence ) of many things, that are of interest to many , veterans and others.

    • TJ, Good question. The archives have been there all along. All the writer archives are hot linked to the article name you are looking at…but date. If you don’t have an article up, go to the writer list column and click on a name and that will take you to their archive.

      It will take some time to go through Gordon’s as it is huge.

      We are trying to link back old ones within new articles when we remember one that will fit. And at the bottom of each new one since the website changeover there are related article links…done by title key word…which is iffy sometimes.

      Nothing is thrown away. All 18,000+ are here.

  29. The War of Poverty. The War on Cancer. The war on Drugs. The Global War on Terror.

    The War on Crime.

    Whenever you have a war, then there is an enemy. The Us-vs-Them mentality is inherent in the war mentality.

    Cops are trained — propagandized — to view the citizenry as composed of potential crooks. That’s the old Thin Blue Line meme. The War on Crime coupled with the Global War on Terror takes it to a higher level.

  30. On the nail Gordon…

  31. Gordon, keep plodding along; we have watched and reported for decades, surely you are as sickened as I am, and just as surely you have family brought hastily into this world. so it’s the horns of dilemma.How do we go about taking over the media? John Gault was a verbose fiction, but the idea is appealing. trouble is:the mass audience is stoned, not on dope and drugs alone. I used to grill the folks in line at the supermarket and other public places. The eyes were open, but blank a huge percentage of the time. It flabbergasts me to see humans with minds sink so far beneath their potential. Am I elitist? Or, merely jaded?

    • Tom, i share your disgust and heartache. Having been out and seen and learned, as it were, only to have returned to the sleepy bedroom community of my birth surrounded by the blissfully ignorant is like trying to explain the marvels of the Taj Mahal to those who consider sand castles to be the epitome of architectural genius.

      that, to my mind, is cause for greater despair than the magnitude of the threat posed by our common enemy inside the gates.

  32. Yes, the “Iran alert” is fake, but Wall Street issued it? Oh yeah, Wall Street owns O’Bummer and got him to issue it.
    So, these folks OUGHT to be “protesting” Washington, instead of Wall Street. It’s like trying to cure one’s self by attacking the symptoms and not attacking the disease.

  33. in the RT video I see one of the many young “protestors” winking at Geraldo at 1:07 in the video,
    I am not sure how exactly I would define the word “real” but I dont see anything going on in these protests as real or authenic/genuine/reflecting and representing the actual opressed masses.

    I realize that probably every “revolution” in the last 2000 years of history was not a revolution at all but like what is going on right now as deception organized and financed by those in power utilizing theatre groups and actors, to create the impression that real change is taking place, to try to placate unjust situations… but I will say that if the federal reserve ceases to exist as I hear some talk about, I think that might possibly be something real and significant and some kind of reform

  34. Lets assume “system error” and try again. If “we” agree with the concluding statement “Time to fire the lot of them”, and I do agree, THEN HOW? “Acceptable protocol” to address this has become impotent for the reasons cited: Massive corruption in the system. Using language associated with the founding fathers such as “the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” will likely have you labeled a “domestic terrorist”. Jailed or “disappeared”.

    In this enviornment, HOW do we fire them. What credible action is left to “us” to accomplish the only solution: Fire Them All? I don’t know, that is why I’m asking.

    • @ Dave

      “In this enviornment, HOW do we fire them….”

      Yes, “they” are prepared to squash violent revolution.

      They are not prepared to counter autonomous violent resistance. At some point, someone with a 30:06 with a well-alligned scope and the skill to use it will take out someone. The target might be the CEO of Monsanto, a high executive of Goldman-Sachs, a US Senator…

      At that point, there will be copycat assassinations. There will be no organization for “them” to go after.

      I foresee autonomous, random acts of deadly violence.

      • Gerald Celente sees it as a major class warfare revolution. The screwed getting back at their PSYCHOPATHIC screwers.

      • Guerrilla warfare. Unfortunately, that may be the ultimate answer. “Hit them” one day, and fade back into the “fabric of society” as a “friendly” face the next day. No true organized “resistance” to TARGET. Gee, where have I seen this tactic used successfully before? Oh yeah, I remember, everything from Nam on! Not that I would ever “advocate” such a thing. With this phoney Iran sponsored “assassination” crock of sh*t all over the LAME-STREAM-MEDIA, potential mushroom clouds over Tehran may “call off all bets” anyway.

