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Wikileaks and Stratfor, Israel Busted Again

Wikileaks, Watch, Learn But Never Believe!


    … by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor



It’s almost like a Sherlock Holmes story.  We are seeing it start now.  My first sign, that a mixed intelligence, disinformation campaign or worse was in the works was last week. 

A writer, former Israeli, close friend of, coincidentally as we will see, Julian Assange,  wrote an article exposing the 1973 War in the Middle East as a plot by Henry Kissinger, then Secretary of State for Nixon, Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Sharon of Israel. 

The jist of it is that Kissinger had them pretend to go to war so that they could all secretly plot against Syria, whose army was destroyed.

For this to happen, Egypt had to cross the Suez Canal (Sinai was in Israel’s hands then) and then, for no reason, stop, split their army and let Israel pass on through unmolested.

As a “partial mistake,” Egypt’s infantry destroyed most of Israel’s tanks using TOW missiles in one of the most dramatic successes in military history.  That is underplayed.

A good friend of mine, former Defense Attache to Israel, has described the drive to Sinai with former Ambassador Pickering, seeing the remains of Israel’s tank corps strewn across the desert.

Israeli Tank - 1973 War

Our “writer” puts that down to poor communications.  The way I read it is different.  It has been impossible to miss the buddy buddy relationship between Israel and Syria, both sitting under Turkey’s boot.  It has an army on Syria’s northern border capable of erasing Assad in a day.

Turkey, a key NATO member, angry at Israel for the execution of peace activists on the Mavi Marmara, has vetoed Israel’s participation in NATO air defense systems and any sharing of NATO intelligence.

Israel has to depend on their spies, AIPAC, the ADL, all being exposed in Washington during the Steve Rosen v. AIPAC civil suit.

Rosen, former top Bush advisor arrested by the FBI as an Israeli spy is suing his former employer, AIPAC, the “Israel lobby” because they fired him for….being a spy. His retort?  How can an organization of spies fire someone for being a spy? Good luck Steve!

Cutting more or less to the chase here, the “creator” of this fascinating story about 1973 had one purpose.  He is defending Syria and discrediting Egypt and the United States.

Who is Assange Really Working For?

This is the current policy of Israel.  The odd point of this, theoretically at least, is that our author, who others can name, makes his living as an “anti-zionist” and critic of Israel.

What I see him as is Julian Assange’s Mossad “handler” and someone “tasked” with making Syria seem like a victim.

This is meant to help cement the bonds between Syria and Israel and to help them form a united front against Turkey.  I wish them good luck with that, they will need it.

Let’s take a second to talk about Wikileaks in light of the upcoming STRATFOR email release.  Nothing is as it seems, as most of us know now.

Back in the late summer of 2010, Veterans Today began to discover a pattern in Wikileaks material.  Hidden among the “leaks” were purposefully created fantasies aimed at Iran and Pakistan, clumsy and obvious material that had no other source than an intelligence agency, in this case, Israel’s Mossad.

By December, Zbigniew Brzezinski had come into agreement with our assessment, stating clearly that Wikileaks was a “false flag” intelligence operation.

Zbigniew Brzezinski - Still in Play

From then on, Wikileaks became a fiasco, especially when it was revealed that Israel and the New York Times were picking out the “leaks” themselves, all carefully orchestrated to misinform and mislead, a “Wikileaks” based on lies and censorship, not press freedom.

Wikileaks was exposed as a fraud, having to wait for things to die down, so that the Mossad could make use of them again.

That time is now, in the “hack,” against STRATFOR, the competitor to Israel’s DEBKA.

STRATFOR, run by George Friedman, supplies corporate intelligence to paying customers.  Some of it is excellent, much of it less detailed than the free material at VT.  Friedman, however, is a respected intelligence analyst without private agenda or hidden allegances.

DEBKA is a fantasy front for the Mossad, passing off wild rumors and conspiracy theories, all about plots against Israel or how bad Palestinians and almost everyone else is.  They are a joke, albeit a profitable one. 

What could be better, getting to lie, misinforming your friends and enemies and making them pay for being led.  Sounds like “War Through Deception,” pure Mossad.

Now we hear that Julian Assange, under continual police guard, running Wikileaks, an organization that really doesn’t exist anymore since being exposed as warmongering spies for Israel, has hacked into STRATFOR’s computers, stealing the emails which it plans to release.

