The Assassination of Cpl. Pat Tillman, USA

by Jim Fetzer


According to Lt. Col. Bailey, Lt. Uthlaut, Cpl. Tillman’s platoon commander, had misunderstood his order to have boots on the ground “by dusk”, which Lt. Uthlaut had misheard as boots on the ground “by dawn”—Boots on the Ground by Dusk (2008)


The stunning revelation from our nation’s premiere investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh, that Vice President Dick Cheney was running an “executive assassination ring” directly under his control and outside of the normal chain of command has raised the specter that the Vice President of the United States may have been murdering Americans. 

As a scholar who has invested a considerable effort in the investigation of the death of US Senator Paul Wellstone, this comes as no surprise.  I and other experts with whom I have collaborated long since concluded that the crash that took his life and those of his wife, daughter, three aides and two pilots was brought about deliberately, where Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Karl Rove are the principal suspects.  Another case in which assassination appears probable include the death of NFL star player, Cpl. Pat Tillman, which I shall review here.

According to Paul Joseph Watson, the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) did not originate with Cheney but was founded in 1980, which suggests that it may have been initiated by our then-Vice President George H. W. Bush, a former Director of the CIA.  It consists primarily of Delta Force soldiers and SEALs, who are stationed at Pope Air Force Base and at Fort Bragg, NC. According to Watson, this assassination unit is still active under President Obama.  The very existence of an operation of this kind raises questions of the utmost seriousness about democracy in America.  What has become of this country when the expression of your political convictions and the pursuit of what you think best for this nation runs the risk of bringing about your termination? When our elected officials, like Hitler and Stalin, have the power to decide whether we live or die depending on their whims, this country has ceased to be the home of the brave or the land of the free.

The shooting scenario as it was described by Kevin, Pat's brother, who was there

Signs Something is Wrong

There are typical signs that something is wrong in the case of deaths that have political ramifications.  These include obfuscation about the cause of the event, especially by creating a false “first impression”, which tends to stick in the minds of most Americans.  In the Wellstone case, it was that the cause had been the weather.  In the case of Pat Tillman, it was that he had been killed in a fire-fight in Afghanistan.  Although I shall not discuss it with the same degree of detail, the Tillman death appears to bear the signs that this, too, was an assassination.  An article on Tillman in Wikipedia, exclusively based upon public sources, provides ample indications of the blatancy with which political killings can take place and then be covered up, especially by assassins who were themselves members of the military. (To insure its availability, I have archived it here under “Assassination”.)

An NFL football star who enlisted in the Army in May 2002, he apparently became disenchanted with the conduct of the war.  He not only did not support President Bush for reelection, but encouraged others to vote for John Kerry.  According to his mother, a friend of his had arranged for him to meet with Noam Chomsky, professor emeritus from MIT and one of our nation’s most respected public intellectuals, who, no doubt, could have launched him into prominent orbit as an outspoken opponent of the war, had he been so inclined.  Although Chomsky is revered as though he were a god by many liberals and progressives, I have serious reservations about his role relative to our nation’s most controversial political events, such as the assassination of JFK and the events of 9/11, where he has dismissed the idea of conspiracy to take out JFK because, in his view, it involved no significant policy issues, which is frankly absurd. He wanted to cut the oil depletion allowance, shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, pull our advisers out of Vietnam, and reestablish normal relations with Cuba.

And based upon my collaborative research as the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth on both the science of 9/11 and its politics, anyone who continues to endorse the “official account” of 9/11 has to be either unfamiliar with the evidence or cognitively impaired—assuming, of course, that they are not deliberately perpetrating the cover-up, which is my take on Noam Chomsky. I have spoken out about Noam Chomsky on YouTube, where you can find two interviews, “Fetzer on Chomsky: Linguistics and 9/11”, and “Noam Chomsky’s faulty linguistics philosophy”, where the indefensible aspects of his views about language and mentality, which I have examined in detail elsewhere, are not what matters here, but his role in leading the opposition:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

As Lenin observed, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it”, where, in my opinion, the evidence in these cases is so strong that it is difficult to see how it can lend its weight to any alternative inference.  The man is obviously not cognitively impaired and has to be familiar with the evidence relating to JFK and 9/11 on pain of disqualifying himself as the leader of the left. The prospect of having a macho, NFL-complement to Cindy Sheehan—a widely admired figure who might have inspired the nation to reconsider our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan—would have been a powerful incentive for removing him from the public arena in the demented minds of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Karl Rove.  The use of these special operations military serving as an ‘assassination ring’ in this situation may very well have been irresistible, once they realized they had a problem. So who could have tipped them off?

