The 911 Cat Is Out of the Bag

by Stewart Ogilby


The lid has blown off the story broadcast by American TV on September 11, 2001. The question now is whether or not owners and managers of America’s mainline media will be able to continue burying facts, questions, controversy, speculations, and conclusions contradicting that day’s professionally crafted narrative.

When will the American people be given access to documented facts unearthed over the years since that tragic and exceptional day?

We were told repeatedly, even while the towers in New York were still standing, that a man in a cave in Afghanistan was responsible. We were led to believe that he managed a group of Arab terrorists who flew our commercial airliners on 911. Today, our own FBI claims they lack any evidence linking that man to 9/11.

We are still repeatedly shown, in newspapers and on TV, photos of 19 “Arab terrorists” supposedly on the planes, with no other proof of their even being there. Poorly produced and obviously faked videos of the big bogeyman have been trotted out periodically. Where were they produced? The “flying Arabs” keep turning up alive and well. Who stole, forged, and assumed their identities? Other Arabs? Why?

There is evidence that the bogeyman was seriously ill with kidney disease requiring dialysis, and that he died late in December, 2001. The CIA knew this because he was one of their assets right up until 911. What an ideal patsy, if there ever was one! Dead men tell no tales and they can never be captured.

We are now told by over a thousand architects and engineers that steel and concrete buildings do not explosively disintegrate due to fires within them. What really happened? Why have our leaders and pundits carefully avoided explaining the obvious demolition of WTC-7 hours later? Many of us think we know why.

Wars, torture, bankruptcy, the Patriot Act’s overturning of our cherished Bill of Rights, official lies, scare propaganda, a police-state mentality, are these intended consequences of planning and executing the improbable events of that day?

If H.L. Mencken were alive today and writing for newspapers he would be having a field-day other than for the fact that his articles would never be seen in today’s press. As I watch “911 truth” unfold I am reminded of Mencken’s comment when asked why he, who was critical of this country, did not simply leave. Mencken quickly replied, “Why do men go to zoos?”

If the consequences to my country were considerably less than those resulting from Sept. 11, 2001, I, as Mencken, would find the spectacle to be incomparably amusing. We will all watch the spectacle unfold because the cat is out of the bag. Nobody and nothing can put it back in. Amusing is one thing it is not.

Some things I do know about my fellow countrymen. We’ve been free in the past, and have developed a uniquely American sense of personal independence and comraderie, i.e, have historically been slow to rise in anger. TV is powerful but we know it is not real. It is an illusion. In the real world, civilized human beings understand that to conquer lies and murder the forces necessary are truth and justice.

Today we recoil in horror and in anger at those criminally responsible for 911. If we discover that those responsible for the murders of our citizens and the destruction of our heritage are, in fact, among us, we will demand the removal of those directly responsible and of accessories before and after the fact.

I am turning 79 in six months and I love life. I have a personal trainer, as I want to maintain physical health and stamina. I want to be around to see what happens when Americans repudiate what TV and a controlled press have obliged viewers to believe happened on September 11, 2001.

I will, to the best of my ability, support the identification and prosecution of these murderous traitors to the best country in the world, the one in which I grew up. This each of us owes to America’s next generation. Any alternative is unacceptable.

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“Honda manufacturers conduct customer surveys after purchase to get customer input to improve design, features and service,” said Montgomery.

Standard features include driver’s and front & side passengers’ airbags, anti-lock braking system, traction control system, 3-point front seat belts w/pre-tensioners, 3-point rear set belts, side impact door beams, anti-lock theft system, remote keyless entry.

Technical standard features include 200hp 3.0 liter SOHC 24-valve VTEC V6 engine, EPA low emissions vehicle certified, 4-speed automatic transmission, 4wheel disc brakes, front double wishbone suspension, rear multi-link double wishbone suspension, front & rear stabilizer bars, variable assist power steering, 100,000 miles – no schedule tune-ups. web site 2002 honda accord

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“Honda has more return customers than other competitive car makers,” said Montgomery. Go by and visit your Honda dealer today. See why so many people return over and over again.


Mohammed, Valencia

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6 Comments for “The 911 Cat Is Out of the Bag”

  1. Amazing what auto flight control systems can do, seen this in China some years ago. Better then pilots that can’t flight aircraft…

    • Funny you mention that XX. If you watch the proper angle (rare footage) of the second plane comming in, you will see at the last few seconds, a massive upward G pull. Now ask yourself, why would the hijackers do that? Were they saying,” even though I can hit the 50th floor right now, I’ll risk the manuever to hit the upper floors? Riiiiight. Those specific floors had to be hit and the reasons why are glaring if you’ve done any research. Those planes were certainly ‘ghosted’ in remotely as we all know now.

      For me, I’m well past the forensics of it all. I concentrate on things like the massive British flotilla that was sitting off the Pakistani coast, etc pre-9-11. I believe it was the largest since WWII and it’s undertaking took 2 years to plan I’m told. For broke little England, that is a MASSIVE military op, decked out with troops, amphib capabilities and the rest. Largest ever, wonder why they went all the way to Pakistan? We know now. It’s things like this that need more focus. Just incredible foresight and luck.

      I do know this, if 9-11 hadn’t happened, the inquiries into why the British Navy sent all those marines (fully equiped) half way around the world for nothing more than having the most expensive military exercise in British naval history for no good reason would have been devestating, I can say heads would still be rolling. Blair would have been gone. Admiralty gone. Parliment, decimated. Something Roosevelt said about things happening in politics comes to mind.

  2. sonamericanrevolution

    Not surprising you do not mention and Christopher Bollyn. Gordon Duff the censor of his readers comments does not like talk of Bollyn or Larry Silverstein’s exothermics because they are too close to the truth of 911.


  3. I agree. My goal is to live long enough and be healthy enough to see these filthy lowlife duct-taped to telephone poles and used for batting practice.

  4. Joe in San Francisco

    Good job, Stewart. I’m 73 and plan to live to a 100 (or longer if need be) just to see justice prevail and the culprits brought to justice!

  5. Hey Dov Zakheim. Many of us know that you and the rest of your evil synagogue buddies did it. The evidence is overwhelming. You all have much to answer for…in this life and the next. You hook-nosed prick.

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