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Breaking – Exclusive: Japan Attack, German Terror-Intel Group Complicit

Yes, We Can Drop the Sea Bed, Watch Us Do it Again, For Real This Time

Confirmations of Nuke Move Against Japan, South Korea and US


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Michael Shrimpton, UK  VT-Bureau


Japan’s top secret Plutonium production and storage facility facing attack, a radiation catastrophe for North America planned.  Based on multiple confirmations from official sources, plans are afoot to use a Russian nuclear device to destroy the secret Japanese weapons grade facility at Rokkasho Mura in the Aomori Prefecture.

We now have strong reason to believe that the Fukajima earthquake and tidal wave were not a natural event but one engineered to damage Japan and as a “first volley” in a radiation war against the United States.

A second, far more serious attack has been discovered, the agencies involved are the NSA, the British Covert Services, the Royal Navy and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

A “repeat performance” is scheduled, one we hope this detailed report will offset.  The United States, North America in general and Northern Europe will suffer extreme radiation contamination at a level capable of inducing widespread cancers and a drastic reduction in population.

Fukajima - Before it got really bad. Act two is in progress.

This is the plan and, at the end of this article, we will specifically describe the confirmed organization that is responsible for Fukajima and the manipulation of hundreds of events that began even before the end of World War II.

The organization described includes one former two former presidents, minimally two former CIA directors, planned the assassination of JFK, has, at its disposal dozens of nuclear weapons and “energy devices” of unknown description.

Several key members of congress are active members, one a former presidential candidate, some willingly, some blackmailed, either by pedophile rings in the US and Europe or through threats and extortion.  Of the “secret organizations” and “terror groups,” those we describe count, to a very large degree as both, the visible part of what we are not ever allowed to see, what no one sees, the rulers, whose visage is as fatal as looking on the face of god.

Well known families are involved, in some cases, those scheduled to rise to power have been “replaced” with trained agents.  What had been “Internet rumor” is no longer such, it is fact.

Breivik is a member of this organization as are the police in Norway, Poland and elsewhere.  The P2/Gladio operation, responsible for acts of terror through the 70s, 80s and 90s were this organization, sanctioned by NATO and the CIA but purely working for a cabal of pseudo-ubermenchen, delusional super-humans.

Widely known for many years - But widely unknown at the same time.

By their own pronouncement its members of ancient bloodlines who stand above the Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones or the more public low ranking secret societies.

Freemasonry, the Jesuits and hundreds of high ranking Satanists who sit at the forefront of American government and power, at the forefront of all of Europe, are served by this organization.

The bizarre patters of rendition, the secret prisons, the need to oversee everything from intersection cameras to cash registers that calculate our eating habits, these things represent far more than incursions on privacy.

Were we to speak unpleasant truth one would note that it wasn’t democracy that won World War II.  America lost, just as General Patton told Eisenhower.  Russia would rule the east and infiltrate the West.  Germany’s services under Carnaris would bring America to her knees, even if it took decades, which it did.

The end of the Cold War and the beginning of the War on Terror, as smooth a transition as imaginable, its own “Pearl Harbour,” planned so carefully, timed so easily, wars that last decades, faith in everything disappearing, a world taught to “take it in the behind and keep its mouth shut,” that was so much more, even than expected.

An important aspect of putting together the coup of 2001 began in 1945 when “the defeat” turned into American disarmament and the establishment of political organizations that would turn America from global superpower to slave state.

“Paperclip” was part of that takeover, Allen Dulles, his brother John Foster Dulles, both Hitler’s lawyers at one time, Richard Nixon joined the cabal bringing Kissinger, General Dornberger and Colonel Werner Von Braun of the SS were tasked with strangling the US missile and space programs.

Fort Bliss Texas - 104 captured German rocket engineers

It was George H.W. Bush, aided by his elderly father, Senator Prescott Bush, that positioned them for their work.

“This third day of October, 1942, is the first of a new era in transportation, that of space travel… ” —Walter Dornberger, speech at Peenemünde 3 October 1942

“I have had to apologize only to two men in my whole life. The first was Field Marshal von Brauchitsch. I did not listen to him when he told me again and again how important your research was. The second man is yourself. I never believed that your work would be successful. ” —Adolf Hitler, Apology to Major-General Dornberger, 8 July 1944

Gen. Dornberger and von Braun after capture - WWII

Learn all you can about Dornberger, about him, about Bush, about Dulles, about Lee Oswald, about von Braun.

Bush, war hero of Chi Chi Jima or something very different, shot down over water or landed and was later delivered to a waiting American submarine as arranged through our Japanese enemies and Admiral McCain.

