Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon Duff is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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FEMA Camps for Fools, Locking Away the Morons

Lincoln Warned Us, the Real Destroyer of Democracy is Idiocy


The Slippery Slope, Today GOP, Tomorrow Mormon, the Day After, Waiting for Magic Radio Signals from Space

by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The Chinese sent millions to “re-education camps” when they found themselves saddled with thieves, idiots and those so filled with cult propaganda they could not be trusted to live in a communist society. 

Imagine our problem… America is still more free than Canada or Germany, more free than Britain and Australia and we are skirting totalitarianism as we speak. Who do I blame?

The answer is easy or complex.  It is impossible if you are stupid, which means dealing with the stupid, those who vote, donate money, join insane cults, believe email rumors, need to be isolated in more than just “red states.”  The time for talking is over.

I would tell you to “read the news” except we don’t get the news.  We get “brain freeze, press releases, and mind control” and, for many, they just can’t be lied to enough, they seek out more and more.  Want to see what I mean?  Go to www.familysecuritymatters.com.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

It may be “camper time,” barbed wire, electroshock therapy, rubber guns, the whole 3rd Reich thing.  America has been overthrown and “patriots” did it.



Let’s talk debt. We supposedly owe 15 trillion dollars.  80% of that debt comes from Republican presidents,  10% from wars and 10% from Democrats paying interest on Republican debt.

Without the wars and the huge interest payments on Bush debt and bailing out the fallout from Bush deregulation of Wall Street, we would have budget surpluses.

We don’t owe 15 trillion.  We have individual banks, all “private” or “quasi-governmental,”  that, during the first two years after Bush shut down the SEC and deregulated Wall Street, stole $2,500,000,000,000.

The Derivatives Bomb

Of our real debt, 2.55 “qua-trillion” dollars, the national debt of 15 trillion that we see is only 6 tenths of one percent. (.0006)  “They,” Wall Street and the Bush gang didn’t steal $3 trillion, they stole 6,000 times that.

For those who love analogies, enough money to buy Jupiter and sell it off to Britain as “natural gas” at current pricing levels.

The real figure is international, most American, some European.  A small percentage of this “derivative debt” destroyed the Euro which China temporarily bailed out this week.

The rest is called “dollars” but is actually money private banks printed themselves, paperless money, really “negative money” which they then stole.

Who is responsible? That’s easy. It was the GOP. What did they spend it on?  Who knows, why do you think Mitt Romney has thousands of secret overseas accounts.

I traced down one batch, only $27.5 trillion (plus considerable interest) and found it being bounced around between the Bush family and banks in Switzerland and elsewhere.  The money is actual cash, technically owned by the Federal Reserve, enough to pay off our official national debt nearly twice over.

You see both currency and debt are concepts, not a reality.  Money isn’t real unless you have to buy food and gasoline.  Debt and money are used as a method of enslaving people, debt is invented, interest is charged on it though nobody really borrowed it.

‘Black hole’ really do exist – and they are here!!

Republicans try to blame Social Security and Medicare, money taxpayers put in themselves, for debt.  In truth, government has been stealing from Social Security for  years, money paid in by American people.

Privatization would fix that, we are told.  The people who stole Social Security money now want to turn your Social Security and Medicare investment over to insurance companies and banks that are, technically in default, bankrupt and have failed.

Every bank and insurance company in the US is broke, every one is bankrupt, all have stolen investors cash by the trillions, all are criminals but politicians tell us “they are too big to fail.”

Well, my solution is to jail them all, send the politicians to jail with them along with everyone stupid enough to support them.

We seem to have a core of about 40 million Americans whose continued existence, low IQ, personality disorders, gullibility, anger…technically suffering from narcissistic personality disorders, these people are as guilty as any mass murderer.


YouTube - Veterans Today -

As a former lobbyist for the US aerospace industry, I got to know the games pretty well.

Here is more straight talk you will never see or read anywhere else:

All crazy legislation, gun seizure, crazy environmental rules, the things that drive you to join a group, send in money and “defend your rights” is actually written by the organization you were just duped to join.

