Obama Approves Draconian Police State Law

by Stephen Lendman


Obama supports draconian FY 2012 National Defense Authorization Act provisions. Justification given is national security and war on terror hokum.

Henceforth, anyone anywhere, including US citizens, may be indefinitely held without charge or trial, based solely on suspicions, spurious allegations or none at all.

No reasonable proof is needed, just suspicions that those detained pose threats. Henceforth, indefinite detentions can follow mere membership (past or present) or support for suspect organizations.

Presidents now have unchecked dictatorial powers to arrest, interrogate and indefinitely detain law-abiding citizens if accused of potentially posing a threat.

Constitutional, statute and international laws won’t apply. Martial law will replace them if so ordered.

As a result, US military personnel anywhere in the world may arrest US citizens and others, throw them in military dungeons, and hold them indefinitely outside constitutionally mandated civil protections, including habeas rights, due process, and other judicial procedures.

In other words, presidents may order anyone arrested and imprisoned for life without charge or trial. Tyranny arrived in America. Abuse of power replaced rule of law protections.

Even someone erroneously arrested and cleared of wrongdoing could be held indefinitely without charge, given non-civil trials, none at all, or, for foreign nationals, sent abroad to torture prison hellholes.

Civil Libertarian Responses

On December 14, an ACLU press release headlined, “White House Backs Away from Defense Bill Veto Threat,” saying:

Obama “support(s) passage of the (FY2012) National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which contains harmful provisions (to) authorize the US military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians, including American citizens, anywhere in the world.”

Responding, ACLU Washington Legislative Office director Laura Murphy said:

“The president should more carefully consider the consequences of allowing this bill to become law. If (he) signs this bill, it will damage both his legacy and America’s reputation for upholding the rule of law.”

The last time Congress authorized indefinite detentions for uncharged US citizens without trial was in 1950 over Harry Truman’s veto.

The Emergency Detention Act provision of the Internal Security Act authorized incarceration for those considered likely to commit espionage or sabotage.

It was never used, then repealed by the 1971 Non-Detenton Act, stating:

“No citizen shall be imprisoned or otherwise detained by the United States except pursuant to an Act of Congress.”

At issue was never again subjecting US citizens to lawless internment the way Japanese Americans were in 1942. At the time, loyal citizens were forced into War Relocation Camps lawlessly.

Murphy faintly hoped Obama would emulate Truman. However, Senate bill sponsor Carl Levin said he insisted on subjecting US citizens to the same draconian treatment as foreign nationals. The original Senate bill excluded them. At his request, they were added.

ACLU deputy legal director Jameel Jaffer called NDAA “an awful bill….” He and other civil libertarians are outraged by its passage. Jaffer added:

This bill will “make permanent as an American law this fixture of worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial. (It’s) a bill that would further militarize counterterrorism policy.”

It’s “a bill that will make it harder to close Guantanamo. It has all the problems that we identified earlier, and it is really quite astonishing and disappointing that (Obama) is withdrawing his veto threat.”

All along, of course, it was disingenuous and hollow. As explained above, he insists on subjecting uncharged US citizens to the same draconian treatment as foreign nationals.

On December 14, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) said:

Obama “made a choice with chilling consequences today when he announced he would not veto the NDAA despite the lack of change to provisions of the bill that make it even more difficult to shut down the prison at Guantanamo and make indefinite military detention(s) without trial a permanent feature of the US legal system.”

Throughout his tenure, Obama exceeded the worst of George Bush. Besides trashing rule of law principles and other democratic values, waging multiple imperial wars, sanctioning torture, wrecking America’s economy, and turning a blind eye to growing human need, he’s taking a major step toward institutionalizing tyranny by supporting the “indefinite detention of citizens and non-citizens alike without charge or trial….”

On December 15, Bill of Rights Day, the Senate passed NDAA following House passage on December 14. On December 16, Obama will sign it into law, in defiance of Bill of Rights protections he’ll further abrogate with his signature.

As a result, December 15 may become known as a day of infamy when tyranny replaced constitutional law.

Henceforth, no one anywhere will be safe, and there’s no place to hide.

