Secession Movement Ready to Take Hold


by Sartre

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10 Comments for “Secession Movement Ready to Take Hold”

  1. duay khwaam nap theuu

    I mean look, if foreign enemies parachuted in and took over the White House and the Congress and announced, ‘We’re your new government,’ like something out of Amerika with a “k” with Kris Kristofferson, you’d say, ‘Hey, the states have got to get together to kick these guys out. That’s not our legitimate government.’ That wouldn’t be secession. That would be the states organizing to reconstitute the Republic. But to do that, they’ve got to exercise their states’ rights of secession.

    Not secession to make Texas its own country. Not secession to make Oklahoma its own country. Not secession to make Missouri its own country, or Illinois. Secession to say, ‘Here’s our Bill of Rights and Constitution that our state constitutions are based on. This is what we follow. Not the U.N. Not the New World Order. Not the Patriot Act. Not the NDAA. Federal Reserve out. New World Order out. Get out!’

    It is secession because the federal government’s gone. It’s captured. We have to secede from that fraud, the Federal Reserve occupied government, to then recombine under the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Don’t let them try to rewrite something bad in this new thing. They’ll try that, too.

    Alex Jones, Texan

  2. If states secede, who ends up with control over the nuclear weapons? Figure this one out first, or end up with former cities flattened in to radioactive piles of rubble.

  3. The more realistic alternative would be for the states/people to hold a Constitutional Convention to redress certain wrongs – nationalize the Federal Reserve and issue debt free Treasury Notes, ban dual-citizens (particularly those with citizenship in “that shitty little country”) from holding elected, appointive, or civil service positions in the government, overturn the abuses of the PATRIOT Act, Military Commission Act of 2006, NDAA of 2012, etc, remove corrupt federal judges, stop the “War on Drugs”, take corporate money out of lobbying and elections, use hand counted paper ballots in elections, instant runoff elections to break the two-party duopoly, remove corporate person-hood…

  4. Real Americans would unite us all in the face of a menace; not divide us.

    Oh God… okay someone tell these secessionist short-run thinkers they are playing RIGHT into the Zionist divide and conquer strategy against America. Then remind them what the N stands for in the NHL, NFL, NASCAR, and so on. Like Major League Baseball? F*ck off, that’s American (and gov’t subsidized). Forget about “domestic beers”. And you think the Union is going to let you walk away peacefully with a land mass and all those resources? Prepare to become a blockaded third world wasteland entrenched in a bloody civil war you dopes.

    • Texans, Cowboys “NOT America’s Team”

      The stars and stripes. Americana…. NOT YOURS if you secede!

      • We were founded as a Confederation of States, each state having its own Constitution. Before joining the Union, Texas was an independent country with its own unique history. To this day the flag of Texas reads “Republic of Texas.” They joined with certain conditions guaranteed under the US Constitution and entry agreements. One of them was adherence to the US Constitution, and another was the right to secede. Adherence to said Constitution is now spotty as best, and our slave masters are determined to destroy what is left.

        Futhermore, the Rothschild crack ho FDR brought all states to heel by forcing complete control by the DC parasites, better to control the money, food, commerce, manpower, etc., supplies and violate every term of the US Constitution available to him and his degenerate friends. It has been all downhill from there. We are now serfs on our own land, well on the way to slavery and elimination.

        Our Constitution is now essentially controlled by traitors, multi-passport holders, and foreigners who have no respect for us or our nation, and pit us into quarrels with one another as a distraction while using our armed forces to bludgeon other nations whose resources they covet. They will not even defend our borders, for they destest us so much that they want us ultimately eliminated as a nation so that they can control us all the easier.They openly defy laws while making up and enforcing others in secret, because they fear and detest the very people they need to survive as they wish, for they are traitors, degenerates, and parasites. Who wants to be ruled by such open treason?

        So why should not Texas strike for her freedom? She has enough armed men to do it and womenfolk who know the stakes. They have a functioning government. They have all they need to survive and thrive. They can buy what ever else they need elsewhere. They know it will be rough going but they are almost fighters by nature so there is no reason they cannot do it. The DC parasites have nothing valid to say about it either, for it was they who violated the terms of the original agreements.

        We have been brainwashed into thinking that we need DC to survive when in fact the opposite is true. That whole town is a curse on our Nation. They never had our best interests in mind when they saw all the successful commerce and businesses of people arriving in America penniless and owning property a few years later, and envied the easy money it represented. Instead of being delighted at so many success stories, they sought to control and abuse it.

        I say enough. Our slave masters all know by now that the cat is out of the bag. We’re on to their games, past and present. They could have taken their loot and retired to some paradise island. Nope. They want to duke it out. So be it. Let them take a couple of swings at Texas and see what happens.

        • Ann,

          Well said. Few in the general public understand our history or the bases of State supremecy in the founding authority. Only a Statist wants to force an evil union upon dissenting patriots of the American Revolution.


  5. They may as well leave while they can. The human and arms traffickers, looters, money grubbers and drug dealers in DC no longer represent our interests, and have no respect for the Constitution, so what’s left. They call themselves American even as they rip us off, earn us enemies, and ram Marxism and control mechanisms down our throats. They are nothing but parasites anyway so the sooner they loose feeding stations the better. Good luck Texas. Get out while you can.

    • duay khwaam nap theuu

      I wonder which of those states have Republican governors. Are they going to secede from the Republican Party as well?

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