Conflicting Reports

According to Wikipedia’s entry about him, Tillman was redeployed to Afghanistan and, on 22 April 2004, he was killed.  The Army initially claimed that he and his unit were hit by an ambush on a road outside a village not far from the Pakistan border.  The Army Special Operations Command initially claimed that there was an exchange with hostile forces, but an investigation conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense concluded that his death was due to friendly fire “aggravated by the intensity of the firefight”.  Another, more thorough investigation, concluded that hostile forces had not been involved in the firefight and that two allied groups—the platoon of which he was a member had been divided in two—fired on each other in confusion after a nearby explosive device was detonated.  But it also makes these significant points:

Memorial for Tillman at Sun Devil Stadium

  •  No evidence of enemy fire at the scene has ever been produced;
  • The lieutenant general who withheld details of Tillman’s death from his parents for months told investigators “he had a bad memory, and could not recall details of his actions” on more than 70 occasions;
  • According to The Washington Post, on May 4, 2005, the Army’s own investigators were aware that Tillman had been killed by being shot three times in the head;
  •   Senior Army commanders, including Gen. John Abizaid, knew of this fact within days of the shooting, but nevertheless approved him for the Siver Star, the Purple Heart, and a posthumous promotion;
  • Army doctors told the investigators that these tightly-grouped wounds suggested murder and urged them to launch a criminal investigation, which would not be pursued; and
  •  Army attorneys congratulated each other in emails for impeding any criminal investigation as they concluded that Tillman’s death was the result of friendly fire, and that only administrative, or non-criminal, punishment was indicated.

Evidence and Likelihoods

When we consider the alternatives of an accident or of an assassination in this case, we have to compare the likelihoods as measured of the strength of their evidential support in relation to the available evidence, where the likelihood of an hypothesis (hi) relative to the available evidence, e, is equal to the probability of e, if (hi) were true.  When we compare hypotheses, therefore, the hypothesis with the higher likelihood, given the available evidence, is the better supported of the two, where, when the evidence has “settled down” and points in the same direction, the hypothesis with the higher likelihood is acceptable as true in the tentative and fallible fashion of science.  Here we compare (h1), that it was an accident, with (h2), that it was not, as follows:

(h1) If Tillman had been killed accidentally, even by “friendly fire”, then what is the probability that no evidence of a bona fide fire-fight would be produced, that the Lt. General would suffer 70 “memory lapses”, that the corporal would have been shot three times in the head, that honors would be bestowed upon him, that the doctors would have suspected he was murdered, and that Army attorneys would impede criminal investigations?  The likelihood of this evidence, given (h1), would have been very low.

(h2) If Tillman had been killed intentionally, using “friendly fire” as the cover story, then what is the probability that no evidence of a bona fide fire-fight would be produced, that the Lt. General would suffer 70 “memory lapses”, that the corporal would have been shot three times in the head, that honors would be bestowed upon him, that the doctors would have suspected he was murdered, and that Army attorneys would impede criminal investigations? The likelihood of this evidence, given (h2), would have been very high.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that something is very wrong here.  The probability of these effects would have been very high if he had been deliberately taken out, as (h2) maintains, and very low if his death was accidental, as (h1) maintains.  Since an hypothesis with high likelihood is preferable to one with low likelihood, hypothesis (h2) is clearly preferable to hypothesis (h1), which makes it the preferable hypothesis.  But has the evidence “settled down” such that we are entitled to accept (h2) as true in the tentative and fallible fashion of science?

The Official Finding

On March 26, 2007, the Pentagon released their report on the events surrounding Tillman’s death and cover-up.  The report reads in part:

Arlington Memorial Cemetary Portrait

. . . we emphasize that all investigators established the basic facts of CPL Tillman’s death — that it was caused by friendly fire, that the occupants of one vehicle in CPL Tillman’s platoon were responsible, and that circumstances on the ground caused those occupants to misidentify friendly forces as hostile. None of the investigations suggested that CPL Tillman’s death was anything other than accidental. Our review, as well as the investigation recently completed by Army CID, obtained no evidence contrary to those key findings.

The denial of contrary evidence appears to be contrived.  If the Army doctors had suspected murder, if there were three shots to the head, and if they were tightly grouped and appeared to have been fired from close range by an M-16 from less than 10 yards away, the “friendly fire” scenario looks more and more like deliberate misinformation.  Tillman is not the kind of man his fellow soldiers would frag.  On the contrary, he is just the kind of guy—and football star, no less—his fellow soldiers would have respected and admired.  He’s the kind of guy they would have written home about! Indeed, the article confirms that Tillman “was popular among his fellow soldiers and had no enemies”.  They harbored no reason to murder him.

He may have been killed by a member of the armed forces, which could have been obscured by the use of the phrase, “friendly fire”, but it would not have been by his comrades in arms.  Interestingly, there are reports of snipers in a second group of troops that encountered Pat’s squad shortly before an explosive device went off and the shooting started.  This looks like an idea situation in which a designated assassin, who was a member of this second group, could have used the chaotic conditions created by the detonation of a distracting explosive device to take out a man who could have become an outspoken opponent of the war, especially if the members of this ring are military.  In my opinion, his visit with Noam Chomsky may have sealed his fate. Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove would not have wanted to allow his opposition to the war become public knowledge.  His death appears to have been no more of an accident than the plane crash that took the life of Sen. Paul Wellstone.

