Undeniable, American Civil War, it is in the Cards

Undeniable, American Civil War, it is in the Cards

by  Gordon Duff


You hear it only in whispers.  Americans, those who used to consider themselves liberal or conservative, urban or rural, all races, religions and ethnicities are whispering.

With America’s new laws, universal wiretapping, total supervision of the Internet, networks of informants throughout the population, there is a genuine fear, neither of invasion nor of collapse and starvation though those are seen as more than “probable.”

Americans are convinced they will, perhaps this month, this year, certainly soon, see a civil war.  These are no longer bluster, angry words spoken in the heat of the moment.  These are quiet words, carefully spoken behind closed doors between trusted friends.

Americans are afraid of their government, their laws, their police and they have been afraid too long.

There are groups that, for political gain, have always exploited fear, this is to be expected.  The “neocon” movement was built from wild conspiracy theories spread by the Fox/Murdoch empire and its cabal of hidden cohorts.  Fearful Americans voted in even more corrupt governments than usual and economic disasters were engineered, perhaps a bit of government terrorism too.

Americans were lulled into the complacency of sheep and as they awakened, a few at a time, they saw how the visions and ideals they once held had disappeared. What they didn’t know was that this dark time and the darker times to follow would, when seen in retrospect, seem as though they were a golden era.

There is real fear in America, strangely uniting people as only hopelessness can. While America slept, thieves came in the night and stole her soul.  First the new laws, the foreign threats, terrorism, militias, extremism, Orwell’s 1984.

New Jersey Fusion Center

Then came the endless wars, more Orwellian nightmares followed by more laws, new bureaucracies, new humiliations, the author’s nightmares of a century past, Orwell and Kafka.

America went away.  It was replaced by “Fusion Centers” run by the Department of Homeland Security, where data on the behavior of everyone, children in school, gossip in the workplace, emails, telephone calls, all became fodder for analysis and classification.

This veteran is prone to violence, this church is a cult, this group is a militia, this meeting is a conspiracy.

This is one agency, there are 16.  This is only the “Fusion Center.”  The NSA (National Security Agency), NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) and 16 other agencies, all with undefined and overlapping powers, are spending billions on super computers to watch, to think, to predict and to, eventually, intervene.

“Capabilities” are being built to answer “threats” that have never existed and, as predicted, when the “Frankenstein monster” America has built is unleashed, it will have no duty but to turn on its unknowing creators. Thus, every phone call, every email, every Facebook post, perhaps every glance or expression will be recorded and analyzed.

Orwell’s “Thought Police,” exist, 16 agencies full, and those are only those with Federal or national designations.  Each state, county, each city or town, all are accumulating heavy weapons, surveillance equipment, all a duplication of the Israeli model.

The worst part is Americans have forgotten how to deal with tyranny.  Americans met the British the way the Viet Cong and Taliban have met our own troops.

Seattle gets to play police state

This was before 15 million Americans languished in prisons.  This was before a million police, indoctrinated, no, really “brainwashed,” fed on steroids, and human growth hormones.

Add to that sniper rifles, armoured cars and specialist gear of America’s elite special operations forces now “standard issue” for traffic police and meter maids, America has created a culture of power and oppression.

Behind the police is government, layer upon layer, each more corrupt than the last.  Behind the police are endless prisons and jails, many privately run, all as filthy and violent as any on earth, innocent and guilty alike share one thing in common, lack of money to buy their way to freedom.

Only the poor go to jail in America. Sheriffs and police chiefs, judges and magistrates are empowered to fill the “for pay” prisons owned by corporations that finance their campaigns.

In America, sheriffs and judges are elected, nominated by the powerful, financed by those they are sworn to protect, the privileged classes, those of organized crime, the drug cartels, and, most of all, their political overlords who then serve a greater class of criminals, onward and upward until the elite bankers and moguls of world crime sit at their table and divide their spoils.

The grand criminal conspiracy tried to form their own political base.  It was called the “Tea Party” and many fell for the message of hate and divisiveness from Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and their masters, the Koch Brothers, those whose exist through bleeding America dry by manipulating fuel prices.

“Occupy,” a real America activist movement, the best of America, hope, ideals, intelligence, clearly recognizing the true enemy and resisting tyranny, certainly worthy but, call me a cynic, and I am certainly that, but two generations bred for complacency and, little are they aware, slaughter, too many stood by and did nothing.

Moreover, tyranny and violence came out in force, rights to free assembly and speech had long disappeared and no one had been there to notice.  Worse still, more openly sold those rights for nothing more than the promise of security, with only those of intellect, fewer each day it seems, aware that the enemy was and is…us.

Only one police chief, from Philadelphia, stood with the Occupy NY people

As things are now, in very real “America,” rural, urban, black, white, Jews and Gentiles, there is a feeling that it is wise to be armed.

There is also a need to be organized and also a fear, knowing that no group of any kind is safe if it is legally armed, organized and openly advocating a return to real representative government and the very minimal safeguards of a constitution even fewer realize is long outdated.

It has gone further.  In regions of the United States, people live in actual terror of their government.

Knowing I am speaking to a largely international audience, such a statement may seem almost humorous.  Imprisonment for crimes of thought or for exercising dissent are commonplace in most of the world.

America really was very different and, I can only hope, there are Americans out there who are as concerned as I am. What has made this situation so pervasive is orchestrating of complacency, of submission, the acceptance of fear and hopelessness that pervades many.

Conversely, there is an equal and opposite culture of brutality, of indifference to human values, of feeling, of respect and honor, a disrespect for truth, for rights of the individual, a need to oppress the weak and defend the powerful

We have bred, it seems, a race of sociopaths, be they cartel “hit men” or corrupt police or guards at military prisons, perhaps even well paid contractors loading planes with narcotics to destroy the lives of our children, they are our creation.

Morrison’s Grave, Paris
Photo By G. Duff


Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison of the Doors once sang “They’ve got the guns, we’ve got the numbers.”

Morrison died in a bathtub in Paris many years ago, I visit his grave periodically.  The stone bust has long been removed as much as his message has been forgotten.

The balance has well changed. They have the guns and they have the numbers.  “We”, no longer seem to exist, not a “we” that respects liberty and honor anyway.

The military, through its service academies, West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy, actually purposefully endeavor to mold a race of military leaders that function more as insects than humans. There are exceptions, but they live in the shadows and are cowed into silence.

Funny thing, our papers are filled with Syria, how their government is “repressing the revolution” with violence.  Were Americans to rise up and demand real freedom, there is little doubt nuclear weapons would be unleashed. Do make a note of that.

Last night was the first presidential debate, part of an election year ritual that first began in 1960, the year of the Kennedy/Nixon election.   Great issues stood before Americans, or so most believed, racial divides, pervasive religious discrimination, rural poverty and disease, urban decay, a crumbling manufacturing base, America under Eisenhower had stagnated.

American elections are much like wars or sporting events.  People choose teams for reasons none understand, vilify the opposition, show loyalty to the “home team,” whether a game or one of the endless wars that have sapped the economies and futures of this small planet since man first emerged, from a tree, a cave or from a scriptural paradise.

Now, it is all falling apart.  Old divisions are no longer believable.  Old ideals of hard work, saving for the future have proven to bring only poverty and hopelessness.  Ideals of justice and honor, of truth, these things have become a joke.

Americans that choose religious faith find themselves guided into extremism and hatred.  Those who choose rational problem solving, who choose to seek solutions, inevitably sink into cynicism and bitterness.

Robert Kennedy – Last Moments

America has sought leaders to stand for the people.  They are killed, “lone gunmen,” or plane accidents, some are imprisoned, some simply destroyed  through a deluge of laundered drug money, America’s new “currency of violence” as per the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of Citizens United.

If a new leader arises, he or she will be of sterner stuff, merciless and cruel.  This is also what is whispered behind closed doors.

It is my suspicion that a Romney presidency would bring it about, a war in Iran, a return to compulsory military service, elimination of universal education, massive homelessness, a nation pushed into decay as we see a “short sale” on America, a nation broken up and peddled off wholesale, as Romney has done so many times before.

I remember my first visit to the Tower of London.  The tours have been the same for generations.  The part that sticks, for me at least, is the idea of “hanging, drawing and quartering,” followed by placing the head of the traitor on a “pike” at the gate.

The tales of the Beefeaters at the Tower, meant to shock the American tourists no longer seem as out of place.

 Editing:  Jim W. Dean

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  1. It appears all my posts have finally materialized – TY.

    What others have written re the Bible’s authenticity:
    (a commenter to Was the Bible Forged article on Sott)
    The Old testament is just as fabricated as the New. Even a cursory examination of the NT shows us that the stories conflict at almost every turn. Whether the authors were in fact members of the 12 is even less important than the content they contain. In the first century there around 100 ‘gospels’ floating around. 4 is such a curious number. Don’t you think?

    The test of truth: If two statements contradict one another, one is false. They may both be false, and probably are, but one is necessarily false for they cannot both be true.

    Get a better look at what’s actually inside:
    Adam and Eve are not history. It is an allegory. So is original sin.
    Perhaps someone can explain how you can have a physical atonement (Jesus) for an allegorical sin.
    Exodus is a myth, it didn’t happen. There are no records of any people besides the Hyksos being kicked out of Egypt. The Egyptians were meticulous record keepers.