He, the senior Admiral McCain,  is said by a knowledgeable few to have been the architect of naval disasters, nearly responsible for the deaths of 25,000 abandoned Marines on Guadalcanal.  They claim he was working for the Axis, promised much if he assured America lost the war, all rumor and inuendo, of course.

Japanese sources say they still have “41’s” PBR, looking like the day it came off the assembly line, buried in a cave on Hokaido next to the skeletons of the Korean workers tasked with burying it.

There could, of course, be no truth to this no matter how reliable the source or how much sense the story makes based on investigations of that day, reports from other crews or the miraculous survival of one so conveniently  saved while the rest of the crew disappeared though their plane could have floated for an hour.

Ah, but I digress…

Are these the rumors the Internet brings us or suppressed history, knowledge and proof of which, were such proof to exist, to be a sentence of death.

Years later we saw another McCain, an admiral, engineer the attack on the USS Liberty, arranging the killing of an American crew.  Who and what can order such things, profit from such?

John McCain - Fellow Hanio Hilton Pows wanted him courtmarshalled

We saw his son on 32 broadcasts while a prisoner of war, standing accused of treason, now serving in the Senate alongside Senator Lieberman, McCain enjoying a heroic history and a presidential pardon at the same time.  We even have one Medal of Honor winner with similar qualifications.

Patton is turning over in his grave, these and so many like them, either heroes or respected and esteemed, having spent lives as petty plotters, minor pirates or war criminals, this is, of course, if there is any substance to what so many tell with such reluctance.

This being “Bilderberger Week,” we find ourselves asking who our masters are.  I will simply offer you a glimpse at their enforcers and tell you the history you have been taught, much of it you have read, seen on television, watch daily on The Military History Chanel and such is, not just a blend of truth and a sea of propaganda but more insidious.

To the rulers, the wars, I and II, so many others, are but squabbles, opportunities for profit, signposts along the way toward an end that will leave the planet unrecognizable and depeopled.

Our elite, the CRF, the Bilderbergers and such wouldn’t be allowed to serve tea to our rulers.  I won’t discuss them but were one to take a DNA sample, more would be understood.


Now there is another task, one aimed at the United States, willing to sacrifice more of Japan, a nation dying as we speak, willing to lay waste to even Northern Germany, and environs, the “homeland” Hitler was so willing to see destroyed as undeserving of his trust.

As we are told, the dates will be June 21 or 22.  We have a second confirmation for August 17.  Both are earthquakes, same area, tremendous damage, one a nuclear disaster, one predicted as natural but reported by an intelligence agency.

We looked for responses from South Korea, none, and from China, who I believe has been active in moving to control North Korea through a series of assassinations.  I have been told I am totally wrong, totally wrong though mostly correct.  I had trouble understanding that one.

Let me be clear.  If there is an earthquake along the area we are predicting in Japan then it will be an act of war against the United States and require a response.  It will most certainly require for us to abandon our Disneyesque disinformation campaign, convincing Americans they live in an imaginary world populated by “liberals and conservatives.” a shoddy cover for something far more sinister, far more global and even beyond economic determinism.

We are dealing with forces that don’t even care about wealth and what we have come to understand as power.

Japanese Weapons Enrichment Facility on this Map..Somewhere

You may be able to find it.  It is large, it looks like something else, it is isolated, it appears to serve a national purpose but lacks certain facilities, taking advantage of the innate lack of curiosity Japanese suffer and America’s ambivalence at seeing an ally ready to “step up” and accept its historical destiny.  Others have ideas of derailing that destiny.

We are only hinting here, this is a story too dangerous to tell.  We can mention the Bush and McCain family, generations of it, the Dulles family, so many familiar names

Japan has several thousand kilograms of machined Plutonium “pits” in storage here, enough to “go nuclear” in hours if threatened by China.  This facility is under threat of destruction by what is meant to appear as an earthquake.

The source of the quake will be a Russian nuclear warhead, currently on-board a German diesel/electric Model 21 submarine heading for refueling at this time in the Philippine Islands.  There it will take on a new crew.

Refueling will take place adjacent to the Eversley Yacht Club near Mindoro.  We have the names of those involved, the exact location of this operation and the path the submarine will take.

This will be along the Chinese coast, inside Taiwan, past Shanghai and very close to the Korean Peninsula, close enough to be of interest to the government of South Korea.

Planned speed is 13 knots and the submarine will arrive off Japan on June 7, 2012 for a planned rendezvous with the MV Hi Chikyu Maru, the deep sea drilling vessel reported by some to have been conveniently placed during the destruction of the Fukajima nuclear plant, the largest “accident” or “event” of its kind, a thousand times worse than Chernobyl.

