Son of William Wallace Ford, the father of the US Army's Grasshoppers. Attended Phillips Exeter Academy, and Columbia University where I received a Ph.D in political science after a stint in the Army's Counter Intelligence Corps as a draftee during the Korean War, and after being discharged, worked as the sports editor and a reporter for the now defunct Raleigh Times. Learned a lot about the service, and the media, good and bad, enough to know that it wasn't for an independent spirit like me.

Thought academia was the thing for me, and I was quite satisfied teaching all kinds of coures about European and American politics while writing my dissertation about an under-appreciated British politician, Henry Brougham, who became the Lord Chancellor of the famous Reform Government (1830-34). When he fell out with his political colleagues, the Whigs, thanks largely because of his indulgence in opium, they would have nothing more to do with him, and historians followed suit, thinking that only an elected politician could play a significant role in Britain's mixed constutional system - what I hoped that my two-volume biography, published by Barry Rose Legal Publishers of Chichester, would remedy.

At the same time I became most interested in the role that A. V. Dicey, a famous Oxford legal professor, played in settling the Irish question - another figure that historians didn't think did much about.

It was while I was doing research on the dissertation at the British Museum in London that President Kennedy was assassinated, and it slowly led me to take a dimmer view of the academic life, especially when joined by campus protests over the growing Vietnam War. I was fired by two institutions of higher learning because of my protests against it.

When it finally ended, I got involved in researching the Dallas assassination, and my first serious efforts about it appeared in Tom Valentine's The National Exchange in 1978 - what Fletcher Prouty thought was quite good, just urging me to go higher in the Agency and the political world for the main culprits.

I slowly started doing this, ultimately deciding to retire early in 1986, planning on finishing my Brougham biography while living in Portugal. While I did this, I had made too many enemies with the White House not to be punished - first by attempts to establish that I maliciously tried to destroy Richard Nixon during Watergate by libeling him, and when he died, DCI George Tenet tried to have me killed by poisoning - what would make my death look like suicide or a natural one.

As a result of this, once I had finally determined the cause, I moved to Sweden to not only save my skin but also investigate and write about assassinations, covert operations, 'false flag' deceptions, preventive wars, weapons development and their use, etc. - the results of which will become evident to posters in due course.

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Why American NSA And British GCHQ Had Gareth Williams Assassinated

Another Trow Ford Intel Background Piece


By Trowbridge H. Ford                                      … editing   Jim W. Dean


Past NSA and CIA Director - Michael Hayden

The National Security Agency’s new Director in 1999, Air Force General Michael Hayden, had a long career in its surveillance operations.

But his primary qualification for office was his adherence to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement – one which sought direct religious experience with Christ through Pentecostal and evangelical experience.

It was a millenarian type of religious group, reminiscent of the crusading orders of the Middle Ages, and best exemplified in the modern world by the Knights of Malta, the great recruiting agency of many of today’s New World Order people.

Its capacity to find essential professionals, and fit them into key government positions goes far beyond what Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society can accomplish.

While Hayden was attending Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University, he studied American history – getting an M.A. on the impact of the Marshall Plan upon Europe, the first step in the West’s renewal after the catastrophic collapse in WWII.

“Like many of his religious and conservative classmates,” James Bamford wrote, “Hayden rejected the antiwar movement and the social revolution and instead would embrace the military.” (1)

Tenet Held CIA Helm for Seven Years

CIA Director George Tenet became interested in Hayden’s potential to ignite NSA in an fightback against the continuing stalemate over Palestine, and growing Muslim hostility toward America.

“The CIA chief liked what he heard and Hayden flew back to Korea virtually assured that he had the job as director of the NSA.” (2)

It recalled Henry Kissinger’s hiring of lowly Major Alexander Haig as his military aide as the Nixon administration was gearing up to pull off a surprising victory in the Vietnam War despite the apparent hopelessness of the struggle, and all the campaign rhetoric about negotiating peace with the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong.

Despite appearances, both military men were well versed in the operation of America’s covert government, whatever was required at a given moment.

It looked like new Tonkin Gulf incidents were required if any new initiative was to be established.

While Tenet certainly mentored Hayden, it is worth remembering that Tenet was mentored by former DCI Richard Helms, so much so that he had Helms’ official portrait at the Langley headquarters moved into his office so that every DCI would see him as a model.

It is also worth remembering that Helms had such a bitter hatred of his rival William Colby that he ultimately volunteered in his unexpected memoirs, A Look Over My Shoulder – even an allusion to such treachery – that Colby hurt Western intelligence more than the notorious KGB spy, Kim Philby. (3)

British Spy for the Soviets - Kim Philby in His Prime

It seems most likely that Tenet, while Deputy Director when Colby was assassinated, was given the nod by Helms to arrange the killing – what resulted in DCI John Deutch to suddenly resign when he learned about it, clearing the way for Tenet to take over officially.

After Deutch’s departure, an inquiry was started to see if he should be prosecuted for having classified materials on his laptops, what seems like a belated effort to explain it away. But Attorney General Janet Reno refused to prosecute him, and President Bill Clinton pardoned him for the alleged offense on his last day in office.