    There was no wandering in the desert. It didn’t happen. 185,000+ people meandering over that little area for forty years, performing sacrificial offerings virtually every minute of the day, for every reason under the sun would have left a mound of bones 2 miles high. There isn’t a stick or a stone or a bone. Nothing to indicate that the claims of the Exodus are historical. Because they aren’t. They’re fabricated. So is their claim of being “chosen of God”.

    It is quite likely that King Josiah wrote the OT in about 750bc when he miraculously “found the book of the Law” while renovating a temple. He immediately banned all other belief systems and instituted Mosaic Law; demonstrating that the people were not practicing it up to that point.

    And today we split hairs over whether the person who claims to have authored one of the many fantasies contained in the bible is actually who he purported to be.

    The only thing original to Christianity is its alleged founder. And there have been 16 crucified savior god-men in the history of religion. I guess the ‘devil’ must have put the other 15 there to fool us. Just like he did the dinosaur eggs.

    It is difficult for Christianity to stand the test of validity, even beyond its alleged authors, when it’s founded upon the OT; a collection of tribal folklore and fantasy.

    LKJ reply:
    I’m actually coming slowly to the conclusion that Josiah had nothing to do with it, that it was all put together in the 2nd-1st centuries BC to underpin the Maccabees political ambitions. It’s also possible that the Septuagint is the ORIGINAL “Hebrew” bible, a bunch of borrowings from the Greeks and Mesopotamians with Palestinian legends tossed in and historicized.

    What seems pretty clear is that the OT was either written or edited by a committee of schizoidal psychopaths.

    Another thing: there’s evidence that the Epic of Gilgamesh is closely related to the Odyssey… a difficult thing to explain for sure. My guess is that it was borrowed – as were all “Greek” myths and Mesopotamian myths and ultimately, Hebrew stories, from the Northern European megalithic civilization.

    1st commenter again:
    And before there was Adam and Eve there was Adam and Lilith.
    And there are 3 sets of 10 commandments. Which set do you prefer? I prefer the one that dictates “thou shalt not seeth a kid in its mother’s milk.”

    Another commenter:
    Anyone jumping to the defense of any religion has not looked themselves in the mirror this morning. Any truths left in texts were left there intentionally, so that we may buy into the lies. And what terrible deeds those lies have dealt us so far.
    Me? I’m still using the ol’ noggin as I continue my pursuit of TRUTH. Determining who/what is credible may definitely be dependent on whether one does or does not have an authoritarian personality.

  2. Two post awaiting moderation – indefinitely????

    • Did you post links? This site is notoriously bad when it comes to posting links. Great site overall but the commenting system is not good.

  3. WHY IS THIS STILL IN LIMBO – posted before the one above? Where did my other post go?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Heyns Lecture Series: Misquoting Jesus
    1:39:15 – 5 years ago
    “Misquoting Jesus: Scribes Who Altered Scripture and Readers Who May Never Know,” a textual criticism of Biblical manuscript tampering by Bart Ehrman, Professor or Religious Studies of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


    Many scholars think six of the 13 letters allegedly written by Paul were actually authored by somebody else claiming to be Paul, Professor Ehrman claims.

    ‘In the ancient world, books like that were labelled as pseudoi – lies,’ he writes.

    Professor Ehrman also claims the author of the book of 1 Timothy claimed to be Paul but in actual fact was someone living after Paul had died.
    The author then used the apostle’s name to address a problem he saw in church, according to Professor Ehrman.

    ‘Women were speaking out, exercising authority and teaching men. That had to stop,’ he writes.

    ‘The author told women to be silent and submissive, and reminded his readers about what happened the first time a woman was allowed to exercise authority over a man, in that little incident in the garden of Eden.

    ‘No, the author argued, if women wanted to be saved, they were to have babies (1 Tim. 2:11-15).’

    Paul is known as one of history’s great misogynists, largely based on this passage from the Bible.
    But Professor Ehrman argues this label is not necessarily justified because he wasn’t the one to write it.
    ‘And why does it matter? Because the passage is still used by church leaders today to oppress and silence women,’ writes Professor Ehrman.

    ‘Why are there no women priests in the Catholic Church? Why are women not allowed to preach in conservative evangelical churches? Why are there churches today that do not allow women even to speak?

    ‘In no small measure it is because Paul allegedly taught that women had to be silent, submissive and pregnant.
    ‘Except that the person who taught this was not Paul, but someone lying about his identity so that his readers would think he was Paul.’

    Professor Ehrman then goes on to write how the Bible is actually filled with the need for ‘truth’ but many of its writers were telling a lie.
    ‘It appears that some of the New Testament writers, such as the authors of 2 Peter, 1 Timothy and Ephesians, felt they were perfectly justified to lie in order to tell the truth,’ he writes.

    See also:

  4. Another interesting point – from:

    While I have great admiration for Gellner, I have to point out that this theory of how to control human beings was understood in pretty much this way many thousands of years ago. In the course of my reading, I once came across a passage translated from an archaeological dig – a Hittite tablet – where the king wrote that the priesthood needed the king to establish their religious authority and the king needed the priests to establish his right to rule. This control comes sharply into view in the falsification of history. History, itself, becomes part of the control. After all, control of daily information is just history in the making. As to how this process works on the individual level, a passage in Barbara Oakley’s Evil Genes describes what ‘dancing around the totem pole with ones social group’ does to the human brain – including scientists and creationists, both of whom have very strong attachments to their belief systems:

    “A recent imaging study by psychologist Drew Westen and his colleagues at Emory University provides firm support for the existence of emotional reasoning. Just prior to the 2004 Bush-Kerry presidential elections, two groups of subjects were recruited – fifteen ardent Democrats and fifteen ardent Republicans. Each was presented with conflicting and seemingly damaging statements about their candidate, as well as about more neutral targets such as actor Tom Hanks (who, it appears, is a likable guy for people of all political persuasions). Unsurprisingly, when the participants were asked to draw a logical conclusion about a candidate from the other – ‘wrong’ – political party, the participants found a way to arrive at a conclusion that made the candidate look bad, even though logic should have mitigated the particular circumstances and allowed them to reach a different conclusion. Here’s where it gets interesting.

    When this ‘emote control’ began to occur, parts of the brain normally involved in reasoning were not activated. Instead, a constellation of activations occurred in the same areas of the brain where punishment, pain, and negative emotions are experienced (that is, in the left insula, lateral frontal cortex, and ventromedial prefrontal cortex). Once a way was found to ignore information that could not be rationally discounted, the neural punishment areas turned off, and the participant received a blast of activation in the circuits involving rewards – akin to the high an addict receives when getting his fix.

    In essence, the participants were not about to let facts get in the way of their hot-button decision making and quick buzz of reward. ‘None of the circuits involved in conscious reasoning were particularly engaged,’ says Westen. ‘Essentially, it appears as if partisans twirl the cognitive kaleidoscope until they get the conclusions they want, and then they get massively reinforced for it, with the elimination of negative emotional states and activation of positive ones’…

    Ultimately, Westen and his colleagues believe that ‘emotionally biased reasoning leads to the “stamping in” or reinforcement of a defensive belief, associating the participant’s “revisionist” account of the data with positive emotion or relief and elimination of distress. The result is that partisan beliefs are calcified, and the person can learn very little from new data,’ Westen says. Westen’s remarkable study showed that neural information processing related to what he terms ‘motivated reasoning’ … appears to be qualitatively different from reasoning when a person has no strong emotional stake in the conclusions to be reached.

    The study is thus the first to describe the neural processes that underlie political judgment and decision making, as well as to describe processes involving emote control, psychological defense, confirmatory bias, and some forms of cognitive dissonance. The significance of these findings ranges beyond the study of politics: ‘Everyone from executives and judges to scientists and politicians may reason to emotionally biased judgments when they have a vested interest in how to interpret “the facts,”‘ according to Westen.” (Barbara Oakley, Evil Genes, Prometheus Books, 2008.)

    In short, a human brain that is calcified in a belief system – believing it because their social group, peers, family, also believe it – literally experiences pain if they try to open their mind and think in an unlimited and unbiased way. The same thing must happen to a person trying to understand the different social constraints that are accepted as perfectly normal in a different cultural group. The implications are truly enormous. It can also explain why science is so corrupt! This is, essentially, a look inside the brain of the authoritarian personality.

    I had another post submitted that is not showing up; to avoid duplication I will wait & see if it subsequently posts – it gives more evidence that the bible is a ‘doctored’ text and archaeological evidence is clearly nonexistent.

  5. Another source/perspective – comments by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, researcher, creator, and author of Secret History of the World:

    There’s a whole lot of studies that have been done on these texts over the past 50 to 100 years or more, some of the most fascinating in the last 25 to 30. This has been a process of comparing and analyzing texts, comparing the texts from one ancient source to another, and comparing both to the actual evidence of the spade: the archaeological findings and bringing in some hard science in the form of radiometric dating. What has been learned is staggering. But the general public doesn’t know it because they don’t read much and they especially don’t read technical papers.