Perhaps the most amazing part of this is the cover being used by the Chikyu Maru.  It’s “quasi-official” role is the destruction of Japanese defense infrastructure on behalf of a dozen or more named conspiracies.

Meaning, of course, any convenient “mishap” near this ship cannot be attributed to them as they have been “vaccinated” by planted stories in the fringe press


The nuclear weapon involved had left Bremerhaven, one of four, weeks ago.  We had been told it was taken ashore in the UK, “dialed” or “detuned” to 100 kilotons for an attack to disrupt the London Olympics.  Several intelligence agencies were involved after the American VELA satellite system detected the weapon which disappeared when the submarine submerged immediately after loading.

Gossip from Whitehall indicated that a “certain ministry” had grounded Britain’s aircraft capable of detecting nuclear material, something we were able to confirm from many sources from intelligence agencies to simply Facebook gossip originating from operational personnel.

Days later, the “all clear” was given, and a “not very public” statement was issued to intelligence agencies that the weapon had been recovered.  We now believe this announcement to have been purposefully misleading, that the weapon was moved, not “recovered” and was reloaded onto a German Model 21 U Boat.   Quote from a knowledgeable source on the logistical questions raised by this mission:

“Confusion re U-Boat probably engendered by refit – we think she IS a  Type XXI, but refitted with new diesel engines for surface running and  Type 212 type Air Independent Propulsion.
 Transit time right in the ball-park – we are thinking 13 knots,  journey 13,000 nautical miles, transit 1,000 hours, ie approximately  41 days 16 hours.  Allowing for estimated departure on 23rd April, and  two days for refuelling, crew changeover, routine maintenance etc,  arrival in the target are on June 7th is credible, plus or minus say  two days.”

The form of delivery, doom will come in such a historical package, a Nazi superweapon, a submarine decades beyond what was capable, refitted, one of several, on another mission.

Editing: Jim W. Dean




By Michael Shrimpton for Veterans Today


This is a hot intel topic and one which has provoked a certain amount of debate within the Intelligence Community (INTELCOM).  That is partly because much of the material, including SATINT of the agency’s HQ in Dachau Germany (about a klick from the old concentration camp, a former DVD facility) has been classified at too high a level in this author’s humble opinion.  As Gordon Duff can confirm this author is very humble.  (Ed: Mike is humble…not.)

DVD stands for Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst, or German Defense Service.  It was set up by German spymaster Admiral Wilhelm Canaris in 1943/4, after he appreciated that Germany was going to lose the war.  He and his deputy, GeneralLeutnant Erwin von Lahousen, a serious Kraut, were determined that Germany would win the peace, which to date she has done.  They started moving files, gold, officers and other stuff down to Dachau from Berlin as early as the fall of 1943.  Nazis were not invited.  The DVD are not and never have been Nazi – these were the boys who installed the Nazis, and they were a lot smarter.  Your average Nazi was pretty dumb, no smarter than your average Democrat.

The DVD arranged to extend the war for 6 months, by pushing Operation Market Garden, the abortive attempt to cross the Rhine and outflank the Krauts.  They used assets in the British Army to hold up the advance of XXX Corps on Arnhem and assets in the Air Ministry to suppress photo-intel of the SS Panzer Division they moved in to the Arnhem area, ie our guys were ambushed.  The extra time was needed to move gold, cash and folk out of Germany into Argentina and elsewhere, using a covert fleet of modified Type XXI U-Boats, used for cargo work (they were never put through the books of the Kriegsmarine).  Three at least of that fleet are still in business, 67 years later, refitted with Air Independent Propulsion and new diesels.  If that sounds old remember the Big E – great ship – is still going strong more than 50 years after she was commissioned, indeed her proposed decommissioning is premature.

Canaris faked his death in ’45 – he has two graves.  As I reveal in my forthcoming history of the DVD, Spyhunter, there is even a post-war photo of Canaris, in the biography by one of his more loyal lieutenants, one Colonel Whiting, of the OSS and DVD, allegedly taken in 1944 (t wasn’t).    His head of air intelligence was GeneralMajor Adolfo Galland, who has two interesting gaps in his resume, covering the Korean War and the Vietnam War.   The ‘Chinese’ Mig-15s in Korea (a German design by the way) never flew over South Korea and always returned north of the Yalu because most of their pilots were German.

