NUCLEAR WEAPONS! OhMyGawd They Did it!

UnBelievable! The US is Using Nuclear Weapons in Central Asian War


By Bob Nichols


(San Francisco) Mr. President, for years now Do-Gooders, PeaceNiks and assorted anti-military types have talked incessantly about the imponderables of possible, potential, IF or maybe war-time use of nuclear weapons.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Well, the United States Military has finally done it. They have had and are using nuclear weapons in the Central Asian War; at Fallujah, Iraq to be exact. This War Crime is proven to have commenced at least as far back as 2004. What’s more, the military’s use of nuclear weapons is primarily against civilians, maiming and killing civilians now as well as generations as yet unborn – a cowardly, psychotic [crazed] recognized War Crime.

Mr. President, Dr. Busby, a chemical physicist, has laid out the laboratory certified and reproducible results, in a clear, unambiguous manner. I recommend you jerk these miscreants out of all War Zones and bring them back to the US immediately for the required and necessary War Crimes Trials. I encourage you not to overlook accomplices in these real life and death War Crimes among the general staff, including your own staff.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

To citizens and residents of the US and the Western World I say demand these actions immediately; then, turn out, shun and dismiss any politician not willing to immediately stand up against nuclear weapons use.

Certified documentation of isotopes only found as products of nuclear weapons and nuclear power stations follows. There is no mistaking these distinctive radioactive products for anything else in creation except for what they are.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Damn them! The US Military is the strongest, most lethal military force the world has ever known! There is no military reason whatsoever to use nuclear weapons on civilians, or military personnel, either, for that matter. This constitutes pure, unadulterated Slaughter, as well as the random maiming and killing of future generations. What were they possibly thinking? This is just flat-out wrong, that is:  criminal, heinous, barbaric, and cannot now, or ever be excused, mitigated, forgotten, repeated or forgiven.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

For additional radioactive killing and maiming power the US Military forces have deployed hundreds of thousands of tons of weaponized ceramic uranium oxide dust and aerosols. The genetic effect on future generations is profound.

Mr President, let the punishment be prompt and severe, after a proper trial for the accused mass murderers, of course.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Let’s get this distasteful show on the road, over and done.

Documentation follows. All Notes and Sources are listed below. Readers, do your own research, don’t just believe me. In fact, I do not care if you believe me or not. But, not possessing an opinion about this stain on America, though, is something I cannot abide.

Sources and Notes

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39 Comments for “NUCLEAR WEAPONS! OhMyGawd They Did it!”

  1. Note that Dr. Busby is a propagandist of the militant Anti-Nuclear Energy Lobby. Most of his claims are scientifically ridiculous to say the least. These good guys always tried to make the gullible people believe that the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the use of nuclear weapons is just the same. Thanks to their brainwashing one can blow up nuke plants (Chernobyl and likely Fukushima) with nuke bombs and nobody will ever wonder what really took place. Read what Dimitri Khalezov has to say about this.

    • Kind of a rant, there, dopplereffect,

      After your clear slam at Dr Busby, you simply state “tried to make the gullible people believe that the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the use of nuclear weapons is just the same.”

      Duhhhh, Yes, they are, dude. The reactor just slows it down a bit; but it is the same reaction with the same 1400 poisonous isotopes produced.

      So, what IS the difference you are trying to make us believe exists at Busby’s expense? Put up or shut up.

      Bob Nichols

  2. Problem is: who cares. Many in the West, the US like this kind of genocide. For the veterans: you must question yourself why you have been serving this country – don’t you think? Please stop to claim to be heroes – you are not, in fact your crimes are similar then those of Nazi storm troopers.

    What were you thinking? Kicking doors in Baghdad and arresting families was Democracy promotion? 13 million Iraqis have disappeared since 2001 – you did a great heroic genocide and you served the Wall Street thugs well.

    Did anybody force you to do so? In the Russian revolution soldiers rebelled and executed their commanding officers. You see – the Russians have the guts and Russia has become a real Democracy even if the US press tries hard to smear it.

