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Nazi – Croatia Death Camps

Nazi-Croatia death camps


By Sir Vojislav Milosevic

Director, Center for Counter-terrorism

Belgrade, Serbia

Part 1/6

The existence of iron curtain, political equations of the Cold War, and the everlasting involvement of powers that be in the strategic hub of Eurasia, have prevented the world to hear about the most ruthless part of the Holocaust, which was additionally fueled by the flame of religious fundame-ntalism from past times.

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Owing to thousend-years-old agreed territorial division between Eastern Othodox and Western Catholic Church and the discrepancy of religious distribution along the demarcation line, the Catholic Church decided to seize the opportunity for its own Final Solution in the drive to the East.

Croatian fascist leader Ante Pavelic makes his first state visit to Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler (Herman Gering, right)

The opportunity came with Adolf Hitler. It resulted in Catholic clergy providing logistics and ideological foundation to the quisling Nazi state in the Balkans.

In Nazi Croatia established by Hitler, Nazi idelogy went hand in hand with Catholic fundamentalism, starting the most brutal extarmination of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies.

The savagery of the worst religious massacre of the 20th century managed to horrify even the German Nazis and Italian fascists, with severalhigh German officials asking Hitler to remove the vicious ustashe regime.

To the misfortune of 700.000-800.000 victims, this never happened.

In 1945, the Ironic  twist of history brings communists lead by Tito (a Croatian Catholic) on power in former Yugoslavia, placing Croatia on the winning side.

Tito oreders all death camp facilities to be dismantled and removed, and proclaims a new state ideology of „brotherhood and unity“. The ustashe genocide remains under the veil of silence.

The silence continued to this day, for the most of the world.

Bodies of prisoners killed upon arrival to Jasenovac, Croatian concentration camp

The vicitms were never acknowledged, NO APOLOGY was ever made. The extent of this tragedy has people in disbelief.

That is why the author of the following documentary  gathered testimonies along with references from foreign sources and publications, trying to pay respect to victims’ sufferng by saving them from oblivion.

Croatian Catholic Monks and Nazi salute

Jonathan Steinberg, Professor of Modern European History, Harvard&Cambridge University, stated: „ The omission of Croatia from the conventional Holocaust studies is like a book whose first chapter is torn out“.

„Ante Starcevic, father of Croatian nation and founder of the genocidal policy against the Orthodox population, has created the slogan :„God and Croatians“ in the 19th century. In the 20th century, usatshe will take that sloganwhile creating „Greater Croatia“. Ante Pavelic, ustashe leader, becomes a fuhrer of „Independent state of Croatia“.

As soon as he arrived to Zagreb from Rome, Italy, Archbishop Alojzie Stepinac welcomed Pavelic, and gave him God’s blessing. Pavelic subsequently replied, that he will not be tolerant towards Serbian Orthodox Church. Archbishop Stepinac ivites Pavelic and ustashe emigrants to solemn lunch, upon their return from abroad.

Ante Pavelic and Archbishop Stepinac, Zagreb 1941.

Pavelic oath to Almighty God:“ I, Ante Pavelic, fuhrer of Independent State of Croatia, swear to almighty God, that I will be faithful to Croatian people and do everything for its benefit, that I will protect independence of the Independent State of Croatia, and that I will uphold the ustashe principles in my work, so help me God.“ And, after the oath ceremony, he promissed to the crowd:“I can tell you that the issue of the rest of Croatian frontiers, will soon be resolved, and the front of Croatia will be set, to the great satisfaction of entire Croatian people. Independent state of Croatia, as of today, is greater then ever in its history!“

The epistle of Archbishop Stepinac, from April 28, 1941:“Honorable brothers, since we are familiar with the men who are in charge of the fate of Croatian people, we are deeply convinced that our mission will have great understanding and support. Therefore, respond to my appeal for holy work in order to protect and improve the Independent State of Croatia. In relation to that, solemn Te Deum (anthem of praise)is to be held on Sunday, 4th of May, in every parish church.“

The motto of „Independent State of Croatia“ was „God and Croatians“. The state ideology taught about „Croatian race“ and „Croatian blood“. Archbishop Stepinac and almost entire lower Catholic clergy were selflessly helping the ustashe. Their mystical enthusiasm is shown in Sarajevo newspapers „Catholic weekly“, 11th of May, 1941:“The image of holy Virgin Mary appeared as an omen across the skies of our new, young and free Croatia under her veil, to mark exactly 1000 years of Catholicism of Croats. She is coming to us again, to take her old place on our freedom flag. Croatian God and Mary of old times rose again. Christ and ustashe, Christ and Croatians, are marching side by side again, through history.“

Archbishop Stepinac (first right)

From the pulpits, it was demanded from Catholics to persecute Serbs. The harshest followers in the extermination were the sons of St. Francisco Assyrian whose monasteries were used by the ustashe as warehouses even before the war.

