One Lie After Another – And Now 911

By Stewart Ogilby


I recall my father calling my brother and me into the house from the backyard where we were at play that brisk December afternoon, December 7th, 1941. He had us listen to a news report coming from our Philco radio and told us that we would remember that day for the rest of our lives. It was then that I had my introduction to foreign affairs.

Somewhere in the world, a long distance from Staten Island, New York, a place called Pearl Harbor had been attacked by airplanes. As he explained, since that was a part of our country we were in a war.

We had a small mounted globe of the world in the dining room close to the radio. Showing us where Japan is located, he told us that Japan was our enemy. He went on to say that there was another country, considerably more dangerous, with which we would soon be at war. Turning the globe all the way around, he pointed to Germany.

He said that Germany’s goal was to conquer the world. Placing my finger on the small area called Germany I asked, “How can a little country like that take over this huge globe?” Father said that they were already well on their way, showing us areas Germany had occupied. “Do you think that we will win?”, I asked. I recall my father looking very grave and saying, “Yes, we will win, but it will be very difficult and things will never be the same.”

My father was honest, a brilliant self-educated research chemist, a farmer, and a patriotic man. Years after I had left home and my father was approaching retirement, there was a television in the farm house, an item I had never seen there before. During a visit, as my father watched Watergate unfold I saw tears come to his eyes when President Richard Nixon appeared on screen. “That man lied to us”, he muttered. By “us” he meant my mother and himself. Both had voted for Nixon. The patriot in him had been betrayed. My Dad would be 110 years old. I wonder what he and others of that generation would think today.

The historian, Harry Elmer Barnes, concluded that President Roosevelt had been designing a casus belli with Japan in 1941, having personally ordered three small US Naval ships to sea to confront the mighty Japanese navy. In my own small library I treasure a copy of Admiral Kemp Tolley’s, Cruise of the Lanikai. Tolley had been CO of one of those three small antiquated 1941 US Navy vessels. His book contains a photocopy of that order, signed personally by President Roosevelt.

When that ruse failed, Roosevelt had no recourse other than to engineer, by default, the December 7th Pearl Harbor attack. The machines used for decoding Japan’s Purple Code had been deliberately removed from Hawaii, leaving both our Army and Navy commanders there blindfolded. Barnes’ work and conclusions have since been completely verified through FOIA documents.

If you doubt this, please find a copy of Robert Stinnett’s 2001 book, Day of Deceit. My father, as most Americans, never dreamed of such high treason. Somewhere he had learned a fact, from source he had trusted as much as he trusted his president many years later. He had informed his two sons that Germany was “out to conquer the world”. I realize today that this honorable man, along with millions of other Americans, had been deceived there as well. A nationwide disinformation campaign, intelligence newspeak for lies, had been designed to once again thrust our nation into a foreign war. Yes, bankers make wars.

Who would have launched such propaganda? For an answer, begin by reading real history gleaned from original source material. David Irving was a greatly admired World War II historian until a certain group decided they had to wage a vicious ad hominem smear campaign against him after his painstaking research contradicted certain of their own historical narratives.

In addition to the amended death count and causes of death at Auschwitz, a well documented truth is that Adolph Hitler attempted repeatedly to remain at peace with England. He never prepared to challenge the Royal Navy’s maritime supremacy, hardly an effective strategy for anyone setting out to “conquer the world”. Patrick Buchanan’s recent book, Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War deserves careful reading also.

Those who need widespread acceptance of their own historical narratives, including that of 911, resort to vehement criticism and traditional ad hominem smears, e.g., “conspiracy nuts” or “anti-semites”, and seldom counter researched issues.

I was young and patriotic once. Now I am old and still patriotic. The USA is a very young nation. My forebears arrived here in 1816 as Jefferson and Adams were engaging in a fascinating correspondence. The constitution, together with its first ten amendments, our Bill of Rights containing legal safeguards against tyranny, is a political masterpiece. Never considered to be a final document, it remains open to amendment by a process involving every separate state in the union. Today we have witnessed the utter destruction of those legal safeguards against tyranny. It could never have happened without lies, disseminated narratives such as those which propelled a peaceful people into two World Wars.

More recently, televised lies were constructed to prey upon fear and paranoia in a nation traumatized on 911 by the world’s biggest liars, themselves perpetrators of that murderous event. Lies about 911, lies about terrorists, lies about historians, lies about history, and lies about just about everything else have launched us into today’s unending wars, have shattered our treasured political heritage, and have taken away most of the money
accumulated by Americans over the years. The liars are addicted to money and power.