What seems to be much more true is that Wikileaks is trying to find a “dodge” to distance itself from its own crimes.  In the intelligence business, STRATFOR, compared to VT, is pretty mild stuff.  In Truthout, more “mild stuff” is an article, clearly a plant, building a case for imaginary persecution of Assange and his ultra-powerful NWO buddies:

It added that the organization was analyzing the documents with the help of 25 publications around the world, including Rolling Stone in the United States, L’Espresso in Italy and The Hindu in India. WikiLeaks said that Stratfor kept many records on the group and its founder, Julian Assange, who is under house arrest in Britain and wanted for extradition to Sweden in connection with allegations of sex crimes.

“The material contains privileged information about the U.S. government’s attacks against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and Stratfor’s own attempts to subvert WikiLeaks,” the group said. “There are more than 4,000 e-mails mentioning WikiLeaks or Julian Assange.”

Wikileaks was “outed” by Veterans Today, not STRATFOR, exposed, stopped dead in its tracks and erased, as our Iranian friends so often say, “with the sands of time.”  When asked, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today said of Assange:

“He thinks 9/11 is a waste of time.  We don’t.  Assange is no more than a Likudist sock puppet.

When media finally reported that Israel had edit, approval and “creation rights” on all Wikileaks material, I started a clock going.  The question was, one now answered, when will the Mossad try to whitewash Wikileaks.   It must have cost millions, seeing an intelligence asset like Wikileaks, constantly pushing for war with Iran, continually advocating attacks on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, quality war mongering by a “peace activist,” go to waste.

You would think they would wise up.  Assange reminds people of a combination of Mussolini and someone voted off Dancing With the Stars on the first week.  Even a little bit of “Assange” is too much “assange.”  I can’t think of anyone else who would actually benefit from being accused of date rape.

I say let Assange have sanctuary in Israel and let some poor homeless Jewish kid live the billionaire lifestyle in Britain that Assange enjoys.”

Stratfor's George Friedman

As STRATFOR is pretty much “straight arrow,” selling information to clients who are businesses, not spies, their corporate materials are very much the same thing as internet piracy, the theft of Michael Jackson’s or Whitney Houston’s songs.

People who steal those go to jail, hunted down by the FBI.  It is called “theft of intellectual property” or “piracy.” This area is one of the FBI’s main tasks.

However, the FBI will never prosecute Wikileaks for “outing” millions in STRATFOR assets, severely damaging the value of an American company and breaking endless laws.

The reason?

This is a Mossad operation, not Wikileaks and, in general, the FBI seldom takes on the Mossad except when they arrested Jonathan Pollard.

Pollard, the most infamous spy in American history, whose continued jailing for decade after decade is hard for some to understand, requires a minimal explanation.

Pollard was never an Israeli spy.

Israel spied, sure it did, but not for itself.  Israel spied for the Soviet Union, their real ally during the Cold War.  Everything Israel got out of Washington with its hundreds of “dual citizens” went straight to Moscow, war plans, nuclear weapons designs, names of American agents (1100 were executed.)

Pollard will die in jail while hundreds of members of congress demand his immediate release.  I am going to quote Andrew Jones on the STRATFOR situation.  You are going to love this.

Growing concerns over Iran’s nuclear facilities may prove to be all for naught. Officials from the global intelligence company Stratfor allegedly discussed that Israel may have already destroyed the Iranian nuclear facility, according to one of the emails released by Wikileaks Monday.


In one of the over five million emails leaked, the conversation centered on Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak praising the news of deadly munitions blasts at a base of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards.

“I think this is a diversion. The Israelis already destroyed all the Iranian nuclear infrastructure on the ground weeks ago,” one intelligence official wrote in an email dated November 14, 2011.

“The current ‘let’s bomb Iran’ campaign was ordered by the EU leaders to divert the public attention from their at home financial problems. It plays also well for the US since Pakistan, Russia and N. Korea are mentioned in the report. ”

One other Stratfor official allegedly indicated a similar finding.

“Israeli commandos in collaboration with Kurd forces destroyed few underground facilities mainly used for the Iranian defense and nuclear research projects,” he wrote on November 13, 2011.

“Even if the Israelis have the capabilities and are ready to attack by air, sea and land, there is no need to attack the nuclear program at this point after the commandos destroyed a significant part of it.”

