Double Standards?! Who, US?

by Kevin Barrett


Here’s my latest interview on Press TV. Scroll down to find links for previous Press TV interviews. -KB

US seeks to dominate world through double standards: Analyst

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, author and Islamic studies expert, Madison about US double standards in supporting a pledge to hunt down global terrorism, but actually supporting terrorist gangs and working with them to topple independent or sovereign governments. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: We were discussing the role of the US and its Arab allies in fueling the unrest in Syria. Kofi Annan is in Syria right now and he has also pointed out that the elements that are backing militant gangs in Syria are hindering the hopes for peace.

Syria has time and time again called for the issue of foreign interference to be raised at the UN Security Council to no avail. Why isn’t this issue being brought into more focus as far as the UN goes?

Barrett: There is a double standard at work. It seems the different countries look at these things differently particularly the US, which is trying to dominate the world unilaterally. It is seeking to impose its double standard on the world.

If any other nation were supporting armed forces attacking the US from within the US that would be called terrorism and of course it would be unacceptable.

But when the same thing is happening in Syria and it is in fact the US that is supporting these armed forces attacking the Syrian government, that’s supposedly different. But it isn’t really.

At some point, the world needs to establish a single standard to deal with all these situations.

And in Syria the fact that there are foreign parties supporting these anti-government rebels, is going to have to be dealt with openly and it should be part of the process with Kofi Annan.

Press TV: Regarding the recent Friends of Syria meeting held a few days back, there was a call for imposing a Libya-Style scenario on Syria as far as implementing a no-fly zone, which was vehemently rejected by Russia. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton responded saying Russia will pay a price for it stance on Syria.

Where is this going to head? Do you think the US is banking on this Libya-style scenario to be replicated in Syria or are they going to try other ways to achieve their aims?

Barrett: I don’t think they will be able to impose their so-called no-fly zone on Syria, which really means shooting down planes and bombing the country. It’s an Orwellian sort of doublespeak term that doesn’t mean what it sound like it says.

And the Russians learned their lesson in Libya and Russia does have a much closer relationship with Syria than it had with Libya and I don’t think the Russians are going to be allowing the US and other countries to be attacking Syria openly. So I think that really is off the table, I can’t imagine that the US government is crazy enough to try to risk a war with Russia over Syria where really the US has no vital interests.

This is a war in which I’ve said in other Press TV interviews…

The real force behind the war is the Likud Zionist Party in Israel, which has an agenda to destabilize the Middle East and in particular to break Syria up into a number of different countries based on their various ethnic and religious differences.

This has been a Zionist project for decades and you can see it coming to fruition today as they’ve managed to get the US on board with it and they’re laying waste to the whole region.

Some of my other Press TV interviews:

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6 Comments for “Double Standards?! Who, US?”

  1. Admiral Samuel Locklear, who heads US Pacific Command in Hawaii wants Australia to increase it military spending.

    Who is this sack of shit to tell Australia to increase military spending???

    The EU countries have cut military spending and they are buying weapons produced in the EU not the US.

    The US Government is now INSOLVENT. The reason it got to this point is because it spends around one trillion dollars a year on military spending. The US is now BANKRUPT. The rest of the world is now doing everything it can to get off using the US dollar for trade because everyone knows that the US ship is going down.

    Read more:

  2. I do not pledge allegiance to the flag. The flag is an icon, idol. And in the 1950’s during McCarthyism religious bigots added “under god” to the pledge. This is unconstitutional and it is the constitution that defines America. Placing under god in the pledge separates Americans who do not worship invisible sky phantasms from those who do. “When fascism comes to America it will be dressed in the flag and carrying a cross.”

    Peace be upon Us,

  3. The Rahnameh

    “When I pledge allegiance to the flag, I pledge allegiance to the flag AND FOR WHICH SHE STANDS. I do not pledge allegiance to a secret conspiracy to control the world. I pledge allegiance to a set of ideals, most famously pronounced by the Constitution, and completely in line with my heritage, an ancestral descendant of Cyrus the Great, the progenitor of codified human rights. A set of ideals that are morally centered and full of virtue.”

