AURORA: Asking the Right Questions

by Martin Maloney


Although there have been stories I the alternative media about the events in Aurora, I’m going to limit the scope of this article to analyzing the mainstream version of what happened.

First, let’s look at the weather. According to, the temperature at 12:05 AM was 77 F. The Weather Channel

The “uniform” of the typical male attendee would have been T-shirt and cut-offs. Yet we are supposed to believe that the shooter, fully-dressed from head to toe, moreover wearing a helmet, a gas mask, gloves, a bullet-proof vest, a groin guard and a throat guard, furthermore carrying a rifle and a shotgun, would not have attracted any attention. Yep, he bought a ticket and waltzed right in, and no one thought that there was anything strange.

That’s the official take on it:

“Witnesses said the gunman entered the theater at Aurora Town Center through an emergency exit door. But a federal law enforcement official told The Associated Press that the suspect bought a ticket and went in as part of the crowd. He is believed to have propped open an exit door as the movie was playing, the official said.”

Cops: Weeks of planning went into shootings at Colo. Batman screening

Does this pass your smell test?

Let’s move on to the shooter’s weaponry. Again, from the article on the MSNBC Web site:

“Holmes was armed with two .40-caliber Glock handguns, a Remington 870 single-barrel pump shotgun, a Smith & Wesson AR-15 assault-style rifle and as many as 6,000 rounds of ammunition, Oates said.”

How did he obtain those weapons?

“Law enforcement officials told NBC News that the weapons were legally bought from local stores of two national chains — Gander Mountain Guns and Bass Pro Shop — beginning in May.”

(Note the extraneous word “legally.” More on this shortly.)

I decided to “shop” at those stores. The least expensive .40 calibre Glock sells for $579.99 at Bass Pro Shop. The suspect bought two, so that’s about $1200. (Prices range up to $699.99 at the two stores.)

Bass Pro Shop also has the least expensive Remington 870 shotguns, with four models priced at $319.99. (Prices range up to $799.99 at the two stores)

I wasn’t able to quickly locate a Smith & Weston AR-15 at either of those two vendors. Using a search engine, I encountered prices from $981.72 to $1734.37, depending on the specific model.

What I’m getting at is the the four firearms alone would have cost, at a minimum, around $2500. Now add in 6,000 rounds of ammunition, magazines for the AR-15, the bulletproof clothing and whatever devices and chemicals used to booby-trap his apartment, and we’re talking thousands of dollars.

The obvious question is: Where did an unemployed grad student get that kind of disposable income?

Back to the issue of “legally purchased.” Whenever there is an incident like this – remember Virginia Tech and Columbine – critics of private gun ownership call for passing laws against “assault” weapons. Inserting “legally” is designed to trigger (pun fully intended) exactly that reaction.

Then there is the issue of the timing of this incident. It coincides with debate about whether or not the US should ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty.

If you’re not familiar with this matter, then now would be a good time to fire up a search engine.

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11 Comments for “AURORA: Asking the Right Questions”

  1. I wonder if Holmes was given extensive substance testing upon his checking in at the local hoosegow. Or, was he intoxicated strictly mentally with brain cells that have been short circuited into premature synapses?
    Already, the forces of disinformation are in action, insisting that this was just a lone gunman, a guy who had no accomplices before or during. Certainly some brain wave analysis was omitted accidentally on purpose. A shrink, it would seem, would be able to question this bozo and determine the anatomical and physiological nature of his affliction, but was it also accidentally forgotten, too? I’m sure the powers that be have their storm troopers in ready alert waiting to defuse any future developments in the data base as it develops by a number or sources. These things are getting easier to follow, one false flag after another. It’s almost like we are being quizzed to see if we can identify the various types of rogue actions from the big boys in the DC hasbara camps.

  2. Martin Maloney

    @ Michael F Rivero

    “Martin, you need to check your facts before you muddy the waters. The shooter did not “buy a ticket and waltz right in.” Witnesses reported that he stood by the exit until departing patrons opened the door, then rushed in.”

    Mike, if you’ll reread my article, then I think that you’ll catch my sarcasm.