    If you the Veterans want to serve your country – march towards Washington and take your and the country of the American people back.

    Question is – do you have the guts?

  3. All this and more is supposed to come to an end very soon…
    Like next week or two.

  4. Why it isn’t there, I have no idea, but the most closely related column is “New Bombs and War Crimes in Fallujah”, , right here at Veterans Today, which explains how the use of these new weapons has been established scientifically.

  5. Satanist Israel is behind this no doubt about it, as they are behind 90 % of terrorists acts that kill mostly Muslims, next thing they’ll be talking about human rights and the great values of the judeo-christian exclusive civilization club, ever wondered why nobody take these clowns seriously ?

    on youtube, this kind of ideology can only end well, and this is the racist asshole that was given a decoration from the US senate, if there is still any doubt about the complete corruption of that institution

    • Moha,

      I appreciate you guys trying to beat a dead horse called Israel to get at the intolerable Zionist, a pathological political organization; but, dude, you gotta wise up and get with the program.

      The few Zionists and the many Jews are Targeted by the US Military just as hundreds of other language groups of peoples are. Of course, that includes people safely, so they think, ensconced in America behind the oceans.

      Please tell Dr. David Duke, if you happen to see him, that Israel is toast, is Sterile and can’t reproduce; in short: They are extincted by actions of the US Military.

      Here’s the rundown again about nuclear weapons and nuclear power stations.


      Bob Nichols

      “Sometimes facts and science get in the way of long cherished beliefs and wrongheaded notions. Tell me what you don’t understand and we will work on it som’more.

      Nuclear Bombs and nuke reactors give off:
      1,400 killer radioactive aerosols, particles and gases,

      None of them have an on/off switch.

      Or, a Jew/Gentile/Other Switch. Very Simple – No Selection Switch.

      All the radioactive gizzmos do is KILL and Maim. That includes all people, all plants and all animals. No exceptions.

      This part you will probably like. The Jews in Israel, 7 Million of them are mostly Sterile from US bomb radiation from the Central Asian War. Yea, the US targeted the Jews and everybody in the Middle East and Central Asia for elimination, killing, massacre, or, to get whacked by radiation.

      The Jews in Israel are toast. They cannot reproduce enough Jews to continue the population. It is called the Total Fertility Rate and it controls the life or death of a population.

      Chuckling …. I can see those big ole crocodile tears you are crying for the Jews in Israel. Yup, “a cold, hard rain is a’gonna fall.””
      End quote

      Bob Nichols

  6. The plan seems to be genetic genocide of gentiles. Here they are using gm foods and vaccines

    • Frank,

      Well, of course, except when it isn’t. Let me give you the facts, Frank. Sometimes facts and science get in the way of long cherished beliefs and wrongheaded notions. Tell me what you don’t understand and we will work on it som’more.

      Nuclear Bombs and nuke reactors give off:
      1,400 killer radioactive aerosols, particles and gases,

      None of them have an on/off switch.

      Or, a Jew/Gentile/Other Switch. Very Simple – None.

      All the radioactive gizzmos do is KILL and Maim. That includes all people, all plants and all animals.

      This part you will probably like, Frank. The Jews in Israel, 7 Million of them are mostly Sterile from US bomb radiation from the Central Asian War. Yea, the US targeted the Jews and everybody in the Middle East and Central Asia for elimination, killing, massacre, or, to get whacked by radiation.

      The Jews in Israel are toast, Frank. They cannot reproduce enough Jews to continue the population. It is called the Total Fertility Rate and it controls the life or death of a population.

      Chuckling …. I can see those big ole crocodile tears you are crying for the Jews in Israel, Frank. Yup, “a cold, hard rain is a’gonna fall.”


      Bob Nichols

  7. Superb investigative reporting. Whether folks like it or not and even if this article strains their credulity, Bob Nichols has laid out a plausible case with substantial circumstantial evidence. Truth often turns out to be stranger than fiction and it appears that these new high tech weapons are just too tempting to deploy. Of course the big risk here is that other nations have teams of scientists also developing these high tech weapons which may include hybrid forms of mini-nukes and anti-matter bombs that do not give off gamma rays during transport, making them difficult to detect. When leaders deploy these in secret as it appears they have, they should fear blowback once the truth leaks out as it always does eventually. It may be that this supposed int’l war on terror with high tech weapons may bring the chickens home to roost and create a much bigger problem at home that would have ever existed otherwise.