Dolfo repeated the same trick in Vietnam.   You won’t find many genuine North Vietnamese air aces signing prints of their Mig-21s – most of the Mig 21 pilots over ‘Nam were Luftwaffe, ie West German, with some East Germans as well.  There was no Cold War split in German intelligence – the DVD ran both the West German BND (Gehlen was DVD) and the Stasi, their key man in East Berlin being the author’s old ‘friend’ (strictly an enemy, but the old boy and he got on well) GeneralOberst Markus Wolf.

It is only in recent years that the last senior Luftwaffe officers with operational experience in ‘Nam have retired.  Many of them were trained by the USAF, eg in Texas, in American air combat tactics, a gross deception by the Germans, who were of course very familiar with the capabilities of the F-4.  The author once ‘congratulated’ a German air force general at a drinkies on shooting down 4 B-52s over Hanoi – the poor guy had nowhere to go.  Of course the author would have much preferred it had the general had been shot down, but if you want your Hun to cough you have to be nice to him.   The author didn’t get intel out of Markus Wolf by being offensive – and you had to get up pretty early in the morning if you wanted something out of Markus.  He was treated badly by his own people by the way, one reason why we know so much about them.  They can’t stop double-crossing their own – your Jerry will always sacrifice another Jerry for the Fatherland.

The DVD control most of the world’s cocaine and heroin trade, all the major paedophile rings and the COREA Group.  They have a UK operation, known as GO2, inspiration for Ian Fleming’s fictional ‘OO’ section.  The Bilderberg group and Trilateral Commission are DVD front organisations, although most of their members are unaware of that – you have to get through to the hard, inner core before you get the intelligence connection.  Nice Trilats like Judge Bill Webster (hi Bill!) are nothing whatsoever to do with the DVD.   The DEA boys south of the border will occasionally encounter the Krauts who control the cartels, but they usually stay pretty deep.

Their political assets are legion, one reason the US lost the Vietnam War and the UK fouled up so badly over the IRA.   They specialise in talent-spotting and blackmailing future leaders.  Several US Presidents have been close to the DVD, Eisenhower being a prominent example.    Kennedy wasn’t, which is why he became an ex-President, sadly.  If you know that Allen ‘von’ Dulles and Richard ‘von’ Helms were DVD it’s a lot easier to make sense of that operation.   In Britain Macmillan, Wilson and Heath were all DVD assets, hence their enthusiasm for the UK joining the EU, aka the German Sphere of Influence.  The bad guys are still in business, in a big way.  The agency seems to have about 10,000 people and its HQ complex is quite large, mostly underground.


Michael Shrimpton

Michael Shrimpton was born on 9th March 1957 in the RAF Hospital, Ely, in Cambridgeshire, the son of an RAF fighter pilot and a former RAF nursing sister.  Brought up in Australia, where his family emigrated after his father took up a second career as an Air Traffic Controller, Michael returned to England to study law in 1978.

He graduated with honours from the University of Wales in 1981 and was elected President of the Union of University College Cardiff the same year.  He was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1983.  Whilst at university he joined the RAFVR’s University of Wales Air Squadron, flying first solo in 1979 on the Bulldog T Mk. 1.

Originally a member of the Labour Party and a Parliamentary Candidate in 1987 he defected to the Tory Party on the issue of Europe in 1997.  He has always been opposed to UK membership of the EU.

In 1999/2000 he represented the late General Pinochet in successful negotiations in Washington with inter alia the late Lt-Gen Vernon Walters, formerly Deputy Director of the CIA, ensuring the general’s return to Chile.  After that he was increasingly drawn into the intelligence world, representing intelligence officers and providing analysis to governments and intelligence agencies.

After 9-11 he appeared on specialist counter-terrorism panels in Washington and LA with former general and flag officers.  His analysis on the true pilot training of the 9-11 pilots has never been seriously challenged within INTELCOM.   He assisted both Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9-11 and met with a member of the 9-11 Commission in Washington.

Michael has briefed staffers on the House Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee.  He was a frequent visitor to the Pentagon in the Bush-Cheney years.  He was a speaker at the inaugural Intelligence Conference (Intelcon) in 2005 and the Intelligence Summit in 2006, after which he was flown out to the USS Enterprise at sea by the US Navy, as part of their Distinguished Visitor Program.  He is one of comparatively few British civilians to have completed a carrier landing and catapult take-off cycle from a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

In 2006 he was appointed to the Adjunct Faculty of the American Military University, where he taught on the Masters in Strategic Intelligence Program.  He has been a sometime member of the Royal United Services Institute, the Military Commentators Circle, the International Institute of Strategic Studies and Chatham House.   He has published in the national security field and in 2010 took an 18 month sabbatical to write his ground-breaking intelligence text Spyhunter.