German writer Karl Hans Genscher, in his book „With God and fascists“ wrote:

„The provincial of Zagreb, fra ModestoMartincic says: Almost every better monastery outside the capital is built as a military stronghold. Catacombs of Kaptol (Croatian church HQ) become place of the first conspiracy. First ustashe camp is fonded there…(from ustashe gazette „Ustasha“, issue 3, 1941).

The place Široki brijeg, was an criminal ustashe center in Herzegovina. It has recruited not only many creators of ustasha ideology, but many ustasha cutthroats as well. Many Franciscans took an ustasha oath before the cross, knife, hand-grenade and gun, even prior to the war. Dido Kvaternik, the son of military commander Slavko Kvaternik, is organizing the police.Without any selection, he is recruiting and arming even the people with most notorious criminal past.

Karl Hans Genscher wrote:“ Every office, trolley car, in every bus and restaurant, had a sign saying: NO SERBS, JEWS, GYPSIES AND DOGS !

Walter Hagen wrote:“ A truly lethal hatred was directed against Jews and Serbs who were declared „VOGELFREI“. That means that anyone can kill them…





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14 Responses to "Nazi – Croatia Death Camps"

  1. Martin Maloney  November 21, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    The author is a Serb propagandist, and his articles are not to be trusted. Not because he is Serb; rather because he plays fast and loose with the facts.

    Please don’t take my word for it. Go back and read his other articles and the comments here on VT. Let me cite just two:

    One of them was the fanciful fiction about how two high-ranking German NAZIs had murdered Tesla in his New York hotel room. He didn’t explain how, at the height of WWII, those two could have sneaked into the US and back out. A comment documented that the two had been elsewhere at the time that Tesla died from old age.

    Another article was an excellent tribute to Tesla. There was just one problem with it, as I documented: It was a word-for-word plagiarism of another’s article from several years before.

    Every article by this author that has appeared on VT has been followed by comments that exposed his disregard for the truth.

  2. Excalibur  November 21, 2012 at 11:12 am

    I must ask if the author of this article is some kind of zionist communist or anti-Christian himself?

    Firstly – can we please get his right – are we NOW saying that Hitler was a good Catholic boy and keen to support the Holy Roman Catholic Church in all Its works?

    Not long ago Hitler was supposedly a satanist and follower of the occult (Along with many other labels depending on what was fashionable to deplore at the time). Do we now have to conclude that he was supporting and fighting for the forces of Christianity in the west? Please make your mind up.

    The second world war was a horrific time for everyone. 99.9999% of the population did not want ANY war of course – as usual. Populations polarised everywhere – and came together for physical protection, security and national togetherness. If they did not they were swept away.

    Like everywhere else Croatia no doubt had to deal with the delights of jewish communist insurgents, gypsy criminality amid a national emergency – and every other problem blighting the area.

    What has been expunged from the history books is that the jewish marxist-communist threat had conquered poor Russia, hijacked some surrounding nations – and the news was getting out everywhere of the many TENS OF MILLIONS of Christians being tortured and murdered in any country controlled by them.

    So it was that Germany, Croatia and other European countries – VERY KEEN NOT TO BE SWALLOWED UP BY THIS BLACK CLOUD began to create a parallel ANTI-COMMUNIST defence programme that were by necessity as brutal and as ruthless as the zionist Red’s subversion and murder machine.

    The author seems to omit that this entire scenario would never have come about without this horrific threat being ever present in Europe – carried like a virus by jewish activists and saboteurs into every town and village whether they wanted it or not.

    Lets get real. It is easy to pick out some selective photographs and concoct such a story without explaining the backdrop. Take some photographs of the 1938 Munich Olympics and you will see national leaders and all sorts of people making Nazi salutes.

    From 1934 the Vatican began to loudly warn Catholics everywhere of what was happening in Russia under this so called ‘revolution’ and everywhere that this new marxist regime took hold. It was clear that the marxist ‘equality for all’ disguise had quickly slipped and become a dark, murderous and evil police state – bent on enslaving the population of the world and creating a secretive jewish over-class that Lorded over them.