    You captured my attention as a result of your comments and I must say that this is the best answer to what does being an American mean to me.Thank you for making these poignant words hit a nerve.I can only hope that others will feel as deeply as do I as a result.

    I read the dual Israeli/American citizens on the internet acting as though they are loyal Israeli Firsters and without sounding totally bigoted.If being anti_Semitic is being proud of my country and willing to defend it’s way of life then I guess I am about the most anti-Semitic SOB there is.

  4. Dan,

    What is Taylorism? I hope this has nothing to do with Liz.

    And, “eugenicist anti-family and anti-birth campaign” means what? “The destruction of the US economically as well as militarily?” Huh?

    It seems to me, the destruction of the US economy was orchestrated by the gurus of The Hole In The Wall St. gang when they shifted our manufacturing based economy to a financial ECOMEDY, by sending US jobs overseas to take advantage of slave labor, and screw American workers.

    As for the military, aren’t we the #1 world hegemon, even if we are under the spell of Tel Aviv? How has the blessed military suffered? The Pentagon lies and the pentagon thrives. This is all because of the “anti-birth campaign?” Focus on your own damn family.

    Peace be upon Us,

  5. One differentiation I personally like to make, Mr. Barrett, is that the US is not “America” when it acts in these ways. The US is a zombie controlled by a Zionist menace entirely. This goes for several other major nations.

    When I pledge allegiance to the flag, I pledge allegiance to the flag AND FOR WHICH SHE STANDS. I do not pledge allegiance to a secret conspiracy to control the world. I pledge allegiance to a set of ideals, most famously pronounced by the Constitution, and completely in line with my heritage, an ancestral descendant of Cyrus the Great, the progenitor of codified human rights. A set of ideals that are morally centered and full of virtue.

    Thus, our United States of America exists. Whether or not the fools who choose to exploit the name currently believe that is irrelevant to me. They have hijacked many good things to their own end. They cannot hijack our ideals.

    Game Theory 101 says slap their Monopoly board game in the air and refuse to play!

    Otherwise, I agree wholeheartedly with you.

    • Good points as usual, Rahnameh. Your putting ‘America’ in quotes draws the distinction between our sovereign society and its oppressive federal government now controlled almost entirely by Zionists. We have, supposedly, our first black president who’ll get about 95% of the black vote despite his championing an open borders policy which ensures that the most needy, inner-city black Americans will never find a decent job for the rest of their lives, nor will their children or grandchildren. We should bear in mind that to the secular and orthodox Talmudists in charge, for whom Obama is little more than a wooden ventriloquist’s doll, and on no less a Talmudic authority than Maimonides himself, blacks are considered as subhumans existing roughly midway between homo sapiens and monkeys. White Americans in their eyes have either no souls or an imperfect soul marked by evil. We’re dealing with, ultimately, the greatest spiritual evil mankind has ever faced, and the only solution will be spiritual. In the eyes of our Zionist masters, I’m sure, the difference between Syrians, say, and we Americans is that we are more, and not less, of a threat to their plan for imposing Zionist despotism around the globe, with the consequences becoming more evident with each passing curtailment of our rights. Working hand in glove with white Protestant fascist elites, the Zionists have been engaged in ethnic cleansing (boiling frogs-style genocide, that is) against the American people by stealth for 70 or 80 years, which aims to destroy the moral fiber of our people to render them apathetic and incapable of resisting their enslavement, not just to debt, but to Taylorism and other dehumanizing forms of social engineering in the workplace. They’ve atomized society to the extent that children despise their parents and communities and see freedom as unbridled expression of animal appetites rather than our schools educating them to understand that their human fulfillment requires restraining those impulses. You wouldn’t think you could get animals in a cage to behave this way, but such is the power of this evil in our midst. One irony is that this eugenicist anti-family and anti-birth campaign, all in the name of family health and freedom, of course, was predicted by NSA studies done in the 70s to result in the destruction of the US economically as well as militarily around this time, and quite independently of the ongoing Zionist transfer of all of America’s wealth into their hands. Another irony is that big name philanthropy amounts to little more than eugenics encapsulated in the sugar coating of health, education, and freedom. We’re as much the victims of these monsters as the Syrians, but at least they can see them for what they are.

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