Major Media Scoundrels for Tyranny

Notably, US media scoundrels largely ignored the bill for months. On December 14, ahead of its enactment, The New York Times misreported its significance by failing to explain how US citizens are affected. Instead, it discussed inconsequential language changes and quoted a White House statement, saying:

“As a result of (House/Senate conference committee changes), we have concluded that the language does not challenge or constrain the president’s ability to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists, and protect the American people, and the president’s senior advisors will not recommend a veto.”

A same day Washington Post (WP) article also ignored the bill’s draconian provisions. It quoted the same White House statement, and falsely claimed civilian authorities, not America’s military, will be authorized to make arrests on US soil.

A December 13 WP editorial also misreported, claiming US citizens won’t be subjected to military detention. In addition, like The Times and is own December 14 article, it discussed (ahead of passage) inconsequential changes while omitting explanation of constitutionally destructive draconian provisions.

Of course, no one ever accused America’s major media of being long on truth and full disclosure. In serving wealth and power, they fail on all counts by inverting truth and avoiding what journalists are supposed to do – their job.

Readers, viewers and listeners have a choice. Growing numbers exercising it by walking away.

They’re tuning out and making credible choices for real news and analysis more needed today perhaps than ever, given America’s draconian direction.

Hopefully eventually they all will before it’s too late to matter.

A Final Comment

On December 14, headlined, “Congressional Tyranny, White House Surrender,” saying:

The FY 2012 NDAA “will finish off some critical American rights under our Constitution.” Two retired four-star marine generals (Charles Krulak and Joseph Hoar) urged an Obama veto, saying:

“One provision would authorize the military to indefinitely detain without charge people suspected of involvement with terrorism, including United States citizens apprehended on American soil. Due process would be a thing of the past…”

“A second provision would mandate military custody for most terrorism suspects. It would force on the military responsibilities it hasn’t sought….for domestic law enforcement….”

“A third provision would further extend a ban on transfers from Guantanamo, ensuring that this morally and financially expensive symbol of detainee abuse will remain open well into the future.”

Other military, security, and former government officials also expressed opposition.

This law will deny US citizens due process and judicial fairness. It will let military forces become law enforcers. It will make America a police state. It will abolish constitutional freedoms besides others already lost.

This “arbitrary, open-ended dictatorial White House mandate was never subjected to even a House or Senate Committee hearing….It was rammed through by the House and Senate Armed Services Committees without the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees invoking their concurrent jurisdiction for public hearings.”

As president, Obama’s done the impossible. He’s governed worse than his fiercest critics feared, worse than Bush on domestic and foreign policies.

This law furthers destroy American freedom. Obama’s support and moral cowardice assures it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network

Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening. He is also the author of “How Wall Street Fleeces America

The Progressive News Hour

Guest: Dave Lindorff

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Lindorff is an award-winning investigative reporter/journalist. He contributes regularly to numerous publications and popular web sites in America and abroad.

A prolific author, his books include “The Case for Impeachment: Legal Arguments for Removing George W. Bush;” “This Can’t Be Happening: Resisting the Disintegration of American Democracy;” and “Marketplace Medicine: The Rise of the For Profit Hospital Chains.”

Major world and national issues will be discussed.

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18 Comments for “Obama Approves Draconian Police State Law”

  1. Well, at least the poster in the FEMA camp will have the nice obama smile. I will like that.
    I hope all the people who registered on VT aren’t being compiled. Eh, Gordon? You think we bein’ watched?

  2. Now that we have martial law in the US, now that posse comitatus has been bound and gagged, what do we make of two Obama supporting groups, the professors and the lawyers?
    Professors voted for Obama at the 90% level, they bought into the malarkey thanks to their subliminal training in socialism during their schooling in the government mandated schools we are so proud of, schools that cost a fortune and allow us to sit at about number 19 on the world scale of school efficacy. One of my neighbors and his wife are both professors and their lawn was plastered left to right with Obama signs in ’08. Obama could do no wrong, heaven on Earth was approaching, the end of strife, economic problems, Nirvana awaits. How will this group vote next year? Same old, same old? I’d say, at this time, absolutely YES. The depth of their schooling and their braindead powers of analysis outside of their educational disciplines foretells they will stick with the Obama Shiitestorm once again.