      • This has to be the best plan I’ve seen so far. This has to be shared!

      • By the way, 30.06 is among my favorite “long range” problem solvers. With a scope that usually exceeds the price of the gun, “PRICELESS”. Not trying to initiate a 308. 300 win mag, 50 bmg capability debate. Just real familiar with and satisfied with 30.06 performance and availability.

    • Never underestimate the talents of the true American citizen…when the time comes, the fascists will be embarrased.

      • The ” fly in the oinment” is this: How many are “they” prepared to eliminate and what “toys” do they possess to accomplish this with. Finding out after the fact may well represent the “unkown ACE up their sleeve”. This is the kind-of-crap that keeps me “up nights”.

  35. To all of those who are considering an enlistment in the armed forces of America take heed of this article. Don’t ever enlist for a “paycheck”, it could be the worst decision you will ever make in your lifetime!

  36. Where money rules the hearts of men nothing but iniquity can abound.

  37. NYC hires the cops out to private corporations.

    “….the Paid Detail Unit …. allows the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street corporations ….. to order up a flank of New York’s finest with the ease of dialing the deli for a pastrami on rye.

    The corporations pay an average of $37 an hour (no medical, no pension benefit, no overtime pay) for a member of the NYPD, with gun, handcuffs and the ability to arrest. The officer is indemnified by the taxpayer, not the corporation.

    New York City gets a 10 percent administrative fee on top of the $37 per hour paid to the police. The City’s 2011 budget called for $1,184,000 in Paid Detail fees, meaning private corporations were paying wages of $11.8 million to police participating in the Paid Detail Unit. The program has more than doubled in revenue to the city since 2002.”

  38. “POOF” I’ve been “disappeared”! Very interesting.

  39. It will take a revolution. If we can’t rely on the police and courts to reign in the traitors, then we must act ourselves. Only a complete housecleaning will work. This means every member of Congress, the entire judicial system, all of the existing leaders of the armed forces, the entire executive branch, and especially the denizens of Wall Street.

    Thomas Jefferson described our present situation when he wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. These same situations exist today and deserve to be solved in the same way they were in 1776. The peaceful demonstrations going on today will eventually be beaten down by the “pigs” who now control my country. When this occurs it will leave only two options: continue with our wage slavery or a true national revolution.

    • @Old Hippy, Right on!

      A friend wrote in response to the article: The FBI has built a massive network of spies to prevent another domestic attack. But are they busting terrorist plots—or leading them?

      “As societies move towards the end stages the oppression of people grows stronger, and the state apparatus starts to abuse its privileges more and more. In this case the FBI and CIA are working exactly as the Gestapo did in Nazi Germany. The real reasons are to manufacture consent for growing budgets that the people will endorse, allowing more consolidation of power – So far, the various groups haven’t turned on themselves, but these things are rather tough to predict. I think the general intent to date is to manufacture consent for war on Islam by keeping the USAns nervous, off balance and scared.

      Goering once remarked that the easiest way to make people commit to war was convince them they’d been attacked.

      If fear can create a war, the 1% can retain power. What is remarkable is that the ‘99%’ seem to be rejecting the fear so far. We shall see after the violence strikes them – watch for a ‘terrorist’ strike on an ‘Occupy xx’ site soon.”

  40. When you get the J.P. Morgan Chase giving the largest one time contribution to the NYPD roughly $4 million recently to fund the necessary tyranny to keep protesters in submission, it become clear why you see mace, batons and the abuse there of peaceful demonstrators.

    • NYPD is now the enemy

      • This does not take into account the private security (on current Wall Street detail), not so different to those who are sent to Iraq and the host of other US special interests throughout the world, especially in the last 10 years.

        As things progressively get worse, it will be common in the US (like in 3rd world countries) that a armed security detail will follow every wall street crony and public official as the populous wakes up to the reality that most of us have been living with for the past few years (many for decades).

      • Yes…

        Another Marine protecting protestors rights in NY, I told you.

    • Is that the JP Morgan chase that has received TARP money bailout?

  41. Excellent article Gordon.

Comments are closed


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