The History of MIT’s Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion

The History of MIT’s Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion


Note: While I have not authored this article, it appears to me to be extremely important for readers of Veterans Today and to represent another effort by powerful institutions to deprive American citizens and the world’s population the benefits of a new form of free energy technology to keep gas and oil profits up. — Jim Fetzer


A stunning report written by the late Eugene Mallove details the efforts of professors, researchers, and even the former President of MIT to squash cold fusion at all costs. If you have any doubt that Pons and Fleischmann had enemies desperately trying to discredit them, this article will erase it!

A funeral party or wake to mock cold fusion was held by biased hot fusion scientists at MIT before their experiment to replicate Pons and Fleischmann’s results was even complete!


The History of MIT’s Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion

By Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Due to the fact that commercially-ready cold fusion technologies like Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) exist and can produce kilowatts of power, I’m not too interested in previous systems from years ago that could only produce a couple watts of power (or less).

However, I am very interested in the events that took place immediately after the birth of Cold Fusion in 1989, when Pons and Fleischmann announced the existence of their technology to the world.

Although cold fusion systems at the time were not ready for the market place, they proved the effect was real — a fact the establishment could not allow the public to accept.

Immediately after the announcement was made, the “mainstream” scientific community went on the attack. The late Eugene Mallove was in the middle of it, being employed at MIT in the news office — before resigning in protest of the institution’s misconduct.

In a featured article for Infinite Energy Magazine, Mallove detailed exactly what took place that led to his resignation, and the depth of hatred that many professors at MIT had for Pons and Fleischmann’s work.

The article titled, “MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report” also looks at how the replication performed by the institution’s Plasma Fusion Center actually did produce positive results, how data from the experiment was altered by unknown individuals at least twice, and how the hot fusion scientists in charge of such tests were far too biased to conduct proper research.

The article
is the most detailed piece of documentation I have ever seen in regards to the early years of the war against cold fusion. If you think the suppression Pons and Fleischmann faced was bad, you don’t have a clue until you have read this article.

The Replication Attempt


To start with, those in charge of the replication attempt were members of the MIT Plasma Fusion Center. Their work with hot fusion Tokamak brought the university many millions of dollars in funding from the government, and maintained their job security. If cold fusion were to be accepted as a real phenomenon, it could have made hot fusion research appear to be near worthless.

The question in the minds of representatives in Washington, DC would have been, “Why should the taxpayers finance the construction of giant reactors to experiment with hot fusion reactions that produce nuclear waste and lethal amounts of radioactivity, when cold fusion research only requires a small fraction of the funding, while producing no waste and little radioactivity?”

In the minds of the MIT professors, such as MIT Plasma Fusion Center Director Ronald R. Parker, that question could never be allowed to cross the minds of those that paid for their employment.

So in an effort to belittle cold fusion research so no one would take it serious, the members of his department (including some scientists from others) took every opportunity they could to attack Pons and Fleischmann. For example, consider how….

A funeral party or “Wake for Cold Fusion” was held by the Plasma Fusion Center, before their replication test of Pons and Fleischmann’s setup was even complete. They held another such party afterwards.
Mugs belittling cold fusion were given out by Ron Parker, the head of the MIT hot fusion research group, who was supposed to be doing serious research to determine if cold fusion was a reality or not. The mugs read, “The Utah University: Department of Fusion Confusion” and had mocking instructions for cold fusion on the back.

Ron Parker would use the test results to discredit cold fusion, while at a celebration of the death of cold fusion stated to Eugene Mallove (after being shown evidence in support for cold fusion) stated that the data from the MIT replication was “worthless.”

How examination of the data from MIT’s replication showed obvious evidence of tampering.

In fact, the corrected data showed excess heat. Yet it was still used to discredit cold fusion research for many years.

How the former President of MIT, Charles Vest, refused to order an investigation into how the Plasma Fusion Center handled the replication, and their obviously unscientific behavior — such as partying for the death of something instead of doing unbiased research.

Even worse, years later he signed onto a Department of Energy report stating that cold fusion did not deserve funding for research, yet hot fusion deserved millions of additional dollars and was a “bargain.”

Conflicts of Interest


Conflicts of interest were ignored from the very start. For example, those who had the strongest need for cold fusion to be proven not to work (hot fusion scientists), were tasked with the replication of the effect.

It would be like giving a cigarette company the order to conduct a study on the reality of lung cancer, or the lumber industry the job of determining the usefulness of industrial hemp.

What the hot fusion scientists were going to say was obvious!