He has a wide range of defence and intelligence contacts.  Although mostly concerned with intelligence analysis, teaching and writing Michael has popped up in the occasional hotspot, such as the West Bank, the Golan Heights and Israeli-Lebanese frontier.   He has travelled widely, including Eastern Europe and has visited over 35 US states, including Alaska.


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139 Responses to "Breaking – Exclusive: Japan Attack, German Terror-Intel Group Complicit"

  1. Michael Shrimpton  June 18, 2012 at 9:05 am

    No offense Steve but the less intelligent a response the less notice intelligence professionals are likely to take of it.

    Of course FDR wasn’t working for the Jerries, Marshall, who gave Germany lots of US taxpayers’ dollars, was however, hence his suppression of intel warnings re the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Since Stalin reported to Canaris, ie both had the same boss, it was scarcely surprising that he helped clear the way for Soviet domination over Eastern Europe.

    You are correct that he was promoted, or more strictly, over-promoted, over the heads of more able officers, but that was because he was Marshall’s protege.

    In the Suez War he backed our enemy Egypt, helping to undermine Britain’s great Prime Minister, Sir Anthony Eden MC, who unlike Eisenhower had a distinguished combat record. Since Nasser was working for the Jerries, run by their man Miles Copeland, of the DVD’s COREA Group and the CIA, there are no surprises there. Interesting man Copeland – bumped into a contact of his only last week. Like Eisenhower he was a past master at deception.

    Not buying Van Coc’s claims re numbers of US aircraft shot down – I am not aware that any have been verified. Hanoi put out out some names, but it was a deception exercise.

    • Steve  June 19, 2012 at 10:15 am

      Blah blah blah, if you are an example of ‘intelligence professionals’ then humanity is certainly doomed.

      So Marshall was working for the Jerries too, and Stalin? But not FDR? But FDR appointed Marshall, and supported Stalin, in fact helped save his bacon. And presided over any PH suppression Marshall was involved in. And how would ‘Jerry’ be served by having the Soviets trash and occupy half of Germany, mass rape German women and prevent ‘Jerry’ from winning the war and achieving world domination praytell?

      Good old Eden, the one who invaded Egypt with France and Israel, based on lies and paranoia, and made Britain a laughing stock, and who refused to help the Bulgarian Jews escape in case Hitler released the rest!

      Van Coc is more verified than anything you have claimed, beyond platitudes. And it’s plain as day who is running the ‘deception exercise’ here, and it’s not Hanoi.

      This might have been funny if it wasn’t so obscene.

  2. Michael Shrimpton  June 14, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    A brief reply, before I dash off to court to do my day-job! The theory that Eisenhower was working for the Americans is an interesting one but flawed. He was a Jerry and he worked for the Jerries.

    Forget the Jewish thing – the Abwehr, Eisenhower’s agency, loved using Jewish assets. They provided great cover.

    Question – where are all those hotshot North Vietnamese fighter jocks? There weren’t any.

    The first person to suggest to me that the air defense of Hanoi was being run by Krauts was a former B-52 commander with combat experience over ‘Nam by the way. He was right and I gather Hanoi confirmed to that nice man Donald Rumsfeld when he flew into Hanoi, shortly after I’d briefed in his people.

    • Steve  June 16, 2012 at 2:18 am

      This just gets progressively more ludicrous (apart from obscene). Eisenhower was a US general, appointed by FDR (over more senior offficers) to be the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. Somehow that makes him a ‘Jerry working for the Jerries’? Presumably FDR was also a ‘Jerry working for the Jerries’ then too. And Marshall, who gave him earlier promotions and appointments. And even Churchill, who didn’t object, and worked with him. In fact pretty much the whole Allied CoC. Wow, amazing what we didn’t know. Of course the fact that Ike rejected any pro Kraut measures such as taking Berlin without a fight before the Reds moved in and trashed the place before settling down for a 50 year stay, and actually feeding and housing German pows so that vast numbers did not die in his camps, are just further proofs of your thesis. Further to which, no doubt the Israelis are Kraut stooges too, after all, as you say, forget the Jewish thing, etc etc.

      There certainly were NV fighter aces, 16 in fact, more than the US had. Start with the top one, Nguyen Van Coc, with 7 planes shot down, the top score in the Nam.

      The air defense of Hanoi was more likely run by Brits than Krauts, however it was in fact run by Vienamese with Russian and Chinese aid.

      You are a charlatan writing fantasy.