    I was saying that, if he had been dressed in tactical gear and carrying a rifle and a shotgun, he would have stood out like a sore thumb. There’s no way, under those circumstances, that he could have entered the theater like a normal patron.

  3. This has the fingerprint of Al-CIA-duh all over it! Typical Hegalianism!
    I’m scared Barry! Hurry and sign that UN Small arms treaty!! Keep me safe!
    I have know doubt various alphabit agencies (Mossad included) are involved just for that BS treaty! Just like Gun Runner and Fast & Furious! Funny Holmes was studying MK-Ultra type science, and Daddy worked of software for DARPA! A little Fishy? This stinks like a rotten Blue Whale! Look at the title, “Dark Knight Rises”.
    I’m going to call my whores in DC and call them on this! The more I hear about this the more it sounds like pure BS! This government doesn’t care who they murder to forward there Massa’s agendas! The only thing I do believe is people were murdered!
    My deepest sympathy to all the victims.

  4. Good comment about the door. How long did it take him to get suited up? That could be the case, that the shooter bought a ticket and then went out to get his gear and proped the door open.

  5. I live in Europe and the headlines here all contain the “legally bought” bite. It’s part of the offical story the guys behind this are pushing. Pretty obvious agenda!

  6. Whatever brought about this scenario – DO NOT let them take away your right to bear fire-arms. I have already seen how this was done in the UK – and Americans MUST NOT fall for the same trick. In any event – banning normal law abiding people from owning or using guns will not STOP maniacs from either acquiring or using firearms if this is what they set their minds on. The big question really is – why do people in the modern world do this?

    All gun laws do is disarm the good guys and disarm those that already comply to the law anyway. (By the way – it may come as a surprise to some anti-gun lobbyists but criminals don’t actually care whether gun ownership is legal or not – and mass killers also tend not to be put off by restrictive gun regulations either).

    The real answer to this problem – and those truly responsible – are hiding elsewhere. It may be that this was the random act of a deranged maniac – but why has he become this monster? What on earth would move him to do this? Even if we assume that there is no connection with the imminent gun ownership talks and no direct ‘conspiracy’ – there is certainly a wider conspiracy afoot:

    The people who have made America an unsafe, sick, immoral and Godless place – where everyone eyes their neighbour with suspicion and all are encouraged to carve each other up for a percentage – are the SAME PEOPLE who wish to turn the US into a police state and militarized global bully to do their bidding. They have spent decades investing in the destruction of America’s once renowned societal cohesion – and now they stand ready to provide the police state solution as well.

    Don’t forget that before you are fully enslaved that they will need to remove your weapons and ability to resist. This coincides with Gordon’s discovery of the many millions of DUM-DUM BULLETS recently purchased by the US authorities.

    • Well said, Ex. The timing is just a LITTLE suspicious, the finances are just a LOT suspicious and his alleged m.o. is completely incredulous.

      How long did it take the media to have all this “figured” out…… like, 2 hours?

      I thought guys named “Holmes” were supposed to be smart. Oh, wait, it’s probably short for “Holmstein” or something like that.

    • Right. Nicely said. One thing I noticed was the same sinister smirk on the arrest photos of both Holmes and Jared Lee Loughner. The circumstances–that a brilliant grad student would plan and execute such a horrific crime–on the face of it appear inconceivably dissonant, and maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to look. How inconsistencies in the original reporting are smoothed over and by whom should reveal much if there’s more to it, reminiscent of the MSM’s rush to suppress details about Loughner as they became known and then to bury the case, making it for all practical purposes an open-ended psychodrama of intimidation. Holmes will probably be declared insane, case closed, so the real trial by the high priests of psychic driving can begin on TV and tell us what we need to know about American society, which will be there must be more surveillance and control. I got a whiff of it already on Neil Cavuto a few minutes ago, but couldn’t take listening to the end of his this-is-the-way-it-must-be sentence before turning the hellish TV off.

    • Hate to break it to everyone, your second amendment right has been out of power for the longest time. Do you really think it’s a good strategy to tell the very tyrannous government you’re to gather militia against where your guns, armaments, and respective locations are in advance?

      Good luck. Your rights are inalienable and granted by God. You don’t need a permit to militia.

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