Stratfor released a statement on Monday condemning the leaks.

“This is a deplorable, unfortunate – and illegal – breach of privacy,” the company said. “Some of the emails may be forged or altered to include inaccuracies; some may be authentic. We will not validate either.”

Thanks to Andrew Jones.

Of course the emails will be forged or altered like everything else Wikileaks has handled.  They have been caught “fudging” more times than we can count.  They edit, they change, they invent, whatever Israel wants to do, they do.

There really is no Wikileaks, not as a functioning concern.  It has always been a front for Israel, operated by them with periodic assistance from the Rupert Murdoch empire.

Familiar?  Hacking?  You know Murdoch, the Fox News “Neocon” guru who hides his Israeli citizenship and Jewish background so he can seem like an “Aussie good ole boy” instead of spy.

Hacking phones is “wiretapping.”  Hacking computers is spying.  Taking proprietary corporate information is stealing.  Publishing same is no different than uploading music and movies.

Why has the FBI never busted an Israel network here?

It is all crimes, so why isn’t the FBI out arresting Assange and any newspaper willing to print the corporate assets of STATFOR?

You are saying you smell a rat, that the FBI might not be who we want them to be?

Let me tell you a story.  A few years ago, while working for one of those evil banks I talk about so much, I was involved in litigation, multi-billion dollars of it.

One bank who came in as a partner was supposed to put up half of the money for a deal with Russia.  Their half was $2.2bn.

This was a very large American bank that turned out to be, not broke, but to have fudged their books and hoped, somehow, that nobody, especially Mr. Putin, the victim at the time, would notice.  He noticed.

As with any lawsuit, we have what we call “discovery.”  I got enough documents to fill my garage.   Law firms love printing and shipping them, they make thousands doing this. I read them.

Inside these documents was a daytimer.  The head of the parent corporation had an appointment with a White House official named Vince Foster.

It was the day Foster was found “suicided” on a park bench.  This information was never used or acted on.  That same individual once employed a young man named Neil Bush at the Silverado Savings and Loan of Denver, Colorado. 

More documents indicated that he was blackmailing former President George H.W.Bush, threatening to have his son jailed for stealing millions unless certain unspecified favors were granted.

Michael Milkin - During his Milking days

You see, this bank, the one I had to do business with, had been tied to Michael Milkin and the Keating’s scandal too.  Taxpayers were bilked of hundreds of billions then, another “pump and dump” all orchestreated with many members of congress participating.  Guess which party.

More privately, personal sources told me that laundering drug money was the real reason this bank with hundreds of branches existed. But, as we well know, it isn’t the only one, not by a long shot.

Then something stranger happened.  I ran background, something friends taught me to do, on the law firms representing this bank.

We learned that they all belonged to a government sponsored organization that allowed members of private business access to FBI training.

They also got security clearances and access to FBI files.

The head of this law firm, one with ONE client, actually ran this program for the FBI.

This means, of course, that the FBI gave access to its files to a law firm defending subjects of a number of their investigations.  This had been going on for years, “junior G-Man” badges, lots of awards, the whole thing, all for being given free access to FBI files.

During our lawsuit, one of the top officers of the bank was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.  I do so love coincidences.

I asked to meet him, being authorized by “friends” to suggest a reduction in his sentence if he were to agree to testify.  He found it safer to “do the time.” I wish I had power like that. So, we ask, why the plot?

Well, this is no secret but I will try again to keep it short and sweet.  Oil is sitting at over a hundred bucks a bbl.  Yes, America is bombing Iran, we are dumping bales of hundred dollar bills on them, enough to bury them.

You see, with gas usage down in the US, 8%, Europe, 22% and even in China and with massive new finds of crude oil and new technologies, some you have heard about and others “out there,” pure Star Trek stuff, oil and gas are worthless.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Back in October, oil was $70 bucks. Back in 2009, it was $30, and this was before the European Union turned into a ghost town.  We have reports of new oil finds in Serbia, larger than imaginable, new areas of the African “Sahel” and the Cameroon find, enough to supply the world for decades.

Oil, oil everywhere - But no drop in prices, here or there

Natural gas is even more, with new finds being suppressed, pipeline projects being politically and financially sabotaged and markets being kept 300% over realistic levels.

Back in October, VT’s columnist, Mike Harris came to me after talking with Ukrainian intelligence leaders he has known for years.