  3. char2643  June 11, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Fukushima as planned http://preparator.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/japan-tsunami-reactor-gallery/

  4. Michael Shrimpton  June 10, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Hi everyone. Please forgive the slowness of my response, we have been concentrating on dealing with the threat. Latest reporting is that Chikyu Maru is off station, apparently having been so ordered,, and the Type XXI has been ordered back to Germany. Whether she will make it is an open question. Hopefully the US, South Korean or Royal Australian Navies will be able to effect an intercept, ideally forcing her to the surface for capture and weapon recovery, although as we saw in World War II Jerry is usually pretty quick to bail out of surfaced U-Boats and scuttle them.

    No apologies for referring to Jerry as Jerry, that’s how we do it over here. Please bear in mind that my homeland was severely bombed by the Hun in the last war (inviting an even heavier retribution), that Germany forced us into the EEC in 1973 and several friends of mine, or friends of friends, have been murdered by the DVD, including Christopher Storey in 2010 and Ross McWhirter. Had the Rokkasho Mura facility been breached then the American homeland would have suffered its first German-sponsored mass casualty attack since 9-11, most likely with many more dead.

    ‘Over Hanoi’ was loose use of language – I should have said ‘over North Vietnam whilst flying missions against Hanoi.’ Total B-52 losses in combat were in fact 17. Furthermore ‘four’ was the general’s unofficial Luftwaffe tally – because there has never been a public admission that West Germany was a belligerent in the Vietnam War on the side of North Vietnam there has never been a reconciliation of Luftwaffe pilot claims of US, South Vietnamese and Australian aircraft shot down with Allied records. Based on the experience of World War 2 Luftwaffe claims were probably about double the actual number shot down.

    Eisenhower only pretended to be anti-German. He worked for Canaris before, during and after World War 2. His disgraceful treatment of German civilians and POWs was purely cover. Patton strongly objected, probably having suspected Eisenhower’s true loyalties, which may have contributed to Eisenhower’s and Canaris’ decision to assassinate him.

    Good point re the seismic signature. Fukushima is complex, because you have Scalar High Energy (aka HAARP) bombardment of the crust PLUS one of the 500KT P700 nukes which came out of the Ukraine in 2002. Of course seismologists have been consulted and of course the signatures of the nuclear blast and follow-on quake are different. What you have at Fukushima is a double seismic signature, ie blast first, followed by the quake.

    I strongly suspect that the same double-signature appeared on Boxing Day 2004 but I was not involved in that investigation and have not yet called it as a mass casualty attack.

    I note the anti-Semitic jibes from a small minority of idiots. Whilst I am not Jewish I count myself a good friend of Israel and have always enjoyed working with the Mossad. They are great fun, highly professional and good people. Note I said ‘with’ not ‘for’ – I am no more a Mossad agent than I am a British agent.

    I intend doing follow-up articles on the DVD, and a wash-up on the foiled Rokkasho Mura attack. My forthcoming book Spyhunter will of course detail the history of the DVD, assuming it is actually published! the DVD are the world’s blackest, most violent and most powerful intelligence agency, but they can be beaten and ultimately will be shut down, just as the Third Reich was. The only issues are how long it will take and how many more lives will have to be sacrificed before Allied governments get a grip.

    • Steve  June 12, 2012 at 6:55 am

      More disgusting garbage. West Germany a belligerent on the side of North Vietnam? Whilst occupied by strong US forces and a member of NATO? Without a shred of evidence? What complete crap, an obvious attempt to turn Americans against Germany with pure disinfo. And there are no ‘Luftwaffe pilot claims’ from Vietnam, just as there is no DVD, and there was no Canaris after his execution by the Nazis. Eisenhower was Jewish, and his dislike for and treatment of Germans was 100% real. And now the Mossad are ‘great fun and good people’, whilst the Germans (Jerry or the Hun in your antiquated lingo) are ‘the world’s blackest, most violent and most powerful intelligence agency’ resposible for the world’s worst crimes etc? Complete and utter sh*te. Israel for one is grateful for the subs from Germany. Interesting repayment from a supposed ‘friend of Israel’. And how incompetent could the supposedly super devious and powerful Germans be to send a ww2 sub on a 21st century super high risk mission, immediately known to everybody? What a joke. Now the fairy tale has gone down like a lead balloon there is the convenient excuse that ‘Jerry’ will scuttle the sub and the evidence. And as for your terminology, it’s 66 years out of date, ‘old chap’, and for the record, Britain bombed Germany first in 1940, repeatedly.

