Breaking: Extra-Terrestrial UFO Confirmed by Intelligence Agency

Craft Over South Korea First Seen in 1950 (COSMIC Classified)


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and World News Tomorrow


UFO sightings are not unusual.  We will be submitting full and highly classified analysis of the video below when the intelligence agency we are working with releases it to us as promised. 

It is at their request we are doing this story.  First, view the video:

Video Taken Down By Youtube

Video is Under Investigation as a potential National Security Threat by the Government of South Korea

Original Source Found to Be in Serious Question

Initial Analysis Shows Professional Tampering

(story on this awaiting declassification)

In a discussion only moments ago with Ricardo Baretzky,  an operational director of an intelligence agency’s Asian desk tasked with coordinating multinational counter-terrorism, I received confirmation of the authenticity of this video.  Baretzky made the following remarks:

We had spotted a large UFO craft in the same region some weeks ago.  It was sighted 20 minutes after the uniquely unsuccessful test of a North Korean missile.

It passed analysis but was of probable terrestrial origin, 1 kilometer in circumference and, by our estimations a reconnaissance craft with a 5 man crew, capable of speeds inside the atmosphere of 16,000 mph.  Outside the atmosphere?  We can only guess but endlessly more advanced than rocketry.

This is a different animal entirely.  The old records show it to be a horseshoe shaped reconnaissance craft of possible extraterrestrial origin.  This craft could pose a real global security threat should initial analysis be confirmed.

Early records indicate that a similar craft “horseshoe” shaped UFO had been sighted during the 1950s by American military interceptor craft.

Below are single frames:

These are among the first verified extraterrestrial craft capable of being submitted to the most advanced and classified analysis techniques.  Other controversial and even iconic images, we are told, have totally failed analysis, and, in doing so, have become highly classified.

One of a set of analytical test images on an earlier UFO, found to have been of terrestrial origin:

This is one area where the public’s right to know is being respected and the policy known as “disclosure” is being respected.  We are thankful for the cooperation we have received from Ricardo Baretzky and look forward to what we had been given earlier, hard scientific proof of secret scientific discoveries and now, we are told, that the questions as to where or not “we are alone” can finally be put to rest.

(All images copyright, property of the SACIA and not available for unlicensed distrubution) 


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53 Comments for “Breaking: Extra-Terrestrial UFO Confirmed by Intelligence Agency”

  1. ULTRA terrestrial I might buy, “extra”, naw…

  2. Well, here we go again. I love stories like this. OK, we have a flying craft 1 kilometer in circumference.That’s about 3280 feet around. That would make it approximately 1045 feet in diameter. Now we’re going to put a whopping crew of just 5 people(or whatever) in this flying behemoth to do what? Reconnaissance? Ya, that’s a great idea. Let’s send our spies out in a craft that can be seen from fifty miles away! Are you laughing yet? It’s the size of the frigging Starship Enterprise, and has a five man crew? Boy, that’s an efficient use of space, yes? I’ll bet the Apollo, Shuttle and ISS astronauts must really be jealous. Talk about elbow room. Well, no. Actually, talk about how ridiculous that very concept is. If you then consider it’s “of probable terrestrial origin,” I doubt that even the U.S. federal government is stupid enough to build something of such mammoth proportions for a crew of five to do recon, of all things.
    This is almost as good as the last ufo article that had a whole fleet of mile wide saucers just to check out a NASA experiment gone bad. In fact, the two concepts share some similarity. Coincidence?

  3. The video has since been pulled supposedly for copyright violations.Does any one have a copy they can post?

  4. This morning my wife witnessed a UFO that she described as square and big as a house. She was traveling on I-275 West, which is a circle freeway that envelopes Cincinnati Ohio. She reports that the craft would hover at times, disappear briefly and then re-appear. As it flew away at a high rate of speed, she took a photo with her camera phone.

    I wish I were making this up and could report that my wife was unstable and prone to embellishment but neither statement would be true.