Hardly had Hayden taken over at Fort Meade than he showed Tenet that he was the right person to run NSA.

The bombing campaign of Serbia was in full swing but NATO’s planes were not hitting anything of value in Slobodan Milosevic’s military arsenal, thanks to a Turkish informer within its ranks informing Belgrade of intended targets through the Chinese Embassy.

NSA learned of this through its capture of microwave communications to the Chinese through its eavesdropping satellites and ground-based stations, most likely in Bad Aibling in Germany and Menwith Hill in Yorkshire – what seemed like a resumption of Operation Shamrock under modern conditions.

Then CIA played dumb with its maps, acting as if the Embassy was a Yugoslav military facility. On May 7, 1999, NATO bombers hit the facility with five bombs, killing three residents.

KH11 - Keyhole Spy Satellite

For good measure, NSA’s Keyhole laser satellites were used the following August to trigger an earthquake in the qanat system of Izmit, Turkey to punish its Nationalist leadership for betraying NATO secrets to Yugoslav President Milosevic.

The mission was a good example of what former SoD Robert Gates said about former Los Alamos intelligence chief Danny “(Stillman’s) ability to adapt the latest advance in science to solve unmanageable problems and to analyze foreign technologies made him an invaluable asset to the Intelligence Community.”(5)

The earthquake was intended to so embarrass Turkey’s government during the relief effort that it would be overthrown, either at the polls or by its military – what occurred during the 2002 elections when Bulent Ecevit’s government was soundly trounced.

It was a brilliant use of new technology to take advantage of ancient technology to fulfill Washington’s goals.

Given such achievements, Washington wasn’t too concerned about what Al-Qaeda was up to, helping explain why both Tenet and Hayden were kept at their posts after George W. Bush defeated Al Gore in the 2000 presidential poll.

It was more concerned about the exposure of satellite abilities to gain vital information, and to deliver devastating reprisals than deliberately stopping any of its small scale operations.

“In the few years between 1991 and 1994,” Bamford wrote, “the number of spy satellites dropped by nearly half.”(6)

He failed to add that the remaining ones were far more versatile and powerful than the ones they replaced. As a result, the Al-Qaeda calls emanating from and received by its headquarters in Yemen were ignored, resulting in the 1998 devastating bombings of US embassies in East Africa, and the attack on the USS Cole the following year when it docked in Aden to refuel.(7)

Michael Hayden - Careful Shepherd of the NSA

NSA was still almost paranoid about its operations being leaked somehow, and did not want to take any unnecessary risks by going to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a warrant.

Director Hayden based his decision upon three factors – fears that NSA would be seen “as America’s secret and powerful ‘boogeyman’ “, that NSA officials would again be threatened with prosecutions for eavesdropping on Americans, and fears that its activities would be leaked to the press and America’s foes.

The best way to avoid the first two concerns, Bamford wrote tellingly, “…was to keep his agency’s operations as far away from U.S. territory as possible.

If a terrorist in the U.S. was communicating with his masters in a foreign country, Hayden reasoned, that was the FBI’s responsibility, not his.”(8)

The ability of the Bureau to meet its responsibility was seriously impaired, though Hayden didn’t mention it, by the continued spying for the Russians by its agent Robert Hanssen – what was finally disclosed in February 2001.

He pleaded guilty to 19 counts of espionage in July after colleagues, like in the Ronald Pelton case, recognized his voice in a conversation long before with his KGB handler in Washington on a NSA tape recording.

Reobert Hanssen and the Famous Bridge

The wheels for a payback now for Al-Qaeda’s operations far away from America’s shores had started turning soon after Hayden started working at Fort Meade. Rich Taylor, NSA’s Deputy Director for Operations, wanted to fix the agency’s aimless, eavesdropping operations by adopting project Thinthread:

“The first and most important issue for NSA/CSS (Central Security Service),” Bamford quoted, “is to reform our management and leadership system…we have good people in a flawed system.”(9)

Thinthread called for the encryption of all messages and phone calls entering and leaving the States – so as not to need a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Security Court (FISC) – except the headers of such messages which would show their origin or destination.

It would solve the problem of getting an FISA warrant without engaging in undue search and seizure while obtaining probable cause to continue eavesdropping without committing anything illegal.

NSA - Declassified Thinthread-Trialblazer Report

Tests of the proposal in 1998 had proven quite successful Also, NSA needed to strengthen its ties with strategic partners, especially the other members of the Five Eyes group, Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand.

Hayden wanted nothing to do with the proposal, preferring instead a program called Trailblazer.

Instead of running the risks of trying to catch terrorists, concerns that the Bureau should be involved in, Hayden wanted to catch foreigners before they even got involved in the process.

It essentially collected everything it could get its hands on, hoping that super computers could make sense of the mass of information collected – “…the origins and destinations of phone calls and e-mails.” (10)

While Taylor and Hayden continued to argue about which system to adopt, it peaked in the fall of 2000, with the Director going for Trailblazer, and Taylor heading for the exit.