Further Confirmation

On July 26, 2007, for example, the AP received official documents stating that the doctors who performed the autopsy suspected that Tillman was murdered.  High ranking officers knew better at least four days before his nationally televised memorial service during which he “was lauded as a war hero for dying while engaging the enemy”. It turns out that members of Tillman’s unit burned his body armor and uniform. Tillman’s diary was never returned to his family, and its whereabouts are not publicly known.  As a former Marine Corps commissioned officer, I affirm that this treatment of the personal property of a deceased is not proper procedure. The missing diary is especially striking, since diaries are legally admissible as evidence in courts of law and would have attested to his state of mind.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Some prominent news personalities have figured out that something seems to be wrong.  Also on July 26, 2007, for example, Chris Matthews reported that Tillman’s death might have been a case of fragging (of the deliberate killing of a soldier by his comrades at arms) because the bullet holes were tight and neat, suggesting that he was shot at close range. Chris based his speculation on a report from the doctors who investigated Tillman’s body. The following day the AP reported that a doctor who examined Tillman’s body after his death wrote, “The medical evidence did not match up with the scenario as described,” also noting that the wound entrances appeared as though he had been shot with an M16 rifle from less than 10 yards (9 m) away.”

Boots on the Ground by Dusk

The cover-up can be revealing of the true dimensions of the crime.  In this instance Mary Tillman, Pat’s mother, recounts the visit to their home by his former Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bailey, to explain that Lt. David Uthlaut, Cpl. Tillman’s platoon commander, had misunderstood his order to have boots on the ground “by dusk”, which Lt. Uthlaut had misheard as boots on the ground “by dawn”. As Mary reports, Kevin, Pat’s brother, was incredulous and asks how that would be possible, since they should have been operating on military time.  0700 hours is not going to be confounded with 1900 hours, which is an impeccable point.  And this was far from the only indication that they were dealing with fantastic explanations for his death.

The first explanation they were given (by Lt. Col. Bailey) included that a truck had broken down, which they had been required to tow through a canyon, where enemy combatants were known to lurk.  His CO (Lt. Uthlaut) had divided his platoon, which was a tactical error, where Bailey explains that he did not know everything that was going on between Uthlaut and CENTCOM.  The family was incredulous that actions in Afghanistan were being directed from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL, while the local on-scene commanders were being overruled.  But that would have made sense of there had been command interest in this specific operation. Bailey explained how explosions and gunfire were being heard up the canyon and how Pat ran up a nearby hill in the company of Private Bryan O’Neal and an Afghan Militia Force (ALF) soldier, how Pat had tried to drop his gear to improve his position while Sgt. Greg Baker had shot the Afghan in the chest, killing him.

Misleading Army plaque for "heroism"

When Bailey questioned Baker, he had told him, “He was just a haji”, a denigrating term for an Afghan.  According to Baker, the ALF soldier might have appeared to be firing toward Baker’s truck, even though it was not under fire at the time. When Pat’s brother asked about the visibility, Bailey told him that he had walked the site just 24 hours later and that the light conditions were the best of the day with no shadows. He was unable to explain why Pat was killed, after having identified himself and his fellow soldier as “friendlies”.  He said that Pat had done everything he could have done, including tossing out a smoke grenade producing purple smoke.  But he was shot in the leg and, after falling into a crouched position, there was another lull in the shooting and O’Neal could hear Pat trying to speak. Then the others opened up again.  O’Neal heard what sounded like running water coming from the rock they were situated behind and realized he was covered with blood. Pat had been hit three times in the head.

Seventeen days later, family members would flown to Seattle for the official briefing by Lt. Col. Bailey in the presence of Col. James Nixon, who had been the regimental commander.  They were dismayed that no formal report had yet been prepared and that they would be listening to a PowerPoint presentation.  Bailey claimed he made some mistakes in his earlier briefing, where Sgt. Baker did not actually step out of his vehicle but, observing the ALF soldier in a prone position, shot him eight times in the chest.  Other soldiers, following his lead, fired up the ridgeline, killing Pat as well as wounding Lt. Uthlaut and his radio operator.  They wondered how it was possible to shoot a man who was lying prone eight time in the chest.  Bailey went on, only now the visibility had been poor and there had been no lull in the shooting.  The smoke was no longer purple but white and the troops thought it was dust blown up by their shooting.  And now his reference to CENTCOM meant in Afghanistan, not in Florida.  After the presentation, Col. Nixon told the family they could call him anytime.

