The Ultimate Battle – Jerusalem Against Athens

by Bob Johnson


A battle is being waged for the minds of humanity. The two opposing sides are Jerusalem and Athens. Jerusalem represents alleged revelations and actual superstition. Athens represents reason and the God honoring practice of following the evidence wherever it leads.

Even though those who promote the Jerusalem idea of replacing our God-given reason with “revelations” make claim to a belief in God and paint those of us who embrace the Athens reason-friendly worldview as being opposed to God, the Jerusalem camp is in reality opposed to God. This is because reason is innate in all of us and is as much a gift from God as life itself is. By choosing to value our God-given reason over man-made claims to “revelation” we are following God instead of man-made “revealed”/hearsay religions.

The American Revolutionary War hero and Deist Ethan Allen made a great important point in his thought provoking book on God and religion, Reason: The Only Oracle of Man (for the Kindle version click here). Allen wrote, “Those who invalidate reason, ought seriously to consider, whether they argue against reason with or without reason; if with reason, then they establish the principle, that they are laboring to dethrone, but if they argue without reason, (which, in order to be consistent with themselves, they must do) they are out of the reach of rational conviction, nor do they deserve a rational argument.”

The biggest promoters of the superstition based Jerusalem worldview are the revealed religionists. The most actively dangerous of that bunch are the neoconservatives. The neocons openly promote war for the promotion of their twisted unreasonable worldview.

The neocon movement is largely based on the teachings of the Jew from Germany Leo Strauss. After arriving in America in 1938, Strauss became a professor at the University of Chicago. He held that position from 1949 through 1969. Paul Wolfowitz who was the driving force behind George W. Bush to start the war with Iraq for Israel’s benefit was just one of several of his students who went on to become leading neoconservatives in the US government.

Strauss taught that the people must be ruled by a government based on a revealed religion. His idea of the ideal revealed religion that it should be based upon was Judaism. He taught that the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament should be the foundation of society. In the insightful introduction to a collection of Strauss’ writings, Jewish Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity, Kenneth Green writes, “Strauss learned from Maimonides that religion is essential to any healthy political society, and certainly for the moral life of human beings. Over and above this, Maimonides convinced Strauss that Jewish religion, based on the Hebrew Bible, is most essential to ground a ‘genuine’ morality for almost every human being.” This is the key to the very unprogrissive and dangerous neoconservative worldview.

The main idea in the Hebrew Bible that the neocons want society and the world based upon is the supremacy of the Jews and Israel. The Hebrew Bible is loaded with passages that make this very evident. Not only Deuteronomy 7:6 which openly states the Hebrews/Jews are “above all people on the face of the earth”, but also Isaiah 60:10-11 which has God telling the Jews through the Jewish prophet, “And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee. . . . Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.” And don’t forget the powerful threatening statement falsely attributed to God in Isaiah 60:12 that flatly proclaims, “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” This ancient Jewish psychological warfare is being used successfully today against America. I’ve had many sincere Christians quote Isaiah 60:12 to me when I asked them why the US would put Israel’s interests before the interests of its own people.

To fully demonstrate the unprogressive characteristic of the neocon movement and of the Jerusalem worldview, I’ll quote directly from Leo Strauss’ speech Progress or Return? The Contemporary Crisis in Western Civilization, which can be found in his book Jewish Philosophy And The Crisis of Modernity. “Judaism is a concern with return; it is not a concern with progress. ‘Return’ can easily be expressed in biblical Hebrew; ‘progress’ cannot.”

This really sums up the danger we face from the Jerusalem worldview and from its political arm, the neoconservative movement. Do we really want a world without progress??? That is what is in store for us as the neocons continue to have their way.

To clearly point out further differences in the Athens worldview and that of Jerusalem, we need to read more of Strauss. In his essay Jerusalem and Athens, he points out a very fundamental difference when he writes, “According to the Bible, the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord; according to the Greek philosophers, the beginning of wisdom is wonder. We are thus compelled from the very beginning to make a choice, to take a stand.”