I asked him to approach them for information on Iran, nuclear weapons sales and basic “gossip.”

This is what we do.

They had  a couple of things to say. Most important is that the old government of the Ukraine had sold Iran a nuclear missile with 6 huge thermonuclear weapons onboard, this happening in 2002 as a response, by Iran, to a perceived threat from the US.

The world is now pretending that never happened though I can prove it.  If I can find this out, you would think Israel or the US would know. They know.

Then the Ukrainians said that there was a “deal” cut between parties in Iran and parties in Israel to “pretend to have a war,” just like in the story above, you remember, the one about the 1973 War. 

The deal was, Israel would buy “oil futures.” Oil was cheap, currencies were collapsing, markets going down and, if for some reason, oil went up, Israel would make billions.

So would Iran.

So, if you wonder why you hear endless implausible stories about bombings and threats while everyone seems to be laughing themselves all the way to the bank, you are beginning to understand.

Not just that, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the UAE, Kuwait and others are raking in the bucks also.

Since Veterans Today doesn’t charge for information, let me include a gift or two.  Most of you have heard of Lord James of Blackheath and his discovery of $15 trillion in wire transfers from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to HSBC London and then to the Bank of Scotland.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

I have a theory here, such as it is.  Back before the crash, oil moved primarily on what we call “documentary letters of credit.”  These are highly descriptive documents, non-negotiable instruments, that describe a purchase, who is do do what, when it is done and how it is proven.

As paper, they are worthless, quite unlike bank SWIFT transfers such as we see described in the video above.

Huge commodity deal funding was a liars poker game

A short time ago, a high ranking Chinese official representing one of their state oil entities asked me if I were able to assist in failed oil transactions.

Their new system of “non dollar” settlements was not operable without a recognizable but theoretically worthless currency, such as the dollar, available in extremely large amounts “in float.”

For decades, international banking existed on a theory of “check kiting.”

Nobody had real money, they simply shuffled debt back and forth, that and “non-negotiable documents” with “implied value” to underwrite or collateralize purchases of oil, agricultural commodities, metals, so many things.

Better put, everything was bought out of “thin air” because, like any Ponzi scheme, more people were putting money in the front door than were taking it out the back.

Bush fixed that when he crashed the world economy.  Today, even China has unemployment.  Across the United States, more than just hunger is the norm.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

I hear the same thing, from all over the country, families living in tents, the lucky have travel trailers, some former executives, skilled labor, now cutting wood, families subject to near starvation and a government that is too busy talking about “family values” to worry about American families.

Then again, in this “Red State,” Americans are able to buy homes, “Republican style:”

Near my own home and one of the wealthiest communities in America, this is how people are living.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

There is now snow on the ground and they are still there, a population of Americans who had worked all their lives, greater than the entire population of Great Britain.  My daughter, a university study nearby, helps make meals for them and finds them food, taken from dumpsters and trash bins.

She will eventually have a law degree from one of the top universties in the world and fears she may spend her life with them, in a tent.  All of our children talk like this now.  This is the future they foresee, even after  years of education.  They line up for hours fighting for jobs at one third the wages a street sweeper in Paris makes.

This is the real America, even the “illegal aliens” from Mexico are going home, many finding themselves starving though willing to work for the rich, cleaning toilets.  One large meat packing company, 2nd largest in the United States, brings in illegal alien workers from Mexico to work at their plant in North Carolina where they make ham and bacon.  Workers live in tents and boxes.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service knows this but leaves them alone.  Every year or so, the workers are arrested and sent back, when they are worn out and sick.  It is always the day before payday.  Isn’t it good to see business and government coordinate their efforts so well in a democracy?

This is as good as it gets for as many as 50 million Americans.  This is the price of “wire transfers” and ten years of war and the rhetoric of delusion and hate our Washington politicians spew.  Will America explode?  What do you think?

Getting gouged on the oil

The money sent to Scotland and beyond, one day’s interest, could feed and house each of these families, the people who had once lived in America’s 50 million abandoned homes, could feed them and house them, pay health care, provide job training, all from money that we know was stolen from these same people and the rest of America.

Each time you buy gasoline, yes, Israel and Iran get their cut, patting each other on the back and laughing.  STRATFOR, with oil clients, knew but would not report it.  DEBKA helped plan it all.