    The legal profession is case in point. Hundreds of thousands, maybe over a million legal eagles, how will they see this new martial law provision? All the Congressional lawyers voted for this tragic knife in the back of the Constitution, where is the united outcry of the lawyers?

    Does anybody support the Constitution in the Senate, House of Reprobates, and White House? How about the Justice Department? Anybody?

  3. @ LOB2065

    “I did not know until a couple of years ago that Muslims knew about Jesus and Mary and apparently they are referred to quite a bit in the Holy Koran.”

    For the Christians among the readers…

    The Koran speaks respectfully of Mary, and it also acknowledges the Virgin Birth. Although Islam does not recognize the divinity of Jesus, it honors him as the greatest prophet prior to Mohammed.

    Contrast the above with what the Talmud — the REAL holy book of Judaism — says. Jesus’ mother was named Miriam, a hairdresser and a prostitute. Jesus’ father was an unknown Roman soldier. Jesus was conceived during her mother’s period. Jesus is in Hell, swimming in semen and excrement.

    (If you want to research if for yourself, then use a search engine. You can read the Talmud online, or you can download it as a PDF, for reading offline. Keep a barf bag handy.)

    So why are Muslims seen as the enemy of Christians? Because of Jewish control of the media, that’s why.

  4. Why Would Senator Carl Levin Be Pushing So Hard To Take Away American Citizens Rights???

    It looks to me like the truth about 9/11/01 may be about to emerge, in great detail, and that is why this new Bill is being pushed by Senator Carl Levin, who may be up to his eyeballs in it.

    From Your Article:

    “…However, Senate bill sponsor Carl Levin said he insisted on subjecting US citizens to the same draconian treatment as foreign nationals. The original Senate bill excluded them. At his request, they were added.”

    ACLU deputy legal director Jameel Jaffer called NDAA “an awful bill….” He and other civil libertarians are outraged by its passage. Jaffer added:

    This bill will “make permanent as an American law this fixture of worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial. (It’s) a bill that would further militarize counterterrorism policy.”

    An interesting take on his involvement follows, and if true would explain a lot:

    Senator Carl Levin, NORAD, and
    Chabad Lubavitch
    by Carol A. Valentine
    President, Public Action, Inc.
    Copyright, June, 2002
    May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes

    June 15, 2002: My colleague Dick Eastman has noticed, as a number of us have, that Sen. Carl Levin (D.-Mich.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is a strange bird.

    In September and October, Levin’s Armed Services Committee held hearings that touched directly on the events of 9-11. On September 13, 2001, Levin allowed Gen. Richard B. Myers, former NORAD commander and Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9-11, to bob and weave and lie about 9-11 events. Then, on October 25, 2001, Levin allowed Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, commander of NORAD on 9-11, to bob and weave and lie about 9-11 events. Read an analysis here:

    In a June 10, 2002, letter to the editor of The Village Voice, Dick Eastman points out that Levin actually shielded Myers from critical questions during the September 13, 2001, hearing. I’ve included an excerpt from Dick’s letter to the editor, below. Notice that Dick seems puzzled — he does not seem to understand why Levin is covering up for NORAD. Dick, allow me to explain.

    Carl Levin does not want anyone to understand what happened on 9-11. That’s because he was part of the team that pulled it off. As I explain in “Merry Christmas, and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” the 9-11 terror was the kickoff event in the War for Jewish Supremacy.

    The aim of this war is to establish a world-wide Jewish theocratic state, where rabbinical courts will rule every country. The current vanguard of this Jewish empire is an organization called Chabad Lubavitch. Carl Levin has publicly endorsed Chabad Lubavitch from the floor of the Senate.
    cached at:

    Carl Levin is not going to blow the whistle on NORAD. Please understand Carl Levin. He is a patriotic Jew. He is not a patriotic American. Levin allowed Myers and Eberhart to get away with murder because 9-11 furthers his nation’s plan for world domination. For documentation:

    Think about it. There is no way you could pull off 9-11 without having Levin in your pocket.