He also writes, “One is thus led to say that the Bible contains both ‘myth’ and ‘history.’ Yet this distinction is alien to the Bible; it is a special form of the distinction between mythos and logos; mythos and historie are of Greek origin. From the point of view of the Bible the ‘myths’ are as true as the ‘histories': what Israel ‘in fact’ did or suffered cannot be understood except in the light of the ‘facts’ of Creation and Election.” Of course, the Biblical creation story is not possible, neither is the election of the Jews by God to be above everyone else on the planet. Neither of these Bible stories align with our God-given reason.

In his essay Strauss brings out a difference between reason and unreasonableness, between Athens and Jerusalem, which goes directly against the heart of progress and which is the heart of the Bible. He writes, “. . . the concept of nature is foreign to the Bible.” This very unreasonable belief is very dangerous and can only make life difficult at best since it is by studying the designs of the Designer that are in Nature that humanity has made life more secure, more comfortable and more enjoyable. We would be without automobiles, computers, medicine, surgery, flight, etc., etc., etc. if not for people who were willing to go against the Bible and Judaism and Christianity to study science and to then be able to improve life for all of us. And many of these people paid with their lives and suffered arrest and torture for doing so.  Giordano Bruno was burned alive and Galileo was under arrest for years before giving in to the religious authorities and saying the Earth does not revolve around the Sun making him Biblically correct but not scientifically correct – and he remained under house arrest until his death.

We need to do all we can to see to it that Athens defeats Jerusalem. As Jerusalem is building towards yet another war for Israel’s benefit, this time with Iran, time is of the essence!

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43 Comments for “The Ultimate Battle – Jerusalem Against Athens”

  1. So Tyrone my friend,

    How did the Bible god do it? Did he have a magic wand, or perhaps a fire burning and a caldron bubbling? Or may he just wiggled his nose like Samantha, and then with a twich of his nose up the chimney he rose? Fairy dust?

    Still praying for you,

  2. And Tyrone, You forgot to tell me what the probability was for the Bible god to sneeze into a mud puddle and produce a perfect man, who wasn’t quite so perfect afterall. The Bible god screwed that up didn’t he?

    Your ignorance of evolution is quite marvelous. Using the word “suddenly” regarding evolution exposes your lack of education. Go to for enlightment.

    Praise Chemosh,

  3. Yes Tyrone, I come from apes, and apes come from Bible fundagellicals. We’ve come a long way baby.

    Bless you,

  4. Yusef,

    Logic does not say there is one god. It says there are no gods. The universe is chaotic.

    The invisible and the non-existent have a lot in common.


  5. Yusef,

    We do not need any gods for “positive values.” The gods have nothing to do with human morality.
    The Bible blaming the stiff necked Jews for all their defeats is like Pat Robertson blaming gays for hurricanes. It is just plain dumb.

    Happy trails to you,

  6. The issue in this matter shapes as I have often questioned. Before discrediting every thing Israel must answer basic questions on their assertions regarding the Covenant and the many claims. Christians, sane one, believe in Jesus, with sufficient evidence of his existence. Israel can offer only dreams and claims. That is my issue with Evangelists adding Judea to Christianity. What is from what some claimed there was.
    I am an Agnostic I do not deny a creation beyond our ability to conceive it, although we might have gotten further were it not for this Religious fantasies that reflect only the will and wish of the writer or story teller. If we would start looking at yourself as the product of a complicated organic mechanism . But how it all started ,that can drive you crazy because in our reality framework nothing came from nothing even it if is only the result of a “will” by something. Jesus only discussed the social system that was created contrary to the will of the creator. He never discussed the mystery of creation nor the existences of other “gods”
    The answer to the mystery is in a properly functioning brain but we cannot use it because we do not know how to void the brain of all that was put there and take a step back to the Indian and “the Spirit” Much has been said about the Spirit even in religious books but little time was spent trying to understand it,
    Many tribal people globally tell you “The Spirit is everywhere, is what gives life to all” . Now if we can teach about the spirit there could be unity among religions because the all have it they just don’t know what it is….yet some talk to them by praying to them for guidance. Why not, they are what supposedly motivates all those Deity and prophets we fight about, who basically are only secondary actor on the grand stage..

  7. All this intellectual stuff is very interesting, but let’s get back to reality. The Jews are winning. Massive deceit, lying, setting up wars that kill mostly non-Jews, theft, assassinations, fraud, legislation against the people, etc. -they work! What doesn’t? Hope, faith, decency, honestly, being law-abiding,etc.