While Hayden then asked for bids from defense contractors for working on Trailblazer, there was no big time response by NSA’s contractors – Boeing, IBM, SAIC, Computer Science Corporation, and Litton – persuading Hayden and Tenet that some big time event was necessary to shake up the country for more direct action.

The last operational hurdle to such action was the continued presence of the Bureau’s counter terrorist expert in New York, John O’Neill. He was responsible for getting to the bottom of the first terrorist attack on the WTC in 1993, and was certain that Muslim terrorists would try it again.

Ex- FBI John O'Neil - KIA on 9-11

He was committed to stopping them, the last thing that Tenet and Hayden wanted, so he was sidelined from the planning of the covert operation for fear, it seems, that leaks from it would jeopardize what CIA and NSA had in mind.(11)

The plan that Tenet and Hayden had in mind was to catch the now well-identified 19 highjackers in the act of hijacking the four planes on September 11.

To prevent the highjackers from getting wind of the plan, leader Mohamed Atta – whose calls from the States, especially the San Diego area, were never passed on by NSA to other security agencies (12) – and four of his associates, were allowed to board the first plane leaving from Boston without any accompanying CIA agents.

The 15 agents were on the other three flights, under the direction of Barbara Olson, wife of Solicitor General Ted Olson, and they were to overpower the highjackers as the planes neared LA.

The link between the Agency and NSA was the close association that Tenet had with Hayden.(13)

To give more propitious effect to the ploy, NSA’s associate agency, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), conducted a training exercise of a plane crashing into one of its buildings 50 minutes after American Airline’s Flight 77, carrying Olson and three of the agents, had already taken off from Washington’s Dulles Airport.

The covert operation, of course, ended up as a complete tragedy after the highjackers turned out to be suicide bombers. The best evidence that it had gone wrong was when the President stayed put in the Florida kindergarden while the operation was still going on, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had Air Force fighters shoot down the last highjacked plane in western Pennsylvania before it could crash into the Capitol or the White House.

The most important act in damage-control was preventing the full disclosure of the planes’ passenger lists – what left out the names of the 19 suicide bombers, and the unarmed 15 agents who had futilely tried to stop them – what permitted conspiracy theorists to go wild about who was really on the planes, who or what piloted them, why the buildings around the WTC really collapsed, etc.

National Security Organization - Ft. Meade, Maryland

The most damaging evidence that Washington, especially NSA, could not suppress was all the telephone calls, especially those of Barbara Olson, that passengers on the planes made and received before they died.

At least her husband finally admitted to Bamford: “I, by this time, had made the calculation that these were suicide persons, bent on destroying as much of America as they could.”(14)

Hayden acted as if the tragedy was another Pearl Harbor, and it was, though President Roosevelt was dealing with a desperate imperial Japan while NSA only had been confronted by 19 suicide bombers – what Japan lost hundreds of from Okinawa during the final days of WWII through Kamikaze attacks.

NSA’s incredibly cautious approach to eavesdropping on them had directly led to the attacks, and now Hayden would go for broke in making sure that it was not repeated.

While much has been written about what ensued, the only aspect to be considered in this article is what NSA, the Bureau and GCHQ could legally do in the process.

It should be noted, though, that Tenet and Hayden combined when it came time to make sure that Iran did not take advantage of the West’s showdown with Saddam by either helping him in his difficulties, or, more likely, try to take part of Iraq’s Shia-dominated area during the struggle.

That was prevented by NSA seeing that the NRO caused the earthquake in the qanat areas surrounding Bam with the chemical laser aboard its Misty radar satellite, leaving Iran with more than enough troubles of its own.

For NSA and the FBI, anything went when it came to warrantless eavesdropping.  Hayden, an American historian of sorts, thought that the post 9/11 emergency justified the overriding of all of the protections that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution provided against undue searches of one’s home, person and possessions. His position was that the tapping of phone lines and cellphones didn’t amount to this, especially since NSA’s lawyers agreed.

And the Bureau was willing to go along with such sentiments after presiding FISA court judge Royce C. Lamberth approved all the surveillance it wanted to get the culprits of the attacks, and Attorney General John Ashcroft’s subordinate John C.Yoo agreed independently with Hayden’s lawyers about what the emergency permitted.(15)

While others disapproved of what they knew or suspected was happening, there was nothing they could do to really challenge it, much less stop it.

In Britain, there have never been any serious restrictions on what its intelligence community, particularly GCHQ, can do. Actually, given its policy of ever eavesdropping if it serves the national interest, the legal provisions of the Official Secrets Acts are all against employees and members of the public leaking secrets. And any employee who wants to or is required to work for American agencies can do so without risking any legal penalty, as Bamford explained:

“Hayden suggested that such activity was not prohibited by federal law. Instead it was prohibited only by presidential executive order, and executuive orders can be canceled or changed at the whims of a president. ‘By executive order,’ Hayden said, ‘it is illegal for us to ask others to do what we cannot do ourselves, and we don’t do it’.”(16)

The crisis over what became known as NSA’s Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) occurred when it came time for its renewal, March 11, 2004. Underlings of Ashcroft and Yoo at the Justice Department, James Comey and Jack Goldsmith, decided that it was an abomination to the Constitution, and recommended that it not be renewed.

