Allen West, Tea Party “Batman” Bites the Big One

This is “Adam West”…Allen West is the “colored guy” who acts like a jackass

Iraq Torturer Loses Recount Because of “Not Enough Stolen Votes”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Two weeks after the end of the election, AllenWest, the mouthy and moderately illiterate Tea Party stooge from Florida’s St. Lucie County admitted losing his seat in congress after one term.

West had accused his democratic opponent of stealing votes and demanded a recount.  However, after only one precinct it was shown that the republicans had actually been stealing votes and West was even further behind.

He quickly ordered a stop to the recount.

What would have been discovered?  Instead of the 200 votes he lost almost immediately, clearly stolen votes, the number might have gone into the thousands.

West, perhaps the worst behaved member of congress in some time, won’t be missed.

It is my considered opinion that  the only way he got into office in the first place was through mistaken name recognition.  Voters thought he was “Adam West,” the actor who played Batman during they heyday of that television series in the 1960s.

West continually reminded everyone, voters, children, small animals, even inert objects, of his heroic service in the United States Army in Iraq.

West left the army, resigning after accepting an Article 15, the military equivalent of pleading “no contest” to charges of torturing prisoners.

West claims his men had tortured a known terrorist who wasn’t cooperating to his satisfaction.  West admits to firing a weapon near the mans head, a man who had been beaten and nearly drowned for hours.

Others say West staged a mock execution.

West claims he was trying to save his men by gaining intelligence.

However, the facts disagree.

The “terror suspect” turned out to be an innocent bystander, as with 98% of those picked up as “terror suspects.”

After hours of torture, the “suspect” invented wild stories of terror hideouts and caches of weapons.

West’s unit followed each lead, a “wild goose chase” that may well have cost the lives of his entire command.

Were West an enlisted man, he would have received a dishonorable discharge.

As an officer, he was given the choice of resignation or facing a court martial, dismissal and prison.

A funny thing, with that kind of military record, most who served would not have been qualified even to vote in an election much less serve in congress.

Those who serve “honorably” are not forced to resign or face court martial.

They are criminals.

Maybe West should have been re-elected.

He would have had good company.

He will be missed, clowns have their value.

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Comments Closed

14 Comments for “Allen West, Tea Party “Batman” Bites the Big One”

  1. Whack! Pow! Ka-Boom!

    Da-da-da da-da-da-da-da…

  2. Nader Paul Kucinich McKinney Ventura Carter

    More Osama bin Laden fairy-tales Allen West? Dance like an Israeli? WTC7?

  3. You don’t have to be a human being to occupy congress…just a jackass.
    How about a game? “Pin the tail on the honkey” Only this one is a black honkey.
    How is it that people can elect such a dirtbag as this one is? Is it the same kind of people who elected and re-elected John McSwine? The old adage”You get the kind of government you deserve” is never more telling than what we have been forced to endure year after year. This time, things turned for the better by more than a few votes. A number of liberty minded people have been elected to congress beating out the swine who have been betraying us for so long.
    The Tea Party surely must be embarrassed by this one. Either that or they are totally clueless.
    Now will Allen West ride off into the sunset which puts him somewhere in the Gulf, swimming in a pool of Core Exit and dead fish. There’ll be no difference in the odor…dead fish/-Allen West
    At least the people of that district won’t have to hold their collective noses any longer.
    Now if I can just get Carl Levin tossed out on his treasonous/zionist ass, maybe Michigan can regain some respectability…even if the Lions continue to throw every game.

    • If by “John McSwine” you mean John McCain, I never heard of the really bad things about him until reading an article by Gordon Duff here on VT, which explains why many people vote for him (who would not if they knew more).

  4. Torturing for fun, or as a job or as a culture, is a usual sign of occult satanism in which many of Washington’s criminal “LAWMAKERS” are directly involved.

    Anyway, theft of U.S. elections is an old job:


    Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections:

  5. Torturing for fun, or as a job or as a culture, is sign of satanism in which many of these criminal “LAWMAKERS” are directly involved.

    Anyway, theft of U.S. elections is an old job:


    Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections:

  6. Charlotte NC Bill

    West STILL doesn’t know 9-11 was a Mossad job…pure ignoramus.

  7. Warlord Moneybags

    Ahh… Adam West as Batman, the golden years of American TV.

    Once upon a time it was worth watching.

    What the hell happened ?

  8. I, too, am glad to see him go!

  9. Thanks for shining a light onto the “antics” of that scumsucking piece of herpes infested garbage, Allen West. A more degenerate, dirty creature is hard to imagine.

    I hope it meets its just deserts.

  10. TJ, you need to check yourself in to the nearest VA hospital and get some psyche exams. I never said any of those things you accredit me for. I do not support israhell what so ever and totally condemn the genocide being perpetrated against the Palestinian people.
    I have no affiliation the the GOP or the Dems as I am Libertarian by my very nature. Why you attack people in such a manner as you do suggests you are in need of therapy and or medication as it is plainly evident you are suffering from PTSD or similar disorder.
    You need help man, and unless you do , you may well end up the instrument of your own self destruction. Get some help, please.

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