    I’ve included a lot of this material in my book Secret History, re-telling it in more understandable language for the lay reader, but I’ve learned a whole lot more since that book was completed.

    The leaders in this work have come to be known as the “Copenhagen School” and it’s actually gotten a wikipedia entry recently because they are having trouble suppressing it… word is getting around.

    The Copenhagen School is a school of biblical exegesis which stresses the primacy of archaeology in establishing a history of Ancient Israel and Judah. It arose in the late 1960s from the need to deal with the increasing contradictions between the findings of Syro-Palestinian archaeology and the Bible’s version of history:

    “For decades … scholars interpreted archaeology in light of what the Bible said … [taking] for granted that what the Bible said, was true—not just morally and religiously, but historically and scientifically. So, as an archaeologist back in the 19th century, you would pick up your Bible and expect to find Noah’s Ark somewhere on top of Mount Ararat in Turkey, just as the Bible said; or that you could dig in Jerusalem and find the remains of David’s and Solomon’s palace.”[2]

    By historicising the biblical text, the traditional approach to Biblical scholarship created a false “Israel” which fails to fit into the archaeologically established context of Iron Age Syria and Palestine. The Biblical history as seen by Minimalism is in fact more comparable to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: the play is based in real history, but was not written for the purpose of retelling that history.

    In recognizing that the historical narrative of the Bible is literature rather than as history, with a plot, a set of characters, and a theological theme concerning the nature of the covenant between the people of Israel and their God, Minimalism treats “biblical Israel” as in fact a literary construction rather than an objective reality.

    Key scholars associated with the School (although they do not necessarily accept the idea that there is such a School) include Thomas L. Thompson, Keith Whitelam, Niels Peter Lemche, and Philip Davies.[1]

    If you read all the books of these scholars, plus the works of Israel Finkelstein, Shlomo Sand, and a few others, you will realize how completely we have all been had. Then, if you add the work of Burton Mack on Christianity to the pile, it gets even worse.

    That’s not to say that there is not some seed of a historical event somewhere in there, but what seems to be so is that a lot of dramatic elements from different times and places were used to create a piece of literature, even a deliberately faked history, for explicitly political reasons. Some of those elements include ancient tales of cataclysm that were available to the writers, and that’s where the works of astronomer Victor Clube et al come in. Also, the works of dendrochronologist, Mike Baillie, physicist Richard Firestone, geologist Allen West, et al, and a whole other field of research into what went on in our skies and on our planet in the past 13000 years or so that gave rise to these epics, myths and legends.

    The Bible is actually a Johnny come lately in terms of this kind of literature and it borrowed freely from the stories belonging to other peoples in other times and places to create its fake history.

    Writer/researcher Michael Bradley wrote an open letter to Pres. George Bush re Middle East Peace. He is the author of “Chosen People from the Caucasus” which focuses on the two separate groups of people who came from the Caucasus Mountains of the Middle East: the Biblical Hebrews who emerged from the southern Caucasus between 3000-2000 BC to invade Palestine, and the northern Caucasus “Khazars” who were converted to Judaism about 740 A.D. The Khazars were pushed into Central and Eastern Europe by Mongol invasions, and their descendants comprise the vast majority of modern Jewry. Both peoples, ironically, are considered to be “Jews”– although they have no direct historical or genetic connections with each other — except as they shared a Neanderthal origin in the Caucasus Mountains in the far distant and ancient pre-Judaic past.

    Bradley is of Jewish and native Canadian descent. From his open letter to President George Bush, dated February 17, 2001:

    “By the 1930s, it was known that archaeology in Palestine did not support the Old Testament account of Israelite dominance or rule of the region. The Hebrews were a minor nomadic tribe of southern Caucasus immigrants or invaders into Palestine. There is no archaeological evidence for the conquest of Canaan by Joshua. No archaeological evidence for the Israelite empire of David and Solomon. No archaeological evidence for the two biblical successor kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

    As recently as October 1999, one of the most prominent Israeli archaeologists, Dr. Ze’ev Herzog of Tel Aviv University, pleaded with the Israeli public and government to base policies on fact instead of biblical folklore. Nonetheless, Ariel Sharon (and others) have expressed the intention of expanding modern Israel to the borders of “David’s” purely biblical and mythical empire.

    Aside from that, the modern population of Israel consists overwhelmingly of “Jewish” people from Central Europe (“Ashkenazim”) who immigrated into Palestine before and after World War II. They have no genetic connection with biblical Hebrews at all. They are descendants of northern Caucasus steppe tribesmen who were converted to Judaism in AD 740.

    This has been known for centuries by chroniclers such as Muggadasi and Al-Bakhri (The Book of Kingdoms and Roads, circa AD 1050) and specialist historians like J.M. Bury (The History of the Eastern Roman Empire, 1912). It was first brought to limited public attention by Dr. A.N. Poliak of Tel Aviv University in his 1939 article in Zion magazine and then in his 1950 Hebrew-language book Khazaria: The History of a Jewish Kingdom in Europe. Arthur Koestler popularized the Khazar conversion for the Western world in The Thirteenth Tribe (1976).

  6. @TP
    Heyns Lecture Series: Misquoting Jesus
    1:39:15 – 5 years ago
    “Misquoting Jesus: Scribes Who Altered Scripture and Readers Who May Never Know,” a textual criticism of Biblical manuscript tampering by Bart Ehrman, Professor or Religious Studies of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


    Many scholars think six of the 13 letters allegedly written by Paul were actually authored by somebody else claiming to be Paul, Professor Ehrman claims.

    ‘In the ancient world, books like that were labelled as pseudoi – lies,’ he writes.

    Professor Ehrman also claims the author of the book of 1 Timothy claimed to be Paul but in actual fact was someone living after Paul had died.
    The author then used the apostle’s name to address a problem he saw in church, according to Professor Ehrman.

    ‘Women were speaking out, exercising authority and teaching men. That had to stop,’ he writes.

    ‘The author told women to be silent and submissive, and reminded his readers about what happened the first time a woman was allowed to exercise authority over a man, in that little incident in the garden of Eden.

    ‘No, the author argued, if women wanted to be saved, they were to have babies (1 Tim. 2:11-15).’

    Paul is known as one of history’s great misogynists, largely based on this passage from the Bible.
    But Professor Ehrman argues this label is not necessarily justified because he wasn’t the one to write it.
    ‘And why does it matter? Because the passage is still used by church leaders today to oppress and silence women,’ writes Professor Ehrman.

    ‘Why are there no women priests in the Catholic Church? Why are women not allowed to preach in conservative evangelical churches? Why are there churches today that do not allow women even to speak?

    ‘In no small measure it is because Paul allegedly taught that women had to be silent, submissive and pregnant.
    ‘Except that the person who taught this was not Paul, but someone lying about his identity so that his readers would think he was Paul.’

    Professor Ehrman then goes on to write how the Bible is actually filled with the need for ‘truth’ but many of its writers were telling a lie.
    ‘It appears that some of the New Testament writers, such as the authors of 2 Peter, 1 Timothy and Ephesians, felt they were perfectly justified to lie in order to tell the truth,’ he writes.

    See also:

  7. @TP
    For whatever reason, the 2nd part of my long missive failed to post or has gone missing. Reposting:

    What is Talmidaism?

    Put very simply, it is a modern term for the religion of the earliest Jewish followers of Jesus of Nazareth. It is synonymous with the ancient term, ‘the Way’, and for the Talmidi community it replaces the inaccurate and misleading academic term, ‘Jewish-Christianity’. Modern Talmidis see themselves as the inheritors of the historical faith of Yeshua`’s earliest Jewish followers, and of 1st and 2nd century ‘Jewish-Christianity’.

    The word ‘Talmidaism’ has nothing to do with the Talmud. The only connection between the two words is that they both come from the root verb talmad, to teach. To further distinguish it from ‘Talmudism’, the word is taken from the Aramaic talmida, rather than the Hebrew talmid. Both Hebrew and Aramaic words mean ‘follower’ or ‘disciple’. Talmidaism is therefore ‘the religion of followers (of YHVH)’.

    The modern Talmidi community consists of born-Jews and those of Jewish descent who would not be accepted by the mainstream Jewish community, as well as Jewish converts and ‘Godfearers’ – that is, Gentiles who follow Torah and Jewish customs and traditions, but have not converted.

    Talmidaism is not messianic; it neither teaches that Yeshua` of Nazareth was the messiah, nor does it believe in a ‘personal messiah’ who will come to save us (since YHVH, and YHVH alone, is our Saviour). It does however accept that one day God will place a descendent of David on the throne of Israel.

    Talmidaism emphasises the Jewish teachings of Yeshua` of Nazareth. It does not accept that he was in any way divine or the son of God; nor that he was born of a virgin, or died to save us from us sins. And we do not accept the authority of the teachings of Paul of Tarsus. In these respects we feel we are in keeping with the earliest Jewish followers of Yeshua`, who were lambasted by the early Church Fathers for their position on such subjects.

    Talmidaism emphasises the humble and compassionate practice of religion. Talmidis teach the unconditional love, mercy and forgiveness of God, and that human beings should seek to emulate God in that respect.