    I will try to find some of the early Vatican warnings to post here.

    • Ann  November 21, 2012 at 4:38 pm

      Excalibur, don’t waste your time, they would rather spit venom to terminal dehydration than painstakingly sift through the facts. Let them all stew. The seething hatred, wild lashing out, and voracious appetite for revenge is reason enough to bypass this type of post until cooler heads prevail. Only the NWO benefits from this. Although it also allows the constant undercurrent of anti-Catholicism here to surface and defuse.

  3. itsafreeman  November 21, 2012 at 6:12 am

    Catholic priests actively participated in the slaughter in Croatia. All of the fascist WWII leaders were Catholic. The Nazi salute is actually the Roman, fascist salute. The Rothschilds are Knights of Malta. The Jesuits are the driving force behind all central banks. The Jesuits founded the first central bank, the Bank of England. Maybe there’s a problem with Catholicism? Maybe Zionism is just a smokescreen.

    • Excalibur  November 21, 2012 at 11:15 am

      What rubbish itsafreeman! Jesuits are more ‘Father Ted’ than ‘Marlon Brando’ if you actually know any of them.

  4. lola  November 20, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Catholic Church: Death Mongers, Pedophiles, Nazis, Christian Killers, NWO Perps. Yes I am Orthodox.

  5. lola  November 20, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    Catholic Church: Death Mongers, Pedophiles, jNazis, Christian Killers, NWO Perps. Yes I am Orthodox.

  6. LC  November 20, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    the latest killing spree of Americans by ZioSatnists began in 2008:

    American Holocaust 1 of 5:

    • Martin Maloney  November 20, 2012 at 5:34 pm

      From that video:

      “A Russian researcher, Boris Borwitz (sp?), worked on uncovering the death toll during the American famine, and his estimates are that 5 million children died of starvation and 2.5 million adults. This is equal to all of the Jews who died during the WWII Holocaust.”


      “The fact is, Rockerfeller and Vanderbilt did not kill 7.5 million Americans during the (American) holocaust, or continue to remove them from American history. They financed the event. Similar, if effect, to NAZI Germany, Hitler did not operate each gas chamber or oven and drive each train to infamy.”

      Because of the above, how many people are going to tune out that video’s truthful accounts of the Dust Bowl and the Crash of 1929 and Hurricane Katrina?

    • LC  November 20, 2012 at 8:12 pm

      YES: although this could be called “GUILT BY ASSOCIATION”, it should better be called “Guilt by Investment and Design & Implementation” (similar to a investing in a factory line whose production is dead people) or better yet: “extermination camps”!!! They turned this whole country & much of the world into similar famine & extermination camps!!

      These are the ZioSatanist we have been up against in the U.S. & the rest of the world.

    • sunhunter61  November 21, 2012 at 1:58 am


      Thank you for the posting. Very interesting!

      I checked a bit on this guy Boris Borisov. He has a good point, and used demographic studies to base his conclusions. He has been criticized in the west, but his point is: The US and EU has accepted the genocide in Ukraine in the 1920s using exactly the same method of demographic calculation as Borisov used on the great American depression. And based on that, over 7 million people is missing. The weak point here is that you would have expected a bigger uproar in the art and media about this than Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of wrath’. But Borisov claims that it was easy to hide as it mostly concerned the homeless and poor. Nobody really care about them anyway.

      It would have been interesting to see similar studies on the demographics of Jews in the period 1930 to 1950. Would that show the same type of population decline. I doubt it.

  7. LC  November 20, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Re: Professor Steinberg’s quote: “The omission of Croatia from the conventional Holocaust studies is like a book whose first chapter is torn out” That sounds similar to the chapter/s of “the official 9/11 Commission Report” which had been torn out of the book!!!.
    That chapter obviously amounted to indictments of the 9/11 cabal including the White House, and ZioSatanist, led by Rothschild’s “professional terrorist force” also called ISRAEL as I documented in the previous pages of VT.
    Mass persecutions of “Jews” (real, or phony) in recent history have all been traced to ZioSatanist Rothschilds who invented and utilized such persecutions as their best sacrificial means to obtain & expand their world control which they have perfectly accomplished. Here a few related links from my Recent comment in a previous page of VT: **********http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/11/19/u-s-people-should-choose-sides-in-israel-palestine-gaza-war/

    CIA And Satanism –
    Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

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