There is more, but you get the idea.  The inconsistencies between these accounts of the event means they cannot both be true, though they could both be false. The accidental death versus deliberate killing hypotheses, when evaluated based upon the available evidence, demonstrates that the deliberate killing hypothesis has a high likelihood, while the likelihood of the accidental killing hypothesis is low.  Moreover, the evidence has “settled down”, which means that the corporal appears to have been targeted for assassination, where the motives appear to have been political.  The Bush/Cheney administration would have been as opposed to having a macho, widely admired, anti-war advocate capture the public’s imagination as much as it wanted to rid itself of the charismatic, passionate and outspoken critic of its war agenda, Sen. Paul Wellstone.  And, indeed, since the PowerPoint presentation, Cpl. Pat Tillman is still dead, no one has been court-marshaled and Lt. Col. Bailey has been promoted. The evidence all points in the same direction.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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43 Comments for “The Assassination of Cpl. Pat Tillman, USA”

  1. Given some of my background, why would I have problems with all of this?

    I was close associate and executive working with wealthy family mentioned above, until legal battle involving criminal activities and corruption prior too 911. This family used the above mentioned resources against me, and of course I would identify them given my background and their key leader (We met in person, not on good terms). There’s much more can not comment here.

    I can tell you these families had close relationship, high level, with last administration and contractor group mentioned above. I can also tell you the FBI raided one of their small businesses (prior too) that processed chemical waste, 50 gallon barrels, and believe this may have been associated with missing mechanical engineer. The FBI was trying to do their job, but know many investigations during the last administration were being stopped by high level officials (cover-ups).

    Without saying more about the above, directly after 911, some strange events occurred. This is related to senior software engineer who was good friend; I contracted him to work in U.S. with company primarily owned by family above prior to my legal battle with them, and 911. After I departed, due to legal battle, I told software engineer to stay. Here’s where things get strange and bad.

    The software engineer was placed in an apartment by an executive from this wealthy family in Detroit, where he lived for about a year or so…

    Days after 911, he contacted me during the weekend. I asked him how he was doing, and he stated some “Controls Engineer” from M.E. was placed in apartment with him and was making all types of crazy threats…”he was in a panic”. This was not typical of his character; he stated the person was flown in from Florida. This means, the executive from wealthy family, who placed the software engineer (my friend) in this apartment, also temporarily placed this person at the location as well. Now, it does not matter whether the “controls engineer” was patsy or not, what matters is why the wealthy family wanted to hide this person?

    After the telephone call, I contacted the FBI, and identified myself (the real tip). So they knew this was serious, as did I, something was wrong. I believe the arrest was made…..however; I was chased out of the state. This was due to above resources, because things were getting extremely dangerous. I already knew something was wrong and who was involved. Thereafter, was intentionally followed and finally contracted for work in Asia for years, sent outside the US “intentionally”.

    So Jim, I am telling you something you may already suspect. I don’t know were the software engineer and friend disappeared too? (He was from Mexico) So I already know there’s problems, and have known for over 10 years and longer.

    So stay on top of things….

  2. Good article Jim,

    Even the MSM is now saying that Ron Paul is going to win Iowa, makes me wonder when a most unfortunate plane crash will take the life of our last hope for freedom and liberty, of course in a plane crash they can always claim pilot error and I’m sure the FBI will be Johnny on the spot to cover up the evidence if they decide to get rid of Ron Paul, the powers that be want to start a war with Iran and they certainly don’t want an isolationist as the new president, of course if there are still enough Diebold machines around maybe they can make sure he doesn’t win and they won’t have to bump him off.

    • I share your concerns across the board, Derek. It might accelerate a real revolution here in the “homeland”.

      • This possibilty of a political assassination of Dr. Paul has troubled me for some time. I think that the very fact that it is being mentioned is a frightening testiment to the possibility. I am hoping that he will be somewhat protected by his growing support.

        From what I have read, political assassinations are far more prevelent than is apparent in the mass populous perception.

        If JFK could be publicly assassinated after wanting to end involvment in Viet Nam, signing an executive order to return to a sound monetary system, and after expressing concerns about a secretive shadow government, I would be surprized if Ron Paul was not a target of assassination.

        The problem facing the would be assassins is that it might spark a real revolution. Then the whole house of cards might come down.

        • Thanks for such a thoughtful post. I share your concerns (both about the risk and its possible consequences). And you are completely right–that the occurrence of political assassinations is far more prevalent than the public perceives.

  3. Jim,
    Wanted to add link, study the MP5, there many versions. I have used this weapon with suppressor, and can make 3-round burst as you say (small group), and yes can be fitted with suppressor. It can also be easily hid in pack with folding stock. I would be interested if any persons were carrying this weapon or one of the many versions.

    Maybe showing you something else as well, some people prefer this weapon for specific reasons.

    Good Luck.

    • Very good, very interesting. I had assumed it was a single burst with an M-16. You have broadened the possibilities. Thanks again for posting.