How some scientists were so closed minded they stated that if cold fusion was real, Pons and Fleischmann should be dead from radiation poisoning.
In addition, some scientists went so far as to personally attack them. In one case, a scientist stated that even if a thousand tests showed excess heat, that the results would not vindicate Pons and Fleischmann.


“Words to Eat”


MIT Professor Ronald George Ballinger may hold the all time record for making a foolish statement against cold fusion.

He wrote in 1991: “It would not matter to me if a thousand other investigations were to subsequently perform experiments that see excess heat. These results may all be correct, but it would be an insult to these investigators to connect them with Pons and Fleischmann.”

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the article is how Ronald R. Parker and Ronald G. Ballinger had a phone call with Nick Tate of the Boston Heraldin 1989. They were talking to him about a potential story about cold fusion, hoping that he would write a hit piece.

In their conversation, which is transcribed in the article, Parker uses the fraud word in his description of their work. He also talks about how he is setting up another “blast” against cold fusion with Bob Bazell, a reporter with NBC.

When Tate reported in the Boston Herald on May 1 that the MIT scientists had called Pons and Fleishmann’s work a “possible fraud” and “scientific schlock”, Pons and Fleishmann were viciously attacked at the meeting of the American Physical Society.

In a retrospective piece written in 1991, Tate asserted that: “Some say those comments set the tone for the national criticism of the Utah work that followed.”

Meanwhile, when Tate’s article in the Boston Herald revealed that Parker had described Pons and Fleishmann’s work as being a “possible fraud” and “scientific schlock”, Parker rushed to deny he had made such statements. Probably, he realized that in his rush to discredit cold fusion he had crossed the line, and committed slander.

In order to avoid possible legal repercussions, in a media advisory from the MIT News Office, Parker specifically denied making such assertions to Tate during their telephone conversation. However, Tate had recorded the phone call, and therefore had rock solid evidence that Parker had made those statements.

Years later, Tate allowed Eugene Mallove to listen to the recording, which revealed the truth about what was said. It was too late, the damage to cold fusion’s reputation was done.

Where things stand

In summary, Mallove’s article paints a damning picture of MIT scientists and professors hell-bent on discrediting cold fusion. Out of desperation to protect hot fusion research, they went so far as to tell blatant lies, alter data, hurl personal insults, conduct celebrations of the “death” of cold fusion, and organize journalists to write hit pieces to try and dismiss Pons and Fleischmann’s work in the public eye.

Then the leadership of MIT turned away and ignored the misconduct and potentially criminal behavior, even when they were specifically alerted to it. Years later, these same individuals (working in other positions with the DOE and DOD) continued to promote the idea that cold fusion was “garbage.”

If you want to know the TRUTH about why it has taken twenty plus years for a commercial cold fusion technology to be developed, you should read this article. It is a tragedy beyond measure that an institution like MIT would allow such inappropriate behavior.

Everyone involved has blood on their hands from all the people on this planet that have died due to the suppression of this technology.

Literally, due to their suppression of cold fusion, children have needlessly starved, millions have suffered dehydration due to a lack of clean water, the environment has been trashed, and the global economy has been almost destroyed.

If the suppression of cold fusion by MIT had never happened, we might not even have an energy crisis today!

And this is but one of many such stories about the suppression saga from 1989.

The suppression from back then has had phenomenal staying power due to the brainwashing that pronounced “cold fusion” to be “junk science,” no matter what.

Ignored are thousands of replications worldwide, with several making significant gains toward marketplace viability, and the E-Cat actually reaching the marketplace on October 28 of this year with a 1 MW unit.

So now, when people attack Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, it’s hard to tell whether they are acting as a function of that brainwashing, or as a present-day disinformation agent, or if they have honest misgivings of a scientific basis.

Gratefully, Rossi keeps moving forward despite these negative statements.

A few individuals in the mainstream are coming around and waking up to the reality of cold fusion, like NASA’s Dennis Bushnell who claims cold fusion is the number one most promising alternative energy technology on the planet.

However, to protect hot fusion research, protect the status quo, and to keep the public from realizing how the scientific community suppressed cold fusion, he calls the phenomena LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). In addition, he claims there is no fusion in cold fusion, in order to try and make the technology seem more mundane, and more acceptable.

There were enemies of mankind in 1989 that wanted to prevent the proliferation of cold fusion, and there are still such enemies today. Reading about how cold fusion research was attacked from the very start can help us prepare for attacks from these in the future.

We cannot let greedy, selfish, and power-hungry monsters and their countless minions suppress cold fusion for another twenty years or more. There are too many lives at risk. Simply put, the future of our civilization is at stake.

Hank Mills has contributed a large number of stories to Pure Energy Systems web site at

Sterling D. Allan is the Founder and CEO of PES Network, Inc., and of the New Energy Congress.