Wealth in America today does not consist of money. Today’s national wealth lies in our traditional patriotism, our intellects, our demand for truth, our weapons, and our courage to confront internal enemies, the masters of deceptive narratives, the liars and exporters of our jobs, the liars and Wall Street shysters, the liars and media moguls. Certain key lies and their consequences are past and most participants deceased: the Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, murders of two Kennedy’s, Dr. King, and John Lennon, wounding of President Reagan, death of Paul Wellstone, all are grist for the mill of conscientious investigative journalists and historians.

They provide today’s reader with literature in the mystery genre. However, what is crystal clear today is that our government has, in the past, lied to We the People at the onset of major wars and as rationale for changes in national policy. Precisely how many times we have been intentionally deceived is open to continuing
investigation and debate.

It is critically important for Americans today to side-step brainwashing and official narratives, lies promulgated by controlled newspapers and television and to learn basic facts pertaining to 911, our generation’s recent world-changing tragedy. We must make the effort to understand documented facts of 911. In the past, information traveled more slowly. Technics of our digital age, especially the internet, have increased tremendously the speed that information is disseminated. Today we can accomplish what in the past took years to expose.

Americans cannot afford to be hoodwinked yet again by the masters of deceptive narrative, the perpetrators of 911. That crime is the Achilles heel for traitors of this generation. For the sake of all that’s valuable in this country, for this generation’s children and grandchildren, 911 criminals must be detained, prosecuted, and removed from positions of financial, media, and political power in America.

The most effective and immediate way to reconstruct our beseiged society is by supporting 911 Truth and demanding accountability. Real traitors, those masters of official lies, will thereby be exposed and eliminated. Can you think of a more effective way to remedy today’s disasters in America than by demanding justice for those responsible for 911’s mass murder and its increasingly pathetic cover-up?

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11 Comments for “One Lie After Another – And Now 911”

  1. Thank YOU, Sami! We are counting on the millions who have come to our shores with 1st generation, personal experience elsewhere in the world. Such persons appreciate, and take advantage, of things that most Americans, unfortunately, now take for granted. Until more is lost, Americans may not appreciate the urgency to join and support protests. Protests are only a start. When they become active, as they did in the late 1960’s, the proper term is rebellion. Rebellion needs to be focused. In the 60’s the focus was ending the Vietnam War. Expressed class warfare (wealth redistribution) alone will not do the trick. We do have a huge cause now and I am hoping that protests pick up and run with 911 justice. That may happen if we can get protesters to realize that they can send the DC criminals running for cover. The next step is to reorganize a free society around state and local automomy, the Amendment #10 stuff, including banking and currency reform. Let those who think that this is a pipe dream come up with something better. If they cannot do so, they have merely two options: join the fignt or do nothing and become slaves.

  2. The likes of Stewart are the wealth and strength of this nation… thank you Stewart for great telling story… too bad our Constitution with all of its Bill of Rights is eroded by those promoting fear and hate… to gain political and economic control over America… the liars are winning the day…

  3. Let’s keep it simple. There’s only THREE words you (or anyone else) needs to know:

    ISRAEL DID 9/11. Period. That’s it, folks.

  4. The staff at VT are doing a terrific job at researching and making public the TREASON that has been perpetuated on the American people and the World for that matter , but more needs to be done . The sheep watching FAUX News are totally oblivious to all this . You must find a way to reach them . 90% of New Yorkers STILL don’t know about building 7 , I watched a street survey not so long ago and they hadn’t heard about WTC7 falling . That was so depressing for me , to think that 10 years has past and we are still nowhere near catching the REAL perps . 9/11 is going to be a partly forgotten conspiracy theory 50 years down the track (we are a fifth of the way already) like JFK . Someone needs to take Lucky Larry or someone similar to a nice quiet location and urge him to tell who the perps are . I never advise people to take matters into their own hands but this cannot go on ! We need to go at least , back to 9/11 before we can come forward cleaning as we go .

    • And guess what AntiZ, MOX news was banned on youtube, which was FAUX news. Their demographic was you and me and truth in media was their point, and they did a great job. 9/11 cannot, be thrown under the rug, I agree, we must make it centered on all fronts. For it is everything we are now centered on, war, TSA, Homeland security, warrantless this and that. We’re done without accountablity there.