Just the increase last week alone, .30 per gallon.  America uses around 150 billion gallons of gasoline a year.  That usage, as part of a general world turnaround, has gone down significantly and it isn’t from “small cars.”

The world is using less crude oil as we see in the chart below:

The growth seen after 2001 is a delightful combination of India and China as consumer markets, pulling the world usage up, along with a planet at war with America supporting military action continents away.

Then in 2008, it all comes to a halt, even well before we discovered the European crisis and the impending “nosedive” that happens after 2009.  Balancing markets, against demand, which we see dwindling, with a $30 a gallon price in 2009, is further cuts in usage, entire nations in freefall, revolution, currency collapse, industries at a standstill.

Yet, as we explain, prices rise and nobody asks a question.

The cost?  Last week’s increase is a tax on the US driver, working Americans of $50 billion and an increase in corporate profits, last week alone, of $50 billion.  No taxes will be paid on any of this profit but the $50 billion will be surgically removed from the United States by multi-national oil companies and the speculators who have driven up prices.

We explained about them.  You know who they are and where to find them.

Newt the Warrior - Finally

Two weeks ago, Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, said gasoline should be $2.00 per gallon.   Based on supply and demand, too much supply, little demand and nothing but negative factors in all energy markets, $1.35 per gallon is more like it.

What are we saying?  We have seen $15 trillion dollar stolen.

This is $45,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States, simply taken in a single day based on the signature of two people who made this decision without the advise and consent of any know authority.

By these standards, overcharges for gasoline, only about $1000 per year for every man, woman and child in the United States seems trivial.  Note a plan here?

We haven’t even begun to discuss food prices, utilities and, especially, coal and natural gas.

So, we can prove a single $15 trillion dollar theft.  We also know we lost $15 trillion dollars officially through the national debt.

We are told we have to cut our army, we are told we may have to eat less, live in cold houses or, as thousands seem to be doing each day, simply live outdoors and beg for money on street corners to survive, either that or have our children cleaning toilets as Newt Gingrich suggests.  Please take the time with this one.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The reality, of course, is that children either live in plenty, private schools, ski vacations, their own horses, vacations in France or the Caribbean, the best of everything or they eat rats and clean toilets.

Newt Gingrich, other than dodging military service and being caught endlessly with his “johnson” in the wrong place at the wrong time, has contributed nothing.  He was too good to serve his nation at war:

Though he relentlessly pushes military spending and talks like a bigtime hawk, Gingrich avoided the Vietnam War through a combination of student and family deferments. (He married one of his high school teachers at age 19, and quickly got her pregnant.)

In the presidential debate on January 7, 2012, Gingrich claimed that “I never asked for a deferment, I was married with a child, it was never a question.” That sounded like a pretty solid defense until Ron Paul pointed out that he had a wife and two children when he was drafted — and he went anyway.

There is little question anymore.  If most Americans had a really filthy bathroom to clean, tying Gingrich to the end of a mop and using him as seen fit would get you armies of volunteers.

Yesterday, a Las Vegas casino “boss,” an Israeli citizen, gave Gingrich $25 million.  The job?  Gingrich promised to get America to invade Iran.  To me, it might make Gingrich a foreign agent, I might call the “gift” money laundering, some, those who study law might call it treason.

By Nuremberg standards, this qualifies as a war crime.  But then, with trillions of dollars floating around, much of it “sticking” in the right pockets and with controlled news, bribed government infiltrated law enforcement, war crimes have become the “norm” of the day.

Where do we find people like this.  Why doesn’t anyone do the math, that in single day, 3 years income of the entire United States was simply “transferred” or more appropriately “laundered” into 20 European banks, most owned directly or indirectly by the Rothschild family.

And our children eat rats.                                                                                                            Editing: Jim W. Dean


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20 Responses to "Wikileaks and Stratfor, Israel Busted Again"

  1. alexdelarge  March 3, 2012 at 12:22 pm


  2. Trowbridge Ford  February 29, 2012 at 8:15 am

    My take on Assange is that he divulged to those media outlets, especially The Guardian, the Afghan File that Gareth Williams and Gudrun Loftus had collected about NATO’s operations there, especially by the German contingent, which led to their identification, and murder.

    Cryptome was clearly against this – spies leaking top intelligence – and went after Wikileaks like gangbusters for doing so until the murders were committed, and time passed for John Young to change his position.