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15 Comments for “The History of MIT’s Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion”

  1. Here is the really important connection. The same physics, with quaternion algebra as the base, is behind the whole deal — cold fusion, energy from the vacuum, anti-gravity, all the things Tesla did, the Hutchison Effect, whatever HAARP is doing, a major element of the Twin Towers disintegration, scalar weapons and force fields, etc. It’s the same basic technology and it has been suppressed (which means “kept from public knowledge”) for over 100 years.

  2. Curiouser and curiouser… Scholars for 911 Truth figurehead Dr. Steven E. Jones was right in the middle of the Cold Fusion fanfaronade.

    Did Dr. Steven Jones help cover up Cold Fusion & now 9/11?

    Stephen E. Jones, 9-11 “researcher”, was a government agent- sent in by an informant at the Department of Energy- to. undermine the work of 2 legitimate scientists, who threatened the control of the military-industrial complex, and the hegemonic rule of the people who Own America.

  3. A great book on the subject is “The Reality of Cold Fusion” by Tadahiko Mizuno, a Japanese scientist working on the subject in the late 1990′s. Deals mostly with the science and not the politics, but his struggles make you realize how corrupt the “science” establishment is, especially in the USA.

    There is a small group of people who don’t want technology or human advancement unless THEY can control it for THEIR purposes. Not humanitarian ones, either.

    Another great book, which touches on the same topic, by accident, is “The Making of the Atomic Bomb” by Richard Rhodes. Shows the same machinations of the same people to keep control, in this case Leo Szillard and the zionist cabal who invented the thing, then freaked out when they found themselves losing control of its use.

  4. Nasir,

    Thank you for posting your comments. I of course did not author this piece myself, but I have republished it because of the importance of the subject and the travesty that appears to have been committed in this case. After 35 years in academia, I can confirm your observations about the pettiness and vanity of many academic disputes (which are so ferocious, it has been said, because the sakes are so small)! What I would appreciate is more science and less politics. You are not quite right about the relationship between administration and faculty, even though what you say SHOULD BE RIGHT, in practice, the administration has far more influence than it justifiably ought to exercise. Please offer more substantiation, because others who are also posting here have endorsed what this article presents and are planning to send more substantiation or offer more evidence that it is correct.


    • Your comment about the relationship of Administration to Faculty applies even more so in Corporate America.

      When people figured out just how much POWER administration types, MBAs, managers and the like can wield, all while being totally devoid of any expertise, integrity, training or discipline, or even hard work, well……. we’ve all seen what happens. You get a country that is viewed (rightly so) as a parasite on the face of the planet.

      There ARE people here who are capable of great things, but the parasites have won, at least for the foreseeable future.

      Academia is a microcosm of the killing of American enterprise which has been happening for a long time and perpetrated by the same people, broadly speaking.

    • Nasir,

      No, I did not mean questions about the academy. I meant about cold fusion. I missed Einstein as an undergraduate at Princeton, where I was in the Class of 1962 and he had died in 1955. Carl Sagan may have visited Princeton, but he spent most of his career at Cornell. I have taught at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville (twice), but spent the last 19 years of my career on the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota, where I was one of the first ten to be appointed as McKnight Professors in 1996. I know all about higher education, but I am not an expert on cold fusion. If you have more to contribute on that subject, please feel welcome.


    • Nasir: Professor Fetzer is correct, Sagan never taught at or attended Princeton. He graduated from Chicago, then did a stint at Harvard, and was hired into my alma mater (what’s left of it) by a good friend Professor Tommy Gold. You might note that I specifically mention Sagan here (for the obvious associative reason):

      Sagan and I used to go round-n-round on lots of subjects, especially the utter nonsense called “the big bang,” goo that carbon dioxide drives global climate, etc. I was at a party in Cayuga Heights, just off the Cornell campus, when a serious aerospace engineer, employed by a local NASA contractor called Ithaco Space Systems, declared in a too-loud voice, “Carl, you seem to be on tv more than you are in the lab?!” The party goers choked . . .

      You are correct about Einstein; you might also note my discussion of him at the link above. We’re working in fixing all of this, and soon:

      • Nasir, read my “Thinking about ‘Conspiracy Theories’: 9/11 and JFK”, which is on-line. Conspiracies are as American as apple pie. You have been brainwashed into not thinking about collusion between the government and intel agencies, not to mention the press. Carl Bernstein wrote about this, “The Media and the CIA”, ROLLINGSTONE (1977), and William Colby confirmed, that the CIA owns everyone of significance in the main stream media. Those of us who are serious about this know the difference between research and speculation. Indeed, in relation to cold fusion, we are attempting to sort out whether or not its existence and potential has been concealed by collusion between multiple individuals, which, like most American conspiracies, would be economic, killing the project rather than killing the scientists, which can be equally effective.