This led to a political firefight between the White House and the headless Department of Justice because Ashcroft was then in the hospital, suffering from gallstone pancreatitis. “Without Comey’s signature,” Bamford wrote, “the NSA would have to immediately pull the plug on the operation or possibly face criminal charges.” (17)

With the public totally oblivious of what was going on, the White House and Ashcroft’s subordinates fought it out in a manner reminiscent of ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon’s ‘Saturday Night Massacre’. While Bush reauthorized the program without Justice Department approval, he seemed to agree to changes in it which would bring it back within the law. In the end, the changes only amounted to getting rid of the most egregious violations of FISA, and their continued justification.

Hayden’s protection of his secret, illegal operations started to fray a few months later when New York Times reporter James Risen, who helped break the spying for the Soviets by the Bureau’s Robert Hanssen, called, asking Hayden about his warrantless eavesdropping on Americans.(18)

Of course, Hayden panicked over the call, denying that anything untoward was going on at NSA, but he believed TSP’s days were numbered. While Bamford seemed completely uninterested in who was Risen’s source, it was Russell Tice, but the newspaper was unwilling to pursue it because it could not find anyone else to back up his claims, and word got out that Tice was a bit paranoid, leading to his being fired by NSA in May 2005. Perhaps,Tice was deliberately chosen to kill the story, once his lack of credibility was determined.

In any case, more than a year later Thomas A. Drake – a NSA software purchaser executive who supported what Taylor had tried to get Hayden to do, especially the adoption of ThinThread rather than the most expensive wild goose chase that Trailblazer promised – apparently started whistle blowing too on NSA. With ThinThread, Drake thought that NSA could have prevented the 9/11 attacks, and by 2002 he was telling anyone who would listen just that.

Supported by NSA’s math specialist William Binney and communication analyst J. Kirk Wiebe, Drake soon got Diane Roark, a Republican aide to the House Intelligence Committee, taking his complaints seriously. Drake testified before congressional committees about his complaints, and worked with the DoD’s Inspector General for two and a half years to obtain official action regarding them but without any evidence of success in his December 2004 report. On his supporters’ advice, he not only contacted reporter Siobhan Gorman of The Baltimore Sun but apparently also the NYT.(19)

The Times article ultimately appeared on December 16, 2005, and a little over a year later, Attorney General Gonzales announced that the warrantless eavesdropping program had ended. Once again, all eavesdropping would be subject to FISC warrants, as the President, this time, had refused to reauthorize TSP when it was needed for it to continue.

NSA would not need to apply for a warrant, though, in foreign-to-foreign communications except when one end of it reached a U.S. phone, and then NSA had three days to apply to the court with an emergency application for the tap to be legal.

Shortly thereafter, Hayden left NSA, replaced as Director by General Keith Alexander while joining former NSA Director Mike McConnell, National Intelligence Director, as his deputy. Because of the blow back from the murder of Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi, who was repeatedly raped first, and her family in Iraq, National Intelligence made a meal of the kidnapping of two of the soldiers involved by getting the Justice Department to sign a emergency FISA request, certifying that it had probable cause for the Bureau to put the suspected kidnappers names on the watch list, and targeting their activities.

Then McConnell, thanks to input from Hayden, panicked Congress into passing the FISA Amendment Act which replaced the expiring Protect America Act – giving legal immunity to telecoms which engage in eavesdropping so that there would be no new Shamrock scandal, weakened the authority of its court, and gave NSA a freer hand in targeting suspected terrorists abroad.(20) It and the Bureau would still have to get an FISA order to target Americans and green card residents living in the States.

Despite Senator Obama’s campaign pledge that he would straighten out the whole warrantless eavesdropping mess if elected Preisdent, he has done nothing of the sort. If anything, he has made it worse, claiming it is necessary in the war on terror while protecting ‘state secrets’ .(21)

One can only speculate what secrets he had in mind. The murder of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko in London comes readily to mind back in November 2006. The CIA was going through another terrible period in its history with the forced resignation of Director Porter Goss in May 2006, and Hayden taking over at the end of the month, starting a period during which the National Security Archive released the Agency’s Family Jewels, many of which concerned Helms’ violation of its Charter – MH-CHAOS, Shamrock, MK-Ultra and the stirring up of the Hungarian Uprising.

On the day Litvinenko was apparently poisoned, the George Washington University institution released the worst files, highlighted by a bit of the NYT front page where a Seymour Hersh article described Watergate’s fallout at Helms’ expense. (22) The Agency’s staff needed something to stem the flow of damaging revelations, and Hayden’s presence there deflected attention away from its cause.

NSA certainly had an interest in shutting up Litvinenko, who has threatening everyone he knew anything about, starting with Italy’s Romano Prodi with blackmail – what could go all the way back to the non-nuclear showdown with the Soviets after triggering it by assassinating Sweden’s Prime Minister Olof Palme.