Every organization does it.  All lobbyists work both sides of the road, whoever pays the most.  One personal experience:

“Years ago, the head of a state Republican Party (I am a member of the RNC since 86) asked me to draft legislation that would restore competition to mobile phone and data fees as runaway monopoly price fixing was chasing the industry out of the state.  This was a comprehensive bill written by me along with a top attorney for telecom utility companies, a friend who knew all the tricks and said this would be model legislation for every state.

That next Friday, at a party meeting, the state chairman came in.  He had a check in his pocket, from the company guilty of price fixing.  They paid the GOP a massive amount to bury the bill, screw both business and consumers.  “Now we have money to get back that seat we lost last election.”

The utility company kept raising rates, jobs kept leaving, consumers were bilked out of hundreds of millions in hidden fees.  Where did the money go?  The utility company bought the phone company in Poland with the excess cash.”


Waterboarding is an old technique – This is from a Philippine war booklet

When we found out, and we have I assure you, that the War on Terror was purposefully arresting innocent people and torturing them, not by “waterboarding” but dragging them behind Humvees and throwing their bodies into pits.

Yes, just like you are told Nazi Germany did, it was our “Christian” population, especially those who call themselves “Evangelical” or “Zionist” that approved. These are also the same people who worry about gun rights and Obama.

Every day, I get emails describing hundreds of thousands of Russian troops inside the US.  Truth?  There are 18 being trained by US Army Special Forces.

Every gun email you have ever gotten is a fraud. If you get an email, for sure, everything in it is a lie.

Who are our monsters?  Certainly the GOP.  They run the House of Representatives and have paralyzed the US government for 2 years, keeping up unemployment, stopping jobs programs, protecting the rich, keeping the boot on America’s neck.

Oil futures market manipulation has become like taking candy from a baby

Gas prices?  There is no more OPEC.  It is the “futures market” run by the Koch Brothers, biggest financiers of the GOP.  They make a dollar a gallon every time you go to the pump.

None of that money goes to the United States, little is paid in taxes and it costs your family one paycheck a month.  Do you love donating to billionaires because “the stupid” have put them in charge of America?

Camps.  Anyone dangerous to America in camps, really dangerous, the liars, the thieves, the stupid, the cultists, the parasites.

What causes me the most distress is “gun owners.” I almost wonder, can reading propaganda from the phony NRA and going to the “crazy person church” actually lower your IQ and make you a blubbering fool?  I am beginning to believe it.

Here is a “for instance:” Mitt Romney has sworn to have American troops invade Iran.

Thus far, there is NO proof Iran has any nuclear program but according to international law, they have the same rights Israel has, they can withdraw from the Non Proliferation Treaty, the same way Bush withdrew from the International Criminal Court.

Iran could, if they wanted, build all the nukes in the world.  Pakistan, an Islamic country, has tons of nukes and missiles to deliver them. We couldn’t care less.

General Dempsey – JCS

Iran has never threatened anyone though Israel has lied about being threatened.  This last week, the US government told Israel they have NO support from us, they are obviously not doing anything without American’s doing it for them.

We actually cut down our scheduled joint military exercises to a skeleton force, removed our “missile defense” ships from the Mediterranean (except for one) and told Netanyahu we weren’t going to be their patsy anymore.

General Dempsey carried that message a week ago and, as soon as he landed in Kabul afterward, someone tried to kill him.  Coincidence?

As for me, I can scan the internet.  Were I a sane law enforcement group that loved America and democracy, I would gather the IP addresses of everyone too stupid to be left on their own, send “men in white coats” to their homes and take them away or let them die with their guns in their “cold dead hands.”

But you say, we should defend their gun rights?  Well, with 40 million mentally ill Americans,  years of propaganda, crazy preaching, maybe bad chemicals in food, maybe “chemtrails,” who knows, but total lunatics, willing to fight and die for billionaires, gangsters and Wall Street criminals and do everything possible to enslave the American people, I feel threatened.

Civil War? We are told it is coming but who is the enemy.  General Ray Odierno, the Army Chief who advocates soldiers on every corner, he is the enemy.  Friends knew him on the way up and everyone in the Army with an IQ over “luke warm” hates his guts.