      • Here is an example of the real point trying to make, 3-round burst setting and speed. Burst speed for rounds accuracy.
        Note burst speed, that’s all sorry.

      • Prior to 911,

        A wealthy family in Michigan was using BlackWater resources to perform illegal operations against people in the U.S. prior to 911, and this family had close relation to another, and another. Former State AG Jennifer Graham was aware of this activity, because she was contacted and informed several times. She kept insisting there was nothing she could do, even with evidence. In one case multiple recording devices were hidden, and after information was collected, she was contacted. After the contact, I departed the site and came around for observation, within 15 minutes someone arrived. They entered the site and searched and discovered one recording device, switched it off, and then departed. Another hidden device recorded this secondary activity, and was reaction to the contact. Likely, an early test was required to validate the partnerships made, and processes to shut down the protective and preventative systems we call “Law”. Maybe the AG did not wish to lose her job, as others were terminated from their positions, she however did become the governor at later date.

        Let us discuss strategy one moment, and purpose of above.

        When people feel confident they can perform tasks and not be prosecuted for their activity, they start making mistakes, even the best trained personnel. As in the case above, I know the difference between legal and illegal activity, and military type operations.

        Jim, I am certain there are more mistakes in the Pat T case, strategically the above was a discovery process. Try similar strategy and maybe you will gather more information in the process.

        And don’t worry about Jennifer Graham, because she knows precisely what was written above.

        • You are making a lot of valuable and informative posts, xx. I am doing what I can to follow up.

        • I learned years ago and prior to 911, the group above and their leadership and relation to the branches of this partnership was not to be trusted. And as stated earlier, the difference between life and death can depend on trust, and prior knowledge can make the difference. I often wonder if this earlier activity was exposed, would things be different today?

          Sorry for making a mess of your comment section, but this Ranger (Pat T) needs people working on his behalf.

          So thanks for taking the time…..

        • I think you mean Jennifer Granholm, she was AG of Michigan and later a 2 term governor.

  4. Well Jim, you are the first I know of since I heard about Pat’s death to mention the “sniper unit”. I heard about it in the very beginning and then it was never mentioned again. At that very time I was doing quite a lot of long range shooting and it bothered me when I heard of the 3 rounds. That just doesn’t make any sense, but, things get weird.

    I went through the distances of fire from his unit, I went through a lot of things to make those 3 rounds work ballistically, they don’t. Not unless your on something scoped, and even then, why 3? And why so deliberately tight? I know M249 surgeons, they’ll say the same thing, BS. Only, if it were two in the chest and one in the head would it be more obvious. I would like to see the deflection in the actual skull, if they were soft nose, or steel rounds, that would say everything. I doubt the doctors cared to ask that question, or look for that type of evidence considering the why’s and where’s at the time. I’m sure they didn’t have a microscope either.

    Yes, those doctors went on a limb though, I agree. I think xx is onto to it, but I think it’s from an elevated, seperate team. Also, aluminum airplanes don’t burn to charcoal for 7 hours without ‘chemical’ help. Right again.

  5. “Delta Force soldiers and SEALs, who are stationed at Pope Air Force Base and at Fort Bragg, NC. According to Watson, this assassination unit is still active under President Obama.”

    Not Assassination Unit,

    The primary task is “Rescue Operations” and counter-terrorism. Was started under the Carter Administration due to hijacked aircraft, and also used for hostage and diplomatic rescue operations. I know, I was in the first unit, and was called Falcon Force before being changed to Delta toward the end of 1979. The task is extraction, rescue hostages.

    Assassination Unit? No. Inserted people (outsiders) as stated previously are used. Today with contract groups, the problem is larger, I know what some of these contract groups are doing. They were secretly performing operations (illegal) against US people, in the US, prior to 911. And so does the Prinz.

    Just wanted to mention one last item, to clear some thoughts heard in the past. Some people have suggested others in his unit could have been jealous of Pat, however, this typically not true. These Ranger Units pursue people like Pat for recruitment, as there are many others like him in the units, very common. During my time, everything from National Judo Champions, National Rodeo Champions, Marksman Champions, and many other special skills people. This is common, and types of people pursued. So it’s the opposite, its people in the units that want people like Pat T recruited.

    And Jim, if you interview some people, ask them if someone new was working with the unit. Maybe in the past several weeks during this time, and what type of weapons or equipment they carried, even type of knife is important clue, even type of boot. Any special clue.

    Last comment.

    • Thanks, xx. I think your suggestion is right on target and I will see what I can do to follow it up.

  6. Plausible thesis and you’re well on the way to making a tight case, many thanks.

    This may be a stupid question, as I haven’t followed the case closely, but is there any evidence, apart from family testimony, that Tillman had or was ready to “go public” with his opposition to the war or the zionist agenda? Granted, if there is such evidence, I’m sure the zionist mafia would want to squelch it, so the fact that it may not be widely known is not exactly shocking…..

