Findings: “Precision” Consulate Attack Coordinated with Jones Telethon/Film


Egyptian Film Promoter Complicit, Google/Youtube Suspect, Tea Party/GOP Involvement Key

by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Intelligence sources in Libya reported that foreign “assault teams” had arrived in Libya in advance of the unrest due to the Terry Jones telethon which included a short but insulting film clip involving the Prophet Mohamed. 

Terry Jones, reputed former CIA/Gladio recruiter, ran this 13 minute clip as part of a telethon made up of far worse material, a telethon broadcast worldwide at great cost to his 25 member church.  Excerpt from Jones telethon:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Now key admissions of the nature of the attack make it virtually impossible for any Libyan group to have been involved, a story now being “sold” to the press along with Libyan reprisals.

Studies now reveal as many as 15 separate teams involved, from surveillance to traffic management, to perimeter security to fire support and communications, not to mention “infil” and “exfil” teams along with logistical support.  In comparison, the US attack on the “bin Laden compound” in Abbotabad was poorly executed and amateurish.

What makes the new information “key” is more detailed information on the attack which proves conclusively it had taken days, perhaps weeks to plan and coordinate.

Those efforts would have been useless without the influx of GOP funding for the Jones telethon, without Google’s violation of its own policies, keeping an offensive YouTube video online and without key sources in the Middle East promoting the video carefully time to the assault by highly trained special operations forces believed to have flown in from Dubai.

Management of the US press, continually dancing from one conspiracy theory to another, is a clear sign that this operation originated in the United States.

It was handed off to an intelligence agency tied to the Romney campaign and Netanyahu, who turned to friends in the Gulf, as intelligence reports confirmed, to complete the complex and well coordinated military operation on two continents.


Below, from Newsweek, an Israel/American publication uses what we are told is actors demonstrating “Muslim rage.”  Note the western/Israel “handler” pushing them up to the camera.  It is his hand with bitten nails and a wedding ring we see “controlling the scene.”



The US Intelligence report indicates the following:

  • At least 50 trained special operations troops were used for the assault with advance teams and support bringing the total to minimally 80 to 100 men or more
  • Both the compound and Ambassador had been under surveillance, Benghazi and Tripoli for the plan to work
  • Fire support was supplied by gun trucks
  • In advance of the attack, a perimeter was established, isolating the US Consulate compound which included 7 homes
  • Americans were first channeled into a “safehouse” by a coordinated “two pronged” attack
  • Then the “safehouse,” which had been “pre-sighted” was attacked with precision mortar fire which landed on the roof with the first round
  • Americans were forced to flee in vehicles carefully channeled into an ambush “kill zone” by teams that managed their path through roadblocks and abandoned vehicles
  • Rescue forces responding were held up for an hour by carefully placed road diversions and additional teams, all requiring full knowledge
  • Detailed information on the compound, the security team and travel plans for the Ambassador indicate possible penetration of US diplomatic security or intelligence resources

Ambassador Stephens – His blood is on how many hands?

As Ambassador Stephens was in Benghazi to open an American Space Cultural Center, full operational security was used.

The US findings are clear in that it was necessary for, not only the Ambassador’s itinerary and security details to have been carefully studied but that secure communications were hacked using advanced technologies unavailable.

FBI groups operating inside Libya are working on the assumption that the attack was premeditated but have been restricted from investigating any sources outside Libya or coordinating with intelligence groups that maintain a detailed log of entry and exit of all “persons of interest” as a normal part of their assignment.

The team used was hard to miss, advance teams scouting the consulate after communications intercepts picked up the ambassador’s schedule.  Further teams to procure the weapons needed, not that difficult in Libya.

The detailed planning of the assault would have included “dry run” practice sessions, carefully outlining perimeter control and traffic management, something only extremely advanced professional military organizations would be capable of.

More devastating is the coordinating with groups inside the US that managed the cover operation through orchestrating rioting and managing false news reports which have, until today, released totally false versions of the events in Libya.

The first story to come close was from the Associated Press, 11 days after the report. Veterans Today had all of this 11 days ago.