  5. If someone does some research they will find out that the US, under the Bill Clinton administraion, in 1998 bombed both Afghanistan and Iraq – this was an illegal act of war.

  6. By the time Pearl Harbour attack had happened in December 1941 France, Britain and the Commonwealth has lost WW2.

    If Japan had not flown planes into a part of the US when they did then one of Britain’s allies certainly would have painted some Japanese flags on some planes and done it ourselves. I remember thinking this when I saw a program about how Winston Churchill kept going to the US during WW2 and asking the US to join in.

    WW2 was all about empire and spheres of influence. The current US lead wars in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East are for the same reasons. We do not want India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Even more countries could join, apparently Vietnam is considering it.

    The allies won WW2 because Germany had 80% of its military fighting the Russians instead of us. Over twenty million Russians died.

    The US lead wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan continue to be a failure, however if we can star a war between Pakistan and India that includes the Afghans who are currently fighting US lead troops in Afghanistan the we could turn our current wars into victories. OK, 20 millions Indians and Pakistanis could die, but the US allies would win the wars and during this road to victory the US could build several military bases in both Afghanistan and India. If the war between India and Pakistan (and the Afghans) could include more SCO countries then it would destroy that organisation as well.

    • If you really want to know the details nof what happened in Russia during Lenin/Stalin times then go read Crimes of the Bolsheviks at www(.) to see what is being specifically lined up for the USA…not just you but all of you that read VT.

      • My point is that the wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan are about empire and spheres of influence.

        By 2020 China will have the worlds largest economy, the US Government will have the world largest debt. China backs Iran and could not care less about Israel so the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation will be perceived as a serious threat to Israel.

        My money is on the US installing a stooge in the Pakistan Government – Imran Khan would be good because he is actually liked by the Pakistanis. He was married to a British woman so he obviously does not dislike the west that much.

        The US will want its military in Pakistan and Afghanistan long term with puppets in governments.

        I wonder how the US is going to react if India and Pakistan join the SCO next years which is likely.

  7. Amen to that. I came across the FDR treason back in 2004. I’ve also come across information stating that men from the Flying Tigers bombed Japan 5 times in hopes of starting a war then. Man, I wish people were more interested in these things, we’d be in better shape.

    Indeed you said a mouthfull regarding the speed of information which makes me come to a point about the internet. The internet cannot be alowed to remain free in it’s current state. It’s antitheitical to the bankers hold on history and the unwritten history yet to come about via more false flags. Having come full circle on many things I know that is the truth, the question is, how will they do it and make people go along with it under the “law”.

    When I first heard about Qadaffi and his “gold exchange” myself and friends knew they would be invaded and destroyed, years ago. When I heard about Saddam and his oil bourse, I had a feeling.

    The fact is, the powers that be cannot allow certain things that expose them to come to light, no matter what. The engineered excuses are already in the works of course. What drives me crazy is how easily fooled some writers on this site are. Some believe that Qadaffy had to go because (insert propoganda reason) and they actually think it was legit, lawfull, etc. Fact is, Qadaffi can’t do what he wanted to do, which would have altered the balance OF THE WORLD.

    Now the internet is next, no matter what event, no matter how insane the excuse, they will get people to believe the internet will need to be amended to suit TPTB. And they will fall for it, they will refuse to believe the true reasons and go along with the program, do their “research” espousing how they are correct about why it is the way it is, etc, etc. And guess what? Then you’ll need a drivers license to log on, regardless of the reason. Sickens me. In every psyop, there must be 3 different and plausible stories to confuse the public and hide the facts via the MSM. Lybia was one, Iran is another, Iraq was one, the internet is next. Nazis, Al Qaeda, on and on, and on. Don’t they know for every secret asset they talk about as having the correct information on the situation, these assets are pawns parroting what they’ve been told from their handlers? Don’t you think Lindauers handlers knew quite a bit more than they told her? She just Parrots what she was told, which was maybe one degree higher than any informed persons conclusions. She’s a bad excuse, but Lybia fooled too many people. If he made donuts his currency I doubt he’d be dead. The first country to trade in gold could control the world. That’s not a foolish statement, it’s true. All the fiat currencies would be worthless in 6 months, that’s why Qaddafi is gone, period. Great article btw.

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