New Wellness Magazine for Veterans

Photo of Nevin Weaver Director of the VA Sunshine Healthcare Network VISN 8

Nevin M. Weaver, Director, VA Sunshine Healthcare Network – VISN 8.

Veterans Health Matters is a new wellness magazine for Veterans receiving their health care in the VA Sunshine Healthcare Network of eight VA medical centers and more than 50 clinics.  Published quarterly in English and Spanish, the magazine is focused on helping Veterans and their families in Florida, South Georgia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands better manage their health and quality of life.

Here’s a link to the Veterans Health Matters magazine.

Inside, you’ll find a wealth of useful information on flu prevention (your flu shot may be free!), the importance of getting screened and immunized, the health benefits of quitting tobacco (and how to get help from the VA), and more.  I can’t emphasize strongly enough that quitting tobacco may be the single most important thing you’ll ever do for your health.

Please take a few minutes to browse through this first issue of the magazine—we’ll continue to put the issues on-line for your reading convenience.  You’ll also find copies in all of our VA facilities in VISN 8.  Of course, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future topics.  Just send a note to the VISN 8 Office of Communication at

Meanwhile, providing the finest health care possible to our nation’s Veterans continues to be our #1 goal, now and into the future.  To all our Veterans:  thank you for your service and your sacrifice.


Nevin M. Weaver, FACHE
Director, VA Sunshine Healthcare Network, VISN 8

Visit VISN 8 on the Web:

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