      You are obviously trying to create a BS myth in the whackosphere about Germany being the world’s villain to take the focus of whatever or whoever else, or just blacken Germany for your sh*tty ends, what really stinks is that VT gives you the space to do it, an utter disgrace, and obscenity. This site has lost any credibility it had thereby. Truly pitiful stuff.

    • Steve  June 12, 2012 at 7:00 am

      Oh yeah, and whatever Ike’s shortcomings, amazing that it is allowed to smear him as a Nazi stooge on a US vets site, that really is over the top, apart from the rest of the bull. Who the hell is actually running this circus?

  5. veberflus  June 6, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    The Japan incident is bad enough; plus they are still dumping in the ocean and the scientists don’t think it will be able to magically disappear. There is the long term cumulative effect scenario. Factor in all the unreported releases in The USA and other places and the D.U.. The half life is billions of years. I have read the situation is so bad in Israel they are storing sperm and eggs. I think it’s true. Factored all in plus cumulative long term exposure and hot particles it could get very nasty.

    Then it seems the Gulf which is a migratory path may be dying from the toxic they are spraying and not cleaning up the oil. Both are water soluable and can get rained on you. And that is good for you also.

    Then there is the Dr. Frankenstein at work
    You crazy bastards you went and did it. – Malcolm Jurassic Park
    You know the wonderful great idea of altering the genetic plant and animal imprint.
    I know that is going to turn out so well, intended and unintended consqueces. If you have a working brain it’s just not a good idea.

    Then they really do have barium and aluminum in those immoral illegal chemtrails for weather warfare. You need metal to carry those EMP waves for that monstroisty in Alaska HAARP. Tesla Tech – Remember all that Einstein. They are crazier than batshit dammit! None of that will hurt you either. I know if you beleive all this you are just to stupid to live. I am sorry it’s just true.

    And the mercury in the vaccines is actually good for your brain and the way those monsters handle heavy mentals it increases IQ. I know, I know if BS was dynamite you all would explode. The GMOs that indeed do kill test animals is good for everything also. Monsanto should get a humanitarian award – hell to pay more like it – anyway – do arsenic in the chicken feed will not metabolize then you eat it and it won’t build up and hurt you either. I know, I know the way they do posion it’s good for you. Then there is the flouride sodium flouride (aluminum industry waste) in the H20 and the aspartememe. Both nasty and then there is the estrogin mimicker BPA for dude looks and acts like a lady – in fact that may explain it anymore. Who the hell knows.

    The bees dying off from the electromagetic waves and pesticides – no problem there.

    None of this holds the possibilbity of genetic mutation – except the fish and the animals are. They aren’t adapting apparnelty.

    This is just the tip of the ice berg of the storm brewing on the horizon.

    Add it all together.

    If you stop and think
    It’s just my thing.

    All this is really not rocket science; it’s just not that hard.

    Don’t understand you people and I am not confused about a damn thing.
    Period end of discussion.

    I’m late – I”m late for a very important date.

  6. yaddie  June 4, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Okay, as much as we all love conspiracy theories, I’m going to have to call you out on this one. If the earthquake in Japan was really a nuke, how do you explain the aftershocks? And an explosion and an earthquake really look quite different on a seismograph, I remember from my old Geology minor. Have you consulted even ONE seismologist to confirm? Even ONE?

  7. Steve  June 3, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Another absolute howler – Ike close to ‘the Krauts’! The Jewish American who said “God I hate Germans”, and who was disgusted with the Nazis and the camps. And as for the “Luftwaffe General” who supposedly shot down 4 B-52’s over Hanoi, they all went down to SAMS, SA-2’s to be precise. Presumably the only thing that could reach them. This guy is so full of sh*t it’s amazing he hasn’t exploded. And odd how the virtually all-powerful Krauts can’t keep this guy from spilling the beans on their Fourth Reich agenda, especially given how ruthless they supposedly are. But then of course a sterling Brit will always foil Jerry at his game. What a joke. And jerk.

  8. Steve  June 3, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Some good points, see my comment near the top for more along some similar lines. This whole theme running here now is obviously patent grade A BS, how it could pass muster here is beyond belief, although there have been signs for a while of a weird wind blowing with some of the comments and pieces. The eds here need to wake the hell up and can this crap, and start exercising some judgement and objective verification.

  9. Justin Kennedy  June 2, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    I highly doubt the amount of radiation from Fukishima would lead to a worldwide catastrophe or depopulation. At Chernobyl, for example, flora and fauna are flourishing, including humans who live right near the exploded reactor. Despite fairly high levels of radiation, most plants and animals have adapted and live normally. Of course, there was no meltdown at Chernobyl (as the reactor was intentionally destroyed by a mini-nuke) and extreme levels of radiation are toxic but you are unlikely to ever get that level of exposure from a radioactive cloud.