Not only would the leaderships of Washington and London risk being implicated in this claims but also the double agent spying on Moscow which neither of them wanted aired again. Little wonder that he was killed in a most confusing way, particularly where he was poisoned, by what, by whom, and for what reason.(23) The poison was most notable for its delayed, devastating effect.

Edward Epstein, famous for helping cover up previous CIA-NSA plots, conveniently claimed that Litvinenko must have poisoned himself with the polonium-210 for some unknown reason.

The plot was intended to implicate Russian President Vladimir Putin in the assassination, but he stood his ground without flinching, protecting the alleged assassin Andrei Lugovoy, and making the plotters even more eager to punish the now Russian Prime Minister.

They, headed by CIA’s director of operations Stephen Kappes, started a new assault on Moscow by building up a ‘false flag’ operation, dealing with illegal agents called New Rodina, based upon what the KGB had done with their original operation to genuinely do the same with real illegals back in the 1970s under Yuri Andropov. The covert operation was the leading one in President Obama’s secret agenda, explaining why he did nothing about warrantless eavesdropping, and why he was so supportive of Leon Panetta to be DCI.

Panetta, as head of OMB and as Chief of Staff during the Clinton administration, knew about the convenient assassinations, particularly that of Colby, and now wanted to move on in a more coherent, structured way.

Of course, liberal Democrats like California’s Dianne Feinstein just cleared the way for his getting started by claiming she would only support his confirmation if he kept Kappes on, and when DNI Admiral Dennis Blair tried to interfere with what Panetta was doing with his resident agents in places like London, he was given the door after Leon blew his customary cool over the matter.

The sleeper cell contained 10 Russians, and their Canadian handler Robert Christopher Metsos. For several years, the ten tried to integrate as well as they could into American society, reminiscent of how illegal KGB agent Vilyam Fisher ran the most effective VOLUNTEER group in NYC during the late 1940s.

“Under his later alias ‘Rufolp Abel’, Fisher was to become one of the best-known of all Soviet illegals, whose career was publicized by the KGB as a prime example of the success and sophistication of its operations in the West during the Cold War.”(24)

While Andrew characteristically debunked Abel’s achievements, the so called Manhattan 11 group never really got started, just sleeping away along America’s east coast, and collecting their pay while awaiting instructions about doing something significant. It seems that all but Metsos thought that they were there to infiltrate really sleeper groups for Moscow.

When it came time to entrap them, just before President Dmitri Medvedev came to Washington for a fence-mending meeting with President Obama, the Bureau set up Anna Chapman, the only one connected to Britain, by having her send deeply encrypted messages by a computer wireless network she had been given to another of the sleepers, at the suggestion of an FBI agent feigning to be a Russian Embassy official, about getting a false passport.

The messages were sent on sophisticated laptops which the Bureau had provided, and had software to encrypt and decrypt them – what prevented Bureau agents from being involved in any illegal wiretapping.

When Chapman ultimately refused to go ahead with the exchange, thanks to advice from her father, a former KGB agent, Chapman and the others were arrested as foreign agents, and the media went wild over the story.(25)

The Bureau soon learned that it would be in difficulty if it went ahead with these most serious prosecutions as the evidence could be quickly shown to be fraudulent, charging them instead with only failing to register with the Attorney General as agents of a foreign power, and for money laundering with the secret payments they received. Then Prime Minister Putin surprisingly agreed to exchange them for four real spies being held by the Russians.

The weakness of the evidence was manifest when the Bureau on Hallowen released the videos of Operation Ghost Stories, showing ten of the sleepers doing most ordinary things or deliberately contrived ones when no known Russian handler was ever exposed – only Bureau agents posing to be so.

Sleepers are said to be shown engaging in tradecraft when there is no evidence of their actually doing so, and making exchanges when only they, particularly Metsos, are identified.

The best example of the contrivance that the Bureau engaged in is shown in the 7:40 minute-long video of sexy Anna Chapman walking around a department store on January 29, 2010, allegedly communicating with her Russian handler outside. The stacked videos of her are quite clearly ones of the store’s, looking for shoplifters.

Chapman certainly looks like one while aimlessly walking around it rather than engaged in any wireless conversation. At the same time, the man outside – with his face blacked out – is endlessly talking to someone on his cellphone. There seems to be no conversation between them at all, and the handler could not be a Russian official as the FBI would have loved to have displayed his face if he had been one. Ghost Stories indeed!

The Bureau’s concerns were that spy prosecutions would be seen as the result of a deliberate fishing expedition for years to get around the law – what did violate the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution about unreasonable searches and seizures, and that the “wall” between intelligence and criminal squads had been broken through during the process.

“The FBI then decided to allow only agents and analysts assigned to intelligence duties access to FISA materials, not the criminal investigators.” (26)

For good measure, anyone who reviewed transcripts of domestic electronic surveillance must sign a certification that court approval was required before they were handed over to criminal prosecutors. None of this was done, and the Bureau’s leadership would be in serious trouble if it were exposed by someone with inside credibility.