    Anyway, thanks for the research and insight.

    • A friend arranged for him to meet with Noam Chomsky and, as BOOTS explains, his diary and personal effects were apparently destroyed. He had soured on the war and would have made an iconic complement to Cindy Sheehan. I will explore all of this further when I do a follow-up interview on “The Real Deal”.

  7. What disturbs me about all this is the approach to exposing the government’s conspiracy theory. I can’t imagine an experienced investigator trying to hypothesize how someone did something without establishing conclusively that they and others were in on it, and/or the coverup. With Tillman and 9/11 it seems this is trivially easy. Yet we keep swerving off into these “how they may have done it” conversations. People are obviously lying here … lots of them. They can’t all be that good at stonewalling. True, we are up against powers here that can deflect serious investigations … but the solution to that is not making up all kinds of fantastic weapons and capabilities we’ve never seen and seldom heard about, even in science fiction. Actually, I include in this regard, the suggestion that someone painted Wellstone’s plane with phosphorus. First we have to establish that doing that works. Then find who did it and how. Then show that it works in a crash … or hypothesize some kind of fuse mechanism. It get’s silly. It’s far easier just to hound and embarrass these liars at every turn. Soon they’ll crack.

    • Well, the suggestion has been made that, rather than painting the plane with phosphorous, the upholstery may have been laced with magnesium. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch from THE PLANE BURNED FOR SEVEN HOURS AND WAS REDUCED TO CHARCOAL to infer that SOMETHING WAS DONE TO INSURE THE PLANE BURNED FOR SEVEN HOURS AND WAS REDUCED TO CHARCOAL.

      Do you even understand that, given the evidence I have adduced, the FBI and the NTSB were “in on it”? Do you think there is any other remotely reasonable explanation for the death of Pat Tillman, given the evidence I have adduced, than that this was a deliberate killing, motivated, as in the Wellstone case, by a political agenda? I can’t see that you have really given a lot of thought to the evidence.

      You appear to be one of those who wants a signed and sealed confession from the perps, even though those very “confessions” themselves might be staged. I don’t see anything that satisfies your suggestion that I am “making up all kinds of fantastic weapons and capabilities” here. The device appears to have been an M-16. Is that your kind of “futuristic weapon”? I am sorry, Todd, but I am not impressed.

  8. Outsiders are sometimes assigned to these units, and this becomes a problem for the Rangers. This simply means someone was assigned to the unit, that hasn’t been with the unit. However, they wear the uniform to blend in with all. And these people you can not trust, and that’s what you need to find out (or discover). Was there another assigned to the unit? My experience, some of these outsiders are “Brain washed” and cold blooded killers, and you must watch your back when around these people, they have psychological problems. “Cold Blooded”, I am saying they will kill anyone including their own. This is fact, this is based on experience.

    In time experienced Rangers take note of these outsiders, new people who simply don’t fit. Jim, you don’t perform covert missions without taking note of newly added personnel (The ones that were not communicated to you). Because you may have to escape the country, and to do so, all must be trusted, sometimes life and death depends on this trust.

    An outsider is not another Ranger, nor Seal, nor DF, or SF person; you know who I am talking about. And yes, some of these people are completely brain washed, we knew this.

    • Do people get shot with friendly fire, yes, have I experienced this in the Rangers, yes. It is quite rare, because the firing is stopped “quickly” by others before the person is killed. My experience was someone severely wounded but able to save life. You would have to assume absolutely “NO ONE” recognized he was friendly, which is highly unlikely, that no one in the groups knew this was mistake. That’s highly unlikely…not talk, but direct experience.

      Unless there was crossfire from another, say an outsider.

      Three M-16 rounds in the head, small group, you know that’s not true. As former marine officer, you should know that doesn’t sound correct?

      How about three 9mm head shots, side arm? To confirm assassination, do they still use the browning 9mm (side arm), the outsider group? Jim, we both know a healthy person can be shot up pretty good and survive.

      Sorry, have to go…

      • I have no idea what I am supposed to tell you. He was shot in a tight group with three rounds to the head. It cannot have been with a side arm, because the head would shift and make it next to impossible to land another round in a tight group. This appears to have been a burst with an automatic weapon, not with a hand gun.

        Why you are disputing the doctors, who confirmed it, is beyond me. Check out BOOTS ON THE GROUND BY DUSK (2008), including the discussion of the autopsy report and the questions his mother has raised on pages 227-229. The whole back of his head was blown off. You may have other points to make, but I doubt this one.

        • After departing the military, I worked as paramedic for over a year, and in one case a 16 year old male was discover dead in a field about 75 yards from the road. The field was about 12-14 inches high with grass, and there were tire treads leading from the road to the victim’s body, clearly someone had driven off the road and placed the victim in this field.

