Is the “War on Drugs” as phony as the “War on Terror”?

by Jim Fetzer


The former Chief Psychiatrist for the FBI, Alen J. Salerian, M.D., of The Salerian Center for Neuroscience & Pain (formerly, The Washington Center for Psychiatry), in Washington, DC, has been blowing the whistle on false statistics being disseminated by the Center of Disease Control (CDC).

These stats are being used to justify the “War on Drugs”, which criminal elements within the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) appear to be enforcing by conducting their own “War on Physicians” who are attempting to change the nation’s drug laws for the benefit of the people.

The physicians who have dedicate themselves to exposing this charade and to doing something about it by creating “The Pain Relief Network” on-line and by organizing “The Pain Brain Festival” in Washington, D.C., have not been dealt with kindly.

In what may or may not have been merely a remarkable coincidence, on Christmas Eve, a plane crash occurred near Columbus, Ohio, that took the lives two of the leaders of this effort.

The exposure of these false statistics threatens to undermine the “War on Drugs”, which undoubtedly would have the effect of encouraging the legalization of drugs, reduce if not evaporate the vast profits accrued through the sale of illegal drugs, and thereby diminish if not completely destroy the wealth and power of the major drug cartels, including of the CIA, widely regarded as the largest drug dealing organization the world has ever known, which appears to me to have led to the harassment and even death of physicians across America whose only offense has been to assist their patients in coping with pain, where, if treated as a medical rather than a criminal problem, it could be dealt with relatively easily and cheaply and improve the lives of millions worldwide.

But it also would dramatically reduce the profits that are derived from the “War on Drugs”, which, alas, appears to be as phony as the “War on Terror”.

Kevin Byers and Siobhan Reynolds, who died from a plane crash on Christmas Eve, were members of the Board of Physicians Against Cruelty to Humans with Imperfect Brains.  Byers, who died the following day after having been airlifted to The Ohio State Medical Center, was also the organization’s legal counsel.

The Contrived Statistics

Alen J. Salerian, M.D.

From recent correspondence between me and Dr. Salerian, whose credentials are impeccable, it is obvious that he, too, has become a target of DEA’s dirty war on doctors.

On 3 March 2011, his home in Bethesda, Maryland, where I have stayed during visits with Alen and his wife, Judy, was raided by a heavily armed force of DEA agents wearing bullet-proof vests and brandishing automatic weapons, who intimidated his wife and daughter, Chloe, ransacking his home and taking his computers on the fabricated ground that his bank account reflected a $100,000 transaction, which was for medical equipment but which the agents claimed was for dealing drugs, which is quite a stretch for a man who was the Chief Psychiatrist for the FBI.

The real reasons, however, appear to be much different, where Dr. Salerian has been doing everything he can to expose the fact that, over the past 10 years, 2,000 doctors have lost their licenses and were forced to exile or jail. Sadly, DEA’s dirty campaign is based upon false CDC statistics.

And, in collaboration with other dedicated physicians, he has been promoting awareness of more effective ways to cope with pain, which would have the consequence of promoting the legalization of drugs, once the treatment of pain using drugs is properly viewed as a medical problem rather than a criminal offense.

Center for Disease Control - Atlanta

Here are some of the most important points he makes about the fabrication of evidence:

*  The CDC wrongly and unscientifically claims that the U.S. has a major problem with a drug epidemic that is killing all of us. The numbers, however, suggest just the opposite. We do not have an epidemic of prescribed narcotic-associated overdoses, deaths and epidemics.

*  Because of CDC’s misleading statistics, even the New England Journal of Medicine, The New York Times, The Washington Post and other major media outlets have been broadcasting governmental misrepresentations of this phantom epidemic.

* Not a week passes when a group of pain doctors are not arrested with their photos broadcast around the world as they are being chained and sent to prison with ridiculous allegations of drug trafficking. On 20 November 2011, for example, Dr. Michael Stanley Johnston and some 18 other doctors and pharmacists in Georgia were arrested and their offices were raided.

* Statistics reveal that in 2008, which is the last year CDC has reviewed the numbers, the number of deaths from prescribed narcotics was 7,500, which represents 0.2% of total deaths and one-third less than motorcycle deaths and about the same or less than accidental drowning and suffocation-related deaths.

A pie chart reveals the relative infrequency of deaths from prescribed narcotics as opposed to deaths from other causes:

Are they Accidental?

Are these CDC errors accidental? Unfortunately, the CDC has consistently disseminated inaccurate information. The message from CDC, our guardian of public health with vibrant drawings, charts and numbers, have been alarming.