General Odierno

General Dempsey is OK.  Petraeus, a bit ambitious and, I am told, overly “flexible” is smart and capable.  Panetta can be trusted.

We have 2 Supreme Court justices that need to be impeached, Thomas and Alioto.

The GOP members of congress, about 70%, were you to talk with them, could easily be found insane by, not only any doctor but members of their own families.

You don’t want to see my list of crazy Democrats, it is smaller but we have one.

What we won’t have is a civil war.  What we will have is foreign money piling into the country, powerful criminal elements owning state governments like in Ohio and Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and two dozen other states.

This is all being paid for by drugs, prostitution and bank fraud, money laundered through the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. That allows foreign gangsters to rent a post office box in Delaware and then send millions in laundered crime profits to their real partners, members of congress, governors of states, lobbyists, the list is endless.

Don’t let me leave out the police chiefs, judges, prosecutors, sheriffs, generals, thousands of them, they fell, years ago, like dominoes, first bought by right wing millionaires and billionaires, some had been on the “pad” since the CIA/crack cocaine days of the 80s.

Some were “repurchased” by the Mexican cartels but most fell in line, free hunting trips, country club memberships, local government looking the other way while they robbed their cities and counties blind, ripping off drug dealers or taking “cuts” from jail and police contracting firms.

Most American police departments are now under direct or partial control by Mossad run corporations openly hired to “retrain” in imaginary terrorism issues.

Why do we let them run loose in the U.S. and even get Homeland Security contracts?

Outside the US, other nations who have brought in Mossad contractors found that, for some mysterious reason, their terrorism problem began then.

What do we face?  We face handing government over to Sheldon Adelson, someone who has spent hundreds of millions to silence anyone who would tell you who he really is.  Try investigating him and all you will find is a list of lawsuits silencing critics.

Facts aren’t challenged.  How does someone seek justice when all of our courts are bought and sold.

Our legal system exists for one reason, to keep Americans in prison, where the real money is, keep the drugs flowing and protect the rich. The other, perhaps larger problem is the 40 million Americans that Jeff Daniels points out are inoculated from reality.

Facts mean nothing, truth has no value, honor is unheard of and conspiracy theories and internet rumors, that and bible stories, most of which were never in any bible, this is their moral compass.

 Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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31 Responses to "FEMA Camps for Fools, Locking Away the Morons"

  1. dirtus napus  September 4, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    You don’t get the last 1% of it gordo. You just don’t get it. That 1% is the 100%.

    Move cash away from people, put it into something else, call it what you want. Tax it, spank it, call it Mary! Didn’t exist. You just never understood it was musical chairs to give someone, somewhere, EVERYONE, something to bitch about, talk about. Theatre.

    You get the theft, the lies of the republicrats, I just read it? You don’t get the bottlerocket that set it all off, for the last feeding frenzy. You know the guy……Fathered academically by Carrol Q? Had libraries at his disposal written by the very same you rail against? Tragedy and hope? Man, no pun intended there, lol.

    It’s all wax built on a sand hill, with goal posts that you just move around. You really think there ever was social security funding in a fractional reserve lending environment in the US? Sob.

    Sure, I can say there was 395 billion for SS in 94′. Make it true? Nope. They write zero’s in, when the hill is done.

    Since it’s not backed on gold, shit, why not put a few zeros somewhere else at the same time. Christ, let’s build some roads?! Yeah, all that talk about understanding things in banking is getting hard to recite for me too at this moment.

    I did love the part where Clinton made sure this was all possible with Glass act repealment. Oh, I know, you, they, skipped it. See, It doesn’t matter who is in office and it would serve all of us well if your conscience found its way around the barn, dropped that BS flag of yours and decided to be a full blooded patriot, instead of some party member pointing fingers. WE ARE ALL GETING TIRED OF IT. And please, no more war stories. N’th degree for most, if not all of the thinkers out here. Seriously. We’ve got our own that we don’t parade. And most of ours were 10 times longer than 4 months and we all wheeled and dealed with REMF’s and all that came.

    Also, I have a serious problem with the keylogger instituted on your site. I should think someone should do something about it. Or some of us will be unhappy. Get you IT idiots on it yesterday. Out.