          Myself and another were the first at the site, the farmer and owner of land discover the body after it had laid for several days. We called the sheriff and they called the coroner, after about 10 minutes after the coroner arrived, he stated “Let’s make this case and paper work simple and fast, and just say the boy fail from the tower that was nearby.” The sheriffs agreed, “End of case”.

          I guess no one disputed this doctor as well… closed.

          • xx, I do not dispute your sincerity, but did you miss the point that Pat’s brother, Kevin, was actually there and that I included his report about the event in my article? We can spend a lot of time on ifs, whats, and maybes, but the evidence I have presented makes a compelling case that this was an assassination. You are disputing how he was executed, not whether this was deliberate. If you think you can do better, be my guest. But second-guessing what appears to be established does not cut it.

            Are you suggesting that his Lieutenant walked up to Tillman and shot him three times in the head at close range without anyone noticing? And you also miss the point that the case you describe is one in which the physician was “covering up” the commission of a crime. This is one in which the doctors, no doubt at risk to their military careers, are speaking out to expose a crime. I am forming the impression that you want to show how smart you are. I cannot see where you have anything to contribute here.

          • Jim, I am former Army Ranger.

            I am suggesting to you, to find out if an outsider was working with the unit during this time. And you can not unless your able to interview some of the people, so let’s stop here. I am well aware his brother was at the location.

            So there’s nothing here to contribute, and has nothing to do with anyone being smart. It has to do with whether or not a whistle blower was taken out, and I am well aware of some of the crimes committed by last administration, direct exposure.

            You don’t understand Army Rangers, and people who are sometimes assigned, your guessing. You clearly didn’t understand the 9mm, so forget it. So let’s stop here.

          • Look, I appreciate your suggestion about determining if an outsider had been assigned to the unit. That’s a good idea. I am not done with this case and expect to follow up with an interview on “The Real Deal” the first week of the New Year. I also appreciate your experience as a Ranger. I recently fired a Glock 9mm around three dozen times, however, and the idea that you could create a “tight group” using that weapon is out of the question. A potential whistle-blower WAS taken out. But keep after me if you think that I am missing something else.

          • Some people carry different types of weapons, and as you know it’s often signature to their organization or group. I am telling you about outsiders, because was on missions with some, one or two in larger group, and most of our group did not trust these people, because they have issues. (Not regular military). If inside job, was not Ranger. If you can interview some of the people, look for outsider, and types of weapons and or equipment they carried (Someone temporarily assigned to unit, and often keeps to themselves). Later you can match, with help from others in your group. It’s just an insider tip, that’s all.

          • What you are saying is consistent with what I have said, namely: “He may have been killed by a member of the armed forces, which could have been obscured by the use of the phrase, “friendly fire”, but it would not have been by his comrades in arms. Interestingly, there are reports of snipers in a second group of troops that encountered Pat’s squad shortly before an explosive device went off and the shooting started. This looks like an idea situation in which a designated assassin, who was a member of this second group, could have used the chaotic conditions created by the detonation of a distracting explosive device to take out a man who could have become an outspoken opponent of the war, especially if the members of this ring are military.” Thanks for posting.

          • This is who I worked for directly, when he was Lt. Colonel, Ft. Lewis. He is an honorable man and would do anything for his people.
            If attempted to plan inside, it’s likely the outsider would have been shot, and stated accident, unless outsider had different command. This I know, having worked directly for the man above.

            That’s all Jim.

          • I tend to agree that this had to be done, not by one of Pat’s comrades, but by an embedded assassin. I will see if there is a way to determine more on this, where the records of assignments and reassignments may have been falsified by now.

  9. Well done Jim; early criticism of you and professorial dialectics are now overidden.

  10. Good article.

    Pat Tillman’s assassination reminds me of the assassination of another well-known American war hero who was about to become a serious embarrassment (and, most importantly, a danger to the Jewish cause): General George Patton.

    Apparently General Patton finally realized that WW2 was a fraud, and that if anything, the U.S. fought on the wrong side. Why, he even started making some politically incorrect statements about Jews. No wonder he had to die.

    Anyone with any kind of fame/public following; i.e., any public figure who has some moral scruples and cannot be bought off or otherwise compromised – is a threat to the Jewish supremacist agenda, and is at risk for assassination, accordingly.

    Princess Diana also comes to mind. How lucky for the Jews that she met an untimely demise…rather than live to risk becoming an advocate for Arab/Islamic causes and human rights and social justice in the Arab/Moslem world…just as the Jews were planning 9/11, Islamophobia and the serial Zionist crusades. Convenient, wasn’t it?

  11. Jim at first I thought you were distracting on the whole 9/11/01 analysis. Now I tend to think that you were right about more than thermate and conventional explosives not being enough punch to cause the melting and vaporizing of all the steel and concrete, although I’m not sure what it was.