“My God, I can’t believe doctors would be so irresponsible,” Chloe, Alen’s daughter, uttered in response to the November 2011 issue of CDC’s “Policy Impact Alert“ about prescription painkiller overdoses.

The headlines of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control were probing on their face:  “What do we know of painkiller deaths?” and “What does CDC recommend?” Two unmistakable CDC messages were therein conveyed:

A.   A deadly epidemic of pain medications, ODs and deaths has been evidenced by the tripling death rates in the last 10 years.

B.   The culprits responsible for these additional deaths were mostly bad doctors prescribing too much and too often pain medications.

This CDC publication appears to be consistent with the message of the New England Journal of Medicine, 18 November 2010, authored by Susan Okie, “A Flood of Opioids, a Rising Tide of Deaths,” and similar stories that have appeared in The Washington Post April and November 2011 and in The New York Times April 2011.

The truth and CDC message clash. The following is the reality:

* Prescription pain medications are not associated with 99.9% of U.S. deaths totaling 2.4 million in 2007, which is consistent with the total number of 12,000 deaths attributable to painkillers.

* Prescription pain medications, moreover, are not associated with 94% of 194,000 manmade sudden deaths or human behavior associated deaths, where these numbers are actually drawn from CDC’s own statistics, which means that the CDC’s own data, properly understood, refutes the CDC’s conclusions.

* CDC publications, moreover, refer to methadone as both addictive and dangerous, when neither is true. Methadone by nature and with its well-documented long half-life is not associated with euphoric influence and, in general, is not subject to abuse.

* Its beneficial effects, however, help people with withdrawal symptoms and assist millions who are struggling with addictions to morphine-like substances.

What is going on?

Collectively, these CDC errors are consistent with a pattern of major misrepresentations of statistics with a profoundly erroneous and negative impact on Americans who suffer from various painful mental and physical conditions.

And this is actually the important point, because the same month that the CDC publishes and the DEA reinforces the November 2011 message of an epidemic devastating United States, a branch of NIH, the Institute of Medicine, had an accurate alert: 116 million Americans have been untreated partly due to an artificially caused shortage of pain doctors.

DEA’s war has been based upon CDC’s statistics disseminated to the New England Journal of Medicine, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

It is easy to manipulate statistics and to declare phantom wars. Or phantom victories, for that matter, as happened in London in 1854 during the dreadful cholera epidemic.

The termination of the epidemic was wrongly attributed to the removal of a pump on Broad Street in London.

Later a more careful analysis would reveal that the ending of the epidemic had nothing to do with the removal of the pump insofar as the decline of deaths had preceded September 8, 1854 when the pump was removed.

There are a lot of lessons to learn from London and CDC errors and a lot of innocent victims to save, such as the doctors recently arrested in Atlanta, Georgia, some 18 of them, as well as another group of doctors and pharmacists arrested in Florida, some 25 of them earlier.

Both groups were accused of narcotic trafficking and contributing to this deadly epidemic.  If we study the numbers carefully, it is not the doctors who should be the targets of public inquiry and Department of Justice investigation, but CDC chiefs and DEA bosses.

It should be borne in mind that, in the last analysis, this is not about blame or investigations. This is about medical science, practice in accord with the Hippocratic oath and what is good for people to create a better world.  Public integrity is essential to our survival.

The Pain/Brain Festival

One of the most stunning indications that something is drastically wrong was manifest by the subversion—which might more accurately be described as sabotaging—of a public event, “Festival Pain Brain”, which was to last for exactly five minutes and one second on 4 September 2011 in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

This event had been approved by the White House and by the District of Columbia and was expected to draw 20,000 or more to recognize the importance of alleviating pain to enhance human health and well-being around the world.

But apparently powerful forces were at work subverting this event,  and they deployed multiple methods that are not normally features of events in Washington, D.C.

The actions that were taken to sabotage this event were extraordinary: 10,000 butterflies that had been ordered for this occasion did not arrive; busloads of citizens who came from distant locations to participate were intercepted and not allowed to enter the city; the tires of the car that was leading a procession to the Lincoln Memorial were slashed.

All of this was truly unexpected for a five minute and one second event to acknowledge the important of the reduction of pain.

But the DEA has also assaulted and harassed Vanessa Mullins, who, along with Alen Salerian, was responsible for organizing this event, where DEA agents broke down the door to her home and arrested her for having prescription narcotics prescribed by Dr. Salerian in her possession, which led to her incarceration overnight as (what I take to have been) an obvious act of intimidation intended to discourage her from participating in any program of this kind.

More severe consequences, I fear, may have been meted out to others who have not “gotten the message”.