    America was once mostly Multi-Protestant, then included Catholics, then Jews. Possibly the Christian mix could have continued to work. Homogeneity works. People agree. Jews are a ‘closed system’. You must be born into it. They advocate for each other and exclude everyone else. It appears they now answer to Israel. They control everything and get back the ‘turn the other cheek’ stuff and ‘we must be non-violent.’ We are Do-do birds to be commodified by corrupt medical, educational, judicial, executive, legislative systems and then slaughtered. In California San Pablo and Richmond -all low income on coveted property- will be ‘stacked and packed’ on five earthquake faults. Steinberg’s SB 375. Palestine on the Bay.

    We now move from debt slavery to a return to white slavery, i.e. to join the masses of ill-educated (intentionally, of course) people of color. Seniors first to go as they (we) are defenseless. First the local and Fed government collude with the international bankers to steal private property. Then they pump seniors with endless pills..why? My rx for one pill is $38/per. In Canada it’s 38 cents/per. There’s your Obama payback…one of them. Test everything that’s happening per Agenda 21. Ck Forbes list of richest against stats on ethnic group number in population.

    But if you of the busy brain must continue on your path, consider:
    -Re religion: What EU countries are ‘curing’ debt with more debt?(Merkel continually genuflects to Israel. Yet RT reports ‘antisemitism’ going up in Germany, England, France and other countries.The people know who runs the banks and created the financial mess. Shades of pre WW 2?

    -What religion forbids interest and what/who controls it in US? Note: All loans are created from digits while the working people create the wealth of any country.

    – google:”A Real Case Against The Jews” 1928. (Written by a Jew.) According to this both Christianity and Judaism are Jewish religions. “You are self deceivers..” Seems we were happy pagans, with many Gods. Sounds like the American Indians that respected the earth. Interesting view from 1928.

    google:ponerology- The scientific study of evil.
    Read: Parasite Rex. This is exactly the way Jews work. Invade, weaken systems, then death. They are essentially suicidal. They feed off the host till they kill it. Their compulsion is for more.
    Read: Creature from Jekyll Island. Understand the takeover by Jews of Fed Reserve System and American money system.
    Read: Please Understand Me. (Or some more recent equivalent book.) Understand how each percent of the population thinks and why they vote the way they do.

    Or don’t. Fiddle with the bible stuff while America and the world burns. Religions? Just parallel political systems. I got heavy into it at 14 and got out. Too much hypocrisy.

    BTW: I am 72, female and white. Soon they will, no doubt, take my house. I cannot pay the high taxes that subsidizes the new managerial and ‘control’ class. Is all tax money moving to Jew controlled agencies or those bought off by them? Police officers=$200k-high school education and 6 months training in this little town that’s Latino dominated in population and city council. Many Latinos, even low income, have rancheros in Mexico. Whites – those of us that were defrauded by the banks -houses, apartment buildings, marriage, everything, have nothing after a lifetime of work except a tiny house and now they come for that.
    I had hoped these last few years I could study all the lies I have been taught and try to ascertain reality. Not going to happen, I guess. I’ve always been against killing and violence of any kind. Never attended a rally. Kept to myself, went to work, studied stuff. I’m thinking now the Powers That Be will never let Americans get together to try to figure out a better way. The only way to stop what’s going on is to use the Afghani way -hit and run, one by one, start at the top. Of course, I would never advocate such a thing. It would be against the law. Never been arrested. Last traffic ticket about 45 years ago. I’m a good citizen. It doesn’t work to be so. I should have learned to lie and steal and cheat. Of course, all must be done with the mercy of ..say, the drones. I’m certainly not advocating it. But if it’s done I shall not weep. It will cost less lives in the end and they -those at the top- will clean it up the mess fast. Yes, indeedy. They’re scared sheetless of sharpshooters. Likely they think since they’re goy they’re too dumb to know who the international banksters are. Is it true? Our soldiers will go halfway around the world to kill innocents trying to protect their country from invaders, but won’t protect us when even seniors are committing suicide from being evicted? I don’t understand. Someone explain.
    PS: The Chinese are here and buying up property. I tutored two kids this summer, recently arrived. They are the ‘petuitary type’ with very specific mentality. Are only Chinese Jews being let in? Anyone know?