    It was like his trying to get me to blurt out when I had that meeting with him on June 9, 2009. He was confident that I was someone’s spy, probably the Chinese, and hoped to record my confession when he confronted me in Rivereside Park about the Agency being out to get me again after its attempt here in Sweden had been stopped by Säpo just four months earlier.

    When he discovered that my work was just based on investigating deeply from open sources – like CNO Vern Clark giving the USS Jimmy Carter a personal send off on its covert operation to cut the Muslims down to size around the Indian Ocean, and it came back “showing the broom” – Young lost all interest in it when I told about what he had been up to.

    He’s a deep spycatcher, and a kind of whistleblower, depending on the circumstances.

    Williams had been appalled by how the CIA had been attempting to keep the the Cold War going with the Russians, and making the Manhattan 11 look like a Russian sleeper cell. Assange was not interested in his attempts to spill the beans on Washington until Williams passed on the Afghan File – what Loftus had made much more convincing by providing her German-language skills to the bits intercepted.

    I believe that Julian did it all for the Mossad which hopes that the killing of the two spies would gain Pollard’s release. Sure, he was doing it for Moscow, like Rick Ames and Robert Hanssen, and to go on about him while saying nothing about the American ones is absurd.

    And now I see that the people and promoters of the opera, The Death of Leon Klinghofer, have joined the campaign again by having it performed.

    The opera is a total bit of fiction to help out Pollard when, in fact, the killing of Klinghofer helped persuade him to do his spying as it was just a piece of dirty work by Ollie North and his Iran-Contra loonys to soften up the public about blaming the assassination of Palme – what was intended trigger a non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War by John Lehman, Jr.’s Navy – on Yasser Arafat’s PLO if it could not be hooked up to Moscow.

    Pollard should and will be released for what he and the other spies did because they saved us from unexpected nuclear annihilation.

    Of course, by the time the smoke settled from the murders of Williams and Loftus, the Swedes went ahead with their smoke-screen prosecution of him – what will end up as a complete fiasco in the end because it will take so long before it is finished that everyone will have forgotten about what it was really about.

  3. moonkoon  February 29, 2012 at 7:20 am

    Apologies, I forgot to include the link for the second quote.

  4. moonkoon  February 29, 2012 at 7:13 am

    There are hints in this Guardian report that Bradley was downloading blocks of “cables” that had been prepared and compressed into a single file suitable for sharing (zip, csv etc.).

    … In a folder called “blue”, Shaver said he found a zip file in which there was a spreadsheet containing record numbers for all state department cables in March, April and May 2010. …
    … In other parts of Manning’s user profile, Shaver said he found two files each containing 100 complete department of state cables. They had all been put into a form of file known as a CSV, which Saver said meant they were easier to transmit from one database to another. …
    … Manning was able to download a huge quantity of documents using the programme, called Wget. The programme, which, according to records, Manning started to use from early March 2010, was used hundreds of times to illegally download classified files, it was claimed. … (Note it was hundreds, not hundreds of thousands… )

    Once the “cables” are in this form all you then need is the URL of the file-sharing location, bung that into Wget, log off and leave Wget to complete its task(s). A similar type of utility could then be used to forward the files to a third party.

    Speaking of file-sharing and file-sharers, how about this interesting bit of trivia? The recently accused file-sharing king, Kim Dotcom used a company called Trendax as the corporate vehicle for one of his other business ventures.
    … The holding company’s first offspring was Trendax, “the money making machine”—an allegedly artificial intelligence-driven hedge fund that mostly got attention for its Flash-heavy homepage. For a $50,000 investment, the fund offered the promise of untold riches—an annual return of at least 25 percent on investments—generated through “a complex combination of sophisticated technical analysis, real-time content analysis of news feeds, multi-dimensional statistical analysis and advanced proprietary mathematical techniques.” … (Yeah right…)

    And that other famous file-sharer, Julian, used the handle, Mendax, during his earlier file-sharing forays.
    … eventually Assange became a part of a hacking collective known as the International Subversives, adopting the moniker “Mendax”. …

    Great minds think alike, it seems. :-)