    Because we reject the Oral Law, some have said that we are just Karaites who believe that Yeshua` was a prophet. We would say there is more to it than that. Following the message of the Prophet Yeshua` means that our spiritual emphases are different to those of mainstream Judaism. Yeshua` said, ‘God is kind even to the ungrateful and the selfish; therefore be merciful, even as your heavenly Father is merciful.’ We therefore anchor our faith in God’s unfailing and merciful love and boundless compassion.

    Yeshua` said, ‘Blessed are the humble in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God.’ We therefore emphasise spiritual humility, which means that we do not judge others, we give humane help even to our enemies (a humble spirit is not vengeful or proud), and we should try to do the most just and fairest thing, even though it might not be advantageous to us.

    This is not to say that mainstream Judaism does not value humility or see God as compassionate; rather for us, these come first, and everything else in our faith proceeds from them.

    Following the message of Yeshua` means that our view of holiness is different to that of mainstream Judaism. Rabbinical Judaism, being descended from Pharisaic Judaism, equates holiness as being separate in the sense of being apart. But Yeshua` said, ‘if you do good only to those who do good to you, what more are you doing than others? Don’t even Gentiles do the same?’ For us, holiness means being separate in the sense of being distinctive – not only in our culture, but also in our ethical and moral values, and the way in which we interact with others.

    In Orthodox Judaism, external piety is emphasised, but for a follower of Yeshua`, it is the intent of the heart which is more important. We encourage others to follow Torah, but we emphasise that it is the intent of the heart that is more important than the level of perfection to which the commandment is fulfilled
    Talmidaism internalises Torah. A Follower of the Way is called to show by the life they live who their heavenly Father is, and more importantly what our God is like – to show the love, compassion, and merciful kindness of our God by the way we think and behave.

    We hold, at the core of our faith, that YHVH is love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness, and our core mission is to play our part in helping God to bring His Kingdom to fulfilment.

    The general aura and ethos that Talmidaism tries to project is one of friendliness, openness and humilty, of helpfulness, kindness and a refusal to judge others. It is centred on the absolute trust and faith in God to love and care for us – and ultimately, to defend and protect us, and fulfil His promises.

  8. @TP cont.

    As far back as we can go with archaeological records; i.e. “hard science,” we find that the worship of the Great Celestial Goddess was the act of veneration of the Universe and all within it as the living body of the Goddess-Mother-Creatrix. This goddess was symbolized by the double wavy lines of water – both the cosmic sea of potential/activation, as well as the life giving moisture that emanated from the body of the Goddess and all women as her representatives on earth; the oceans and seas, rivers and springs and wells.

    She was the sky Goddess and the Earth was her womb and all upon it were her children. The “Son/Sun-King” died every year and was reborn in the passing of the seasons. Rites and rituals were enacted to insure the rebirth of the “Son-Sun” through the “womb of the Earth,” the generative organ of the Cosmic Mother. There was a purity and innocence… a pastoral, Arcadian simplicity and symmetry to life. Men and women were equals in importance as the “Twin offspring” of the Goddess.

    Women were honored and cherished in their three manifestations: the virgin-future-mother; the mother-nourisher; and the crone-mother of wisdom. Men were partners and protectors of women, thereby protectors of their own being since all were born and nursed by women. The male energy served the female because the female served the male; there was cycling energy, synergy, symmetry and balance.

    The wavy lines of water, the Cosmic Sea of the Mother, were, at some point, corrupted into the symbol of the serpent; the woman became associated with the serpent instead of the Stars; and everything went downhill from there. This event is described in Genesis 3:19 where Adam is told by Yahweh: “In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

    Here, the “dust” or the Earth, is denigrated and reviled as worthless in the same passage as woman, herself, is denigrated and reviled as the temptress. But, in the pre-existing Goddess religions, the earth out of which all life has been born is NOT dust, but alive – as the womb of the Goddess herself! And, judging by the massive evidence collected by Marija Gimbutas, this was the most ancient and worldwide order of thought, antecedent to and underlying all other myths, predating the male-dominated pantheons by many thousands of years!

  9. @TP contl

    Jesus himself said that he had come to set the captives free—but what is it that makes us captives? The answer from mainstream Christianity would be that he came to set us free from sin, but what if that is a deliberate distortion of Jesus’ true message? What if Jesus actually came to set us free from religion—specifically a religion controlled by the power elite?
    What did Jesus really teach that was such a threat to the establishment? The Jewish religion was based on the belief that people needed forgiveness of their sins, which they could obtain ONLY through the established religion and its hierarchy. As long as people believed this, the religious authorities had ultimate power over the people and their privileged positions were secure. Jesus attacked the very core of this religion by stating that the Living Christ has the power to forgive sins and that people can contact the Living Christ directly within themselves – “The kingdom of god is within you” – without going through an external religion. You obtain forgiveness from sin by finding the Living Christ within yourself and transcending the state of consciousness that IS sin, namely what Jesus called “death.”

    So think about this logically. Is it really plausible that Jesus came to start a religion that would become exactly like the religion that had him killed? Since the formation of an official Christian religion – and especially after the appearance of the Catholic Church – mainstream Christianity has made the exact same claim as the religion that had Jesus killed. How can this possibly be what Jesus wanted or wants today?

    The stark reality here is that Jesus did not come to start a religion that would be dominated by the power elite and used to enslave people’s minds in a rigid mental box defined by dogmas and doctrines. When Jesus told his apostles to go out into the world and make all people his disciples, he did NOT mean to make them members of a rigid, dogmatic religion that claims his name while suppressing his true message.

    In reality, Jesus came to give us a set of universal teachings for transcending the state of consciousness in which we blindly follow the blind leaders that make up the power elite groups seen throughout history. Jesus came to set us free from the power elite, and in the first couple of centuries, this is what many Christian groups preached and lived. Jesus’ early followers were not called Christians but “Followers of the Way,” meaning the universal way of Christ that cannot be confined to a dogmatic religion. Then an official church emerged, it was taken over by the power elite, and now those who preached Jesus’ true message were called Gnostics and later heretics that were burned at the stake.

    It is high time to do away with the falsity and hypocrisy of the Christian religion and rediscover the true way of Christ, namely the inner way that does not rely on an external religion but only on our own willingness to follow Jesus’ call to look at the beam in our own eye and transcend the human state of consciousness. ONLY by attaining the Christ consciousness will be truly overcome “sin.”

    The above makes sense to me and the following makes an important point as well:
    The Christianity you have today, the male-dominated form of Christianity, can never lead people to salvation! Christianity can only fulfill its potential when the role of the Divine Feminine is restored in Christianity, and only women can do that.

    Last bit …

  10. @Tyrone Parsons

    This is not intended to offend or challenge – just different sources/perspectives (long, so will split) –

    The Disciples Were Called Christians First In Antioch (Acts 11:26). But Was It Their Idea?

    Probably not, even though it seems an appropriate title derived from the word “Christ” which appears hundreds of times in the New Testament and is the Hellenised title of the Messiah who they followed. The word “Christian” is comparatively rare, appearing only three times (Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28 and 1 Peter 4:16) and is therefore unlikely to have been their usual name.

    They were sometimes referred to as “The Way”, although this was also not their preferred name, but more likely a term of abuse given to them by others, for example in Acts 24:14.

    But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets.

    It is possible that the term “Christian” was also given to them as a term of abuse, although they gladly adopted it for themselves because they were happy to accept suffering and abuse in the name of Yeshua (Jesus).

    The two most popular names that they normally called themselves were “Disciples” and “Saints”.

    The word “Disciple” (mathetos in Greek) means one who is trained or taught, and appears 31 times in the book of Acts, starting with Acts 1:15.

    And in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples…

    The Hebrew equivalent is “talmid”, which means a student who follows a Rabbi.

    The word “Saint” (hagios in Greek) means set apart or separated, and appears 62 times in the New Testament, most commonly in the letters of Paul. The Hebrew equivalent is “kadosh” which has the same meaning. The word “Saint” has subsequently been distorted to mean a state of holiness which very few can attain, but in New Testament times it was a regular title for those who believed in Yeshua.

    The origin of the term “Christian” is given in Acts 11:25-26 as follows:

    Then departed Barnabas to Tarsus, for to seek Saul, and when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. [Called by whom? The detractors - a term of derision?]

    One of the unfortunate consequences of the term “Christian” is that it gradually came to mean “Not Jewish”. The very early Disciples would not have suspected that this was going to happen, because in Hebrew, or in the Hebraised Greek that they normally spoke at that time, it would have sounded more like “Messianic”, as in the Jewish New Testament translated by David Stern:

    Also it was in Antioch that the talmidim for the first time were called “Messianic”.

    Words can be dangerous, as this one is for the Jewish believers in Yeshua today. If they call themselves “Christians”, or if they even confess that they believe in Yeshua, they are considered to be no longer Jewish and are deprived of the right to immigrate to Israel. If they call themselves “Messianic” instead of “Christian” they are accused of misrepresentation, in spite of the fact that “Christian” is merely a Hellenised version of “Messianic”, just as “Kristos” is the Greek translation of the Hebrew “Moshiach”.