    • Right on the mark….the invisible wars. Now that you mention “chicken”, I was working in one country with top scientist and engineers, they told me there was problem (disease) and traced it back to chickens shipped from one country. The invisible wars.

  8. I think it was during the Vietnam War that the US military was persuaded that a war could be won by high tech methods. The Iraq and Afghan wars were conducted so as to minimise US casualities. In that they have been very successful. I think the kill ratio for the two recent wars is much higher than in Vietnam. War has never been about fighting fair. This is not an issue for the American people who should rightly stay oblivious about what is done in their name. US forces sacrifice themselves twice over. They face death and then they bear the moral consequences. That’s not for civilians.

    • Pantagruella,

      I disagree.

      Like poison gas, the radioactive particles created by every nuke weapon cannot be contained or kept in a geographic area.

      And, most importantly, US troops are not immune. Dead is dead. Radiation is an indiscriminate killer.

      Simple as that.


    • Pantaguella,

      I have the feeling you have been brain washed…..would you like me to prove this? Through a simple exercise….I’m a veteran who had classified clearance.

      I know US forces sacrifice themselves twice over.

  9. Why isn’t this a New York Times headline? Can you please take this story to important publications and thoroughly record their reactions and non-reactions? It would be good to record and account those complicit in keeping these war crimes a secret.

    • sorry, I replace the word important above with “the common, lying”

      • Hi PersianAdvocate,

        Many excellent books have chronicled the history of the NYTimes and all things nuclear. I have also touched on it many times.

        Suffice it to say this headline will never appear in the NYTimes.

        It is not personal.

        As a business decision and political decision the Sultzburger family, majority owners of the Times, fully supports the US nuke program in all ways, blindly, and slants the news to promote all things nuclear.

        There is little to no chance of this changing in the near future. In other words, if we die, they do not care, it just more collateral damage in the pursuit of whatever fantasy the Times pursues.

        Bob Nichols

    • PersianAdvocate….the NY Times checks with the WH, before posting articles that are maligning the govt.’s activities, or relationships–as with Israeli-Zionists. Sadly.

  10. PR Smith,

    Ha! I enjoy a good story as much as anybody else. However this is not science fiction theater.

    Stick with the science, dude.

    The reptiles are toasted by Radioactive products as much as the next actual human.

    Again, by the numbers. for reactors and nuclear weapons.
    1,400 Rad isotopes are emitted by the reactors, still are, too,
    858 remain a week later,
    55 kinds of long lived radioactive particles, aerosols and gases remain for up to 90 Billion years.

    Yea, the age of the Earth is estimated at 5 Billion years, the Universe at 13 Billion years, give or take.

    So, we can work on this killer mess and jail and/or execute the Perps or move Off Planet.

    Ya got a ticket yet?


    • What about the nuclear “toasting” that going on elsewhere? Like Fukishima et al? The AshkeNAZI Zionist have even managed to flood Omaha’s nuclear plant. Do you think they plan to reduce the world’s population via nuclear radiation?

      In describing the Great Tribulation, the Bible says:

      And this shall be the plague which the Lord will smite all the peoples that wage war against Jerusalem; (Me: This is not the Jerusalem in today’s Israel.) their flesh shall rot while they are still on their feet, their eyes shall rot in their sockets, and their tongues shall rot in their mouths. And on that day a great panic from the Lord shall fall on them, so that each will lay hold on the hand of his fellow, and the hand of one will be raised against the hand of the other; even Judah will fight against Jerusalem. And the wealth of all the nations around about shall be collected, gold, silver, and garments in great abundance. Zechariah 14:12-14

  11. Reporter “Where did this enriched uranium come from?”
    Scientist “We are not entirely sure”
    He then goes on to list several “posibilities” that are completely (and he admits it if you listen carefully) hypothetical while mushroom clouds and casualties are shown in the background.
    Very scientific indeed. This folks is called propaganda. You can read my reply and first hand whitness account to this same story here
    For the record, I do not glow in the dark.