The Columbus Plane Crash

A plane crash near Columbus, OH, on Christma’s Eve brought about the deaths of Kevin Byers, 54, his mother, Eudora Beyers, 78, and Siobhan Reynolds, 50.  Kevin was piloting the plane, which crashed near the Vinton County Airport.

According to Kevin Byers’ Columbus law firm’s website, “he defended physicians, dentists, pharmacists and nurses against state licensing boards, federal agencies and private practice overseers.

“He also represented pain patients who were having difficulty receiving appropriate treatment. Reynolds was an advocate for chronic pain patients and formed the advocacy group Pain Relief Network.”

When I contacted Jeff Barron of the Lancaster Eagle Gazette, who wrote this story, he advised me that he had no additional information about the details of the crash, but suggested that I contact the Jackson, OH, office of the Ohio State Patrol.  I spoke with the outpost commander, who stated it had been turned over the FAA.

Kevin Byers and Siobhan Reynolds were founding member of Doctors for Equal Rights for Brain Pain, which Dr. Salerian founded to promote equal rights for people with mental and physical pain, of which I am also an honorary founding member. Byers and Reynolds were Dr. Salerian’s lawyers.

Another article from KAKE News in Kansas, mentioned that the plane was approaching the runway but ended up along a road parallel to the airport, while focusing on Siobhan Reynolds.  According to KAKE News,

Kevin Byers

For the last decade, Reynolds had worked as an advocate for patients suffering chronic pain and the doctors who attempted to treat them with high-dose prescription pain medications.

She began her crusade after her husband, a chronic pain patient, died while moving across country seeking a doctor to threat his condition. Reynolds founded the Pain Relief Network to help support others who she believed were victim’s of under treatment of pain.

When Dr. Schneider and his wife Linda were charged with over-prescribing pain pills, Reynolds moved to Kansas to publicize the case. Reynolds’ actions prompted federal investigators to open a criminal investigation into her and the Pain Relief Network.

Reynolds lost the case and was forced to release her personal communication with doctors, patients and attorneys. The ruling eventually led her to dissolve the Pain Relief Network.

Their report provides a text-book illustration of the “War on Physicians” that Dr. Salerian has been attempting to publicize.  The most telling article about here death, however, comes from American Thinker, which included a passage from an article in Reason Magazine:

Siobhan Reynolds

She began her advocacy following the death of her husband. She believed that his death was hastened by the inexplicable rules and regulations governing the dispensing of pain medication.

She defended doctors who defied the government to prescribe opiates to dying patients in order to relieve their agony.

This got her in trouble with a vindictive prosecutor, Tanya Treadway, who carried out a grand jury investigation of her organization, the Pain Relief Network.

What was it that so offended Treadway? Reynolds organized protests in response to Treadway’s prosecution of Kansas doctor Stephen Schneider. She talked to his patients and urged them to tell their stories.

Her group sponsored a billboard in Wichita that proclaimed “Dr. Schneider never killed anyone.” It  produced a documentary that dramatized the conflict between drug control and pain control.

In short, Reynolds vigorously exercised her First Amendment rights, and she did so in a way that discomfited people in power, highlighting the human impact of their decisions. Treadway’s effort to intimidate Reynolds is a tribute to her courage, persistence, and effectiveness.

No one is saying that these issues are not complicated and that dealing honestly and forthrightly with them isn’t fraught with the possibility of unintended consequences. But the relief of pain, if viewed as a medical problem and not a criminal problem, is relatively easy, cheap, and would improve the quality of life of millions around the world.

Based upon my own investigation of the plane crash that took the life of Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-MN) and gave control of the Senate to the GOP, which enabled George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to pursue their “War on Terror” by invading and occupying Afghanistan and Iraq, the use of a plane crash to take out your political opponents is virtually fail-safe.

Unless the crash site is declared to be a crime scene, it cannot be investigated as the scene of a crime.  Perhaps equally surprising, as a matter of NTSB policy, its reports cannot be used as evidence in courts-of-law, raising questions about their legal significance and standing.

In the case of the Wellstone crash, the Attorney General, who was then John Ashcroft, simply declined to declare it a crime scene, where the NTSB only investigated non-criminal hypotheses about the cause of the crash, namely:  the weather, the plane, and the pilots.

As I have explained, although the NTSB never considered the alternatives, such as the use of a small bomb, a gas canister, or a high-tech weapon, the evidence substantiates that this was a deliberate take-down, where in that case a high-tech weapon was involved.  The political stakes in the Wellstone case were very high.

The stakes revolving around the “War on Drugs” are no less serious than those revolving around the “War on Terror”.  We have been conned before and this looks to me like another instance in which the CIA bears ultimate responsibility and is using the CDC and the DEA as its instruments of harassment and intimidation—and may now have brought about three more deaths.