    To be cont.

  11. Food for thought:

    An extinction sequence comprises the following stages:

    1) A major catastrophe leads to the disappearance of some species.
    2) These disappearances lead to the overpopulation of some surviving species.
    3) Overpopulation leads to devastating depopulation.

    This equation has held true for every past extinction event. In the current sequence, we have passed through the first two stages as a species but not the last stage, depopulation…” (Richard Firestone, Allen West, Simon Warwick-Smith, The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes, Bear & Co., 2006.)

    There is more to this than Firestone et al., suppose, I think. But it is important to us to realize that what happened 13,000 years ago was just the one of many extinction events. If this unbelievably violent cataclysm – in which almost all life on Earth was destroyed – came as a global empire was seeking domination over others, we may need to ask the question: does our living planet, its companions in the solar system, and its parent sun, manifest some sort of consciousness and do they, between them, have the resources to deal with humanity  – or any other species  – whenever things get ‘too hot’, so to say? Was Atlantis such an example? Did other destroyed and buried civilizations whose names were completely forgotten for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, become victims of their own hubris in like manner?

    Getting back to possibility of the existence of an advanced civilization called Atlantis, this has been argued for a very long time and many theories have been proposed. I’m not going to examine that here, I’m just going to highlight the fact that this is still an ongoing scholarly discourse. I have here on my desk a paper written by Emilio Spedicato of the University of Bergamo entitled Galactic Encounters, Apollo Objects and Atlantis: A Catastrophical Scenario for Discontinuities in Human History. It was first published in 1985, revised in 1990, and again in 1997. He writes in his summary:

    “Recent findings about interactions of the Earth with extraterrestrial bodies, particularly comets and Apollo-like objects, are reviewed, with special attention to climatological effects. We discuss the hypothesis that the last glaciation was started by a collision over a continent and was terminated by a collision over an ocean. We propose that during the glaciation sufficiently good climactic conditions in the lower latitudes made possible for mankind to develop a high level of civilization. The Platonic story of Atlantis in interpreted as an essentially correct description of a political power active in the final period of the last glaciation.”

    A political power active in the final period of the last glaciation with designs on taking over the world doesn’t sound much like our peaceful Cro-Magnon peoples who painted the caves and produced stonework to rival the most talented sculptors of our day and who maintained a homogeneous lifestyle that was so satisfying that it lasted many thousands of years according to the evidence. It certainly sounds like something happened between the time of the cave paintings and the Deluge. It could be the same thing that is happening in our own culture: a creeping corruption that slowly, but surely, poisons everything and leads an entire civilization to destruction. So, it may behoove us to have some idea of what this might have been, how it may have happened. Our discussion of the corruption of science above may have a great deal to do with this.

    Everyone knows that there is something terribly wrong with our world, but there are hundreds – if not thousands – of explanations for why this is the case. Some of them are right or partially right, some of them are just plain wrong and designed to keep people ignorant. From my own point of view, ascertaining the truth about our history – as close as we can get to it – is a very important task in the process of figuring out what is wrong. You can’t figure out how to break out of something unless you understand the nature of it thoroughly – you kind of have to back-engineer things, which is where studying history and the natural sciences comes in. Plus, you have to have evidence sufficient to convince others that any plan you might have is based on fact – primary reality – and won’t make things worse. A social physician has the responsibility to ‘do no harm’ and that means don’t treat anything you don’t understand.

    I have theorized previously that the cometary destruction associated with the Deluge may have been responsible for mutations in the human population and these mutations led to a variety of psychopathologies that have spread gradually in the population, incrementally corrupting humanity and life on Earth, until we are where we are today. That may have been what happened to Atlantis via an even earlier cataclysmic interaction, and I’m going to explain why I think so. What Atlantis ended up with, according to Plato, and what we have today, was and is a corrupt global system that seeks domination of the entire world. For Atlantis, in the midst of, or immediately after, fighting a war of domination, the Deluge came destroying nearly all life on earth in a single day and night. Rather sobering if you think about it. Makes one feel like going Biblical!

    “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away…” (Matthew 24:37-38.)

  12. Yes, it certainly appears a civil war is in the cards, maybe: But, Americans may be offered a ‘softer’ alternative, better suited to ‘Wal Mart shoppers’ and higher paid technocrats and bureaucrats working for the oligarchy.

    Atheists would also love this alternative, as it would be the height of ‘rationalist civil order’…This alternative is laid out quite vividly in the book ‘Holy Fire’ by ‘sci-fi’ writer Bruce Sterling…As I say, it is a world without God for you atheists, so there will be no more ‘religious conflicts’ as we may reckon them now…Everything will be smoothed out.

    However, be careful of what you wish for…Just google ‘Holy Fire’ ; also the book is now available in many used bookstores.

  13. @Parsons – you don’t mind if I drop the first part of your handle do you?

    “Religions of the world and for the most part all belief systems, are external control systems of human origins. This does not mean that the bibilical narrative, Christ and his words are human control system and are untrue. On the contrary they are the control system of the Creator/Savior who literally created this universe, this planet, humanity and my people of whom we are also kin to. This control system is inbedded in our DNA, spirit, heart, soul.Christ is in us and we in him as he is in the father.

    This control system is not of this world, but from “another world”- the Kingdom to come. All others are from this world which is controlled by the enemy of both God and Man.”

    Religions work because it is TRUTH wrapped in LIES. What makes sense to me is PalioChristianity – what all men knew before the Fall – our ability to communicate with the higher realms. I’m inclined to believe that the person identified as Jesus was a divine intervention – sent here to inform and teach. People who heard him and accepted his teachings became known as followers of The Way – not followers of Jesus or Christ. They were despised and persecuted because of their “vile superstition”. No evidence exists to explain what that was but it may have been that Jesus revealed the existence of nonhuman beings among us – they look like humans, but have no empathy, compassion, or soul. They are closer to animal than human and thus, their predatory instincts. They are also more attuned to earthly existence and therefore tend to outperform real humans on many levels. The followers of The Way were so devoted to their beliefs knowing full well adherence meant becoming lion chow, they started attracting converts. This did not sit well with the PTB and thus began the corruption of what we now call Christianity – transformed into a “saviour myth” primarily based on Son/Sun worship. Religion also became the perfect means for Divide & Conquer agendas.

    This is a very complex subject and strikes at the heart as to what our reality really is. What you call Kingdoms, others call Densities. What if, at the time of the Fall, 3 strands of DNA were burned off – forever cutting us off from knowledge we formerly had? Certainly the bible is full of paranormal, supernatural, and even UFO types of encounters. There are ancient religious paintings containing UFOs in them – some with beams coming down! Have you read anything written by John Keel? Entities from elsewhere have been screwing with humans since forever – Keel referred to them as Cosmic Jokers.

    Personally, I believe God is within us all – and unfortunately, that includes ALL, positive and negative – the many “Names of God”. What’s becoming clear to me is that catastrophic cosmic events and the rise of psychopaths have been instrumental in all that has played out since “the Garden of Eden”. Laura Knight-Jadczyk has done an incredible job of researching these topics.

    Blind faith and a closed mind simply doesn’t work for me. Jesus spoke of TRUTH more than anything else – that’s what made him so dangerous.

  14. It’s all true watched this over a year ago on youtube and it really scared me.
    Re: devil’s breath these guys went to Columbia to investigate
    Worlds Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

  15. Just heard something scary on

    At 13:50 min, he talks of scopolamine aka devil’s breath.
    This was being tested on Gitmo detainees and one of them got out and was involved with the Libyan attack.

    This drug takes away free will and can be administered just by blowing it into someone’s face

  16. Hate to say it. But you know you are going to get screwed when they bring religion into it.
    H.R. 6566: Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act
    112th Congress, 2011–2012. Text as of Sep 28, 2012 (Introduced).
    To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to require the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.
    This Act may be cited as the ‘Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act’.

    Congress finds the following:

    (1) Emergency preparedness often plans for how to prepare and provide for survivors of a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster, but fails to plan for how to prepare for and respond to mass fatalities that result from such an incident.

    (2) Funeral homes, cemeteries, and mortuaries could be overwhelmed should mass fatalities arise from a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster.

    (3) Different religions have different customs surrounding death; for example, the Jewish and Muslim religions call for burial of the deceased not later than 48 hours after death.