Gareth Williams

And that person was Gareth Williams, GCHQ’s whiz kid software man who could encrypt messages to remain secret during any transmission or decode any such message received, and who was on secondment to MI6 to help out its spies to get what they wanted.

While it seems a bit of a stretch that he was actually involved in helping entrap the Manhattan 11, it seems quite clear that he knew that he was in no trouble whatever the Bureau had done.(27)

When that became important was when a couple visited his safe flat in Mayfair right after the case broke. The couple could have been Putin’s agents, seeking approval for the spy swap.

Then it could have been her former husband Alex Chapman, and her former roommate Lena Savitskaya who knew only about the MI6 flat, not who had occupied it, explaining why they knocked on other doors first to find out where it was in the building, once they had gained entrance.

The meeting resulted in their adopting a plan to embarrass NSA/GCHQ as much as possible, with Gareth apparently supplying the funds up front to get it started.

Williams went back to the States in July, and started asking questions about what NSA had really been doing when it came of warrantless eavesdropping, especially after it became clear of Thomas Drake’s plight for whistleblowing about the problems at NSA.(28)

He faced 35 years in prison for continuing to air his complaints through reporter Gorman who had now moved on to The Wall Street Journal – what he had even tried to get Seymour Hersh to go along with, but without success. Drake’s problems just made Williams want to get to the bottom of the covert operations more, so much so that he apparently disclosed his aims to a GCHQ colleague and her husband who were at Fort Meade in his stead, forcing MI6 to transfer them to Denver on another alleged covert mission so that they could not be involved in any further developments.

The assassination of Williams and its cover up were the main problems. He was apparently poisoned by death cap mushrooms, amanita phalloides, just before he left to go back to Britain on 10th August, either by their being placed in the food at his apartment there or while he was eating out somewhere. Shortly after he returned, he suffered the vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc. which are characteristic of this kind of poisoning, but he seems not to have taken it seriously at first.

Almost everyone has had such experiences, and almost never have suspected that they were the results of deliberate, deadly poisoning, especially when they soon stopped – what also happened in this case. The only problem was that this was the second stage of the poisoning, and not just getting over some cook’s alleged revenge.

It apparently ended on the 14th after Williams bought some medication at Harrods Dispensing Pharmacy to deal with the resumption of the problems(29), but by now it was too little too late. Taking pills like rifampicin, antamanide, paclitaxed and the like orally are no substitute for them taken intravenously, especially if one has not at first cleaned out one’s gut some way.

The plight of Williams is seen in the video tapes of him, both apparently taken on the 14th though the police say that one, the one outside Harrods, was on the 15th. Both show a very jaundiced, feverish soul, dragging himself around as best he can. His palour at the Holland Parik Station is that of a person going into the final stage of phallotoxin poisoning where the cells of the liver are dropping dead.(30)

he police want, it seems, to explain away Williams having bought £90-worth of medication on the 14th, making it look like it was for women’s toiletries – the cause of his alleged cross dressing – because they found a bill from the pharmacy at the flat but no signs of the medications. They want to maintain the myth that he was a perfectly healthy person until he surprisingly died for some unknown reason.

When Williams realized he was dying, perhaps on the night of the 14th, there was nothing he could do about it which would make it any better physically or mentally. Calls to family and friends would have only alarmed them, and alerted them that he was being murdered for some alleged betrayal.

Going to a hospital or a doctor would end with results even worse. So he just allowed himself to die, slowly in his flat. The death could have occurred any time after the 15th, as the process usually takes between six and sixteen days after ingesting the poison. Williams hoped that the murder scene would be seen as such by the police when they finally discovered it.

It seems that Williams dead or dying was discovered by British covert agents, helping out NSA in the process. They were the ones who let themselves into the flat, found Williams’ body, moved it into the carryall, zipped it up and padlocked it, recovered all his medicines, and then let themselves out, locking the door behind them.

They hoped that investigators would see it as the result of some sex game, gone wrong. The only thing they overlooked was leaving the receipt for Williams’ medical assistance.

It was most interesting that NSA immediately and unprecedentedly denied that his death had anything to do with its operations.(31) An alleged former CIA officer in London was sure that it had nothing to do with his work.

Now the investigation of the murder is in a state of suspended animation, letting the Bureau agents see if they can connect the Mediterranean-looking couple to the killing – apparently a lead to Alex Chapman and his female associate – and if they can’t, Williams will be written off as an accidental self-killing, like that of former GMP Chief Constable Mike Todd.


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9 Responses to "Why American NSA And British GCHQ Had Gareth Williams Assassinated"

  1. Trowbridge Ford  November 15, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    So, you didn’t write the rubbish in the three responses I was referring to? Ones which stated the following:

    2. The patsies, after training at Brooks AFB, NAS Pensacola, and Hoffman, “..could only pilot small engine Cessnas.”
    3 “the cockpit door of Flt 77 was never opened after takeoff” – what makes Ted Olson a liar when he said that Barbara had called him twice, saying that the pilot was at the back of the plane where she was.
    4. Flt 77’s pilot, Hani Honjour “never flew low enough, and, in fact. IT DIDNT HIT THE PENTAGON.”
    5. About your claim that Ted Olson, apparently gay, didn’t mind his seeing the end of her if, in fact, “Did she?”
    6. Only a misslie could have made the hole in the Pentagon.
    7. “And since the patsies couldn’t have flown these things, how were the planes electronically hijacked?”