  2. OhioRiver  September 3, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    It’s no longer Freedom of Religion…..it’s Freedom from Religion. This is how our government sees it for us and to not comply means going to a FEMA re-education camp.

  3. Tigrr  September 2, 2012 at 10:58 am

    The Bush Dynasty Evil Empire must be behind bars.
    see youtube —- CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Can Now Speak 10 years after 9-11.

    Actually Bush is not their real name — Sherf(f) is the family name of Prescott ‘Bush’ (a Hitler supporter) and Senior. German and Nazi ties to that family.
    The RNC should be sued for sponsoring them.
    The Bush WH should be by NYC for what they did to everyone – contaminiating them with thermite radiation form bomb blasts.

  4. Tigrr  September 2, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Nothing will change until the real criminals are arrested…
    see youtub —- CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Can Now Speak 10 years after 9-11.
    Yeah, the Bush WH did it. All of Congress and House knew / knows. Nothing is being done.
    Military should be reminded their oath is to protect the Constitution…. not any office or the bozo occupying it. There is a real need for action. If the reported imminent arrests are true, its long overdue.

  5. Gary Walker  September 2, 2012 at 9:59 am

    Just a friendly reminder. When the Bam was elected in 08, he had a Democratic House and Senate. He proceeded to diss the people who elected him and suck up to the Fascist pigs known as Republicans, and of course the Israeli Nazis. Well, fascists can never get enough so they relentlessly attack the Bam no matter how much he gives them. It was the same with Clinton. At least Clinton got a blow job out of the deal. The public just got sodomized.
    The Bam could have been a super hero If he had just promulgated the policies of the people who voted for him. He was probably presented with the Kennedy option, or maybe he was a plant from beginning.

    The end is rear,

    • FactversusHype  September 2, 2012 at 11:55 am

      I have to say, given the Kennedy option versus killing billions, if he made the one speech of a lifetime today, not the bs but the truth, he today would have protection in that. And if writers here can’t find enough ‘good people on the inside’ to protect him, then we have no business voting for him or any of that apparatus.

  6. jameshoward  September 2, 2012 at 9:58 am

    Tomas Estrada-Palma made a great post above, with valuable insight as to the rationale underlying politicians’ silence and lack of interest in 9/11 or other crimes. Aside from elite/ethnic power and intimidation, skeletons in the closet ( for democrats, CIA, FBI) prevent democrats from being interested in 9/11 truth (because republican GWB/Cheney will just show democratic complicity in OKC, if not JFK, etc.).

    This understanding does not diminish the gravity of our situation and need to redress all. However, it does suggest that we need to scream this predicament/strong suspicion and Insist on redressing all—-since it is the apparent key to redressing any. At least then we will have hit the trigger that
    supports their concealment. This is a major point.

    Truely, focus on all crimes and frauds preliminarily (as key to tackling 9/11 first), may increase resistance. But truth has its own power and it is a much bigger, inter-twined story that stands a better chance of attracting attention of sheeple (which has not occurred to date). It has built in, ultimate truth and equity—-which dark forces fear most. Thanks.

  7. beausoleil  September 1, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    The idea of a representative democracy came about as a solution to the problem of slow travel and communication. We no longer have this problem. It is actually possible for every single person in a community or nation to get information and send it in an instant and all at the same time. As soon as we realize that we don’t need representatives anymore, 99% of the problem is solved. That’s a mind bending proposition I know, but it’s time to start bending our minds a bit and stop thinking that we even need the same structure that was created centuries ago. As for putting stupid people in jail, please have mercy Duff, some of us just aren’t as smart as you are, we can’t help it.

  8. markboughton  September 1, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    HitIer got the German people behind him by looking after their simple daily needs – exercise, cheap healthy food, full employment etc. Not that he is any hero of mine, but he certainly proved that things can be turned around very quickly with a little encouragement and hope.