    Frankly, I’m at a lost to explain it. I await her return for further details.

  5. UFO phenomenon has been around for centuries – and was probably instrumental in bringing about “The Fall”! If you’ve never heard of John Keel or read any of his books, I strongly recommend acquiring any of them and start reading – you will be more than amazed! I am currently reading my third Keel book, The Mothman Prophecies and have to wonder at the “synchronicity” of all the “batman” type sightings that have cropped us over the years well into the past that are noted in this book and the current Batman/Aurora shooting. A quote from this book:

    “We are dealing with three types of phenomena in these cases. The first is the winged man; the second is a giant bird, so huge it is a biological impossibility; third, we have a monstrous demon with red eyes, bat’s wings, and a body closely human in form. All three are probably interrelated.”

    I am a West Virgina native and was 16 -17 yrs old when The Mothman sightings were being reported. I had, however, no idea how much more was going on – scads of UFO sightings along with cattle mutilations/disappearing dogs, and extremely bizarre MIB encounters. My very good friend has a cousin who, along w/her boyfriend, had an up close and personal encounter with the creature.

    In another book (UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse), Keel does a fantastic job of explaining how these entities most probably are part of the superspectrum (light and sound outside of what humans can perceive through their ordinary senses) as well as the possibility of time travel. He also characterized these entities as “Cosmic Jokers” – they have been screwing with mankind since forever!

    I’m inclined to believe “hyperdimensional entities” have been interfering with the natural order of human evolution, have played a part in the establishment and rise of psychopathic persons in order to subjugate and control humanity to their ends, but fail to realize that NO ONE can stand against the Universe – not even entities that may be 30 to 40,000 years more evolved than we are. Things are coming to a head and it’s possible that many of our galactic neighbors will be/are coming in to watch “The really BIG SHEW!”

  6. hmmmm..that ain’t no airplane.
    All you droolers trying to haha that away…I suppose you are going to call Phil Schneider, Bob Dean and John Lear liars as well….

    • duay khwaam nap theuu

      To be clear, since I mentioned above that it looked like a plane to me (with video run in reverse)… I’m certainly not calling anyone a liar, nor trying to convince anyone, for that matter. I’m not convinced at all that it is a plane.

      The point of my comment was to ask, if it were a video (run in reverse) of a plane, would this method of analysis of the video disclose such? A plane–unlike computer graphics–has mass…

      Separately, unless I missed something, it has not been claimed that the craft in this video at the time it was made was scooting along at 16,000, only that it is _capable of_ such speed.

  7. “…capable of speeds inside the atmosphere of 16,000 mph…”

    That’s only slightly slower than the speed of de-orbiting items encountering the rarefied atmosphere about 60 miles up. To survive re-entry requires heat shielding.

    Now consider the air friction down here at 16,000 mph. Could any craft even reach that speed?








    • It was between the clouds and the camera – and the clouds were not the distant cirrus variety. The object was not really that high above sea level. Like you say – the resistance just from the air at that lower altitude would be massive at 16,000 MPH.

    • In order to reach those speeds at low altitude it would have to be using some sort of physics not explained by Sir Isacc Newton. In other words some way of negating gravity and friction as well. Also travel at that speed in the lower atmosphere will produce a huge continuous sonic boom as well. Having seen one of these clearly during the day I wrestled for a long time at what it could be. A hologram came to mine. You know a Project Blue Beam sort of thing, but Gordon says they have forensic evidence indicating a solid object.

      The object I saw was witnessed by many others as well so the local infamous AFB issued a press release stating it was a meteorite. Funny thing is that two other trained observers who saw the same thing at the same time cannot recall the event many years later. I’m cursed I guess!

    • Martin,

      Craft use containment, magnetic or otherwise.

      They have NO atmospheric effect.

      Compare this with aneutronic containment for dense plasma.

      (get with a physics guy unless you are one)


      • Yes these objects have even been observed hitting the water and exiting it at extreme speed so they are probably interdimensional.