    That’s already enough bullshit to have started my day off on the wrong foot, so I shant continue.

  2. Charlotte NC Bill  November 15, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    “Now, let me get this straight, you are claiming that these planes and their pilots didn’t exist…” Nowhere did I say that…Pardon me Trow, given the fact that everything else that we’ve been told about 9-11 is a lie ( 1. the “pancake collapse” theory..2. Flt 77 flying into the Pentagon..3. The cell phone calls fm 30,000 ft etc ) forgive me for having doubts as to whether these alleged “hijackers” ( several of whom are still alive and quite upset that the CIA has seen fit to plaster their faces and names across American newspapers ) actually hijacked anything..The fact that you hone in on some conjecture on my part and totally ignore the proven manufactured myths of the official version reveal that you can’t defend the official version..Can I prove the planes were electronically hijacked? No..Can I prove that the Towers didn’t “pancake due to jet fuel and the resulting fires”? Yes…Can I prove that Flt 77 never hit the Pentagon? Yes…Can I prove that there were no cell phone calls fm 30,000 ft? Yes, the FBI admitted it…Can I prove that the Flt 77 never flew low enough and that there was no wreckage consistent with that of Flt 77? Yes, I have the NTSB and many witnesses…Can we prove that there were Israelis driving around NYC with explosives? Yes, the NYPD arrested two of them before getting on the GWB along w/the Dancing Israelis whose van tested positive for explosives…If Honi Hanjour flew into the Pentagon it could only have happened in Bill Kristol’s dreams and I think you know’s come down to this: the only people who still believe the official version are ignoramuses ( Glenn Beck ), liars ( Rush Limbaugh ) and fools ( Bill O’Reilly )…Which category you fall into is the only thing left that is open for debate.

  3. Trowbridge Ford  November 15, 2011 at 2:35 am

    Charlotte NC Bill, I have only allowed your rants to be posted just to show how rabid you 9/11 Truthers really are.

    Since you are trying to take over this thread with your incessant dribble, I shall ask you to respond to these claims about the pilots of the four planes:

    1. James Bamford in The Shadow Factory has stated that on December 12, 2000 – nine months before the attacks- Hani Honjour, the pilot of AA Flight 77 which crashed into the Pentagon and who had accumulated enough hours by 1999 to have a commerical pilot’s lisense, started his flight training for bigger planes at Jet Tech, “..a company in nearby Phoenix that offered instruction using a highly sophisticated Boening 737-200 simulator…” (p.43)

    2. About Ziad Jarrahi, the pilot of UAL’s Flight 93 which blew up over Shanksville, Pa, Time magazine reported that he …”earned his pilot’s license while living in Hamburg, Germany..” (Issue, September 24, 2001, p. 41)

    3. The same issue of Time reported that Marwan Al-Shehhi, the pilot of UAl Flight 175 which crashed into the South Tower of the WTC, finished up his training with six hours on a 727 full-motion simulator, owned by Henry George’s SimCenter School in Apa-Locka, Florida.

    4. Regarding the first flight, AA Flight 11 which crased into the North Tower, and whose pilot was Waleed Alshehri, Time wrote that he had a “…commericwial pilot’s license from th prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronatical Univeristy in Daytona Beach Fla. where nearly a quarter of all commercial pilots train. He surely knew how to fly the large aircraft the terrorists planned to ram intro their targets.” (p. 40)

    Now, let me get this straight, you are claiming that these planes and ther pilots didn’t exist, could not have had the expertise needed to do so, all the claims about who they were, and what they did are simply lies by others, etc.?

  4. Charlotte NC Bill  November 15, 2011 at 1:43 am

    And since the patsies couldn’t have flown these things; how were the planes electronically hijacked? Did Michael S. Goff at P-Tech and Mitre play a role while doing their work for the FAA? What do the blackboxes reveal?

  5. Charlotte NC Bill  November 14, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Tell us what Muhammed Atta and his buddies were doing on Jack Abramoff’s boat the weekend before the big flying circus went into operation…How many demo boys did Dominic Suter import for his Urban Moving Systems WTC complex job…Did they use more than thermite and RDX? When can we start waterboarding Suter, Dov Zakheim, Silverstein and Cheney? Why DIDNT THEY fly Flt 77 into the Pentagon? Only a missile could have taken out the required amount of accountants and paperwork to hide the “misplaced $2.3 trillion ” which was reported the day before 9-11? Who murdered Debra Jean Palfrey? Who murdered Pat Tillman? Did Ted Olson defending gay marriage in Ca. give us a clue as to why he didn’t mind Barb going bye-bye into the cold Atlantic? Did she? How many tapes DID they confiscate around the Pentagon? Was Flt 93 supposed to fly into WTC7? Is that why it was rigged for demo and had to be brought down? Did they have a standing ovation at Langley when they and Mossad pulled this mega-spectacle off? THESE are some of the questions we want answered Trow…Bend that leather, beat the bricks and get after ’em!