  17. I don’t give up easily, this is a fight I have seen develop and some of us decide to stop it by countering lies with truth. But it is beyond that now, at the same time is more visible and easier to convince people “yes it can and it did happen here” The hardest part has been convince people that it all started not by bombs but by deviousness and deceit. For those who are religious they will find it in the Bible description of Satan nice appearance. My only problem is my age, at 86 time is short and most of us who see the evil in its forms and entirety are all up in age. So we must start with key blows that will slow down the progress as we did with exposing the Bush neocon program. This paper has managed to push even closer so people know now how to disarm the enemy. I suggest start with their planned weapon. In this case the election to start were Bush was stopped. Romney is an even more dangerous weapon than Bus. Bush was trapped beyond his full knowledge of the scheme. Romney welcomes it. His Mormonism like Zionism blocks the National concern and loyalty for the USA. I am sure you know the rest.
    The American people who have ther strongest feeling for this Nation are Blue Collar workers those who fight our wars. There is a bond between them and Romney has a point of serious exposure via a simple way the Bond creates a heart to heart connection. There is something that touches that point in those kindred souls and that are the horror of war for those who experienced it. I have launched the first arrow including “and how many of your sons do you plan to offer for your War, or you plan to send other people’s sons to defend YOUR interest abroad. It has to be done during a debate as Biden can do it, a cold look that freezes to attention…..I am preparing several demolishing question, the kind that allow no answer. The we have a sweep party instead of Tea Party going to Congress and SWEAP them all out and we know who. Well I have started, Hardball opened the issue tonight, we need to generate the anger such word initiate in the heart of those old fellow and women I mentioned. Target now Romney, not because I support Obama 100% but because we cannot allow them to win. I hope Congress Senators will also move on 09/11, and on and on. If we succeed we need to push hard on Obama to start arresting those interesting people. I article on Harold was so harsh I would not be surprised if I get a visit from those “misbegotten sons of Satan” as I called them. It shouldn’t be so hard listen to him now he is sickening like a puppet full of hair yet he is evil, cannot forget that dog, it fits, no hearth no soul.

  18. DUFF:

    Please keep us abreast what you know of the Election. Does Romney have it bought off? I trust your comments.

  19. Roger that Drake! Give em Hell!

  20. It seems that, barring Divine and / or Alien intervention, the zionists will not be taken out peacefully. Now the only question is how many of US they will take with them.

    • There WILL be Divine as well as ALIEN intervention! It will certainly take FORCE to eradicate the Zionist Slimeballs from Israel and from America (“The Hidden Tyranny” – Harold Wallace Rosenthal). Remember that the head of the Hydra lives in Israel! How many of us THEY take with THEM is really up to US! Pray for “Seven Days in May” (or any other month of the year).

  21. Gordon says “Were Americans to rise up and demand real freedom, there is little doubt nuclear weapons would be unleashed.” An interesting topic, in that it is generally an ignored possibility. Being an armchair historian, I always considered it to be part of any revolution on our shores. The essential question is: what part of our nuclear weapons would be seized by Patriots with the skill to arm them (i.e. a Colonels revolt)? I read a decade ago that our strategic weapons are under globalist control, and that the “nuclear football” is merely a stage prop.

    My ancestor in Quebec, Rene Houallet, joined a party of 30 in October of 1690, under the parish priest, that repelled an English landing party of 150. Today, I would expect the pulpit to tell Americans to stand down, and “give onto Caesar”. I would expect few in the cities taking up arms, when the food supply is shut down. Those in the country, who might resist, will be co-opted by the pulpit, betrayed, or slaughtered by drone – and nuked if they were ever marginally successful. The only revolt with a chance would be military.

  22. G,
    I include “Brave New World” as a prophecy of what we have today. Btw, Jim Morrison did NOT die in a bathtub. He was murdered and then put there. Musician, theater, literary, etc. icons have long been seen as potential threats and monitored, and some high-profile ones have been murdered. White ones. Black musicians too, going back to early ragtime, then jazz, blues, rock and roll. RIP Jimi Hendrix.

    Jim W. Dean is asking for God’s help. I agree with him.

  23. used to be the long winters
    used to be the snakes, the raptors, and the wolves
    used to be unknown contagion that made the healthy bent
    now it’s human
    so we call them serpents, sickness in our midst and cold-hearted
    to what end does Maya push and pull
    like her it remains a mystery
    the future calls
    sometimes mournful, sometimes hopeful
    sometimes loud, sometimes low
    listen, it’s always the same

    – Albigensian out of time

  24. I reminded of the film ‘V for Vendetta’ where there is a running commentary throughout the film of the anarchy in the US as the downtrodden American people violently rise up against the tyranny.
    How prescient.

  25. duay khwaam nap theuu

    Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs – JINSA

    “JINSA’s advisory board includes such notable figures as Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, and R. James Woolsey, while Vice President Dick Cheney, former U.S. Representative to the United Nations John Bolton, and former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith were all on JINSA’s Board of Advisors before they entered the Bush administration. JINSA is officially a non-partisan organization welcoming advisors from both sides of the aisle…”

    United States-Israeli law enforcement exchange
    “In 2002, JINSA initiated a program aimed at exchanging counter-terrorism experience and tactics between U.S. law enforcement agencies and their counterparts in the Israeli National Police. The primary focus of the program is to bring U.S. law enforcement executives (chiefs, sheriffs, deputies, etc.) to Israel for an intensive two week program aimed at educating U.S. law enforcement officials on the possible threats posed by the specter of domestic terrorism in the United States. Over the course of four trips, nearly 60 police chiefs and sheriffs from departments in major American metropolitan areas (including Los Angeles, California (LAPD); Orlando, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chicago, and the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) of New York and New Jersey) have participated. The program has already led to significant changes in local law enforcement counter-terrorism tactics and training.

    “In addition, the Law Enforcement Exchange Program (LEEP) brings Israeli police and counter-terror officials to the United States for intensive two-day seminars that to date have trained more than 1,500 law enforcement officers and officials around the U.S. …”

  26. duay khwaam nap theuu

    “Brace yourself America as our streets may soon resemble those in Spain where a rampantly brutal and out control police is acting swiftly to crush any popular resistance to the bloodsucking reign of the autocratic global cabal.”

    Spain’s Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To America (incl video)
    * BE SURE TO WATCH 5:28 in the video.(A cowardly thug gets some.)

  27. I would urge people not to fall into the trap of an uncontrolled and badly thought out ‘revolution’ or ‘civil-war’ event – especially one initiated by a false flag attack. This is exactly what the judaic enemy cabal wants. Beware Bezmenov’s warning:

    It sounds like people are already beginning to demand a ‘strong leader’ to sort everything out. Strong leaders are good but be careful what this ends up meaning.

    There is no doubt at all that what we do need is a massive DECAPITATION event in which all those currently in charge of departments – along with the nations financial, media and political decision making processes are removed. Then in a parallel move all legislation enacted since 1939 needs to be repealed. This is to remove the matrix web of traps that have been woven into national laws – traps and harnesses – designed to stop people from being able to defend themselves, their family, the community and their country. Most importantly it will also remove laws that are only designed to PROTECT the cabal and it’s destructive objectives.

    Those in charge of education have to be immediately removed and arrested for promoting treason and misleading minors – and the help of the military as well as veterans in every western nation will be needed to re-establish education and order in the national interest.

    It sound like many police forces may also have to stand down temporarily for re-training and de-compression of enemy indoctrination.

    Friendly nations can help each other in this – but NEVER in the guise of a ‘one world authority’. All international bodies claiming global AUTHORITY need to be disbanded and their organisation heads arrested for interrogation.

  28. Anthony Blair’s first political act on becoming Prime Minister in 1997 was done very quietly – with the aid and advice of his new ‘Home Office Minister’ Jack Straw. (Real name Jacob Strauss).

    His very first act was to repeal the death penalty for High Treason! Now you would think that a new Prime Minister would have lots on his mind for sorting out the nation – and a mass of work to start in order to make good all the promises he had made to attract votes and become elected.

    Not so Blair. He prioritized repealing the death penalty for being a traitor to your own country and your own people. This he clearly did because he knew that he and his cohorts were about to commit that very high crime themselves. More evidence of Blair’s attachment to the cabal – and knowledge of what events were to unfold – bearing in mind that the cabal plans many decades ahead.

    Our ancestors – and also many soldiers who have risked life and limb in the course of their duties – know only too well the damage, suffering and pain that can be caused by just ONE traitor or spy – that simply passes information to the enemy.

    Direct enemy spies are considered so dangerous that they are routinely executed in time of war. All the same – you can bring yourself to respect them for their single mindedness and bravery. Traitors, however, commit the worst and most disgusting crime imaginable – often in return for personal wealth or promotion.

    It is time that we re-discovered that which our practical and common sense inspired ancestors always knew: that High Treason against your own people is the worst crime imaginable – and thus it should be seen to attract the most severe punishment and execution imaginable.

  29. Fidel Castro says there are 35 Federal intelligence/police agencies in the USA, not 16.

    Last I saw, the US prison population stood at 2.4 million, not 15 million, although it ranks as the biggest prison population in the world. With 4.5 times the US population, China has 1.5 million behind bars. The closest I can come to your 15 million is 7.5 million under correctional control in the USA.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • And the most on death row too. Far more than China, Saudi or Iran though our media portrays those “boogeymen” states as nasty savages who sentence people to death willy nilly.

    • I’d say that 15 million is a gross underestimate considering the millions of persons and their families lives that have been destroyed by the War On Some Drugs that may or may not currently be “under correctional control”. There are good jobs available in the area of the US I reside in. They are difficult to fill due to the new draconian hiring protocols. It’s hard good paying work. Men who work hard tend to play hard. I hear personnel managers stating that over 50% of applicants are unemployable due to prior drug arrests and occasionally the inability to pass pre-employment drug screening.