  5. AnthonyH  February 28, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Heart breaking… appalling. Amercan children eating rats; two or three vacant/foreclosed homes for every tent dweller; and you’ve barely scratched the surface. How much more abuse is necessary before a few men realize that action is required… action based on real, but hidden, history?
    It appears that I have a monopoly on knowledge of this history – not because I tried to keep it that way. I have offered my findings for more than ten years; and I’m reluctant to guess why those who complain refuse to learn these lessons of history.
    My writings have several times passed tests of due diligence; mainly by lawyers. One of my readers commented, “Finally, after 217 years, someone explains what the First Amendment really means.”
    As I’ve noted in an earlier comment,
    “My focus is redress of grievances. I started about forty years ago and eventually offered an alternative to the Federal Reserve (a gold-based banking service) and operated it for twenty-eight years until the IRS and DoJ destroyed it 2004.
    “My concern here is that we all need to know what to do.
    “What you aim at, I believe, is to correct wrong, to make world-class bandits accountable. Historically, this process is known as ‘redress of grievances’, the substance of the American Revolution.
    “The answer to your question is: you must learn and employ lessons of redress – as in First-Amendment redress. This includes a) investigation and prosecution of those accused of grievances; b) raising capital to finance such investigations, to compensate everyone involved in the investigation until recovery of booty stolen by accused (with trillions missing from SSA, DoD, HUD et cetera, there should be plenty to recover); c) providing protection for victims, witnesses and investigators; and d) any other related activity. All of these are rights and powers available to us by the First-Amendment redress.
    “All these are needed right now by members and readers of Veterans Today – and a few dozen other groups.
    “But, who knows it? There is hardly a judge, lawyer or professor who can provide this information. If there are any, I think I can safely say they acquired most or part of their knowledge from my book, The Lost Right, edition 3.5. http://redressone.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/the-right-of-revolution/
    “If you are inclined in this direction, you have three options:
    “One: endure four hundred years and oceans of blood while you and millions of others attempt to re-invent the law and procedures of redress… as the English endured from the Magna Charta to their revolution of 1620-50;
    “Two: study forty to sixty thousand pages of original histories – and endure one or two oceans of blood… as I have done, or:
    “Three: study and employ findings presented in my book. It is a manual designed to carry you from start to a fully functional American revolution (which is little more than a redress of accumulated grievances; and grievances are perpetual; thus, for civilized men, there will be no end to redress of grievances). The book includes a history, the law and technology of redress… all derived from facts of history and my experience. It also details distinctions between a Bolshevik (which strengthens tyranny) and an American (which advances liberty) revolution. Without this knowledge you might as well resign yourself to being suckered into a Bolshevik revolution. (http://redressone.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/is-occupy-wall-street-a-bolshevik-or-an-american-revolution/)

    • PAUL LEO FASO  February 29, 2012 at 5:28 am

      “But there are flaws in our origin, now, the nation is drowning in grievances; what shall we do?”

      Your question is best answered by an end around play – leave the government redress out of the equation and direct the attack at the private, non government Federal Reserve Bank and their complicit shareholders under a class action lawsuit on behalf of 310 million citizens of the United States of America.

      Additionally, file criminal charges under R.I.C.O. against all the criminals in the private and government sectors.

      See following link;


  6. PallMall  February 28, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Why does VT protect and refuse to name the names of the people it claims are acting against us? Why do you protect these people? Scared? And why no links?

    “Cutting more or less to the chase here, the “creator” of this fascinating story about 1973 had one purpose. He is defending Syria and discrediting Egypt and the United States.

    This is the current policy of Israel. The odd point of this, theoretically at least, is that our author, who others can name, makes his living as an “anti-zionist” and critic of Israel.“

  7. John G.  February 28, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Gordon, thanks for decoding the torrent of ‘news’ for us. I appreciate it!

  8. ricohernan  February 28, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Greed makes one worship mammon

  9. Tom Valentine  February 28, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Everyone works for Israel, they invented “capitalism,” crony capitalism, and monopoly money, didn’t they?
    Hell, according to Moses and others they invented God and Goy, too; we never had a chance. When enough of us dumb goy catch on, they have the Samson Option or some damned thing. But I shouldn’t be bitter.

  10. PAUL LEO FASO  February 28, 2012 at 7:02 am


    Great job with the overview, the video of our flying craft shows the White American Star on the leading edge – should get everybody’s attention.

    The following link from last year, during the uprising in Egypt has posted one of my comments on suppressed energy patents as it relates to the middle east and the rigged oil game. The comment is at the bottom of the article.