    What we have now is the opposite, the ‘shadow government’ has declared war on the common people, on their basic needs and desires and even their peace of mind. So they look elsewhere for sustenance, in places other than the once trusted traditional sources of wisdom and guidance. Whoever rails against the present state of affairs, imagined or otherwise, with the most persistence and apoplexy, gathers the most pet zombies. Truth and dignity are irrelevant. Only a person of impaired psychological health and cognitive abilities could or would even willingly sit down and listen to some of these shrill manipulative clowns for more than a couple of minutes. They are an insult to our species.

    As for religion, I think it is fair to say that tax exemptions and the primo real estate and other extremely valuable donations, which were trustingly and freely given, have helped to transform the mainstream churches from broadscale semi-benign governmental psyops, into major criminal organisations with no desire or capacity for any realistic spiritual transformation, collective or otherwise, though usually staffed at the street level by well-meaning but naive fools.

    Television has played an extremely important role in this rapid devolution but its incredible potentiality for good still remains.
    What about a Pirate TV channel which plucks the best of the vast quantity of material available on the internet and broadcasts it free to the world 24/7 ? Surely this would be reasonably cheap to run ?

    The company could have a strict charter to nullify corruption and bias.

    Maybe I’m dreaming but once upon a time this was how most of our present day media corporations were established, was it not, backed by financial support from well-meaning philanthropists ? The will remains, this publication provides evidence of that, but unfortunately the pond has become so polluted and demeaned by evil scumbags with their own personal and corporate agendas that few decent people are willing to dip a toe in the water.

    I should also point out that there are countless millions of decent intelligent and honest folk out there who have no idea whatsoever of what is actually going on. I grew up in a warm fuzzy world just like that. People are only blameworthy if they are shown the truth, clearly and patiently, and then choose to ignore it, or use it to their own advantage.

    Sometimes I do wish I could believe that some puritanical all powerful being was due to return to our once impossibly beautiful Earth and kick some serious ass but then I wake and remember it was all just a rose colored fairy tale, structured to keep the flames of wonder and idealism and the incendiary knowledge of our true potential, burning fiercely in our lonely hearts, and to keep us warm on the darkest of nights.

    Such as these we presently face.

    We have reached a crossroads. The potential for brutality which now exists on this tiny planet is so insane and abhorrent no God worth having would want us anyway. We must take charge of our collective destiny or we are no more than chaff and dust in the now howling winds of time.

    Peace to all, my brothers and sisters, we are, and have always been, but one.

  9. Martin Maloney  September 1, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    “…Thus far, there is NO proof Iran has any nuclear program…”

    should read

    “…Thus far, there is NO proof Iran has any nuclear weapons program…”

  10. jameshoward  September 1, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    I am a fan of Gordon’s, but I could not read this article.

    Our problems are not democrat vs. republican. Our citizens are stupid and ill informed because they do not have an honest mainstream media. This is the largest problem.

    Romney is mentally ill for granting Nuttyyahoo a blank check for more war. Many Republicans see that. But Obama has done so much to destroy this nation that I will not begin the list. Today, scan the Crusick interview of Jonathan Turley at Truthout.org. We do not have an honest choice; both are pawns, maybe Obama is less black (onerous).

    This week’s news has been positive in suggesting resistance to evil Israel (Dempsey and one intelligence report). Progress, maybe, and if so, VT deserves credit, and encouragement to stay focused.

    No one belongs in a FEMA camp. They were built surreptitiously, without the people’s knowledge, to hold dissenters, when the full blown police state takes hold. That was intended for Ron Paul’s supporters and readers of VT, but now that substantial parts of RP’s platform are in political agendas; maybe that will be harder for the neocons to imprison opponents. Rest assured that it was for any patriot that insists on 9/11 truth. And nothing government says is trustworthy now, as we are in a WAG THE DOG world where representations and facts are two different things—-which means such sites –just like our black sites for rendition and torture—are dangers to all.