  12. It seems the reptiles have suceeded in killing the earth, and everything on it. Then they`ll zip off to another planet, and do the same, over and over.

  13. Addressing anything to the Empty Suit currently installed in the WH by the CIA and the Chicago gangsters is an utter and laughable conceit. You may as well tell it to the dog. He won’t listen either.

  14. Please exuse the “typo error”, the first name waa Harold not Howard!

  15. Brian, as Howard Rosenthal predicted in the “Rosenthal Document”, the power of the Presidency would be trumped by the “invisible government” which the Zionists would control. As far as appealing to the President Bob on the use of “mini nukes” you might want to look elsewhere!

  16. Better killing thru chemistry

  17. As stated afore ……explosives of any kind are traceable “Via” “DNA” That Bob speaks of ……natural..and or placed….identity…….however it is chems from the ranchhands( u.s sealth airfoce) that will play big part to react with those chems from the “BOMBS”….some of their own stuft to add to the mix …maximum effect…..affect too for that matter……..

  18. Brian,

    Really good comment, Brian. I’m glad you asked it ‘cos many people are probably thinking the same thing, ya’know.

    Well, take the time, Brian. Your life does depend on it.

    Start with the science, Brian, always start with the science. Part of the laboratory process that you don’t know about can identify which mine the uranium came from and where it was processed.

    See, what you don’t know and can’t see can kill you. Dead is dead, no time or not.

    What do you say when your time is up?



    • As far as I know, the science is not quite that good. Forensics can determine the type of bomb, its size, geometry of the core (directly related to its origin), detonation mechanism and time (ditto), enhancement (purity) of the material and many other things but it can’t determine where the uranium or plutonium (other?) fissionable material was manufactured to any degree other than a good guess.

      Great piece, however. Seems well beyond likely the usual suspects are up to their (very) old tricks.

  19. Bob,

    I have not had time to look into this subject but if you’re right about the use of nuclear weapons in Iraq how do you know it was the United States and not surreptitiously Israel?

    Based on what I know Israel had hundreds of Israeli agents and stooges in Iraq and many believe they were blowing up Mosques, they were putting bombs on cars of innocent people and blowing up U.S. soldiers with sophisticated IEDs. It’s highly likely a lot of the terrorism in Iraq was actually Israeli terrorism. The Mossad motto: By way of deception thou shalt do war.

  20. Republican Jordan,

    Thank you for that comment. Yes, I am aware of the airport chatter.

    This is different, R. Jordan and not the same thing at all. Start with the science first, always.

    These are certified laboratory results in the High Court in London. It may take a little while longer, years in this case, but the results are iron-clad.



  21. Republican Jordan

    Its (Becoming) common knowledge that the neutron bomb has been used in at least two seperate instances in Iraq. At Baghdad Airport in April 2003, then again in Fallujah in 2004. Italian State TV ran a documentary on the Airport example in May 2003. The video is on youtube.

  22. Well, bargain bob, sorry, no can do.

    This is truly one of those instances in life where the thing speaks for itself.

    Evil is evil, there is no way around it.

    It is now time for a decision bargain bob. How say you?

    Bob Nichols

  23. Someone please! Convince me that we haven’t become the great satan..

    • I wouldn’t call that US bacame a Satan,but a Victim nation as Germans,US need to WAKE UP very quick
      and get the US Constitution back

    • Because America is under the control of the satanic zionists. Israhell is the unholy land of satan. Its people are satan’s children.
      This was the plan from the onset: to destroy Iraq, its people and its future. What once was the cradle of civilation is now a graveyard and monument to the disease of zionism as well as how America became an out of control monster.
      The dead will curse America and israhell.
      God, if there is a God, has already cursed America.
      America is damned.
      Our nation will reap what it has sown many times over and the future generations will curse us from thier graves.

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