Turkish PM Says Gaza War Netanyahu Election Ploy

Erdogan Chastises Israel for Gaza Attack Political Ploy

Turkish PM cautions defiant Israel over Gaza raid



PM Erdoğan warns Israel of the consequences of continuing its Gaza strikes, but a bellicose Israeli PM hints at an expansion of the raids.

Smoke rises after Israeli forces strike Gaza City. The Israeli military has widened its range of targets in the Gaza Strip to include the media operations of the Palestinian territory’s Hamas rulers.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused Israel of deliberately striking Gaza ahead of the elections in both 2008 and today, but urged that “the conditions of 2012 are different than they were in 2008.” He also called for an immediate cease-fire to be observed.

“Israel also attacked Gaza in 2008 prior to elections. Now elections are coming again and it is doing the same thing” Erdoğan told a Turkish-Egyptian Business Forum in Cairo yesterday.

“I am calling on [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu. We are not in 2008. We are in 2012 and conditions are different than 2008. Make your calculations correctly,” Anatolia news agency quoted him as saying.

Call for immediate truce

Erdoğan reiterated that a cease-fire should be declared immediately. “I’m calling on Israel and Gaza to provide a cease-fire immediately, within 24 hours. Extending the situation won’t bring anything to either side,” he said.

He criticized Western powers for wanting to pull the Arab world to pieces. “While Israel is attacking and sabotaging the peace, there will be no security or stability for any country in the region,” he said.

Erdoğan said Turkey wished to see a cease-fire declared in Gaza immediately, while Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi told him that there were “some indications” a ceasefire could be reached soon, but said he had no firm guarantees.

“The party using disproportionate force is obvious,” Erdoğan said in a press conference with Morsi following the meeting of Turkey-Egypt High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council in Cairo on Nov. 17, according to Reuters. “Humanity will not forgive this if sovereign countries defend injustice under the guise of preserving Israel and its security,” he said.

“This hypocrisy should end. These double standards should end,” Erdoğan said.

“I had a telephone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue. I asked them to convince Israel and to give an important assurance. Israel did not accord with the previous Cairo ceasefire agreement, and I told them that this could not be repeated again.” Erdoğan also met the Arab League’s Secretary General Nabil Elaraby and Qatar’s Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani yesterday, in order to discuss the situation in Gaza.

Israel vows to ‘expand’ Gaza op

Israel continued its strikes on Gaza over the weekend, bringing the death toll in the Palestinian territory to 55, while vowing to continue to “expand” its operation despite international efforts to effect a truce.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said yesterday that Israel would not negotiate a truce with the Gaza Strip’s Hamas rulers as long as rocket fire continues from the Palestinian enclave.

“The first and absolute condition for a truce is stopping all fire from Gaza,” he said before meeting French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, adding that all militant factions in Gaza would have to commit to ceasing rocket fire. “We want a long-term arrangement,” Lieberman said.

Gaza death toll rises

His remarks came on the fifth day of strikes on Gaza which have left 55 people dead, while militants from the strip have fired hundreds of rockets at Israel, one of which killed three, Agence France-Presse reported.

Earlier yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was ready to “significantly expand” its operation against militants in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip even as he prepared to receive Fabius. “We are extracting a heavy price from Hamas and the terror organizations,” Netanyahu said at a weekly Cabinet meeting. “The army is prepared to significantly expand the operation.”

Netanyahu said he was holding ongoing talks with world leaders, “and we appreciate their understanding of Israel’s right to self-defense.” His remarks came as thousands of Israeli troops backed by amor massed along the border, fueling fears of a ground assault.

Three of yesterday’s youngest victims were named as 3-year-old Tamer Abu Saifan and his 1-year-old sister Jumana, as well as 18-month-old Iyyad Abu Khusa.

A missile strike on the beachfront Shati refugee camp in Gaza City killed Tasneem al-Nahal, 13, and another adult member of her family, the Hamas-run Health Ministry and witnesses said. Aircraft also hit two media centers in Gaza City, wounding at least eight journalists, one of whom lost a leg, ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said. Two Anatolia news agency reporters and one driver accompanying them were also wounded in a second strike on the media center.

In Tel Aviv, sirens sounded for the fourth straight day, sending pedestrians and drivers running for cover.

Seven rockets have been fired at Tel Aviv since Nov. 15, with three hitting the sea, three intercepted by Iron Dome and another slamming into open ground.



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5 Comments for “Turkish PM Says Gaza War Netanyahu Election Ploy”

  1. The Great Dissembler, Erodogan blusters.He will do nothing and NATO will keep him as a pet. Israel goes on with its murder and mayhem. Netanyahu sneers, the look of pure white malice.Yet! The soul of Man lives in Palestine. Viva Palestine!

  2. The ruling powers of this world, namely the USA and Europe, doing the same as they did for centuries, letting brothers fight brothers, moslems against moslems, according to the motto “Devide and Rule”.

    Erdogan should remember Turkey is a modern moslem country and he should behave accordingly.
    After the 11 turkish citizens were killed by the israeli commandoes, he spoke as he should, forcefully reminding Israel of the consequences of such criminal deeds. I thought the moslems finally have a leader who have guts to stand up for their rights. Although he promised a turkish naval escort, the following israeli attack on the help convoy happened without Erdogan making his promise come true.
    Is he another political windbag, just blowing hot air?

    This is the reason I do not pay too much attention to his recent speech, politicians are not to be trusted. Just look at ours in Washington, what do they say and what do they do?
    Turkey and Egypt together could force Israel to vacate the WB, finally declare a border for the country, and stop all military actions against the palestinians, as they have the political clout and military power. The question is, will they do it?
    Both countries depend on financial help from the west and even a dog will not bite the hand that feeds it. With this in mind we can expect a lot more hot air from leading politicians in the ME and very little action. With Obama giving the green light Israel can go on with its murderous act of subjugating the palestinian folk.

    It is most disappointing Erdogan´s part of systematically destroying Syria. He allowed weapons to be smuggled through Turkey into Syria, training the “freedom fighters” there and lately very beligerent military moves in the border, including setting up Patriot rockets.
    I personally do not believe syrian military plans an attack on Turkey, they have their hands full with the rebells, rather the rebells fire accross the border to provoke a turkish respons and possible military action against the Assad regime.

  3. Israel’s “right to self defense” is being seen for what it is: The right of a two-bit scumbag to “defend himself” while robbing a convenience store, or the “rights”of a failed crime-syndicate capo to break the legs of an honest businessman who fell behind on his “payments” to the Jews.

    The Jew-Mafia is being exposed for what it is: PURE FILTH.

  4. I bet Israel’s other neigbors, who they’ve also pissed off for decades, may think this is a good time to hit that bigoted little country.
    Their treatment of everyone non-Jewish has been a documented horror. They pay US Jews to move into territories they stole from Palastinians; yet won’t allow Palastinians in.

    USA must cut all Foreign Aid to Israel – they already get four times per person more in US Aid than any other country. Also cut immigrations from all mid-eastern countries. Let them sort out their problems themselves.

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