  8. Yusefguitar, you are right on. Thank you for pointing out what I wish upon all to see in terms of these artificial divisions. I remember living in Mississippi and being from midwestern rural north USA and noticed a street named Division Street which seperated the wealthy white southerners from the poor working class blacks and the railroad tracks divided them. It was so blatant. And it was in the mid 90’s.

  9. Most of our schools, public, private, christian, jewish, catholic, military acadamies do not teach critical thinking, analytical thinking and compassionate thinking. Most of what these religious and military institutions teach is power and control, revenge, competition, and winning. These values are far from the kind of spiritual path it will take for humanity to evolve in an enlightened way. Most all of the religions and races have the same problems, either at the village level or at the multi-national level. It is not unique to jews or christians or blacks or whites. Victim/perpetrator mentality hampers this evolution. Fearlessness and non-violent wrathful action help it. I guess one has to be willing to die for this and try as hard as you can to not committ unecessary violence. The world now is full of unecessary violence and those with the best technical weapons of course seem to kill the most folks or threaten them all with this primitive stuff. Some of the answers are not based on a choice between Jerusalem or Athens, but on the bringing to consciousness the dark side of ones own mind, acknowledging it, taming it, and disciplining it,with the betterment of all living beings as the path and goal. The Jew, the Arab, the Aryan, the African, the Asian , all of them have the same basic goodness and anything that denies this is bigotry. Violent histories of all these peoples is not contrary evidence of this basic goodness. Do not use the information of these violent historys to distort this basic goodness. That is the Karmic Issue.

  10. So, Bob, as I’ve written to you before, you’d have us believe you’ve examined Western Civilization and Christendom–it’s theology, philosophy, science, ethics, morals, art, architecture, music, socializing functions in society, its symbolism that you live by–and found it wanting in light of your metaphysical belief in philosophical materialism, which gave us scientific socialism, which resulted, incidentally, in the slaughter of 160 million during the last century alone, and in its name.

    We would be without automobiles, computers, medicine, surgery, flight, etc., etc., etc. if not for people who were willing to go against the Bible and Judaism and Christianity to study science and to then be able to improve life for all of us. This is sadly puerile stuff, Bob.

    You tell us Christianity is inimical to classical learning and the benefits of Western science, while the truth is that the empirical sciences were stillborn in ancient Greece and Rome, as Stanley Jaki put it, and were it not for the epistemic, logical foundations laid down by medieval thinkers you’d have none of it. Moreover, I’m sure you haven’t the slightest conception of classical, Aristotelian thought on observation and theory or the relationship between evidence, conjecture, and proof, yet you presume to not only speak for science, but to set it against the backdrop of the revealed religion in which it flourished. Coming to Galileo and Descartes, I’m sure it’s equally lost on you that they criticized the Scholastics using the vocabulary and epistemic tools otherwise unavailable but for those Scholastics. Your fanatical intolerance and gross ignorance of the facts, like so many here at VT, makes you the danger to social harmony, order, and progress, not Christianity.

  11. Leo Strauss was a culture distorter because the Jewish religion is NOT based upon the Old Testament (which would be bad enough). The Jewish religion is based upon the Talmud, which is a huge collection of writings from Jewish ethnic supremacists like him, in which Jesus is in hell, being boiled in excrement or semen; having sex with prepubescent children is hunky dory; and non-Jewish sheeple-goys are sub-human slaves who exist to serve the Jews and who’s collective existence is not worth one Jewish fingernail. Leo Strauss encountered Maimonides in the Talmud, not in the Bible, although you can encounter Joshua in the Biblical book by the same name and he was probably just as evil as Leo Strauss, though a bit more honest. So much for professorship in the Rockefeller’s University of Chicago!

    So much for

  12. The challenge faced by an individual who lives by reason is that an individual’s reason can only last for their life-span. The “revelation”, “belief” and/or “monarchical” systems are embedded in institutions that transcend an individuals longevity allowing these devious individuals to out-wait any blockages. The veterans of WW1 and WW2 were such a blockage, and now they’ve all shuffled from their mortal coils or positions where they had influence the revelation mob have an open-season and are unopposed except by individuals who are easily side-stepped.