  8. Gordon, I’m worried for all of us. I think that I can somewhat grasp your world at times, but then I feel lost others… The comments here help me a lot…too many names here to mention… I would really appreciate it though if you could just tell us something like “the answers will be found on page 87″ ;)

    • what i want to know is who the hell decided to run mitt romney as a candidate when there has to be someone serious inside the GOP

      i write off Ron Paul because the GOP congress despises him and would destroy any of his programs.

      we have to clean out this government, clean out our media and end slavery in america…

      to do that 90% of the organizations that will have to be put in camps consider themselves “patriotic’

      all that leaves is musicians and bikers

      • Wait a minute. What about writers who like to drink?

      • Gordon, I would have thought you would for sure be in the know. The way I see it, Mitt will name Good Old Jeb Bush as his running mate. Then after a week or two the DOJ hits Mitt with his felony indictments over either his “running/not running Bain” or the one I prefer, his dealings with the Sanford Ponzi scheme. With all those legal problems poor old Mitt will withdraw leaving yet another Bush to further screw the US after the votes are counted overseas.

        Gee Gordon, sometimes even you don’t get far enough out there to see the patterns.

        Remember, if they are wearing a uniform, any uniform, they are the enemy.

      • Gordon never mind Ron Paul ANY political person who tried to promote ANY of the sensible and necessary actions now required to save America – would be instantly attacked, throttled and suppressed by the entire circus of the political class, media and self appointed ‘elite’. The thing is they LIKE the tangle of obstacles that they have created!

  9. sc_328c1dba96977c17a9d89228fb9ad069

    I had dismissed this, as far as ever mentioning it goes. I saw something once.

    I had taken up the hobby of Astronomy ten years ago. I suppose now, that I had begun just testing the waters to see if I enjoyed it. I learned the zodiac, and about precession etc. Soon I was out at night finding the constellations.

    It proved enjoyable and interesting. I would check in at “Night Sky” web sites to see what was going on
    that night, and then watch it happen.

    Astronomy is ‘cool’ at any level. Soon I got a telescope. It was nothing even close to professional, but served me well at my level. Binoculars are nice too; especially in winter, for doing observations.

    I was residing in The Irish Republic at the time. It was winter then, and my usual practice was to check out “Night Sky”, then go out and watch until it got cold. I would come in then and warm up some; then go back out and observe how the constellations had moved, with new ones rising.

    One night on my third or fourth time out; which would put it about 01:00 or there about, I saw something impossible. A “star” in the Southern sky, shot across the sky. It never altered in size or magnitude.From my vantage point it could only be seen as a star. It conformed perfectly with other stars that night in size and shape. There was nothing to indicate that it was anything other than a star: no tail, or trail.

    Amazingly, it left it’s stationary position in the extreme southern sky, moved across through the western sky and stopped (on a dime) taking up another stationary position in a Northern Constellation.

    Needless to say, my internal dialogue became articulate. I said a few things out load, then reflected on the incident. I watched it for some time in it’s new position, to see if it would move again. It got later, and colder, and it remained stationary. I finally called it a night.

    I had previously considered the possibility of “Aliens” on some inter-dimensional level. Since that time though I have a different perspective on what UFO’s are like.

  10. that thing is some kind of government reconnaissance craft,,it looks like a drone to me,,there was a drone like this flying above the WTC on 9/11,,maybe the government was getting aerial footage of their master plan in the works..
    anyhooo if this thing was spotted over North Korea during a failed rocket launch then that seal’s the deal,,its most likely a super secret US reconnaissance craft doing a spy mission..(not aliens)
    at least they could give that thing a better camoflauge paint job,it sticks out like sore thumb..

    • It was meant to be seen. If you can bend space / time, light would be no problem either.

      • The relatively low height above sea level indicates that it was either meant to be seen or simply didn’t care if it was seen I suppose.

    • Yep, I’d say it was a drone or perhaps a U.S. military jet with the afterburners on.