    • Detlef Reimers  June 3, 2012 at 4:51 pm

      Justin, thanks for your comment. In Germany we have the possibility to inform ourself about radiation levels, don’t know if this is also true for the US. You are right with that statement in general. Some parts in the US do have greater radiation levels, especially after rain falls, but the heaviest contermination is done in Japan itself. Up till now I don’t believe any of the “information” that’s out there in the internet, eather from Leuren Moret, Tepco or the japanese government.

      In case, the next plot in Japan would really blow up the Plutionium facility, this would be quite another picture. This would really be a wordwide catastrophy, because Plutonium is one of the most toxic elements possible, whereas the radiation level and its effects are quite moderate compared to this.

  10. juan josecastro  June 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    I read the daniel estulin´s book “Consipiración Octopus” , it is in spanish but he described an orgazination above, too much above the bilderbergs, he said the bilderbergs are the in the “middle”…. this organization is compound by the true ELITE, not rockefeller not rothschild, all of this TRUE ELITE are NAZIS and so they are de trully masters of everything, financial, drugs cartel, military, intelligence world. One of the most important families is the FRESCOBALDI from the black venecian nobility, then The KRUPP… you know THYSSEN AND KRUPP company?

  11. foxmulder  June 2, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    What kind of a messed up planet is this anyway?? And people go about their day thinking they pretty much know what is going on…

  12. MK  June 2, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Here’s some more information that corroborates what Gordon has said. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/11/13/report-cia-safe-haven-nazis/

  13. MK  June 2, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Dear Everybody,

    Okay…now follow this stuff down the rabbit hole: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip#The_Osenberg_List

    The reason that Hitler and his henchmen were so interested in the occult and looking for the Arc of the Covenant was because they believed that there had been an advanced civilization on earth at one time…then HITLER DUG UP A VIMANA… look for the video: theorionconspiracy and look at the thing in the pit with all the German soldiers around it. That is where German avionic advances and their nuclear technology came from. That is why they wanted the paperclip scientists.



    • teresamaestro  June 2, 2012 at 6:02 pm

      The brain is an incredible work of energy mapped by schematic beyond end… of course science… will delve into any possibility en mass. This is cause and effect. Knowledge is good… how, when and where it is applied is the key. There are just not enough great minds out there ‘with moral fortitude’ to offset the short circuitry…

    • xx  June 2, 2012 at 8:01 pm


      Forgive me, they never departed. That’s the secret of all secrets.

    • Latney Davis  June 3, 2012 at 10:56 am

      @xx, WE are THEM…and via a higher frequency, will be again. “Chosen” for having chosen to be “here” and seek/distribute light, rather than hide/consume light. A challenging journey back to remembrance and discovery of a universal genealogy with multiple roots/branches.

      That is the hope.

    • xx  June 3, 2012 at 6:35 pm

      We are them is correct….however, one is not the same DNA.

    • Latney Davis  June 3, 2012 at 8:53 pm

      On the same page with that analysis/discovery. Potential hybrids as well as original “ancestral DNA strand degredation”. Too much “veil” still in my way. But definitely “onboard”.

    • xx  June 3, 2012 at 10:11 pm

      It has to do with the comment made to wolf above, and what you should be aware. Have to go.

    • Mike Kay  June 3, 2012 at 5:30 pm

      A pretty good argument can be made that the commies and the allies both wanted German scientists because of their obvious technological advances.
      Hugo Schmeisser was spirited off to the inner recesses of Russia after cessation of overt hostilities. Herr Schmeisser was the genius behind the design of cutting edge small arms, and developed the first select fire assault rifle, the MP44.
      No offense to M. Kalashnikov, the man credited with inventing the AK-47, but the AK is an obvious ripoff of the MP44.
      Everybody wanted Germany’s rocket technology, their turbojet technology, their advanced work into high altitude effects, and so on.
      No previous great civilization need apply.
      In fact, Germany most likely would have gotten the a-bomb into operation, had not a few Norwegians thrown a monkey wrench into the heavy water project-or so we are told.
      Germany had better tanks, better guns, better planes-yet at the same time their infantry had to MARCH to get anywhere, and their main battle rifle was an archaic bolt action still revered by firearm enthusiasts as a foolproof and magnificent design, yet belonging to an earlier age.
      Germany never overcame her contradictions, and never had the industrial might to bring new technology into the rank and file. If she had, WW2 history would right now be written by Germans, rather than NWO demented psychopaths.

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