    Please don’t regard this observation as criticism (gasp!) of “the” Jews. Quite the reverse. Jews are very loyal people — loyal to their own nation, variously referred to over thousands of years as “Israel,” or “the Nation of Zion,” or “Judea” or “Judah” or “the Jewish people.” Levin and the other Jews in US public life are just furthering the goal of THEIR nation.

    Sure, there have been Jews who were patriotic Americans — people like Benjamin Freedman. But they are exceptions to the rule.

    Don’t blame the Jews. It is we, the Gentile Americans, the inheritors of the principles of the Bill of Rights, who must be blamed for the state of affairs in the US. We tolerate foreign agents holding Senate seats. We tolerate traitors like Myers and Eberhart commanding our armed forces. We allow ourselves to be used.

    Now, a suggestion to 9-11 researchers: Look at the political forces who benefit from 9-11. Look at the political forces who are covering up the truth about 9-11. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be afraid to mention the words “Israel,” or “the Nation of Zion,” or “Judea” or “Judah” or “the Jewish people,” or even the word “JEW.” Don’t let the cat get your tongue.

    By the way: Levin’s efforts to cover for NORAD were so obvious, a Canadian NORAD general has come forward to put a band-aid on the boo-boo. The (Toronto) Globe and Mail carried a June 13 report of remarks of Lt.-Gen. Ken Pennie on September 11 events. Lt. Gen. Pennie was apparently the second-in-command of NORAD that day. You can read the Globe and Mail article here:
    It may be easier to go to: and search for “Pennie”at the bottom of the page,
    or go here, where we have cached the article:

    Gen. Pennie made his comments in French, God love him. We can imagine all those wonderful Gallic shrugs Pennie made as his tongue wove its way around the crazy-quilt pattern of his remarks. The Globe and Mail indirectly quotes Pennie’s most significant remark:

    In the minutes after the attacks, control of the continent’s airspace was turned over to NORAD.

    Notice that Gen. Pennie says NORAD took control AFTER the “attacks.” The last attack occurred at 9:38 a.m. Ahhh, so that means NORAD did not respond until AFTER the last hit, until after 9:38 a.m., oui? Lt. Gen. Pennie thus contradicts American generals Myers and Eberhart.

    The Globe and News also states:

    “The operations officer at the time that control of North America’s airspace was transferred to NORAD happened to be a Canadian naval captain, Gen. Pennie said.”

    Mon Dieu, but of course! A Canadian naval captain is called upon to respond to an air attack on the US. Things get clearer and clearer, don’t they?

    No matter how you cut it, I’d say that Lt. Gen. Ken Pennie has just thoroughly hosed the traitorous Carl Levin and his two traitorous side kicks, Richard Myers and Ralph Eberhart. Merci, Gen. Pennie!

    Now, here is an excerpt from Dick Eastman’s commentary on the Levin-Myers September 13 love-in.

    ======== Begin excerpt of commentary by Dick Eastman =======

    Senator Carl Levin, now Senate Select Com. on Intelligence 911 investigator shielded General Myers from critical 911 questions during Myers’ Sept. 13 Senate Armed Services Committee Nomination Hearing for consent of his appointment to position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff .

    Senator Carl Levin, now Senate Select Com. on Intelligence 911 investigator shielded General Myers from critical 911 questions during Myers’ Sept. 13 Senate Armed Services Committee Nomination Hearing for consent of his appointment to position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    SENATOR BILL NELSON: … General Myers, The second World Trade tower was hit shortly after 9:00. And the Pentagon was hit approximately 40 minutes later. That’s approximately. You would know specifically what the timeline was. The crash that occurred in Pennsylvania after the Newark westbound flight was turned around 180 degrees and started heading back to Washington was approximately an hour after the World Trade Center second explosion. [CV comments: Sen. Nelson is mistaken. The evidence says Flight 93 was shot down.] You said earlier in your testimony that we had not scrambled any military aircraft until after the Pentagon was hit. And so, my question would be: why?