    Our problems stem from 9/11. Key parts of government are infected with neocons. Although I have read a few books on the CIA, none have demonstrated in 1000 ways why it was inimical to America’s representative government like The Secret Team by Fletcher Prouty. And of course, not only books support abolishment (most by former agents, but Prouty was briefing officer for Joint Chiefs for 9 years), but President JFK saw that need also, and even warned that any coup would be led by them. Although books show Israel’s leadership (and Jack Ruby’s repeated worry about torture or expulsion of his race), our CIA was all over Dealey Plaza when JFK was murdered and the same was true for murder of RFK at Ambassador Hotel. Prouty’s book shows how Allan Dulles made CIA an invisible and unaccountable power, effectively supplanting representative government (and later GHWB did so). The Secret Team, which operated in tandem with CIA in Prouty’s book, matches only the international bankers who are reputed to control much (even outside of council on foreign relations which is their council), including in State Department, Pentagon, military industrial complex, Federal Reserve and CIA; and due to political and economic power have their appointees in key positions everywhere. It is impossible to view 9/11 or the ensuing wars and bankster bailouts except as a part of one larger agenda of enrichment of their pockets while destroying this country.

    VT has done a great job of exposing the perfidy/frauds by our government and media, including in 9/11, JFK assassination and holohaux. None of the crimes by our leaders/ agencies have been redressed.
    Beyond shutting down the wars, all money is against the people—-that is monied corporations that just became people to US Supreme Court, have announced that they will take their business elsewhere. We need a new Justice Department, an honest accountable one. We need an Eliot Spitzer going against banks and international bankers to bring wealth back to unemployed Americans. We are in crisis with no leader and no media. The neocons need to be out of government and the big banks shut down and corporations need to learn fear. Monopoly busters need to be re-invigorated.

    • Gordon Duff  September 2, 2012 at 12:32 am


      I am intimately familiar with the failings of both parties. One is owned by israel and Wall Street and will destroy America.

      The other one is better but, on state and local levels, no matter how corrupt, is nothing compared to the GOP

      The whole idea is to sell the idea two parties are the same.

      they aren’t

      the government may be useless…but the GOP is satanic..pure and simple

      vote for democrats and then undermine them

      jail every republican

    • FactversusHype  September 2, 2012 at 11:45 am

      The zion/marxist ‘families’ such as the Rotchlds/Rocks etc own the fed resrv, london, IMF, etc, their sub actors include major banks/JP/Goldman/Citi etc. This group has directed every war for 200 years and the killing of 260 million, they co-opted our Constitution in 1876, fomented war to create the fake state of Israel. They have owned/directed the presidents particularly the last one hundred plus years, they own both Obama and Romney, they own or direct CIA CFR and all the others. Israel is no longer needed as a ringer so they are moving away. Their plan is killing, terror and enslavement via transhumanism. See Morgellons disease 2012.
      Here are Obama’s contributors, which received in returned untold trillions and cab appts, others/defense received payouts hundreds of billions with O’s ongoing pursuit of phony war and building the coming lockdown total surveillance state. I don’t know how these facts escaped you G. R and O are owned by the same people. The people behind both O and R are satanic, that is why Americans today are being sprayed with chemtrail biowarfare, our food supply is being killed by HAARP, which HAARP is further being used to crank up earthquakes and other events. That is why they are in new ‘wars’ to kill down other sovereign governments. Now comes O’s pentagon threatening us with ‘IEDs’ and other false flags. You cannot argue that O’s NDAA, martial law EO and all the millions of immigrants he’s bringing in to take jobs while veterans suffer makes him anything above Romney. They are both ultimately owned by the same people. The goal is the killing and enslavement of Americans and humans worldwide. We should be balanced in our assessments however unfortunate they may be. I voted for O the first time, just for the record.


    • FactversusHype  September 2, 2012 at 11:50 am

      Also, per my other comment, when we are at a point when someone in your position suggests taking citizens who appear to have no plan to ‘attack’ the government but only protect themselves, and putting them in ‘camps’, under O, then we have a problem. This is not ‘communist china’, we do not imprison people for THOUGHTS or protecting themselves.

    • stevekopack  September 2, 2012 at 3:57 pm

      I’m sorry but I can’t agree. The whole left / right paradigm is just a shell game. A person can be smart..but in my opinion “people” are stupid. It reminds me of an old three stooges ploy…Moe holds up his hand to Curley and says “Pick Two”..to which Curley responds “Okay one.. two” and is promptly poked in the eyes…even though this has been done to him repeatedly. Our political system in a nutshell.

    • stormyrain  September 2, 2012 at 7:41 am

      Bravo… Well stated.