AMERICAN DRUG WAR shows how money, power and greed have corrupted not just drug pushers and dope fiends, but the entire government of the United States.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota where he taught on its Duluth campus.

Jim Fetzer

A former Marine Corps officer, Jim Fetzer has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality.McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he has also conducted extensive research into the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, and the plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone.

The founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, his latest books include The Evolution of Intelligence (2005), The 9/11 Conspiracy (2007), Render Unto Darwin (2007), and The Place of Probability in Science (2010).

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5 Responses to "Is the “War on Drugs” as phony as the “War on Terror”?"

  1. Kundo  December 28, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    Can someone please help me understand what may be happening in my own medium-sized midwestern town? I’ve had a few instances in my own personal experience where the behavior of law enforcement surprised me a great deal. Here a just a couple:

    I’m business man who grew up in this particular town, moved away for a career in the military, and moved back about 15 years ago. I know a lot of people in the area, many from my childhood. A good number of my old acquaintances essentially ruined their lives and careers through abuse of alcohol and drugs, primarily crack cocaine.

    From my fairly large group of semi-unsavory boyhood contacts, I became aware of the identity of the biggest cocaine dealer in the area. Not only was this person a big-time dealer, he reportedly had a very large arsenal that included fully-automatic weapons, grenades, and other explosives. I contacted the local police on multiple occasions to arrange a situation in which I could tell them what I knew without my life being endangered. Never got any follow-up after multiple attempts to relate to them what I knew.

    Another incident. I own a few residential apartments. One tenant, a cute “trailer trash” type of girl, began hosting a number of black guys at her apartment. I started getting reports from my other tenants that they were personally seeing the group participate in frequent drug deals (suspected cocaine) in the parking lot. I spoke with the Deputy Chief of Police about the situation on multiple occasions and asked for some surveillance. The place is just three blocks from the police station. No response. No help. I was finally able to get the woman to leave, but only because the utility company cut off her power.

    This same police force seems quite aggressive at making arrests for marijuana and running drug dogs through the high schools. But, they seem to make few arrests for cocaine, heroin, or meth even though the harder drugs are pretty easy to find in our town.

    I have five other first-hand stories of this kind of behavior by local law enforcement. Any idea what’s going on here?

    • Jim Fetzer  December 28, 2011 at 9:05 pm

      My belief is that the explanation is simple: they are on the take. The hit the little fish (who are dealing marijuana, for example) and kids in schools (because they don’t want the parented to get upset and demand a serious crack down on the drug trade). This keeps their profits up and the police off their backs. You are a conscientious citizen who cannot even imagine that the cops would be working for the drug dealers, but that appears to be exactly what is happening there–just as elements of the DEA appear to be working on behalf of the CIA to make sure that no well intentioned physicians create a movement to provide cheap and cost-effective ways to cope with pain, much less legalize drugs, which would dramatically cut their profits. As we hear so often, “Follow the money!” That will enable you to understand most of the anomalies we encounter in our society today.

    • dirtus napus  December 29, 2011 at 4:05 pm

      I’m sure both of you are right. In Northern Colorado I became friends with a kid half my age that loved surfing like me. He got robbed one night by 2 guys, one had a shotgun on him. They demanded his pot, and his cash which was actually a good amount. He came to me and told me that one of them-believe it or not- left the shotgun behind. I went over there and sure enough, sawed off 870 express. I wrapped it up and told him to not touch it, etc. I told him you have two options, I’m sure you can figure that out yourselves. He actually decided to call it in, tell them he’d been selling pot, etc. He really wanted these guys off the streets and was willing to hurt himself to do it. Well, they took the gun. Long story short, they never printed the gun. 2 years went by, never printed it. He gave up. He got, “taxed off duty” as they call it down here in South Florida.

    • Jim Fetzer  January 4, 2012 at 7:08 am

      I am profoundly struck by the theme of the corruption of local law enforcement by those who benefit from drug operations, apparently all around the country, which means that honest citizens have no where to turn with their concerns, no matter how well founded they may be or how extensive their evidence. This is yet another ramification of a “war on drugs” which appears to keep the price of drugs high to enhance the profits of the major drug rings, including, of course, the CIA, which may be the biggest drug dealing outfit in the world. Mexico has turned into an armed camp dominated by drug cartels, whose resources enable them to have stunning private armies armed with sophisticated military weapons. Unless we legalize drugs and take the profit out of the drug business, the situation is going to grow worse and worse. And that the DEA is now abusing its authority to abuse, harass, and even kill physicians who want to help those who need their assistance is appalling. We have to deal responsibly with these extremely important issues.

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