      This is another form of imprisonment that we all get the bill for when these otherwise able bodied persons end up on welfare or working for McDonalds or Walmart and earning so little they qualify for things like foodstamps and section 8 housing. You can’t escape the fact that once you are consumed by the Drug Warriors and their Prison Industrial Complex you are not very likely to become a very productive member of society again.

  30. So true Gordon. Even tho the medicine is hard to swallow due to it’s immediate intensely bitter taste. A brief inconvenience when compared to the long-term benefit such an antidote provides.

    Below excerpt shared from: Source: SHTF Plan/Brandon Smith –

    “From the institution of the Patriot Acts, to the utilization of the FISA domestic spying bill, to the latest monitoring and cataloging by the DHS and the Federal Reserve of private internet activity, we have stood by and done little to nothing in response.

    The argument put forth by establishment proponents has always been that the government’s task is to keep us safe. In order to do this, they say, there can be nowhere for “evil doers” to hide.
    Therefore, the privacy of every individual must be sacrificed for the greater good of the greater number.

    This argument is unabashed nonsense.”

    What priceless body of knowledge backed by their education and high-spirited fortitude toward a better future, did our forefathers bring to the New World with them? That so emboldened them in establishing those early building blocks upon which America was founded? That we “all” should live longer, and prosper? And above all, to accomplish this that we should remain steadfast, alert, and self-educated toward preserving a LIMITED government?


  31. PLEASE – stop lambasting the American population for falling asleep and allowing psychopaths to take over. We attempted to vote against them – certainly we elected Al Gore, not George Bush! We had no idea what we were up against, how big and how incredibly EVIL. Even knowing what I do now it is still completely mind blowing! We are ALL victims of the strategy of THE BIG LIE – and GASLIGHTING:

    Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, perception and sanity. It may simply be the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, or it could be THE STAGING OF BIZARRE EVENTS BY THE ABUSER WITH THE INTENTION OF DISORIENTING THE VICTIM.

    Hmm – can you say 911? And exactly how long has America been drinking fluoridated water? We are being attacked on so many levels it literally boggles the mind. I think it’s time to STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM. There’s got to be a better way – and perhaps the FEAR OF GOD and the accompanying HEAVENLY WRATH really is the key. If you’ve followed my posts, you know what I’m talking about. Certainly Mike Rivero has pointed out the extremely devasting weather disasters that have befallen America – the maybe not so “God blessed” after all. Karma really is a bitch!

    • A very wise comment Not Clueless. There is an overwhelming temptation to blame the stupid sheeple, as even the best of us do sometimes. But as only a few seem to be willing to admit, as you here, this attitude is a cultivated deception. We are manipulated to be divided in order to remove our number one strength, numbers. It’s basic art of war stuff and that’s what people don’t understand. They think all this bickering about irrelevant topics is real. What is being done against us is war, pure and simple. It could be proven in a court of law if there was such a thing anymore. The pharma poisons (gmo’s, pills, vaccines). Chemtrails. Flouride. Education is a lie and a front in the war. All medical institutions are a lie and a front in the war. Media is a lie and a front in the war. Etc, etc. Most of us are just simple, normal, good people who don’t understand the forces aligned against us–for evil, for profit, power and control–are highly organized and highly motivated and have a singular purpose. It’s not that we’re all that stupid and lazy, it’s just that most of us just want to live and experience life and not be bothered and we don’t understand people who aren’t satisfied with that.

      People are waking up though, and waking up fast.

      Well, here’s the deal. The debate is about outcome. Are you (general you) negative and giving in or are you hopeful and ready to fight for the heaven on earth you want and know is possible?
      Well, the first thing we have to accept and make sure everyone understands is this is a war against us and when war is declared against a population, a response is not just allowed but required. We are allowed by law to defend ourselves. War is ugly and it will get uglier but I still believe the good guys are going to win and I am prepared to help in any way I can and I’m sorry I have only one life to give for my country and I intend to make it count.
      We have to remember the men who follow the orders and hold their guns against us are being deceived just like us. They want to live and support their families and live peaceful, healthy lives. We must break down the barriers between these enforcers and us so that we realize we’re on the same team. Reading this veterans site gives me hope this will be successful. When this happens the men pulling the strings will show themselves to be the cowards they really are. They are the biggest pussies on the planet without their money and influence to make others do their evil deeds for them.


      Lexington, ky

      • exactly! I agree, I believe there are good people out there and are waiting……ready and waiting

  32. It’d potentially be nice if the Praetorian Guard could whack Caesar… although what would replace ‘em could be as bad, or worse. There seems to be a small amount of fiends running things. If America goes bang a whole lot of collateral damage will happen and a lot of good people will get holes blasted into them. I also suspect it wouldn’t just be America that turns on itself.

    • And don’t forget…they were all called Augustus – to baffle the peoples in the East and West – so, no change there.

  33. Posting problem; dividing into two parts:

    “American elections are much like wars or sporting events. People choose teams for reasons none understand, vilify the opposition, show loyalty to the “home team,”…[ETC].”

    I really have to take issue with this sentiment – it’s true, but only up to a point and certainly the Mainstream Media culitvates that scenario. How many people, including myself until recently, honestly believe that the majority of America is Red State politically? That’s because the voting results were manipulated through electronic vote fraud to bring about that illusion which was then hyped to the hilt by MSM. Your own website even has a current article on voter fraud:

    And let us not forget the Mike McConnell/Karl Rove/Kennth Blackwell affair of the 2004 Presidential election:
    Connell refused to testify or to produce documents relating to the system used in the 2004 and 2006 elections until compelled by a judge on on November 1 of this year.

    The Ohio RICO lawsuit King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell, brought by Cliff Arnebeck, alleged that vote-tampering during the 2004 presidential election resulted in civil rights violations. The lawsuit maintains that Karl Rove, with the assistance of Mike Connell, designed, built and directed a strategy to manipulate elections through the use of computers. On November 1, 2008, a judge ordered Connell to testify, though his resulting deposition two days later was disappointing to many. Connell’s attorney advised him to not answer many questions including, “Who directed you to set up the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth IT Network?”

    In addition to his work creating Blackwell’s election websites and the anti-Kerry website, per reporter Rebecca Abrahams, Connell also developed websites for the House Intelligence, Judiciary, Financial Services, Ways and Means, and Administration Committees. The builder of, and head of IT for the McCain campaign, Connell was also

    “the architect and cyber keymaster of George W. Bush election websites including and, the site Karl Rove used for 95-percent of his email communication. Connell is also the CEO of Govtech Solutions, the company responsible for building and managing congressional email servers and firewalls.”

    In 1999, Connell told Inside Business magazine, “I’m loyal to my friends and I’m loyal to the Bush family.”

    Mike Connell, Karl Rove’s IT guru–who was compelled six weeks ago to testify in an Ohio vote-tampering case–was killed late Friday night in a solo plane crash. His plane crashed into the garage of an empty house. Per Cybrinth CEO Stephen Spoonamore, Connell was also considered “vital to uncovering the truth” about the missing White House emails considered a critical link to the Justice Department and White House’s involvement in the firings of nine US attorneys. (to be cont.)

  34. @ Preston James, PhD
    ” Interesting how the secret shadow govt has been moving from DC to Denver, Utah, AZ and NM.”

    Ever look at the US Navy Map of the Future?

  35. Preston James, Ph.D

    Excellent and timely article. Another grandslam homerun by Gordon Duff. Hopefully we will see some new leadership over Homeland Security which is now functioning more like the east german stasi under Marcus Wolfe, who was hired as a consultant to set up HS two years before he died. Certainly this New American Gestapo is his legacy of hate and depravity and is the poster child for the Criminal Rico Statutes. The chickens have come home to roost and war is being brought home. Certainly unless this is stopped America will be balkanized and destroyed by those off shore banksters that highjacked America. Interesting how the secret shadow govt has been moving from DC to Denver, Utah, AZ and NM. The visible ceremonial govt of 535 lost any real power many years ago and is just part of the cherade to keep the sheeple dumbed down and entertained.

  36. @Tyron Parsons
    Sorry, but you have been propagandized, deluded and brainwashed. Here are the real facts: EVERYTHING YOU EVER BELIEVED TO BE TRUE IS A LIE. Religion is a control system – all flavors. Just as we have met the enemy and he is us, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. The “saviour myths” were concocted to dupe and placate us (plus they came in real handy for Divide & Conquer agendas). Really, just LOVE EVERYONE and wait for JESUS to return to SAVE the righteous! And after all, how can you possibly doubt the WORD OF GOD and deny PROPHECY – as long as you don’t bother to check who actually wrote those “words of God and prophecy”. It works because it’s TRUTH WRAPPED IN LIES. Please go watch the movie the Matrix and consider whether to be a blue pill or red pill person.

    Also, it’s one thing to love your fellow man but quite another thing if that “fellow man” is a psychopath/sociopath – they look human, but maybe they really aren’t! For sure they are devoid of empathy, compassion, and a soul. They might even go around saying things like, “It’s not my job to worry about those people.” I heard a supposed “Christian” said such a thing.

    As for me, I subscribe to PalioChristianity – “What all men knew before The Fall.” Service to Others vs Service to Self – we are in the death grip of the STS faction which has colored our entire history all the way back to the “Garden of Eden”.