      A couple things about the video: because it was filmed from so far away it looks out of focus when zoomed in (the second half of the video was a zoomed-in copy of the first half, I believe). The video is of low resolution, and the sun was reflecting off the fuselage, causing more blurring. Despite it being filmed from a handheld camera which was jerking around, the aircraft was flying in a pretty straight trajectory…that’s why it seems like a military jet to me.

      I made several screen captures which looked like the aircraft had wings, which were obscured because it was moderately out of focus when zoomed in. With the sun reflection and the aperture opened up increasing the glare (notice the light blue sky), its makes one suspicious of its authenticity.

      I’d like to believe in aliens and flying saucers, too. But I need more evidence.

  11. duay khwaam nap theuu

    Looks like a video of supersonic aircraft with a vapor cone run backwards (like frame 4-3-2-1, instead of 1-2-3-4 as it was actually filmed, so to speak). I wouldn’t mention it, but I got to wondering if such a thing were done how the analysis we await would catch that.

  12. I always had my suspicions that the entire Korean war in 1950 was deliberately staged to take the world’s eyes off of what was going on in Palestine – and to cynically draw British, US and UN forces away from that area. After all – it was only the deaths of a few thousand Goyim at stake. This then handed the Palestinians a ‘done deal’ while the controlled media carefully diverted public attention away from their agony.

    The public record does not seem to confirm this – but when has THAT ever been right – especially when we now know who was controlling the communists all the time.

    My point is – that maybe we are not the only ones that are monitoring global zio-crime!

    • I’ll buy that hypothesis, especially when you realize how zion-ized Harry Truman was. Between the Masons and the Israelites, he was one captive to the zionist agenda. I think the bastards may have even poisoned Roosevelt, just to get him in ahead of schedule.

      I watched a UFO over my Big Sky country for nearly an hour, at night, several months ago. Just doing surveillance, it seemed, but moving in a completely erratic manner with immense angular acceleration. Funny thing is, when I meditated and tried to send the message “please help us with our zionist problem”…. the damn thing turned and started to come right at me, very quickly! Then stopped, hung out for a while, and took off instantaneously.

      Take it however you want or call me crazy, but I’m still alive….. so I reckon that’s a good sign!

      • Dave – I believe you my friend. That idea of meditation and directing thought at the object was a brilliant one in the circumstances. We could certainly do with some extra help on our side. No doubt the entity at the other end thought “Oh no – not a problem caused by THOSE bast*rds again! …… what the hell did I do with that damn salt pillar gun …”

        I have always thought that the mathematical chances of their NOT being other intelligent life around are pretty small. My take on it is – so what! Ultimately it will be just like discovering a new animal in the Amazon forest and after a while it would lose its fascination. We still need to sort out our own planet – and the type of honesty reported on VT is refreshing start.

    • Excalibur, speaking of the global zio-crime cabal and the LIBOR cover up, which is intimately connected to their plan to confiscate America’s guns, I’m wondering if this latest lone-nut shooting in Aurora will disappear as fast as the Loughner shooting did now that so much compelling evidence points to it being a black op not sufficiently thought through like the others. Let’s see where it disappears from. My guess is Prison Planet will be dropping it like a hot potato, if it already hasn’t.

      • interesting! i never thought of that,,you think Mossad or the collective Zionist orchestrated that shooting to take the spotlight off the LIBOR scandal? they kill two birds with one stone,,try and get our guns and direct our attention elsewhere

        • Taking away guns is counter productive – then there are the gun mfc’s who would see a burgeoning market with a new demand cos after all, they are in business too – they got millions of rounds of that special ammo to produce…if there is no big public gun demand use thats gonna upset a lot of wealthy people. Finally as I said to Gordon – there are no Klingons off the stbd bow!