  11. Gordon Duff  September 1, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Obama has survived.

    Others who may have been better men died, some before taking office.

    America kills real leaders.

    • beausoleil  September 1, 2012 at 10:34 pm


  12. Mike Kay  September 1, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Mr. Duff,
    It is obvious you hate the gop, and with good reason, but isn’t it true that the forced duality of the repubs/dems is really just a clever method for controlling the message, the debate, and the politics?
    When true inquiry, and true exploration is closed off and defined, how much of either are we able to enjoy?
    There is one hell of a lot that I am just not smart enough to understand myself. Sometimes I’m such an idiot that I wonder why I couldn’t get off the tracks until I was run over. Yes, it is maddening to put up with those who will not learn no matter what, but isn’t this the real issue? I know I’m no genius, but I try to learn and put that knowledge to use. When we decide that we need not learn, internalize, and deepen, isn’t that the final nail in the coffin?
    I will not go easily to the camps, Mr. Duff, even if I belong there, and no, they can’t have my gun, even after they kill me.

    • Gordon Duff  September 1, 2012 at 7:01 pm


      what if ‘the system’ was engineered to have you carry these doubts.

      as for guns, when the police come door to door to kill the Americans, the NRA will be with them, all members loaded in their trucks with little blue lights given to them by the cops.


    • dishman  September 1, 2012 at 7:28 pm

      The whole situation we are in has been engineered and not by our goof ball politicians, they are only acting their parts (going along). The think tanks, Brookings Institute, Rand Corp., CFR and the likes set our domestic and foreign policy for the Corporate interest who also farm out the writing of our laws. Our politicians are just rubber stamps and that is why nothing changes. You can have Obamney or Rombama it doesn’t matter as long as the same people in the think tanks are calling the shots, writing the policy and engineering our demise. Time to let go of the left/right puppet show illusion and all the recycled hyperbole, disconnect from the system and don’t support either party. I’m not voting either…

    • stormyrain  September 1, 2012 at 9:45 pm


      I agree, they play both sides – acting as if they are your friends, yet meeting their political cronies in the back room and making the real deal. The democrats are equally as guilty as the republicans. What the FEMA camps look like, remains to be seen… but someone is preparing for something.

      And when I have a friend who is a retired SLED agent starting to show concern and unable to purchased ammo because there is a back order, then you have to have some concern. Are there those who have guns that shouldn’t, I am sure there are, but most hunters that I know who own guns, grew up with their dad showing the how to care and maintain a gun. This was a part of the ritual of the hunter…. a part of the father/son bonding.

      I am a masters prepared RN, believe myself to be fairly intelligent, yet the mis/dis-information is overwhelming. I have been on my own front line… OR, ICU, you name it… we have to think fast on our feet to save the life on the bed before us… To now be a part of the information system that I have no training in… I find myself angry. You have the luxury of sitting in a position of knowing, of having contacts that provide you with information that gives you a clearer picture of who is or is not to be listened to. I have to try and read between the lines… and I am aware… You are asking a lot of those who are clueless and choose not to participate.

      Actually, maybe they do have the right idea… I have never watched her, but for some reason Kim Kardashian has a big following. Maybe that is the better idea. 🙂