    GENERAL MYERS: I think I had that right, that it was not until then. I’d have to go back and review the exact timelines.

    SENATOR BILL NELSON: If we knew that there was a general threat on terrorist activity, which we did, and we suddenly have two trade towers in New York being obviously hit by terrorist activity, of commercial airliners taken off course from Boston to Los Angeles, then what happened to the response of the defense establishment once we saw the diversion of the
    aircraft headed west from Dulles turning around 180 degrees and, likewise, in the aircraft taking off from Newark and, in flight, turning 180 degrees? That’s the question.

    I leave it to you as to how you would like to answer it. But we would like an answer.

    GENERAL MYERS: You bet. I spoke, after the second tower was hit, I spoke to the commander of NORAD, General Eberhart. And at that point, I think the decision was at that point to start launching aircraft…

    In this case, if my memory serves me — and I’ll have to get back to you for the record — my memory says that we had launched on the one that eventually crashed in Pennsylvania. I mean, we had gotten somebody close to it, as I recall. I’ll have to check that out.

    SENATOR BILL NELSON: … Commenting from CNN on the timeline, 9:03 is the correct time that the United Airlines flight crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center; 9:43 is the time that American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. And 10:10 a.m. is the time that United Airlines flight 93 crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

    So that was 40 minutes between the second tower being hit and the Pentagon crash. And it is an hour and seven minutes until the crash occurred in Pennsylvania . . .

    SENATOR LEVIN: The time that we don’t have is when the Pentagon was notified, if they were, by the FAA or the FBI or any other agency, relative to any potential threat or any planes having changed direction or anything like that. And that’s the same which you will give us because that’s . . .

    GENERAL MYERS: I can answer that. At the time of the first impact on the World Trade Center, we stood up our crisis action team. That was done immediately.

    So we stood it up. And we started talking to the federal agencies. The time I do not know is when NORAD responded with fighter aircraft. I don’t know that time.

    SENATOR LEVIN: Or the time that I asked you for, which was whether the FAA or FBI notified you that other planes had turned direction from their path, their scheduled path, and were returning or aiming towards Washington, whether there was any notice from any of them, because that’s such an obvious shortfall if there wasn’t.

    Note how Levin jumped in to save Myers from Senator Nelson’s pointed questions getting at the heart of the matter of “what happened to the response of the defense establishment ,” of WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THAT THE MILITARY SUCKED EGGS FOR 40 MINUTES AFTER TOWER TWO WAS HIT LETTING THE PENTAGON EVENT HAPPEN. Levin very cleverly takes over the
    conversation — gets Myers off the spot — and diverts everything onto the trivial small picture detail question of the time of specific phone calls from Specific agencies — rather than the all-important broad system questions Nelson was going for. In fact, Levin, thinking that he was quicker than Myers, here jumped in with an answer that Myers could use to evade the really important and critical questions of Sen. Nelson.

    Levin is on the select CFR-Skull-and-Bones-club-tie-Trilateralist Joint Congressional intelligence committee that is to investigate what went wrong “but without afixing blame” — the hearings that started today. But we see this that the Senator from Michigan was already actively an accomplice in the mass murder coverup back on September 13.

    Senator Levin, you would not have jumped in with that remark if you were at all interested in getting to the bottom of the mystery of the 40 minute failure of the Air Force to intercept a plane attacking the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

    The dialog continues:


    SENATOR LEVIN: And in any event, but more important, if you could get us
    that information.

    Did you get that?

    In other words: <>

    Get the picture?

    ======== End excerpt of commentary by Dick Eastman ===========

    Study the September 13, 2001, testimony of Gen. Myers here:
    cached at:

    You can read the October 25, 2001, testimony of Gen. Eberhart here:
    cached at:

    Other 911 Lies exposed at:

    • The reason that we have had the wars in Central Asia is because the US/Israel were worried that India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran were all going to join the SCO, a club that the US is not a member of. The sanctions again Iran stop it joining the SCO and the US/Israel were hoping for a war between India and Pakistan to stop them joining the SCO and to create a diversion so that the US could build lots of military bases in Afghanistan.

