The Demonic False Flag October Surprise Option

by Sartre

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4 Comments for “The Demonic False Flag October Surprise Option”

  1. One of my favorite quotes of the day from the story above:

    “Only an imbecile accepts that either of the parties benefits the national interests of the American public.”

    This is perhaps the best possible rationale for a complete overhaul of our alleged political process. At present, it is orchestrated handoff between the cynical actors in a pageant that is supposed to keep us, the real people, occupied while the thieves-in-chief steal everything not nailed down. The Lakota withdrew from the USA because it failed to honor its treaties. I am considering withdrawing because it keeps insulting my intelligence.

  2. Deception is the hallmark of our media, Hollywood, Wall St and its Fedl Res, and that collection of turned perverts in DC as well, which isn’t surprising since they’re tied to the hip with the Mossad and its sayanim, agents, lackeys, and assets. The trillions that could have gone to rebuild our manufacturing base and infrastructure, providing tens of millions of high-paying jobs, education, and medical and other technological advances have been squandered forever on wars for Israel, while our wealth simultaneously expropriated through deception by the enemy within. It’s not just that they’ll do to Americans tomorrow what they’re doing to Muslims today, but that America was always the chief animus of their hatred. What a pity they so easily turned our military and federal law enforcement by simply placing a few agents in their midst.

  3. The one thing that could sway me from voting third party and voting for Obama is if Israel attacks Iran before the election and Obama hangs them out to dry.

    And Michael Scheuer should be deeply ashamed of his role in cultivating and sustaining the “Bin Laden-9/11 mastermind, super terrorist” line of bull. The guy hasn’t been all over tv for the last few years for nothing. I know he says things that we like sometimes, like his talk of why “they” really “hate us”. But always remember that his true role is not to advance the theory of blowback, but to advance the big “war on terror” lies including those about Bin Laden.

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