  5. I still have the Newsweek from when they started the discrediting, made the cover. Back in 08′ was the first time I ever publically said cold fusion worked and exists in mixed company. I knew what was comming, it’s just like saying “Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 while as an employee of the CIA”. One person actually backed me up, and we talked about it for a long time after. We also talked about the Smithsonian coverup of 8′-17 foot tall humans that walked all over the world 10-20k of years ago. But that’s another thing.

    The main lie about Pons and their experiments to me was alway about o4 contamination. They said it seeped into the jars from the atmosphere. Yeah, the atmosphere. That’s how ridiculous these people are. Read Michael Cremo’s “Forbidden Archeology”. He aptly names this phenomenon as the “Knowledge Filter”. He really nails it when you talk about suppression of information off any kind. It comes in many forms. I see it in people every day. You must run into this hourly after thinking about what you write about. Keep up the great work.

  6. I read this article yesterday sadly another example of how the future wellbeing and potential of mankind to progress and grow is being hampered and stifled to maintain the hegemony and priveledges of a few.

    The authors specifically drew the readers attention to this comment which I repeat here FYI.


    In addition to the comments down below, on December 29, 2011 6:43 AM MST, the following came in by email from Dr. Mitch Swartz of MIT who has been holding cold fusion conferences there nearly since 1989.

    Nice column. Thank you for taking an interest in this important subject, and letting me know.

    I will try to find some of the published papers which I did on this in FUSION FACTS (the first), and then the two articles from ICCF-4; and send them to you.

    Also, consider that the bad action was conducted by one, or a few, individual(s). That is not ‘MIT’. And this was in the past, although your column does correctly note the important, negative impact to the present.

    Supporting the above, and in that light, we are having an IAP course at MIT on CF. (see the COLD FUSION TIMES or IE), and have had numerous Colloquia on CF.

    Hopefully, you will come to one some time.

    Best regards,



  7. You know, I read articles like this and one word comes to mind: treason. Not just lowly treason against your country but treason against an entire planet and it’s ability to sustain life. How people who witness such pure evil fail to take justice into their own hands is beyond my comprehension.

    • Interesting you make that observation about treason. I have just drafted a petition to impeach Obama if he signs the NDAA for 2012 for a third party. I only had 800 characters to work with. Check out


      The Oath of the President of the United States declares that he will faithfully execute the laws of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

      By signing NDAA for 2012, President Obama will have authorized the arrest and the indefinite detention without trial of citizens and residents of the United States, which is both immoral and cruel and violates multiple provisions of the Constitution, including

      • Article 1, Section 9, the privilege to petition for habeas corpus;

      • Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable seizure;

      • Fifth Amendment prohibition of loss of liberty without due process;

      • Sixth Amendment right to a speedy and public trial with representation.

      NDAA also violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the U.S. has signed. We therefore declare that, if President Obama signs NDAA, he should be impeached by Congress forthwith.

      • I’m in! Once he’s out of office, I hope we can try him for treason and deal with him appropriately.

      • Yes Jim, I’m glad to see you also have lost the blinders about obama. Well, maybe not, perhaps he can still salvage his image of the great Hope, but I’m no longer sure. Perhaps we have all been fooled by the illusion. It is said that when he went to chicago he went straight to the money people while still being visible with the poor. I don’t know, but to have allowed everything to go so far, can we still deny what our eyes see? If he is moral, and he still finds he can do nothing other than kowtow to the powers that control life and death of the politician, he should quit. Otherwise he is just a cog with the image of the fusion of races that is really just another just another hitler, mussolini,, franco, or what have you.
        I think you are hoping that your eyes deceive you, just as I was, but when the picture keeps getting darker, I do not think it is my sight. It may be the reality, and to hope otherwise is just to continue the delusion.
        Quadaffi, whatever he was, was killed (or gotten rid off) by obama and the other powers that be that you tend to write against. For that fact alone I respect the man, even if you guys continue to say how bad he was (which may be true). They are all bastards, but really, why did they kill him?
        I don’t know Jim. It’s the toad in hot water situation. Add the fire slowly and the toad won’t move till it’s dead. Maybe we are already dead and we just don’t know it.
        And the choice is worse. Can we hope anymore or is that just for fools?

  8. Thanks Jim, very interesting article. Screams of insanity in regards to replacement energy solutions, and I wonder why its not picked up in other tech centers around the world and exploited.

Comments are closed


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