      By 2020 the SCO is going to be on Israel’s door step and it will be headed by the most powerful country in the world – China. China backs Iran not Israel. My money is on India, Pakistan and Afghanistan all being members by 2020. Iran will have a legal relationship with each SCO member that gives them the same relationship as a member country.

      The US/Israel has failed in its strategy because everyone could see them coming miles away.

      The reason that consecutive US presidents back Israel is because around 45 million evangelist Christians in the US believe that the Jews must have Jerusalem as their homeland. But the thing that many Christians were taught historically was that THE JEWS KILLED JESUS – see details below.

      According to the New Testament accounts, the Jewish authorities in Judea charged Jesus with blasphemy and sought his execution (see Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus), but lacked the authority to have Jesus put to death (John 18:31), so they brought Jesus to Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judaea Province, who consented to Jesus’ execution (John 19:16).

      Other English speaking countries only support Israel because America does, the rest of us would throw the Israelis under a bus tomorrow if it were not for the Americans. But Jews are always trying to make it seem like they control all of the English speaking world and much of Europe.

      I did not know until a couple of years ago that Muslims knew about Jesus and Mary and apparently they are referred to quite a bit in the Holy Koran.

      Given that it is Christmas, I believe that it would be very timely if Muslims brought up the historical information about the Jews killing Jesus, especially given that the new laws in the US regarding ‘preventative mandatory detention’ could be used to round people up and start another holocaust.

    • Great comment. It’s important to keep in mind who our REAL enemy is and who its agents are.

      If the “Jews” want endless war, I say we give it to them. It is not only our duty to defend ourselves, but it is also the least we can do for the rest of the world. WE have allowed the zionist monster to terrorize the entire planet, on our nickel and with our support.

      I will gladly serve my country, again, if we FOR ONCE fight our true enemy, Israel and its domestic faction.

      Merry Christmas, all.

  5. Well now America can legally round up its Jewish people.

    The reason that consecutive US Presidents support Israel is because there are between 40 to 50 million evangelist Christians in the US and these people have been brain washed into believing that they must make sure that the Jews have Jerusalem as their homeland.

    I remember being taught religion at my Catholic girls school and I am pretty sure that I was told that -


    Apparently Muslims believe in Jesus and Mary. Do they also believe that the Jews killed Jesus? I wonder if the evangelist Christians who go to church every week – do they believe that the Jews killed Jesus?

    Given the new draconian laws in America – should we remind everyone that the Jews Killed Jesus, I mean it is Christmas.

  6. @ Stephen Lendman

    “…It will make America a police state…”

    Again I call you on your choice of words.

    At least since the enactment of the PATRIOT Act, the United States had already become a police state. Successive Acts further tightened the screws of the police state machine.

    In contrast, the NDAA of 2012 sets up a whole new oppressive machine.

    By definition, when one man can order the military to detain US citizens and lawful residents, on US soil, that is a military dictatorship, not a police state.

    Please call it what it actually is.

  7. Obama is simply a puppet, his “overlords” are the true enemy.

    On another note, anyone hear about the Jamaican massacre where a DHS plane fed intel by plane to Jamaican authorities about a compound that supposedly housed a drug cartel, well the Jamaican Forces murdered 73 people then tried to hide the DHS efforts to assist? What part of Homeland includes foreign soil?

  8. Obama is more evil than Bush. I never thought it possible, but it’s true. I voted and campaigned for the filthy shitstain, so I guess I’m partially responsible.

    Obama’s started more covert wars, spent more money on the MIC, persecuted more whistle blowers, refused to fight for justice for torturers, banksters, private mercenaries and the previous regime, constantly lies about 9/11, declared the murder of American citizens to be legal, without trial and NOW THIS.

    Obama has the most powerful job in the country and has veto power over Congress, so yes it IS his fault, although I admit he has had a lot of help from other traitors in Congress.

    Even the Nazis didn’t stoop this low. You want to see the face of evil, look no further than the White House.