    The following action is what needs to be done to rectify the horror show that continues to destroy this nation;


  11. PhilipShahak  February 28, 2012 at 6:09 am

    From my understanding the Stratfor stuff was supplied to Wikileaks by Anonymous. Friedman is an obvious Mossad agent delivering US Intel to Israel; interesting too, that the article in Haaretz about the Kurdish and Mossad attack on the Iranian nuclear facility outed UK sayan David Leigh, a ‘journalist’ for the Guardian newspaper. Leigh of course is a traitor like all sayanim but Cameronstein will not touch him and you can bet the Zionist UK MSM will suppress the Leigh story.

  12. Chris  February 28, 2012 at 5:10 am

    Didn’t one of Assange’ former colleagues from Cryptome basically come out and say that Assange was either working for Israel or shielding them for some reason? It seems obvious. Look at Assange’ own comments dismissing 9/11 truth. We all know where the road to 9/11 truth leads. Tel Aviv.

    • Jim W. Dean  February 28, 2012 at 7:35 am

      Right, the German guy. Instead of working as a team with committee decisions, Assange started locking them out of the process, with the spin that he was bringing all the money (from you know who) and those folks only trusted him…so they took a hike. But by that time they had served their purpose, and all the dough was coming in from the ‘little people’…which some of it was.

      We found Assange’s close relationship with Murdoch within a few hours of looking. and the next day dug up that the Israelis were being allowed to scree their stuff. Netanyahu even went public in Israeli press that ‘we will be okay…nothing will hurt us.’

      But we got a big boost from Brezinski from his NPR show where he blew the lid on the ‘seeding’. How did we know? Easy. We had staff here who had written some of the reports leaked and spotted right away that anything sensitive to you know who was deleted.

      That mainly included all the mentions of Israeli terror squads running around both in the Iraq and Afghan theaters creating mayhem, which included sniper kills on US troops where they were videod and put online…something to boost support for ‘kill all the muslims’ back at home. And then all mention of the contractors being involved in major drug hauling was also removed.

      Things were also added to reports that was not in them initially. So the game was up there, and we went on the offensive the fall of 2010. We new that only a major Intel agency…one of the top six could have done that. It was not hard to figure out who. You can find the original stories in Gordon’s archive. We got Assange.


    • Chris  February 28, 2012 at 7:46 am

      Yes, I do remember Netanyahu saying that. Like his comments about 9/11 being good for Israel he has a propensity to let some truth slip out from time to time if one is paying attention. Same with Z-Big.

      If Assange/Wikileaks were for real we all know the media would not cover it. That was the first red flag for me personally. Tons of free press from the MSM before they even published anything. Major red flag.

      Julian Assange-“”I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

      Yes, I’m quite sure that Israel is very annoyed by those of us who dont ignore their role in 9/11.

      One more thing about the wikileaks fraud-what happened to the “big bank cables” we were told would be released by wikileaks? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember those ever actually materializing. Figures.

  13. Charlotte NC Bill  February 28, 2012 at 2:24 am

    The image of the smoldering Israeli tank made my day-only that should have happened at OUR hands in ’67 when the Israelis purposely and viciously attacked the Liberty..

    • Jim W. Dean  February 28, 2012 at 7:21 am

      Fabulous story behind it. The key to the strategy was Israeli supremacism. They never felt for a second that Egyptian infantry could withstand an all out tank assault, so the Saddat knew their strategy would be to pile the tanks on.

      So they trained their infantry to allow the tanks to roll over them and not begin to start raining tows on them until they were in the middle, and could be fired upon from 360 degrees…with the tanks’ rears always exposed for someone. But post battlefield report I remember is that these battlefield looked like giant spider webs, with the tow guide wires all crisscrossing but generally point toward the middle.

      When Israeli command could no longer contact these unit they thought is was a communications problem. And when initial cryptic reports started to dribble in, ‘They’re gone…all gone,’ they did not believe them.

      That said, training or no, and the Egyptian companies know that had huge numbers of Twos…it takes steel balls to let tanks run over you as one of their tactics is to stop and run along trenches digging and grinding the occupants to mush.

      What made it work was their confidence that with a huge tow supply that they would be shooting ducks in a barrel, that their was no place to run to, and the last place anyone would want to be in that situation is inside a tank. None of this was reported in Western media of course.

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