Sherwood Ross is an award-winning reporter. He served in the U.S Air Force where he contributed to his base newspaper. He later worked for The Miami Herald and Chicago Daily News. He contributed a weekly column on working for a major wire service. He is also an editorial and book publicist. He currently resides in Florida.

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Is America a Police State?

by Sherwood Ross


You know you live in a police state when the president allows the military to continuously harass a prisoner against whom no crime has been proven by interrupting him every five minutes of the day to ask him, “Are you okay?” and forces him to stand to attention naked at roll call. What it can do to one man it can do to every man.

You know you live in a police state when said prisoner is barred from exercising in his cell and told where he may and may not put his hands when he goes to sleep at night. Only a police state would dictate how an individual can sleep.

You know you live in a police state when the government punishes, rather than honors, whistle-blowers who reveal its crimes such as the U.S. massacre of civilians in Baghdad that PFC Bradley Manning exposed.

You know you live in a police state when wardens force pregnant women prisoners to deliver their babies while in chains. (Not exactly “the new birth of freedom” of which Abraham Lincoln spoke.)

You know you live in a police state when the president orders the assassination (i.e., murder) of American citizens without bothering to arrest them and bring them to trial.

You know you live in a police state when police forces across the country attack unarmed and non-violent citizen protesters with pepper spray and clubs.

You know you live in a police state when hundreds of thousands of citizens are rotting in prisons for victimless “crimes” such as smoking pot and your country leads the world in incarcerations with 2.3 million behind bars and when hundreds of thousands of these prisoners are sexually assaulted.

You know you live in a police state when working people who say overwhelmingly that they want to join a union cannot do so for fear of being fired, and in which the money earned by the poor is taken by the state and given to the rich. If the government can rob one person, it can rob every person.

You know you live in a police state when your government makes terrible, punishing wars on small countries after falsely accusing them of having a “weapon of mass destruction” while it possesses tens of thousands of them.

You know you live in a police state when the president signs into law an Act allowing him to arrest innocent citizens on his say-so and have the military imprison them indefinitely without charge,  legal counsel, or trial before a jury of their peers.

You know you live in a police state when you can be barred from flying in an airliner on suspicion of “terrorism” that has not been proven and which is impossible for you to challenge.

You know you live in a police state when you are under surveillance by Federal agencies such as the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the Central Intelligence Agency, among others, for your political views rather than the commission of any crime against the state, and when said agencies can access your medical records, bank statements, and “private” papers, tap your telephone, question your neighbors and employer and follow you around.

You know you live in a police state when the military gets the biggest percentage of your tax dollars so that it can spend as much for war as the next 20 nations combined while claiming it is attacking other countries in the name of peace and order.

You know you live in a police state when the Pentagon has more than a trillion dollars in research projects underway to make sophisticated killing machines that will give it control of the entire planet from 2,000 military bases and outer space and to terrify the world with its arsenals of nuclear weapons and germ warfare.

You know you live in a police state when people write to you to commend you for your “courage” for writing critically against the government when, in fact, you should have every good reason to live in
fear of so doing.


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7 Responses to "Is America a Police State?"

  1. LOB2065  February 7, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Apparently California spends more money on executing people than its spends on education.

  2. Trowbridge Ford  February 7, 2012 at 3:50 am

    I knew that the USA was a police state shortly before I left after a dubious Jonathan Vankin while interviewing me about my theories regarding the JFK assassination did a foia request about what its securocrats knew, and were doing about me after he doubted my belief that they had done plenty. I, of course, agreed to his making the request.

    The reply came back that the securocrats had been doing extensive records checks on me ever since I wrote to LBJ after he reneged on his peace plea to gain election, and said that I would do everything I could to make sure he never got re-elected.

    Then they said that there was was a folder of information about me which the DOJ would only release under a court order – what I doubt he ever sought, but I would not oppose it.

    Then while I was living as a permanent exile in Portugal, the securocrats tried to make it look like I had maliciously attempted to destroy President Nixon, and when this didn’t work, and the scumbag died, they tried to poison me – what Jim DiEugenio assisted with a Chairman’s Letter to a special edition of Probe magazine in January 1996, claiming falsely that I had helped destroy him by fabricating a FBI memo, connecting him personally to manager on the scene of the Dallas assassination, Jack Ruby.

    While I lived through the poisoning attempts in Portugal, they tried to kill me at least twice here in Sweden – once when I was supposed to toast a book deal of my articles which they had arranged, but refused. And then after I attended a set-up lecture by Joakim Palme in the hope of learning more about the Anglo-American assassination of his father, Olof.

    Fortunately, the Swedish security system ultimately stopped its efforts in February 2009.

    In sum, you have no protection if you leave the country, and its covert operators are prepared to engage in murder.

    So, let’s just call it a murdering police state.

  3. adeUK  February 7, 2012 at 2:06 am

    And the tentacles reach out. We are not amused.

    “Stop! It is illegal to vandalize this area. Your photo has just been taken and we will use this photograph to prosecute you. Leave the area now!”

    ‘Robo-camera’ threatens residents with prosecution

    Camden council (LONDON) says sorry for installing flash-equipped camera with robotic American accent that takes indiscriminate pictures

    The manufacturer & the message

  4. LOB2065  February 6, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    Great article.

    The large corporate media in America needs to be broken up so that we have more honest journalism, that and Americans needs to read more broadly as in read information online that is produced in other countries.

    My Norton security questioned a news site I went to the other day – it said something along the lines that the news I would read could be anti- American.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  February 7, 2012 at 3:32 pm


  5. Dave Morgan  February 6, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    What a rag. The story of the city council out lawing bike helmets and back backs at the dnc only lasted 24 hours on their online edition. But we’ll always have the party pictures to look at.

  6. Charlotte NC Bill  February 6, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Wow…If I could read stuff like this in the Charlotte Observer I would re-subscribe.

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