  6. Charlotte NC Bill  November 14, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    That’s a lot of smoke and mostly pure cowcrap thrown against the blackboard to see what people will believe…but THERE WERE NO HIJACKERS-JUST PATSIES…think Lee H?arvey Oswald times 19…Oh yeah, the whiskey swillin’, strip club frequenting muslims who got their student visas w/CIA help fm the Consulate in Jedda, Saudi Arabia ( shades of Oswald’s intelligence handler sending him to the USSR ) and attending flight schools at Brooks AFB and NAS Pensacola as well as Hoffman aster which they could barely pilot small engine Cessnas…The cockpit door of Flt 77 was never opened after takeoff…never flew low enough and, in fact, DIDNT HIT THE PENTAGON….Did OBL also plan the multiple war games that went on that day? Such as Northern Vigilance which sent fighters to the Arctic Circle, the Chem-Bio exercise in Midtown Mnhttn which became the command ctr on 9-11 ( after the explosions in WTC7 that morning ) and the other war game involving THE SIMULATED HIJACKING OF 11 PASSENGER AIRCRAFT…Get off it Trow….we’ve seen through this bs for a long time…The Knights of Malta seem as though they’ve been corrupted into a Catholic branch of Freemasonry….I read the Sermon on the Mount…He didn’t say “blessed are the warmakers for they shall be called the sayanim of the Synagogue of Satan..”

  7. Trowbridge Ford  November 14, 2011 at 11:30 am

    You can wear the tin foil hat for all care, but aren’t these pretty well established facts about America’s recent covert government:

    1. NSA’s Hayden and CIA’s Tenet esblished a covert plot to catch the 19 Muslim hijackers red-handed, thanks to what the Agency had picked up about Khalid Al-<Midhar et al. before the bombing of the USS Cole – what led NSA to adopt Trailblazer in the hope that it would be able to connect the dots about future terrorist attacks on the USA?

    2. Wasn't the FBI, especially John O'Neill, moved aside from protecting the WTC because CIA-NSA suspected that it had become unreliable about such operations because of the spying by Robert Hanssen for the Soviets and subsequently the Russians?

    3. When the 19 suspected hijackers turned out to be deadly suicide bombers who the team of 15 unarmed Agency agents under the direction of Barbara Olson were incapable of stopping, NSA went ballistic over eavesdropping – what ultimately enabled it to do whatever it wanted despite the fallout from Operation Shamrock, and the safeguards which had been established, thanks particularly to the revelations exposed by the Church Committee?

    3. To help fend off damaging blowback from these failures and unprecedented initiatives, NSA had its satellite agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, cause earthquakes in the qanat developed areas and underground nuclear facilities in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China, and North Korea – showing that the world had moved into a new stage where space weapons can achieve on call what devastating natural disasters and conventional wars had only been able to achieve?

    4. Wasn't the problem with the massive eavesdropping by Trailblazer that NSA could not determine the messages of suspected Russian, Chinese and other spies because there seemed to be so few despite what Reed and Stillman ranted about, especially if the spies were only sleepers waiting for something signiificant to happen before they informed their superiors, and received instructions about how to deal with it?

    5. Weren't the only suspected spies of this sort the Manhattan 10 who Robert C. Metsos had put together for Tenet and Hayden, but whatever communications they had had together than been lost, thanks to the total confusion cause by Trailblazer?

    6. Didn't the FBI finally figure out how to make up for this void by supplying them with top-of-the-line, encrypted laptops, and then ordered them to do things spies do so that they would belatedly incriminate themselves?

    7. Didn't decoding their messages require the special assistance of GCHQ whiz kid Gareth Williams who had been seconded to do such work for MI6?

    8. And didn't he become a gigantic problem when he figured out what NSA/GCHQ had been doing, especially conducting the entrapment of sexy Anna Chapman right out of the MI6 safehouse that he was then occupying, resulting in the necessity of killing him to keep the close intelligence alliance between Britain and America intact?

  8. DafyddG  November 14, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Over the past months I have been really encouraged by reading the hard hitting, honest and well researched articles by many fine journalists – until I read this article. One one page you are in serious danger of being discredited and ignored by the very people you have so far stirred to action. If you value the integrity of your publication, which I sincerely hope you do, I strongly encourage the editorial team to immediately remove this objectionable article and deny its author the right to discredit your Website.

  9. Bob Loblaw  November 14, 2011 at 10:33 am

    When I got to the wacky gibberish about laser satellites causing earthquakes I almost stopped reading. When I got to the bullshit about muslim terrorists, heroic CIA passengers and the rest of that ridiculous guff, I did stop reading.

    I can wear the tin foil propeller beanie as boldly as anyone, but there reaches a point where it ain’t even amusing anymore.

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