    Balance IS coming. It won’t be pretty.

    This is what I believe most of all:
    God gave us a brain – He expects us to use it.

  37. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    “Psychopaths, we learn, are the ultimate optimists; they always think things will work in their favour.”
    It also happens to be their fatal flaw – and their ultimate undoing. Plus, NO ONE can stand against the universe.

  38. how the US, and Europe, got into this situation didn’t happen overnight.
    it’s been a long process.
    I would recommend everybody to listen to the lectures of General Konstantin Petrov(former russian army)
    Youtube Kob4you.(discusses Dollar,9/11,Global maffia,and the coming collapse).
    So everything is in place,Orwellian nightmares,total control by the cabal?
    Not really,just like VT readers and millions around the globe are awake ,or at least waking up,there are a lot of people refusing to be sacrificed by their puppetmasters.
    Then there’s the problem of how to devide the loot,a bit like bankrobbers planning to shoot their partners to have it all.
    The endgame has started;deception ,backstabbing,messianic delusions,lies,false flags,anything goes.
    The cabal have planned,prepared and think they are ready to push the button.
    I say; keep digging,studying their movements,they are shaky and bound to make mistakes.
    Information is everything,they made errors in their planning and every lie or plan you expose makes them weaker .
    People of all religions and nationalities have been manipulated,there’s always a percentage of sociopaths willing to serve the ones who pay them,give them power,uniforms,priviliges, or make them feel they are superior,holier or godchosen.
    They will fail ,if they don’t manage to divide the ones who fight them.

  39. Revenge is mine saith the Lord.

  40. Charlotte NC Bill

    I’ve long assumed that every post I make is read or scanned by a person or DHS data center computer…I assume that every overseas phone call we make ( general homelife family details ) is monitored…Before getting on a plane for Dubai in ’06 I was asked by some agent 1. my final destination..2. who I’m going to see..3. how much $$ I have on me…I remember being angry bc I knew damn well that if I was a cousin of one of the Dancing Israelis bound for Talmudia I wouldn’t have been bothered in the least…

  41. Maybe we need a Romney presidency and Republican congress to break things enough that people finally wake up and notice. Or we can have Obama and the Democrats who will continue to slowly apply apply heat so the frog (the people) do not notice they are being boiled to death.

  42. What about 116 being the next false flag (ie. 6th of November 2012)?

    “Apparently most mason lodges have a street number 116, and if you turn it around a 180°, you get 911 (user makahru); 116 stands for the year 1160 during the crusades, when their most important Templar`s knight Simon de Montfort was born, out of whom the free masons and the banks were born. This guy was one of history`s worst butchers comparable with Mr Hitler; he`s famous for butchering people in Constantinople during the 4th crusade from 1202-1204 and for butchering the peacefull Cathares in Occitania to the last man, woman and child. This is why freemasons and the Swiss are so fond of Simon of the Strongmountains = Switzerland. Credits to user makahru, he found out, that most lodges have street number 116, which gives 911, when turned 180°.

  43. This article together with “Homeland Security: Preparing for Massive Civil War” by Jim Fetzer is taking my breath away … even though I am a Spaniard living in London, I cannot express in words the frustration and fear that cause me this scenario. Hope duality natural law apply in this matter, with good balancing such evil.

  44. “,,,a return to compulsory military service…”

    Nixon was smart. He realized that the core of opposition to the Vietnam War was males of draft age. So he abolished the draft, and the antiwar movement collapsed.

    Without the threat of the draft, the war was no longer personal. It’s still the same today. Although there is a de facto economic draft, if one doesn’t want to go to war, then he just doesn’t enlist.

    Although I am staunchly opposed to compulsory military service, I wonder what would happen if it were to be re-imposed. Would that personalize the wars to males of draft age?

    Forty-five years ago, there were draft card burnings and chants of “HELL NO — WE WON’T GO!!!” There were demonstrations with hundreds of thousands of participants.

    Were we to witness a revival of that spirit, how would our now paramilitarized police forces respond?

    Would that be the “tipping point” to ignite civil war?

    • Romney for sure…a rigged election, repeat of 9/11 and americans charged…with martial law

      this, i believe, is what romney’s job is and why a billion plus is being spent to rig the election

      sources…highest level…claim the election is bought

      how could a presidential candidate who used crib sheets at a debate…manage to keep it out of 90% of the msm?

      • Where do you get this 15 million prisoners in US jails from? There are not this many in the whole world.
        In 2008 the NYT reported 2.3 million.


        This short video using 2010 stats says that there were 1.6 million post trial prisoners in the USA and 9.8m in the whole world..

        • We have about 9m locked up, prisons, jails drug rehabilitation centers and 6m on parole,probation.

          Was former Corrections Commissioner for one of our larger states.

          Have some knowledge press weenies don’t.

      • Yes, a “civil war” is at hand. A main question is, “When?” Over that question, there is little and pointless to debate.

        But there is another question over which we can exercise more influence; and will determine whether you/we have a chance of survival, or engage in a mission of suicide. A “civil war” is a revolution in different clothes. Will it be a Bolshevik… or an American revolution? In other words, will the revolution advance the cause of tyranny… or liberty?

        Whenever and whatever, it will not be an even contest. On one side, you have a brotherhood-priesthood of cutthroats, pedophiles and thieves that has been operating continuously for over 4,000 years (see, ‘Exodus #23, parts one and two; here is part one, During that time, this brotherhood/priesthood

        The essence of an American revolution is the redress of grievances; it is the World Series of human activity: no other activity benefits mankind more. It allows civilizations to rise; where redress fails, societies drift to extinction.

        On one side of this in-progress contest you have demonically deranged people with over 4,000 thousand years of experience collecting resources, secret knowledge, and criminal alliances. They have World-Series skills and experiences.

        On the other side, we have people with brains that have been addled a lifetime with propaganda issued by media, schools, churches and governments dominated by cutthroats, pedophiles and thieves. These people with addled brains (I used to be one), don’t even have Little-League experience.

        Ordinarily, women and children would be barred from attending this contest; but, that’s not an option now: they are scheduled to be among the sacrificial animals – especially those children of men who display a measure of independence, reason or justice.

        If you would like to even the playing field a bit, you need to learn the distinction between a Bolshevik and an American revolution (

        As to positive actions available to you, here is an introduction (

        “What was the end of killing the tyrant, but to be free from tyranny? A ridiculous motive, and an empty exploit, if our slavery survive him.” Cicero, quoted in Cato’s Letters, #23, p. 169.

  45. Gordon, With this one like good whiskey you get better with age ;-)

  46. We know who makes up the eye of the crime pyramid, or the head of the snake. In fact, these people are often guarded day and night by US troops. How ironic and opportune. Never forget that these people are absolute cowards.

  47. Tyrone, I know that you will forgive me for saying this, but you are a bigoted pompous windbag. Your religion is a farce suited only to sheeple. Here’s some good news Tyrone, it is not your fault for allowing human secularists and atheists for making their way into “our” society. Secularists created this country, as secular nation. We have a secular Constitution where your Jealous god, Yahweh, Yahweh Junior, and Casper the holy ghost are completely absent. So actually Ty ol buddy, you have it backwards as usual. Is ignorance as blissful as it has been reported to be?

    Your friend,

  48. Charlotte NC Bill

    That’s why the country was doomed fm the beginning..

  49. Gary, come on live and let live he is not forcing his beliefs on you and you are always very harsh on the poor guy. At least his heart is in the right place and follows the correct Christian theology teaching of loving their fellow men, as opposed to the twisted Christian zionist version.

  50. The military also wanted JFK and his top people to hunker down in an underground base during the attack.

    One aspect that never made the media here was the negotiation between Kennedy and Khrushchev. The US had nuclear-tipped missiles in Greece and in Turkey, targeting Russia. They were first generation Thor and Jupiter IRBMs (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles), unreliable (they tended to blow up or to go wildly off course when launched) and sitting ducks on launch pads.

    According to an interview with Dean Rusk, sometime in the 80s, JFK wanted to remove them unilaterally, and, for fear of being called “soft on communism,” he couldn’t do so.

    The Cuban missile crisis was a win-win for both the US and the USSR. Both sides pulled out their missiles, making the world a safer place.

    It’s called negotiation — something that is no longer in favor.

  51. The zionists vs. the humans on American soil. That’s a civil war.

  52. TJ – it is great to see that they have switched off the MKUltra sonic bad grammar gun that was targeting your computer over previous months. Stay frosty Bud.

  53. Rico, he is not forcing his beliefs on me because he can’t, not yet anyway. He would if he could. Tyrone is blaming all his perceived problems of society on “enemies of Christ.” He is pissing and moaning because these “enemies of Christ” (you know, people like me) had been “allowed” into our society. I would say that that is a tad harsh. Tyrone seems to want to go back to the Dark Ages when true believers like him got to torture and burn heretics at the stake. Tyron’s ignorance is only exceeded by his arrogance. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of Tyrone.

    Once again, “Christianity neither is nor ever was, a part of the common law.” – Tommy J.

    White on,

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