Born in West Chester, PA in March 1948, Crosby entered military service in April 1966 90-day delay. Served in USAF until JUNE 1971 re-enlisting while in Vietnam to prove he was even there.

Filed lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court, N.D. N.Y. Syracuse in January 1976, amended March 1976.

This lawsuit had to do with false and stigmatizing coded number placed upon his person without his knowledge, known as a SPN code. Lawsuit went to U.S. Supreme Court on Special Order A-393 (that is the 393rd special order since this nation started)

Veteran Crosby is in very good standing. Lawsuit ended with no subject matter jurisdiction as Gov't claimed they corrected records via Federal Court Order.

Veteran Crosby appeared before and gave testimony to U.S. Federal Grand Jury in April 1983 proving beyond a reasonable doubt, the State of New York looked into their computers and pulled up the same derogatory coded number the Gov't told U.S. Federal Judge would NEVER surface again.

The Grand Jury tampered with Veteran Crosby has for decades tried to expose the billions of dollars being stolen from Veterans Administration via use of said SPN, SDN, or SPD codes. Thanks to an April 2007 video, shortly thereafter, the V.A. admitted to shredding millions of documents at 42 of 57 Regional Offices. Moreover, the only place veterans can go to redress an injustice is the BOARD FOR CORRECTION OF MILITARY RECORDS (BCMR).

Veteran Crosby, with the help of others, has openly exposed corruption at the BCMR'S by pointing out a lawsuit, CASEY v. U.S. 8 Fed. Cl.Ct. 1985. This lawsuit determined that ANY VETERAN with a BAD SPN, SDN, or SPD code, should have been told, the record corrected, and the veteran PAID for the injustice.

In fact, Congress appropriated $10 Million per year for each BOARD.

Where is the money?
Why were veterans NOT paid, nor treated in an Honorable fashion by so called military lawyers?

The U.S. Provost Marshall should be making arrests and the firing squad working overtime.

Liberty and Justice For All, no if, ands, or buts. Put up, shut up, lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

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Historical Notes 38 U.S.C. & 511 Fuhrer – Alarming Part III



Save the best for last some have said. DANGER, DANGER, WILL ROBINSON ! Here is something for those with common sense ( the basis for intelligence ) that will open your eyes and mind.

On MARCH 15, 1989, the SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS is elevated to a CABINET level position. MARCH 15th, known as the IDES of MARCH, a day JULIUS CAESAR was stabbed to death in the SENATE. On AUGUST 6, 1991, 38 U.S.C. § 511 became law. AUGUST 6th, the day the first ATOMIC BOMB was dropped. Dropped on HIROSHIMA, Japan. Are you getting curious ??

Go to; and look at the PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBITS ( with the court seal upon them ) which are on the left side of the site. Scroll down under “ P’s “ for Plaintiff. Look at those EXHIBITS regarding D.O.D. Directive and Instructions, of which, are all about those SECRET codes on a veterans DD FORM 214. Those DOD Directives & Instructions were done in Secret !! Look at the dates, DECEMBER 7th, known as a “ day of INFAMY as said by President Roosevelt “. Next, JULY 4th, INDEPENDENCE DAY, what can be said.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t there a wacko group out there with an agenda that involves “ HISTORICAL DATES AND NUMBERS “ and cares NOTHING about the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and the CONSTITUTION and its human rights guarantee’s ??

Anytime a document has come forth involving the branding of human beings with a code in this country, i.e. the 23 MILLION VETERANS of the United States, or, a law is passed, or, a position of power which would have oversight of said veterans, the day the dirty deed was completed turns out to be a historical date in human kinds history. THIS IS MOCKERY !! It is not PRIDE, but hatred, pure and simple.

Pass a law on AUGUST 6th, dropping an ATOMIC BOMB, KABOOM, and you veterans of the UNITED STATES are NEVER, EVER, GOING TO HAVE LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL !! You have been driven from the courts by a silent group of wacko’s. What has been DONE, can always be UN-DONE, using thought and some elbow grease.

Wonder why I get the big bucks, it is discovering just such interesting items that some would call coincidence. It is relevant that these dates in our HISTORY were used for the sole purpose of DEPRIVING AMERICA’S VETERANS OF DUE PROCESS of LAW, i.e. LIBERTY RIGHTS.

When 38 U.S.C. § 511 passed into law in 1991, where were the so called veteran service organizations, who, have magazines they distribute in which they could have notified veterans and/or their membership about this LAW, and call for action to REPEAL such law ?? How could they have NOT spoken up about this law ?? What reasoning can they have ? I for one would like to see a written notice as to why they did absolutely nothing to prevent this denial of Due Process of Law. Somebody out there get an answer from them, PLEASE. Just maybe there answer will be enough to present to Congress to REVOKE their CHARTERS. If we can get their CHARTERS revoked, the date should be on the 11th day, of the 11th month, at the 11th hour, previously known as ARMISTICE DAY, after WW 2 changed to VETERANS DAY. From the ashes of corrupt and uncaring veterans service organizations who have become complacent, new veterans organizations will arise, with NEW and better CHARTERS that will make sure monies and effort go to veterans not the “ have another drink from the bar “ attitude. Today’s history lesson is over. Let’s hope this is not “ Lost in Space “ like Will Robinson.


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