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14 Comments for “Findings: “Precision” Consulate Attack Coordinated with Jones Telethon/Film”

  1. Well, it sounds like Ben Fulford agrees with my suggestion that the man being shown as the ambassador is not who they claim him to be. This is an extract from Fulford’s report today:
    “The recent killing of a US “Ambassador” at the non-existent US consulate in Benghazi, meanwhile, turns out in fact to have been the killing of a Bush agent by a Rothschild agent, according to CIA and MI6 sources. This was a proxy battle over oil, apparently.”

    You need to be a subscriber to see that part of the report but here’s the public section:

  2. I am from NL, gentile and impartial webserver, and interested in true stories. Which is hard to tell, these days.

    According to the Canadians, it’s the Gadaffi’s Green resistance out of revenge for Stevens involvement in the killing of 50.000 Lybians , which is an option also.

    Was the killing operation really that complex? A couple of villa’s surrounded by a wall, guarded by 8 hired Libyans, that’s it.

    • NATO is the attack dog of the Zionist Occupied Governments that are its members. If the Israelis can kidnap Vannunu from a safe house in London, they can pull this one off with no problem.

  3. What a great job, exposing this, and that catch of the ring finger in the Newsweek photo is positively brilliant. The ring’s on the middle finger, which is never customary in the US or Europe, Arabs don’t wear a wedding ring, while Wikipedia’s “ring finger” article notes it is customary in Israel–and probably among the staff at Newsweek as well.

  4. From my research only a minority of US ambassadors are gentiles so putting Stephens into the Libyan cauldron, a part of the world where the Mossad rules the roost, was like giving Netanyahu his head on a plate.

  5. It is interesting to note the amount of money that has poured into the Middle East since the “Arab Spring” began with more than $50 millions in Egypt alone. This money came from so called “democracy” building institutions Republicans and Democrats and no need here to mention who run these organization. I am convinced that secrete operating groups are now running lose in the Middle East with the objective to inflame the feeling and ignite the anger… after all there are so many Israelis with dual citizenship and with connections to organizations within the US with the sole purpose of igniting another war between America and Islam… don’t be surprised if the Salafi groups are in to their neck with these groups..

    • Spot on Sami

      I wonder if there is also a link to the meltdown (financial crisis) and the money going to the Middle East? It just seems too convenient to claim these enormous bank losses and then happily send so much money to bring on the Arab Spring.

      The phenomenal sale of shares meant those who cashed in (and it seems every Jewish friend of mine knew something was coming) were cashed up. Mainly High Net Worth and Government institution’s. We the poor people who pay and give up our sons and daughters always seem to be the last to find out what happened and even then it is what is spoon fed to us through MSM.

      • I would also love to know what part the rabbi plays in all this? Is the rabbi responsible, and the conduit, for the “school of fish” behaviour that has Jews all synchronised? Just a thought.

  6. Time to rethink Ron Paul for president to weed out all the corrupt officials. I would be happy if that were his only achievement. The other issues fall way behind in priority.

  7. Are we going to roll over and continue taking this like subservient sheep? If we do, we deserve the horrific future they have planned for us.

    I recall Alan Sabrosky saying something along the lines of: “if Americans truly knew… they’ll scrub them off the map… and they won’t care how much it costs.” Oh so true.

  8. Why anyone still wants to be a diplomat for a country which despises its own is beyond me. Does anyone have any estimates as to the DC patriot/traitor ratio? And that wild, rabid, out-of-control kook Jones should be arrested and pistol whipped for all the trouble he has caused. Then put into a cage and sent to Mecca for trial and punishment.

  9. It took most people several years to figure out that The Jews did 9/11. Now it only takes a matter of days for an average teenager to see through the lies of the syndicate that run this country.

    Yep, just one more example of zionist tyranny. It’s not a matter of “the Jews did it” which everyone knows but WHICH Jews did it.

    Thanks for the research, VT. We’re getting there, slowly.

  10. Can we expect anything else to happen next?
    The aircraft carrier Enterprise is now in the Straits of Hormuz?. If so then it will be the next target. I have no doubt who will be behind it. I have no doubt who was behind this. What I can’t figure out is why.
    Oh yeah, you should have heard Larry Sinclair on Jeff Rense radio yesterday, saying it was because the ambassador was gay. What rubbish! I could say a few things concerning Sinclair but it would be improper on this website,
    So now we have Marines in Libya who will be targets of opportunity for mossad snipers.

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