    The only hope for this country is for citizens to declare the US government null and void, which it is. Time to start over. After all, it’s not like Obama is a US citizen. He doesn’t know when his own birthday is or how many states there are. His so called “birth sertificate” (BS) could have been forged by chimpanzee, it’s so pathetically bad.

    Obama is NOT a legitimate President, never was. He’s not a legitimate American, either. He probably isn’t even fully human.

    He is, however, a zionist, a traitor, a pathalogical liar, a traitor, an serial murderer, a lawless fraud, a traitor and a demon.

    Time for Obama and the rest of Congress to be tried for treason and if convicted, shot.

    • Obama was, like 9/11, a state-sponsored false flag. You are not alone my friend.


      Lexington, ky

    • I agree about Obama. He is a demon from hell. I tried to warn people not to vote for that hellspawn…to no avail.

      Anyway, the lawless, fully Jewish-supremacist-controlled U.S. government has become the deadly, implacable foe of every decent person on this planet.

      And unfortunately, I think Russia and China still don’t appreciate the seriousness of the situation. I don’t think they fully understand the nature of the demonic evil that’s now in complete control of “the West”. No amount of appeasement is going to work. No amount of spilled blood or shattered nations will ever be enough; the voracious Jewish appetites at play here can never be sated.

  9. Gee, today I was visiting another website and I saw such a wonderful picture of President Obama and his family. Everybody was posed so symmetrically, what a way to start the Holiday Season. Not the Christmas season, but the season to extol Ramadan. The generic season, folks. Obama did not veto and I’ll wager we don’t know why. I mean, he’s four square behind oppression, martial law, forget states rights, total central control. Had he voted against it, of course it would mean he would have to cough up Geneva convention rights for those arrested and this president wants nothing to do with rights for citizens, only illegals. We can all feel angry and disgusted with his signature on the bill but what about my neighbor that had his front lawn plastered with Obama stickers during the ’08 election campaign? I wonder what he can do now with his lawn, support Obama or decide not to vote? My neighbor is a college professor, his wife is, too. Smartest of the smart. Who would expect these highly educated people to vote for repression? Well, they did it once before, lightning could strike again. To have the senate and Carl Levin put their support behind such a bill is beyond disgusting. Traitors in our midst, where are the anti-sedition laws when you need them? Sold out by the sweet talkers people voted for and now they play the Benedict Arnold trick. Yup, Obama is changing the country and I can only laugh uncontrollably when I think about the people who voted for this oaf, a person we know nothing about. The guy has got to be a Martian. We can only hope we get lucky and Issa doesn’t chicken out in his pursuit of Eric Holder. My guess? Issa is one of THEM! Watch for a watered down verdict, a slap on the wrist, maybe. Maybe…

  10. Our Masters know that the next series of illegal, immmoral wars of aggression that they launch will have catastrophic consequences; potentially anything and everything from economic collapse to a nuclear WW3. Thus they need to get the proper police state tools in place – as even the most brain-dead-flag-waving-blowhard-sports-fans-and-dancing-with-the-stars morons will start to wonder why their country and everything they have needs to be sacrificed for the sake of a Jewish supremacist delusion of grandeur.

  11. Well of course Obama has power. Obama holds the most powerful political office in the world. It is within Obama’s power to end the tyranny tomorrow if he wanted to. Why, he could even order an investigation into 9/11 if he wanted to. The thing is HE DOESN’T WANT TO. There’s a difference between “can’t” and won’t”. Please don’t confuse the two.

    • When JFK was murdered by CIA/Mossad, we kissed freedom and democracy for the last time. Obama does not strike me as a genius by any means, he’s clearly the puppet on the Zionist string. In talking with one of my fellow vets, a man of color, he said that Obama had his hands tied and was not responsible for the shocking decline in freedoms here. I objected to the explanation, he voted color and this is what he got in return. Even loving, cuddly, mellifluous Ronald Reagan was no choir boy. None of those post-JFK bozos have been worth much and all have either been bought out or blackmailed into doing their little nasties to gradually weaken the country and destroy our freedoms. If you don’t think Ron Paul is the best we have, you’ve already bought my swamp land in Florida.

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