  13. The treachery of “financial power and control” has led to the Jews ability to force their “world view” on others by controlling the FED, London, Tel Aviv, IMF, World Bank, BIS, and other entities. This was conjured up for just this purpose, and as more “Jews” and Israel moved to the forefront, some people began to believe in this orchestrated nonsense, because the “Jews” seemed successful, when in fact they created nothing and their seeming progress was through financial manipulation, no work, no creativity, no inate talents, and skimming off the back’s of the general global population of the hard-working masses.

    The “Jews” are also masters of deception, and treachery, and very skilled at turning one group against another, and starting wars in which they remain on the sidelines, while others borrow from them to fight the WAR, and they are seeming to ENJOY the bloodshed and destruction while racking in the profits.

    It is UN-natural and anti-human, where did these Fu**ers come from? lets send them back, ASAP.

    This ungodly charade, must be stopped and a return to justice, peace between brothers and sisters, and creativity rewarded, with NO dominant central bank of tentacles involved.

    • I like Ben Franklin’s (1787) description of them….

      “Because they are vampires and vampires do not live on vampires, they cannot live among themselves.
      They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.”

  14. This piece is the best thing I’ve read in YEARS! Which will win? The power of LIES, disinformation, propaganda (also lies, sorry for the redundancy) and power, or the simple power of TRUTH and REASON.

    The Jews have lived and prospered (to put it mildly) by the power of lies alone, for nearly 2,500 years. EVERYTHING about Judaism is a lie. The whole world knows it, and now comes the crucial test: Is truth (God) more powerful than lies (Satan, the Serpent, Jews or whatever they are) or vice versa?

    We’re alive in the most profound moment in history imaginable, at least in recorded history. May the best TRUTH win.

  15. Wisdom over fear anyday.

  16. A reasoning person can make an intelligent decision to pay attention to prophecies because it’s physically, scientifically possible that other dimensions of reality exist besides our own, and that we can access information from those dimensions. There is nothing unreasonable about it. What is unreasonable is believing forged and false prophecies that were created with a political agenda and propagated with the purpose of destroying civilization and setting one particularly unqualified group in dominion over others who are far superior both morally and intellectually. Once must use one’s reasoning mind to distinguish the false from the true. Only an unreasoning person would throw out the false with the true, even when our survival depends on it.

    • Beausoleil

      It is so hard to let go of what was indoctrinated into you at a tender age by your parents…… isn’t it?

    • I am with you, b-.

      I am reading with a very open mind ‘The Law of One’, ‘The Seth Material’, and ‘The Source Field Investigations.’ They strike me as plausible and probable. C’mon Dec. 21!

      Yep, the old order was unveiled to me in ‘The Controversy of Zion.’ What a great work.

  17. RealWarriorsAreAthenians

    Yeah. Go Athens !! h/t Plato.

  18. Nice to hear from you again Tyrone.

  19. Gee Tyrone, I haven’t heard that one in a while, not since I went to a seminar on how the world was going to end in year 2000. It is an old canard spewed out by ignorant Xtains who don’t have the slightest idea of what evolution is.

    Now what is the probabilty that the Bible god sneezed into a mud puddle and out popped Adam?

    Bless you,

  20. Your brainwashing is apparent.

  21. This guy doesn’t know the Tao from a sewer pipe.

  22. Maybe someone could take you so-called “Christians” seriously if you hadn’t been drooling for these dirty wars for the dirty Jews. We remember and we’re not as stupid as you are.

  23. There is no such thing as macro and micro evolution. These are terms the Xtian idiots made up because some of them know evolution is a fact of science. It’s a problem for their precious myth of Adam and Steve, no wait, Eve, Adam and Eve. Evolution is a fact of science just as much as gravity is. So Tyrone, once again, what is the probability of the Bible god sneezing into a mud puddle and “suddenly” producing Adam? And later maufacturing Eve, or was it Steve, from Adam’s rib?

    I could go on but ouch, I just hurt my intelligently designed back bending over to pick up my spectacles that I now need to aid my intelligently designed eyes.

    As Voltaire once pointed out, “It is obvious that the nose was designed to hold spectacles.”

    I will pray for you Tyrone.

    Bless you,

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