  13. FactversusHype  September 1, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    “Debt and money are used as a method of enslaving people, debt is invented, interest is charged on it though nobody really borrowed it.” — That was arranged by the Fed resrv/london masters who run our gov/wars and have planned the destruction of the US.
    Clinton Glass Steagall -Democrat, Obama trillions -Democrat. The banks should have failed, but the masters’ plan was to make damn sure we would never recover, so O did his part after B. The Ds and Rs controlled by same masters. The suggestion we should put ‘patriots’ in FEMA camps is horrendous. By that measure you would have Brandon Raub back in the psych ward. You can’t have it both ways. The ‘FEMA camps’ should be inhabited by those who own the fed reserv/london who have killed 200 million in bogus wars along with the corrupt aparatus you describe, they own the cia as they own obama.
    ‘anyone dangerous to america’ – WHICH ‘america’. The ‘america’ where banks have been rigged to implode for decades while grifters in ‘government’ have murdered our rights?
    You acknowledge the totalitarianism happening, but want people who are against the NDAA, who don’t want total surveillance, HAARP control, biowarfare ‘geoengineering’ or forced drugging to be in ‘camps’. You lump too many in by mere ‘gun ownership’ or resistance to totalitarianism. – By that reasoning ‘smart’ people live unprotected in a totalitarian police state under the same psychos who built that Denver airport shrine with their psycho paintings, under which lie their bunkers. The cia/ or zionists you say yourself have infiltrated from top down, these are the people you would have citizens put in ‘camps’ by, people in place under O.
    The only O positive is his dislike for the nut, but it’s the masters who decided Israel isn’t needed now as the US police state is nearly ready. You acknowledge the police state under O. He allows HAARP and biowarfare attack on citizens while O’s ‘homeland’ buys a billion hollow point bullets. A billion bullets is not for a few cranks but to force all citizens into total surveillance and the removal of the self protection of guns, under O. I ‘worry about gun rights and Obama’ because of his NDAA, martial law EO, trapwire, TPP, flooding the country with millions of immigrants taking what jobs are left while veterans suffer, all for an endless totalitarian agenda. These are facts and laws, not theory.
    As for evengelicals etc, their churches infiltrated, media indoctrinated. That can be fixed by truth, but what is the fix for a murdering secretive government. You claim it’s to throw average -if religiously skewed or ‘gop’ citizens in camps, while the mass murderers roam free. I am tired of defending lessor educated-s in order to maintain my own rights, however if I do not then I’ll be swept up into a totalitarian state. This article reads like the ‘either you’re with us or with the terrorists’ stuff of Bush. The agenda is totalitarianism. O is getting ready to ‘secure’ as in ‘lockdown’ America. O Already has troops on the streets. The claim America is freer than… x y is an illusion. HAARP, biowarfare, troops on streets, TSA in our pants and all the rest, that is now, today. The only difference between today and tomorrow are his/their coming false flags to insure their totalitarian state and yet more troops on the streets. I won’t be voting. The terrorist rebels in government have been extremely clear. They have called all privacy-oriented or self-protective people a ‘terrorist threat’ are in process of killing every privacy, even privacy of thought. There is no exception for anyone but insiders. That is totalitarian insanity defined.
    G, I appreciate this article has good points, but the ‘camps’ and others are way off.
    There are alternatives, history most are not aware of and legal means to re-institute healthy government. Civil wars are just not necessary. –
    realitybloger.wordpress.com/2010/05/09/who-owns-america/ – see also CAFR

    • stormyrain  September 1, 2012 at 9:57 pm

      I agree with most of what you are saying.

      My frustration lies in the fact that many of these websites such as the “republicoftheunitedstates.org” are similarly named and have pieces and parts that look legit. However, when you read the small print or do a search to see who is funding the site, you find they are the very people you don’t want to support…

      It is wearisome.


    • FactversusHype  September 5, 2012 at 11:15 am

      What? It’s not about ‘looking legit’. You are confusing points. On the SUBJECT itself, many people worked hard to research the subject and are in fact correct. That is a separate issue from who has been elected in that alternative govmt. The point is for people to examine the Law they believe exists and that which they are actually living under – 99.9 % of the population is unaware that the US is a corporation. People should know history and what the structure should look like. At least the people there are actually doing something. If a tenth of our population was equally engaged in informing others of the reality and 90% got off their asses then we might survive. The first three are generally factual, for purpose of history and law. The third is for example structure.




      republicoftheunitedstates.org/ – this is for example of structure only, I have no idea about the people currently elected.

  14. Worker Bee  September 1, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    I look forward to a Romney administration and Republican Congress. Time to make thing bad enough for people to jolt them out of their stupor. Might as well get the failed experiment of Then United States of America over with, and start over from nothing.

    Unless Obama and Dempsey have a secret “Night of the Long Knives” plan to take out the Zio-Cons and criminal banksters (we can dream, can’t we).

  15. freedom  September 1, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Then again there is that UN Small Arms Treaty being worked on again. Includes an international gun registry. It’s none of their business.

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