      • Dan these people simply carry on with their world control plan – step by step. It is bred into them and has taken centuries. When one op fails they just move to the next to achieve the next stepping stone platform. Their actions are so immaculately selfish and void of consideration for humankind of the Gentile variety – that normal people would not possibly even conceive that anyone would be THAT calculating or THAT evil. In particular normal decent people are unable to fathom how a so called ‘ally’ would possibly do such a thing – but they do not understand that the group involved HAS no allies – and is not even capable of grasping the ‘ally’ concept. Deception by guile is their lifestyle – and the more open, generous and friendly a target is – the easier their job becomes. Unfortunately the research of more and more independent people across the globe is proving that they are indeed that wicked – and even brag about it among themselves.

        I suspect that you are right and this attempt to remove guns from the American law abiding majority has not gone according to plan this time. The current bunch of monsters are getting a bit blase and cocky. One reason is that they need to speed up their state control and suppression plans as they and their objectives are being compromised and exposed across the world.

        • Ex, I grew up among them, worked with and for them, commuted every day with them for years, and it saddens me to say that in my experience there’s a significant element among them who hate us with a blood-chilling hatred that normal, decent people with little meaningful contact with them cannot even fathom, I’m sure. At one company I was with the Jewish president thought his secretary was Jewish, which she wasn’t, and he’d leave the trading room to go talk privately on the phone not realizing his secretary could and did throw his calls onto the squawk box. We’d sit there in shock as he discussed the most sensitive details of goy clients’ business, colluding on how to take it away. I recall one such occasion when our boss was told point blank by the ptb in our field to switch to such-and-such a law firm because they were “good Jewish boys,” and to get rid of the goy firm we were using immediately because they were goys. It’s sickening to think about it, even to this day. Even so, I refuse to allow my own experience with the element I dealt with color my opinion of an entire people in the same way I wouldn’t blame Italians for the crimes of the mafia.

          • I hope your secretary got a raise, but I’m guessing she probably didn’t.

          • Unfortunately for the good jews, Dan, there are not enough of them that become vocal about the problem. Thousands of them need to stand up in the mainstream and condemn the zionist haters and their wholesale murder plans – just as those honest jewish contributors to this site have done. Otherwise if they do not – when the goyim monster is alerted and awoken – it will use a blunt instrument to lash out as it has done before.

    • Yes, You are correct, and they’re NOT HAPPY at what they and we have been seeing.

      • Thanks Allesandro – and that was brilliant research by you on the Lowy scenario – of Olympic shopping mall fame – and his coincidental business partner of ‘Lucky Larry Silverstein’.

  13. maybe a big one

    real fast

    only believe things that have undergone qualified forensic analysis

    if they can’t prove that…it isn’t real

    • Klaatu Barada Nikto,

      Where the hell is that damn Gort when you need him!

      Maybe he’s turning the power off in India ;-)

  14. Banco frisbee toss?

    • This is all the prelude to the holographic messiah that is coming to visit on a cloud near you – the messiah wont be doing “walkabout – shakin hands or doing take away miracles” cos its an all in the sky event so that people see and thus seeing is believing, and of course the messiah wont have time to shake hands etc cos hes real busy visiting other pilgrim crowds set up by the current religions and fundamentalists…so olympics is a good time to do this and holographic ufo’s are neat and if you seen it(then at such a prestigious event it must be true)….yawn, sorry to have verbally jacked off on this one but hey, its not that Im asleep but it almost puts me to sleep. People wont waken even if a bomb goes off…ps. holographic messiahs cant be touched – aint nuthin there to touch…what me worry?

  15. As it appeared after a missile launch and per other advents of hovering/disabling nuclear sites, I see this as less a threat more of possible assistance. In the event such visitation would not be an assist but be negative, at this point I’d rather be taken down by some alien ‘force’ (real, not hybrided or blue beamed) than by the insanity cabal that is currently being allowed to rape the earth and dissolve humanity.

  16. You would.

    • You know you’re going to have to have answers when they find out you’ve released this. Got to go.

      • figure it was not my decision….then ask why

        i try asking for things, as you can guess. if i had what i asked for you would be living in a different world now

        • No Gordon – we are living in a different world – cant you feel it…there are no Klingons off the stbd bow.

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