Fascism is Our Guardians’ Plan for Capital Control

Since the advent of capitalism, the profit motive has revolutionized the human condition without solving the problem of poverty in human society, narratives of our Guardians notwithstanding. It has also steadily increased the imbalance of wealth on behalf of the Guardians.

Mass human poverty has been the rule since history, those fables of empire, began. A study of England’s Poor Laws going back as far as the 16th century’s onset of industrialization documents the problem.

The overwhelming majority of immigrants to the US were paupers and indentured servants who came, or were shipped, here to find work and to escape poverty. Others, for two hundred years, were impoverished humans imported in chattel slavery.

Before we get too carried away with patriotic rhetoric, remember that our nation’s founders were extraordinarily wealthy men. When Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal” its message excluded women, indentured servants, slaves, working people, tenant farmers and Native Americans, a sizeable majority of this new nation’s population.

More recently, in our own country the 1850 total population of New York City was less than 150 thousand souls. More than 10 thousand were incarcerated in that city’s debtors’ prison. More that half were there for debts of less than 25 dollars. It is reasonable to conclude that many other poor residents, not being sued for debt, were out of jail.

Today’s Occupiers might like to consider a bit of history. Disproportionate wealth distribution is hardly a new phenomenon. By 1910 the richest 10% of the US population owned 90% of the nation’s wealth. In 1912, a Presidential Commission created to study the growing imbalance of national wealth reported that 70% of families were living below what was required for decency.

The onset of the partnership between corporations and government began around the middle of the 19th century when a new professional emerged, the lobbyist. US railroads received from the government more than 25 million acres of free land. As railroad corporations laid more than 30,000 miles of tracks, living standards for most Americans remained flat or declined. Most wage earners spent between 50 and 75 percent of their incomes on food. Between 1800 and 1850, New York City’s life expectancy at birth dropped to 24 years. In most American families no more than one-half of the children could be expected to attain maturity. Railroad magnates and the large businesses they served became wealthy.

Regardless of individual political persuasion, we support ideas of world peace, local community, opportunity for our childrens’ survival, human dignity, and the protection of earth’s life enabling environment. The greatest power possessed by our Guardians is that of continual repitition of myths and narratives that psychologically establish in viewers a world view that justifies and supports a largely fear-based psychopathogy of violence, empire, human greed, and racism. Whenever polled, we Americans soundly reject such “values”.

We can expect an escallation of self-serving myths, lies, and clever psyop narratives. The power of television to control today’s society cannot be over estimated. In 1945 there were around five thousand TV sets, with five-inch black and white screens, in US homes. Over the next six years, 17 million TV sets were sold. By 1998 there were one or more TV sets in 98% of US homes and the average viewer was spending 7 hours a day watching “the tube”. That medium has become the Guardians’ message. It must be transformed to facilitate the huge transformation of humanity back to days before the testosterone driven building of empires and a time when today’s polled values were actually those of a developing rational animal.

Although the first thirty years of the 20th century were years of extraordinary change, most working people struggled to maintain even the meanest standard of living. Estimates vary, but most authorities put poverty rates for American families at somewhere between 50 and 80 percent. Wealth did not trickle down then, and it will not in a future fascism of corporate-government tyranny. After a period of manufactured crisis, our new world may provide toys, frills, and popular entertainment of today and of our very recent past. Liberty will have died, but not poverty.

Our Guardians’ scheme may succeed through total control of the masses, the majority of whom can be directed by television, as evidenced by the success of their 9/11 myth. The Guardians’ problem lies with intellectuals and free spirits, those who, in the past, have been largely, although not entirely, responsible for the direction of human civilization. It has not yet been determined just what Guardians plan to do with misfits in their new world.

One of the more popular fake Abraham Lincoln quotes often goes like this, “God must have loved the poor. He made so many of them.” Thomas DiLorenzo writes, “The Lincoln Myth is one of the ideological cornerstones of the centralized state, which is why these and other fables, myths, and fake Lincoln quotes will continue to be repeated.” They are part and parcel of narratives used by our Guardians to mold the public’s cynical perception of human nature.

Our Guardians, kingpins of the centralized state, war, empire, and of personal greed and glory, recognize that fatal flaws in their inherited financial system of debt-based currency and fractional reserve banking now demand adjustment if they are to maintain dominance. Their sole solution involves political dominance by their corporations, their effective institutions for profits combined with a decreasing need for paying employees, as well as for a total disregard of fundamental human values. Their failure to effect corporate political dominance will, hopefully, result in a democratic restructuring of currency and of banking, changes our Guardians can never afford.

Power is never ceded voluntarily. Occupiers need to get off the 1% and 99% shouting and get a focus. When a protest has a focus, it becomes a rebellion. It happened in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s because it had a focus: ending the Vietnam War. If Occupiers mysteriously continue to shun 9/11 truth, a focus issue that would unquestionably send DC criminals running for their skins, they ought to unite against banks, bankers and other lenders, including student loans, credit cards, home mortgages, and other practitioners of usury. These are the makers of war, the builders of empire, and the destroyers of human values.

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1 Comment for “Fascism is Our Guardians’ Plan for Capital Control”

  1. Angus Alexander McLeod

    Excellent article, sir, and one I wish was required reading in all U.S. schools, if only for the sake of debate. As you well know, there is SO much more that could be said re: the perennial argument between unfettered liberty (esp. in the marketplace) and government regulation, beginning with the two primary writers of the Constitution itself, Madison and Hamilton, who were virtually at each others’ throats within a very short time arguing about what they thought they meant… More recently, the tremendously increasing exposure of Wall Street’s backing for Hitler AND the Soviets — both sides of the totalitarian coin — before, during and well after WWII by such luminaries as Anthony Sutton (“Wall Street & Hitler & “Wall Street & the Bolsheviks”); Charles Higham (“Trading With the Enemy” & “American Swastika”); Edwin Black (“IBM & The Holocaust”) along with Henrik Kruger, Al McCoy, Peter Dale Scott, Ralph McGehee, John Stockwell and so many others are finally serving to fully awaken so many who had gut-nagging questions but so few real answers.

    I couldn’t possibly agree with you more re: the overall futility of OWS’ approach thus far, and that your recommended approach certainly would be FAR more effective. I have long been advocating withdrawal of deposits from drug-laundering banks as a starter and am cheered to see this process well underway. I have also been advocating “Liberate” as opposed to Occupy, for all the immediately apparent reasons, but would settle for Arrest, and live for the day we see mass arrests of the Bankster perps and their congressional flunkies. The sleeping American giant may be slow to rouse, but I DO believe he IS slowly waking up, and I, too, pray for the day when the Slime are soiling their own Silk Suits…

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