    • From

      Dr. Fetzer : “The fact that you’ve been dealing with these exotic weapons, or at least their effects, leads me to ask the following question. One of the most puzzling aspects of research on 9/11 is how the Twin Towers were destroyed because their being converted into millions of yards of very fine dust from the top down, while all the floors were remaining stationary. The mass of the lower parts of the buildings is overwhelmingly greater than the mass of the top of the building – in relation to the North Tower, for example, the top 14 floors, because the steel is tapered from the base. Whereas in the sub-basement it is 6 inches thick, and then 5 and so forth up to a quarter inch thick at the top, represents that only 1.4 percent of the mass of the steel and the idea that that could overcome the lower 98.6 is simply a physical impossibility. And yet we have these buildings clearly being blown apart in every direction, not any effect of a unidirectional gravitational attraction downward. And the question becomes “what could possibly have brought this about?” And I just wonder if any of these extraordinary weapons you are talking about could have such effects.”

      Dr. Chris Busby: “Well, that is an interesting question there and it has to do with this story of tritium in the water in the basement of the Twin Towers. Now if you look at tritium in the Twin Towers, there is a proper, peer reviewed scientific paper by a number of quite eminent chemical analysts who measured the concentration of the element tritium, which is a form of radioactive hydrogen [used in nuclear weapons and produced in some nuclear reactions] in the basement waters of the Twin Towers, and they concluded that the amount of tritium there was absolutely impossible – it could not have got there except as a consequence of some “unusual happening”.

      “Now the point about this weapon that I’m talking to you about, this weapon of deuterium and uranium, is that it does actually produce tritium. That’s one of its major products. It produces helium-4 and tritium. So what you would need to look for if you were looking for, I suppose, this particular explosive’s sort of footprint, you would look for tritium, and they did find tritium in the Twin Towers, so it is entirely possible that they were brought down with this same weapon.”

      • Jim, there are other tangible ways to place blame on the suspect rather than to delve into scientific matters that are clearly valid to the educated audience, but completely foreign and somehow “equally impeachable as the actual lies” by the lemmings who follow consensus reality.

        I like how you are comprehensive. You should not stop researching both ends. But, don’t you think it is now time to figure out novel ways to make people understand and become educated in your works? This is the bottle neck to your great efforts. It may be that you need to discover ways to insert the truth into the conscious the same way that lies are put in there to prevent righteous recovery of restitution. I suggest studying the preparation of and utilizing infographics, and disseminating some of your information using popular voices and even humor. “Only an idiot would think a bullet could magically fly out of place” “Who knew that the American public were basically all Casey Anthony jurors’, where it is quite obvious who is at fault but an unjust reasonable doubt pervades justice?” “Samuel Jackson says, ‘Look into 9/11 m*therf*ckers, I know SNAKES when I see em !” etc.

        The culture has to change. The revolution is in the mind. Holding people accountable and such will only become reality after a true battle has been waged on the information front. The old traditional lines of protest and truth-telling have been tried over millennium. George Carlin can tell you what happened to the Fallen Heroes of those movements. It’s time to start something new, and it’s time to be as vicious and backhanded as the other side has been for centuries.

        • Well, you are talking about sound bites and rhetorical devices. “Only an idiot would believe . . .” is an abusive appeal as is “. . . were all Casey Anthony jurors”. I spent 35 years teaching college students the differences between different kinds of appeals and the varieties of fallacies that they will encounter in politics, advertising and the press. I do not practice them in my own work, which is intended to be objective and non-fallacious. But there are occasions on which resorting to rhetorical devices such as those you recommend can be appropriate to reach a target audience.

      • Some other undisputed facts (and I say undisputed because I am going to cite sources or link to sites citing sources agreeable to even sheeple):

        ~Silverstein’s takeover of the lease on July 2001.
        ~His youtube depicting the “pulling” of Building 7
        ~ABC News reports about Mossad filming 9/11 as it occurred and cheering:
        ~Chertoff’s Mossad and El Al connections:
        ~Chertoff’s problem-reaction-solution with the body scan devices (you can find this on any mainstream news site)
        ~The mass exodus from Latham & Watkins NJ law office following the defense of Larry Silverstein and insurance properties. Coincidentally, Michael Chertoff started that office. He also became first DHS director while handing the defense of Silverstein’s properties to his own firm. Conflict of interest check? What did the partners and associates at L&W Newark find out that caused them to leave and start their own chapter of Patton Boggs? This doesn’t just happen everyday to a top 100 (arguably top 10) law firm.

        The filming of 9/11 as it occurred shows foreknowledge. It is dis positive for guilt.

        • This may not be the right article for comments such as these related to 9/11. Consider “20 reasons the ‘official account’ of 9/11 is wrong” or “Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots”, as alternatives. Joshua Blakeney’s “Open Letter to Dr. Paul Viminitz” would be an especially appropriate place to continue this discussion. Check them out and give my suggestion some thought.

  12. Excellent and detailed analysis. Thank You.

Comments are closed


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